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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Shake is the word of the week.

By word, I mean ‘prompt word’. (By prompt word, I mean the nucleus (actual or figurative) of a story of six and exactly six sentences)

By week, I mean every Thursday zoe hosts the Six Sentence Story bloghop.

This is one of them.*


“You wanna stay upright, here at Parchman Farm, you best learn to keep your head down and your heart with Jesus.”

The words passed down the line of men. Like a lost species, drawn back to a life-giving ocean, they waded through the shallows of dust that rose and covered a hundred worn and tired feet, “You keep shakin’ your head when the bossman talkin’, you ain’t never gonna see your family.”

In the griddle-flat bottomlands of the Delta, the Mississippi dawn was slow to burn away the cool green of the eastern horizon; like a young drunk, it spent its anger first thing in the morning, not caring about how long the day would be, confident it had more heat than the earth could absorb.

The line of men from Camp 11, pulled back to the fields by invisible threads that bound them to the endless scattering of white cotton bolls, spent their days, backs bent, dragging 11 foot sacks that clung to them like burlap tumors. As the cool of the dawn faded, a song grew quietly, not rising enough to be heard by the men on the horses that rode the day, “Judge gimme life this morn’in, Down on Parchman Farm.”**





* For whatever reason, Parchman Farm lodged itself into my brain this week and the internet being the wonderful thing that it is, I came to having an impression of the place that wouldn’t let go and so, zoe’s wonderful bloghop being the entertaining and instructive writing exercise that it can be, I decide to write me a prison six

** ‘Parchman Farm’, Bukka White (1940)



Six Hundred Character Word Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-…

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the scene from my office window: 4 lane highway running right to left in the foreground, framed by my window. across the road a triangular building and to the right of that, a strip mall. top half is blue sky with grey and white clouds

This is Wednesday and that, up there, the title? Totally a Wednesday title. The thing is, I like to get started on writing my Six Sentence Story on Wednesday, even knowing that, the chances are, whatever I write here will not end up be my official entry. It’s just helpful (to me) to have words on the page before the deadline. Like walking through the door to a party or meeting that’s mostly strangers. You see someone you know, and, even if you can’t stand ’em, you’re like, ‘thank god, someone who I can pretend I’m talking to.’

(“Yes, you, down in front. You have a question?  Why don’t I just start on the Six Sentence Story and finish it before Thursday morning? Good question. Sometimes I do. But not that often, as my writing time seems to be the morning, as opposed to the afternoon or evening.”)

I have the word. The prompt word. It’s the kernel, it’s the essence of inspiration, the nascent glimmer of a beautiful scene, up ahead in the near, far distance. Our host zoe, trusting her sense of the sublime, scouring the dictionaries from seven continents to find the perfect word to start us on an incredible writing adventure. And the word? Well, the…

“The word is….. chicken.”

“Am not!”

“I think ya are.”

“Well, you just wait.”

“I am waiting.”

“Hold on, gimme a minute…ok watch this.”

(“Please stay on the line, what is the nature of your emergency.”)



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…agents provocatrice

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Sure, everyone in the ‘sphere, will, from time to time, write a post because of a cool-sounding word (or phrase). In this case, ‘agents provocatrice‘. I came across the term, (the feminine of agent provocateur), while wandering the the internet in search of information, (biographical and otherwise), on the characters in my current book, ‘Home and Heart’

Well, since you asked, while the ‘Everything Rule’ reminds us that clarks, scotts and rogers are capable of being agents provocateurs (and provocatriceses), we’d all agree that our Brethren of the Herd, rogers, would be inclined to be the most effective agents.

New Readers are saying, “Wait, what? How can he make that statement! We need to know how that conclusion was arrived at, and we need to know now!”


