“What ain’t no Country I ever heard of, do they speak English in What?” the Wakefield Doctrine: a (very) Twisted MixTape Tuesday

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Twisted MixTape 17

…ok, so the 90’s were a time of independent films, social experimentation and (for many individuals) a renewed sense of new freedom. For this week’s ‘scene-from-a-decade’*,  I went to one of the most influential film directors to come out of the 1990s, Quentin Tarantino and his totally epic film, Pulp Fiction. There two female leads in the scene, (from which the still photo here was taken), Mia Wallace  played in a  rivetingly supine position by Jen (My Skewed View)  and   Kristi (Finding Ninee) as  (Lance’s girlfriend) (…with all the piercings to aid in… well, you’ll just have to see the movie again, ya know?)

Back to the music. Variety. Innovation. and… perhaps, more than anything else, a return to the sense of human scale and (a) connection with the everyday person, both in lyrics, and in production values.

…the best of the variety of the 1990s


Epic – Faith No More


Across the Universe – Fiona Apple


Man in the Box – Alice in Chains


If I Had a Boat – Lyle Lovett


Chariot Song- Kings X


(what do you mean, I can’t add to my list?! ’cause of  ‘the Rules?  well I was just at I Dream of White Rooms and she said, “fuck them and fuck their rules“!**     and Lance,  he was there and he was all,  “hey man  I dare ya  go ahead try  and buck the system  and they’s be all over you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!)

Wake Up – Rage Against the Machine


*in which we try to visualize our charming and hospitable, gracious and smoking hot hostinae in a situation that is characteristic and/or emblematic of the Decade under consideration


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  1. Most excellent representation of music for the day.
    As to that there question…..hm….one of my all time favorite movies….I’m going from memory now (don’t want to cheat lol). First I was thinking Kristi for Jody, smart alecky and such. But then….I changed my mind.
    Gonna recuse myself from the question Clark, as I don’t “know” Jen well enough. I’m thinking I’d better start reading her blog on a regular basis! Excuse my while I skidaddle over Jen and Kristi’s.

    btw, agree with all the words about that time period. cool time.

  2. Dream says:

    Glad I could help “encourage” your breaking of the rules, but Rage is always an exception to the rules anyway. Nicely done on the Faith No More and Alice in Chains. I may have to re-evaluate my opinion on Lyle Lovett since you’re the third person this week to include him in your list.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      loved your list, even your Kid Rock* choice. I am still seeing this decade and subsequent decade and a third as a very diverse mix of styles and genres…on a song by song basis (if that makes any sense).

      * I totally hate the concept that he was allowed/encouraged/or whatever was behind the song of his that gets play …the one that lifts the Warren Zevon lick note for note… wtf??

  3. Dream says:

    The Kid Rock was All Summer Long and I don’t like it at all. While I appreciate “artists” that grow and change musically, I’m not a fan of his recent (last decade) work. I liked him white trash and raunchy.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      I will actually switch the station when the song comes on (like that matters, lol) …and (while I’m not a huge fan) Skynyrd fans must get a bit pissed off too… yeah I know there is a healthy tradition of sampling in the genre but seriously!

  4. Considerer says:

    I *adore* that track by Faith No More.

    And sad, now I realised that I’ve to miss this week’s TMTT because of having a BIRTHDAY to post about and all :) Ah well.

  5. Jen says:

    I want to be MIA!!!!! I think I could kick butt, and I know I could dance with John Travolta! And since I got here first I get to pick!

    So all of these songs totally say one thing about the 90’s and then you throw in Lyle, which you know I love. And my very first favorite song at that.

    The weird thing about the 90’s for me has been how COMPLETELY differently we all heard music in the 90’s. The hard stuff eluded me, well I eluded it.

    Great list… now what will the next decade bring?

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      With the possible exception of ‘Scarface’, is there any movie with more quotable dialog than Pulp Fiction?

      ..and yes, Rules are rules! so the change will be made!

  6. troy P. says:

    ooooh – you used the “f” word, Clark! I think we’ll have to reduce the number of allowable Quentin viewing hours for you…

    Seriously though, this was a pretty tight list, and I liked the “ebb and flow” you built into it. Nicely done, sir!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      lol tell me though, is this not the most full of fun quotes of movies? (provided your taste runs to sodomy, Pop Tarts and and Indochina, of course!)

      funny how, as you survey the decade trying to remember the music* it will be a totally un-related song that will trigger a link to an artist seemingly un-related.

      * though the the musical integrity, relatedness of your list makes me try harder to find the original ‘connections’ I would have made in my mind, back as I listened to the music on my list.

