Six sighing sentence story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The word this week is….. Draft   (with an ‘R’, clark, with an ‘R’). That should be simple and straight forward enough.

If you’re new ’round here, this is Friend of the Doctrine zoe‘s most enjoyable bloghop, the Six Sentence Story. The title is kinda the full instructions, story of no more than and no less than six sentences. With the prompt word involved in some manner with the story. There’s a crew of bloggers what come around to this place on Thursdays just to take on the challenge. You should join us.


“Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“I don’t know, a breeze, a draft, is there a window open?”

“No, there isn’t.”

“Maybe I should get up and check, just to be sure, just need to get my bearings, give me a second, I don’t seem to be able to move.”

“We’re almost there, it’ll be alright, I won’t leave you.”



Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘it takes one to know one’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Warm up. Nothing to read yet. You know, little stretching before running (yeah, as if). Maybe a better analogy might be singing (or other musical instrument operating), yeah! that’s it hold on, I’ll get us a video.

Yeah! Now we’re talking… or singing, ok, humming, only ’cause I’m a clark and we have a problem with the singing thing.

So, what the hell would a proper ‘classic rhetoric warm up exercise’ consist of?

Oh man! No, seriously, I searched and read and, seeing how that was, like, 20 minutes ago, no way I can continue this humorous set up. There are way more cool, Greco-latin words for talking funny than I’d ever realized. Man, them grammarians and rhetorians know how to have fun with the writing and the words and such.

Speaking of words. Our friend zoe does this thing, every Thursday, called the Six Sentence Story. It’s a bloghop (so there’ll be other stories to read and enjoy) and it requires that only Six Sentences go into any story (so it won’t take too long to read ’em).


‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,’ the little boy thought, his frown every bit the all-or-nothing exertion of a body builder, facing the weight no longer supported by anything other than muscles and will.

‘That’s what I should’ve said,’ walking along the leaf-carpeted street in the gathering dusk of a cloudy autumn Thursday, the boy felt his initial anger begin to transmute into embarrassment. Like the first drink to an alcoholic, his consideration of what he might have said or done changed everything, without anything changing. If he could now see what he might have done differently, then the impact of what actually happened was diminished, what he wanted to have happened increasingly the basis for how he felt. With each logically-inferred alternate version of the recent bus stop drama playing and replaying in his mind, rendered in meticulous detail, the boy felt better and better; the land of normal emotional connections trading places with the mirage, the unreal become real and the real, avoidable.

As he walked from the pool of yellowish streetlight up the flagstone walk towards the house, it’s picture window a welcoming borealis of blue-grey television light, the boy felt less and less like crying.



TT ‘o-anyways’ T -the Wakefield Doctrine- potluck thankful Post and impromptu Book Sale!

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

yeah... back to guerrilla browsing at my local Staples!

yeah… back to guerrilla browsing at my local Staples!

You know that drawer you have, most likely in the kitchen on the opposite counter from where the forks and knives are kept, maybe (this drawer) has wisely been relegated to the basement hobby corner or even the garage workshop. In (this drawer) are the spare parts, used, batteries (well, because), extra plastic brackets from the last time you replaced the blinds and, of course, the owners manuals from the kitchen appliances (both those that you’re looking at and those that came before them), well today’s TToT post is pretty much that drawer, except made of electron-drawn letters and photos.

The link that connects all the co-hostinae is not yet up, so I figured, if this reality is as virtual as everyone says it is….then today’s post can stand in for a real TToT post, at least until our Founderess Lizzi. 

So… since this is not quite office, but we still need to strive for Ten Things, let me start this off with some easy-to-enjoy-(and understand)-photos:

I don't some statement be-moaning the post-industrial decay of the environment or maybe a simple question, 'where are the ducks?'

I don’t know! perhaps I was intending to make a statement mourning the post-industrial decay of the environment or maybe a simple question, ‘where are the ducks?’



yeah, domesticated creatures who enhance the lives of those around them. sure thing

hey, seeing that Dyanne is co-hostinae and she, like, totally likes cats, lets post her blog here: I want backsides  I’m sure she’ll tell us that the expression on the cat above is an elegant statement of open-hearted welcome.

The rest of this Post will develop over the day…. you will be hearing about:


Six Sentence Stories

Our arachnid rustler out (mid)west (that will be close enough, thank you)



Cynthia (who has some very cool news about to break)

Cynthia’s Book is available at the Amazon (no, not the tropical jungle, the giant online seller of…. well, maybe not tropical!)  Anyway, until I can get a photo,   CLICK HERE



Kristi and a bunch of other interesting things that will number in, at very least, a multiple of ten.


this just in:



Six -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Yeah, one of those Six Sentence Stories. In my (partial) defence I will say, this writing thing has become all about practicing. But then again, zoe, the curatoress of this collegial collection of curious and captivating life commentaries and observances (whew! ‘Mr Thesauras don’t fail me now!’) never said we couldn’t use this weekly Six Sentence Story to practice the craft. With the skills and imaginations of the participants here, one cannot help but become a better writer.


Like a slow-motion film of an avalanche on a snowy mountain side played in reverse, the approaching car begins to slow as it nears the exit, the number of cars entering the shopping center is nearly perfectly balanced with those leaving it. It is not perfectly balanced because cars are leaving more rapidly than they should, given the traffic conditions. It’s early afternoon, the sun is mercilessly bright and over-bearing, if for no other reason than in September it has no competition from summer-afternoon shower clouds and is every bit the schoolyard bully when the teacher, suddenly called back into the colored-constuction-paper prison of brick and linoleum, leaves her young charges un-guarded.
He sees himself in the shinyhard-glass windows, safely slid up, reflected in the averted eyes of the drivers and feels a memory stir, the figure etched in coated glass familiar, but barely recognizable.

The window is down on one approaching car and from the back seat a dog barks a warning, head and forward-leaning ears projecting from the opening of the still moving vehicle.

As the car draws abreast, the driver looks away, the dog stares curiously, tongue now lolling and relaxed and does not bark, the man stares back and sees the acknowledgment of his presence in the simplest of terms, one life to another, the dog does not judge and the man feels the echo of a memory stir, the car moves out into traffic, the dog maintaining eye contact until the car turns away and the man turns back to face his shrunken world.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- *

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


1) Surely, Phyllis has earned the Item 1 spot on this week’s TToT list, with her ’21st Century professional woman at work in a treehouse’ (eat yer fictional hearts out, Swiss Family Robinsons!)

2) Una was also hard at work,



No, I have no idea where the ‘work’ theme is coming from, this is, after all, Lizzi Lewis’s grat bloghop which invites all to gather, collate, briefly describe and otherwise list items and things, events and happenstance from the previous week (or time frame of your choice) and share it with readers and virtual passers by. Now, it’s understandable, her being the grandniece of C.S. and all, and hailing from the United Kingdom (England to some of us older folks) that work should be a re-current theme. But there you have it. There are no rules other than the secret rules. Fortunately for us, they are available in the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

3) gotta mention the BoSR/SBoR!  They totally are my raison d’être (or would that more properly be cartes blanches ? wait!  maybe …yeah! I’m gonna go with the cortez blanket…. ) the Book, if you find it, is a total treasure and should always be at hand when TToT’ing.

4) Speaking of work… in my work I get to drive around a fair amount. And who knows what you might see. I do!  This is probably a bit Y Chromatic of me to post, but it was cool… even cooler in person, when you could see the whole thing (which was a portable crane that was about 60 feet tall, moving roof trusses into position in a condo, under construction…)


5) Shout out to my other favorite bloghop, zoe’s Six Sentence Story… I participate each week ’cause it’s fun and good practice with the writing thing.

6) The Gravity Challenge is going strong, heading into it’s second Autumn. Val and Lisa, Sarah and Kristi and our two scotts, Joy and Christine, are all, like total troopers, what with the photos every morning (except on Sunday).

7) