TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Again with the Weekend! The days are speeding up, but the temperature is remaining in a good, ‘hot enough for you?’ range.

This is, of course, the Ten Things of Thankful, ‘the bloghop that Lizzi built’. I describe it that way, not because anyone is depending on me to identify the creator of this thing of ours, but to remind myself of the power of the initial simple steps, (whenever) we set out to self-improve ourselves. Often, at least for me (and therefore most clarks), the hard part is not getting started on a path of improvement, it is remembering the success that I’ve achieved. Let me re-phrase that, when we succeed at improving ourself, (really truly, fundamentally), the new state becomes the ‘always state’. Our lives change. Which is what (many of us) are after. But the drawback is when life changes, reality changes, and the new me becomes the only real me. It takes a lot of imagination (and effort) to remember that old me, the pre-improvement me, not for any morbid or negative purpose, and certainly not for the ‘well, you’re really still that person, not this new person, purposes. The value in ‘remembering before’ is in the reinforcement of the efforts that went into getting to where we are now. We did it once, and we can do it again, (as in, further improvement).

Ok! I don’t know what brought that on, but I’m grateful that the hostinae at the TToT are so tolerant of my, less than rule-straight manner of writing.

2) (well, ’cause I got one right above… about the co-hostinae here at the TToT?) I appreciate that I still retain the tendency to, upon hearing a random, but odd phrase, be able to hold on to my initial reaction long enough to write it into a post. Item 3 that follows, came out of nowhere, earlier today, while in conversation with Denise about clarks

3) the phrase: ‘clarks can be so low-self-standardized’   I laughed out loud when I heard me say that, as did Denise. Which, if you’re keeping up with your Wakefield Doctrine studies, this ‘startled laughter’ is one of the markers of the ‘rogerian expression’. I will leave it to you, the Reader, to go here and read up one of the truly charming qualities of our rogerian brethren.

4) credit to Una, when she goes out into the backyard, she’s clearly there to work. She sits, (upright, not like laying down), and faces out towards the woods. Keeping watch, of course.

5) credit to Phyllis for doing the things she enjoys, which included this week, the annual, ‘go to the beach after work and go swimming under the full moon’ (I”ll try to find the vid from last year’s swim).

6) the Graviteers. As a group, does what groups do best, (when groups are good), i.e. despite the vacations, they are all, collectively and one-at-time and alternately, sending in the photos every day (except Sunday). There are tons of demands on our time during this time of year, but not a day in the Summer has gone by without the photos arriving and being posted. good group

7) just completed an online seminar, (about how to write a Query Letter). Sent in my sample synopsis and sample letter, one more step up the road taken. They promise to send me a critique in a couple of weeks, which is the reason for this exercise, i.e. the critique, ’cause when I send out Query letters, agents do not send letters back, (at least I haven’t gotten a letter back), that include suggestions on how to make my query more effective.

8) Chapter 17 of Almira comin at ya this weekend. So, guess who’s coming to dinner? (that’s unfair, Chapter 17 will only set up the dinner at the Gale Farm, the actual dinner should not show up until Chapter 18. I’m kinda looking forward to the challenge, to have a Chapter entirely one scene, ‘dinner at the Gale Farm’. Long before and many degrees colder, Almira is on the mend, staying at Annie LoPizzo’s, although with the frequency of visits from Sterling Gulch, one might be forgiven for thinking that it was his apartment! You think he’s fallen hard for our Almira, or what? We also get to look in on Frederick Prendergast, busy keeping the Mills churning out the profit for the Essex Company and if people get hurt achieving his goals, well, there are plenty more where they came from, (mostly central and eastern Europe), (I mean a lot, like a majority of the population of Lawrence MA in the late 1800s, early 1900s were immigrants from Europe, attracted to the opportunity for work and the, relatively, decent living conditions).

9) (will have to spend more time) on the Book of Secret Rules (Secret Book of Rules), may come back a little later. It’s a real good thing.

10) (speaking of the BoSR/SBoR), SR 1.3  binyons!


Ten Things of Thankful
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Sic Transit Gloria Thursday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I will avoid the obvious, (and oh-so-tempting), joke about the command of our bloghop host, zoe, being to write a story, using six and only six sentences and instead say, “Moses ain’t got nothin on zoe!!!”* and her instructions for this here bloghop here. While most, if not many, of the stories here are fiction, on occasion we will see Six Sentence Stories that are accurate accounts of real events and/or experiences. Last week’s narrator notwithstanding, this today, (the photo) depicts what I’m begin told in my online seminar on writing synopsiseses** is the ‘inciting incident’ of this week’s Six Sentence Story.

