TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (it’s all kinds of fun and useful!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Don’t you love it when one thing becomes more than one?  (Of course, as all clarks instinctively recognize, if not lack the standing to take advantage of it* all things are one and one can be all things.)

Whoa! Yeah, take a second, remind yourself, ‘oh, that’s right! this is the Wakefield Doctrine I’m reading! they ain’t heavy, they’re just having fun!’

Anyway … I’m referring to my subtitle ‘it’s all kinds of fun and useful’ and while I wrote it to reference the Wakefield Doctrine, it immediately connected to this bloghop, the Ten Things of Thankful. Two inferences for the price of one!

So on with the TToT.

1)  Lizzi Lewis (who continues to deny her famous great-uncle (on her mother’s side)), for creating this here bloghop here. The cool thing about the TToT is that you can’t do it wrong! (yeah, I’m feeling all Oxford don-ish, so I’m gonna go ahead and leave that one hanging out there… one hint: BoSR/SBoR)

2) Phyllis and Una:  one for demonstrating how simply useful and beneficial the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine can be in terms of living one’s life, the other for demonstrating how good simple life can be.

3)Almira‘ what an interesting trip it’s been, these last 42 or so weeks. Experiencing an odd reluctance to write the remaining chapters. I suspect that it’s the same as the reluctance of our readers to read the last chapters.

4) the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

5) the photo at the top is from a church where I was sitting (in the back, of course) attending a funeral for the spouse of someone I know. Talk about your essential paradox of life! I felt sympathy for the living person in the front pew and yet was grateful to be included among those who were expected to be there. In a clarklike way, there are few of events more life-affirming than a funeral. It serves, (for me), as a reminder of the whole ‘grain of sand’ thing in Blake’s poem. Next to walking out through the doors of a hospital after visiting a sick friend, there are few times when the world feels as large and full of potential, as when I walk out and away from a funeral service, as I did the other day.

6) the gang at Six Sentence Stories.  Talk of creating a world and a community!   zoe has done what people who are gifted with people and have the ability to let strangers feel like they belong do. Every Thursday, theys a bunch a people what write stories in six (and precisely six) sentences… (yeah, I’m a clark, so, of course, I went for the patois)

7)  the crew at the Gravity Challenge   val and joy, lisa and sarah and kristi  (hey! you need to join us!  well, no, not  need to…. need to  as in, its fun and useful! And we have Kristi’s Rule  which says:  ‘take a photo first thing every morning (except Sunday). it can be of as much or as little of the scale readout as you want. what we’re sharing each morning is the change, the experience of Stable Weight or the hunt for a new stable weight’)

8) (gonna repeat last weeks thing of leaving an item blank for now, seeing as it’s only 8:13 in the morning, surely after a day in the field, I’ll have something interesting or, failing that, a cool photo)

9) (did you miss the part about ‘leaving an item blank for now?’)

9.3)  Hey!  here’s an idea  Why don’t we try to post other TToT posts here… in this one. It might work, at least until Lizzi gets back from the Dark Continent (do they still call it, ‘the Dark Continent?’ they don’t? what the hell! It’s a pretty cool name. (Interviewer: “Where were you born, Mr scottroger?”  Me: “Well, as a matter of fact, I was born in a speeding cab careening through a small village in the heart of the Dark Continent.”  Interviewer: “Cool!”)

I am totally proud of css-self!  see the photos?  click on ’em

anyway, here goes. In order of the Facebook, Wendy’s TToT:


now, Pat Brockett’s:






10) SR 1.3  (New Readers? SR 1.3 stands for ‘Secret Rule 1.3’ and it’s to be found in the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) zoe just happens to be the Reference Librarian (yeah,  complete with reading glasses worn around the neck, a chain of strung crystal beads, and …and! she has one of those clasping holders for chalk?  you know, you push the button on one end and these teeth-things open and you put the chalk in and release the button. white chalk unless (on special occasions only, blue!)  and a timer that sits on the front of her desk. which, in turn, is one of those closed-front, short squared legs oak desks with the handles on the front of drawers made of the same wood and a locking shallow middle drawer.

*  there are notable exceptions, of course. Among them, one Cynthia (‘my friends call me Sageleaf‘) Calhoun who has been my personal…. hey! there must be a word for designating a person who exemplifies ‘principle in practice’…. damn, whatever, if I can’t find it, then I’ll just have to make a word up!


Six Sentence Story -Wakefield Doctrine- ‘to every season…’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Way late tonight! It’s 6:43 and I’m only just now typing my Six Sentence Story warm-up. Bear with me, this weeks’ prompt word is ‘Turn’. Zoe, in her wisdom is charging us to write a certain story employing the word. The certain thing about the Six Sentence Story is that story must be six sentences in length and it cannot be seven or eighty-three sentences long. This story that you know you want to write? It must not be five sentences or one sentence long.

Otherwise the bloghop name, ‘Six Sentence Story‘ wouldn’t make sense and sense we must make.

