TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- “0f road trips and music…step out of February”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

My other favorite bloghop, the Finish the Sentence Friday, is on ‘Photo Share’ in their rotating-themes cycle. So I thought… man, that was fun reminiscing and, seeing how I have the song in my head, lets stay with it.

Hey! Josie Two Shoes Sorry about dragging half the contents of my car’s back seat up the walk, onto the metaphorical porch and all… (A proper Grat List must start at the beginning  or ‘in principe incipere’, as they say at the roadside stops.)

I’ll let everyone have the fun of identifying the locations (where necessary) in some of the photos this week. They are all remnants of road trips past. They also, as I referenced in the Finish the Sentence Friday post yesterday, are, with a couple of exceptions, examples of the Rite of Hat. I have a link in my FTSF post yesterday that explains the Rite of Hat (based in part on the Treaty of Tordesillas) and everyone’s favorite personality theory.

1) (the blogosphere cause… well, you know!)

2) the Wakefield Doctrine (the extra piece to the puzzle that most clarks spend they lives searching for… ironic, how it, (the Doctrine and everything), is not really information or knowledge, at least, not merely information and knowledge. The missing puzzle piece appears to be the place we can get to when we have the ‘information and knowledge’ that is inherent in the Wakefield Doctrine.  ya know?)

3) something something

4) back to the Doctrine… so, you say, ‘sure that Wakefield Doctrine gives you the knowledge that allows you to better understand the world and the people in it. big deal… show me something impressive.’  video at the bottom of the page: me in a video. clarks are the archetypical photophobes.  (Wakefield Doctrine Guide to Identifying the Personality Types, Quik Tip #89: ‘at the summer get-together, family reunion? see a group of people clustering together for a group photo? the one taking the picture is your clark.)


5) Technology which allowed me to take video that accounts for Stanley Hotel trip (at the bottom)

7) {THIS GRAT SPACE AVAILABLE]  (Not yet comfortable writing a whole post? Still a bit self-conscious about coming up with a TToT post that people won’t laugh at ( er…have you looked around this post, here yet?!! lol)? Place your Grat in Comments and I’ll be happy to post it.

8) Sunday Supplement

9) Phyllis and Una (well, duh!)

10) Secret Rule 1.3








Photo Finish Phrydae -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the Wakefield Doctrine…on the Road in…Arizona!


Here we are again. Friday. That means only one thing, (blogistically-speaking), time to participate in (the) Finish the Sentence Friday bloghop. Hosted each week by Kristi and Kenya, this is the first of the bloghops I participated in when I took to exploring the virtual world. Times change and the format of this ‘hop is now an interesting rotating format, this week being the photo format.  Here, lets hear it from our hosts:

Hi all! We’re on this week (LIVE, tomorrow, Feb. 22 at 10pm eastern and open all weekend long) with Photo Share Friday. Simply share a photo, tell the story behind it, and link up with either Kenya or me.
Easy peasy, right? Hope to see you there!


So, about this here photo here.

Starting in 2010 (and ending in 2013), I had business meetings to attend in Dallas (in September) and Salt Lake City (In March). While the whole, ‘this is part of what is required to do your work’ thing was surely significant to my decision to attend, what actually motivated me to make these trips was… the Wakefield Doctrine. (yeah, I know. knock you over with a feather.) No… seriously, wait, I have a reasonable explanation.

At the time of the first trip in 2010, I’d been writing this blog for a year (started in Jun3 ’09 first Doctrine Field trip Sept11 ’10). The premise (jn regards to the business trips) was: demonstrate the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool for self-improving oneself. And so, as a clark, (with all attendant self-consciousness and fear of looking out-of-place and incompetent) I set out to see if’n I could use our little personality theory on myself. And…and! to prove I could bring myself to do the whole business-convention-rooms-full-of-rogers-and-youthful-enthusiasm-and-stand-in-reception-rooms-and-mixers-and-whatever-the-hell-other-Herdcentric-activities-a-real-estate-convention-can-concoct. I knew I could do it. Hell, I realized with the first post, the Wakefield Doctrine somehow made me willing to do all sorts of uncomfortable things in the name of getting the idea out. You know, writing blogs, chatting to strangers, ignoring grammar and other glaring newbifacs that were the hallmarks of my posts in my first few years.

