1,2,3,4,5,6… stop! -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘we have reached the limit of sentences allowed!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(Wednesday evening)  So, I’ve got my Colman Hawkins record on the hifi’s spindle, the kitchen is all neat and tidy, scarves for throwing over the lampshades discreetly on the end tables… ok, stage is set! I’ll back later in the morning, to see what this week’s Six Sentence blind date is going to be….

zoe invites you, (the readers and other participants), to join in on her bloghhop, the Six Sentence Story. Effortless as circular desert! Six sentences, no more and no less.


Artillery bombardment tore the night into long strips of screaming terror that floated down over the men, suffocating them at random intervals as they huddled in the trenches. Like ceremonial scars, rows that ran over the hills and through the valleys of the French countryside, just north of Marne, were dug by men with the furor of self-preservation and now, once dug, inhabited by young men made ancient by over-exposure to the cold wet fact of their own mortality.

“Whadda we gonna do, Lieutenant,” Sargeant Lou Donoto stared at his newly commissioned commanding officer and prayed to St. Michael to be allowed  to leave the trench under his own power.

Lt. Cyril Sauvage crouched, his back pressed against the forward wall of the command dugout, feet mired in the muck that passed for solid ground in the bloody furrow and stared at the Sergeant, trying desperately to remember something from his 90 days of officer training that might stall the erosion of confidence,

“Our orders are to take the hill and, according to my instructors in OCS, the best way to do that is to organize my men into ranks and files so that if we meet resistance then the men in the files will protect our backs as we move forward,” Cyril Sauvage spoke with the heartfelt assurance reserved for the very young and the terminally ill.

“We are the rank, Lt Sauvage, there ain’t no file, there’s only the men to the right and the men to the left,” Louie Donoto looked back down the slope of the hill and saw only broken trees, craters full of liquid and un-moving parts of damaged men, “we might as well go forward, there just ain’t no going back, sir.”

Cyril Sauvage drew in a breath that was deep enough to last the rest of his life, stood up in the trench and yelled, “For God and country!”


Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of age and aging’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Friend of the Doctrine, Kristi Brierley, in a comment yesterday, posed a question that caused me to think, ‘I really need to write a post about it’. It’s a measure of how my writing has shifted and changed in the last couple of years. Now most of my keyboard time is spent with ‘Almira‘,   zoe’s Six Sentence Story and, of course, the TToT, as a result, the frequency of Doctrine posts is way down. Funny to think about how things change, I distinctly remember the early years of this blog when I couldn’t write the posts fast (or frequently) enough. There was a time when I would write a Post about the label on a pickle jar. No, seriously, here: ‘Always Chilled….Never Heated

However, today’s post is keying off Kristi’s question/comment:

I think you’ve addressed this a bit before, but this post got me wondering about your ideas about clarks, scotts, and rogers and aging. (Not that I’m calling anyone old.) Are clarks more comfortable being uncomfortable? Do rogers care less about pack mentality? Do scotts think, “Oh, well. It’s not worth the pursuit.”?

How do we age? Or rather, what unique, (and hopefully useful) insight does the Doctrine offer those of us with friends and family entering the category of ‘the aged’, as opposed to simply being ‘older.’

Rather than attributing characteristic behaviors and interests to a given personality type, the Wakefield Doctrine looks to how (the individual) experiences the world around them. In terms of Kristi’s comment, the question becomes, ‘would an interest (or predilection or characteristic behavior) be subject to wearing out, running down, becoming decrepit or otherwise aging?’ It is certainly (and unfortunately) safe to say that with age, our facilities (‘our facilities’ to make the obvious rogerian expression joke) suffer from the effects of time. Our eyes lose their prowess and blurry replaces sharp, ears surrender their ability to discriminate and words go from aperitif to goulash, our stomach and lungs and other body-part-related functioning slows and becomes unreliable. The reverse of the infant, in their determined efforts to work and talk like the tall people that surround them, we become less able.

The Wakefield Doctrine does not, however, focus on interests and predilections, characteristic behaviors. The Wakefield Doctrine proposes that we live in a personal reality that conforms to one of three characteristic worldviews: the of the Outsider(clarks), the Predator(scotts) and the Herd Member(rogers). And so, the better question to ask is, ‘how does an old Outsider, the Senior Predator, the mature Herd Member relate themselves to the world around them(selves)? The same, just slower. more deliberately and, if possible more peevishly.

Now that we’re all picturing: lions with missing teeth, cattle sleeping (while still moving with the herd, more being carried by the Herd) and weird people hiding in the background, while forgetting that there’s no one staring, lets consider the element in Kristi’s observation that is very perceptive. Secondary aspects.

The Doctrine holds that we all are born with the potential to experience the world as one of three characteristic personal realities. It also maintains that we never lose the potential of the ‘other two’. And, in fact, some of us, have what is referred to as a ‘significant secondary aspect’. In direct response to her founding question:  “(do clarks, with age) become more comfortable with being uncomfortable?” No. But I am inclined to say that, with the slowing of (my) response to my predominant worldview, it is very possible that my secondary aspect becomes more prominent. And my secondary aspect is scottian.

I do, in fact, know people in whom their secondary aspect is becoming more and more pronounced. And, while it’s always been (a) goal of mine to develop both my secondary and tertiary aspects, in people who are not deliberately and consciously trying to do this, it can be confusing (and) disturbing.

….more to follow!

Thanks for the great question, Kristi!


