TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (‘no!! really?! well, as long as it is still light out and there’s an internet to post to, the Doctrine will be there’)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


1)  vid chats…. (which, L and me like, totally ground broke along with Michelle and zoe and D and them) interesting conversation with Joy and z and Lizzi last night)

2)  I am comfortable listing an item of hypo-gratitude (for):  the freezing cold mornings in this Year without Summer.

3) the Wakefield Doctrine (yes, that is such an obvious thing, however, allow me to share my latest insight that makes me (semi)glad to be a clark). Everyone enjoys the basic time travel fantasy. i.e. ‘If I could go back to 1973 when I was still 20 (or so), I would do (fill in the blank with favorite life activity) differently’* In any event, while all three personality types find this an enjoyable diversion, clarks find it an especially engaging daydream, many of us going so far as to include, ‘…you know, it might be possible. So, this afternoon as I drove along, I thought about what I would do if I were able to go back to 1973, and I caught myself and thought, with a certain amount of ruefulness, ‘better keep working on it, clark, you haven’t yet figured out how to get back there!’  Out of nowhere thought came to me, ‘damn!  maybe I have managed to figure out the secret of time travel and this is a far back as I could get!’

4) work…work…work (I was asked by a client if I still enjoyed my work and I was able to say, ‘Yes, yes I do! It allows me to do something that is not boring and no one controls my time or my) whereabouts’)

5) …have I mentioned being grateful for the TToT?    shit!  I think I have.  Wait….wait!  let me add a hypo-grateful aspect to my role of co-host**  Here I am, typing like a fiend, it’s 5:44 Saturday and I’m trying to decide who to throw in with, the devil on my left shoulder who says, ‘come on! clark, it’s late take it easy and besides, this is a sloppy, hastily written Post, it’s more of an insult to your talented (and at bare minimum 5/9ths totally hot co-hostinae to submit something as ‘on the fly as this thing‘, or the angel on my right shoulder who says, ‘no! you have a responsibility to these people and you better not mess up, and don’t you dare hit send without double…not, make that triple proofing it.

6)  (no dogs were in the car for the filming of the following video…)
YouTube Preview Image

7) Why yes, I have thought about the SBoR (aka BoSR) but, I’m in an old-fashioned/guilt-ridden mood, so I’m only going to use 1.3

8)  SR 6.7.3

9)  SR 6.7.3

10) I will conclude with SR 1.3 (with the SR 6.7.3 the infamous ‘tripler rule*** to wit: if a writer of a TToT list invokes the 6.7.3 Rule, then the explanation of said Rule, combined with the Grat Item (being tripled), must meet or exceed the word count of the two Items being….er   tripled. This word count must be of an amount that the average Reader would judge to be a sufficient to state, explain and justify, the Items that would have been written, were it not 5:44  5:54 PM EDST



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* the standard Time Travel fantasy has the fantasizee retain all life experiences and knowledge while returning to a time when everything was new and young and seemingly inexhaustible.

** well, if you insist   …with the most!!’

*** aka nagging mother rule, as in, ‘if you put half as much effort into simply doing the job as you do in avoiding it, you could be outside playing with your little virtual friends right now!


GPTGP à scott the Wakefield Doctrine *Postponed*

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



Hey! I just realized… this here photo here is a ‘selfie’ sent to us in October 2011, before the whole fad got to the Herds on ‘the Facebook… leave it to a scott! All we said was, “Alex, the Wakefield Doctrine hat (for your damn head) is nearly free. All we ask is that you take a picture of it, in front of something interesting.”

This Thursday’s scottian Guest Post Guest Writer is Alex Crabtree. We met Alex back around Fall of 2011. (as is often the case of scottian friends, you can never quite remember if you introduced yourself or he just walked in the door while you and the family were having dinner… both, of course, are reasonable, given the scottian worldview).

I just got a note1 from Alex, expressing his regrets and disappointment that he is not be able to Guest Post for us today. The death of a (significant) relative, occurring  between the time that I invited him to write for our GPTGP series and early this morning has made it impossible. Alex promises to join us on a Thursday, perhaps on the next scottian GPT, but today was, unfortunately, not meant to be. We extend our sympathy and best wishes to Alex and them.

Were it not so early in the morning, I might, at this point in the Post, write, ‘is there a scott in the house?‘ … or perhaps, if I were at a RL social occasion, I might jiggle my cars keys… or, (if I were a clarklike female) I might say in a fairly loud voice, “this place is boring , I guess I’ll go home to bed and read a book.”

But, I guess not. The hor’douves   (hey!! what the hell WP Spellcheck?!! I knew that I could not spell hors d’œuvre without looking it up, but I tried anyway and failed…but! the popup said  ’No Guesses Found’   who the fuck said I was guessing at a word? WP is supposed to be the leading blogging software and that’s what they think of their clients?  That we’re sitting around ‘Guessing’ at words?! ) The hell with that. I’m a damn clark and if I don’t know a word then I will do one of two things:

  1. I will look it up (typing an approximation of the word into ‘the google’ and reading the entries that result… could take an hour or more, ‘specially if wikipedia gets involved)
  2. I will make up a word (and why the hell not? creative writing applies to what, the mere order of words? the novel placement of correctly used words? I think not! if that were the case, then all songs would simply be snatches of melodies strung together like a late 80′s hip hop record…. the writing is about the ideas and if I think I have a better word than frickin Webster, then guess which word I’ll use? Oxford University, my ass…. if they spent half as much time on dental hygiene as they do on silly black robes on a bunch of guys who sit around and mis-spell wourds to load up their Theasaures Rex the world would be a better place….

… er,  is there a scott in the house?




1) For the benefit of those new to the Guest Post Thursday Guest Post series, I should perhaps explain how the Wakefield Doctrine might differ from other, more…traditional blogs, in how we do Guest Posts. An invitation is extended, with the instruction to ‘write whatever you feel like writing. It could be about the Wakefield Doctrine or how you use the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine to improve your life, or it could be about a person who:  ”…played in a soccer game with a bunch of 7th and 8th graders.  That in itself isn’t dumb, but playing like it was the final game of the World Cup.” or if you would rather, write about how:  “The ultrasound technician told me to take off everything from my waist down.”  if those topics seem too impersonal, a Guest with a certain strong secondary clark might contribute one of the more significant worldview artifacts2 as did one Guest with, “ Without the structure of expectations, I am a bit lost.  I think my secondary, yet significant, clark-like tendencies also play a role;…
The point being, the Guest Post series has been a free-form experiment to see how the Doctrine expresses, when a skilled writer/blogger comes to the site and writes about whatever may (or may not) be on their mind.

2) a ‘worldview artifact’ is the term we use to designate an insight into one of the three worldviews that might not have been predicted (or even anticipated) by the Doctrine.



before the Thursday feature…. the Wakefield Doctrine (a few short-thoughts as the house lights dim)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Tomorrow’s post will be a Guest Post by a scottian guest post Writer! As is the way of Guest Post Thursday’s Guest Post, I have not a single clue as to what he will be presenting us (the point of hosting-a-guest-post-day-as-a-way-to-self-improve-myself, is that it requires me to do what I am not normally inclined to do:  relax let someone else take the spotlight and trust the Readership). If a slightly twisted stomach lining is an indicator of successful learning, I’m getting total ‘A’s!!

in any event, it will be fun.

while we wait for the houselights to go down… for the record, I haven’t been in a movie theatre since… when did ‘Risky Business’ come out? then… I took Phyllis to see Tom and Rebecca in the early days of our relationship (soundtrack cue: 10cc).

Speaking of movies and the Wakefield Doctrine.
I was watching a movie last night, ‘Battleship’  written and produced by the Hasbro Brothers ( in the wake of their wildly popular, ‘Potatoheads in the ‘hood’).  The movie is about the board game, which, in turn, is about strategies of war. So, naturally,  it was against the backdrop/context of the military… i.e. rogers. What brought this home to me was the scene where the protagonist, a hot-headed junior officer, ends up on a ship where the chain of command had just been wiped out by the aliens, the ship is pretty busted up and the bridge crew is standing around doing nothing at all when our hero asks where the Captain is and someone says, ‘you’re the ranking officer now, you’re the Captain‘.
(Just in case the point has not been made, the bo’sun says,  ”What are you orders, sir? Tell me what to do! I don’t know what to do if I don’t have orders!“).   There is one more scene in which the XO comes to find the new Captain standing in his cabin looking all angsty and saying shit like, “I can’t do this! I’m not a Captain”  and the (scottian) Executive Officer says, “Those bars on your shoulder means you are the Captain! The men need you to be the Captain. The ship is lost is you don’t“)

…and I sat in my living room and laughed (…I am a clark) and thought, ‘the structure of the military is such a clear illustration of (the) essentiality of organization in the rogerian worldview! I really should write a Post!’    Though I am almost out of time, consider: not only is the military a manifestation of the rogerian worldview, but how clearly is the Herd dominant to the individual… the men (in the movie) were willing to die following orders because of the ‘referential authority’ of rank. Of course, this applies to business, religion, politics and cattle ranching. If you need to get a roger to do something, you had better damn well not forget to invoke a referential authority.

