Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



Ok. here I am at Wednesday Night. I have the ‘story’, but I’ve come to believe that I shouldn’t bet on what I hit publish on, at least until Thursday morning. For the moment I have what I consider to be the most fun ‘story’ I can come up with…at least for a Wednesday night.
Which, by the way, if you’re just joining us for the first time, this is zoe’s Six Sentence Story. It’s a bloghop that challenges us to write a story of six (and only six) sentences …the prompt word for this week is ‘suspect’.


“Who do you suspect?” I asked, hoping the cigarette smoke would mask the expression of doubt that I suspected was beginning to show on my face.

“Why the suspect, of course!” Try as she might, her face betrayed a certain suspicion of my interest.

“I knew that, however, your logic is rather suspect,” I smiled and pulled the blankets over my head, blocking out the cheery sunlight, totally covering my face, more than anything else, I didn’t want her to suspect.

“Well, for a minute there, I was doubting your confidence in me,” I suspected she would say that and pulled the revolver from under my pillow.




TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(oh man! the photo above? I have no idea what made me think that it was the best representation of this particular TToT post!  lol and, in the interest of full disclosure, I picked the photo after I completed the post! ayieee!  but, come on, admit it… you’ve had that happen, right? You say something or write something and even as the keys are clicking back into their ‘un-expressed-letter-positions’, you totally flash on a time or event or memory from way ago and that energy (crystalized in the sap of the memory) resonates with the image (or photo or painting or song, whatever). Surely that’s the real fun to be had in this, the no-touchee, no smells, no taste, virtual world, am I right? So many artifacts at our fingertips that, although not necessarily possessing an inherent memory-emotional-residue in and of themselves, are like refrigerator magnets flying out of kitchen drawers, every time we go rummaging around in our heads, as we do when we write a post like this. We all do, right? Rummage around in the linoleum-floored, pantry-smelling-like-cinnamon-and-coffee, kitchen part of our minds… right? Hey, Lizzi! I know you know what I mean… and zoe and even though she’s trying to blend in to the crowd, if you ask Valerie about the rainy-Saturday afternoon state of mind that accompanies most post writing, she’d totally know what you were talking about.  I should stop now before someone thinks to ask about the two clarks in the photo.) lol

1)  Phyllis gets Grat Item #1 Honors for actually doing cool things, (in contrast to thinking of things that would be cool to do).


That little round thing in the background? Moonrise, Thursday August 18, 2016 Narragansett RI

2) Una comes in at #2 with her aplomb. While a quality frequently observed in canines, Una manages to maintain it with a certain élan that makes an old man wish for younger days*


3) Which surely leaves me at #3 what with my excellent dog-walking, car driving, video making skills btw  my youtube widget is only semi-working, if you click on the pitcha below, the movie will start right up.

YouTube Preview Image

4) Well, that was certainly….orderly. I’m really grateful for that (…cha-ching!)

5) I normally would say that the internet is something that I’m grateful for, and I am. However, this week it was the connections that are available so easily on-line that I would single out. Specifically, in relation to my work on ‘Almira’. I now know about the ‘Great Tri-State Tornado of 1925’  (and the hour or so of time I spent following virtual breadcrumbs was all made worthwhile in this, starkly evocative line (from one page of an un-remembered site): “1:45 pm the tornado hit near Lixville, MO . There it hit the school killing one child, John Fulton.”  (damn! I really hope someday to be capable of writing lines like that!)

6) ‘Almira‘ I’m grateful for the positive reception that last week’s Chapter 20 received. It was a key chapter. (In) Chapter 21 we’ll learn more about the lives and relationships of our secondary characters. I, for one, realized, in the process of researching the lives of the characters, that Hunk Dietrich was orphaned in that very weather event in the 1925 referenced in the preceding Item. (As the storm approached, he couldn’t get into his house, all the doors were locked and so, he hid in the crawl space under the front porch. Well, the house, (with his mother and sister safely inside), were lifted whole off the stone foundation and moved over the county line. Unfortunately, the landing was not quite as gentle as the one that a Dorothy Gale’s house would, 12 years in the future, experience. By a miracle of the type that seems to always appear in the rubble of a horrific natural disaster, (in this particular case, 695 fatalities on March 18, 1925), the boy survived without a scratch. At least, in terms of observable trauma.  But Chapter 21 will not be a downer, all doom and gloom, because we know, (if we read Chapter 20), that Dorothy is on the path to getting some answers to the question that stands between her and a happy, maybe even, satisfying life.