“No, screw you!”

“…and, besides that’s not a car, it’s a fricken truck!”

” And, seeing how we’re looking for an accurate understanding of the message on your sign, is one a statement of qualifying authority and the other a command?”

“If I’m at the head of the line, what makes you think the people behind me know that I’m only following instructions and not driving way, way too slow, just to, like, be a jerk?!”

“Yes, I know you’re only doing your job, that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy the regimentation conditioning that’s in full expansion mode, choking the celebration of the individual, like an algae bloom in a small lake.”

“Thanks, and no, while you did nothing to protect me and/or my car, you have, in fact, saved me from yet another Six Sentence Sword hanging over my head!”


* to para-mangle a famous line from the movie, ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke

** not a ‘real’ plural form of synopsis, but a preferred form, at least around here


-the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…on being in love with a long-lost twin*’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks scotts and rogers)


Warning! Advanced (and semi-coherence challenged) Doctrine Post. Do not read this Post* unless you have achieved a Level 5 Point B proficiency ranking. No, really! This is about the Doctrine, the Three String Theory, hope-in-the value-of-unexpressed aspects and (it) borrows heavily from Carlos Castaneda and don Juan (no, not a mis-print), Walt Disney, Miss Bonnie and the dreams that we all share, whether we tell ourselves about them in the morning when we ‘wake up’ or not.

…you been warned.

Notice!!! Incredibly complex and subtly insightful, chock-frickin-full of revelations, discovery and flat-out Tuesday-samadhi has been postponed! Following is the Post that I found sitting under my keyboard this morning.

Hey! you ever see that episode of the Simpsons when Homer somehow has to win a steak-eating contest and, as he and Marge sit at the table in the restaurant, waiting for the current champion and the contest to begin, Homer starts stuffing his face with bread sticks from a basket on the table?

lol  I kind of feel that way this morning.

Allow me to explain.

I signed up for an online seminar on ‘How to Write Excellent Queries, Opening Pages and …” and today is the first day of the three-day course. Today is all about the instructional segment, how-to’s and such. Tomorrow and Thursday, a panel of literary agents will be available to ‘talk to’ online. With questions and discussions, I assume. Should be beneficial and all, as I totally need to find the right agent to get ‘Blogdominion’ published. Regular Readers, familiar with my belief in the ‘we only have so many words in our heads on any given morning’ theory of creative writing are surely going all Marge Simpson right at about this point in this Post. ‘Homer! don’t fill up on breadsticks!’

lol!  (shit!  gotta lose the ‘lol’, they’ll totally think me to be an amateur writer!  wait a minute! I am an amateur writer!  hey! someone send me some money! Care of the: ‘Lets-send-clark-money-so-he-can-say-he-gets-paid-for-his-writing-and-therefore-somehow-is-not-an-amateur-writer-if-we-agree-the-meaning-is-limited-to-recompense-which-surely-is-reasonable-look-how-he-used-the-cool-word-‘recompense” Fund)

OK play time is over, got to step back and get into character as Jules said to Vincent. Will try to report my progress, later in the week.



* yeah, cool phrase, will try to remember what it meant to me on Sunday that caused me to feel the need to write this here post here.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘as expressed in replies, who said rhetorical Rorshach? was that you, zoe? lol’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(not-old Readers? Bob Newhart. he invented the form that I’m working for a recognizable imitation of with this post. check the bottom, I’ll put a link of the Master at work.)


1) “why no, not yet, but they say the nineties for the coming week, come on summertime.”

2) “yeah, you would think, with as long and thick a coat as she has, but she enjoys sitting and guarding the yard.”

3) “well, hell, she manages to enjoy nearly everything, one of the more gifted (in terms of seeing things from a positive perspective) people I know.”

4) “it’s going along, staying busy which is good always interesting”

5)  “I’d say it was the problem-solving, of course, another side of that is the part I enjoy the least!

6) “…pretty good, pretty good, we’re at Chapter 16 this week and, without giving anything away, our main characters are beginning to see, or maybe just sense, what it is that’s standing between them and a life they believe they should live.”

