Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘word on the street, the fix is in on this one’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

come on! the Post is not as weird as it sounds... pleease!!

Warm up for the Six. The prompt word: ‘FIX’   (not the old-time cowboy movie star…  no, not the granola running guy,  the 1980s band…. wait a minute, let me check…nope, definitely not them. Cereal? the one for kids? nah. Last chance now, waking up on a morning in a future where you should be dead? …. yahtzee!)

zoe, a friend of this here Doctrine here, does this bloghop on Thursdays, called Six Sentence Story. It’s a challenge to us to a take a word and write… do I have to say it?  thank you!


“I need my fix.”

Four words heard at an inner city traffic light, the post-industrial watering hole for those left behind, cast out or demon-dragged to the fringes of society, the spray-painted building behind him a blackboard of despair and crippled hope.

“C’mon pal, help a brother out.”

The driver of the European luxury car stared upwards through his windshield at the red-lit traffic light, suppressing his increasing impatience before the electromechanical roadway shrine, “Come on. Turn!” his simple prayer.

The man shambled towards the car, his own prayer less demanding, “Hey, buddy can ya spare a dime”,  the pull of decayed memory combined with the push of desperate need lending him strength; one more debt he was unable to repay.

The driver suddenly angry at himself, glanced to the right and, through the passenger window recognized the aggressively subtle cut of an Armani suit, white-mottled vomit residue like alteration marks of a new tailor, ‘Carruthers, is that you?!”



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘wherein our author renews the legitimate concerns of his co-hosts, prompting thought balloons that included, ‘what the &(&#?’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


‘Cross-over Posts’ popped into my head, as I sat down to pre-write this week’s TToT. For whatever reason, I’ve only recently noticed them among the small number of blogs that I regularly frequent. They (‘cross-over posts’) can be fun to read and surely are useful and economical for the writer. And, they clearly are not easy to write, at least in any convincing way. Of course, in these current days of trying to acquire decades of writing skill in months of frantic effort, the challenge is pretty damn irresistible. So, seeing how it’s 7:25 am, and given that I happen to be a clark with a secondary scottian aspect, I sincerely doubt anyone will be surprised that for this week’s contribution to the bloghop that Lizzi created, I will attempt a ‘Wakefield Doctrine, Ten Things of Thankful, Six Sentence and Almira-Chapter-Preview cross over post.

Needless to say, I don’t have a clue how to pull this off. Of the cross-overs posts I’ve read of late, they’ve all been either TToT and FTSF* crossover or TToT and SOC** or Six Sentence and…. well, there hasn’t been a crossover Six Sentence that I can recall, so…. ah ha!/eureka/damn!

Before I begin: this is, of course, the bloghop of Lizzi Lewis who along with her 8 co-hostinae (and yours truly) invite all to share ten things for which they feel grateful.

A list of 10 Items that causes you to feel thankful is necessary for this to be a TToT post‘, the voice in the man’s head shouted quietly, confident that, being a clark, the man would not try to pretend that the voice would be ignored or explained away as merely ‘sure, a cool idea but totally impossible’. Instead, the man continued typing (grateful that this cross-over post did not involve a timed or no-edits format), a hope flaring dimly at the mention of gratitude in the previous dependent clause, (dying-out quickly at the realization that he was at the end of the second sentence with only one grat item). Recognizing that sentences in Six Sentence Story tended to on the longer end of the scale, he struggled to come up with a premise in which a statement of multiple items could be convincing, his hopes deflated like a, like a… object that normally contains air under pressure being punctured by a sharp object, the realization that he was coming to the end of his third (of six) sentences caused him to stare out the window and think, ‘Oh well, at least it’ll be over soon and I can give up this insane idea, I’ll be glad (or even, ‘grateful?’ yet another interior voice piped up in his mind, which of course did not concern him, being a clark and used to the company) to put an end to... ‘  he looked up at his computer screen, and, with a arithmatic passion filling his heart, shouted,  ‘thats 3, no! its 4, counting this joyful realization that I’m almost halfway there!

With renewed optimism, the clark (with a significant secondary scottian aspect, which resulted in a tendency to shyly force himself in everyone’s face, at least when the delusional mood struck him), thought, ‘dialogue is accepted in Six Sentence Story(s), encouraged even, so though there are no other characters established in this post/story, reference can be made to people and animals that, had they been plotted in from the beginning, would have been recognized and therefore accepted by the Readers; Una and Phyllis and Kerry would be three to be welcomed with grateful relief, holy shit, I might pull this off!

