TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine “…shh, the movies already started, lets sneak in”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Josie reminds us that the exercise (represented) by the writing of a grat blog such as the TToT is rarely work. Nor (should) it, necessarily, be a singular focused effort. Though, to add a note of the realistic, to my exigis*, while it is work to write a blog post, the practice that is the central theme of the TToT, is a process, rather than product.

Being a man of my word, I will submit the following at 12:00 Saturday (to be updated as the weekend progresses).

1)  I should start with being grateful for a profession that allows me to write a post in the middle of a workday. (The hypo-grat to this being that it’s Saturday and I’m sitting in my office.)



4) The Six Sentence Story bloghop!


6) Phyllis and Una, but you probably got that from the videos

7) Chapter 4 of ‘Home and Heart’ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel) coming out this weekend.  However, if you need to catch up, or have not signed up at jukepop, here is the link to Chapter 3  (the good thing about jukepop is that they make it easy to navigate between chapters)


9) So does any recognize this animal. (No, not personally, this is not a ‘Have you seen me Milk Carton item’) lol just whether or not you’ve seen such a thing.  (Location: rural southern Rhode Island)

10) Secret Rule 1.3 **


*  lol… no, some words are fun, all tuxedo’d and cap ‘n gowned, that ya gotta use ’em. And besides, this is the Wakefield Doctrine where, as no less an authority than Mr. H. Dumpty says, “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

** no, by all means, ask… its a good Rule


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘oh, say can you see?’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Thursday Eve and I’m typing the warm-up to this week’s Six Sentence Story. zoe hosts a bloghop called ‘the Six Sentence Story’ over at her blog ‘Uncharted‘ and invites us to take the week’s prompt word and write a story of exactly six sentences in length. It’s fun. It’s satisfying. It will make you feel young again.* This week’s prompt word: ‘KEY’


“What do you mean, ‘Do I have the keys?”

“What is it about the Chantilly, chiffon and 8 foot train makes you believe that I’d have a spare set on me?”

“Yes, in a magnetized box in wheel well and no, absolutely not, I will not reach under because, ‘I’m closer’!”

“Ow! Right in the eye, what the hell does un-cooked rice have to do with anything, never mind throwing it at a people!”

“Your mother is staring… like it’s my fault her son left the keys in his other pants.”

“Yeah, this will make a terrific video…. just open my door and let’s get out of here”


*  some psycho-emotional manipulation required; for this evening and into tomorrow (Thursday) remind yourself that you’re hanging out with people of common interests and good intent. Those, all of us, who gather at z’s place this time of week get a kick out of reverse jigsaw of writing a Six. One piece with 5 others that we can draw whatever we want on the top. Sometimes its a question of putting the pieces together and then drawing the picture, other times it’s having the picture and figuring out which pieces go where. Like I said, fun.


Tuesday Wednesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “of occupations, worldviews and the Everything Rule’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

CSR copy

Firefighters are rogers and cops are scotts

While there clearly are some occupations that congeal* with one personality type more than the others, there is nothing in the Wakefield Doctrine that says that clarks, scotts and rogers cannot excel at any and all, occupations, avocations, careers and…hobbies.

The example at the top of this post serves as the best illustration of how some occupations demand personal qualities found in one over the other predominant worldviews. This comparison provides a way to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the nature of the reality that ‘the other two’** personality types confront each and every morning.

(A word about predominant worldview and personal reality. When the Doctrine refers to: personal reality and worldviews, we mean reality. Just because it’s personal, as in the woman next to you on the bus may not perceive how uncomfortable you are with her gum chewing or the fact that some people just creep you out, before they say or do anything, doesn’t mean it’s not real. It doesn’t mean that it’s in a lesser category of real, reality is real. To the person experiencing it. What makes me a clark (my predominant worldview) is not my inclinations and sub-conscious urges or predilections or tendencies. What make me a clark (or, better, what makes me recognizable as a clark) are the behaviors, learned responses, reactions and interpersonal strategies that I’ve acquired through a lifetime of living in the reality of the Outsider. These traits and reactions and style of interacting are the best I could come up with to deal with the world that I am in. I am not mistaken for a roger, if for no other reason than the fact that the way I relate myself to the world around my is totally inappropriate to living in the world of the Herd Member.)


About those cops and firefighters…  so, one job involves driving cars real fast and if that’s not noisy enough there’s a siren on the roof and the highest expression of the profession is to chase down and capture people…. and tie them up and such.  remind you of anyone?

the other job relies on routine and tradition, brotherhood and cooperation and preserving houses and buildings, and forests, if there are no houses on fire, to preserve what is… save people if necessary, the first thing is to put the fire out and not let it spread and destroy other buildings.

…. ok, personality type identification (PTI) aide:  picture the firefighter,  everyone is in the fire station, maintaining the equipment, polishing the brass and chrome until it shines, coiling hoses now,  picture Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson at the fire station.  any problem with that?  lol

The Everything Rule?  ‘everyone does everything, at one time or another‘  which is to say clarks can be effective cops, scotts can be kindergarten teachers (in fact, a friend of the Doctrine happens to be just that), so there is no, ‘hey that’s a scottian job, you can’t do that!‘ The intent of the Everything Rule is to remind us that it is how a thing manifests in an individuals reality that counts.


Hey! Good news! Jukepop is up and running. It’s a site that is designed to host serial stories and such. Easy to navigate (once you sign in) and the best part, you can Vote and Comment and all sorts of good things. Some people prefer the WordPress, Kerry, for example, and so I will post the link in both ‘formats’.

