Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘(an) answer to yesterday’s question’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So yesterday we had a post that in part posed a question to Readers. And, as is the way of this here blog here, the process of answering was both the clue to the answer and confirmation of the underlying assumption. (No! wait!! scott.… I’ll get things moving… just let me set up the premise… then music videos and excitement!! I promise!)


I think I’ll settle for a quiz that’s as close to a personality assessment as you’re going to encounter here at the Wakefield Doctrine):

    • When you woke up this morning, did you feel good/scared/confident that today would be a good day in ‘the world out there’? If that sounds at all reasonable, go stand over there… no, there are others already in that section of the gym, you’ll see them when you get there.
    • When you woke up this morning, did you get up? ok… amuse yourself while I deal with the last group of personality types. Sure, anywhere will be fine.
    • When you woke up this morning, (well, lets rephrase that to ‘when you transitioned from quiet concern to active concern), did you feel that although you might describe yourself as confident, you will swear in a court of law that the world makes sense if you just work hard enough at understanding it. If you don’t find that description of the start of the average day totally un-reasonable, don’t go anywhere… stay here in the middle of the crowd of participants

There you have it! The three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine!

How do you know which you are?

To which our friend Cynthia Sageleaf commented:

“Hmm…when I woke up this morning, I thought, man, I DON’T want to get up…I just want to stay warm and let that world out there just do its thing while I do my thing (reading, writing, contemplate) right here. lol”

So, New Readers? Cynthia is a clark* by her own admission. Now in her comment, she gives us clues to understand why the choice she made (from among the three) is the clarklike choice. Do you know what that is?

Hey! We’re not so much into the ‘Tell us the answer and we’ll tell you if you’re wrong or right’ here at the Doctrine. That being said, many of us enjoy the challenge of ‘getting it right’. Far be it from us to deny that self-affirmation that prompts that hand to shoot up in the back of the class…”I know this one!! I know! Call on me.”

So lets compromise! This is being posted in the morning. I’ll follow-up in the afternoon with a continuation of the discussion of the implications of Cynthia’s Comment. Since we’re kinda ‘open book’ in our quizzes here, if you want to ask Cynthia directly, go to her site ‘Intuitive and Spiritual’ and ask her. She is totally happy to help.

Be sure to come back this afternoon!!


OK it’s afternoon, in an early-evening sort of way. Thanks to Valerie for commenting (and thereby reminding me that I needed to finish this post).

So, the key element to the ‘quiz’ is the notion of the world as being ‘out there’. Not, ‘out there’ in the sense of, ‘oh man, clark, you’re really kinda getting out there with this personality theory’ but more ‘out there’ as in ‘separate from the person making the observation’. aka the Outsider. Of the three, clarks are the ones most comfortable with the notion that the world, reality, the girl in the checkout line at the Stop n Shop and your favorite nail technician at ‘Plenty Pretty Salon’ are in a place that is not where we are. We wake up and consider the world out there and decide how best (or if at all) we can deal with it. rogers and scotts tend not to make a distinction between themselves and a planet full of people, nephews, dogs, old movies and serious religion. They are a part of, on a pre-conscious level. clarks, it is said, can believe anything because we don’t believe in anything. (that is a deliberately provocative expressing of the notion that if there is always possibility, there can never be certainty.)

ya know?

(Since I did promise our scottian friends a music video):


*  btw one of the few Rules around here has to do with designating a worldview to a person. It’s up to you to determine which of the three is your predominant worldview, and therefore, your personality type. No one has any authority to say, “You are a (fill in the blank) get used to it!” That does not mean that we can’t talk about another person’s worldview, but it’s the height of gauche to discuss someone’s worldview when they are standing right there, unless, of course, they invite discussion. aiight? Cynthia has stated publicly that she is a clark.


Toosday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘come on, if you don’t grin at something in this post, you’re at the wrong blog!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Hey, it’s been a while since I did a reprint post! This one is good ’cause it’s mostly video clips. (I laughed again, as I did when I post it the first time, so it’s ok for you to read and comment.)

(From November 16, 2012)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

I read something somewhere this week that Mercury was retrograde and all talking efforts to communicate were, like totally futile. I think that’s just crazy! But this being Friday and we did have the first Wakefield Doctrine BlogTalkRadio show, today can be an easy day, blogistically speaking. There will be time on the weekend to go into the plans for the next show (Wednesday before the Feast of St Roger at 4:00 pm, EST), plus we have the Saturday Night Drive to prepare for and the DocTees should be hitting their postal targets over the weekend.

