‘…of donuts and men (and women)’ -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(so you’re thinking, “well there seems to be an awful lot descriptions and concepts to learn with this Wakefield Doctrine personality theory! Why should I go through all that effort, all those other systems have simple personality types with cool initials and they even have tests and quizzes to tell you what kind of person you are or your boyfriend or your parents are… why do I need to wade through and ‘learn’ this stuff? Which by the way, is not all that well-organised in this blog, you know?”)

…so I walk into the local Dunkin Donuts this afternoon, after spending the day inspecting some listings. As I step through the half-swinging door, I see that there’s no one in line at the counter and the only people in the place, (besides the kids behind the counter, each of them talking out loud to voices coming from their headphones, oddly though, they’re sharing their half of the conversation with the only people in sight, me and a couple at the table in the corner… (“sorry we’re out of glazed donuts would like a chocolate frosted?“). I glanced very briefly to my left as I walk up to the counter, the couple are seated at ‘9 o’clock and 3 o’clock’ at a round table, a young man and a young woman… short dark hair, good posture, facing the window and long blond hair, shorts and talking…respectively. As I stand at the counter, waiting for my coffee and (plain) roll, I decide, ‘what the hell! even though they will spot me, I think I’ll take a better look at these two’ and begin to turn towards them.  Before I’m even half the way around, I note that I hear only her voice. (As I continue my pivot), I see that he is sitting back in his chair (with his back towards me) and she is not… but it’s her face that makes the greatest impression on me. And no, it’s not her attractiveness. Hell, she was young and attractive, which is, of course, totally redundant, if, that is,  I might indulge in being unintentionally offensive.  No, what really caught my attention, was the ‘open-ness’ quality of her face, (and shoulders and head) towards, (but not directly at) the young man across the table from her. She was doing all the talking, but I could hear, since there was no one else talking in the building, (except for the modern day food-priests taking confession at the drive-up window “…a dozen donuts and a 2 frapacinnos, that’ll be 7 dollars and 43 cents, my daughter. god be with you.”), that not only was she posing questions, she would at a variety of times, pause and provide possible answers, and he just sat there.

I thought to myself, I thought, ‘She’s a clark and he’s a roger… too bad, she could do so much better.’

…because of the fun of that! That’s why it’s worth the tiny effort to learn that all people relate themselves to the world around them in one of three characteristic ways:

  1. as would a person who is (an) Outsider. clarks are those who grow up and develop as people who realize that everyone (else) appear to have an understanding of the world that they (the clarks) seem to have missed. clarks try to blend into the background (note I did not say, blend in to the crowd… that’d be impossible) and observe and try to learn how to be a real person
  2. like a Predator (scott) relates, which is pretty simple: live now, if something chases you, chase it back, if you want something,  do something about it, if there are problems that seem to have no, or worse, contradictory solutions… chase something!  make noise, be noticed, act!!
  3. much as would the Member of a Herd, which is how those with the personality type referred to as rogers do,  you start with the knowledge that there is a Right Way and, even if you believe that you are not 100% certain of what that means, you know for a fact that there are a lot of people without even a clue (to what that means), and if you can show them, all the better. Emotion is all, feeling is the highest form of reflection and if you can’t believe that others like you believe it, then it doesn’t count.

That’s all for today.



clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. valj2750 says:

    Great story at the DD. I kind of thought DD was for Rogers and Starbucks is for, well, for the rest of us. But then there’s those rule exceptions, so always apparent to Clarks.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      the fun is in the exceptions!*

      * exceptions can almost always be accounted for by either a previously un-noticed secondary or tertiary aspect or the ‘everything rule’

  2. OK, I don’t go to either. Perhaps because there aren’t any close. Also Dunkin Donuts seems to sell out of Bismarks at 4:00 in the morning because they never have them, Therefore I guess I wouldn’t be heading over there anyway these days.
    Coffee–ick! Tea– yes!
    Did I miss something? :)

  3. PS: is that guy in the picture having an absinthe donut? Just wondering

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      good call… ( I should have put the attribution, that is, if I recall from when I found it on the google, something from everyone’s favorite failed Hallmark Card artist, Edvard Munsch)

  4. ivywalker says:

    I love the confessional analogy…

  5. I sit there and talk and John just sits there, too. HAHA.
    And…and…clarks. I need to do some learnin’ about bringing out the “leadership” quality in a clark. You know: making those 60-second decisions, not backing down, managing a lot of people. That sort of thing. Not a very clark-thing to do at all. :P

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      (first I will say ‘thank you’… for being the clark that you are in the situation you are in, real life Doctrine learning and application…I do feel fortunate to know you)

      and therein is our best starting hint: you’re clark and, and you are in a position to need to bring out additional leadership quality. those italics? …exactly! (it’s so easy talking to clarks, at least about the beginning of a solution to a clarklike problem…heh heh) you are needing additional quality development, not! (I repeat), not needing to find or otherwise acquire the quality itself. Your problem is surely real. You are farther along your path than you ever been before, which is great. However, in my opinion, it’s critical that you remember that you got to where you are because of the qualities you have… not because you got dropped into a place/situation, out of context.
      it (your question) is a totally valid one and goes to the heart of the contradiction presented by the nature of the 3 worldviews that the Doctrine is based on, i.e. you’re a clark and you know things but you need personal qualities that are not necessarily grounded in the intellect (ha ha only joking, scotts!) so how can you access your scottian aspect when you’re a clark?

      and thats where perspective and faith* comes in… perspective via what you’re doing and I’m doing, stepping back to see where you were, what happened and where you are now…. helpful. not the entire answer, but very helpful we all lose a certain perspective on our own efforts when were busy doing them!
      unless I turn this (discussion) into a post, I better keep it brief: trust your passion. where you are is because of what you are… you have this (secret) notion of creating a family from among those who might benefit from your help and efforts… you will eventually attract people who might have more developed skills in certain areas (yeah, scotts and rogers)… and that’s where the real transformative part comes: you’ll need to accept them into your family …. ‘your’ family (not join with them to create something, you already have done that!) they will be willing to give you something… that can help your efforts and that’s where it gets tricky for us clarks…. letting others help us to achieve what we feel strongly about)
      …more to follow

      *faith: with all respect to those who see the religious element/place of faith in their respective lives, I’ll make use of the concept as being the deliberate investment of our selves in a belief/proposal which requires commitment without the support of ‘proof of efficacy’…