‘Home and Heart’ -a Sister Margaret Ryan novel- Chapter 3   (Jukepop)

‘Home and Heart’ -a Sister Margaret Ryan novel- Chapter 3  (WordPress)



*  an approximation of what is called a rogerian expression. the maladaptive, semi-aggressive use of language; the result is a shocking and hilarious mis-use/pronunciation/application of a word

** all of us live our lives in one of the three worldviews (Outsider/Predator/Herd Member), what we refer to as our ‘personality type’ is nothing more than a remarkably comprehensive group of social adaptations and interpersonal strategies, as appropriate to the character of the reality we grow up in… we have one predominant worldview, we never lose the capacity to experience the world as do ‘the other two’ personality types. Hence the value in appreciating the other guys reality…provided you’re a clark, of course.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘the medium is the message’ (M. McLuhan)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

sugar smaks clown

Yeah, it’s one of those Saturdays. Ideas available, actually writing, as in typing and producing words and sentences, more elusive. Very reminiscent of Saturday mornings trying to reach the prize in the bottom of the box of Sugar Smacks. By unspoken rule, it was not permissible to pour every single, brown and light-brown football-shaped morsel out of the box and fish out the sought after item. You had to eat your way down to the bottom of the box. Given that breakfast cereal was available in the morning, and only in the morning, the process involved days, not hours. (Which, as we all know, to a child under 10 years old, means enduring what feels like weeks and months of waiting.) That it took a week or two before having the opportunity to get the ‘Prize Inside’, (and those in charge of marketing were, in no way ambiguous as to the character of the item; it was not a toy, it was not a tool, it was not even a gift…. it was a Prize! with all attendant emotional levy attached to any failure to be awarded the Prize), was not the worst part. The existence of siblings, was. Most, if not all siblings coveted ‘the Prize’ nearly as much as you did, which made the time between the arrival (‘hey ma! don’t forget!! Sugar Smacks!!”) and possession of the Prize, every bit the pre-adolescent version of Spassky-Fisher (1972)  S4-B7 Casablanca B4-S5  to eat as much as possible or to watch and not eat, swooping in when the competing breakfasteer is in the bathroom, paying the price of over-confidence.

Oh man! It’s Saturday near-night, 6:23 pm and all I have is my intro (that I wrote this morning and thought was hilarious …then) lol

1) Josie and the effort she puts into the weekly TToT. There is a great deal of work and effort behind a bloghop and, the ironic thing about those who work the hardest, is that it usually doesn’t show. It’s all, ‘hey! look a bloghop and all that’s required is that I link a post that describes 10 things that cause gratitude to break out.’ cool

2) A good standby item is technology and I’ll put it here at number 2 simply because I’m still trying to decide if I’ll be using any of the photos or videos that I did today. That I can is a gift of the times, that I will, is another matter entirely.

3) Phyllis and Una are in my TToT each week because they form the central point of what I am here, in the ‘sphere.

4) the Wakefield Doctrine is way up at the top of most lists because it is the reason I’m here writing. Had I not come to the point that I felt the need to delve into the virtual world by writing a blog for the express purpose of promoting this rather fun and useful personality theory, I totally would not be here, writing, today.

5)Home and Heart‘ specifically and writing, generally. Working on Chapter 3. This writing thing is all kinds of challenging. There’s a lesson I try to remember whenever I get bogged down. That is simply to remember to get out of my own way. The story is already there, my characters know the story, all I have to do is get them to tell lit to me, so I can write it down. Simple idea. Easily forgotten when I let my brain get involved.

6) The Graviteers  over to the Gravity Challenge. val and lisa and joy and kristi and sarah and may

7) zoe’s Six Sentence Story.… if school had been as positive a learning/skill-developing experience as that which zoe’s created at her bloghop, one can only wonder where I might be today!

8) Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

9) something something (left open for Sunday update!)

10) SR 1.3 the best of all Secret Rules!




Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘you shoulda heard what they said!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


please be aware that your call and subsequent interactions will be recorded.”

That phrase? I totally heard it on the phone when calling a large, corporate entity. Yow, I know!

Six Sentences (One) Story

I want everyone to join in this week. Write a story. Make it exactly Six Sentences. Link it at zoe’s blog. It’ll be fun!

The photo above? I have no idea what that image has to do this week’s Six. As it is, at the moment I’m trying to keep my eyes open as I type. It’s 8:53 pm and I’m in danger of nodding off. If I can only keep moving (and awake) for maybe fifteen minutes more, I should get my second wind and get some writing done.


“Hey, quit ya pushing, I’m not the one holding us up,” Tommy muttered, as much to himself as the kid behind him; he didn’t bother to turn around, ’cause from the sound of it, that kid was being pushed too.

Somewhere ahead was a sound, and a flash of something that hurt his eyes, (like when you walked out of the side fire-doors of a movie theatre after the matinee); the sound, that was like the yell from the top of a roller coaster, though, sometimes it was more like what you heard when they were giving shots in the nurses office.

The walls were only an elbow away and was covered with writing, but it only started to made sense if you weren’t trying to read it; the floor was smooth and at a slant and the ceiling, the ceiling was the worst. The one (and only) time Tommy looked up, the line seemed to speed up; worse, the writing on the wall seemed to mean something he thought he could understand, but the feeling in his stomach was awful, so he went back to watching the boy in front.

The flashes/shouts up ahead lasted longer and the intervals were starting to turn into one thing, when Tommy noticed he was yelling.

Feeling a sudden, desperate wish to go somewhere else, as Tommy stepped/was pushed forward, he saw scrawled on the wall, ‘Entrance to adulthood; the good is great, the bad is awful, one way only.’



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