So casual Doctrine Friday is officially declared here.* Everyone has their favorite movies and (everyone) has a list of the funniest movies. My List below, starts with Annie Hall, Blazing Saddles, Airplane! Dogma (couldn’t find any clips short enough)

Annie Hall

Blazing Saddles



* casual Friday Readers are not surprised that we can’t let even a causal Friday, list-based Post go out there without some insight on how the Wakefield Doctrine applies! so…casual Friday:

clarks (of the three) are the most prone to over dressing for the workplace, now this is not the ‘over-dressing’ that is high fashion well-dressed that rogers will exhibit …it is more an amping up of what the clark thinks is workplace appropriate dress. So, if we have a clarklike female trying to dress appropriately for an office/administrative setting, then don’t be surprised to see a full business suit (with a touch of the 1940s), but with something secretly out of tune (probably some lingerie that not only was not popular in the 1940s, but was illegal in the 1940s)
scotts to celebrate casual Friday, the baseball cap gets turned around with the bill facing backwards, or if the scott is in, say banking or law, then the wingtips get traded for basketball shoes
rogers usually the best dressed of the three, at least in a mainstream Cosmo sort of way, casual Friday presents a special challenge to the rogers, both male and female, the tailored suit gets traded in for a Ralph Lauren hoodie and maybe some jeans (totally perfect condition, unless they were bought that way) and logos!! causal Friday or not, rogers loves they logos… it’s the herd and therefore it’s good


-the Wakefield Doctrine- …..TTo………..T (wavy screen here) “…uh oh! what’s he up to now?!”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


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Hey! down here!!!


“follow me, if you want to ….read”


(“no! there is nothing at all about Christopher Lloyd and the author of this Post… you must be thinking of Daniel Craig”)


Item 1:   July 6 2013

Item 2:  New Facebook group: ‘My World at the Moment‘  started by Val... very cool

Item 3:  Six Sentence Story, by zoe

Item 4: the Gravity Challenge and the Graviteers  over at 2Mile Run

Item 5: RIRW

Item 6: Cynthia and her Book ‘Marina’s Broken Grave’ (if you haven’t gone to amazon (the online-buying-thing-place, not the huge jungle place) and bought this book, then you are missing out! go there and do this thing….we’ll wait.


Item 7: Phyllis and Una…. of course

Item 8: ‘Almira’  Chapter 31 due out by Sunday (Monday morning at the latest)…. St Louis! that’s the scene as Almira and Sterling take one last stop before going on to Kansas City and, from there, to a little old town by the name of Circe.  a sample?  ok…. just a short excerpt:

“I think we lost ’em. What do you say we slow down a little.”

I leaned forward, elbow on the dashboard and looked directly into Almira’s eyes. As focused as she was on the street ahead, I didn’t want to risk distracting her, as we barreled down Clark Ave in the dead of night.

“No, dear. I’m afraid we haven’t. Out the back, and over to the right. There’s a cross street coming up, watch and you’ll see their headlights.”

We must have been doing fifty miles an hour, fortunately the streets, even out towards the city limits were ruler straight. The blocks were pretty large and divided by compass-square cross-street intersections. I looked up ahead at the traffic signal swaying on cables over the four way intersection.

“Traffic light up ahead, babe.”

The car actually accelerated as Almira wanted to be sure I could see the other car running a parallel course to ours. Both cars racing for the center of St. Louis, which, in a peculiarly Midwestern literalness was actually the riverfront, where the city ended.

“Watch now…there, see it? Maybe three blocks back. They’re gaining on us. Our new friends are very much still on our tail. Not counting the winos and the occasional working girl, we’re the only two cars out on the streets of St Louis at 1:33 in the morning, so they’re not having all that much trouble keeping us in sight.”

Once I managed to look at the right spot at the right time, not as simple as it sounds, given the fact that I was a passenger in a car driven by my 8 months pregnant wife, the headlights on the car behind us were not hard to see. Flaring and fading as they raced past cross-streets and the occasional vacant lot in the city block that separated the two streets.

“Yeah, I see them now.”