The real goal was …could I have fun doing it?

Not so much with the convention-Herd-mingling part. Fortunately, there was something about getting the Wakefield Doctrine out there in the real world, literally and physically. The idea was to get a photo of me and my Wakefield Doctrine hat in front of as many people (and places and things) as possible. (This is referred to as ‘the Rite of Hat’. This link will take you to the first video from one of these trips. Adult language advisory (well, ‘adult’ in the sense of an F bomb, not in the sense of the speaker’s maturity lol)

Anyway. The photo above is me at Meteor Crater, Arizona. (I smiled and asked a total stranger if they didn’t mind taking the picture of me an my hat. Really!)

Salt Lake City (on business) flew to Phoenix (instead of directly home) rented a car, drove to Meteor Crater, Winslow (well, because, it’s got this corner and), onwards to the Petrified Forest. Whereupon I immediately got back in the car and returned to Phoenix. Flew home.

Fun. Self-improvement. Wakefield Doctrine.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Words and dreams, the bounds to earth maintained.’
Una has my back as I wrestle with them words and such…
(landscape orientation)
A bunch of natural brown things, blonde-brown oak floors in the middle left. Caramel-brown desk (with a plain, white sheet of paper) in the upper middle left and to it’s left a row of drawers in a brown that seems to want be darker than it is.
The right half of the photo has a truncated upper half of an exclamation point. That is the back of the chair I’m sitting in. (I’m that pale checker board shape, my shoulders distinguishable by their practiced slope).
To my left, Una sits upright regarding the camera. She is a tall, black triangle with two smaller triangles at the top and the hint of red tongue. Her front paws are beige, the rug underneath her is a beige, light brown.

This writing thing is an odd affair. As with so many endeavors available to us as humans, putting thoughts in words and those words ‘on paper’, can be a very different experience from one person to another. The thing of it is, writing isn’t simply merely a skill. Driving a car, hitting a tennis ball, mowing the lawn, those are ‘merely’ a skill. As with most skills, writing requires a commitment of considerable amounts of time. However, if the goal of this practice is more than being able to write a better email at work or a coherent set of instructions for household chores, it demands an emotional investment. The returns (on this investment) are manifold; not always what one might hope, nearly always more than one expects.

Una and the blogosphere are Grat Items: 1&2

The song I stumbled across (below)… odd. It’s one that initially is intriguing but, with repeated listens, becomes quite enjoyable. I will claim two grat items, as permitted in SR 893.2[para H]* (i.e. finding the song and being willing to take the chance with such selection.) Grat Items 2.5 and 3

4) Grateful for the Wakefield Doctrine in its way of (aiding, assisting, pushing) and otherwise tricking me along the path of self-improvement. The danger referred to (above) is the danger of finding something, in this case, the song, appealing and assuming others will agree (not like approval has ever been much of a prerequisite for Doctrine post, lol.) For whatever reason, I’ve the feeling that this choice labels me as overly sentimental in my taste in music this week. Not the first time thats happened, but for whatever reason, the self-consciousness is a touch higher. ah well, with growth comes change and change is, be definition, the unfamiliar. Not like this is a public place that I be trying out things, right? lol.

5) Phyllis. The evening before Valentine’s Day, Phyllis says, “Tomorrows Valentine’s Day. Do we do anything for that anymore?” To which I replied, “I don’t think so.” I followed that with, “If you bought a card for Una, I’d sign it.” We both laughed and one of said, “And a new bone…she’d enjoy that.”**

6) That darn Doctrine! Referenced a couple of times above. It’s fun and its helpful for anyone working on self-improving themselves.

