Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of age and aging’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Friend of the Doctrine, Kristi Brierley, in a comment yesterday, posed a question that caused me to think, ‘I really need to write a post about it’. It’s a measure of how my writing has shifted and changed in the last couple of years. Now most of my keyboard time is spent with ‘Almira‘,   zoe’s Six Sentence Story and, of course, the TToT, as a result, the frequency of Doctrine posts is way down. Funny to think about how things change, I distinctly remember the early years of this blog when I couldn’t write the posts fast (or frequently) enough. There was a time when I would write a Post about the label on a pickle jar. No, seriously, here: ‘Always Chilled….Never Heated

However, today’s post is keying off Kristi’s question/comment:

I think you’ve addressed this a bit before, but this post got me wondering about your ideas about clarks, scotts, and rogers and aging. (Not that I’m calling anyone old.) Are clarks more comfortable being uncomfortable? Do rogers care less about pack mentality? Do scotts think, “Oh, well. It’s not worth the pursuit.”?

How do we age? Or rather, what unique, (and hopefully useful) insight does the Doctrine offer those of us with friends and family entering the category of ‘the aged’, as opposed to simply being ‘older.’

Rather than attributing characteristic behaviors and interests to a given personality type, the Wakefield Doctrine looks to how (the individual) experiences the world around them. In terms of Kristi’s comment, the question becomes, ‘would an interest (or predilection or characteristic behavior) be subject to wearing out, running down, becoming decrepit or otherwise aging?’ It is certainly (and unfortunately) safe to say that with age, our facilities (‘our facilities’ to make the obvious rogerian expression joke) suffer from the effects of time. Our eyes lose their prowess and blurry replaces sharp, ears surrender their ability to discriminate and words go from aperitif to goulash, our stomach and lungs and other body-part-related functioning slows and becomes unreliable. The reverse of the infant, in their determined efforts to work and talk like the tall people that surround them, we become less able.

The Wakefield Doctrine does not, however, focus on interests and predilections, characteristic behaviors. The Wakefield Doctrine proposes that we live in a personal reality that conforms to one of three characteristic worldviews: the of the Outsider(clarks), the Predator(scotts) and the Herd Member(rogers). And so, the better question to ask is, ‘how does an old Outsider, the Senior Predator, the mature Herd Member relate themselves to the world around them(selves)? The same, just slower. more deliberately and, if possible more peevishly.

Now that we’re all picturing: lions with missing teeth, cattle sleeping (while still moving with the herd, more being carried by the Herd) and weird people hiding in the background, while forgetting that there’s no one staring, lets consider the element in Kristi’s observation that is very perceptive. Secondary aspects.

The Doctrine holds that we all are born with the potential to experience the world as one of three characteristic personal realities. It also maintains that we never lose the potential of the ‘other two’. And, in fact, some of us, have what is referred to as a ‘significant secondary aspect’. In direct response to her founding question:  “(do clarks, with age) become more comfortable with being uncomfortable?” No. But I am inclined to say that, with the slowing of (my) response to my predominant worldview, it is very possible that my secondary aspect becomes more prominent. And my secondary aspect is scottian.

I do, in fact, know people in whom their secondary aspect is becoming more and more pronounced. And, while it’s always been (a) goal of mine to develop both my secondary and tertiary aspects, in people who are not deliberately and consciously trying to do this, it can be confusing (and) disturbing.

….more to follow!

Thanks for the great question, Kristi!


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of fisher cats and delayed gratification’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(Well, no, today’s subtitle does not have any direct bearing on things around the Doctrine. Well, maybe it does. (See below for the fisher cat reference. (See below that for the delayed gratification)).

Fisher cats….sounds like they’re back (very non-feline sound) (well, maybe like some cats might dream of sounding like, or cats did crack and got all messed up and in a fight, then maybe it would be mistaken for a cat)[1]

Dogs  Una and Drexel and Joules [2]

Warm September weather  [3]

Blogs and the internet [4]

Joined a (‘real’ world) writers group! If my experience writing this blog has taught me anything, it’s taught me that I need to stay un-comfortable. Everything I learn, each advance I make becomes a part of who and/or what I am, and that is how it should be. But with the integration of the new and novel comes comfort and the risk of complacency. And there is, all my sincere feeling regarding the equivalency of the virtual world when it comes to the people I count as friends notwithstanding,  a certain effect of concretosity* that is not a bad thing. (And not, in and of itself necessarily a good thing…just a thing). [5]

So I thought, lets find a writers group, then I can get uncomfortable!

