TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- “0f road trips and music…step out of February”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

My other favorite bloghop, the Finish the Sentence Friday, is on ‘Photo Share’ in their rotating-themes cycle. So I thought… man, that was fun reminiscing and, seeing how I have the song in my head, lets stay with it.

Hey! Josie Two Shoes Sorry about dragging half the contents of my car’s back seat up the walk, onto the metaphorical porch and all… (A proper Grat List must start at the beginning  or ‘in principe incipere’, as they say at the roadside stops.)

I’ll let everyone have the fun of identifying the locations (where necessary) in some of the photos this week. They are all remnants of road trips past. They also, as I referenced in the Finish the Sentence Friday post yesterday, are, with a couple of exceptions, examples of the Rite of Hat. I have a link in my FTSF post yesterday that explains the Rite of Hat (based in part on the Treaty of Tordesillas) and everyone’s favorite personality theory.

1) (the blogosphere cause… well, you know!)

2) the Wakefield Doctrine (the extra piece to the puzzle that most clarks spend they lives searching for… ironic, how it, (the Doctrine and everything), is not really information or knowledge, at least, not merely information and knowledge. The missing puzzle piece appears to be the place we can get to when we have the ‘information and knowledge’ that is inherent in the Wakefield Doctrine.  ya know?)

3) something something

4) back to the Doctrine… so, you say, ‘sure that Wakefield Doctrine gives you the knowledge that allows you to better understand the world and the people in it. big deal… show me something impressive.’  video at the bottom of the page: me in a video. clarks are the archetypical photophobes.  (Wakefield Doctrine Guide to Identifying the Personality Types, Quik Tip #89: ‘at the summer get-together, family reunion? see a group of people clustering together for a group photo? the one taking the picture is your clark.)


5) Technology which allowed me to take video that accounts for Stanley Hotel trip (at the bottom)

7) {THIS GRAT SPACE AVAILABLE]  (Not yet comfortable writing a whole post? Still a bit self-conscious about coming up with a TToT post that people won’t laugh at ( er…have you looked around this post, here yet?!! lol)? Place your Grat in Comments and I’ll be happy to post it.

8) Sunday Supplement

9) Phyllis and Una (well, duh!)

10) Secret Rule 1.3








Photo Finish Phrydae -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the Wakefield Doctrine…on the Road in…Arizona!


Here we are again. Friday. That means only one thing, (blogistically-speaking), time to participate in (the) Finish the Sentence Friday bloghop. Hosted each week by Kristi and Kenya, this is the first of the bloghops I participated in when I took to exploring the virtual world. Times change and the format of this ‘hop is now an interesting rotating format, this week being the photo format.  Here, lets hear it from our hosts:

Hi all! We’re on this week (LIVE, tomorrow, Feb. 22 at 10pm eastern and open all weekend long) with Photo Share Friday. Simply share a photo, tell the story behind it, and link up with either Kenya or me.
Easy peasy, right? Hope to see you there!


So, about this here photo here.

Starting in 2010 (and ending in 2013), I had business meetings to attend in Dallas (in September) and Salt Lake City (In March). While the whole, ‘this is part of what is required to do your work’ thing was surely significant to my decision to attend, what actually motivated me to make these trips was… the Wakefield Doctrine. (yeah, I know. knock you over with a feather.) No… seriously, wait, I have a reasonable explanation.

At the time of the first trip in 2010, I’d been writing this blog for a year (started in Jun3 ’09 first Doctrine Field trip Sept11 ’10). The premise (jn regards to the business trips) was: demonstrate the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool for self-improving oneself. And so, as a clark, (with all attendant self-consciousness and fear of looking out-of-place and incompetent) I set out to see if’n I could use our little personality theory on myself. And…and! to prove I could bring myself to do the whole business-convention-rooms-full-of-rogers-and-youthful-enthusiasm-and-stand-in-reception-rooms-and-mixers-and-whatever-the-hell-other-Herdcentric-activities-a-real-estate-convention-can-concoct. I knew I could do it. Hell, I realized with the first post, the Wakefield Doctrine somehow made me willing to do all sorts of uncomfortable things in the name of getting the idea out. You know, writing blogs, chatting to strangers, ignoring grammar and other glaring newbifacs that were the hallmarks of my posts in my first few years.

