Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…of practical advice and insightful questions.”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

So here’s the starting point (as found in this past weekend’s TToT):

Cynthia and Denise and I were discussing workplace applications of the Doctrine. And, to use one of the examples we were working on, lets say I’m in an interaction and feeling very stressed. I can stop, ‘circle around back and enter the situation through the rogerian (or scottian) ‘backstage entrance’. By doing so I have the opportunity, (knowing what I do about the realities of scotts and rogers) to get a sense of how the other person is experiencing the situation in question. Very often I discover that what they are doing that is causing me stress has little or nothing to do with me personally! Talk about taking a load off one’s shoulders. You really should try it.

Cynthia then commented with the following:

It’s rarely ever personal, is it? LOL. In fact, maybe it’s never personal. That would be in line with Don Miguel Ruiz who said to “never take anything personally” in is Four Agreements book. I wonder what Castaneda would have to say. Anyways, yeah, Ruiz argues that we’re all in our own “dream” (worldview) and that if we experienced life as they did, we’d know that it is never about YOU but always about THEM.

Followed by Denise’s question/inference:

Clarification please. When dealing with scotts for sure not personal, but it’s not personal with rogers? I don’t have Doctrine vocabulary words to express what’s in my head at the moment. With rogers, it will first be about them, how, whatever is going on in their interaction with us, affects them, the herd and or reflection thereof, yes?


That should get us going for a mid-week Doctrine post!

Quick refresher: The Wakefield Doctrine maintains that all of us are born with the potential to experience the world in one of three characteristic worldviews (personal realities): that of the Outsider(clarks), the Predator(scotts) and the Herd Member(rogers). At a very early stage, for reasons not yet understood, we settle into one of the three. The thing is there is only one predominant worldview and yet, ‘the other two’ potentials remain with us. When it seems like we’re being a scott when really we’re a roger, that usually is at a time of duress and is an indicator of a secondary scottian aspect.

One of the benefits of the Doctrine is found in the arena of self-improvement (the ‘third date’ of the new personality type couple…lol). Most people seek to become better…at whatever it is the perceive they are; mothers, workers, performers, thinkers and fighters. Natural. What can be unnatural (found in many other systems of self-improvement) is the belief that one needs to acquire, learn, borrow, imitate behaviors and other ways of interacting with the world in order to improve. The Wakefield Doctrine holds that it’s not necessary; that quality or characteristic you desire is already a part of you. It is simply not expressed.

Wait, I said that not quite the way I wanted. Remember the part about settling into the world of the Outsider or being left in the reality of the Predator or waking up in the land of the Herd Member? The predominant reality? Well everything that follows are our efforts to develop strategies to get through life. A scott learns to be quick, aggressive and not spend a lot of time in reflection, a roger sees a quantifiable world and knows he/she must study, be organized and deliberate. A clark… they kinda wing it. lol. No, the defining style of negotiating with the world and it’s people for clarks is grounded in the belief that knowledge holds the key.

In any event, my point about already having what you believe you are looking for, want to be more assertive? You have a scottian aspect. Need to be more detail oriented? Hello roger! You have what it takes to be the person you think you want to be. The thing is, you practiced a lifetime to be the clark, scott or roger that you are. So don’t be discouraged if you try to assert your inner (whichever) and it doesn’t work the first (or 21st) time. The main thing is that those characteristics are yours to develop.

Holy smoke! I totally got off the topic. (So much for the quick refresher).

So the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective that can be especially useful in the workplace. The use of the Doctrine requires learning the character and nature of the three worldviews. Now before anyone leans back and says, “Great! Now I got to go read and memorize a bunch of charts and descriptions! At least the Oscar-Myers EOSH people have only four letters to learn to use it!” Allow me to say, don’t worry, all you need is the most cursory understanding of the three worldviews The scary thing about the Doctrine is that when you spot your first roger or scott or clark, in all probability they will proceed to put on a demonstration that will have you thinking, ‘Wait a minute! What are the odds that my supervisor/grocerystore clerk, teacher, friend, wife could be a follower of this blog?’