7) “they’re pretty remarkable bunch, imagine the discipline! every morning a photo!  what? well, no, it varies, but the thing about the Challenge is, it gets inside your head”

8) “pretty much the Book of Secret Rules aka the Secret Book of Rules, the community is so supportive and the goal, (of ten things). is so positive, you don’t need a BoSR/SBoR…. but tell me it ain’t fun!”

9)  “yeah, she’s amazing… my second favorite story about her? that she started this whole now-gigantically-beneficial ‘hop, writing a list on her own, and I do mean on her own…as in ‘2 comments showing up every other Post’ alone, as in bad grammar, tear-steeped determination to see it through alone….cool, very cool”

10) “well, you know!”

YouTube Preview Image


Ten Things of Thankful
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re-print Friday3 -the Wakefield Doctrine- ’cause I’m in a ‘words-beget-words’ mode at the moment, but thank you for asking’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(not everyone may know this, but that red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation... read all about in 'Blogdominion'

(not everyone may know this, but this red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation… read all about it in ‘Blogdominion’2


How do I know it’s been too long between ‘normal’ Doctrine Posts? Well, for starters, when I typed the first line, (which is always the first line), of this Post, the fricken spellcheck forgot how to spell ‘theory’!  (I don’t know about you* but I’ve noticed a tendency to, at certain times/moods, where I don’t bother being overly careful with my spelling and, will actually get mad when it, (the spellcheck, not my spelling). doesn’t correct the word fast enough so I don’t have to stop. Anyway, so I’m typing my intro line and when I get to ‘…the theory of…’ I mistype it (no big deal, as I’ve said) but I looked and it corrected to ‘their’, as in ‘…the their of…’ and I’m all, ‘whoa! grasp the telephone receiver firmly and await further instructions’!!1

So, anyway….

Back to my shameless self-promotion. (ed. note: holy smokes! my auto-correct is such a roger!! yeah, I know… no kidding…but  but! I mis-typed the word ‘shameless’ (well, got to stay with the theme of the day, don’t I?) and it corrected to ‘seamless’  lol

Almira‘  we’re somehow approaching the half-way point in our story! If you’re not familiar with ‘Almira’… come on! go here and read the story from the start. It’s Summer Time! you can pull up juke pop on your little cell phone and read it at the beach… although I should warn you, a major part of our tale takes place in Lawrence Massachusetts in 1911-1912…. in the winter! brrr! In any event, my seeming surprise at where I am in the novel is quite genuine, in that I’m taking is what I believe is called ‘seat of the pants’  approach to writing. I write by the Chapter, literally. Have no idea how this thing ends. That is, of course, the fun and exciting (and impressively stressful) result seat-of-the-pants writing.

Oh well, what am I gonna do.  Chapter 15 due out this weekend… Dorothy is forced to accept that there is something wrong in her life, and at the same time, something quite exciting (not giving anything away, but Tom Hardesty is there at her time of need and gives her a ride home), Eliza meets Hunk Dietrich and she’s not half as surprised at his response to her as he is… and, is it me, or is Dr. Thaddeus Morgan growing shorter and more …. Professor Marvel-istic  like the guy in that other story?

Hey, really have enjoyed our time together this morning.


well, that’s not quite true, I do know about you… a lot, too much you might say, all due to the totally fun and useful theory of clarks, scotts and rogers!**

1)  …. you non-old Readers might fail to to feel the pleasure of the idiom ‘hold the phone‘…. because at a certain time in history, it was not a given that your telephone was not in your hand already, as in ‘all-the-damn-time, like,-why-don’cha-get-it-surgically-attached-save-yourself-some-valuable-texting-time-not-having-to-pick-it-up…. wait, that was a joke! no, I don’t think they have that yet.

2)Blogdominion’ the first in the Sister Margaret Ryan Series.

** I will tell you! I know the characteristics of the personal reality of the three personality types so well, that I don’t need to make a conscious effort anymore (“…hmmm lets, see…’has a tendency to never throw anything away, keeping tupperware in the refrigerator as long as there are more than 2 adjacent molecules of foodstuffs, clinging, rattling-around-on-the-bottom, or giving the hint of color to the edge of the top, believes in using only one set of bath towels at a time, always re-washing the same set, rather than cycling sets, believes that the movie-making sun rises and sets on Ken Burns…. roger!  got it!) and so, when I meet people, a part of my mind is observing the person through the ‘lens’ of the Wakefield Doctrine. Very helpful!

3) huh! didn’t need an old post, after all!


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