The real goal was …could I have fun doing it?

Not so much with the convention-Herd-mingling part. Fortunately, there was something about getting the Wakefield Doctrine out there in the real world, literally and physically. The idea was to get a photo of me and my Wakefield Doctrine hat in front of as many people (and places and things) as possible. (This is referred to as ‘the Rite of Hat’. This link will take you to the first video from one of these trips. Adult language advisory (well, ‘adult’ in the sense of an F bomb, not in the sense of the speaker’s maturity lol)

Anyway. The photo above is me at Meteor Crater, Arizona. (I smiled and asked a total stranger if they didn’t mind taking the picture of me an my hat. Really!)

Salt Lake City (on business) flew to Phoenix (instead of directly home) rented a car, drove to Meteor Crater, Winslow (well, because, it’s got this corner and), onwards to the Petrified Forest. Whereupon I immediately got back in the car and returned to Phoenix. Flew home.

Fun. Self-improvement. Wakefield Doctrine.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Words and dreams, the bounds to earth maintained.’
Una has my back as I wrestle with them words and such…
(landscape orientation)
A bunch of natural brown things, blonde-brown oak floors in the middle left. Caramel-brown desk (with a plain, white sheet of paper) in the upper middle left and to it’s left a row of drawers in a brown that seems to want be darker than it is.
The right half of the photo has a truncated upper half of an exclamation point. That is the back of the chair I’m sitting in. (I’m that pale checker board shape, my shoulders distinguishable by their practiced slope).
To my left, Una sits upright regarding the camera. She is a tall, black triangle with two smaller triangles at the top and the hint of red tongue. Her front paws are beige, the rug underneath her is a beige, light brown.

This writing thing is an odd affair. As with so many endeavors available to us as humans, putting thoughts in words and those words ‘on paper’, can be a very different experience from one person to another. The thing of it is, writing isn’t simply merely a skill. Driving a car, hitting a tennis ball, mowing the lawn, those are ‘merely’ a skill. As with most skills, writing requires a commitment of considerable amounts of time. However, if the goal of this practice is more than being able to write a better email at work or a coherent set of instructions for household chores, it demands an emotional investment. The returns (on this investment) are manifold; not always what one might hope, nearly always more than one expects.

Una and the blogosphere are Grat Items: 1&2

The song I stumbled across (below)… odd. It’s one that initially is intriguing but, with repeated listens, becomes quite enjoyable. I will claim two grat items, as permitted in SR 893.2[para H]* (i.e. finding the song and being willing to take the chance with such selection.) Grat Items 2.5 and 3

4) Grateful for the Wakefield Doctrine in its way of (aiding, assisting, pushing) and otherwise tricking me along the path of self-improvement. The danger referred to (above) is the danger of finding something, in this case, the song, appealing and assuming others will agree (not like approval has ever been much of a prerequisite for Doctrine post, lol.) For whatever reason, I’ve the feeling that this choice labels me as overly sentimental in my taste in music this week. Not the first time thats happened, but for whatever reason, the self-consciousness is a touch higher. ah well, with growth comes change and change is, be definition, the unfamiliar. Not like this is a public place that I be trying out things, right? lol.

5) Phyllis. The evening before Valentine’s Day, Phyllis says, “Tomorrows Valentine’s Day. Do we do anything for that anymore?” To which I replied, “I don’t think so.” I followed that with, “If you bought a card for Una, I’d sign it.” We both laughed and one of said, “And a new bone…she’d enjoy that.”**

6) That darn Doctrine! Referenced a couple of times above. It’s fun and its helpful for anyone working on self-improving themselves.

7) FREE GRAT ITEM (Space Available INQUIRE in COMMENTS Section)

From Friend of the Doctrine, Cynthia:

“I would like to propose that I’m grateful for Saturday nite call-ins. It’s the greatest Q & A “radio” show evah! Haha. And I’m grateful for the upcoming spring weather. The crocus are peeking out, our tulip leaves are poking out of the ground by several inches! It’s almost here, friends! Haha.”

