TToT Sunday Supplement -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of roadtrip-ettes, zoe and self-developing oneself’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(god!  I have no idea!!)

(god! I have no idea!!)


Why yes, this is one of the stranger Posts, here at the Wakefield Doctrine. The question you will (want) to ask yourself, at this very early stage, is, “…does a stranger suggesting that I ask myself this question annoy me or does it make me want to smile (to myself). And who do they think they are, trying to tell me what I should be asking myself?!!”

We’ve been hoping you would stop by. This Wakefield Doctrine blog is the kind of place that, of the many who pass through, a very select few stop long enough to check and see if what they thought they read, really was what someone intended to write. And… of that small group, a much smaller number decided that checking the Facebook or twittering a recipe, could wait just a little longer. Well, it’s probably time to tell you that, by virtue of reading this far, you’ve placed your self in this last group. It’s been written here, since the beginning, that the people who read and ‘get’ and enjoy this blog are those with a special kind of …mind….imagination….curiosity, a certain self-confidence and a flexible intelligence that makes finding oddly interesting things, (and places and, especially, people), a necessary element to their lives.

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine.

(Quick intro) While we’re sorta proud of the fact that the Wakefield Doctrine, as a ‘personality theory’, is totally anecdotal, lacking in charts and stats, chi squares and control groups… we are confident in the power of whatever it is, (about this perspective on human behavior), that makes the Wakefield Doctrine so useful and helpful and fun. In any event, we have three personality types, two directives and a fair amount of laughter.

the personality types:

  • clarks (the Outsider)
  • scotts (the Predator)
  • rogers (the Herd Member)

the two directives:

  1. with the Doctrine as (an additional) perspective, go out and make the effort to ‘try and see the world as the other person is experiencing it’
  2. remember that; ‘the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them’

… ok! That’s all you get, seeing as this is a supplemental Sunday TToT Supplement!

oh yeah!   almost forgot!  The subtitle?

  • the road trip-ette is a thing that is beginning to take shape in my mind for early August. The elements are: a concert, Cambridge, self-Challenge (for a clark)
  • the ‘zoe reference’ is (to) Friend of the Doctrine zoe (aka Ivy) who is embarking on a project her ownself that, although it’s only involving her, a benefit is to be gained by others who might follow along.  One of the interesting, (though not  original with the Wakefield Doctrine),  things around here is the deliberate effort to cultivate ‘identification’. (Which) we chose to define as: finding commonality (mental, emotional, spiritual) with another person and, by virtue of this connection, self-enhance ourselves.
    Anyway, long story, if you’re a new Reader and  find this of particular interest, you might want to check out the section on clarks first (under subject heading: ‘who could possibly understand what I’m going through‘…lol)
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clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Frist I am!

  2. A most excellent post!

  3. valj2750 says:

    Ah, two in one weekend. So this August Challenge of yours. Posted on two mile run? I’d like to continue the antigravitational option as well. Do tell.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      The Gravity (or antigravitational) Challenge definitely continues through the month of August. Everyone is doing so well and, we are getting to the point of seeing the benefits of (our individually determined) stable weights!… stay tuned to 2 Mile Run

      I think you’re referring to my characteristically clear and precise reference to a roadtrip that is shaping up for me in August. Nothing on a scale of the Doctrine Roadtrips of past years, but, hell everything is grist for the Doctrine blog mill, ya know?

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m thinking, “This post isn’t any stranger than the rest of his posts!” (I’m not calling your posts strange; it just took me a minute to figure out you meant the other kind of stranger.)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      …I’m glad when I remember (sometimes after the fact) to not forget to remember the New Reader and write to them

  5. dyannedillon says:


    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      is it like that anywhere else (among the TToTeers?)

      the code that produces that is in the code that we get each week!

  6. Identification is definitely something interesting. I am currently witnessing all three kids go through that process: Calvin realizing that he’s a person and establishing this person, Violet learning what she wants and how to follow through with her goals (or fail), and Lily finding her place in her class once again. At the same time, I’m still not quite sure who I am.. Identification seems to be a life-long project, at least for me..

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      totally agree… what (should) be interesting with Calvin (or any young child) is to see if you can see that they are reacting/responding to the world around them as does a clark or scott or roger.

      (keeping in mind) that personality type is very much behavior (and strategies) that have learned, adapted and practiced to deal with the world as the individual finds it and the very young will not be as ‘good’ a clark or scott or roger because of this, it should, somehow be even easier to spot them! do they tend to attack then think or do they turn inwards or are they certain of the world around them?
      sounds like fun, no?