I joined Romance Writers of Rhode Island.  It happened that their first monthly meeting (after a Summer break) was in September. So I showed up.** (New Readers: the emphasis I’m placing on the fact that I actually walked into a room full of published writers has everything to do with being a clark. And, if I might be so bold, one more example of the efficacy of this here Doctrine here.) [6]

Anyway…. They were all very nice, courteous and friendly. I sat in the back of the room (of course) and one woman invited me to join her and her friends and did it, (the invitation) so well that I actually got up and sat in the offered seat. I sat and listened to the conversations going on around me before the meeting started.

And, hey! speaking of  ‘Almira’  Chapter 26 is due out by weeks end. Good news is that I’m beginning to see the connections that are forming among established elements of the story leading to the climax in 1939. [7]

Had a very enjoyable conversation with an associate who’s a scott with a significant secondary clarklike aspect. Remarkable combination of energy and erudition…. think combination of Don King and Stephen Hawking.  (lol! damn! I gots to get me some photos) [8]

Hostinae Spotlight of the Week!  Michelle!


Unless I wrong (yeah, like thats gonna happen!) (lol) Michelle has been a host of this here bloghop here since it started. Her blog is ‘Getting Literal‘ and, she’s like huge over in the Hub Pages (many of the people I count as friends came her from there). Michelle lives on the other side of the planet. And…. and did a really cool walking vid tour of Singapore… like totally live. very cool  Of course she’s on the Facebook. What say we all click over to her site and test her provider’s bandwidth.[9]

Secret Book of Rules (aka Book of Secret Rules) Secret Rule 1.3 [10]


*  not a ‘real’ word

** I believe Woody Allen is credited with the saying, ‘80% of success is just showing up’.


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Six Sente ce S ory -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Kinda late for my Six Sentence Foreplay. May have to just try and see what I can come up with now, which happens to be 8:59 pm Wednesday. Actually this is a fairly frequently employed strategy, go for the ‘automatic writing’ SOC approach and leave it sit overnight. Sometimes there is a magical transformation overnight and I stay with the original, other times, well, I just come up with something.

For any new Readers: this is zoe’s Six Sentence Story bloghop. Every Thursday we are invited to write a story of 6 sentences (and only six sentences) based on/relating to or even using the week’s prompt word. This week the word is ‘back’.

“… for the last time, I assure you your harping on the dangers of temporal paradox are nothing more than the modern equivalent of the papal ban on Keppler’s work in astronomy, history is a tale of those who try to hold back the advance of science; only the fact that you contributed so much to getting to this point of having an actual time machine, ready to test, accounts for my inviting you here,” Dr. Philippe Spectorini looked lovingly at the display panel of the machine that filled the room where the two men stood.

“Philippe, I implore you, delay the experiment until we can at least develop a method to calculate the degree of risk of visiting the past,” John Case stood next to his partner, staring at the calibration wheels that would set the time jump, they showed the current time, much as would a digital clock, changing forward minutes at a time, “if we’re wrong about repercussions of moving back in time, how can we presume such power?”

“John, I’ve heard it all before, hell, just last century there was a group of scientists who believed that setting off the first atomic bomb would have triggered a chain reaction in the the oxygen of the atmosphere and destroy all life, thank God that didn’t prevent the real scientists from proceeding with the test, otherwise we would have lost the war, do you want to be the man who prevents the biggest advance in science from becoming a reality?”

John Case stood silently, looking at the Target Time calibration wheels and the single button marked, ‘Engage’.

“Now lets get this started, I can’t wait to see the face of Hitler when I show up in his childhood home,” Philippe Spectorini had the giddy enthusiasm most often observed in the very young, facing the prospect of driving a car, smoking a cigarette or having sex for the first time; before his partner could react, John Case reached to the panel, spun the calibration wheels back a little, a very, very little and, with the look of hopeful resignation seen on the faces of martyrs through the ages, hit Engage.