8) Josie Two Shoes. Not only working hard so that the light is always on here, but now, preparing the html that allows us to have the icons of all participants at the bottom of our posts. Fun to see, easy to use. Now you can click on the others and comment while playing whatever music vid I am inspired to inflict on visitors.

9) Sunday Supplement

10) SR 1.3

(the song clips off at the end, if you hit the > again, it will continue to completion)


*  Secret Rule 893.2[para H]*  which states, in part: “…[w]hen the Title says Ten Things of Thankful, but the math works better if a single item might count as two or in alia manu (‘on the other hand’) you need two items to compress into one, then the requirements stated, (in) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) carry the day (‘die portray’); one is permitted to do that, provided the writer concludes with a sincere and convincing argumentum ad populum. that and a picture of like, books and stuff…

** A word about buying Una a card (and a bone) for Valentine’s Day. She’s a dog. Of course she doesn’t know about Valentine’s Day. I’ll go so far as to say, she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. It has zero significance. She is our dog and Phyllis and me laughing at the thought of buying a card for a dog does matter to her. Very much. The three of us are a pack. We don’t always share the same tastes in things. We always enjoy the company of each other.



TToTListicle Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…well, because the only effective treatment for aging is novelty.”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Ascending and Descending, 1960, by MC Escher’,
I will not even try.
Wait a minute! Sure I will! This is the refrigerator wall of my efforts to develop skill with the writing thing. So here goes.
Escher’s drawing is of a rooftop staircase of what seems a castle or otherwise a building with medieval features. The tiles on the two roofs that show appear to be of clay, the type we associate with Spanish architecture. This is re-inforced by the clothing of the figures in the drawing; they are wearing what might best be described as cowls. But we need to come back to the figures, we have to deal with what they appear to be doing.
In the drawing our perceptive is from above and the right corner (the picture is essentially square). The figures are walking on a staircase that is built around a central, square opening. Perhaps it is a courtyard, but we cannot see down into it, only the far wall of the interior space shows and it has windows and so we assume an interior courtyard.
The staircase is in four equal length sections, ninety degree angles at each turn (sorta) but one corner, the upper right in the drawing, has an open tower affair. The staircase passes through and under this structure.


Not much time! A lot to do! Two, (not one, two…count them…two!) bloghops to combine into one!

This week we attempt  to combine the TToT with (the re-formatted) Finish the Sentence Friday. ‘Thank you, Josie Two-Shoes;  ‘mercie, Kristi and Kenya.’

Surely all Readers are saying, ‘Hey! Doctrine! This particular juxtaposition of bloghops, she is a lead pipe cinch, N’est-ce pas?’

No, it is not the aforementioned striking crania with el plomo tubing. I broke one of my personal secret rules and went and looked at what them cats at the FTSF be submitting for posts. ayiiee! not just text and photos (we do that!) but full-on illustrations, multiple fonts, cartoons and insightful entries.  But …but! on the plus side, they are using the same alphanumeric system and they put their ‘3s’ after they ‘2s’ just like everone else.

So, on with the Post: A list of my favorite things for which I’m grateful.

(Apology to Kristi and them, I had high hopes for a dual column post, TToT on one side FTSF on the other. Then I could (in this dream post) run parallel lists, side-by-each and it would be (this) juxtaposition that would surely inspire me to reach the heights of blogamadhi* Alas it was not to be as I could not figure out how to work the photos in and the photos are one of my favorite things.)

oh, yeah…. once you’ve read through this and provided you haven’t sworn off reading blogs, click on the ‘Listicle’ link and join the fun over there and, of course, at the bottom of the page is the link to the TToT. Speaking of which…


1) the Wakefield Doctrine.

2) the blogosphere (…. so, the weather here has totally taken a turn for the vastly improved!)  photo? sure!)