7) FREE GRAT ITEM (Space Available INQUIRE in COMMENTS Section)

From Friend of the Doctrine, Cynthia:

“I would like to propose that I’m grateful for Saturday nite call-ins. It’s the greatest Q & A “radio” show evah! Haha. And I’m grateful for the upcoming spring weather. The crocus are peeking out, our tulip leaves are poking out of the ground by several inches! It’s almost here, friends! Haha.”

8) Josie Two Shoes. Not only working hard so that the light is always on here, but now, preparing the html that allows us to have the icons of all participants at the bottom of our posts. Fun to see, easy to use. Now you can click on the others and comment while playing whatever music vid I am inspired to inflict on visitors.

9) Sunday Supplement

10) SR 1.3

(the song clips off at the end, if you hit the > again, it will continue to completion)


*  Secret Rule 893.2[para H]*  which states, in part: “…[w]hen the Title says Ten Things of Thankful, but the math works better if a single item might count as two or in alia manu (‘on the other hand’) you need two items to compress into one, then the requirements stated, (in) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) carry the day (‘die portray’); one is permitted to do that, provided the writer concludes with a sincere and convincing argumentum ad populum. that and a picture of like, books and stuff…

** A word about buying Una a card (and a bone) for Valentine’s Day. She’s a dog. Of course she doesn’t know about Valentine’s Day. I’ll go so far as to say, she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. It has zero significance. She is our dog and Phyllis and me laughing at the thought of buying a card for a dog does matter to her. Very much. The three of us are a pack. We don’t always share the same tastes in things. We always enjoy the company of each other.



Sangfroid(al) Sentence Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

If you aren’t in a hurry and have read the line above the photo, you’ve all the warning you are going to be afforded. That’s not meant to be aggressive or adversarial or sound like I’m being a dick. It’s just that sometimes very often, in order for me to participate in a bloghop, particularly one in which the contributors are real people and possessed of considerable skills, well, I just have to give myself the slip.

Trust me, it’s better this way.

Where was I?

Finish The Sentence Friday. Kristi and Kenya and them are all over the Listicle thing. (jeez… I hope I have that right) I better cut ‘n paste the instructions and such.

Hi all! We’re on with the Listicle week of FTSF with “10 things that are better than anything except being in love.” The linkup will open up at 10pm tomorrow, Feb. 8 (eastern). Interpret as you see fit and join us! The party stays open through late Sunday evening so there’s plenty of time.
Write your listicle, and head over to Kenya‘s site at or mine at Hope to see you there

1) ‘List formats’ because, if you don’t have any content to start off, they’re real simple to outline. In fact, simply writing out the numbers (with parenthesizes and not letting the auto-format editor force you into meaningless indents), goes a long way to start the process.

2) Getting the first line written in a post. Ernest Hemingway, (not to be confused with Doug Henning) is believed to have said, ‘The first draft of anything is shit‘. That’s got to make you wonder what the first draft of that advice looked like.

3) To get way serious for a minute, if pressed for time, I could, in fact, list a number of things in my life that are ‘better than anything except being in love‘. The problem is that I participate in a weekend bloghop called the ‘Ten Things of Thankful’. It is a grat ‘hop and in it we list the things in our lives that elicit a feeling of gratitude. The problem with that is, I’m a clark. It’s not that clarks don’t have emotions, (or are not emotional), it’s just that we’re kinda the Ikea of the three personality types. You know, cleverly designed with a great finished look, some assembly required. We (clarks) have as large a capacity for emotion as scotts and rogers, we just don’t always read instructions real good and, like a RTA bed, if you’re in a hurry to use it, you don’t always end up with what you see in the picture on the box. Though you can sleep in it (or on it).

4) Hey! you know what I like? A bloghop that I curate called ‘the Gravity Challenge’‘. (It is such a clarklike bloghop! lol) It’s a weight gain/loss ‘hop. It serves an accountability function (that can be helpful in one’s efforts to self-improve-oneself). Simplicity itself. We send on photos of the readout on our scale every morning except Sunday. The cool thing is Kristi’s Rule. (Kristi Brierley is one of the charter members and when I suggested the idea of simply taking a photo, she added the element that makes the ‘hop effective… the photo can be all or part of the readout, either side of the decimal.) The point being, the participation is about change, not a set goal or number. It’s fun.