Lets consider ‘Turn’


The old couple walked out onto the pier that connected the earth to the sea in the small fishing port, one of several broad wooden fingers that extended from the dirt-puddled parking lot, itself an ocean of refuse and disappointed dreams, mostly half-crushed coffee cups, pieces of plastic twine and the occasional single rubberized glove, its finger tips worn through, the Final Decree for a once perfect couple.

She stepped carefully, one eye towards the many dangers that lay on their path and one (secret) eye on her companion, who, in turn, expressed the gender imperative of matching caution with daring, sensibility with recklessness; age-edited memories of a younger day beckoned to him. All around them was an aromatic museum of human endeavor as old as farming, necessity-born ingenuity displayed in the coils of wire cables and the greasy complexity of the machinery that filled the open decks of the boats.

Amidst and among the metal masts and tin-capped pilings, the birds flew, disturbed by the approach of the couple who were clearly not native to either of the worlds that the gulls inhabited.

Finding a crumbly arc of a white-sugared donut, the old man smiled and threw it up as high as he could, (which was higher than she thought and not as high as he hoped), the birds wheeled in unison, diving towards the food.

“Did you see the tern turn in turn,” the man laughed, forgetting how old he was; his wife smiled, knowing how old they were.



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- Lets call this our Starter Post* (* some assembly required )

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Old Hobbits die hard.

Today is Saturday and so, as I have for the last 3 or 4 years* I am writing a TToT Post. If for no other reason than, a) its beneficial 2)  the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) has a rule that sorta requires it and c) our Founderess Lizzi (‘my friends call me Lizzi‘) Lewis (‘my great uncle still is not CS Lewis‘) is embarked on a journey to

  • discover Dr. Livingston
  • tell Jane that it’s time for her to ditch the leopard-tard and get a little more green, fashionistically-speaking
  • dropping in on Friend of the Doctrine Melanie to share her recipe for bangers ‘n mash

so, while we await the Western Union, giving us updates and such, allow me to get the Listationing started this week!

1)  Phyllis and Una

2) my readers over at ‘Almira‘. We are in the final chapters of our story.

3) the aforementioned BoSR/SB0R  (for any new Readers, zoe is the curatoress of our most special Book ‘o Rules and Exceptions and cool-things-to-do. Hit her right up if you have any questions regarding interpretation, application, renunciation or justification (did I cover most ‘-ations?)

4) Work for being flexible enough to allow me to delay leaving this morning ’cause I was caught by the thought, ‘damn! the TToT needs to get out there’

5) The Graviteers

6) The Six Sentence Story (zoe and them)

7) to be filled out later today

8) …like #7, later today

9)  no, it’s not yet ‘later today’…. you’re still reading the same post.

wait!!! wait…. it can’t be Monday! I haven’t finished my Ts

Kerry stopped by:

TToT: In My Head I’m Swept Away – Collective Arts, #10Thankful

…and Kristi

and Josie/Wendy


10) Secret Rule 1.3


*8 or 9 in blogyears


Secretive Six Stories -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Damn! I went and wrote a post this morning! Well, it was a postette, as I was reprinting an old favorite. Hope this aging word-slinger gots some ammo left!

The word is ‘Rank’. zoe said so, as she does each week. Not say ‘Rank’ is the word, but she tells us the word that must form the nucleus of a Six Sentence Story. (No more and no less than six sentences, mind you)

So here it is at 3:00 pm Wednesday and the best I have is… ‘rank and guile’  ayiiee!


Like an eclipse of the sun, predicted down through generations in such repetitious detail as to become indistinguishable from the common sense, facts deprived of its capacity to instill awe, the shadow grew from the tall, too-bright rectangle of the open bedroom door and washed over the blanket-rumpled bed. The mother-shaped shadow broke over the boy on the edge of the mattress, untied sneakers clutching his feet.

Beyond the open door, sounds of a family preparing for the day; the delicate but insistent tapping of a razor, interrupted by the splash of running water, further in the coffee-scented distance came the soft-gravel sound of dog food filling a bowl, almost immediately followed by a scraping of plastic on wood, as the last morsels were chased.

“But why can’t I stay home,” the tremor that sat on the middle of the word, ‘home’, was as patiently defiant as a leprechaun, daring all to force the secret from him.

Crouching down before the 7 year old boy, his jacket covered with logos of teams he knew only by name, of sports he had no interest in, was tied by the sleeves around his waist, a jilted but persistent lover refusing to give up,  the woman held his small hands in her own, her pride and faith no less than any Crusader advancing dutifully towards unknown lands.

“Your test scores rank you in the top percentile of reading and comprehension, you will be alright,” she spoke with love and hope, yet heard the echoes of a small girl wishing to be allowed to remain at home, the world of critical strangers and aggressive friends safely observed through curtained windows.


Wednesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘what an excellent day it is out there!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The weather today, and I say this in complete sincerity, is one of my favorite weather days. Sure, some of you like the fresh, invigorating feel of brisk October afternoon, vibrant colors and the hint of winter, other Readers prefer the warmer, but winter-tinged day in late March, when the warmth within the earth begins to reach the surface, light green life pushing into the sun. I really like today’s weather.