  7. Crap, I forgot about that Faith No More song. And how much do I love that Jen and I are the stars for you in Pulp Fiction?* So much. I’ve never actually heard that Chariot song – I’ll have to listen a few times to see if I like it or not!
    So I’m the one with “all the shit in my face?” Ha. Please don’t think less of me because I have since redeemed myself and really love it now, but the first time I saw Pulp Fiction, I didn’t like it. It was on a sunny afternoon and in the theatre. I saw it with six or seven guy friends and for whatever reason, I just didn’t get it the first time. The scene when they accidentally blew the guy’s brain out in the back seat and the audience laughing bothered me. Well, since then, I’ve probably seen it five or six more times and like it more with each viewing. Perhaps a statement on my immaturity at the first viewing?
    *what you totally said STARS the way I read it ;)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      (“Thats Jody. She’s my wife”) lol

      Excellent date flick! I can say that because (one of the first, maybe second) dates (and definitely the first ‘movie date’) that I took Phyllis on was to see Road Warrior. lol

      The King’s X (Chariot song) is one of those totally under-appreciated bands, imo.

  8. Considerer says:

    Thank you sir :)

    There was no throwing of cake, I promise, but MUCH repeats of the Beatles’ ‘Birthday’, which was no-where near the 90’s XD

    @Kristi (don’t tell anyone – I don’t *get* it either. Didn’t at first and can’t be bothered to watch it again)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      totally looking for to the Birthday vids!! I saw the stills on ‘the Facebook’ sounded like much fun. very cool.
      am presently up to July 2010 in my reading (well, scanning actually) every damn Post that I’ve written, looking for ‘test questions’ to cajole into one list, which I will mail to the inner circle* will do an ‘overview post tomorrow.

      * on the basis of interest I will be mailing to: Kristi, Jen, Denise, Cyndi and you for feedback. If anyone else wants to be betas for this here project here, lemme know

  9. Rich Rumple says:

    Interesting presentation! Although a Pulp Fiction fan, the vampire genre pulls me to From Dusk Till Dawn, another of QT’s classics (that was well forgotten but by it’s die hard fans) Tito and Tarantula’s “After Dark” song that accompanied Salma H’s table dance will forever live in my heart. Still, Travolta dancing with Uma will forever live in the Comedy Hall of Fame! Great diversity in music selections here, my friend!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      I did see D to D was not Robert Rodrigues involved in that as well? For me, the 90s were the decade of the true independent movie makers, the big three being Tarantino, Linklater and Rodrigues all examples of the credit-card, write, direct produce thing that resulted in so much in the way of great movies… speaking of Salma in Desperado, very alluring.

  10. Rich! Clark! GirlieOnTheEdge here….wait up. I’ve got a napkin in my pocket…..

  11. …er…let’s see buddy…

    Rich: “Salma H’s table dance will forever live in my heart”. You: “…speaking of Salma in Desperado, very alluring.”

    Men + beautiful woman + “suggestive” dancing + potential foot fetish (Rich) = drooling…..hence, napkin.
    Ya get it now? LOL

  12. Fioana Apple has such amazing chops. Wish she’d use them more.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      Totally agree. One of the reasons for finding this song was it was in one of the most amazing films of the 90’s (which is saying a lot), ‘Pleasantville’ if you haven’t seen it, you should. I would bet a docTee that you would like it.*

  13. Melissa says:

    Nice. Oh Fiona, everything she touches I adore. I imagine that we would be great friends. She is my very favorite female vocalist to sing along to in the care. Sometimes I have a fantasy in which I’m ballsy enough to sing karaoke and I do one of her songs. Of course the crowd adores me and I become famous in a whirlwind discovery adventure because an A&R guys just happened by the joint for the night.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      …I agree (well, maybe not so much my doing her songs and being adored) lol but I like her for the directness and simplicity of her style

  14. Slu says:

    Nicely done Dude… And since you brought it up: I don’t think there is a better ‘dialog’ movie that PF. Not even Scarface (quotes or not). My 2 cents. So glad you included Lyle. Very nice list. Enjoyed, Slu

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      it’s like Shakespeare, every time I see it (have lost count) I hear something new or gain an insight into human nature that I did not have before, it;s even got passages from the Bible!

  15. Jak says:

    Hmm odd, for some reason I believe this was the first post I wanted to catch up on and it was the last tab open, and I’ve still not been able to find the blog entry where I wasn’t able to post my comment as the interwebs seemed all screwy last week.

    I will likely post the response on a completely unrelated entry lol

    I love Pulp Fiction (just watched it again a few weeks ago) and I like most all of your music selections. Epic was the song I thought a handful would be posting if mentioning Faith No More, but surprisingly other songs were mentioned. I guess I was more of a “mainstream” kat back in the day*

    Love me some Rage!

    *cat was with a “k” right? Either way… cool c[k]ats never did mainstream I’m sure.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink