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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Happy 2016.

Happy New(er) Year 2017

1)  the TToT Founderess Lizzi and the co-hostinae: Christine, Kristi, Kristi, Dyanne, Michelle, Lisa, Sarah and zoe

2) the Graviteers: val, joy, lisa, sarah, kristi, christine

3) the Sexy Six Sentence Story ….(writers): zoe, Mimi, Stella, Josie, Kristi, Pat,  Paul, Valerie Old Egg lisa

4) speaking of others, Kerry (who has a road trip planned for 2017 très cool)

5) Denise for the continuing help on the writing thing, which leads to ‘Almira’

6) ‘Almira’  coming to the end of our story.

7) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

8) Cynthia and all the things she’s accomplished in the past year… v impressivo*  including, but not limited to writing, completing and… and! publishing a book, ‘Marina’s Broken Grave‘ and a whole website  ( ‘Intuitive and Spiritual’) that will become a comprehensive resource for all who would seek the path less travelled or are just trying to get through the day a little better than the day before… all sorts of things …and coloring!

how cool is this here drawing here that I received (quite un-expectedly)


9) the Wakefield Doctrine, of course!

10) Secret Rule 1.3

*  not a ‘real’ word



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘on severing the ties of desire while still caring about the outcome’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yeah, we clarks are like that…. all the time. Even when no one is looking, we’re trying to figure this, world and reality, people and relationships, thing out.

You know how cool this Wakefield Doctrine is, as a tool for better understanding the people in our lifes? Consider the last part of the last (complete) sentence. Where I say, ‘we’re trying to figure this thing out’. The Doctrine tells us that if you’re a clark, encountering that implication will increase your interest; if you’re a scott, and have nothing better to do at the moment, your curiosity is piqued, ( the essential difference: the amusement value a ball  or a ball with a little bell in its hollow center); and if you’re a roger, you’ll start to get annoyed. You know for a fact that, if the writer doesn’t want to (and can’t) express a complete thought, there are serious implications to how worthwhile any further investment of time might be and will look around (wherever you might be) and see how you’re feeling.


Today’s subtitle: ‘severing the ties of desire while still caring (enough to continue the implied effort) about the outcome’, is one of those goulash insights that we like people are totally prone to, as we go through our day, absorbing knowledge and information (mostly information and of that, the bulk of which might, on first blush, seem to be useless information). Every now and then, a set of stray words clump together in a new and interesting way. (Sort like, on the science channel, when they illustrate the galaxy and the solar system formed…. only way speeded up.)

So we’re all familiar with the famous observation/ lesson/ inference/ hey!-check-this-out-about-existance that asserts: ‘Desire is the root of all suffering’. Clearly this is an accurate assessment. But the question that popped into my head, (while playing solitaire, my preferred form of sitting zazen), was, so how then are we to self-improve ourselves, if we don’t care whether we succeed or not. (Imo) (the) desire is not, in and of itself, destructive; the relationship created (between us and the desired), is the culprit. To desire something (someone, whatever) is to identify outside of the self. And, as any good salesman will tell you, you not only want what you can’t have, you want what you can’t have more than is supported by the benefits inherent in the desired.

whoa, is it me or is this getting a little dense for a Tooesday post?

…fortunately, the Wakefield Doctrine has an answer. Well, not quite an answer, more of an illustration of how to not get trapped by the me/not-me conundrum so often waiting for those of us who try to be better lifeforms. The approach taken by the Doctrine to self-improvement can provide(an) additional perspective. And if there’s one thing we like, here at the Doctrine, it is to have additional perspectives.

Pick a quality, a personal characteristic that you believe would make you a better you. Chances are it’ll be something like, ‘I want to be more confident at work.’ or ‘I really would be happy if I didn’t lose my temper so quickly.‘ or even, ‘If I could stop being such a perfectionist, that’d be great!

