TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (“kitchen sink? I believe we have that between Items … and the aisle near the checkout”)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I’m borrowing from the approach I take when writing a post for zoe’s Six Sentence Story bloghop, i.e. that the most effective way to write something (a post, a story, a book or a blogpost), is to already be writing something. In the hope that what you write is something like what you’d set out…to….write.

This is, of course, the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop. Each week Josie invites one and all to share those things (or people) (or events) (or anything else) that elicit a sense of gratitude. It’s an exercise that is exceptionally varied in format, both in (how) one might express it, as well as how we experience (the effects of) participation.
(In the Wakefield Doctrine we have a thing called, ‘the Everything Rule’. In a nutshell (ha ha zoe), the Everything Rule says, ‘everyone does everything, at one time or another’. Of course, the context is the Wakefield Doctrine with it’s three worldviews (aka personality types). What gave rise to ‘the Everything Rule’ was that people sometimes would say, ‘hey! that’s a thing that a clark would do’ or, ‘isn’t that kind of job only for scotts‘. We’d look and say, “No! clarks, scotts and rogers (i.e. everyone) can do anything the other can, it’s how that thing manifests for the individual that is important”.  ex: A clark and a scott and a roger can all go to a restaurant for dinner (together). fine. ‘going to a restaurant for dinner’ is a different experience for each of the three.)

Enough of the personality theory! the Everything Rule has an application to the TToT, (imo), in a similar way. How we experience this exercise can be different for each of us, how we benefit, (from participation), can be different for each of us. However, the common factor is the state/condition of thankfulness. same but different.

Boy! Am I glad the TToT isn’t a live-reading event…. the wind coming off the swinging exit doors would be gale force by this point in my presentation! lol

Item 1:

That there is, here at the TToT, the sense that the only requirement, (or ‘Rule’ if one chose to be provocative), is ‘good intent’. To hold that the sharing of one’s experience of gratitude, in whatever manner or form, as being something to be given without a secret (or overt) quid pro quo.

Item 2:

That, by our participation, we create a place, if only for a few days each week, where there is a common spirit (or to put it in more Y Chromistic terms: “hey! lemme tell you about what I think happened that made me grateful, then I totally wanna hear what happened to you.”)

Item 3: Phyllis and Una

Item 4: the gift (for today) of being able to walk and talk, pick up objects and move about, at will.

Item 5: the internet, as I experience it, including, but not limited to: zoe’s Six Sentence Story, the Gravity Challenge, Finish The Sentence and the other ‘places’ here in the ‘sphere

Item 6: the Wakefield Doctrine, (for the perspective it makes available and (it’s) challenge to see the world as the other person is experiencing it)

Item 7: the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) which, in part, includes ‘Items of Hypo-Gratitude’, defined as those things that are really aggravating, but, if we can just put a little distance between us, really isn’t the mountainous tragedy that it may seem at the time. Conditions necessary to cite hypo-gratudiness items: ‘ya gotta know that at the end of the day, it’s just a part of life’

Item 8: Sister Margaret Ryan.  The hero(ine) of my first completed novel, ‘Blogdominion‘ is back. At least she will be, in the second book, ‘Home and Heart’. This will be another in the series that I’ve decided to refer to as, ‘nun noir’. Sister Ryan will be back at Jukepop (Jukepop motto: ‘ if you’re gonna write War and Peace, do it in serial format, that way by the time the reader notices, they’ll be hooked by the characters’) Hoping to have Chapter One ready this weekend. Sign up for an email link or just say, ‘hey send me them chapter links!’

Item 9: (to be determined*) (…while we wait for me to come up with something odd, but hopefully interesting,  Hey! Kerry!! Any travel stories from your Mexico trip to help a brother out?…  (thank you!).)

Item 10: SR 1.3  (new Readers? this, SR 1.3, is one of the most user friendly of the famous (or infamous) Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules), which, despite the name, is totally available to any and all participants of the TToT.  (‘Book of Secret Rules motto: ‘hey! that sounds reasonable! just be sure to use faux legal (‘faux legal’) terms like, ‘in part’, ‘including but not limited to’, ‘loco parentis’, and, while you’re at it, a couple of ibid(s), op.cit and [t]otally non-sensical punctuation.  It’s fun and totally useful. Need an explanation for a grat item you think might puzzle the other TToTeers?  BoSR/SBoR!! (or, you can just say, ‘well, that guy at that Wakefield Doctrine blog assured me that is would be alright and, though a little odd, seemed harmless enough…’)




Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘(an) answer to yesterday’s question’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


So yesterday we had a post that in part posed a question to Readers. And, as is the way of this here blog here, the process of answering was both the clue to the answer and confirmation of the underlying assumption. (No! wait!! scott.… I’ll get things moving… just let me set up the premise… then music videos and excitement!! I promise!)


