#17 the Wakefield Doctrine (“…17!??! you sure that’s not 27? jeez… what? no! hell! I can keep this up forever”)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the Wakefield Doctrine is a way to look at the behavior of the people in our lives and appreciate the world as they are experiencing it.

(nope! while this opening sentence may sound like we’re still in serious discussion mode, we are not.)

Since I’m stumbling around (rhetorically, of course)  this morning for today’s ‘hook’  lets get out everyone’s favorite, the  dileto of the wannabe-good-writer, the blog Post’s best friend… bullet points (bulletpoint motto: ‘hey! you have incomplete thoughts that seem like, in skilled hands might be intriguing to the Reader? bring ‘em on!’):

  • clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel
  • the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them
  • the Wakefield Doctrine will allow you to infer how the other person is ‘relating themselves to the world around them’.
  • the Wakefield Doctrine will put you in a position to know more about the other person than they know about themselves ( variation 1.3: ‘with the Wakefield Doctrine you will know more about the other person than you have any right to know’.)
  • clarks are the people that you know you really like, but sometimes get busy with and forget
  • scotts are the friend that you know will do something to embarrass you, but you also are really fond of them, so you pre-excuse them before each new social gathering
  • rogers make up the majority of any group of people you might encounter, their solidarity is such (and secret) that there is no concern with having too many of them… the herd is horizontal (not vertical as with a pack of scotts) and clarks?… hell! you could have one (maybe two, never more than three) working alongside you the whole day today and not notice them, unless one of two things happen: a) the clark gets upset (no, it will not be with you! if they were upset with you, you would not only not know, you would not notice them…at all) or 2) need something that the others of your kind simply are not capable of providing (i.e. acceptance without reciprocity)
  •  scotts will make you laugh, rogers will encourage you to laugh, clarks will let you laugh
  • when you were growing up and in elementary school…  in trouble a lot? a scott  …one of two sent to the Principles’ Office? a clark  …afraid to get in trouble with the Teacher yet still have it happen …scott (female)
  • oh yeah… haven’t mentioned this in a while,  the Wakefield Doctrine is gender neutral and culture neutral
  • we have all three types in potential, however we live in one personal reality, i.e. our predominant worldview
  • last item…. and this is a hint as to why yesterday’s discussion was so intriguing and difficult…. ready?  these personal realities?  they are real.  We talk about how clarks are the ‘Outsider’ personality type, right?  and we can recognize a clark (or a scott or a roger) because of characteristic ways of behaving (of course, what we really mean by this is ‘relating themselves to the world around them’)…but the basic fact is that for me (for example), I am (an) Outsider.  and scotts?  the world they live in is the reality of the Predator and Prey, they are not choosing to act as they do, they are acting the way that they do simply because, given the nature of the world, ‘as they experience it’,  it is the only way to act and live and thrive successfully.  rogers? same thing  the world (when a roger wakes up this morning), is, in fact, a quantifiable place…2 + 2 not only equals 4 it cannot equal anything else….ever. and the relationship rogers have with the traditions they experience and discover and learn about?…all real and all very full of value ….to them.  not a choice, a fact. reality.    we’re all used to/been brought up knowing that the world is the world as it appears to us… ‘you can’t fight city hall’, ‘measure twice cut once’, ‘haste makes waste’, ‘to the victor goes the spoils’,  ’waste not want not’…. all those things are of the world we all live in,  but we all live in our own personal reality and that’s the gift of and fun of the Wakefield Doctrine
  • ya know?



Sweet 16 the Wakefield Doctrine ‘lets talk to the rogers out there… my credentials? one word: ‘Ken Burns’!’ now may I pass?