“… for the last time, I assure you your insistence that the dangers of temporal paradox are nothing more than the modern equivalent of the papal ban on Keppler’s work in astronomy, history is a tale of those who try to hold back the advance of science; only the fact that you contributed so much to getting to this point of having an actual time machine, ready to test, accounts for my inviting you here,” Philippe Spectorini looked lovingly at the display panel of the machine that nearly filled the room where the two men stood.



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(Hi! Lets join this Post, already in progress.)

So I’m sitting at my ‘desk’* Tuesday morning doing the final re-write on Chapter 24 of ‘Almira’, around about 7:00 am. Out the window I can see the backyard and the woods beyond.  I realize this will be self-obvious** when you see the video, but frankly this writing jones has me by the throat and so I look at every damn thing I type in terms of ‘how effective a description is that’ and ‘does the reader sense the emotions of the POV character’…. and those are just the emails I send to set up showings to Buyers! (bar rump bump… seriously I am all into trying to learn to write real good.)

(yeah! no, you’re in the right place. This is the TToT weekend bloghop. It’s just that I went and almost completed the post you’re reading, but never got the chance to hit ‘Publish’… shh we’re coming to the good part)

…anyway, I see a disturbance in the woods. At about middle level of the trees, which might be 10, 15 feet up. My first thought was ‘Squirrel fight!’ but then I saw a shape moving between the trees that was the wrong shape and way to big for a squirrel. For some reason what came to mind was one of Carlos Castanadas’ books where don Juan is talking about an ally leaping from tree to tree. I thought, ‘damn! that’s weird’. It went away and I looked back at the computer. A couple of minutes later I looked up and here is what I saw:



So what is it we’re seeing here?

(While clark-from-the-past is figuring how to explain the nature vid in terms of the Wakefield Doctrine, let me just remind you that this is a bloghop that has been handed down through generations of the Lewis family (started, rumour would have it, by none other than CS himself! And this claim clearly has credence by virtue of how rumor is spelled at the start of this parenthesis?) Anyway, every week Ms. Lewis and the 8 co-hostinae invite everyone to stop by and share what gratitudiness things happened in the course of the week since the last TToT.)

1) First time totally has to be the license and latitude we enjoy when writing a List of Ten Things. The only requirement here is that there be Ten Things (or, lacking that, a clever and/or amusing explanation for the deca-deficiency). That is not only very liberal, but if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to make up something clever and/or amusing, we have a Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules)!!

2) the BoSR/SBoR is, like, totally full of exceptions, explanations, excuses and emergency exigencies  (for example this last Item?   SR 3.12.chap;12:  ‘A[n] Item is valid and can be counted if the writer checks online dictionaries and, despite not reading the entire entry, uses one of those weird square parenthesis, like in the middle of a word! What could possibly be the grammatical rationalization that legitimizes such things/ …op. cit.

3) Phyllis and Una We went for a walk this evening. She enjoys the walks because she can stick her head out the window and sniff all the scents along the way (this is Una we’re talking about).

4) I better let the Post explanation have some time, otherwise this Post won’t make any sense.***)

Well, it was kinda depressing. It looked, (from my window) to be an injured or tangled up hawk, all, can’t-get-off-the-ground-and-fly-away, so I got up and headed downstairs to go out and see what the problem was. As I got to the doors out to the deck, I decided that I could get a blanket and maybe wrap the thing up, at least if it turned out that the bird’s feet were tangled up in something….

(yeah, yeah, yeah, Clarks gonna go all Marlin Perkins here… I should tell you about this week’s Almira, do a co-hostinea featured spotlight and let everyone get on about their weekend…)

5) so we have a cliff hanger in Chapter 24 of Almira…. if you missed if I’ll wait.  …go ahead, click on the Chapter 24 link