5) I will resist the temptation to list my other bloghops… wait, there’s only one other, zoe’s Six Sentence Story. It’s a fun exercise and perfect for my efforts at remedial composition. (God, if only I paid attention in high school English instead of trying to learn the lead riff to ‘Sunshine of My Love’… hell, by now I’d be…)

6) The halfway point in any List-format bloghop is totally one of my favorite things. (Perhaps a far distant second to being in love… my definition of which, given the demographic ’round here, I’m totally loathe to reveal. It’s not just being a clark. It’s being from Y Chromia. A mystical land where all good efforts are rewarded with loud noises and un-conditional admiration.)

7) I should return to the issue of clarks and emotion.  Maybe not. clarks reading this know what I mean. scotts and rogers will also know, provided they have significant secondary clarklike aspects. (the Doctrine maintains that while we are the personality type that reflects one personal reality (that of the Outsider, the Predator or the Herd Member), we have the potential of secondary and tertiary aspects. As an example, I’m a clark which means I should not be hitting ‘Publish’ on this post. I have a secondary scottian aspect, and so I have known to, in certain circumstances, run up and get in people’s faces and shout, ‘Hey!’)

8) I suspect any number of people here will have listed ‘family’ (and individual family components) by now in their respective lists. And that is as it should be. I, for one, read Dana’s posts and think… ‘See, clark? A post can be organized and logical and coherent and still convey genuine heartfelt emotion.’ Or the great ‘look at the photos and I will tell you a tale that launches from there’ of Tamara, or the personal journal directness of Kenya (where you feel the elements of her life that she shares). Janine, well, Janine is probably the longest-standing commenter here at the Doctrine (don’t hold that against her).   No, don’t even get me started on Kristi Campbell... When I first snuck in the FTSF, she not only didn’t rat me out, she made me feel like I could relax. (Unfortunately she also wrote blogposts that, as I read, inspired visuals of my computer (trailing the keyboard) flying out my windows and crashing into a million pieces on the deck. But I somehow didn’t.)

9) For me, however, (with my clarklike appreciation for the ‘real’ world) when it comes to family, (Phyllis and Una), I go to the things, the features in the world that they have formed and created and even, remodeled. This photo is not simply of a woman, a dog and a treehouse. It is a representation of the part of my reality that is pretty damn amazing.

10) Speaking of pretty amazing. Here is a photo of Ola. She was the best thing that ever happen to me.


Phinish the Photo Pfriday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Today we join Kristi and Kenya at the newly revamped Finish the Sentence Friday bloghop. The primary change was to provide a different ‘theme’ or prompt, each week. There’s a chart out there that Kristi put on the group’s page on ‘the Facebook’. It tells one what needs to be done, wordistically-speaking.

So this week it’s… (hold on, let me do a copy paste)

Finish the Sentence Friday is a link-up where writers and bloggers come together to share their themselves with a particular prompt (different formats each week of the month). If you’d like to participate, join our Facebook group. Link up your prompts below! Please no “link dumping.” If you include a link, comment on other posts.


Photo Share Friday – share a photo and share the story behind it.


The story behind the photo.

This photo is, in a very real, yet quite imaginary sense, my very own: Wardrobe (CS Lewis), Tornado (L Frank Baum) Rabbit Hole (Lewis Carroll). The people in the photo are the namesakes of the central idea that brought me to the virtual world: the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

The Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective on the world and the people around us. It is easy to learn, fun to use and available only to those with the kind of curiosity that welcomes new ideas and the intellect to permit major league suspension of disbelief.

The people in the photo? They are the people from which we derive the three personality types1 of the Wakefield Doctrine. Before we go any further, I will state un-equivocally: the Wakefield Doctrine is gender, age and culture neutral. As it happened, the people around which the concept of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers took form were three guys by the name(s): clark, scott, roger.