Looking over at Almira, I was struck by an odd overlapping impression.

She was able to sit behind the wheel only because she was only 5′ 2″, on an optimistic day. That’s probably why, although being very pregnant, she could sit forward enough on the seat to reach the pedals, while not having her mid-section interfere with steering the car. Her posture was very upright, and, if one were able to ignore the buildings passing backwards at blurring speeds, my wife was the picture of a proper young woman, out for a bicycle ride through a park or country lane.

The other part of this overlapping impression happened when the sweep of an approaching streetlight lit the interior of the car. An odd effect, as the light coming in through the windshield illuminated her from the bottom upwards, her eyes being last. There was a feral intensity that, were I not intimately familiar with all aspects of the woman, would an atavistic fear, felt by every cave dweller when the night air was torn by the roar of a saber-toothed tiger.

Item 9: …. to be completed sunday.

Item 10: SR 1.3


2uesday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(yeah…that little bastard in the left rear did, in fact, throw something at our hero, who is trying to take the proffered advice to 'just ignore them and they'll get bored and move on…')*

I must confess to a somewhat sordid and ego-centric motivation for my writing a post today, the second on as many days and quite out of the ordinary for this blog, at least as of late. That I never tire of writing about the benefits of the Wakefield Doctrine is not surprising, the way the mind has of turning things around in a manner at once misleading, (in the actual effects of certain behavior) and somehow obviously not what the original intention, is.


At least my pendantric gland remains in robust good health! No, you’re right, I shouldn’t joke. This is serious.

…ok, I hear you. ( from the back of a classroom that, in my mind is as real as the plastic keys that shape the light into letters on my screen.) I hear “Hey! You’re writing about a personality theory that’s called, ‘the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers’!! Don’t worry about anyone taking this too seriously! And, since you’ve given voice to a character-in-a-visualization-of-an-idea, tell ’em what this ‘classroom’ looks like, why dont’cha.”)


This classroom that’s providing me with a subtly engaging context for today’s discussion of the use of the Wakefield Doctrine? The desks have wrought-iron frames that are bolted to the floor, they aren’t simply uprights to support the desk and the seat. These frameworks have curves and almost classical lines, filigree in dark bronze. The desk itself is a slanted surface of wood (maybe maple… yeah, probably maple) that’s hinged along the top edge, where there continues a 3 inch level band of wood, with a groove running from left to right for pencils and a circular hole on the right side for the bottle of ink that you’ll never be given. Inside is simply space for your dotted-middle lined pad of paper, spare flash cards and a chipped-and-picked-at (for ammunition) brick of flesh-colored gum eraser. Oh, yeah and two Lindy pens well-tooth-indented.

The classroom is 5 rows across and seven deep. The nuns are nothing if they’re not orderly. In the very back of the room is what you love to hear referred to as ‘the wardrobes’… pretty much closets with folding doors and a double row of brass coat hooks. There are two doors to the corridor with windows at adult height and a single inward-tilting transom window. There is a pole in the back of the room to operate these windows. The blackboard is black and there are 4 black felt erasers (with a red and white label on the non-erasing surface) in a metal tray running along the lower edge. Across the wall, just above the blackboard are the letters of the alphabet, (capital and small) in script. Above the row of letters, in the dead center is a crucifix. The teacher’s desk is entirely wooden, and her chair does not have wheels. The floors are tile (greenish and black in a checkerboard pattern). There is a black and white clock on the inside wall, well above reach. All your friends are there…


hey, sorry!  wordisthenics time is over for the morning. Will try to get back later in the day. Feel free to leave any (additional) classroom details in the Comments


TTOT -the Wakefield Doctrine- Special Friday Edition

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. At least they aren’t this time.1 This is that rarest of rarities, a Friday Wakefield Doctrine TToT post. There’s a reason (hell, I’m a clark, I always have a reason, even (especially) when I’m not correct.) At any rate, come join CS Lewis’ favorite grandniece Lizzi R here at the longest running, of the best of, the second bloghop that the Doctrine joined up with and celebrate the week past, by sharing your list of those things that sparked a feeling of gratitude2 in the past week3.

Lets get to it.