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…I know that zoe is looking forward to the crazy(er) Posts that are inevitable when one embarks on a everyday-a-new-Post Challenge, however, the blog gods have smiled and yesterday’s Post saw  a couple of Comments that caused me to say, ” Readers who are expressing a slight (though endearing) confusion on the matter of figuring their worldview, how cool is that?”
(visual: zoe’s frown of disappoint begins to waver and soften, eyebrows reversing their downward aspect, “hey skip! come here! Clark’s going to try to charm rogers!”)

from Sandy Ramsey:  ”You know, I don’t know why I have to keep coming back to decide where I fall. Can I be a clark with a side of roger? That seems to be where I find myself every time I look. 

from Pattie: “I am still very confused about scotts, rogers, and clarks. Does it help that I know that I am an ENFJ?”

from Lisa: “Somehow managed to read through post and comments and not be totally confused…that’s a step!”

To paraphrase Gordon Gecko, ‘…confusion is good’. Why do I make such a bold (and annoying) statement? Because the one thing we have found to be necessary, on the part of new Readers of the Wakefield Doctrine is what we used to refer to as mental flexibility, i.e. the enjoyment of preposterous notions, intriguing puzzles and plain old ‘hey! imagine this!’.  I take heart from the Comments of Readers who say, “I understand this thing but it doesn’t seem to want to work for me” or “…I know what the three worldviews are but I am equally all three” or “what do you mean I’m just a member of the Herd!” and “…did you just call me a &*#&(^ Predator?!?!”

The Wakefield Doctrine maintains that, at a very early age, we all find ourselves in one of the three worldviews, (that of the Outsider-clarks, the Predator-scotts or the Herd Member-rogers) and that it is the coping strategies and skills we develop dealing with this personal reality that makes us clarks, scotts or rogers. Another way to put this: how do we (or the person we are trying to understand) ‘relate ourselves to the world around us’?  We would ask ourselves the question: ‘Am I/are they relating to the world as would:

  1. an Outsider  who lacks the assumption of belonging, finding solace in the intellect as the path to what they believe they lack, while enjoying a freedom of options and the truly genuine creativity that can only come from being outside of the normal expectations and requirements of the common-sense world
  2. a Predator  who lives to thrive and thrives on life, moving through a world/day alert to certain danger and focused on providing the basics and subsistence for the pack, taking what is found for what it must be (as opposed to: what it might be/what it may hope to be) decisive in action, limited in reflection always passionate
  3. a Herd Member who knows that they belong, the underlying relationship to everything is so fundamental as to be nearly imperceivable the relationship of this person (to the world around them) is one of certainty and the relationship of this person with the others in world around them is knowable, that this knowing is simple and direct (a) ‘Right Way’ and…other ways. Tradition is a value, in and of itself, and to demonstrate evidence of tradition is the greatest good

ya know what I mean? so try out the rogerian worldview, why doncha?

the really cool thing about this here Wakefield Doctrine here is that you …can’t….get…it…wrong.  You have a predominate worldview. One. Not all three. Not none of the those three. One of the three.

the real challenge for those-who-might-be-rogers is not what you’d think!  (I know… you clarks and (some) scotts are thinking, “…hey rogers live in a world of certainty, exactness….like engineers they have a problem when there is not a 100% clearly perfect match!!! that’s why rogers have a tough time finding their predominate worldview…they’re looking for exactihood!”)
While that is very close and nearly the answer I was going for, what I was thinking was that rogers, upon seeing something where people seem to be sharing a common idea,  expect to immediately identify with the thing that those people are sharing. …. but upon closer examining, there are lumps and inconsistency and outrageous statements. Something must be wrong.

Thanks to Kristi for her comment regarding the use of the designation ‘Herd Member’   it is kind of   ….inciteful?  lol  but then, a few years ago we heard from a few scotts about the use of the term Predator  …’hey! what the hell! that’s kinda  mean and suggestive of one of the Great Cats or wolves what with the attack first, rip apart the foes and seduce…. oh yeah,  never mind.’