7) This bloghop, (with it’s hostess CS Lewis’s grandniece and 9 totally alluring co-hostinae), always makes the list. (Well, duh!)

8) I should get some more photos…

9) BoSR/SBoR  the name says it all, non?

10) SR 1.3


*  Commodores

Ten Things of Thankful
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Wednesday Warmup, Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- (when cleverness flags, alliterate!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


uh oh! 10:05 pm Wednesday. Nothin  Well, not exactly nothing. I have a prompt word, ‘fire’. And I have zoe’s instructions to us all, write a story of six sentences and involve the prompt word.

Funny,  well, no, I guess, not so funny. (ed note: I’m here again, only it’s 6:41 am and all I have is a cup of coffee, an idea and a totally disturbing lack of confidence in my abilities. I’m tempted to tell you the idea here first, before the story. But that would break the Code of the Six. and it would be so clarklike to try and hedge against failure. But, as zoe must be saying to Joule, at this very moment, “He’s right, ya know. The Code’s the Code. What say we go out back and make sure them damn Jué yuan haven’t snuck back into the woods,  when we get back, he’ll surely have managed to write what he must write. Why, no, Joule I have no idea why there’s a photo of the fabulous Paris Hilton on this post! Well, yeah, maybe, but the prompt word is fire, not Troy. lol… you wanna be the one to tell him?”)

Is he awake?

I fear your son joins so many other young people, his wandering the forbidden places may have resulted in becoming another causality of the UFO phenomena, though I admit I’m surprised, he’s always been so even-headed, never one for such outlandish ideas.

She hovered near the bed where her only son rested, her worry preventing her from staying still and, moving about the room, her long hair streaming behind her, snapped like a whip with each sudden change of direction.

They say there are more and more like this; mostly young people and always in the same areas, the barren deserted areas they’ve taken to calling ‘the land at the edge of the world’.

Mom… you’re here, it was so amazing, it was like light but you could feel it and there were strange people and they wore strange things on their bodies and when they saw us hiding behind the rocks they waved as if welcoming us.

Her husband swam from their home and headed to council chambers, it being his son who witnessed the Unidentified Fiery Object, he no longer doubted the tales and, at the risk of ridicule, would force the Mer Nation to listen, to be warned, that not only did fire exist, but it was wielded by aliens.


TToTime -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘were it possible for time to run backwards, would you let it?’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


what? why no! the inference of the 10 Co-hosts of this bloghop was the furthest thing from my mind. … but, well,

Just in case you were wondering, the TToT is the abrivaname for ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ which is the Title, Instructions and Goal of the bloghop created by Our Miss Lewis.

1)  First item with a total bullet!  zoe’s gift!  words are puny, I will post a video:

YouTube Preview Image

( my youtube thing doesn’t seem to work, try clicking on the photo or trying clicking on this )

2) From this gift I will generalize and say that I am totally grateful for the virtual world. I could say, ‘I’m grateful for technology, for the computers and phones to form the internet’, but that would not quite be what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the virtual world with it’s virtual people. The place where we can fly and we can hide in plain view, we can sit at any table in the cafeteria that we want, but, now because of the nature of the virtual world, I can find others to sit with me. At the price of ‘pinch me I’m dreaming’, I have the ability to interact with people all over the planet. This is critical, not just because the planet’s a big place, but because, when you get right down to it, the number of people who are qualified to become your friend is pretty small. Add to this the fact that in the ‘real’ world, we come into actual contact with a very small number of people. There are only so many cashiers at the 7/11 or teachers in high school or day care providers or yoga instructors or relatives or the person who cuts the grass. The virtual world isn’t just crowded with people, but everyone is right here in this room.