No, seriously. When you get to the point of identifying the three worldviews, I guarantee that you might feel a little creeped-out. With good reason, but not the way you think. I always warn people at this point, ‘If you get to the point that you can see the rogers and scotts and clarks in your world, there is a very strong possibility that you will not be able to not see them.’

You been told.

Ok to Denise’s question about the conflict between accepting that what a roger might be doing to you is not personal, while knowing that everything in the world of the roger is personal. My reply in the Comments:

everything is personal with rogers

if the coffee in the break room is burnt-tasting and stale, they will take that personally and seek someone whose fault it is or…. if there is a traffic accident and the highway is tied up….

… knowing that, makes it less a personal responsibility for us as clarks (and never let it be said that clarks shirk responsibility for…. everything but mostly the bad things lol) it is a way of short-circuiting our own autonomic entanglement… with a lifeform that is to emotions as a scott is to anything that darts away…. lol



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Mare’s Tails’ cross the sky, bleaching the cold blue into a more human shade.
(Landscape orientation)
The lower third of the photo is a row of trees seen from a distance. The upper two thirds of the photo is sky.
The are a mix of deciduous and pines and such. The winter-bare deciduous trees are wiry clumps against the horizon, looking for all the world like clumps of nerves reaching towards the heavens. The pines, on the other hand, are more unimaginative and, so how, down-to-earth. Their branches, solid from un-fallen needles seem to reach out to the adjacent trees as if to offer support.
The sky started the day as clear, winter-cold blue. The kind of blue that there should be an ice cream flavor of…except people wouldn’t be able to eat more than a spoonful, being as cold as it is. The blue of a cold winter sky is as close to alien as you could hope to see in the regular world. It’s a blue that whispers ‘black and cold as outer space’ but when you turn to the person next to you to tell them, it goes back to be just a clear, blue sky.
Contradictorily, the clouds in the sky makes the blue more earthbound. The topmost layer in the photo are the familiar cottony white, clumps of clouds. Below them (and above the trees) is a band of clouds referred to as ‘Mare’s Tail’ squarish and flat-looking, their tops are sheared off and streaming to the left. Like a painter, bored with a composition, ran his brush across the canvas where the paint had not completely dried.

Thanks go out to Josie Two Shoes for once again having the light on in this little corner of the blogosphere. The Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) is an exercise in the cultivation of a perspective on life and the world around us that focuses on the experience of gratitude. So crank up them typeola machines and digitize your experiences of the good, the surprising and the un-expected what life life may have thrown your way this week.

1)  Lets use the lead photo as an example of how gratitude can be manifested in a reflection of a simple thing. I was going to say that my short years on a fishing boat left some useful insight into weather predictions and such, specifically the kinds of clouds that foretell of bad weather. (The most familiar of such is, of course, ‘Red skies at morning, sailors take warning. Red skies at night, sailors delight’ Although, when I think about the average commercial fisherman, I question the use of the verb ‘delight’. I mean, were I to have stopped in the middle of the last haul* of the day, the sun setting on a deck full of tired men, up to their knees in dead fish, point west and call out, “Hey fellas! Look at how red the sunset is! Isn’t it delightful?”)
In any event, I did a quick search of the term ‘Mare’s tail’ and the first return included a saying that I cannot recall hearing! “Mares’ tails and mackerel scales make lofty ships to carry low sails.” I am grateful for the internet. (Especially as a clark, for whom the internet is, like, the biggest used book and magazine store ever.)

2)  youtube for this week’s music vid from the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Sometimes some things just sound right for the moment.