6) Featured co-hostinae of the Week:  Lisa   (here’s a joke/cultural reference that no one will get without googling…’Lisa  the Writing TToT’er’)  Anyway  Lisa has a website, two cats and a family and doesn’t live in a part of the country with: alligators, 8-inches-across-spiders, never-ending-waves-of-grain, the birthplace of a writer that more than 6 of us would recognize by the title of one of their works. She was (according to my interpretation/understanding**** of her ‘real’ life story) a teacher and now is totally full-time writer. She is the owner of both a 2015 Gravity Challenge and a Wakefield Doctrine tee shirt. And, I believe she was a English major. (yeah, I did that on purpose). And, of course, a cohostinae here at the blog that Lizzi built. Go totally mess up the bandwidth on her site: The Meaning of Me or her Facebook Page or her Twitter

7) damn… running out of time, lets get back and see what happened when our courageous blogger went out into the back yard. )

So I stepped out on the deck and we both stopped moving. Me and the hawk, (or falcon or whatever brand of bird of prey it was) looked at each other for a second. Then it occurred to me, I have the Wakefield Doctrine! Total guidance for all of life’s situation and puzzles and such! So I ran a quick (this bird is clearly scottian, I’m a clark…what to do, what to do) reflection and …..

8) Work has been muy stressfulito this week, but I’m grateful for the aforementioned Wakefield Doctrine in that it always allows me some ‘reflex breathing room’ in situations where bad might turn into worse. Thanks! Wakefield Doctrine

9) Item of hypo-gratitude (as clearly permitted by SR 1.78.4) ‘the ending of Summer’

Charging off the back deck I yelled (well, raised my voice) “Hey! bird!! What the hell!!”  And, the thing totally flew off into between the pine trees, up off and out of sight. I waited around a minute or so, hoping that it would, like fly overhead and dip a wing in gratitude, which I would totally include as an item in this week’s TToTrainwreck, but no. It just flew away. Probably to kill something small and photogenic.

10) SR 1.3 y’all  1.3

*  actually my ‘desk’ is one of those banquet tables with the fake wood tops and the ‘H’ shaped legs that fold up (that, in high school, a clark would know about how to do and tell a scott, who would actually do it… total lunch on the floor. ha. ha.)

**  I claim that phrase… just in case you hear it out there, in the ‘real’ world, remember, you heard it here first. (Hey it could happen! I think I’m hearing “That’s not right” (where the inflection takes the phrase from a judgement of correctness and certitude and applies it to an everyday occurrence. ex: You drive away from Dunkin Donuts and your friend realizes that they put cream instead of milk in the coffee. You then remark, “That’s not right!” (As if the mistake was a direct affront to truth, justice and the american way.)

*** yeah, I know!

**** well, this is the blogosphere it’s all about the story we tell the ‘world’ around us

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Six -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yeah, one of those Six Sentence Stories. In my (partial) defence I will say, this writing thing has become all about practicing. But then again, zoe, the curatoress of this collegial collection of curious and captivating life commentaries and observances (whew! ‘Mr Thesauras don’t fail me now!’) never said we couldn’t use this weekly Six Sentence Story to practice the craft. With the skills and imaginations of the participants here, one cannot help but become a better writer.


Like a slow-motion film of an avalanche on a snowy mountain side played in reverse, the approaching car begins to slow as it nears the exit, the number of cars entering the shopping center is nearly perfectly balanced with those leaving it. It is not perfectly balanced because cars are leaving more rapidly than they should, given the traffic conditions. It’s early afternoon, the sun is mercilessly bright and over-bearing, if for no other reason than in September it has no competition from summer-afternoon shower clouds and is every bit the schoolyard bully when the teacher, suddenly called back into the colored-constuction-paper prison of brick and linoleum, leaves her young charges un-guarded.
He sees himself in the shinyhard-glass windows, safely slid up, reflected in the averted eyes of the drivers and feels a memory stir, the figure etched in coated glass familiar, but barely recognizable.

The window is down on one approaching car and from the back seat a dog barks a warning, head and forward-leaning ears projecting from the opening of the still moving vehicle.

As the car draws abreast, the driver looks away, the dog stares curiously, tongue now lolling and relaxed and does not bark, the man stares back and sees the acknowledgment of his presence in the simplest of terms, one life to another, the dog does not judge and the man feels the echo of a memory stir, the car moves out into traffic, the dog maintaining eye contact until the car turns away and the man turns back to face his shrunken world.


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