…speaking of clarks. I was driving around Saturday and got a call from a real estate agent about a property of mine. I suspected ‘clark‘ when she started to speak… there was a slight question-lilt to her voice when she said, ‘Hello?’  But it was her choice of words:  ” I noticed in the MLS that you are listed as the Showing Agent for…

lol  clarks!  ( New Readers: a roger would have chosen the words: ‘the MLS says that you are the Showing Agent’  and a scott wouldn’t’ have bothered with any of it,  ’hey! I need to see…’)

Stop by tomorrow!

YouTube Preview Image

Tuesday …the Wakefield Doctrine (you probably didn’t read this Post, it being a couple of years old and such)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

lets have a little encore Post today!


(from the year, Two Thousand whatever!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

What is it we mean when we say that the scottian personality lives in the reality of the predator? Is the Doctrinereally suggesting that those who identify their predominant worldview as that of the predator are:

avaricious, carnivorous, predacious, bloodsucking, grasping, larcenous, marauding, pillaging, plundering, foraging, sexy, voracious, voluptuous, vulpine, lupine, canine, supine, teasing, pleasing, quick, snappish, nippy, nasty, pugilistic,, sharkish, aggressive, ravening, ravenous, mercurial, temperamental, tempestuous, predictable, trainable and fun  (courtesy of  …sort of added a bunch of my own)

hmm, guess I’m gonna go with, “Yes, yes it is!”

Now you should know, that we know that the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) is not for everyone! The ‘everyone’ that it is ‘not for’ includes:

those with a rigid worldview, the people who know what the world is like with certainty that precludes questioning, humorless people, those with limited language skills,  those who think of the Dictionary  the way that the sporadically religious think of the Bible, those who feel that there is a right way and there is a wrong way, those that believe that some things are best left to the professionals, people who take the little warnings at the bottom of virtually every TV commercial as a reassuring sign that the world is protecting them, people who think that language is a powerful weapon and it is not a toy, anyone who says: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, waste not want not, measure twice cut once, loose lips sinks ships, ask not what you can do for your country, father knows best, listen to your mother and, finally,  the Wakefield Doctrine is not for anyone for whom the term ‘flexible intelligence’ produces a visual of Nadia Comaneci in a Cap and Gown.

What has been totally gratifying is the increasing number of  people are reading and learning and Commenting on the Doctrine (and) wearing hats and DocTee(s)! …and!  …and they are turning out to be the kind of people with the kind of minds that let them hear the term  ’predator’ and say, “damn! you’re right. My best friend, she appears to totally have it together and yet it is all about the here and now for her! Try and talk about the ‘what ifs and she goes all blank…and then laughs or gets mad!” (or) “I know what you mean! My friend is surely a scott, he is funny and loves young children but is a relentless tease!” (or even) ” I have never seen anyone who focuses so quickly on a problem, very clever but if the lawn mower refuses to out! He’s as likely to throw it across the street as he is to fix it”.

So read this here Doctrine here and have some fun. Remember, the really cool thing is that the Wakefield Doctrine works itself! No lie! If you learn what the world of a clark is like (the Outsider) enough to know the major characteristics of the type and if you see how the (Predatory) world of a scott results in people who are quick to act and yet totally confident in appearance, generous to a fault yet the totally mercurial, and if you come to be able to imagine living in a world of rules and predictability, connectiveness and certainty that is the (Herd-based) reality of a rogerthen you can go out into your daily world and you will see them out there. You will not need us to say, “Now remember if a man wears a beret, smokes a pipe and holds forth on the works of Ken Burns, then you have a roger”  You will see them.

…a little spooky, but what the hell, eh?

Don’t forget y’all,  the Day after Wednesday* is Guest Post Thursday with a Guest Post written by a scottian Guest Post Writer!