3) The FTSF bloghop. They’ve changed the format slightly, providing for a different ‘theme’ each week. This week is was ‘stream-of-consciousness’ (yeah, I know! ‘Come to papa!‘). In any event the ‘subject’ of this SOC was ‘Winter’ and so the photo:

Una’s Garden ‘Frosted Letters in frozen grass’

4) Keeping to the nature theme, squirrels anyone? (Tree Rats is one of my favorite ‘alternate’ name for our furry little woodland friends.)

5) Easy one: moderate temperatures this weekend. In the high twenties over night, maybe upper 40s during the day.

6) Una and Phyllis (of course)  ….hey! Phyllis just said that she and Una were going for a walk** this morning! I’ll save #7 for photos to appear later today of their adventure!

7) Photos are in from their walk!


Una on the bike path, as it runs through the Great Swamp Management Area (South Kingstown RI)

Phyllis and Una


8) the Wakefield Doctrine and the perspective made available being very fun and quite useful. On our call-in last night, Cynthia and Denise and I were discussing workplace applications of the Doctrine. And, to use one of the examples we were working on, lets say I’m in an interaction and feeling very stressed. I can stop, ‘circle around back and enter the situation through the rogerian (or scottian) ‘backstage entrance’. By doing so I have the opportunity, (knowing what I do about the realities of scotts and rogers) to get a sense of how the other person is experiencing the situation in question. Very often I discover that what they are doing that is causing me stress has little or nothing to do with me personally! Talk about taking a load off one’s shoulders. You really should try it.

9) ** a ‘walk’ walk, not to be mistaken for a ‘drive’ walk. The latter is what Una and I enjoy on Friday afternoons when the temperature is not damaging cold. Example from just this Friday:

10) Secret Rule 1.3 (everyone’s favorite Rule from the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

*  ‘last haul’  the work on a fishing boat of the type I was on, (at the time I was on it), consisted of dragging a very large net along the bottom of the ocean. At certain intervals the net is brought onboard, emptied and put back in the water behind the boat, which continues to drag it along the bottom. The sequence of bringing in the net is referred to as ‘hauling back’. The net is brought to the portion of the deck that is divided into pens and emptied out. The work was then to separate the fish into what we wanted (that had a value) and what was not of value. The money fish were ‘picked’ into bushel baskets and dumped into fish-holds below decks. That sequence of work would be referred to as ‘a haul’, i.e. ‘first haul’ or ‘last haul’ (of the day).


Click this and join in on the TToT!



Finish the Thought Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Today is Saturday and so we’ll hasten to complete a Finish the Sentence Friday post and then write us one of them TToT posts.

Last week, as you will recall, we combined our participation in the two bloghops into one long, and somewhat perplexing (to some of the newer Readers), post. The thing is, Kristi and Kenya and them, have altered the format and so, each Friday the ‘theme’ is different. Which should be an interesting change. Unlike winter. Sorry, getting ahead of myself. (Ayiiee, when you consider the theme of this week’s FTSF, and that last sentence, surely you recoil in empathic horror or lean-forward in identification with the conundrum I almost put myself into… have I lost the thread?  Good! Back to the intro).

This week the theme is Stream of Consciousness (in general) and our feelings towards Winter(specifically?) Here, let me let Kristi tell you, I have to go find a timer…

In the new format, which I host with Kenya from Sporadically Yours, each week is a little bit different. Week three of each month (this week), is a stream-of-consciousness post where you write for five minutes (or more) and just post. That’s it.

And yeah, yeah, yeah… I ended up adding some photos because I couldn’t NOT add them, but we promise, you’re free to edit as you’d like but editing is unnecessary.

Finish the Sentence Friday is a link-up where writers and bloggers come together to share their themselves with a particular prompt (different formats each week of the month). If you’d like to participate, join our Facebook group. Link up your prompts below! Please no “link dumping.” If you include a link, comment on other posts.

