Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “the second best day of the week for school lunch (not hamburger fricassee, but close!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(not everyone may know this, but that red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation... read all about in 'Blogdominion'

(not everyone may know this, but that red building in Chicago? World Headquarters for the Omni Corporation… read all about in ‘Blogdominion

Lets discuss religion.

lol  wait! come back!  no, serially, I won’t say anything bad!  Well, I’m only speaking for myself, my secondary scottian aspect hardly ever listens when I try to advise moderation. But, hey, what are ya gonna do?

For the sake of brevity and to leave me time this morning to work on the final edit of Chapter 40 of ‘Almira‘, following is a reprint (of a reprint) of a Post from a couple of years ago.

We say with complete authority/certainty/confidence that the Wakefield Doctrine never challenges or otherwise criticizes (an) individual’s religious beliefs, unless it forms the basis of a really good Post. But since you raised the question, lets look at what the Wakefield Doctrine tells us about religion and it’s appeal to each of the three personality types.

When it comes to religion and the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine, the answer boils down to two words: rogers! It is not just that rogers are the personality type that is drawn to religion, they are/is the one who invented it! The link between the rogerian personality type and religion is so strong as to form the foundation of the description of the rogerian worldview.

As we do know, it is integral to the rogerian worldview there be organised religion. This is true simply because rogers have the need not only to establish rules and order for everyone, but to have these rules posess a degree of moral imperative that can only derive from a deity or deities

Simply put, rogers are religious, clarks are spiritual and scotts… well, that’s kind of a long story…  no! not a bad thing, it’s just that for scotts religion and spirituality are more about the features of the environment and therefore can be good or bad.

If rogers have the baseline lock on organised religion, where does that leave our other two personality types?

clarks?, they’re easy! clarks believe in the unbelievable. Unfortunately this capacity prevents them from ever having complete faith in anything. In regards to religious dogma, clarks will give convincing lip service, particularly the clarklike females (who have a slight edge over their male counterparts in terms of protective coloration); a clarklike female, especially one with a family unit, will conform to the local norms for religious activities. But the odds are, even these devoutly religious clarkmoms will be filling their downsprings heads with all sorts of apostolic nonsense at random points in their upbringing. If backed into a corner, most clarks will confess to a definite spiritual tropism, but you better have a thesaurus and a comfortable chair nearby! If you read the page on clarks, one of the primary characteristics of this type is the love of knowledge…useful knowledge…useless knowledge, knowledge for good and knowledge to anger people, does not matter to your typical clark. So as to organised religion, lets put the clarks in the woman’s auxiliary section.

scotts now, they totally relate to religion, even organised religion! scotts relate to the ‘product’/ the result/ the ‘output’, if you will, of organised religion. (Ed note: this section is written more to the male scott, though not inappropriate, as the Doctrine is gender neutral, it might leave a new Reader with the impression that all scotts will view religion simply as an opportunity, as opposed to a skill, which in the case of the female scott, it can be… I’ll leave the bullet-points in place, but check back for a Post on the scottian female and her pack.)
Back in my parent’s day, there was a ‘restaurant’ called The Automat, it was sort of cool for us suburban kids in the early 60’s to hear about a restaurant that was totally mechanised. (This was all pre-fast food as we know it today). The Automat’s ‘hook’, was to offer a variety of choices of foods to customers with no intermediary such a waiter or waitress, everything there was available and purely the choice of the hungry customers.
….Throughout history, organised religions have basically served as Automat for scotts.

Aight… enough with the free-form, echolistic rambling.

Final thought this Tuesday: rogers provide structure, scotts push and clarks create…. all in the name of god.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘only 5 Days until Winter is over!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


No, serially, I mean it! Winter is finally coming to a close. In a week, the days will be getting longer. Slowly, of course, minutes a day but there will be more daylight on the 22nd of December than on the 21st.

That is my number 1 Grat Item: winter’s dying of the light is reversed for another year.

Item 2: Lizzi who sent us a Christmas card. photos:

20161216_183004  20161216_183021

thats Lizzi’s card on the window in the first shot and in the second that her’s right dead center. Observant friends of Lizzi will notice something odd about the card. I will leave it to you to discover the semi-puzzle. One hint: Phyllis (who manages the Christmas cards….and lights…and decorations…and tree… lol) is a roger.