Do not forget your weekly co-hostinae spotlight’, scolded the writer’s tertiary rogerian aspect, ‘it’s Sarah’s turn this week and how fortunate it is to have started this series just a few weeks before, giving us an easy 8th gratitude item‘, the writer laughed and thought, ‘jeez, lucky Sarah, she gets to be part of what surely is one of the weirdest, easily in the Top Ten all time weird Doctrine posts, and all she did was be a dedicated co-hostinae who participated in the ‘Great Ocean-side Beach Motel Love Fest of 2015’ and although you won’t see mention it on her site Amycake and the Dude and, of course on the Facebook she is a charter member of the Graviteers!’

‘Still, two items that all who read the TToT regularly will recognize as Things for which I am Grateful left to go’, the writer smiled with a self-consciousness that would have been more convincing if he’d told people about his idea for writing a crossover TToT post rather that going right ahead and posting it, a genuinely self-conscious person might not be quite so in-the-reader’s-face, ‘but that’s all moot‘, he continued to think, in a last-minute, faux-Joycean grasp for literary legitimacy, comparable to the six-year-old boy wearing his father’s shoes and necktie (down to his knees) and announcing that he was the man of the house, ‘don’t forget to tell the Readers to go read Almira and, thank god the Book of Secret Rules (also known as the Secret Book of Rules) has a little rule called SR 1.3!

…the end.

Ten Things of Thankful
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Your hosts

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Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘sometimes things are not right, sometimes, the sky is falling’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Way early to start the Post, especially in light of how many different directions I’m being pulled, writistically-speaking*, of course. But it do find it immensely helpful to start the post early, even if what I write (such as this) has nearly nothing to do with the end product. The aforementioned end product, of course, is a Six Sentence Story. Our friend and hostina, zoe invites you, me and that person who is here for the first time, to write a story using six and only six sentences.

So the word for the week is ‘season’ (or SEASON)… six sentences.

*not a ‘real’ word

A Season of Reason.

They crept quietly through the underbrush. There was movement ahead, and that was hardly ever a good thing in the forest, away from clearings which afforded the illusion of the option of escape. Their leader lead them with a seasoned confidence that was written into his very genetic code. Every aspect of his manner (in both how he moved and the lack of fear he exhibited) was meant to bolster weakening resolve in the others. The clear message: run and die alone, follow and escape will be found.

The source of the sound, the seed of many a nightmare for the survivors, appeared looming above the surrounding vegetation, a black obelisk floated near what seemed to be its head and the blinding light of a thousand stars burst from it, again and again.





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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘like a writing desk, sure! that’s the allusion I was going for!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

20161008_115210   lincoln


Hey! Lets have some fun! you can tell, from the photo of the three (clark, scott and roger) over there —>
that clarks are, as a rule, all about the fun! So when our Leaderess, Lizzi (‘Fert last tahhm, ah’m not related ta cs lewis!! ah dooant even kna ‘is address, we simply av t’ sem last new!’)

It’s been said that this is the best of all bloghops. And I, for one, agree, even if I was the one to say it in the first place. So lets get on with the fun!

[Author’s Disclosure: the above (and most of the below were written yesterday…or the day before)… zoe’s text this morning prompted me to complete this here TToT Post here.]

1)  the TToT and all the co-hostinae!

2) having work that is … er satisfying (At least it feels that way during the times that episodic stress doesn’t cause my stomach to ripple like a parade flag in a Force 4 storm.)

3) Una… photos to follow…fer sure!

4) Almira  Chapter 28  ayiiee!! me, I must get writing, ya know? (Good news update: got started this morning)  ok, this Sunday morning update!  I’ve re-learned the notion of 2nd person limited POV and am trying my darndest to adhere to the rules. (I got the critiques back from my Romance Writers of Rhode Island group… took me more than a week to open the first one, but I did… because? Because of the Wakefield Doctrine (see Item 8). And the writers making up this group are not only talented but also professional and good-hearted; the critiques were a nice, on-balance-positive insight into my current writing.  (Mostly I got that I need to watch POV. Not that it’s, like, against the law to write in First Person Omniscient, which it isn’t. But for the sake of the story, getting inside the heads of one (and only one) character at time/scene adds to the experience.) So, once again, I look around my changed world, and, after allowing myself a small amount of time feeling, ‘oh, man! this time I really pushed, no way I belong hanging out with these writers’ I’m back to writing the next Chapter…. in which, we better appreciate the love shared by Almira and Sterling Gulch and the fears and conflict that Frederick Prendergast feels as he tries to be an effective CEO for the Essex Company. And, we might even see Becky Stillworth!  Should be out tomorrow or the next day.

