TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- next up in ‘the Big Three (of holidays and such)’

Welcome to Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So here’s my concern: this is a gratitude blog hop. Everyone is invited to participate by sharing the things that they are grateful for in their lives. These things can be anything, i.e. people, places, things, events, anything. The theme is Ten Things (of Thankful), and so, all are requested to write a post that includes ten things. (yeah, this is a long way to go for a single, yet silly joke… but I’m into this thing for 89 words already, too late to give up now!) The thing of it is, and my obvious concern, is what happens this week, which contains a holiday (for those of us in the Middle of North America), that’s called Thanksgiving. I mean, damn! By my calculation either a) the mere inclusion of this past Thursday in my grat list should, (per suam sufficientiam)1 automatically fill in the other 82 or 2) consume my keyboard and monitor in, like a blackhole, (which, for some reason, sounds really terrible), of thankfulness, leaving only a smoldering and singed Hallmark Moment card on my desk….

2) hey! I’m still here! I didn’t get pulled into a frilly, pink satin-lined tesseract!3 (and yeah, I totally will be comfortable submitting that as an item of this here list here)

3) Vidchats!  yeah!  had one last night, with my ‘sphere spouse Lizzi (aka Laura4) and it was splendid! (I can use language like that with complete assurance…having a ‘sphere spouse, of course.  (Nearly) everyone was there  zoe and lisa and denise and sarah and a new chatmate kerri! very good time (got some way good input on the writing from all)

4) Graviteers! you know how in most cultures, there’s like a, well, not a defining event, more of a exemplary event…. where the best and the most (fill in your own highly valued and/or sought quality for living a better life.. like that, only cooler)gifted are on display? well, thats what Thanksgiving Week is for those who participate in the Gravity Challenge…. which, this year, 2015, was christine, val, lisa, kristi, joy and sarah…. thrill of victory, yo… the thrill of victory!

5) I had a decent enough week at work, so I can put that …here, right?

6) Six Sentences damn!  (sort of like getting on the parallel bars in high school gym… (obviously not as cool as the high bar, which saw only the mutantly strong rogers and the pre-jail-sentence scotts), and not the baby climb-the-rope-until-you-got-high-enough-to-see-over-the-divider-to-where-the-girls-were-having-easy-fun-playing volley ball)… Six Sentence is the kind of exercise that is easy to admire those who do participate and appears just barely doable enough to convince me to climb my ass up on the bars, where I’m like totally visible to the whole class and even kids in the corridor, so then, you gotta do something!   thanks zoe!

7) Una for representing the best in lifeforms

8) Phyllis and her tree house, which, I am fairly certain, is going to get like, totally Christmas decorated ….photos in the coming weeks

9) Blogdominion!   Chapter 6 is out and Chapter 7 is due Sunday evening…. read and let me know your thoughts, (given that, by definition, you’re into this ‘writing thing’, or you wouldn’t be, like writing blog posts, am I right?)  so I seek your opinion on the story. thanks

10) SR 1.3 yo, 1.3


1)’by virtue of it’s self-sufficiency’ (or something, hey, it’s Latin… what it really means is not as important as the fact that I respect your readerness enough to go to google translate and cope ‘n paste, ya know?

2) because.. SR 1.3, of course!

3) well, it’s a cube…thing with like properties  here go read  wikipedia

4) Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)  (yeah, most of people weren’t even born yet!)




Ten Things of Thankful
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Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…of reprints and vidchats, don’t forget to bring a sample of your work!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

who? the author I want to grow up to be: Robert Sheckley, that's who

who? the author I want to grow up to be: Robert Sheckley, that’s who

So, reprint Post or a little about tonight’s vidchat…. which one first?

Ok, I can hear the scotts off in the distance howling, “the here and now!! you can’t hunt the antelope that passed by here last week!!! stay in the here and now, clark!!! hey!!!”


Rob and Laura invite you to join us on a vidchat this evening at around 6:30 EST Leave a comment, (for me to send you an invite-link), or come to the clark scottroger page on ‘the face book’ and we’ll set ya right up. Hey, these vidchats are pretty un-predictable, but don’t be shocked if I’m all, like, ‘hey man…what’s the deal with getting into and out of a flashback scene… I mean, you can’t write: wavy wavy wavy…. ‘  plus you’ll get to meet people, in semi-person, that you’ve read out there in the ‘sphere!

That’s ’cause I’m all into the writing thing these days and I believe, quite sincerely, that if another person has an interest in something that I also share, then there’s nothing the other person can say that won’t be helpful to me in my efforts, ya know?

(as for this new interest in writing, the part I really don’t look forward to is when I have to develop my rogerian aspect, when it comes time to get up me an audience… at the moment I’m blessed with Friends of the Doctrine who go and read ‘Blogdominion‘ when each Chapter comes out. when I get to the point (say, about 10 Chapters) where I start to convince myself that I need to package the thing as a ‘real’ book (and you know I surely will!) then I’ll need to get more self-promotionalistic. Well, until then, go have a read and let me know what you think of it.)

6:30 EST yo

reprint from, like 2012!

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Before we get to the second installment of our series, ‘the Wakefield Doctrine and Effective Pair-Bonding Strategies in the Workplace/Personal Time Environment’ a brief word about gender.

We maintain that the Wakefield Doctrine is gender (and culture) neutral. We’re good with this because the thing that makes the Wakefield Doctrine such a unique and useful and fun perspective on behavior is its simplicity.
There seems to be a part of human nature that, when we have a desire to appreciate and/or understand something (or someone), our first impulse is to break it down into smaller and smaller elements. Trying to understand the whole by counting the parts.
We are not saying that this is necessarily a bad, inappropriate or otherwise non-productive approach. It is the only approach for those engaged in matters involving engineering and accounting and chemistry and other of the more…rogerian of endeavors.*

In the simplest of terms, the Wakefield Doctrine proposes to explain why humans behave the way that they do based on an appreciation of their personal realities. Three characteristic personal realities (‘worldviews’) that define how the individual relates themselves to the world (and life) at large. Emphasis on ‘human’. Gender happens afterwards, (from the Doctrine perspective). A scott, by virtue of living in a reality characterized as that of ‘the predator’, is aggressive, guardedly inquisitive, impulsive and quick to react. When we add gender to this perspective, we have to allow for the differences in the allowable strategies and patterns of behavior (allowable both by physiology and the culture in which the individual finds themselves).
Still a scott.
You can see this person, (male or female), and by observing their behavior, infer that they are responding within the worldview that we designate as being that of predator/prey. And so with the clarks and the rogers. It is all about inferring the reality that the individual is experiencing that makes the Wakefield Doctrine such an effective tool.

We’ll catch-up with our clark and scott and the roger as they arrive at the Calypso Club for the party, but before we do that, a little supporting information/backstory to make the remainder of the series more enjoyable and ‘educational.

The three characters are meant to illustrate the 3 predominant worldviews. We are trying to maintain a gender neutral view in order to allow the Reader to focus on seeing what they (the characters) see, to better appreciate the worldview they are experiencing in this intertwined story.
Having said that, proper names are useful, if only to allow the dialogue to flow a bit more smoothly. So, lets give these three some names!

the clark (who, to his/her credit) has gone against their natural inclination to retreat from (potentially) fear inducing situations and is pulling into the club parking lot (being sure to park in a spot that can’t possibly be blocked by another car arriving later in the evening) lets call this person: Sam
the scott …now here is the most interesting of the 3 examples, in the sense that it will be nearly impossible to avoid gender issues. The unavoidable fact is that in most cultures, direct and overtly aggressive behavior is discouraged in women, while a (male) scott can pat backs, punch arms in a jocular fashion, even stand too close in an effort to physically intimidate, female scotts must rely on other forms of expressing their totally natural, and clearly predatory-like aggressiveness. So, if you think that our scott is female, lets call her (and her male predator manifestation): Alex
the roger, Mel to his or her friends, is always there, always helpful. He/She is un-stinting in pursuit of providing whatever assistance or aid or resources or materials are necessary so that whatever you are trying to do, you will do it right…the way it is supposed to be done…exactly…and her/his standards are not so hard to meet, once you allow him and/or her to show you the proper way to do things
* we have said, not partially, in defense of the rogerian worldview, I wouldn’t want to fly cross-country on a jet designed and built by scotts or clarks!
If it were left to a scott, the plane would have at least 5 jet engines with no noise suppression whatsoever, the landing gear would be in a fixed ‘wheels down’ position, so that the pilot could ‘stop real quick and get a drink on the way’ and the window on the pilot’s side of the cockpit would open so that (the pilot) could lean out the window and scream stuff at other passing jets and
if a clark had a hand in design, there would be 8 or 10 lavatories, a bookcase for each row of seats and there would be a section in the back, where there would be couches instead of single seats, but the plane would always be late because the couches (with corduroy quilts) would slide around if the pilot tried to bank too extremely.


Six Sentences -the Wakefield Doctrine- (what?! that’s it… I can write a simple Post title, ya know’)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I’m at my office. Those are the warm red, green and white lights of the strip mall across the street in the photo above. So far, the biggest challenge I’ve encountered in my recent efforts to learn to write good, is finding the time when I have a keyboard and I’m in the mood. Mood, as it pertains to (my) attempts to acquire skill in the art of wordifying, presents the more intractable condition. No doubt because it, (mood), lies in the realm of the life emotional and, therefore, resists definition. Be that as it may, I’m glad that zoe has this here bloghop here, going every Thursday. Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing! My Six Sentence Story, this Thanksgiving 2015:


Fable of Grapes

“But I don’t wanna go to bed! It’s still light out and all the kids are still outside!”

“But none of my friends have to stay in today…it’s not fair!”

“I don’t want to take that medicine! It tastes bad and besides I already took it but you don’t believe me!”

Let the oenophiles say what they will, aged whines are really no better, (and no worse), than young ones.



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘well, now that you mention it, yes, everything is potentially a metaphor for…well, for everything!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



from DownSpring Lizzi:

“Balance. Something I seem to have always lacked…”

clarks are ‘the Outsiders’. So, from this alone, we are able to understand the ‘problem’ that clarks experience in the matter of having, maintaining and re-covering (their) balance. We assume that Lizzi is referring to the state of interests and efforts, relationships and life ambitions being in relative (and reasonable) proportions. (‘She does so many things! How on earth does she keep them in balance?’)

It’s not that clarks do not have the capacity to establish and maintain balance (in their lives), it’s that clarks will always seek to not maintain (their) balance. There is an old saying, ‘clarks can believe anything because clarks don’t believe in anything’  (a note: the first ‘believe‘ refers to the capacity to accept the novel, the unique, the shocking, the un-expected. the second ‘believe‘ is more akin to ‘unquestioning faith’, that quality (seen clearly and un-ambiguously in rogers and implied in scotts) that maintains that there are some things that simply are and do not permit questioning.)

So, a clark, finding a state of satisfaction (in work or school, employment or love) is inclined to ask, ‘yeah, but suppose…..’ This drive to find un-steady ground is part and parcel with living in the world of the Outsider. We’re searching for the way to become real and yet will never stop moving and questioning, because (as we understand from the Wakefield Doctrine), as long as we think we have to look, ‘out there’ in the world, we will never find the Answer.

(thanks, L)


Topic #2: Chapter 6  of Blogdominion is available!   (a Serial Novel hosted at the site allows you to vote and comment and even review! thanks in advance)

So the Story:, there’s this computer component (Unit 17) that’s part of a facility in Provo, UT that provides hosting services to bloggers (and others),  For some reason, Unit 17 becomes self-aware! Not only that, but Unit 17 finds a ‘self-publishing’ blog (up to no good!) in the system. There’s also a nun, (Sister Margaret Ryan) who, even though she’s just halfway through her novitiate, is asked by her Mother Superior, to travel to Chicago to try to help a Parish priest with a problem they’re experiencing with the school website. Arriving in Chicago only to find that the Priest has died (in fairly mysterious circumstances) Sr, Margaret meets a Chicago Police Detective by the name of Maribeth Hartley and… well, let me just say, sparks do tend to fly whenever Det. Hartley’s involved!
Oh yeah! …there’s also two computer Engineers who are gradually figuring (but missing a big piece of the puzzle) that there’s a problem with the hosting facility in Provo, a wannabe blogger who’ll do (almost) anything to be famous and successful and a precocious 10-year-old girl, who just might be the key to saving her family!  ….and two Japanese school girls.

The good news is, the story is just getting started,  so you have time to get to know everyone, before things get real crazy!  Come on down and read and send in whatever feedback you are inclined to want to send.

Topic #3: vidchat!  this Friday! if you don’t know what that means, comment us your question! We always have fun and even though we start with a plan/topic, (this week the topic is: ‘POV and flashbacks!’), people drop in and the conversation invariably veers off into parts unknown… like I said, fun!






TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (“1,000. x 3 + (5x60x30fps)”) 10,000 word Post!*

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



As part of our weekly exercise of gratitudosity, I’m going with a semi-photo Post (as permitted by SR. 73.{34} of the Book of Secret Rules, aka the Secret Book of Rules)

1)vidchats of which I am currently engaged in participating with the severally and groupistically renowed: Lizzi and Val, zoe and Kristi and Joy and Sarah**

2) The Graviteers, on and all, who seeing November looming on the Calendar (November motto: ‘food is good, too much food, well! now you’re talkin!’) they are, pardon the expression, making mincemeat of November, their numbers are tribute to that.

3) YouTube Preview Image

4)that is a soon-to-be-zombie flounder on the dock in front of the ‘sea gull’


(zombie sea gull?)

5)Six Sentence Stories on Thursday a very satisfying exercise (not that it’s, like, work or any…well, it is kinda like work   but it’s fun!)



8)Una and Phyllis for grounding the world

9)Blogdominion!  (There’s a new Sheriff  Detective in Town… and she ain’t take no…. (fill in preferred euphemism for satisfactorily executed duties of law enforcement officials.)  You should go an read this story... it keeps getting better!

10) SR. 1.3

*yeah, that was a long way to go for a joke..

**last night that was true… now, it is not true

Ten Things of Thankful
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