3) Una went to the spa today. (I was nervous, she enjoyed herself). As you can see in the photos, Una is a very long-haired dog. The problem is, unlike most dogs, Una does not like water. Rain or wading pools or even garden hoses. So we found a place, (yes, I did go visit the groomers in person before we made the final decision, lol).  What tipped the scales? Among the list of services on their website:  mud bath and nail wraps…. not 100% certain what either of those entail, but I liked the sounds of it.  (0f course, there are photos!)

9:10 am 20160812_090803

1:30 pm20160812_142248

well, Phyllis and I can tell the difference… lol

4) Writing this Friday evening, leaving the morning (before work) for working on Chapter 20 of ‘Almira‘  (I’m grateful for the opportunity to not only describe upcoming chapters, but to recount the events (of the story) that might not make it into ‘print’. Hey!  call that #5!  In any event, the challenge for me at this point is to focus on Almira’s life after she leaves Lawrence. We have to get through the strike, the famous Bread and Roses Strike of 1912, before she and Sterling can begin their own life in early 20th century America. There are some literary logistics that I have to learn to accelerate the timeline of Almira’s story so that it catches up with Dorothy’s. On that front, by job is made much simpler by the fact that Eliza dropped in for a surprise visit in Circe. Eliza is kinda fun. So, that helps, thanks for listening.

6) Lizzi and the co-hostinae (any resemblance to the co-hostinae in the Waterhouse painting above is purely coincidental. They are totally worth singling out, for keeping this bloghop going for the, what, 5 or 7 years has it been? well, as they say,  good ideas tend to provide their own source of energy.

7) Speaking of impressive, Abigail is going back to school. At least I’m calling it, that because it’s fun to refer to almost everything in terms of school. She mentioned, on ‘the Facebook’, that she beginning a course that will run for the rest of the year. She tried to say that she’ll be flat-out busy with studies and such and not as likely to be around these parts. Of course, I was all, ‘hey! no way!  you totally need to tell us all about it.’  (but then again, my minor in college was, Skipping Class, at least it was in my freshman year. Once I discovered my real major, I was all over the attendance thing.) So anyway, I’m looking forward to reading Tales of School from Abbie in the coming weeks. One of my favorite internet things are the glimpses into the lives of people I like.

8) Phyllis

9) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

10) SR 1.3


Ten Things of Thankful
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Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Wednesday evening. Word-warmup. This is the part of the process when I get to wander around in whatever parts of my mind that stories are hiding, not trying to find one, at least not yet, just looking. This is more of a walk down the aisle of a used book store, looking, with head titled 45 degrees, to read the titles, smelling that slightly moldy, but definitely papery scent (especially, the bindings of old hardcover books, they smell the best). I discovered used book stores in my last year of high school, up on the East Side of Providence. Next to smoking cigarettes and sex,  it was surely the coming of age event most likely to win the ‘wow!-this-is-a-real-thing?-why-didn’t-I-do-this-sooner?!’ Award.

Which brings us to our friend and host, zoe, who, every Thursday invites everyone to take a single word and create (or allow to grow) a story of 6 and only 6 sentences and share it. This week’s Six Sentence Story‘s prompt word is ‘ring’.

…very dark, odd, I thought there would be more pyrotechnics and flashing images and,  at very least a single shining light.

ah well, anticipation, they say, is the drunken, favorite uncle of disappointment… but, they, they’re nowhere to be found here, either, are they?

damn, this is nothing like I thought it would be, although it’s odd, I can imagine what anything was before this… except something is supposed to happen… to me, for me, by me

…oh man, I hope I didn’t go to… don’t say it! maybe this is a case of your last thoughts creating your eternity…. sure, lets think….hurry, that gonging sound, it’s getting louder, oh man  I hope I get this right….

“Honey, are you going to let that alarm ring all morning, you have to get up, your day is waiting…. my god, what’s gotten into you, yes, I love you too!”



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