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Wednesday day today!

Say the word with us…. buh….. bay….. ached… Baked!

Very good. zoe smiles and Joules grins crookedly, a twinkle in his eye. (If only life allowed thought balloons, his would most certainly be full of ‘AArrrs’ and camaraderie).

So, we good? Single word: BAKED Six sentences read in a row, a Story.

what are you waiting for, come on down! It’s fun, it’s exciteful.

(The music? from a previous draft of the Six, but after I wrote the current Six Sentence Story, I thought, ‘sure! that’s appropriate if I look back on the story, as opposed to it being representative of the contemporaneous experience.)


With the natural flamboyance often exhibited by third year college students blessed with a 3.5 grade point average and a Miller Analogy score of 460, the newest resident of Suite K announced, ‘I bring Hash oil’.

The boy standing with his back against the inside of the door watched as the pilot’s-mask-turned-smoking-apparatus made the rounds; hearing the phrase, ‘made the rounds’ in his head sparked a grin as crooked as an earthworm on a summer sidewalk. Almost immediately came the admonition, “remember your resolution, no more getting baked during Finals.’

Without being conscious of the transition between ‘there’ and ‘on my face’, he felt the grey elastic straps grasp the sides of his head, peered through the lenses of the mask and took a deep breath.

In the middle of the common room of Suite K, silence wrapped his head like a wet towel, he wondered how long it had been since he left the party and headed towards his own room. He saw through the still open door of his room, Room 115, the Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall, he looked back towards the room he’d just left and decided he had covered half the distance, which left approximately five more miles to go; with a smile of tenuous satisfaction, he continued his journey.





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  1. That photo – good grief!

  2. messymimi says:

    We all know about those good intentions…

  3. UP says:

    Huge Johnny and Edgar Winter fan!
    Good VI

  4. phyllis says:

    that was fun to read :).

  5. I enjoyed weeding your six. Wondering about the arduous wesearch involved.

  6. Hahaha. You took me back to my youth with this one (also the sound track) but I have to confess we didn’t have such sophisticated devices in our common room.

  7. That’s quite a bit of kit! Picture, music, words …excellent.

  8. Pat B says:

    So much for his resolution and also for Great Grandpa’s mask. :-/

    Good SSS.