I think I’ll settle for a quiz that’s as close to a personality assessment as you’re going to encounter here at the Wakefield Doctrine):

    • When you woke up this morning, did you feel good/scared/confident that today would be a good day in ‘the world out there’? If that sounds at all reasonable, go stand over there… no, there are others already in that section of the gym, you’ll see them when you get there.
    • When you woke up this morning, did you get up? ok… amuse yourself while I deal with the last group of personality types. Sure, anywhere will be fine.
    • When you woke up this morning, (well, lets rephrase that to ‘when you transitioned from quiet concern to active concern), did you feel that although you might describe yourself as confident, you will swear in a court of law that the world makes sense if you just work hard enough at understanding it. If you don’t find that description of the start of the average day totally un-reasonable, don’t go anywhere… stay here in the middle of the crowd of participants

There you have it! The three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine!

How do you know which you are?

To which our friend Cynthia Sageleaf commented:

“Hmm…when I woke up this morning, I thought, man, I DON’T want to get up…I just want to stay warm and let that world out there just do its thing while I do my thing (reading, writing, contemplate) right here. lol”

So, New Readers? Cynthia is a clark* by her own admission. Now in her comment, she gives us clues to understand why the choice she made (from among the three) is the clarklike choice. Do you know what that is?

Hey! We’re not so much into the ‘Tell us the answer and we’ll tell you if you’re wrong or right’ here at the Doctrine. That being said, many of us enjoy the challenge of ‘getting it right’. Far be it from us to deny that self-affirmation that prompts that hand to shoot up in the back of the class…”I know this one!! I know! Call on me.”

So lets compromise! This is being posted in the morning. I’ll follow-up in the afternoon with a continuation of the discussion of the implications of Cynthia’s Comment. Since we’re kinda ‘open book’ in our quizzes here, if you want to ask Cynthia directly, go to her site ‘Intuitive and Spiritual’ and ask her. She is totally happy to help.

Be sure to come back this afternoon!!


OK it’s afternoon, in an early-evening sort of way. Thanks to Valerie for commenting (and thereby reminding me that I needed to finish this post).

So, the key element to the ‘quiz’ is the notion of the world as being ‘out there’. Not, ‘out there’ in the sense of, ‘oh man, clark, you’re really kinda getting out there with this personality theory’ but more ‘out there’ as in ‘separate from the person making the observation’. aka the Outsider. Of the three, clarks are the ones most comfortable with the notion that the world, reality, the girl in the checkout line at the Stop n Shop and your favorite nail technician at ‘Plenty Pretty Salon’ are in a place that is not where we are. We wake up and consider the world out there and decide how best (or if at all) we can deal with it. rogers and scotts tend not to make a distinction between themselves and a planet full of people, nephews, dogs, old movies and serious religion. They are a part of, on a pre-conscious level. clarks, it is said, can believe anything because we don’t believe in anything. (that is a deliberately provocative expressing of the notion that if there is always possibility, there can never be certainty.)

ya know?

(Since I did promise our scottian friends a music video):


*  btw one of the few Rules around here has to do with designating a worldview to a person. It’s up to you to determine which of the three is your predominant worldview, and therefore, your personality type. No one has any authority to say, “You are a (fill in the blank) get used to it!” That does not mean that we can’t talk about another person’s worldview, but it’s the height of gauche to discuss someone’s worldview when they are standing right there, unless, of course, they invite discussion. aiight? Cynthia has stated publicly that she is a clark.


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘take seven!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Another Thursday slips and slides towards us, a drunken elephant accidentally delivered to the ice fields of the Canadian Northwest rather than the arid savannahs of Equatorial Botswana, it’s only consolation being the 180 proof amnesia that will welcome the pachyderm, bruised knees and sore trunk on the following morning.

Ahem! sorry for the odd warm-up. This is, of course, zoe’s Six Sentence Story. The Six Sentence Story bloghop is where each week, our host, zoe, offers a prompt word and invites us to write a story, six sentences in length. It’s fun. You should try it?


The cast iron sink was old and it was nearly empty. The years showed in the worn enamel, now the ancient pale of an attic-baked newspaper, its original self not entirely covered in ink-bled words. The pitted chrome faucet aimed it’s perfectly formed drops at the bullseye of the drain, a dark sun, shiny edged with a pale green halo. An empty can of Campbell’s Vegetable Beef Soup, its thin metal top tipped at an angle, the lid of a toilet frozen in nearly-open/ almost-banging-shut position, sat to the right of the drain, silent witness to the single drop deluge. Suspended beneath the long, smooth neck of the faucet, like a lifeboat stuck between a massive ship and the stormy sea, was a wire-frame basket, a red and blue dishrag strangled itself, lengths of rough-smooth cloth hanging limply over the sides.

Leaning against the sink’s voluptuously rounded edge, the young man felt the touch of warm flesh against his back and resolved, in the eternally sincere desperation of morning, to find the path that would allow ‘what might be’ to have equal footing next to ‘what probably would be’.



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “the second best day of the week for school lunch (not hamburger fricassee, but close!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(not everyone may know this, but that red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation... read all about in 'Blogdominion'

(not everyone may know this, but that red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation… read all about in ‘Blogdominion

Lets discuss religion.

lol  wait! come back!  no, serially, I won’t say anything bad!  Well, I’m only speaking for myself, my secondary scottian aspect hardly ever listens when I try to advise moderation. But, hey, what are ya gonna do?