* the most inappropriately pronounced Day of the Week!


TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (‘if I write tomorrow’s Post today, does that give me an extra day of life or does it use one up?’)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yeah, one of those TToT lists. ( “…he could do much if only he would/could control the flights of fancy and just apply himself to the simple task of writing a list of 10 Things that he is Grateful for, you know” …a couple of un-named scottian friends… in the interest of privacy and anonymity, I will not single anyone out, though I will give you a hint: their names rhyme with: Christine  Dyanne)

1) I am grateful to Katia Bishofs for writing yesterday’s Guest Post Thursday’s Guest Post… (last train to clarksville).

2) I feel a certain degree of gratitude for a homelife situation that forms the basis of this, Item 2. (the following was a nearPost from yesterday, you know, you get an idea for a fun and/or catchy title or thesis or opening sentence, you know there is something there, but job or family or life draws you out just as you get started, resulting in optimistic disappointment  (like hearing your parents pull in the driveway just as you are making some headway with your girlfriend/your roommate calls to tell you they finished the conference early and you have to invite your guest to leave…way, way too early.) In any event, I started with the following block quote.

“…if you think that that will make him more manageable and result in benefitting our interests, then go ahead and email him.” (from: ‘the Wakefield Doctrine: Tales of Practical Application of a weird-assed, totally-inspired theory of personality.’)

Backstory: trying to have major and significant landscaping done to the property, being a clark and a roger. first rogerian landscape architect I interviewed and failed to make a connection, second rogerian landscape architect both of us interviewed and we were more successful. However…

3) Lets talk about the BoSR/SBoR (aka Book of Secret Rules/Secret Book of Rules), if this is not clear evidence of the creation of an actual, viable community existing among the participants of this here bloghop here, then I don’t know what is! The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is being learned, appreciated and applied, by new members and old, to their advantage (and) at their own peril! While I  appear to be citing ‘the Book’  as ‘Item 3′ on this week’s Grat List, it is actually the (successful) creation of a community of like-minded people of good intent, i.e. Lizzi’s original mission statement.*

4) Learning from those more skilled (and not feeling self-conscious). Nearly every time I read a Post, I also make a conscious effort to see what the author has done to make it (an effective Post).  For example, yesterday’s GPTGP, I took note of the fact that Katia ended her Post with a Question. (we in sales and marketing refer to as ‘a call to action’). She did it seamlessly. And it was effective. You know?

5) That it is only 6:43 am Friday August 22 2014 and I am at Number 5!

6) Hypo-gratitude Item: it’s Friday and I think the ‘hop has already started! (not that that’s a bad thing!) it’s just that Saturday is a busier workday than most weekdays and my opportunities to get on line and read and Comment is limited to morning and later in the day.

7) the Wakefield Doctrine. this week I appreciate the benefit of developing my sense of perspective, which, as we all know, is at the core of the Doctrine. More specifically, I will say I am grateful for all the little insights I gain from looking at life and the world through the lens of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.  Case in point: I was taking out the garbage this morning. This involves picking up the garbage can in one hand and the recyclables container in the other. As I walked up the driveway towards the road, I thought, ‘man! I gots to exercise more’. For whatever reason, I thought about the incident that I wrote about in last weekend’s TToT Post (carrying buckets of water down a ladder). and it occurred to me, ‘the fact is, I will never make deliberate, formal exercise (like 30 minutes a day kind of exercise), but the episode last weekend…. that was not just about the lifting of the bucket… hell, the punchline of that story was about my leg muscles, so maybe it (the effectiveness of that activity as exercise) was about my state of mind/concentration! I then thought about most of the time I try to do deliberate exercises… I’m alway in a hurry/counting reps/looking forward to putting in my time so I can get on with the day. So, I thought… ‘lets carry this garbage can and this recyclable container like my life depended on my walking with no sense of strain or urgency, lift them out to the side at a set angle and do not vary from that angle until I’m at the end of the driveway and, at the same time, not think about them as carrying heavy weights, just make that the way I need to walk’.

8) lol… no! yeah, really!  Number 7? That was not just a long, oddly-interesting-but-still-odd introspection, that was actually what went through my mind this morning at about 6:58 am

9) Una Video at 10!

10) YouTube Preview Image




* if she had written out a formal Mission Statement**

** which she did not, I believe***

*** which does not preclude me from using this as a point in today’s Post, does it?

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