Stories (consisting of) Six (and only six) Sentences -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It’s once again that time of week, when zoe invites us to put to the test, our:

  • skills (?) damn! that’s the hard part (and, oddly enough, the fun part) of this ‘hop. Of course, no matter how much bearing ‘skills’ have on coming up with a Six Sentence Story may be subject to debate, I will lay claim to a certain,  ‘backyard mechanic’ (to employ an old and out-of-date expression) capability with this ‘writing’.
  • talent (?)  …god, I hope so!
  • determination (?) sure, ‘where angels fear to tread, yo’

enough ‘analyzin and dramatizin’  I strongly recommend you join us on this week’s  ‘Six Sentence Story‘  (brought to you by Friend of the Doctrine, zoe)

Are you sure?” his voice conveying a sincere desire to please, yet failed to mask the threat that colored his words, the aggressive handicap that is such a persistent quality in the talented-yet-insecure.

Yes, this really is what I hoped it would be,” feeling an all too familiar weariness, she tried to recapture her original sense of resolve that her wants and needs were not of secondary importance.

Moving over to the side slightly did nothing to reduce the increasingly unpleasant effects of his scrutiny, an all too familiar thought grew to life, ‘How the hell did this become about me?’

“I can do better! Tell me what you really want and no matter what it takes, I’ll do it!” the eagerness to please evaporating under his growing need for validation.

Reaching past him, she pressed the button marked, ‘Power’ and the display went black, taking with it the image of her very first, custom-designed, website.

“You really are the best, it’s everything I dreamed it would be, and I’m totally content with the content.”











-the Wakefield Doctrine- Wednesday and such

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

"...and you say this will inspire school children to learn?"

Just a quick, jot-down-a-list of things to pick up at the Cumberland Farms and/or other semi-important things to do on a busy day Post today.

Speaking of Lists!  Did you know that the concept of ‘a List’ are three very different things to a clark, to a scott and to a roger? Well, they are! (Want to thank Cynthia and zoe for their Comments re: Cynthia’s reference to Dale Carnegie and is famous self-help book, ‘How to Win friends and Influence People’.) The point being, that something as simple at that book will manifest differently for a person, depending on their predominant worldview. (‘manifest’ is the term we use in this context), because we want to be sure that we remember that we’re not talking about:

  • ‘how a person interprets the book’, or
  • ‘what a person gets out of reading the book’ and we’re so not saying,
  • ‘whether are not the person understands what Dale is trying to say’.

Nope! To say that this Book ‘manifests…’,  is to say that it’s an actual ‘different thing’ and,  …especially and!  (the concepts it presents) are different things, depending on the reader’s personality type.

Speaking of fun and challenging, zoe has this week’s Six Sentence Story prompt up already! So, if you’re like me, you’ll want to go over there and see what the word is so that you can start the struggle early! (I’m just kidding. not.  There are some astoundingly skilled and talented people who join in each week and they produce stories that’ll have you saying, ‘how the hell do they do that?’ and they make it look easy. For example, take Dyanne (please! barum bump!) she has the gift of the Six Sentence Stories and they are quite good, as are all the others…. Why don’cha stop by and send in a Story!

Speaking of gravity matters!  (ha ha) We have an Open Enrollment Day running today only at the ‘Gravity Challenge‘! You should join us. It’s fun and satisfying. …ok, a little odd, but in a good way, and the people! Once again, it’s the people who participate that makes a blog or a bloghop or even a group weight lose thingie, the cool thing that it can be. So, if it makes you feel better to talk to a participant, before you join  look up Christine or Lisa or Val or Joy or Kristi and  then come join us!




-the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…red sky at morning, stand under the awning ‘

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Of course, the reason there is a Wakefield Doctrine is (to) provide a tool to self-improve oneself.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a unique, useful (very useful) and fun way to better understand the behavior of the people in our lives. Really more of a[n] additional perspective on life, the Wakefield Doctrine begins by posing a very simple, (but deceptively difficult), question: ‘how does that person relate themselves to the world around them?’ The Wakefield Doctrine provides a set of personality types that, on the basis of the description of three distinct ‘worldviews’ (one’s personal reality), makes insight into the context from which a person makes decisions (all types of decisions, i.e. how to act, how to feel, what to think etc), very possible. This insight all puts  you in the position of knowing more about that person. (Or, of course, ourselves, if we’re that ‘other person’ and, if you happen to be a clark, you are so that ‘other person’.) With the proper application of the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine, you need never again hear yourself say, “How could they go and do such a thing?! I really thought I knew them better than that!”