For the sake of brevity and to leave me time this morning to work on the final edit of Chapter 40 of ‘Almira‘, following is a reprint (of a reprint) of a Post from a couple of years ago.

We say with complete authority/certainty/confidence that the Wakefield Doctrine never challenges or otherwise criticizes (an) individual’s religious beliefs, unless it forms the basis of a really good Post. But since you raised the question, lets look at what the Wakefield Doctrine tells us about religion and it’s appeal to each of the three personality types.

When it comes to religion and the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine, the answer boils down to two words: rogers! It is not just that rogers are the personality type that is drawn to religion, they are/is the one who invented it! The link between the rogerian personality type and religion is so strong as to form the foundation of the description of the rogerian worldview.

As we do know, it is integral to the rogerian worldview there be organised religion. This is true simply because rogers have the need not only to establish rules and order for everyone, but to have these rules posess a degree of moral imperative that can only derive from a deity or deities

Simply put, rogers are religious, clarks are spiritual and scotts… well, that’s kind of a long story…  no! not a bad thing, it’s just that for scotts religion and spirituality are more about the features of the environment and therefore can be good or bad.

If rogers have the baseline lock on organised religion, where does that leave our other two personality types?

clarks?, they’re easy! clarks believe in the unbelievable. Unfortunately this capacity prevents them from ever having complete faith in anything. In regards to religious dogma, clarks will give convincing lip service, particularly the clarklike females (who have a slight edge over their male counterparts in terms of protective coloration); a clarklike female, especially one with a family unit, will conform to the local norms for religious activities. But the odds are, even these devoutly religious clarkmoms will be filling their downsprings heads with all sorts of apostolic nonsense at random points in their upbringing. If backed into a corner, most clarks will confess to a definite spiritual tropism, but you better have a thesaurus and a comfortable chair nearby! If you read the page on clarks, one of the primary characteristics of this type is the love of knowledge…useful knowledge…useless knowledge, knowledge for good and knowledge to anger people, does not matter to your typical clark. So as to organised religion, lets put the clarks in the woman’s auxiliary section.

scotts now, they totally relate to religion, even organised religion! scotts relate to the ‘product’/ the result/ the ‘output’, if you will, of organised religion. (Ed note: this section is written more to the male scott, though not inappropriate, as the Doctrine is gender neutral, it might leave a new Reader with the impression that all scotts will view religion simply as an opportunity, as opposed to a skill, which in the case of the female scott, it can be… I’ll leave the bullet-points in place, but check back for a Post on the scottian female and her pack.)
Back in my parent’s day, there was a ‘restaurant’ called The Automat, it was sort of cool for us suburban kids in the early 60’s to hear about a restaurant that was totally mechanised. (This was all pre-fast food as we know it today). The Automat’s ‘hook’, was to offer a variety of choices of foods to customers with no intermediary such a waiter or waitress, everything there was available and purely the choice of the hungry customers.
….Throughout history, organised religions have basically served as Automat for scotts.

Aight… enough with the free-form, echolistic rambling.

Final thought this Tuesday: rogers provide structure, scotts push and clarks create…. all in the name of god.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘only 5 Days until Winter is over!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


No, serially, I mean it! Winter is finally coming to a close. In a week, the days will be getting longer. Slowly, of course, minutes a day but there will be more daylight on the 22nd of December than on the 21st.

That is my number 1 Grat Item: winter’s dying of the light is reversed for another year.

Item 2: Lizzi who sent us a Christmas card. photos:

20161216_183004  20161216_183021

thats Lizzi’s card on the window in the first shot and in the second that her’s right dead center. Observant friends of Lizzi will notice something odd about the card. I will leave it to you to discover the semi-puzzle. One hint: Phyllis (who manages the Christmas cards….and lights…and decorations…and tree… lol) is a roger.

Item 3: Phyllis and Una. Una is an excellent watch dog. In evidence, the following video:


4) Hypo-gratiudinous Item: frickin snow today. Even as I type, the frozen water falls to the ground like tears of a child, at once powerless in the face of youth and inexperience, insisting (as some clarks and a few rogers) that what we believe should be, should, in fact, be. And so too, the opposite. Snow is like that for me.

5) I’m grateful for getting that out of my system. (SR 2.3 chap:6 para.8, states, in part: “should the creation of a list, while assuring a more positive outlook on reality in the forward process of time, not be sufficient to excise negative emotions, items of hypo-gratitude, framed in the overarching context of this exercise, can, in some cases be effective; thumbing of noses and middling of fingers, while often effective, is to be discourage…[sec.1.5: except when it feels good to do so]’

6) ‘Almira’  too bad the book is so giant (this week will see the publishing of Chapter 37 ayiee!) So let me recommend some Chapters, if you’re in the mood for reading something really fun but the thoughts of opening the first page to what surely is a 300 page book (were it printed).  Try:  Chapter 9 , Chapter 11 or Chapter 29
oh yeah  don’t forget to Vote at the bottom of each Chapter!

7) Una enjoys the snow (being a dog, Una makes the best of everything in her world)

8) Something something

9) (still fricken snowing…. )

10) SR 1.3


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