Two things about the inciteful and provocative language: a) it actually, when you get down to what we originally referred to as ‘Original Behavioral Metaphor’  all three of these are kind of accurate and 2) this Doctrine is not a stolid, op.cit., academic-worthy personality theory… it’s fun  it’s exciting and, even without the inspired insights into human nature…. it’s meant to make you yell, and laugh and cry. So…lighten up and enjoy whichever parts of this thing that you want.

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the 15th Post of the ‘More is More’ Post Writing Challenge! the Wakefield Doctrine lets talk to the clarks out there

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Anticipation is a curious affair for clarks. I would dare to say that most clarks might be identified, at a fairly early age, by their attempts to ‘make sense of the world’, in how they perceive and relate to the experience of disappointment. A show of hands now, please! If you are a clark (or have a significant secondary clarklike aspect), I’m willing to bet that you came up with a ‘Rule’ or ‘Law’ that applied, not only to managing anticipation, but also formed a rudimentary scheme for self-improvement.  My own effort (in early adolescence) to deal with anticipation and disappointment was referred to, as ‘the Law of Reverse Expectation’. I say ‘referred to’, because it, (the Law), was not something that stayed in my head, no! it was an observation and it was, (I felt at the time), an insight into the nature of the world and I was willing to share it with my best friend. I really thought that I was on to something, and spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about how I might use this insight to increase my enjoyment of life and decrease my disappointment (with life).

[New Readers: the Wakefield Doctrine is all about understanding how a person 'relates themselves to the world around them'1 There are three characteristic ways to do this:

  1. as  predator (scott) where the world is about immediacy (immediacy in action, in thought, in feeling), the world, for a scott, consists of prey and pack, dominance and submission, thrive-to-survive
  2. as a member of the Herd (rogers) the world to a person relating themselves to the day is one of a quantifiable and knowable place, where there is a right way to do things and the highest calling is to share with others that which one has discovered (to be a Right way), for rogers 2 + 2 = 4  ….always
  3. as Outsiders  clarks relate (themselves) to a world that is 'out there'…apart from. A clark lives in a world where knowledge and reason should be enough… and since they are aware of being  different, they spend their lives trying to discover and understand what it is that everyone else clearly knows and understands.

we have a saying, well, yeah we have a lot of sayings, but the one that goes here best is:  'clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.'  Anything confusing about this or other aspects of this here Doctrine here…just ask.]

…so, back to the topic of clarks. The Wakefield Doctrine is beginning to demonstrate a practical value. Of course, the Doctrine has always been intended as a tool to understand ourselves better. However, the use of the word, ‘better’ is not intended in anyway to imply superiority to other perspectives, rather, we mean,  ’in addition to how you view the world, try  looking  at yourself (and others) from this perspective’. The Wakefield Doctrine does not offer Answers or  ’the Truth’.  All we say is, “hey Reader! if you imagine that those scotts are, like predators in the wild and rogers are the stable, moving reliably Herd and, over there, that rustling of the underbrush? …clarks! If you look at people and the way they behave, from this perspective, you will:  a) get a little more insight into their lives and 2) have fun and laugh (on occasion) and ruefully smile (on other occasions)”.  But I started this Post talking about how we are, of late,  seeing a very definite use and value from the Doctrine.  What? you mean I did not say that?…well, I was thinking it!  lol  Given that I’m on a Post-a-Day schedule, it might be best to save some for tomorrow.



1) the wording here is important, we say ‘how they relate themselves to the world around them’ not ‘how they relate to the world around them’  big difference, ya know?


Sunday TToT-ette the Wakefield Doctrine lets look at pitchas!

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(the Wakefield Doctrine is at the near-mid-point of ‘the Great 30 Day ‘so-you-think-you’re-out-of-things-to-write-about-for-this-blog-so-why-not-write-a-Post-a-Day-?’ Challenge!’ if you laugh, yet nevertheless think that this is a reasonable response to a common problem for blog writers, you might want to head over to the Page on clarks (upper right in on the Landing Page). no, wait!  just consider the following:  often upon waking to a new day, I will stop and think, “I can do this! I have what it takes to deal with that world out there”. If you think there is nothing odd about that viewpoint1, then you might want to join the clarks over at the clarks Page. no, don’t worry, no one will bother you or quiz you about what you’re doing or ask you questions about yourself… just browse through the stuff you find there and get back to us…whenever.)