1)  That there is a Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

2) faux understanding, (though I will lay claim to a genuine sense of enjoyment and appreciation) of Latin phrases, to wit: ‘sine qua non‘ as this phrase (and many others that I’ve appropriated from the history and literature books, like the boy out to build his first fort in the woods, if it’s flat and not metal, then it will serve as siding and if it is metal but heavy, then it’s the perfect tool for hammering in nails, wood-screws, dowels and anything else that’s sticking out when it should be sticking in) as I struggle to express my thoughts in a way that will not be too confusing.

3) sine that fortunately is not non, is Item #1:  everyone’s favorite secret personality theory. It is central to my activities now, (and for the last 6 to 33 years ), particularly in my efforts at writing, here in the ‘sphere. (In the interests of padding my list, I will cite some of the more significant elements of my life that exists solely because of the Doctrine.)

4) Hey, y’all heard about the writing group I signed up with, right? Yeah! Doctrine’s posse be gettin’ large…. (well, yes, I am practicing my rhetorical skills, surely they’ll be impressed with my….er eclecticism and such. I did mention that the RWRI is a group of talented and published(!) writers of that interesting genre ‘Romance’, didn’t I? At present, in proper clarklike fashion, I’m looking up titles on my kindle from the various group members and reading like crazy. This is a perfect illustration of the non-discriminatory and totally non-practical approach that a clark takes to learning about a specific topic, I have very little memory for names and almost zero ability to match names with faces, the result will be that I’ll know about the plot of number of books written by member of the RWRI, at least on a excerpt level4 (“Well, no clark, that was Anita’s work, but thank you nevertheless! And, since you ask, while there are many sub-genres, including Regency and Inspirational, even Paranormal. I don’t think that anyone has established a Romance sub-genre that focuses on self-born computer entities.” )

5) At any rate, the group has a thing they do as part of the monthly meeting called, ‘Silent Critique’ … and guess what?  (yes, I do hear Cynthia and zoe in the distance going, ‘No. Way. !’ Yes way. Gots to blame and credit the Wakefield Doctrine for the …whatever that makes me raise my metaphoric hand (still in the back of the room, of course) and say, “I’ll do it.” So tomorrow I’ll be reading the 1st three pages of Chapter 1 of ‘Almira’. (wish me luck)

6) the photo at the top of the Post? Una is there, sitting in the window, I swear! Taken this morning as I walked back to the house after taking the garbage out (thats me in the cover photo), even knowing she was in the window there I could barely see her. But look closely for a couple of geometric shapes in the cent of the photo, those are her ears. Black on black with a reflection… easy to see!

7) Phyllis and her tree fort… like the old saying holds: “It’s not the things we do as much as how we feel about them that makes the matters.”

8) The funny thing about the Doctrine and all this writing and blogging and joining writers groups and sending out query letters to Literary Agencies, it’s all driven by my need to write the perfect Wakefield Doctrine post/book. My skills were marginal when I showed up in this place and Ive being paying the belated price of ignoring my English lessons in Grade School.

9) Featured Hostinae of the Week!!  Kristi Campbell!! Kristi, (or as her friends call her, ‘Kristi’) is not only a natural for the blogosphere, but she has a way about her that inspires the non-confident and intimidates the aggressively over-confident. One of the original co-hostinae of this here bloghop here, I met her back in the first bloghop I had the nerve to participate in, Finish the Sentence Friday which she co-hosts to even this day. She can be found on the Facebook, of course, but you need to go over to her site, Finding Ninee . It’s a perfect example of what kind of good things can happen when talented people use the tools of this virtual world. Go there, stress that bandwidth.

10) SR 1.3  New Readers?  check with our Curatoress of the BoSR/SBoR (and Mistress of the SGV), zoe she’ll totally give you the 411.



1) yeah, the worst thing about writing as a hobby is that the better you get, the more not-such-good-word-choices become apparent. fricken emails at work are taking me, like, 3 times as long to send!

2)  or things of a hypo-gratitude character, as the Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules) allows

3)  or anytime to forms on the screen, etch-a-sketch like as you type

4)  New Readers? have you found that you’re not only comfortable, but convincing, when you discuss a topic that you didn’t realize that you knew anything about and that the meager, bare-bones facts of a Cliff Notes bookette, with the proper insightful extrapolation can be effectively convincing?  well, hello clark!



the following is prompted entirely on the basis of how the weather looked today, nothing in the ‘real’ world otherwise to prompt it, such is the remarkable power of the song

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