We have the ‘Everything Rule’ because there are certain elements of life that seem to be made for one worldview* over the other two. You know, being a CPA or a surgeon, a politician (actually two are suited, scotts and rogers, depends on whether the politician in question is exciting or inspiring), elementary school teachers, girls gym teachers, cooks, chefs, priests or carpenter (finish or rough, another double choice); while this is just a sampling of careers and avocations that life offers, it’s easy to be taken by how many are an ideal fit for one worldview over the other. Nevertheless, a clark can be a cop, a roger could be a stripper (one gender**: totally, the other…no way!) and a scott is capable of being a priest.

While the nature of the worldview of any of the three might result in personal qualities, traits, strengths, tropisms and interests that make success more likely for one (than the other two), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. And, since I’m trying to keep this post short, let me point out that that last sentence describes the foundation of the Wakefield Doctrine. It is our efforts as individuals to contend with the reality that we grow up in, that produce our ‘personality types’. I am good at being odd, mumbling when I speak, dressing creatively and seeing things that are not always there, because I grew up in the reality of the Outsider. I wasn’t born this way. I had to develop these skills to make it, as best I could, given my circumstance. My scottian friends are very quick to respond, loud and comfortable in front of an audience, totally aggressive and don’t seem to be bothered by not necessarily knowing what the hell they’re doing, only because, as little tiny babies, they looked up and found themselves in a (metaphorical) savannah with predators and prey all around. My rogerian friends? lol If you ask them, they’ll tell you that they are the way they are because that’s the only way a person could be. And they’re be right, (god! they’re always right…lol. I kid my rogers). They, as children grew and developed the interactional skills, coping strategies that were most effective in a world where there were Rules, (to learn or ignore) and Limits (to be exceeded or hidden) and, most of all, a place where people belonged.

Thats why we don’t have quizzes and profiles, tests and screenings.*** It doesn’t matter what you think your personality type is. What matters, all that matters, is ‘how you relate yourself to the world around you’.

Speaking of today! Two, (not one, two!) Chapters of ‘Home and Heart‘ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel) are out on the jukepop! Hurry over, theres still time! (Ask the reader who came late to ‘Almira‘ what I mean. lol “oh! I see you’ve already written 33 Chapters! And, they’re, what 3800 words each? I’ll get back to you.”)  Heck! this, the second of the Sister Margaret Ryan series, is much easier to read. Come on down! I could use the votes. (jukepop  has a system of comment and vote)  Here are the links:

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Thank you.


*what others might call ‘personality types’. We don’t. Because, well, because we’re better than they are. At least in terms of having elements, (to our theory), that can be used for self-benefitting yourself, even if you don’t use the whole thing.

**never hurts to remind Readers, new and experienced, alike, the Wakefield Doctrine is gender and culture neutral (sure, go ahead and ask me how that can possible be)

*** actually we do, but only because one of our scottian friends insisted. lol


oh yeah! almost forgot #wakefielddoctrine (thanks, Cynthia!)


-the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘I replace the broken keyboard and the first thing I post is a ‘re-print’!?! who’s a clark? lol

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yes, I did buy a new keyboard. That means…. it’s ok to make mistakes because I have a delete key once again. lol  no, seriously …. I can!

Today is, of course, Valentines Day and being a High Faux Holiday in the Ecclesiastical Calendar of Hallmark, I naturally thought to write a post. Trouble is, I’ve been writing this blog since 2009. I may have written myself out. (The one saving grace: since I’ve been writing about the Doctrine since July 2009, I’ve been doing little else, (‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing.’) Maybe something has happened in my life in the intervening 5 or 6 years that I haven’t discovered yet! oh boy!)

Anyway. I need to work on the final Chapters of ‘Almira‘ so here’s a Post from 2012, titled:

“St Valentine, was he a roger or was he a clark…the Wakefield Doctrine deals with the important questions of the day.”*

no, it's ok! I'm a Saint

“No, it’s ok! I’m a Saint.”

