come on, you watched Road Runner episodes over and over on Saturday Mornings as a kid…the Wakefield Doctrine, grab yer cereal bowls… it’s a re-run

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)




This being Saturday, chances are it will end in a night-like state which can only mean one thing! The Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive!!  Call us, yo   (the number, she is: 218-339-0422  access code: 512103  you will find it interesting and (more than likely, you will enjoy it and be glad you called. It is a totally new-caller-friendly-environment, I personally guarantee it.)

So following is a re-run

So what good is a ‘theory of personality’ if it don’t tell you what job you ought to get? or the kind of person you should try to go out with? or at the very least, give you reasons why your family and friends, “just don’t get you”? huh? what good would that kind of theory be?  Kinda worthless don’t you think? I mean, we know that you are an intelligent and curious person and that you really got a lot more on the ball than your parents/teachers/friends/family give you credit for…what the hell! you:

  • work hard
  • mean well
  • would do a lot better but there are so many other factors to consider
  • don’t mean to come off so snooty
  • really? how can they say such mean things
  • will do much better once you get some breathing room
  • fuck them,  I like the way I am
  • get them to understand what you are going through

To you we will say, “hey!  the Wakefield Doctrine is your answer”! Not only does the Wakefield Doctrine understand (all of the above) but the Wakefield Doctrine can tell you which job would be such a natural fit for your unique and totally special talents. And…and… when it comes to ‘the perfect relationship’? we got your back, big time. We wouldn’t let you down. So today we will lay out which jobs you should get and who it is that will most appreciate you, forever and ever.

There are three categories into which all jobs and occupations, life-callings and careers fall into: teacher, salesman and machine operator. And these three categories correspond to the three types of personality; clarks, scotts and rogers. Now let’s combine this ‘easy guide to a fulfilling career’ with a Wakefield Doctrine Lesson of the Day by considering why each of the three are particularly suited to the three job classifications.

clark  teacher   examples: teacher….er  professor…counselor….( goddamn, there’s got to more examples….) actor!  (yeah them!)… nurse, lighthouse keeper (…wtf?!) veterinarian…locksmith (but not a clockmaker)…artist…(…better make that “unsuccessful/appreciated after death”  only…lol) …damn not a lot of choices…homemaker  (…homemaker!!?! you’re gonna sell a lot of books with that career advice), shit ….better move on…

scott  salesman   examples:  salesman, military leader, policeman/woman, bank robber (unsuccessful), owner of a diner (only a diner, it takes a roger to own a restaurant), handyman, (successful) builder/contractor, electrician (but not plumber), surgeon, stripper/exotic dancer (but not a hooker), TV newscaster (female scotts only), TV pitchman (male only), muscian (frontman only), junior and senior high school gym teacher

roger  machine operator   examples: lawyer (all but criminal defense), engineer, accountant, chemist, restauranteur (but not a diner), judge, teacher (7th grade and up only but not gym), carpenter (but not general contractor), firefighter, politician, muscian (technically astounding, but not the frontman),  owner of a bed and breakfast, physician (but not a surgeon),ballerina, plumber (but not an electrician)

Alright,  that gets us started with the careers best suited to the three types of people in the world. Now to the question: Why are those the proper occupations?

clarks: need to accommodate others in the world, need to share beyond means, need to place own requirements second to another, clarks believe that knowledge has a value in and of itself, clarks are the ultimate in ‘behind the scenes/limelight aversive/unselfish to a fault’  people.
scotts: need to act, to do, to change things for the sake of change, does not simply place own needs before others, rather does not particularly perceive any other person as having needs (not counting immediate dominant scottscotts as predators will simply act with or without support or reinforcement of others, they make ideal leaders in that they are always certain in their plans to act
rogers: need to maintain and preserve the status quo, make excellent technicians, engineers, they consider the herd as support for themselves without there being an issue of dominance/submission, have very little curiosity and as such will be the most likely to succeed

There. Career Counseling, Wakefield style!  (yes and we are serious).

At this point, if there is anyone still reading and/or not yet muttering, “who the fuck do these people think they are? I am not selfish…! I do think about others!!!they have no right to say such untrue things!!’  then in our next section we will be happy to tell you the outcome of any effort at having a relationship with another person… on the other hand….let’s save that for the next Post!

We good? Fine it is cloudy and grey here, so I figure it’s only proper to share the sunshine with y’all

clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Great re-run and I never truly thought of myself as a Clark, but I did teach before having my girls. Very interesting and left me with a bit of food for thought. Happy Saturday Clark and have a great one!! :)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      Thanks Number 1* appreciate it… yeah teaching is a very clarklike vocation, it is interesting about the gender differences, male clarks tend towards upper high school/college and females elementary..and totally has nothing to do with the academic content, it has everything to do with the pupil demographic ( lol, whose a clark) All of this is not to say that rogers and scotts can’t be good teachers…but the character of the worldview of clarks does pre-dispose us towards this calling

      always the first Commentationer, very cool

  2. Cyndi says:

    I don’t know how Janine does it – she’s ALWAYS the first, LOL.
    Anyways, I knew *exactly* what you were talking about up there with lighthouse keeper. Hubby and I love going to the Outer Banks, NC (it’s not commercialized very much and there are TONS of lighthouses). Of course we spend time in museums and one in particular on Bodie Island has this whole history of lighthouse keepers and what they did. John and I both found it fascinating and if this were another time, we both totally saw ourselves doing that, LOL.
    Aritst, appreciated after death? LOL…well, hopefully that doesn’t happen, because I do intend to make a living at it. That and writing and blogging and photographing…LOL…you know, the whole multiple income stream thing. Haha.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      …you do, and that’s why I’m glad you’ve made the leap to calling in on Saturday Nights when you are in a position to do so. I have been referring to you as someone who can tell anyone who is thinking about calling in that it is not as bad and/or scary as it may seem.
      now, you being a clark and a talented artist with ambition, are perfect for us to experiment on! lol The Doctrine has so many tools, my own challenge lies in expressing it to the general public. I’ve said before that it is no major surprise that the first of the ‘new generation of Readers’ will be clarks… thinking you and Molly and ClairePeek and Nell Rose. THe challenge is to understand the scottian and rogerian worldview so completely that I will be able to present the Doctrine in a way that is irresistible to both them, whats in that demographic. This is not to say that it is only clarks around here, but the scotts and rogers we have reading this thing of ours are the exceptional ones (i.e. in both cases a high secondary clarklike aspect, no doubt) I’m thinking about people life Terrye and Rich Rumple
      …anyway glad you could stop by
      speaking of road trips, I have got to come up with another one real soon as I will be going to Salt Lake City in the middle of March, any ideas let us know. (the first Salt Lake City trip: )

  3. I love the career counselling session for today! ;) I can definitely vouch for the behind-the-scenes personality for my Clark persona, but up until last year, I never would have thought of teacher / counselor. Very interesting…I like being a Clark! :)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      I know most clarks will agree (in ‘enjoying being a clark’) but there is almost always a ‘but’ to that, and it is not necessarily, hardly ever a comprehensive qualification to the sufficiency of personality types, more it is an awareness of a certain benefit to us if we were more…. scottian (in some regards) or rogerian (in some situations).
      (Of the three personality types), clarks are the only ones that will seriously entertain the thought, ‘if you could be anyone else in the world….’