Item 3: Phyllis and Una. Una is an excellent watch dog. In evidence, the following video:


4) Hypo-gratiudinous Item: frickin snow today. Even as I type, the frozen water falls to the ground like tears of a child, at once powerless in the face of youth and inexperience, insisting (as some clarks and a few rogers) that what we believe should be, should, in fact, be. And so too, the opposite. Snow is like that for me.

5) I’m grateful for getting that out of my system. (SR 2.3 chap:6 para.8, states, in part: “should the creation of a list, while assuring a more positive outlook on reality in the forward process of time, not be sufficient to excise negative emotions, items of hypo-gratitude, framed in the overarching context of this exercise, can, in some cases be effective; thumbing of noses and middling of fingers, while often effective, is to be discourage…[sec.1.5: except when it feels good to do so]’

6) ‘Almira’  too bad the book is so giant (this week will see the publishing of Chapter 37 ayiee!) So let me recommend some Chapters, if you’re in the mood for reading something really fun but the thoughts of opening the first page to what surely is a 300 page book (were it printed).  Try:  Chapter 9 , Chapter 11 or Chapter 29
oh yeah  don’t forget to Vote at the bottom of each Chapter!

7) Una enjoys the snow (being a dog, Una makes the best of everything in her world)

8) Something something

9) (still fricken snowing…. )

10) SR 1.3


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Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…of rogerian expressions, scottian females’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(new readers? note the throat tendons)

With all gratitude to Lewis Carroll and his timeless question, ‘why is a raven like a writing desk?’ I would pose the semi-rhetorical question: What does a scottian woman sound like when she tries to speak rogerian?

Now has never been a better time to…!”

See?! See what I have to contend with? A reality full of Doctrine remnants, relics, and large-sorta-like-in-the-movie-‘Alien’-these-scary-organomechanical structures?

I’m at work today, trying to earn a living. In the process doing the thing that I do, stumbled upon agent website and written across the front, the above (example is abridged) statement, accompanied of course with a very good photo of the afore-referenced scottian female.

If you’re here (and still reading), I’ll assume you’re familiar with one of primary (and, frankly, endearing) characteristic traits*  of those who live in the worldview of the Herd, the rogerian expression. It’s a form/style/idiosyncrasy of language totally specific to our herd-based brethren. Hell, I’ll go further and say that hearing a genuine rogerian expression makes it a leadpipe cinch that you’re dealing with a roger.

But a rogerian expression is more than simply a curious (and amusing) quirk in one’s choice of words. It is not an error (grammatical, rhetorical, any other -cal), it is a deliberate use of the ‘wrong’ words. It is also quite the aggressive act, because even, (and especially face-to-face), the roger employing the expression will exhibit not the slightest sign of self-consciousness or un-certainty. If anything, they will be ‘on high alert’. We students of the Doctrine are trained to watch the roger in a situation where a rogerian expression is being deployed, because we know how everyone else will react. rogers will appear not to notice anything out of the ordinary and the clarks and scotts will be laughing in delighted surprise. Don’t believe me?  Here, in the block quotes, are a few of the rogerian expressions that we’ve recorded.

…looking at his paycheck, a roger was heard to say: ‘oh man! Look at how much they deducted for aggravated security’

…talking about  a new DVD release for a movie: ‘no, I’m going to wait until they release the un-abashed edition’

…about to talk to a client: ‘I know I have to give them the bad news with the good news, I just won’t baby-coat it’

(and the most recent recorded rogerian expression)…

…writing in a blog about how egotistical certain real estate agents tend to be an unknown roger wrote: ‘ I have to say that, as a professional class, most agents are much too self-absorbent…”


But this post is not about rogers and rogerian expressions, it’s about scotts and their misuse of language. A scott will misuse language incidentally, on his or her way somewhere else.*  The key difference may seem subtle, as in both cases the malapropism represents an act of aggression. The rogerian expression is a way to exert force within the herd; the goal being to establish dominance over other herd members. Unlike the scott, rogerian dominance is a re-orienting of the focus of the members of the herd, as opposed to the starkly and very intimate one-on-one domination by a scott.

So what does this say about our scottian woman? You best bet is to smile and say, ‘there is no better time than this to do whatever it is you want me to.’