“Una on a non-snow covered lawn”
(Landscape orientation)
A photo of Una sitting in the backyard near the garden, she is facing away from the camera, standing on guard against any threat from the woods.
Two-thirds of the scene is week-old pea soup-green lawn. In the center of this we see the ‘n’ and ‘a’ of ‘Una’ in frozen-dirt brown contrasted with the frozen green of the surrounding grass.
The top third of the scene are the woods that surround the yard. Like green sails frozen by a sudden wind, the branches of the pine trees seem caught in motion, bending from right to left. Throughout the background are the telephone pole trunks of the trees and just a few patches of non-dark let us know there is a sky above and houses beyond the trees.

3) lifeforms (human) / lifeforms (canine) See above….

4) music as an emotional touch-point Currently listening to Pink Floyd (will attach at bottom)

5) treehouse(s)

‘The treehouse and the bridge.’

6) (a) Book of Secret Rules (which could alternatively be identified as a: Secret Book of Rules)

7) Graviteers and Sixers

8) Sunday Supplement is a chance to see how the day feels (or offers to feel or, more to the point for some us, how we might relate ourselves to the world around us on this here Sunday here.) Of course all the Posts since that day in June of ‘aught nine have been efforts to explore that very question. That being said and seeing how I mentioned ‘music’ and ‘philosopher’s stones’ in the same post, lets just ask Mr. Clinton! (George, not Bill,  lol)

9) Sunday Supplement well, the weather has been fair, but cold. Did someone say, ‘Too cold for dogs?” Ha!

10) Secret Rule 1.3


[reference 1] I almost always go to my favorite Latin phrase, ‘sine qua non’. This is very much a literal truth. I started this here blog here in order to promote the ‘theory of personality’ of the Wakefield Doctrine. It was both reason and motivation. (You know those old photos of elderly couples surrounded by children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and how, if you look very carefully at the faces of the people you see: ‘We’re still together’  and ‘I love my parents so much’ and ‘They seem to be so happy, I can sit still for one photo’ and finally, ‘Who are these old people, family I guess I can sit for one more photo and text while I wait’…Like that.)

[reference 2] the place (for me) where potential can become (virtually) actual. This is not as tail-eating as it might seem on first blush. Here in the virtual world, which in no way is confused with the ‘real’ world (except that its comprised of real people doing real things in their own locations), I’ve found the context in which I’ve been able to develop several interests that I had not previously been aware of having, the best example is writing. (ya know?))

[reference 3] perennial list item: dogs in general, Una in particular. (Observant and/or rogerian Readers might, at this point say, “err… you also mention humans. A list that itemizes is good, a list that expands on the qualities and characteristics of each item is better. So, while you have expanded on the canine constituent, what’s the deal with a human ranking co-number three on this list?”)

[reference 4] Music is a thing I like, as gravity is a quality of the earth that I appreciate. Speaking for myself, music is surely the closest I will get to possessing a ‘philosopher’s stone’. Anyone can work hard, we all have an innate capacity to endure hardship, especially in service of a greater good; yet while it is the iron that provides strength, it is gold that shines.

[reference 5] My wife Phyllis (see reference 3) is a person of that rare combination of a childlike imagination (surely the best kind) and practicality. She knew that a treehouse would be an asset to the family unit. And so we have a treehouse.

[reference 6] Now this is what makes the blogsphere the wonderland/asylum that it (imo) is… I would tell you what the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is, but the title is about as useful as titles get. What it does, that’s the part that makes it awfully fun. Ask anyone at the TToT.

[reference 7] I participate in a daily, (except for Sunday), bloghop called the Gravity Challenge. We all send in a photo of the readout of our scales (whatever portion thereof we chose) and enhance our individual efforts by our participation. Six Sentence Story is zoe’s weekly bloghop.. muy benefito.

[reference 8]  (sorry… today’s still Saturday) OK! Listicles and Listiclae you can come back now, it’s Sunday! Still references between the two lists, however. You’ll find the music above and the rationale here: The idea that ‘the day’** has the last word on our emotional state is one that is enthusiastically debated here at the Wakefield Doctrine. The reason is that the underlying determinant of ‘how our day is going’ is found in the answer to ‘how do we relate ourselves to the world around us’. The key here is ‘ourselves’ not simple ‘relate to the world around us. (More to follow in reference 9).