OK, I got the timer… not ready?  no problem I’ll wait…. (Why no! I don’t think that ‘preparing to engage in a stream-of-consciousness activity’ is contradictory. Have you talked to a clark recently? lol  Old joke: Q: “How can you tell when a clark is engaged in stream of consciousness? A: “His/her lips move.”)

Some of you might be thinking, ‘Did they just imply that they need to prepare for writing a Stream-of-Conscious post? Isn’t that kinda self-defeating?

Yes and No* lol

So I have my timer ready and, in case this ends up too jabberwockerish, I’ve put a photo at the top of the Post that says it all.


There is nothing I enjoy about Winter. The photo above illustrates its nature better than I can describe it: cold, life arresting and yet taunting in what it is that it (Winter) holds in its inhospitable grasp.

alright!  What 4 minutes left? damn!

hey! wait… this just in. Una enjoys the snow! And, now that I think of it, so did Bella and Ola. So it is not that the season itself is bad, it’s simply that I am not inclined to embrace its character and nature. I had a video up last weekend that shows how much fun Una had with the snow. (link here).

Boy, my five minutes have about lapsed. I got a feeling that I do not want to reflect on the implication of that! lol

So this week, my Finish my Thought Friday is: ‘…because Una enjoys the snow.

But now that I think of it, she enjoys all four of the seasons. That’s why she’s my role model. Una, as do her kind, has a natural appreciation for ‘what is’ as opposed to ‘what it should be/might be/supposed to be’. That’s not a bad reminder to me today when it’s too damn cold outside to remember that I’m able to go there and prove how right I am about that assertion and what a total gift that is. And, since it’s never too late to engage the present, I will stop with the stream of conscious writing and try to have a stream of present day.

Don’t forget to stop by the others (to my figurative right, left and above)… there you’ll find insight and reflection that will surely carry through your weekend.


*hey! one of the earliest tests for determining if a person is a clark is found in the simple question: “How much is Two plus Two?” a roger answers “Four” without the slightest hesitation because, well, that’s the correct answer. a scott might say “Four” or he/she might reply, “Who wants to know?” a clark? we’re inclined to answer, “uh, under what circumstances?”


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Six Sentence Story time!

zoe, she say, the word this week is ‘RIPPED’.

(Yes, we’re trying something that might be fun this week. The ‘we’ being me and ‘Girlie on the Edge‘. I will, in fact, be coy and leave it at that!)


Post offices, easily the most ubiquitous symbols of modern culture, manage to project an air of civic order in even the smallest of villages by the simple expedient of having a lobby; often merely a wide corridor between ‘outdoors and in’, it provides a place to stand and look into tiny windows on the doors of the mailboxes inset in the wall, a key to which is as much, (if not more), credential of citizenship as any wax embossed document.

A man, his worn suit a tapestry of the echoes a life’s potential and it’s inevitable disappointments, stepped back and held the door as Starr Diamond approached the inner lobby, the angle of his body sketching an archaic (and very unconscious) bow as he waited for her to pass. The young woman, wearing clothing that clearly would require access to the internet if desired by any the inhabitants of the small town, moved with the grace of youth past the man and, in a gesture that resonated within only the deepest most primitive parts of the brain, turned to face the man as she passed through the entrance.

Sliding the green Certified Mail form (Part A), ‘Margaret Ryan’ showing through the fingers of her right hand, along with the Certified Mail (Part 2), across the counter, Starr announced to the woman opposite her, “I’d like to send this letter, Certified Return Receipt, please.”

Edwina Fulton accepted the envelope without looking beyond the Piaget resting on the young woman’s wrist and, with movements as graceful and automatic as a pianist playing Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 16 in C, removed the thin white strip from Part 2, placed in on the green form, ripped the lower half of the white form (Part 2), fed it to a machine that tasted then spit it back, red ink saliva a circle on the receipt.

