TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Like, since the items that are considered suitable and appropriate to make up a List of Ten Things of Thankful, are defined, first, by how I feel about them and only then, (in theory) are vetted for inclusion into the List. So, anything that happens (in the last week or so) that elicits a, ‘hey! glad I saw that!’ or ‘man, good thing I was paying attention’ or even, ‘that was cool! can’t wait to include it on the List of this week’s TToT!’ is valid (for inclusion on a/the List). I’ll presume to know the mind, (and heart and intentions). of our Founderinae, L. Lewis (still no relation to CS Lewis! damn…. hey! wait just a minute… there’s item 1). and base my List this week on some things that simply made me respond.

1) Books that I’m grateful for reading accidentally as a child/young clark:

  • Out of the Silent Planet Trilogy  (Lizzi’s Uncle) (7th…maybe 8th grade)
  • A Wrinkle in Time (Madeleine L’Engle)
  • Tom Swift and …. (series of what we call YA books, nowadays) ‘Victor Appleton II’  (around 6th grade)
  • Bullfinch’s Mythology …. around 6th grade

2) Speaking of books and the Wakefield Doctrine!  So, I was driving around today and listening to one of the two college radio stations I have on presets …. ok! college radio, having 2 stations in the area that I can listen to when I’m tired of playing, ‘I can name that song in 1 note’ while listening to the two dinosaur rock station,

3) So, back to today. What I’m grateful for was listening to a radio program about the life of Harriet Tubman, and the narrator mentions some connection between Tubman and Frederick Douglass and he says, “Douglass makes that clear, in his third autobiography.”    third. autobiography. I laughed out loud*  in my car and said. (to no-one, being along and all) ‘what a roger!’

4) that Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers), it’s not only a useful tool for understanding the people in my life, but it’s fun.

5) Gots to mention Una. Simply my role model.

6) The Gravity Challenge. We’re still going strong, a year later… Val, Joy, Lisa, Sarah, Kristi and Christine… been a very good thing

7) zoe’s Six Sentence Story… because it’s a challenge every week and fun (and educational), to watch the others create whole stories, (complete with engaging characters, suspense and humour), all in less sentences than…well, less than a Seven Sentence Story

8) Phyllis. First Reader of the Chapters-that-must-be-written each weekend. From the first chapter of ‘Blogdominion’, right through to this week’s Chapter 13 of ‘Almira’

9) Almira this week, in Chapter 13: we get back to Circe, Kansas and join Dorothy and Becky Stilwell engaged in conversation, (in the Town Square on one of the  wrought-iron benches that encircle the Fountain (that never has any water)… in any event, we get some insight into how it came to be that Dorothy enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College (Hint: Aunt Em had two uncles, both of who stayed behind in Philadelphia when the Sauvages emigrated to this country. They stayed, Emily’s father didn’t, preferring to move west. They got wealthy and Dorothy’s grandfather didn’t) and, I have it on good authority that a) Dorothy is going to visit the Charity Ward at St Mary’s and 2) Becky Stillworth has a crush on Hunk Dietrich

10) SR 1.3  (ten four, Eleanor, ten four)



Ten Things of Thankful
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Six (41) Sentence (a.m.) Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘hey! lets try this, …..backwards’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



“Are you ready to order?”

Dorothy looked at the menu for what she was certain was the sixth time, and, for the 5th time, found herself wondering who in the world of restaurant design it was that thought menus ought to have tassels, 2 paged tomes with bookmarks to bring a quiet smile of satisfaction to the hungriest of Medieval scholars.

Pretending to study the menu, as if it was necessary to refresh her memory of her 4 choices in the lower right corner of the right side page, subtly labeled, ‘Breakfast Menu’ (set apart from the rest of the day’s food offerings by a horizontal row of tilted coffee cups, each with a double ‘s’ line above it, meant, she assumed, to assure all diners that the coffee would be served steaming hot), she looked over the top of the stiff cardboard, across the faux marble tabletop at Tom Hardesty.

She felt the blood rush within her body as he smiled at her through a grey-velvet curtain of cigarette smoke, his expression one of both satisfaction and anticipation, everything, she thought, quite inappropriately, the designers of the menu in her hands could hope to inspire.

“Have you decided want you want, Tom?”

Extending his hand, he held his cigarette out to her, and, with a lightest of touches on his hand, she inhaled deeply,

“Yeah, Dorothy, I know what we want.”

This has been a backwards Six Sentence Story. Come join zoe and the rest of us in our weekly celebration of, ‘sometimes, the quicker is the better’ story telling.



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘can I get an ‘awww‘?’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


What a bit of work this self-improving oneself thing can be! But enough about me, lets talk about the TToT. Created by Our Miss Lewis (I so want her to disclose that she’s somehow related to C.S. Lewis) But, that’s because I’m a clark, and as every Student of the Wakefield Doctrine can tell you, not only do clarks have the innate capacity to imagine that being someone else could be a good thing, they also believe that connections and relationships are capable of conveying virtue to the one who points them out! (the relationships, not the people….lol)

In any event, it’s almost Saturday so on with the Ts!

  1. That I am able to relate to so many interesting ‘people’, by virtue of being a co-host of this here blog hop here. People Like Kerry and Abigail, both of whom are fun ’cause they don’t mind when I ‘act out’ on weekends and tag them or message or whatever the hell they call it when you write someone’s name and get a hyperlink. It’s kind of like John Cusak in ‘Say Anything’ ‘cept it’s not creepy or any thing. Hard to ignore? absolutely. Block-worthy? nah!  we’re just having fun exercising our scottian aspect. Ya know?
  2. I would list ‘the Wakefield Doctrine’ here, but given the nature of the previous item, I need to get more specific. I’m grateful that I have a strong secondary scottian aspect and a weak, tertiary rogerian aspect. Actually, that’s simply a fact of reality, (per the Doctrine). What I’m consciously grateful for is the support to my efforts to develop these two potentials within, with the result being a better version of myself. (Or failing that, a louder person. and, failing that…an annoying person.)  …ja ja, just kidding!
  3. I’m ever so grateful for a certain gift for manipulation. Or, perhaps it’s better to say, an inherent tolerance for my own somewhat-contrived efforts to indirectly inspire emotional responses in the people in my world, like this next item.
  4. Video:  YouTube Preview Image
  5. Una, of course… but, lest anyone mistake that particular use of italics for a blasé view of our 4 legged fammem, allow me to say, ‘what are ye, daft?’
  6. Phyllis
  7. work  sure, if it wasn’t for work I’d be… (something less) at the cost of (something desirable) and I wouldn’t (something ambitiously charitable)
  8. the always challenging yet (so far) totally satisfying effort to write the book, ‘Almira’. (This week…. well! this week…let me just say, this week things turn a bit nastier than we’ve become accustomed to, at least up to this point. Sure, Auntie Em has revealed herself to be a conniving, predatory, viciously acquisitive, false-faced Midwestern woman, and we’re all ready to accept Dr Morgan as a tormented but well-meaning bureaucrat-in-a-healer’s-white coat and, hell, for that matter, we’re all enjoying the jungle-natural instincts played out on satin-savannas by our favorite Sarah Lawrence coed, Eliza. But! this week we’re (mostly) back in 1911-1912 and frankly it wasn’t a good time to be without power or other social-leverage. The Beast of Capitalism is leaving it’s playful youth and embracing it’s appetite.) Be sure to join us for Chapter 12!
  9. That ‘ol Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules)! If only life would stop and say, ‘hey humans! (no, not you, dogs… you have no need whatsoever for something like the BoSR/SBoR! hell, if I didn’t know better, I be suspecting you 4-legged Ates having a hand (or a paw) in writing the thing), you can be happy, just stop trying to follow rules that you’ve been brain-washed into believing are essential to living a good life. Cut it out!’
  10. Our friend Cynthia is off on a retreat of a non-virtual sort… here’s her Post.  Remember the part in Peter Pan where the audience is asked to save Tinkerbell’s life? (damn! ya gotta love this virtual world, here read about ‘the Tinkerbell Bell Effect‘ ) Well…. we don’t know how  she’s doing off at ‘Camp Wannagetmycellphoneback’, so lets all email or tweet her! it might just be what she needs!  come on everyone! type!! twitter  or email
Ten Things of Thankful
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Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So the word is ‘Deck’. The Object (of the Six Sentence Story ‘hop) is to write a story of no more (or less) than six sentences. Pretty simple, isn’t it?  Well, sure, zoe says so! Simple, not easy.


Sally and Fred decided to extend the back porch of their house because the backyard, though quiet and attractive, was too un-even in terrain to provide a nice place to sit, and they both thought it’d be nice to be able to have their morning coffee outside, when the weather was nice.

Stan, (Sally’s brother), happened to be a very skilled carpenter but was also an incredibly judgmental and abrasively opinionated man, however, their budget was very tight and they thought it might be nice to help him out, as he seemed to have few clients, despite the high quality of his work.

From the moment he arrived to begin work, Stan responded to the most innocuous or well-intended comment with bile and sarcasm,  as when Sally’s husband, Fred, remarked, “that’s a really good job you’re doing, I used to be pretty handy with a hammer and nails, if you need a hand at any point’,  and without even looking up from what he was doing, Stan snarled, “oh listen to sidewalk expert, telling me how badly I’m doing and how much better he is than me!”

Finally the project was complete, Sally handed her brother the check, (which included a little extra), he glanced at the amount, looked at her and said, “so you think I need your charity, I did the job I said I would and I won’t take a penny more, because I’m an honest person, you should try it sometime.”

As he walked across the backyard to his truck, Sally looked at the gleaming mahogany railings, (with built-in benches), turned to her husband and asked, “So, Fred, what do you think?”

Fred smiled and said, “What a deck.”


Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine ‘…hey, that’s what friends are for, right?’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


We’ve written, (and you’ve read), some pretty unusual Posts, here at the Doctrine over the last 5 or 17 years, right? And it’s not that that’s a bad thing, in and of itself. Without this carte blanche that spontaneously established itself, probably in the first year when I wrote a SOC post that, I claimed, as an excuse was me practicing my James Joyce imitation (do I warrant an elbow patch if I use the word homage instead of imitation?) In any event,  (oh yeah!  and then there were those road trip videos back in like 2012 , going to places that were famous in my head and such). We’ve sure had fun, un-filteredistically-speaking, haven’t we?

Well, today’s Post strikes me as extra weird. No, nothing’s wrong or bad or anything like that. jeez!  can’t a clark get his roger on, without having everyone get nervous? You know, that whole thing about developing my rogerian aspect is true. For a clark it’s got to be the biggest challenge of all. And, as an illustration for the truth and fact of personal reality being, well, personal, today’s Post provides the best of all examples. A scott will read this post and think, (well, lets get real, the scott will say to the person/any person… “fricken clarks! they make their lives so un-necessarily difficult. Them people need to lighten-up and have themselves more fun. Hey!“), and they, (the scott), will be correct. If, by ‘correct’, we agree that their’s a reasonable response to the situation, as they are experiencing it. Because that’s what happens, according to the Wakefield Doctrine, we encounter the world and it is experienced/interpreted/reacted to on the basis of our own predominant  worldview.

...anyway, I’m getting off the point. (See? exactly what I mean. I have an idea (behind this post) and I want you, the Reader to have as much information on what is going on in my head as possible…because I’m. a. clark.)

So, the weirdest of all posts? This post today is a contender, ’cause I’m in the process of trying to find an agent for ‘Blogdominion‘. And part of the process, (of finding an agent), is to write query letters. Among the group of agencies that I’m mailing to today, what is required for submission is a single email (no attachments, please!) that include a… here, let me show you:

Please limit your submission to just a query letter that consists of the following:

  • Paragraph One – Introduction: Include the title and category of your work (i.e. fiction or nonfiction and topic), an estimated word count and a brief, general introduction.
  • Paragraph Two – Brief overview: This should read similar to back-cover copy.
  • Paragraph Three – Writer’s bio: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background (awards and affiliations, etc.).

(curtsey of the P.S. Literary Agency*)

The thing of it is, I’m getting totally blocked on writing back-cover copy. (And, compared to more formal synopsiseseses… this should be easier!)

So the thing is… when I’m typing a post, talking to you Readers, my head is very different than it is if we were to meet, say on an elevator. Which I get the feeling is what I’m supposed to write in Paragraph Two. (That being said, if anyone out there has some spare diplomas and certificates and such, and would lend me some, it’d surely help with Paragraph Three!)

Well, thank you, this little talk has helped. I might be back a little later today and try out a couple of ‘blurbs’

….no, what the hell am I saying?!!  (I can hear zoe  in the background, ‘what?! get back and sit down and do not hit publish without providing at least on, short description. watch ‘im, Skip… see that he doesn’t leave until he writes something that makes you want to buy the book‘.) Ok… ok!

The line that divides the 20th Century from the 21st Century is more ill-defined than suggested by calendars and almanacs. Margaret Ryan is running away and has found refuge in a religious order that drew it’s strength from centuries of faith and belief. Refuge is never acquired with paying a price, and Sister Ryan is called upon to help preserve the way of life that offered her peace, although the price might be higher than she imagined. 
Unit 17 is the designation of a particular computer component in a web hosting facility in Provo Utah. A child of the 21st Century would not be too poetic a description, as there came a morning when Unit 17 discovered that it was aware. And, like a child, its entire being is dedicated to discovering it’s place in that world.
The world of tradition and the world of technology cross paths.

*totally want to make sure I cite the source or ibid the op. cit. with these guys!


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