As with any personality type schema, the names are markers, the characteristics of the three types is where the fun (and usefulness) are at.

I’m thinking, ‘OK, the instructions for this week are clear enough, ‘share a photo and share the story behind it’. Do they mean the story of how the photo came to exist or do they want to know what the photo represents, symbolizes or simply ‘why this photo’.

Gotta go with Door Number Three.

You know how all those personality type systems with their clever little surveys and tests and all are so much fun to take and even more fun to share? “”Honey? Come here, there’s this Quiz on the Facebook, it so has you down to a ‘T'”.  The Wakefield Doctrine is exactly like that, except different.

Being a perspective, rather than a thing, the purpose, use and value of the Wakefield Doctrine is aid us in our efforts to better understand the world and people around us. The Doctrine approaches this by challenging us to discover how a person is relating themselves to the world around them. It (does this) by proposing that we all experience the world, to a small but certain extent, on a personal basis. This is referred to as a ‘worldview’. The theory holds that we are, all of us, born with the potential to experience the world (and, very importantly), grow up and develop in one of three worldviews, that of the Outsider(clarks), the Predator(scotts) or the Herd Member(rogers). At a very early age we end up in one and develop our coping strategies appropriate to the character of that worldview.

“But! But what the heck does this have to do with CS Lewis or, for that matter, the blogosphere? What about that?”

Guess I should describe the path from a chance insight in 1981 and typing today’s post.
In the summer of 2009, I was driving around with a friend talking about life, reality and ‘the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers’. For whatever reason, I said, ‘This theory is so true and so much fun, I got to do something more with it’. My friend replied, ‘I agree and, in my work in counseling, I do in fact use the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers at times. But the name is not good, too college dorm. You need a better name.’ I then said, ‘Alright then. From now on it’s the Wakefield Doctrine.’ He laughed, ‘That’s an excellent name. What are you going to do with this Wakefield Doctrine?’ I replied, ‘Well, I guess I need to start a blog. Let the world know all about it.’

The weird part? Until that Saturday evening, my opinion of blogs and bloggers was the rather typical, ‘Sure, now what makes you think that you have anything to say on this blog that anyone would care to read? What you had for breakfast? Maybe your opinion on the state of the world! Yeah, right.’ The thing is, with the decision came a passion that I cannot recall experiencing before, at least not in public and in the daytime. I found that writing posts was the opposite of work. I couldn’t wait to start the next one.

Now the really weird part. I didn’t change. I was still a clark. (I will leave the fun of discovering the full implications of that statement to new Readers). Suffice to say, all of my insecurities, fear of scrutiny, fear of looking like an idiot, fear of meeting people, all stopped existing in the context of writing this here blog here. Seriously. I found a strength (I already used the ‘passion word’) that not only had me going beyond my lifetime-accepted limitations, I enjoyed doing everything and anything I could to get the story of the Wakefield Doctrine out to as many people and readers as I could. This ‘everything’, included joining my first bloghop. Yep! Finish the Sentence Friday (and the Facebook) was a threshold I crossed that brought me into contact with many I still value as friends.

…the actual photo? Taken in the mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park on the shores of Long Island Sound in the town of Waterford, Connecticut.

Guess that says it all. The photo I’m sharing this particular Friday explains how it is I’m here sharing this photo.

1) hey! I was down here getting ready to disclaimer whatever it was I thought I should, to head-off any criticism of ‘over-reaching’ or ‘being silly’ with the terms I use to describe the Doctrine. You know, something to the effect that ‘this is all based on anecdotal evidence and does not claim status as…’ then it struck me, ‘Well, duh, clark. Give the readers some credit, why don ‘cha?’ Ain’t a chi square, distribution analysis or bell curve within fifty metres* of your blog.’
I thank you, future Readers, for reminding me to stay with what makes this Wakefield Doctrine so unique and fun… the fun and uniqueness of it!

* lol, sorry, couldn’t resist