*  see?!! it gets under ya skin, I tells ya!

** if you said, ‘yeah 20 feet through the air, on their way for a permanent landing the neck of their unfortunate prey’…. gold star, yo.


Phuct it Phyridae -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


For the record, today’s Post title is not intended to imply a negative outlook on the day ahead. My clever misspelling is in reference to the view on life that maintains that, ‘there are some things in the day ahead you can control and there’s a whole bunch of things you cannot’. Know the difference and things will go much more better for everyone.

(I probably should leave the ‘positive metaphysic’ to Friend of the Doctrine Cynthia over at her new blog ‘Intuitive and Spiritual’. She is naturally gifted in the teaching of methods for changing one’s perspective on life, for the better. I do T-shirts, videos while driving and the occasional funny neologism. In fact, you would do well to go over there, sign up and see the positive side first. I kinda like the more twisted view.)

So, anyway. Its Friday morning, I’m up and sitting here trying to sneak up on some word herds to capture and add to Chapter 35 of Almira and as the day is trying to get my attention. Kinda like a person leaning out of a 3rd story window as you walk along the street, gesturing and waving their hands somewhat wildly, you can hear that they’re yelling something, but the traffic noise makes it unintelligible. So you continue walking, with much less determination, because you can’t tell if what you saw was a warning, an invitation, a welcome or even specific instructions. Clearly there is something imminent and equally clearly this person, who, by the way is waving from a 3rd story window of the very same building that you must visit. All you have to go on is the waving of hands and arms.

So the thought came to me, ‘the challenge in the day that’s coming to light around me with the reluctantly rising sun, like the stranger on the other side of the bed following an exciting but indistinct night, a shape to the blankets that denies the possibility that you slept alone and leaves no doubt that soon enough you will find out, the challenge for me today is not in the answers I get, but rather lies in the questions I choose to ask.’

ok…back to sneaking up on some new words.



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I don’t know why it is I think that major-holiday-weeks are meant to be filled with re-print posts, but apparently I do. There’s something about the ‘sorry, can’t do that, Thursday’s Thanksgiving’, …on a Tuesday! As-in-three-days-before-claimed-holiday-off. But as I’ve gotten older and more mature, I think I’ve somehow managed to jettison some of my joie-de-outrage, a quality that used to serve as a stand-in for normal emotional engagement. Like a kabuki Joe Pesci.

In any event, ‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’… said absolutely no clark ever…anywhere….at anytime!’

from, like the first year of this here blog here, Readers and Readae, I present, from December 27, 2009

oh, man…what is it now?

