UW! -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘I knew that!! I did!!, it’s just that… ‘

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…yeah, I get it! W comes after V not U...

…yeah, I get it! W comes after V not U…

“…the Wakefield Doctrine is a unique, useful and fun way to better understand the behavior of the people in your life. With the Wakefield Doctrine, as an added perspective, you need never again hear yourself lament, “Why on earth would they say such a thing? I really thought I knew them better than that!” The Wakefield Doctrine is a way to know more about the other person than they know about themselves and, …and! it’s fun!”

That’s pretty much where we started… at least in then context of this, an actual blog. The theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, predates this blog by, say, 30 years, but this Post is about U, not History. (ha ha… a little ‘Anyone-else-tired-of-this-worn-ass Premise April bloghop Challenge’ humor?)

so, seeing how this is all about the letter ‘U’  W and, who among us doesn’t first think, ‘un’, it’s only appropriate that we provide you with some examples of which of the ‘un-words’ are associated with the three worldviews, aka personality types, of the Wakefield Doctrine. (yeah, but we’re obviously going to talk about the Wakefield Doctrine!!  and since when did we ever feel it to be a bad thing that we’re not on the same page with the rest of the class?!?  ….ayiee my rogerian aspect is surely exerting it’s group-based self!)

un-compromising: rogers (who’s surprised?)
un-usual: …. if I have to type this one, you really need to go and read the About page
un-relenting: gimme a ‘S’!!!!  gimme a ‘C’…. “hey! gimme back my pom-poms”
un-suspecting: clarks (yeah, I know! you’d think with all that thinking going on, they should be so easy to catch napping…)
un… hey! most of the ‘uns’ are associated with clarks!  what the hell is going on here?! Are we not imaginative and creative and kind (to a fault) and easy going (to a fault) and adaptable (to a….)  ok, ok…maybe we need to approach this from the other direction, what are clarks?  un-real* Now before anyone feels the urge to re-assure and/or state that we clarks are surely quite real, let me say, ‘not that it’s a bad thing! being ‘not a real person’. By not being real, clarks have the freedom to be anything, have anything, imagine anything…in our heads. And, when you get right down to it, is that not where we all start?  wait… lets try the reverse perspective:

  • scotts live in and of the here and now (not to say that individuals can’t experience the anxiety of the future or regrets of the past, that’s what secondary aspects are for!) but, the worldview of a scott is ‘here and now’… the mother lion sitting under the acacia tree, with her cubs playing in the shade, seeing the appearance of some hyenas is not, I guarantee you, thinking, ‘well, maybe this pack is simply curious and wandering about the savannah.’ No. She is not thinking. She is not worried. She is simply …ready
  • rogers live in and of the past (not that individuals can’t laugh at a surprise or be totally spontaneous, that’s what tertiary aspects are for!) but, the worldview of a roger is ‘then and forever’… the roger in the midst of his herd (and a herd need not manifest as multiple of similar people, the key concept of the Herd is ‘like qualities’), and wonders how best to act, how he can exemplify the Right Way to live, even if it is as simple a thing as crossing the street. the wildebeest in the middle of the herd does not worry about being able to swim, (as the herd is being forced to cross the river to escape the predators), he is only concerned with being s member of ‘the Herd of Swimming wildebeests’!
  • clarks…. well, we kinda know about clarks… they live in the future, the ‘un-world’ if ever there was one. (which is not to say that a clark can’t be aggressive and win the girl or engaged in service and be honored as the leading member of her ward, that’s what secondary and tertiary aspects are for!) but, the worldview of a clark is that of the Outsider and there is no time more Outside than the future. In the future there is hope and possibility, in the future there is opportunity (to learn) and chances (to act)… the lemur sits in the underbrush (it might serve our metaphor better to switch to early mammalians watching dinosaurs fight it out) and watches and dreams of a time when the way is clear and obvious and fear no longer is the prerequisite condition of his/her decisions on how to live life.

the Wakefield Doctrine maintains that each us grew up and developed our ‘personality’ in the context of one of three worldviews (personal realities). Those of us who woke one morning, at the age of 3 or so, and experienced the world as one of predator and prey, quickly adapted and grew up as scotts; those people who knew that they were ‘a part of’ the world that they found themselves in, well before pre-school, settled in to practicing the way of the Herd Member, knowing that the world was quantifiable and knowable and (it) only asked that they made every effort to act the Right Way…they are rogers; and then there are those who woke up… maybe a little late, (for dreams can be so inviting), and could hear their family downstairs, already un-wrapping the presents and… even as the so-very-critical instant evaporated, thought of his/her family as ‘them’… started on a very long path, searching for the knowledge that erased that little, tiny distinction, the apartness. The world became forever full of interesting things and yet was missing that one fact… clarks search as Outsiders

the Wakefield Doctrine is not the answer, it’s not even a (proper) question. the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective. The Wakefield Doctrine charges us to use it to see the world as the other person is experiencing it. That we look around us and understand that, to a certain, but very real extent, reality is personal. The Wakefield Doctrine offers a tool that might allow us to understand how the people in our lives are relating themselves to the world around them. And by understanding this, better understand ourselves.