The dead of winter, snow covering the ground and 50 degrees. Talk about your sweet and sour chicken lo mein, tell me how much you love the rough then soft, the dead silent in the middle of a scream… that’s today. And it’s more than meteorology, the wind is howling. And…and! it’s pre-dawn, which is a damn-totally-engaging-intro-to-any-novel mood piece in and of itself!

I love this kind of morning. The truth be told, I’m typing this at about 4 am and can’t wait ’til it gets light enough to see out the window. I wrote a post once, way back in the early Doctrine days, that was totally inspired by a morning like this, so, if I may, I’ll reprint it.

(Technical fashion advice: to properly enjoy and appreciate a morning like this, it helps to have a coat with a hood. It’s warm, but not that warm. And walking through a howling cloud-racing morning with a hood up is like flying your living room through the woods.  …whoa, caffeine is kicking in!  No, serially, as I type I can hear the freight train sound of an approaching gust of wind through the pine forest that surrounds the house. very cool)

on with the reprint. (love the music in the vid…perfect mood music)

(Well, oh kay… interesting note to start a Post on… but stranger things have happened in and about the Wakefield Doctrine)

(…”this just in”…’clark…the seventies…were…thirty…plus…years ago’…stop…’please, stop’…)

Hey Reader! Yeah you!
Do you believe that your (personal) history defines and (pre)determines your future or what? Is there such a thing as the momentum of habit. (The ‘momentum of habit’ is the notion that what we are is simply a more elaborate form of what we have always been.) (Cheery thought, no?)

Well? Do you think it does? (Don’t you dare touch that “Back” button.)
(in a fairly creepy, sudden shift to a calm tone…)Do me a favor, (After all, you know something about us here at the Doctrine because of the information we are throwing out into the world by way of this blog.)…

…Look back on your life. Try and recollect the things you have done, the places you have lived, the people you have known, since as far back as you can.
Now, erase the names of the people, delete the addresses of the locations and take off the labels of the things you have done (job title, education, religious designations). You can still remember your life, can’t you?
Even with names and labels removed/deleted/eliminated, you know that you have been alive, with a life that is yours and yours alone. You know, even without the names, you lived in one place (or many different places), you knew some people (or a lot of people) and you spent your waking time doing this (or doing that).
Your ‘life story’ runs from the first (and often sketchy) times you remember as a child through and right up to now.

Pretty goddamn ‘straight’ line isn’t it?
(Come on roger, stop protesting. You what I mean. You are capable of this.)
Look at your life in terms of how many different interests and activities and ways of investing your time is evidenced. How different was your life when you were 7 years old compared to when you were 17 years old?(…or 27 or 77…)
(Yeah, yeah scott, I get the ‘I gots the girlfriends/boyfriends thing’ Does not matter. Lose the names, and they (still) are people you shared yourself and your time with, no different than a best friend in second grade or a spouse in middle age or the person in the bed next to yours in the nursing home.)
What I am trying to get across here is that the important thing is not the names of the people, places and activities that comprise(s) your life.
Rather, I am asking you to consider the question, what did they (seem) to add to your life, why did you give them your time!?

I want the Reader to consider their lives without the qualification/rationalization/justification that we all impose when we reflect on our lives.

… ‘he was a great friend, even though he was an asshole’… ‘I really liked spending time with her, but I had to because she was family’ … “of course we are happy together! We have beautiful children and a nice home’… ‘I know this is a boring job, but I will stick with it, because otherwise, what will I do?…’maybe I can still pray and maybe its not too late for me…”who will take care of me if I get sick?’…

(These little quotes barely hint at the myriad of ways that we employ to make the fact that what constitutes ‘our lives’, the essential nature and character, if you will, is the same today(as you read this blog) as it was on your very first day at school.)

So what, what is wrong with that, at least I have a life that I can look at and say, ‘hey I’m not doing so bad’!

(You are correct, scott. roger you can come back in the room, we have stopped talking about life as if it were totally unpredictable and un-certain. We won’t talk about interchangeability any more.)

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? (Yes, I am seriously getting ready to close out this Post for today.) (No, I actually don’t have a more satisfying denouement for todays Post)

(writer leaves, house lights stay off…)

Alright, alright. Seeing that we have some new visitors (from Italy and Sweden and Ghana to name a few) and, of course, Sloveniaaa is in da house!! I will try to impart or at least ‘duct tape’ some kind of coherent point to this Post.

If pressed, I would have to say the point of this (Post) is that our essential natures (clarks, scotts and rogers) will determine how our lives are experienced and will force a consistency throughout the years (of our lives).
Having said that, I will remind everyone that the Wakefield Doctrine is predicated (yeah! he said predicated, he must be back from wherever…) on the idea that we all have the full range of potential, we are all (potentially) clarks and scotts and rogers.
And despite how this Post reads, we always have the potential to feel, act, or think in the manner of the other two personality types. In fact, that really is the purpose of the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers).

So, if this Post doesn’t get the Progenitor roger to write another comfortable and enjoyable reading Post, I don’t know what will.

For now….goodnight Slovinaaannssss!!!!!!!!!

(And a virtual shoutout to jen and kino and our other new friends from sl y’all come back now, hear?)


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