5) stuff   (Hey! Sunday Afternoon 4:01 addition …or annotation or whatever is the cool word for adding to a post already published)    Speaking of stuff… so, here I am working on Chapter 28 and Sterling is telling Almira how he was given a letter by his college chum, Cyril Sauvage and that since Cyril was killed in the war, maybe it was time for him to deliver the letter. The letter is address to his Emily (yep, that Emily) in Circe Kansas. So, on a whim I looked up Circe (the mythological namesake of the town that we’re all familiar with) and look at what I found:

Emile Lévy's 1889 Circé

Emile Lévy’s 1889 Circé

(My! Auntie Em! we’re beginning to understand you better and better, aren’t we now?)

Ok  back to work!

6) Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules)

7) TToT co-hostinae of the week!! Kristi Brierley!  Friend of the Doctrine, Graviteer, ‘Blogdominion‘ religio-cultural advisor. (One of the main characters, Orel Rees, is a Mormon engineer living with his family in Provo, Utah.) Kristi was way generous with her time (and patience) in offering me insights into the reality of the world that this character lives in. Her input on the how such a person (though fictional) would experience the events of the story was invaluable).  Kristi is a perfect example of the good that the blogosphere allows… in that it affords those of us otherwise not inclined or socially equipped, the opportunity to encounter people of such inherently good will.  Very cool. She’s on the Facebook…here has a site, ‘Thankful Me‘  and she loves dogs. Whats not to admire!

8) the Wakefield Doctrine because: the Wakefield Doctrine allows me to understand that, though I am a clark (my predominant worldview), I have a scottian and a rogerian aspect. And that means that when I’m up against something I can’t imagine being able to pull off, I let my scottian (or rogerian) aspect step up and allow me to experience the situation in a way that is slightly, but fundamentally, different from how I would otherwise experience it.

9) zoe  for sending a  subtle, writing-the-likes-of-which-Nabokov-would-have-sold-his-soul-for message this morning and it said, and I quote, ‘hey, where you at???’  Where I at, indeed!  lol… ever thang fine, z   thank you for the care.

10) SR 1.3  yo. One Point Three, binyons




Ten Things of Thankful
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Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Late this week. No, really. It’s 9:15 pm Wednesday. I haven’t gotten my ‘word appetizer’ written down here yet! Best not delay. I can’t remember the last Thursday morning that I had to face a blank page.

Sorry! For the new(er) Readers, Thursday is Six Sentence Story day. Six Sentence Story is a bloghop that zoe hosts every week, in which she provides a ‘prompt word’ and invites all to write a story using, employing or otherwise involving the week’s word. Oh, and the story needs to be six, (no more and no less) sentences long. It’s fun and good practice.

So this week the word is ‘star’.

Star put her bare feet up on the dashboard of the very expensive car, (a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, but she knew better say anything), as the yellow convertible flew down the Pacific Coast Highway at 90 mph. No longer concerned with her future, at least not any element of it more distant than, say 3 hours, the girl slouched sideways and let her long blonde hair wave to the beach bums, surfer dudes and other saltwater lowlifes staring at the car, now slowly cruising past the beach in Malibu. The sun was hot, the breeze was coy and the smell of the salt air, seaweed and body lotion was intoxicating. Star, having decided that closed eyes might enhance the variety of her options, felt the car come to a halt, the tiny crunching sound of car tires on a sea shell-paved parking lot announced her last chance to find a way to escape the driver of the car.

“End of the line, girl,” the driver’s accent, a confusing mix of Central European guttural aggressiveness and 18-22 year-old lazy charm, made her wonder what possessed her to stick her thumb, (and scantily dressed body) out on the highway entrance ramp only hours after freeing herself from the luxury condominium that held her for 2 nights and a day.

‘All things considered, this is still better than doing nothing,’ she thought, as the frothy roar of the surf tried and failed to mask the shouts of the approaching men.


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