(…why, yes, you might say this has been a typical Post from the Wakefield Doctrine… but then, it’s not for everyone, is it? (thanks to all of you that do ‘get it’…. not that ‘it’s’ anything overly special, but ‘it’ does insist on a certain lively and confident imagination and a sense of fun with reality, in order to be properly used and enjoyed.)


V -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘V‘ideo Posts!

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


My god! I was struggling with the V!  last night, and as I struggled with what word to use for this most autological of Letters, (if the extension of the concept of auto logical words can be extended to Letters.) Among the V-words under consideration at 2:33 am: virgin, veritas and virtual…. not that weird, right?  Virgin, as in SGV, which is the accepted acronym for a feature of the TToT that is one of 5 things that sets this bloghop apart from the, grains-of-sand-of-all-the-deserts-of-the-world collection of bloghops, available here in the ‘sphere. The Seven Guard Virgins, for any new Readers, are the seven….beings (male and female), who serve both as muses and censors of those who would participate in ‘the bloghop that Lizzi built‘. Originally suggested by our friend Cynthia Calhoun, the Guard Virgins have come to be significant factors for those of us attempting to use the power inherent in the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)*.

(the veritas and virtual, well, they’re pretty obvious, wouldn’t you say?)

then I remembered that I had originally decided on ‘Video Post’ as my V. Well, that certainly makes sense! (Especially since I’d originally envisioned this Anti-to-Decongestant April Challenge being a ‘instant Book’ when I staggered across the Finish Line. (blog challenge finish line motto: “say it!! don’t write it!! it’s not important enough to be preserved in the blogosphere like those frozen dead people, waiting for the world to realize how important they were!“)

So lets play the First video Post ever made under the auspices of this here Doctrine here!

YouTube Preview Image

…ok, one more

YouTube Preview Image

I’m thinking that I’ll do my TToT post tomorrow morning, I really need to write more often…

 1) I’m grateful that you all will understand!

2) Technology and cows*

3) (the aforementioned cows)

(I think the one on the left likes me, I know the one on the right doesn't)

(I think the one on the left likes me, I know the one on the right doesn’t)

4) hey, demographically-speaking, you (the Readers) are all pretty much women and, since women are, as a people, possessed of an innate sense of taste (when it comes to fashion and clothing and such, this is not so true when it comes to choices involving, cars, movies or really fun things to do)
The thing of it is, I need to buy sunglasses and I would life to make the right choice in style**.

5) Just to avoid the chance that a New Reader, here for the first time, might be tempted to say, “wow! for being the creator of a totally amazing personality theory, this guy is pretty darn clueless”…let me provide my two choices:





John Varvatos

John Varvatos

8) I am grateful to be able to hangout at a bloghop with seriously talented writers who hardly ever throw things and laugh and point

9) Did I mention that the glasses should be pleasing to at least half the Guard Virgins?

10) 1.3 binyons!  1.3!

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* getting tired of cows… need to get near the shoreline and start taking photos of seagulls (known as “the cows of the ocean, except smaller…with the ability to fly, but both are very good at producing waste products!”

**right choice being defined as: any interaction with an opposite gender person includes a statement to the effect, “you look really…. (fill in blank with your own choice of superlative)


‘U’ -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘….Un-cerrr…inty’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Thanks to Z for the suggestion/prompt of the almost near the end Letter for the annual Apathy-to-Ennui April blog challenge. Hey! you’re absolutely right!! you should go over to her blog and, like, totally bomb her site with comments!  no, I’m serious! She’s got a variety to content that would…would make a sensory-deprived encyclopedist ask for quiet.

Meanwhile, as we work our way through the last 8 letters of the alphabet  (Hey! those kids from Bougainville!! they’re done already!!)

Anyway…. rather than bore you with the inherent power of un-certainty that is cherished by clarks, feared by rogers and enjoyed by scotts, why don’t we reprint the famous Joycean  homage  that we wrote back before we realized how it might be best not to get too ambitious with the stylizing and such…or we could just print the Wakefield Doctrine Personality type Assessment Test instead! Which one, which one…

I’m feeling so….


T -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘Thursday’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Thursday!  the ‘first-girlfriend/boyfriend-that-you-don’t-go-out-with-anymore-but-still-wonder-if-maybe-someday-you’ll-end-up-back-together-because-you-have-so-much-history-together’ Day of the Week! Who out there does not like Thursday? Sure, it’s not Friday (the seems-pretty-hot-from-your-friends-description-blind-date Day of the week) and Tuesday’s kind of an agreeable Day of the Week, right? But there was always something about Thursday that had a sense of ‘ok, you got a big test tomorrow, but there’s nothing you can do about it…so relax! accept the inevitability of the process that you are in, you’re ready for anything!