[reference 9]  (nope, still Saturday…stop by tomorrow)

[reference 10] The first of the Secret Rules found in the BoSR/SBoR and it would apply to a Listicle as much as it does to the TToT. The Rule says, {in part}: the completion of a list [o]f Ten Items (or more, provided terminus item is anticipated and thus identified) is, in and of itself an Item and (op.cit) may serve in said list. [‘Principle of Anticipation as Justification’]




* not a ‘real’ word

** the circumstances, not public and private, objective and subjective solid and illusionary that comprise our description of everything (that appears to be) outside our heads. ya know?


January 1, 2018 -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Una and Phyllis sitting on the bridge at the pond on a single-digit temperature afternoon.’
(landscape orientation)
Three quarters of the photo is of winter-bare trees, background woods and a snow-covered bridge identifiable as such by the repeating divisions of the top surface, as the snow is so light and dry as to allow the gaps between each plank to show dark. Una and Phyllis are in the lower right quarter of the photo. Una is the triangular shaped fur-covered lifeform who appears to be smiling, if for no other reason than she has the quality of living in the moment. Phyllis is the blue, black and grey shape to Una’s left. Phyllis is smiling as she is practicing the way of life that permits such a response, despite the conditions of the external world at the moment.
I am behind the camera assuring both that ‘that’s a great shot! it’s a wrap’.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective; inherent in all perspective is a new way of understanding.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool; (one definition) of a tool is, ‘an artifact created to enhance and multiply the intended effect of an effort’.

the Wakefield Doctrine is fun; fun has been defined as ‘the byproduct of relating ourselves to the world around us in a manner that meets the external demands of the world while leaving the opportunity to be creative‘.

Thanks and a big shout-out to Friend of the Doctrine, Cynthia for her ‘first of the year clarity statement’ Which simply means that, as a clark, she has captured the spirit shared by all clarks.

Two and an eighth clarks….*
Cynthia and Una and John.
Una is sitting in her chair at the head of the table. Cynthia is standing to Una’s right. John is on the left side of the table, mostly ‘out of frame’.
No one is looking at the camera.
of course

As per the above definition, the work in the Summer of the years past illustrates that one (circumstance’s) effort (and labor (and expenditure of energy)) is fun when those involved contribute (creativity includes assembly) to producing a thing of utility and value.

And so, in the time that unfolds into the next culturally arbitrary division of time aka the ‘New’ Year, we here at the Doctrine will take up our friends challenge to have an effect on the world by finding ways to become a more and better self.

(Clearly that admonition is hypo-grammatical both literally and figuratively.)

The third ‘definition’ of the Wakefield Doctrine above mentioned fun. It is. Fun. For example, from one of the earlier posts in the blog, a discussion of jobs.

All jobs, employment, occupations, avocations, professions, missions, crusades, escapades and ways that we chose to earn money fall into one of three categories:

Scientist, Salesman and Machine Operator.

  1. Scientist is (for our purposes) the one who wants, no, make that needs to discover the unknown and upon discovery wants to share it with others. clarks, it has been noted elsewhere are the creative one of the three, creative in the purest sense of the word.
  2. Salesman is the one who wants to change others, to get them to conform to his/her will.  A scott will get others to do things just because if she is the one directing others then no one is directing her.
  3. Machine Operator is a person who believes that the only tasks worth doing is the one with a defined set of variables, anything from engineer to accountant to musician.  Rogers tend to be the most excellent of musicians from a technical standpoint. (If you had a band comprised of a clark, a scott and a roger, the scott would be the ‘front man/woman’, the roger would play lead and the clark would play rhythm (but also be the main songwriter).

So get out there and look around.  What do you like to do for work or for fun? I guarantee that whatever it is, it will fit into one of these three jobs and more than likely it will correspond to whatever it is you are (clark or scott or roger).