the Wakefield Doctrine proposes three characteristic ways a person relates themselves to the world around them:

  1. (as) the Outsider (clark)  this is the person who is quiet (to the point of invisibility), funny (if you can hear/understand them), a very good listener and (a) near-psychotically unselfish person who will do anything for their friends (except stop beating up on themselves)
  2. (as would a) Predator (scott) fun? exciting? hell! how about exciting-fun creators?!? like that Tasmanian Devil, (on the old Warner Brothers cartoon), except some of them wear heels and LBD(s) to a level of effectiveness as to tempt the FDA to require a warning label… the male scotts are even more so, if for no other reason than the fact that they achieve that effect (on their intended audience/prey) by virtually any means, including, but not limited to, jumping on the hood of a moving car, make really loud digestive (and post-digestive) sounds and generally being exciting to be with, (be sure to have the name of a bail bondsman in your pocket before heading out for the evening with them).
  3. (in the manner of) a Member of the Herd (roger) you want to see how they get those scale model, 4-masted sailing vessels into the bottle? do you need to have someone express an astounding level of enthusiastic interest in what you have to say, hate to forget which is the salad fork and which is the cake fork?? find yourself a roger! they’ll be glad to show you and teach you the history of tablecloths while they’re at it!

the goal of this understanding as to how a person relates themselves to the world around them?  simple. it’s in pursuit of better understanding. appreciation. identification. We strive to become able to see the world ‘as the other person is experiencing it’ and if that does nothing else, it will put us in a much better position to understand the people in our lives.

And… and!  you’ll know what the other person will do, sometimes even before they do! No! seriously! With a sound understanding of the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine, you will know way more about the other person than you have any right to know. …fun, too.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…of morning showers and early sunsets’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Others describe this bloghop much more eloquently, emphasizing the value of (a) sharing of gratitude, re-enforcing, (or reinforcing, I suspect, in some circles, both could apply), the strength imparted from a long tradition in demonstrating self-examination and the resultant life-enhancing development of skills allowing truer expression and, therefore, increased appreciation of the positive side of life.

This being the Wakefield Doctrine, I thought, ‘well, they have the normal good stuff covered, how about the other elements that are inherent in a practice such as this,  what about them?!’  So, I am totally grateful for:

1) The fact that this community is made up of people who enjoy the non-…… normal, rather than threaten by it. The TToT invites all of us to share the things for which we are grateful. It’s sorta of expected that there be Ten Things…. if, for no other reason than, the ‘Some-Number-Depending-On-Your-Week Things of Thankful’ url was already taken.

2) The fact that concepts like hypo-gratitude, an example of which I’ll cite in #3, is considered a valid Grat List item. (To the un-initiate, the idea that a bloghop that is focused on cultivating gratitude, would allow items reflecting things that we really kinda hate, might seem a bit…. off-putting.) I will maintain that it is the very opposite.  In the real world things are not always good. And, while many here at the TToT do a remarkable job of taking a bad thing (incident, event, whatever) and find the perspective that converts the negative into the positive, or at very least, into the not so negative, is a true expression of the underlying principles of a gratitude exercise. Well, hypo-gratitude items are like that… if you go to the trouble of expressing it in a way that the others can understand and identify with, then you have surely left behind the toxic negativity that is usually a part of the negatives that we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

3) Hypo-gratitude item:  Since June, when I take a shower*, I set the faucet (one of those single dial things) at about ‘5:00 o’clock’.  Comfortable. Yesterday…. morning shower and ‘5:00 o’clock’ was…. cold! Surely one of the most fundamental ways to be reminded of the inevitable change of the seasons. (I won’t even mention how ‘not-still-light’ at a reasonable time in the evening things are these days.)

4)  The people, (all virtual), who ‘enjoy’ the Gravity Challenge. Kristi and Christine and Lisa and Val and Joy . All, ( I assume), enjoy the process of the Challenge for different reasons. I, for one, find that the coolest thing about it is that, on one level, we all can identify with each other. (Sure, it’s a very, very small, quite focused and specialized aspect of a person’s life, but the magic of ‘identification’ is that I can say to a another person, ‘I know how you feel’.

5) The Six Sentence Story with headmistrae zoe. (Despite the fact that, in High School, I was this close to being named the,  ‘Most Likely to be Mistaken for an English Teacher at virtually any Stage of Life’,   I saw no value in learning to write. ( Hey! Come on! I was 17 years old, it was 1969 and loud music had just been invented! What use did I have for gerunds and participles? If it didn’t cure acne or promise to make me less of an awkward semi-geek, I did not have time for it.) Of course, today I’m scrambling to make up for the lack of skills with the written word and such. In fairness to me, most bloggers seem to be women (who are former girls) and god knows you people never had the desperate, near-psychotic levels of drive to be acceptable by the opposite sex that was de rigueur for those of us who grew up in Y Chromia. ( I suppose, to be fair, I should qualify that last statement. The ‘desperation’ of those days of adolescent agony didn’t really apply to my (caveman) scottian classmates, or, and ‘stepford husbands’ that were the rogers in high school.)  Where was I?  zoe and the 6 Sentence Stories! What a great learning opportunity! I write and I read what the others do (with the same prompt) and I learn. And I get better. Thanks z (and Josie)

6) We can’t have a TToT without expressing gratitude for one of the single coolest features of this here bloghop here, the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules). It is license to be creative, it is (an) invitation to flaunt the Rules, (such as they are), and it adds another dimension to writing Gratitude Posts. very cool

7) Dyanne…. she wrote a fun Six Sentence Story this week. (The fun was, itself, a manifestation of what it is that’s so incredible about the blogosphere. For those with sufficiently developed powers of Imagination (and his sexier sister, Visualization), it’s like writing and producing your own TV shows. Way better than what’s on the ‘real’ TV)  btw…. I have never had dark hair, even back in the day…  you’d be better off  to think more, what’s his name,   Fabio… yeah,  light color hair… (  about as long, ‘cept less straight and more… bozo fro…)

8) Phyllis and Una

9) Well, ‘where is the day-to-day, real life happenings that most people write about being grateful for?’ might be a valid question. I need to get back to you on that, ok?  (Update!  real world/real time content!! (oh boy lets see what exotic and interesting things happen in our day-to-day-world!)  7:01 am Saturday:

"why no, officer, I do not have a permit to run a petting zone! Haven't you ever seen a Lithuanian Short-haired Shepherd before?

“why no, officer, I do not have a permit to run a petting zone! Haven’t you ever seen a Lithuanian Short-haired Shepherd before?

(psst!! Mrs Bambi, yo get the frickin kids outta here! alright, the fawn. just lay low, it's gonna be hunting season soon.)

(psst!! Mrs Bambi, yo get the frickin kids outta here! alright, the fawn. just lay low, it’s gonna be hunting season soon.)

10) 1.3


* no, I took showers before June!! It’s just the point is about Summer, you know?!

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Six…that’s right! all it is, is Six Sentences comprising a Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Tough one. At least it’s striking me so, here at 12:30 am Thursday the 27th, as I sit at my computer, typing, near-automatically with similar ambition, (to the automatic writers of old), hoping against hope that the very motion of the pen (or keyboard), will be mother (or father) to art. Maybe they were on to something.

The Project that was projected was to project as much of the project to as many of the people comprising the Project.

To Project, speaking from a faux psychoanalytic perspective, is, in part,  to attribute (project) onto to people, places and things in ones’ world, the attributes and characteristic that one attributes to oneself but would really rather not accept.’
Luckily this is only this week’s Six Sentence Challenge and all I have to do is finish and submit and then go one with life, which has enough difficulties in it without having  to contend with zoe’s latest deviously simply word prompt.

Man! this is a tough one…

Awake, thank god that night is over!

Tossed and turned all night, chased by worry and hobbled by loss of confidence, surely, (so spoke the voices of the night), there is no way to get through this next set of challenges.

Coffee to stimulate the mind, producing the illusion (maybe even the allusion) of being capable of efficient and effective action.

The caffeine,  (a delightfully psycho-active part of a complete breakfast, ‘the Best to me each morning’), surely the Lord Chamberlain of morning, has me convinced that my worries of the past night were simply that… worries, not real at all; the reality of this morning in front of the computer with a cup of coffee on the desk is what is real and all of the tossing and turning of the night were merely projections and everyone knows, they are but shadow shows, the illusion of action and character and can’t be the actual world, otherwise I might find myself caught in them, like last night’s seemingly endless struggle, and that would be….

…Tough one.

At least it’s striking me so, here at 12:30 am Thursday the 27th, as I sit at my computer, typing, near-automatically with similar ambition (to the automatic writers of old), hoping against hope that motion of the pen (or keyboard) will be mother (or father) to art. Maybe they were on to something…



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