The Wakefield Doctrine maintains that what others refer to as one’s personality type is simply a reflection of the character of our ‘predominant worldview’. Example: I live in the worldview of the Outsider. What accounts for those personality traits and characteristics that identify me as a clark is the fact that I grew up and encountered the world of the Outsider and so my social strategies, coping mechanisms, all the things that I say and do in the course of interacting with the world are those of a clark. This worldview can also be thought of as our personal reality, that part of life that is a melding of the subjective and the objective world. In a way, the Doctrine’s view of personality types is that each of us are demonstrating the best coping strategies we could develop, in response to the reality we grew up in.

Lucky for us, the Wakefield Doctrine allows that, though we live our lives in one predominant worldview (the Outsider, the Predator, the Herd Members), we never lost the potential to experience the world as do ‘the other two). As a result, when we talk about self-improvement, we’re actually focusing our efforts on discovering qualities that we already possess, albeit as a potential. But the important thing about this approach is that we’re not trying to learn something totally new. We self-improve by discovering and accepting and practicing those traits and characteristics that we would be exhibiting (as our personality type) had we grown up in one of ‘the other two worldviews’.

Well, that’s all the time we have today. Be sure to follow along in Part 2 as we continue the exploration of ‘The Passion of Mindfulness’


Hey!  You want to do me a favor?  Go to ‘Almira’ and read the latest, Chapter 37 and click on the ‘vote’ at the bottom of the chapter. It will help me with my standings on the site. And as we all know, we never really left high school and so the appearance of popularity is pretty much all thats necessary to succeed.




Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘I’d like to introduce to you, the act you’ve known for all these years…*’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I joined a writers group this autumn. I joined because of the Wakefield Doctrine.*

Amanda Torry is a member of the writer’s group I joined, the Romance Writers of Rhode Island (RWRI). She is a published author of YA and contemporary Romance novels. She is quite accomplished, here is the link to her books.  Amanda also has a blog, ‘amandatorreyauthor‘, as many of the writers at the RWRI do.  She recently decided to do a series of interviews with the member writers in the RWRI, guess who got included in the mailing? Yes, yes I did. Once again I owe it all to our favorite personality theory, as my first reaction to the invitation was, ‘yeah, right. not published yet, what would everyone think? clarks hanging out with the writers and such and now he’s participating in a blog post interview? someone call ….someone!’  lol.  yeah, I’m still a clark and my first impulse is to run away from attention. But, ask any serious student of the Doctrine, (like, say Cynthia or Lizzi or Denise ) they’ll laugh and say, “Of course you’re almost correct. Get your copy of the Doctrine and go to Page 5, paragraph 23 and you will find the statement, ‘clarks abhor the spotlight, but will not tolerate being ignored.’  Ha!”

So, enough stem-winding.**


Happy to Welcome Author Clark Farley!


* the Wakefield Doctrine is predicated on the notion that reality is, to a certain degree, personal. The three worldviews are the best example of this notion being expressed. Each of the three personality types are a reflection (of the efforts) of the individual to cope with the world, as they are experiencing it.

  • clarks (the Outsiders) are hiding with colorful, yet totally forgotten barrage balloons over their heads trying to navigate an essentially hostile world.
  • scotts (the Predators) recognize the hostile and adversarial character of life and embrace it, a totally carnal lovers embrace while sky-diving with only one parachute and
  • rogers (the Herd Members) see the world, accept the hostility around them as one of a number of characteristics that, combined make for a perfect world and devote themselves to understanding each and every component of the world, knowing that by knowing comes acceptance.

In any event, I’ve read that published writers tend to join writers groups, in person writers groups. And though the thought of in-person meeting of strangers is a little daunting, I am determined to become a published author, and so I looked for a writers group in Rhode Island. There was only one that I could find, the Romance Writers of Rhode Island. lol  and I’ll leave your imaginations to provide the fairly amusing scenario of my walking into my first, real world meeting of the RWRI.

** yeah, another fun but totally anachronistic expression




Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(saw this in a couple of sites, but I think the source is:

(saw this in a couple of sites, but I think the source is:


Friend of the Doctrine zoe hosts this here bloghop here and every Thursday she challenges us to come up with a story that is Six (and only six) Sentences in length.

If I might beg the readership’s indulgence, this week’s Six Sentence Story is a snippet (a scenette, if you will) from Chapter 35 of ‘Almira‘. I’ve been trying to write this Chapter since last week and keep stumbling, like an overly eager 5 year tying shoelaces to the opposite shoe, yet so determined he just gets up and runs anyway, so I write and type.

(The set up: Sterling and Almira Gulch have just spent Sunday afternoon at Emily and Henry Gale’s house. Almira’s exceptionally gravid condition and Emily’s enthusiastically insipid efforts at being a host make driving back to the Baumeister’s a pleasure. Even if it is a dark and starlit December night.)



“Remember that night last spring, at your father’s house, when we spent the night in the farthest corner of the back yard, and you read Gulliver’s Travels to me as we sat, together alone?”

Almira’s voice rose from the dark side of the front seat of our car, the small orange glow on the end of my cigarette a tiny fire, lighting the woolen hills of blankets she had gathered around her for our drive home through the cold Kansas night. The other side of the front seat was extra dark because Almira had taken the three blankets (that she made the sales manager give us when we bought the car right off the showroom floor), and built herself a …. not a nest.

While great intelligence is an asset in any man or woman, what set Almira apart was her passion, her will to love, to bring together, to fight when necessary and to protect those in need of a champion; despite the fact she was as near to bringing a child into the world as possible and still be able to run to the car after an excruciatingly tedious social occasion, what she had on her side of the Packard’s front seat was not a nest.

As a mother-to-be, my wife was not a member of the gentle and kind and complacent families of God’s creatures, building warm and dry nests, from pieces of branches and threads of straw meant for comfort as they brought new life into the world, trusting in nature and good fortune that she might be over-looked by the larger (and hungrier) varieties of God’s creatures at her moment of weakness.

Almira had taken the new, very expensive brown woolen car blankets and built a den.



VI Sentience Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Thursday (sorta) already! (Full Discomfiture: these words are pulling themselves from the ether and sticking themselves on the white screen, like Velcro-robbed penitents storming a medieval cathedral. The task put before us by zoe, is to write a story and contain it in six regular sized sentences that is about/related to/concerning or otherwise involved with the word: LIGHT.

I better get a move on…

Holy smoke! Six sentences is not a lot of … sentences! I just went looking for a previously written Six, thinking of maybe doing a continuation of a story and, man! That’s not a lot of sentences! My compliments to the zoe and the other Sentitioners here, how they be creating whole worlds, (and some cases), entire lives playing out in a serial format, all in only Six Sentences.

My compliments to all…. messes me way the heck up. For some reason, I’m appreciating anew how small a spot it is we have to stand and tell our stories!


I stood over the things that spilled from the round metal container, sniffing past the sick-making moving-food and had just nosed out a piece of burnt meat when I heard a heavy thud of the door on a yellow moving man-thing come from somewhere near the end of the alley.

“Halt! It is useless you should try to run away, Fräulein, I am not yet done with you.”

Snapping up the food, I crouched back and focused on the shadows that moved at the end of my escape path, causing the bright man-filled area beyond to flicker in warnings of light and dark; it had been a long time since food and the behavior of man were predictable, the many men that moved on the hardened paths and sat in the sandy bad-water places gave off alternating scents of prey and predator, I was almost always ready to fight.

The first man to run towards me was of the smaller types of man, the kind that usually did not attack/challenge first, I still crouched, but she ran past me and looked out from behind another round metal food container.

The light changed and a scent screaming of both rage and hunger, like the crashing bad-waters at the end of the alley, it was mix of fear scent and chase scent threatened to drown me where I stood, my morning food fell to ground as my lips curled back and my tail swept down.

I backed towards the smaller man, who had long yellow hair and smooth, bare legs and arms, her fear scent changing to a mix of attack and flee; as the new attacking man approached, I heard the smaller man say something that sounded like ‘Good boy!’ and felt my tail briefly move from protecting my hind quarters to swing twice, as we both prepared to leap forward.




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