1) Glad to see the noticeable increase in the canine contingency, at least in terms of their being included in photos in a lot of TToT Posts this weekend.

2) zoe is away on a trip this weekend, which is only sensible, since in this part of the country, Autumn lasts about 3.7 days and then it’s Winter-practice. (Winter-practice is when all the leaves fall on the ground and the days pretend to be comfortable in temperature until you forget your jacket and then you’re freezing until you can get home.)

3) grateful for the technology that allows this whole blog and post and instant communication thing… a fairly comment Item on this (and other) Grat Lists, but valid nonetheless.

4) I referenced photos in my subtitle, so lets look at this:



5) I am ‘re-impressed’ with the skills of those of you who use photos as an integral part of your Posts… way harder than it looks! (I’m thinking of Kristi and Susan and Jen and them)

6) I’ve gotten a lot from this weekend’s various TToT lists…for whatever reasons I’m hearing a lot of clarks describing their dealing with the pressures of maintaining the good things (that they know they have every right to have, but….lol), in their lives.

7) excellent Call-in last night!  Cyndi stole herself sometime to join us and it was great fun.  We, (Denise and Cyndi), talked about the positive benefits of interacting with other clarks. This may not seem like much, as we all are surrounded by clarks and scotts and rogers, but there is something about clarks who are aware of (being clarks) interacting with other clarks, that opens one up to benefits that are  amazing. That we, (clarks),  can identify with each other and, by doing so, give ourselves a break (from time to time). I ‘ve had this kind of conversation with Lizzi on a number of occasions, i.e. that when I see her do well or go through a bad time and still come through it all without giving up or losing everything, then I gain just a tiny bit of…not hope, not even encouragement, more… that it’s that my own ‘certainty’ becomes altered in a positive way. (yeah, if any of that makes any sense at all… follow the arrows to the clark dept.! lol)

8) Una and Phyllis for the fun of altering the home environment

9)  video (warning! I haven’t listened to it since I made it… I suspect it’ll be alright)

YouTube Preview Image

10)  you’d be surprised at how you can do one of these and not have a clue as to all that you said and, more importantly, how it comes across… oh well.



Ten Things of Thankful


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1) of course, the ‘other two’ may not be inclined to articulate what they feel is wrong with that statement, about ‘the world out there’, and that’s because scotts and rogers don’t view the world as being ‘out there’, as in being apart from, separate from, a different thing. they (the scotts and the rogers are in the real world and that’s pretty much that)


Lcuky 13! the Wakefield Doctrine ‘you can’t say Ten Things of Thankful, without the TT(and)o(and)T, in…’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


What a Week! (no, yeah! I do mean to count the week as an item, just not certain if it counts as an item of grateful or a hypo-grateful item.)

2) the above photo is of my forehead and Phyllis’ Mini Cooper. As a last attempt to have some weather-enjoyment from this otherwise disappointing  Summer, we took a drive through Wakefield (yes, the Wakefield), with the top down.

3) which do you think I should do first? the grateful or the hypo-grateful?…. well, since clarks are all optimists (sort of like the cinema delusion of Julia Roberts as a ‘successful prostitute’ ) lets go with the hypo-grateful first. I will, however, cite SR* 7.3;2 {if a writer encounters a gratitude item that presents with a dual, but opposing  quality, i.e. hyper and hypo-grateful;  ( much like those stupid ‘good news/bad news’ jokes that seem to have such incredible popularity with the teenage boys, once they have matured past the wit of bodily function noises), [then] each shall constitute a separate item, provided that at least two examples of the jokes are presented.}

Lawyer: ‘I have some good news and some bad news.’
Client: ‘Well, give me the bad news first.’
Lawyer: ‘ The bad news is that the DNA tests showed that is was your blood all over the crime scene.’
Client: ‘oh no! I’m ruined!  What’s the good news?’
Lawyer: ‘The good news is that your cholesterol is down to 130!’
( source:  www hereinreality com)

Doctor:  Well, I have some bad news and some really bad news.
Guy:  Well, give me the really bad news first.
Doctor:  You have cancer, and only 6 months to live.
Guy:  And the bad news?
Doctor:  You have Alzheimer’s disease.
Guy:  Thank God.  I was afraid I had cancer!
( source: www myworkbreak com)

4) (hypo-grateful)  the font of this blog has been subtly changing over the last couple of weeks, nothing I could put a finger on, but the ever-observant zoe, back on the 9th, reported italicization showing up in odd places. I did what any normal clark would do, I thought about it, sketched a plan (in my mind) of what to do if it got really bad and continued about the business of the 30DC. Yesterday I started the day’s post, but when I went to ‘Preview’, the draft,  the font was ….way messed up, all boldy and italiced and such. My stomach did that stomach thing when something happens that is very bad but does not force you to sit on the floor. I did what any ‘normal’ clark would do, I kept typing, included the ‘fact’ of the messed up font in the Post and hit Publish. However I did one other thing: I found the blog consulting company that I used to place the ‘Trademark’ mark on the Doctrine. In fact, I found my last email to them, and hit Reply with the message, ‘ I need some ‘emergency’ work done on my WordPress website (hosted at blue host) My font is going a bit crazy. Please let me know how we can get this fixed asap”

5) (Grateful) Later in the day, there was a Comment from Christine, suggesting that, perhaps my concerns about the presentation of the Wakefield Doctrine were no longer grounded in reality and that a reassessment of my emotions might be beneficial, her exact words were: “ YAY WEEKEND!! Party on! :)”  And she was totally correct. Well, at least about the no-longer-grounded-in-reality. I have not yet initiated the Party!.. but all was well in Doctrine-ville.

6) Grateful item/plug for a company that did good:  Content Robot   Karen and Dana  are very good lifeforms. You should visit their site. If you find yourself in need of help with WordPress blogs or design or what have you.  (Tell ‘em the Doctrine sent ya)

7) The Wakefield Doctrine 30 Day Month Challenge continues!  (who but a clark, confronting a waning of interest and enthusiasm in writing Posts for a niche blog would decide that a ‘Post-a-Day Challenge’ would be the best way to deal with the ennui. and then do it alone.  what? wait a few weeks for the NonoIWonWrite Challenge  or a little longer for the ’1 though 9 Challenge’ (motto: “well, because 10 is, like, a repeat of the numbers that came before!“)  What the hell is it with clarks?  oh, wait, I remember the old saying about my people:  ’clarks! they make the hard things easy and the easy things hard.’

8) no, don’t worry! while it was only Phyllis and me in the car last night, I will take Una for a walk later in the weekend. She, (Una, not Phyllis), (well…Phyllis too but I was talking about Una),  had a busy week.  For the past 4days we’ve  had a Landscape design crew here, re-doing the front yard. Will try for a ‘before and after’ photo thing,   maybe later next week when they’ve finished.  (Company motto:  ’only god can make a tree, but lets see how he does raking loam’)

9) As always I am grateful to L. for her near-psychotic levels of self-less giving to others, (kind of interesting, to a clark anyway)…  I first ‘met’ Lizzi when she was writing grat lists as reg’lar Posts in her blog…. Considerings… so it seems obvious to build a bloghop around the idea. But the success of this blog hop is a clear example of how much personal investment in a project is critical.  I am totally grateful that she has done this thing.

10) SR 1.3

*SR stands for ‘Secret Book of Rules’ (aka) ‘Book of Secret Rules’




Ten Things of Thankful


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