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



Ok. here I am at Wednesday Night. I have the ‘story’, but I’ve come to believe that I shouldn’t bet on what I hit publish on, at least until Thursday morning. For the moment I have what I consider to be the most fun ‘story’ I can come up with…at least for a Wednesday night.
Which, by the way, if you’re just joining us for the first time, this is zoe’s Six Sentence Story. It’s a bloghop that challenges us to write a story of six (and only six) sentences …the prompt word for this week is ‘suspect’.


“Who do you suspect?” I asked, hoping the cigarette smoke would mask the expression of doubt that I suspected was beginning to show on my face.

“Why the suspect, of course!” Try as she might, her face betrayed a certain suspicion of my interest.

“I knew that, however, your logic is rather suspect,” I smiled and pulled the blankets over my head, blocking out the cheery sunlight, totally covering my face, more than anything else, I didn’t want her to suspect.

“Well, for a minute there, I was doubting your confidence in me,” I suspected she would say that and pulled the revolver from under my pillow.




Wednesday Warmup, Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- (when cleverness flags, alliterate!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


uh oh! 10:05 pm Wednesday. Nothin  Well, not exactly nothing. I have a prompt word, ‘fire’. And I have zoe’s instructions to us all, write a story of six sentences and involve the prompt word.

Funny,  well, no, I guess, not so funny. (ed note: I’m here again, only it’s 6:41 am and all I have is a cup of coffee, an idea and a totally disturbing lack of confidence in my abilities. I’m tempted to tell you the idea here first, before the story. But that would break the Code of the Six. and it would be so clarklike to try and hedge against failure. But, as zoe must be saying to Joule, at this very moment, “He’s right, ya know. The Code’s the Code. What say we go out back and make sure them damn Jué yuan haven’t snuck back into the woods,  when we get back, he’ll surely have managed to write what he must write. Why, no, Joule I have no idea why there’s a photo of the fabulous Paris Hilton on this post! Well, yeah, maybe, but the prompt word is fire, not Troy. lol… you wanna be the one to tell him?”)

Is he awake?

I fear your son joins so many other young people, his wandering the forbidden places may have resulted in becoming another causality of the UFO phenomena, though I admit I’m surprised, he’s always been so even-headed, never one for such outlandish ideas.

She hovered near the bed where her only son rested, her worry preventing her from staying still and, moving about the room, her long hair streaming behind her, snapped like a whip with each sudden change of direction.

They say there are more and more like this; mostly young people and always in the same areas, the barren deserted areas they’ve taken to calling ‘the land at the edge of the world’.

Mom… you’re here, it was so amazing, it was like light but you could feel it and there were strange people and they wore strange things on their bodies and when they saw us hiding behind the rocks they waved as if welcoming us.

Her husband swam from their home and headed to council chambers, it being his son who witnessed the Unidentified Fiery Object, he no longer doubted the tales and, at the risk of ridicule, would force the Mer Nation to listen, to be warned, that not only did fire exist, but it was wielded by aliens.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Item Once: Una

Itemo Secundo: Phyllis

Ometi Trieste: work and home

Quartro Itemae: Gravity Challenge

Cinque: the joy of remarkably lax filters, at least when it comes to the written thought

Sex: (for everytime I miss-type a small handful of words, get the word ‘sex’ and invariably laugh. This, I submit, is proof of the immortality of adolescence)

Seven: I just remembered that, of late, zoe and doug seem to, somehow, miss the connection over here on this oT, I will attempt to remedy this by the simple expedient of linking both at Lizzi’s and z’s. (hell, I’ll link pretty much anywhere that I’m not, actively and actually barred from… we need a new term for the courage that’s sometimes imparted by the fact of virtuality! There’ss little doubt that everyone, most of us, ok, clarks….. sure, sure…just me have a certain confidence that comes with the existential anonymity of being in the virtual world.  damn! can’t think of one! I’ll work on it and get back to ya.  (online suave? virtual balls?  lol! no! digital chutzpah… lol enough for now!)

Ocotpie: ‘there’s always enough to go around’

Item 9th: ‘Almira‘  Chapter 10 due this weekend. It’s about ‘time’. The fleeting nature of it and the ephemeral character of all things that are tied too tightly to the passage of time. In this week’s Chapter: Emily Gale pays a visit to Ephraim Hardesty and reminds him of her Offer (an Offer she will not permit be refused). Eliza Thornberg has dreams of being in the movies and discovers that, while desire (when fulfilled) is always good, want (with the risk of disappointment) is decidedly not. Finally, Dr Thaddeus Morgan talks with Nurse Griswold. (Why, no! of course it was only the two of them! Can you think of anytime that two people were in the room with Nurse Griswold …at the same time?)  Hey, I trust everyone noticed the soon-to-be-significant-character, Sterling Gulch, back a couple of chapters ago! Yes, his last name is, in fact, Gulch.

10. SR 1.3  (from the Book of Secret Rules aka the Secret Book of Rules), this particular Rule states that ‘the completion of a List of Ten Things of Thankful can be considered to constitute a thankful thing, in and of itself. The aforementioned List can, therefore, remain pre-terminus with Item 9, the completion citation (along with appropriate reference(s) to the BoSR/SB0R and, applicable Rule substituted as Number 10. et its fit!


Lets get ourselfs some music.  Since we have a photo of a dog, lets use the song, ‘All Dead’ by Queen. Because, (as the story goes), it was written by Brian May for his dog and is quite touching. And, no, nothing wrong with Una. But looking at the photo made me think of Ola.

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