Accepting Starr’s five dollar bill, she quickly made change and pushed it, along with the receipt to the young woman; inspired by the simple and sincere ‘Thank you’, Edwina Fulton wrestled her winter-roughed lips into a smile that, like a child’s first ‘A’, found in a box in an attic, wrinkled and smudged, nevertheless conveyed that feeling, from a long ago time in life when hearing a ‘Thank you’ made a woman feel good.





TToTListicle Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…well, because the only effective treatment for aging is novelty.”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Ascending and Descending, 1960, by MC Escher’,
I will not even try.
Wait a minute! Sure I will! This is the refrigerator wall of my efforts to develop skill with the writing thing. So here goes.
Escher’s drawing is of a rooftop staircase of what seems a castle or otherwise a building with medieval features. The tiles on the two roofs that show appear to be of clay, the type we associate with Spanish architecture. This is re-inforced by the clothing of the figures in the drawing; they are wearing what might best be described as cowls. But we need to come back to the figures, we have to deal with what they appear to be doing.
In the drawing our perceptive is from above and the right corner (the picture is essentially square). The figures are walking on a staircase that is built around a central, square opening. Perhaps it is a courtyard, but we cannot see down into it, only the far wall of the interior space shows and it has windows and so we assume an interior courtyard.
The staircase is in four equal length sections, ninety degree angles at each turn (sorta) but one corner, the upper right in the drawing, has an open tower affair. The staircase passes through and under this structure.


Not much time! A lot to do! Two, (not one, two…count them…two!) bloghops to combine into one!

This week we attempt  to combine the TToT with (the re-formatted) Finish the Sentence Friday. ‘Thank you, Josie Two-Shoes;  ‘mercie, Kristi and Kenya.’

Surely all Readers are saying, ‘Hey! Doctrine! This particular juxtaposition of bloghops, she is a lead pipe cinch, N’est-ce pas?’

No, it is not the aforementioned striking crania with el plomo tubing. I broke one of my personal secret rules and went and looked at what them cats at the FTSF be submitting for posts. ayiiee! not just text and photos (we do that!) but full-on illustrations, multiple fonts, cartoons and insightful entries.  But …but! on the plus side, they are using the same alphanumeric system and they put their ‘3s’ after they ‘2s’ just like everone else.

So, on with the Post: A list of my favorite things for which I’m grateful.

(Apology to Kristi and them, I had high hopes for a dual column post, TToT on one side FTSF on the other. Then I could (in this dream post) run parallel lists, side-by-each and it would be (this) juxtaposition that would surely inspire me to reach the heights of blogamadhi* Alas it was not to be as I could not figure out how to work the photos in and the photos are one of my favorite things.)

oh, yeah…. once you’ve read through this and provided you haven’t sworn off reading blogs, click on the ‘Listicle’ link and join the fun over there and, of course, at the bottom of the page is the link to the TToT. Speaking of which…


1) the Wakefield Doctrine.

2) the blogosphere (…. so, the weather here has totally taken a turn for the vastly improved!)  photo? sure!)

“Una on a non-snow covered lawn”
(Landscape orientation)
A photo of Una sitting in the backyard near the garden, she is facing away from the camera, standing on guard against any threat from the woods.
Two-thirds of the scene is week-old pea soup-green lawn. In the center of this we see the ‘n’ and ‘a’ of ‘Una’ in frozen-dirt brown contrasted with the frozen green of the surrounding grass.
The top third of the scene are the woods that surround the yard. Like green sails frozen by a sudden wind, the branches of the pine trees seem caught in motion, bending from right to left. Throughout the background are the telephone pole trunks of the trees and just a few patches of non-dark let us know there is a sky above and houses beyond the trees.

3) lifeforms (human) / lifeforms (canine) See above….

4) music as an emotional touch-point Currently listening to Pink Floyd (will attach at bottom)

5) treehouse(s)

‘The treehouse and the bridge.’