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine. Sorry to dissappoint, but the Interview with the roger(Progenitor) is not complete and as such is nowhere near ready to Post. Sunday is a time when I try to get something/anything new in but was drawing a major blank until the name James Joyce flashed against my 3am brain and so we are going to walk to amateur experimental-writing land this morning. And by the way there is something weird about trying to write like this and yes I will tell you something you do not in fact know but the loss or surrender of most punctuation is really hard on the typing. Thank god for the occaisional period although I don’t know how many of them I have left but for some reason doing this Post the way I am I am mis-spelling alomst every third word I promise that I will spellcheck this thing and not put you throught that ordeal or misspelling everything in the name of an art for which I have no techniques be warned though I did look up EE Cummings before I started and at the first opportunity I know I will jam a reference to his stuff. My mother used to have an expression that went a little knowledge is a dangerous thing I think this is an example of what she meant although she died in 1979 and could not have imagined this particular form of acting without regard to justification. Although she (my mother) was a clark of the first order so I would bet that she would have no problem accepting the strangeness of this Post. We clarks are good at that we will witness the second coming and not show a reaction. But she was a clark in all the classic forms of expression you must allow for the time/culture she existed in which for my purposes and perception would be the 1950s through the 1970s. But as a clark she was the perfect selfless-to-a-fault mother and just in case there was any doubt about here type (clark, scott or roger) she has a 3rd grade school teacher. Hey no clark there. Anyway not sure how i got off on that tangent. Damd did i just lose capital letters? Oh well what can you do. so i was saying i brushed up on ee cumming because we all had the wednesday in spring 5th grade english class that started on the poetry and who did not like the phrase and the world was puddle wonderful? but the fun for me was that he did not need to use punctuation or even particularly spell things right and he certainly felt free to make up his own words. i never got much into that poetry thing then but like so much i am only now coming to appreciate things that i thought at a previous time i just did not have the time for. and maybe that is part of what this post is saying to me. while it is not uncommon to put things off, i am coming to an understand only now of how there is not a later for things to get done and as i look back i realise how much time i wasted. this is not a negative thought rather for me this realization produces in me the acceptance and will that whatever i might find of interest today i should and must invest all i have to invest in it now, not later. yeah, yeah i know kind of basic, mature adult looking at life shit. bear with me am filling up the page and can get out hopefully without a topic but no, i stayed too long. so i was talking with downspring glenn, who of course is a scott you saw his interview last week and we got on the subject of post writing and what to do when there is no topic. he is just a scott and as such is strongest in the here and now where all those people live but afterall all of us participating in this Doctrine thing are no more a pure form of our type than we are neither so as an evolved scott glenn is able and quite helpful in working on the development of the Doctrine at least as far as this current effort to bring it to the world. did I get off on a tangent? how the fuck could you tell? this stuff is probably harder to write than it is to read at least you can stop at any point an say yeah that was cute that was creative so when is there a point going to be made and maybe i will just check back in on tuesday or so. and btw i have no idea of what the appropriate music is going to be with this odd little post but if the cat smiles it will be what it needs to be. where was i oh yeah, glenn and the discussion of topics for posts. he said hey why don’t you write about the differences between… and then a number of suggestions most sports as a vehicle for comparing clarks, scotts and rogers. i think he suggested baseball, football and golf i said sure that sounds like a good idea and then he moved on to compare the three stooges which he realized we had already done in person i think talking with downspring joanne who i want to thank for her efforts at working on the questionaire which no else is helpin on. damn i wish i still had itlaics. anyway glenns last suggestion was pick a person in the world that you really hate and tell them how much you hate them and why you hate them. good idea. i hate glenn very much much and it is because he is so scottian at times that i don’t understand…ha ha got you going for a second huh? glenn it is strange how presentation changes everything. words are the point but how important is how they are arranged/laid out/presented/fuckin typed? apparently it makes all the difference in the world. so to complete this minor cycle in the overall arch of the post and my spelling is really going downhill, i hoep that this thing does not decide that spelloing does not matter as grammar and everything else seems to not matter. will do my best to hold on to the last shred of coherency almost done. anyway since we always include some new information about the wakefield doctrine in every post. hey do they still do the prizes in boxes of cereal? i still remember the whole digging to the bottom of the box of frosted flakes looking for the prize that was invariably contained in some kind of white paper envelope that was sealed around the edges in a most peculiar way. the lesson? oh yeah hazel used to use that expression the oh yeah thing jeez what a not to be described yet total energy black hole that hole my hazel relationship thing was. even allowing for the first relationship effect which is cheating here because if you bring up a significant life event i don’t think you should try to control it by laying a in-retrospect i certainly understand what i …blah blah blah but it was the focal point of my existance while it was happening and for too many years after it was over. wtf where the hell am i? where are my caps, my parentheses, jeez louise it is a lot easier to get lost in this rather tedious technique than it is to get out. must find paragraph key…i now it is here somewhere none of the keys have letters anymore shit try something hit any k)y ok {? maye hit1234 nah numbers \

Ah! I’m out! Thank you jesus! I am out of that, that, a lot funnier to read than to write, thing. Whew, man I thought that would never end.
Hey, plenty of white space filled in…maybe I can just tie up a few loose thoughts, find some music and put this bad boy in the category: ‘Keep one as Proptype, cancel production run”

Damn, what little typing skills I had, seem a bit messed up by this little experiment. Alright loose end tying time, (in no particular order):

there was a person by the name of hazel; my mother was, in fact, a 3rd grade teacher (quite a good one, but she was a clark); hey I gots italics!; golf is a clarklike sport; football is scottian and baseball is the rogerian sport.

Alright. Now for some music….(man! I just ‘previewed’ this Post, jesus christ what a mess! am thinking of putting music first, be weird but that really, totally is a meaningless term at least for today.) Nah…better put it down here, someplace for the Reader to run to:



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