Six (0:01!) Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

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All kinds of ambitious, here at Doctrine Central, at 6:01 am Wednesday, the 3rd-of-where-the-hell-did-the-summer-go 2016

So the word of the week is ‘Minute’ (the word being the prompt, ‘of the week’ implying the recurring suggestion by zoe to write a story, a Six Sentence Story, using six and only six words).

“I promised I’d have you back to your cookout before anyone notices we’re missing, I need only one more minute,”  his wife stood before the mirror, brushing long, passion-tangled hair, her reflection smiling at the man in the doorway.

Dark eyes, with a mix of love and passion, held him in a life-practiced embrace, head bent to the side as her brush fell through a dark waterfall of hair, that crashed softly on smooth pale shoulders.

“I bought you a tee-shirt,” he stepped behind her, holding out a gift that was now very different from what he bought on a whim, fortunately for him, enough of the young man within (just recently roused from life’s slumber), remained to banish his misgivings as he handed her the very small and very lightweight cotton tee-shirt, which had silk screened figure a woman on the front.

She looked, laughed affectionately and said, ‘Well, you’ve earned it, I’m willing to try it on,” pulled it over her head, adding, “I think I can manage by myself” through a veil of dark brown hair and sheer white cotton, as he ran his hands down from her shoulders.

As his hand gently caressed across the top of her right breast he encountered an obstruction, a slight rise, unnoticeable to the eye, almost even to the touch of his fingers, it seemed nothing more than a small bind in cotton fabric that refused to smooth out.

The reflection of her face in the mirror changed, like the last person to leave a boat caught in a suddenly rising tide, she held onto his hand and unable to prevent the distance from growing, he stepped to her side and together they watched, in the last seconds of the minute he foolishly thought was his to give, as their familiar life faded into the distance.



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  1. valj2750 says:

    Oh, my gosh. Talk about a change in the air. From romantic and playful to fearful and unexpected.

  2. UP says:

    And Bang!! You’ve done it again.

  3. ivywalker says:

    How sad. Well done. Youve really caught this writing thing haven’t you?

  4. messymimi says:

    You’ve caught the pain of the situation. Life never goes on quite the same.

  5. Was not anticipating that ending. Nicely written.