6) (a) Book of Secret Rules (which could alternatively be identified as a: Secret Book of Rules)

7) Graviteers and Sixers

8) Sunday Supplement is a chance to see how the day feels (or offers to feel or, more to the point for some us, how we might relate ourselves to the world around us on this here Sunday here.) Of course all the Posts since that day in June of ‘aught nine have been efforts to explore that very question. That being said and seeing how I mentioned ‘music’ and ‘philosopher’s stones’ in the same post, lets just ask Mr. Clinton! (George, not Bill,  lol)

9) Sunday Supplement well, the weather has been fair, but cold. Did someone say, ‘Too cold for dogs?” Ha!

10) Secret Rule 1.3


[reference 1] I almost always go to my favorite Latin phrase, ‘sine qua non’. This is very much a literal truth. I started this here blog here in order to promote the ‘theory of personality’ of the Wakefield Doctrine. It was both reason and motivation. (You know those old photos of elderly couples surrounded by children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and how, if you look very carefully at the faces of the people you see: ‘We’re still together’  and ‘I love my parents so much’ and ‘They seem to be so happy, I can sit still for one photo’ and finally, ‘Who are these old people, family I guess I can sit for one more photo and text while I wait’…Like that.)

[reference 2] the place (for me) where potential can become (virtually) actual. This is not as tail-eating as it might seem on first blush. Here in the virtual world, which in no way is confused with the ‘real’ world (except that its comprised of real people doing real things in their own locations), I’ve found the context in which I’ve been able to develop several interests that I had not previously been aware of having, the best example is writing. (ya know?))

[reference 3] perennial list item: dogs in general, Una in particular. (Observant and/or rogerian Readers might, at this point say, “err… you also mention humans. A list that itemizes is good, a list that expands on the qualities and characteristics of each item is better. So, while you have expanded on the canine constituent, what’s the deal with a human ranking co-number three on this list?”)

[reference 4] Music is a thing I like, as gravity is a quality of the earth that I appreciate. Speaking for myself, music is surely the closest I will get to possessing a ‘philosopher’s stone’. Anyone can work hard, we all have an innate capacity to endure hardship, especially in service of a greater good; yet while it is the iron that provides strength, it is gold that shines.

[reference 5] My wife Phyllis (see reference 3) is a person of that rare combination of a childlike imagination (surely the best kind) and practicality. She knew that a treehouse would be an asset to the family unit. And so we have a treehouse.

[reference 6] Now this is what makes the blogsphere the wonderland/asylum that it (imo) is… I would tell you what the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is, but the title is about as useful as titles get. What it does, that’s the part that makes it awfully fun. Ask anyone at the TToT.

[reference 7] I participate in a daily, (except for Sunday), bloghop called the Gravity Challenge. We all send in a photo of the readout of our scales (whatever portion thereof we chose) and enhance our individual efforts by our participation. Six Sentence Story is zoe’s weekly bloghop.. muy benefito.

[reference 8]  (sorry… today’s still Saturday) OK! Listicles and Listiclae you can come back now, it’s Sunday! Still references between the two lists, however. You’ll find the music above and the rationale here: The idea that ‘the day’** has the last word on our emotional state is one that is enthusiastically debated here at the Wakefield Doctrine. The reason is that the underlying determinant of ‘how our day is going’ is found in the answer to ‘how do we relate ourselves to the world around us’. The key here is ‘ourselves’ not simple ‘relate to the world around us. (More to follow in reference 9).

[reference 9]  (nope, still Saturday…stop by tomorrow)

[reference 10] The first of the Secret Rules found in the BoSR/SBoR and it would apply to a Listicle as much as it does to the TToT. The Rule says, {in part}: the completion of a list [o]f Ten Items (or more, provided terminus item is anticipated and thus identified) is, in and of itself an Item and (op.cit) may serve in said list. [‘Principle of Anticipation as Justification’ et.al.]




* not a ‘real’ word

** the circumstances, not public and private, objective and subjective solid and illusionary that comprise our description of everything (that appears to be) outside our heads. ya know?