You might be a: clark scott roger …if

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, we’ll borrow his
‘If you… then you might be a redneck’   


If you immediately stop surfing the channels because you come upon a show that uses only black and white documentary photos and film…you might be a roger

If you love Christmas lawn decorations and cannot imagine having too many lights… you might be a scott

If you find a flier stuck under the windshield wiper of your car and you take the time to read it… you might be a clark.

When asked virtually any question, you preface answer with “that’s interesting because in the beginning…”  you might be a clark.

Someone gets your name wrong and you answer to it without correcting them… you might be a clark.

As a child building model cars, you made sure that the leftover, extra parts were put back in the box along with the re-folded instructions for future safekeeping…you might be a roger.

You think that Slacker was the greatest movie made in the might be a clark

You think that Borat was one of the funniest movies of 2006…you might be a scott

You think that the 107 episode,  Directors cut, 15 DVD un-abashed edition of the compilation (with Writers notes (including what he had for breakfast) and voice-over reading of the credits by someone who knew someone who was a re-enactor who actually got hurt at an event) of all Ken Burns films, PBS episodes and commercials that last longer than most readings of the Iliad is the greatest film of all time…you might be a roger

If you have any inclination to wear hats for a fashion statement (and you are a guy) or a ‘fanny pack’, or, for that matter, any clothing designed specifically for riding a bicycle (branded or un-branded)…you might be a roger.

If you happen to be at a golf tournament and feel that it is expected of the members of the gallery to yell anything (including, but not limited to. “get in the hole!!”)…you might be a scott.

If you are contemplating a project of any sort; a new deck or a term paper, writing a resume or planting a garden:

  • you look forward to making the list of things you need to buy/gather/acquire first more than anything else…you might be a clark
  • you need to check at least 2 Seasons of your favorite ‘do it yourself’  that is what you want…you might be a roger


(Animals (specifically dogs) also have these characteristics):

If you are in charge of the house and decide that no reasonable guest comes after dark, you may be a scott (named Ola) if you try to chase them out of the house.

If your daily routine consists of going to the left of the car during the morning walk, and you miss the rabbit that is sitting to the right of the car, you may be a roger named Bella.