Hey!  Christine has decided to stop with the Annoying-to-Pointless April Blog Challenge because, she has a real life. Lets all go over to her blog, …‘A Fly on our {chicken coop} Wall’ and donate a ‘T Post’! Sure, in her Comments section! What a terrible idea! (Maybe we can convince her to stay in until Z, seeing how we’re bound and determined to stick it out,  “hey, no! I’m ok to drive!! ‘long as I roll down the windows…and close one eye, come on, nothing to worry about, I’ll have you all safe at home in no time!!“)

…ok, now that my attention has totally wandered off into the woods, lets finish this here T Post here.

to any clarks reading this:

Consider the day that lies ahead of you (or, if you prefer, consider your day yesterday), it will be (and was) a series of interactions with people and institutions, strangers and loved ones, enemies and foes, right? For the most part, you enjoyed the occasions where there was sharing of information (for a clark, ‘knowing stuff’ that’s considered useful to someone else) and you hated (and dread) the adversarial interactions. Particularly those conflicts that involved rogers. You think you know why you feel at a disadvantage in these encounters? Well, let me make the following statement: ‘the overwhelming majority of our weaknesses are, in fact, concessions‘. These concessions are real, the basis for seeing them as necessary and valid is not. I think, I’ll leave it at that. clarks will sense what I mean, enough to question themselves (like we don’t do that enough! lol) perceptive scotts and  non-ridgid rogers will say to themselves (or, in the case of the scotts,  shout to a passing stranger), “Finally! they’re finally beginning to realize how much they make their own lives more difficult than need be!!!”

Short Post.




S -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘scott’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel

(… well, just think of a cross between Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys and the Tasmanian Devil in the old Warner Brothers cartoons)

no!! wait!! don’t think about it… this is about scotts, ya know….lemme show you!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

But this is serious scholarship, so lets begin by referring you to our page on scotts.

ok  enough of that!  lets do something!!

scottian worldview: the life of the predator. (now, people, remember that when we say ‘worldview’, we mean reality and, when we say ‘reality’ we mean the personal reality of the individual who grew up and developed and is living in, and when we say ‘personal reality’, we mean the world our scottian woman or man experiences when they woke up this morning.*)

the world without scotts? two words: boring

sure, bullet points would be appropriate:

  • scotts will pick fights, but not hold a grudge
  • scotts will risk their lives for a total stranger, yet continue on after the emergency not giving it (or the person) a second thought
  • scotts relate to each other as do any member of a pack… ranking is all  (very interesting note about scotts: quite a few years ago, I was talking to my friend Bernadine about how scotts, when they enter the room, will always approach everyone there and ‘push them on the shoulder’, (figuratively or literally) and how that is a clear example of ranking behavior (in a pack). I asked her, ‘hey how do you feel when you encounter another scott and they are totally dominant, do you feel disappointed or let down?’ Bernadine got a thoughtful look on her face and said, ” Clark!!! what the hell are you talking about??!!! are you crazy?!?! what’s being dominant or not got to do with how I feel about myself?!?!”  (lol… I really liked Bernadine). Once she calmed down, she explained that it was all about knowing where she stood in the situation. Who was alpha, (only another scott), or who was submissive, (pretty much everyone else)… did not carry a qualitative value, it had nothing at all to do with who was a better person. It had to do with ranking among predators. Which, by the way, scotts always do in every situation involving people….even if it’s among a bunch of strangers, say, standing in line at the supermarket. Of course, our scottian friend will find something to talk about to the person in front or behind in line and if there are people around that our scott cannot directly interact with, they will simply raise their voice so as to get the attention of ….everyone.
  • that, by the way, is the secret of dealing with scotts who might be getting unruly or overly-disruptive… remember that they are seeking the attention of the world, whether it’s good attention (“oh what strong arms you have and you manage to keep that pack of cigarettes in your rolled up sleeve and everything, my hero!“) or negative attention (“hey lady, the other patrons would rather you not dance on the table… please read the Menu and your Waiter will be happy to take your order.“) The key is attention…find a way to actually withhold attention and they will be eating out of the palm of your hand.
  • great friends and fierce enemies
  • incredible lovers and amazingly annoying house guests
  • in defense of the pack (especially scottian females)….  you do not want to mess around with their pack.

…where has the time gone!!

I’ll try to stop by as the day careens onwards and add to our little list.

Hey!  you ever wonder why clarks and scotts make such good (and fun) friends? Well it’s mostly about the clarks. clarks tend to be easy going and fairly passive, which of course, poses no overt challenge to the scott…who likes to mess with the prey. but then, every now and then, something happens and the clark changes and swats the scott (picture playing with a puppy. the young dog can’t help but get over- excited and they sometimes nip and the human grabs them by the scruff of the neck and gives them a shake…the puppy immediately gets submissive, tail down and quiet….but then he or she looks at the human…and the tail starts to wag and they’re bounding after the ball again. It’s sorta like that with clarks and scotts. (lol) it doesn’t happen frequently and immediately afterwards  clarks go back to being clever and passive and the scotts know that all is right in the world.



* as to scotts and sleep?? you do not want to get me started on that!  Ever watch a dog sleep after a long day playing with their family?  Their legs will twitch (as they run after dream prey), their breathing will accelerate (as they corner their prey), sometimes you’ll even see them bare their teeth (as they confront their prey) and, often their tail will wag….(lol yeah!) all while sleeping! Do you now get a sense of the ‘reality of the predator’   btw: apropos of nothing… the expression ‘on the prowl tonight’?  yeah, scotts



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