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As promised, kind of rushed, but here is the first set of questions that will form the basis of the clarkscottroger personal diet schedule (CSRPDS)(copyright pending).  This is just the beginning, a format will be developed as we go along but, as always, do not hesitate to Comment and/suggest additional questions.  We have Downspring Joanne to thank for the compilation of these questions.  (She has been elected Mistress of Testifying by the Progenitors and DownSprings; big round of applause!) (Readers take note, plenty of opportunity for advancement here at the Doctrine!)

You hear a knock on your door at home during the day. Without looking first, you open the door and see 2 Jehovah Witnesses/Mormen folks.
Do you
a) slam the door shut
b) invite them and hope that they do not think you keep a sloppy house
c) invite them in and make fun of them as they give their presentation

You are driving during the day and see a car off the road, obviously in an accident.
Do you
a) immediately pull over and see who is in the car
b) continue driving and plan to call 911 if you don’t see anyone else pull over(in your rearview mirror)
c) pull over and start directing traffic

You are in a busy supermarket check out line, six people in front of you and someone cuts in line.
Do you
a) tell them in a loud voice to get in back of line and the others in line back you up
b) you start by pointing out to (another line member) what a jerk that person is and proceed to incite the crowd
c) complain until the culprit notices and then back off.

You’re in a convenience store and ask for 2 packs of cigarettes. The cashier brings only one and when you ask for the other pack,
she gets it while saying quite rudely “you only asked for one.”
Do you
a) insist that you asked for 2 packs
b) say you’re sorry
c) ignore the comment.

You’re in a plane with a window seat and the passenger next to you hogs the arm rest, elbowing you in the process.
Do you
a) elbow him back
b) say excuse me or
c) pretend not to notice while you squish yourself against the window.

You’re working in a store and a mother comes in with 2 unruly boys who are noisily running all over the place
and disrupting other customers while the mother completely ignores them.
Do you
a) tell the mother to control her kids
b) kindly but sternly tell the kids to stop running around or
c) pretend not to notice the kids

OK, still way rough and general, but it is a start.  What you will see in coming weeks will be more questions, but we will be presenting them in a more ‘interactive’ manner.  Hopefully will get one of those apps that lets you (the Reader) take the test and get the answer/score right away.
The score?  Why whether you are a clark, scott or a roger, of course!  We know what you are pretty damn quick if you would write a Comment, but the idea is to help those more Doctrine challenged (yeah, I’m talking to you rogers) We know that the clarks simply cannot resist a test and the scotts will always sniff a bright shiny object, especially if it is simple enough and they (the scott) can get others to take the test. (yum, yum).

So, I will ask our Readers, take the damn test, already!  (Hat? always with the hats…)

OK …free hat (for your damn head) for the first 5 Readers* who complete the test (must submit your answers via the Comments).  Contest ends at the end of this week.  So hurry on down.

OH Sloviansss! I know you guys are reading the Doctrine…(it’s in the little visitor thing on the right).  We are serious about an Interview Post.  Not to worry about language, we can get one of those translators, if you are concerned about language gap.  I know that Janie keeps asking when you people are going to get in touch…we can arrange for her to do the Interview.

OK that’s a wrap for now.  A little video and out.

(Hey Ronin, Mel, Jason, did my new url make the transition on your blog rolls ok?  If not let me know and I will send it on over.)

(Hey, it’s got a dog, Jimi Hendix and attractive young people…what’s not to like?)

(*of course, you Downsprings and Progenitors are not eligible!  Besides you all have (or will have) hats for your damn heads)


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Glenn Miller says:


  2. Glenn Miller says:

    What the fuck kind of a name is THAT for a place? Bexleyheath!!?? Kidneyson Trentondarbyshire. Fuckin’ Limeys…Bexleyheath..

  3. RCoyne Roger says:

    a) It’s spelled ” Mormon”
    b) How do you log on to this thing?

  4. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    a)so the women of that sect are not called mermaids?
    b)the same way but I sent you an e mail with new link, will re-send

  5. mjm says:

    #1 – do not invite them in – tell them you aren’t interested
    #2 – b
    #3 – none of those
    #4 – c
    #5 – c
    #6 – c

  6. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Thanks to MJM for the first of the responses to our (test) Test Questions! We will be compiling all the answers and publishing the results on a special Post!

    And you are the first of the Winners of a hat (for your damn head), so let us know where to send it (clarkfarley@yahoo.com for your address) and we will send it.
    (Of course we know which hat to send you, we are the reppers of intelligence here at the Doctrine).

    Thanks again.

  7. AKH says:

    My these questions sound familiar. Being a scott, I’m in a gracious mood this morning.

    #1 – None of the above. I hide when I see them coming.
    #2 – A
    #3 – None of the above.
    #4 – C
    #5 – B
    #6 – B

  8. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Hey ‘Amy’

    tudi ste vi trditi a klobuk ( zakaj vaš prekleti vzglavje ) ali kakšen?

  9. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Hey Amy, I believe ( a previous Comment) asked you about hats… you need to Comment on the blog from a ‘generic site’…the Comment above (with the Correct Answers, btw) ended up in Spam (due to the deanbreaker.com prefix or something)…maybe if you signed on from google or something…anyway a hat (for your damn head) is yours, will need to know where to send it. Send another Comment and I will reply by email so you have an email address to send the info to. (I have something in a nice clark, back here somewhere…)