St Valentines is the worst, most contrived and cynical, gyno-centric guy-bait(ing), toy-with-the-emotions-of-innocent-bystanders, holiday on the whole damn calendar. Of course we are all familiar with the origin of the holiday and the internet is positively turgid with countless blogs, and stories and articles that tell us all about Hallmark and the candy industry and the rest of the sordid tale of this day in February. I will not try to compete with these other more skilled and capable Commentators ( and -torinis), as I do not have the time or the ‘writing chops’ to do such a ripe topic justice. Instead, let me tell you about my most lasting memory of Valentines Day.

Third grade, parochial school (St. Imelda) and a classroom of 25 students. The boys were required to wear blue shirts and blue ties with OLM printed on the front, fortunately ‘clip-on ties’ had been invented by this time, so easy-peasy; the girls wore the catholic school uniform, i.e. plaid skirts white shirt, socks. damn, little did I realize at that pre-pubescent time of my life how potent that little Roman Catholic Church fashion dictates would become for me and countless other men at a later stage of life.
So with much fanfare, Valentine’s Day arrives and we 9-year-old boys and girls are told that in the afternoon, before the end of the school day, we would have time to deliver our Valentine cards to each other. ( The day before we spent ‘Art Period’ making little baskets out of construction paper and taping them to the front of our desks. These would serve as ‘mailboxes’ for the cards we would receive the next day).
The thing was, the horrible twist to this introduction to the world of love, relationships and rejection was that, the time when class stopped and we were allowed to get up and deliver our little cards was not the end of the school day! It was right after lunch… and it lasted 15 or 20 minutes…as in ‘ now return to your desks and we will continue with the afternoon’ classes’. To sit for 90 minutes staring at the contents of the container on the front of my desk… I will leave it to the Reader to decide the emotional landscape of that afternoon on a February 14th.

Anyone out there not comfortable with finishing the story, or satisfied with their conclusion of this little tale, write us a Comment! Regular Readers Students of the Doctrine know that the rogers gave the biggest cards, the scotts received the most cards and the clarks delivered the most cards(….secretly without the recipient ever knowing who the really fun card came from.)

Now I better get back to work, before I get in trouble.


*edited for content and times**

** as in, ‘to account for the experience of (the) reality during which the events forming the subject of the post actually occurred and the effect of the passing time since, and it’s effect on the author.

ok, Back to Almira and the story of two girls growing up a lifetime apart but meeting once before parting.


Friday Quickie -the Wakefield Doctrine- “as soon as our scottian readers stop laughing, we will begin”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


You wanna know one of the most fun things about the Wakefield Doctrine? A post like this. Which is being written because I was sitting around this morning, after shoveling the driveway and talking to Phyllis about something that I had to do at work. I made the statement ‘clarks live with fear, in a reality characterized by fear’. ok, fair enough (and accurate, as well). Then Phyllis, who is a roger with a significant secondary clarklike aspect and is very well-versed in the Doctrine, said, “and rogers worry.”

We both laughed that special laughter that celebrates co-discovery of something new and good, not funny laughing but ‘yeah! you see it too?’

…and I said, “scotts live in panic

And the Doctrine insight was complete, ‘clarks exist in fear, rogers worry and scotts live in panic.’

Ain’t it cool?

(New Readers: word about the insights afforded by the Doctrine. The core element to the Wakefield Doctrine being an effective tool is that it’s all about perspective. We maintain that perspective is, for all intents and purposes, reality. Further, we say, if you can accept that and then imagine the world as the other person is experiencing it. then you have one more perspective on life and the world than when you started. And more perspective is better than less. The rest of the Doctrine is the real fun. Think of it as describing the world to another person by singing metaphors. the words are not important, the literal definition totally does not matter, just the fact that it feels right when you say it. And…and!, the other person can pick up the ‘tune’ and follow along, or as happened with Phyllis this morning, as has happened in the past with Friends of the Doctrine, she picked up the melody and found the next phrase.)

Try it.


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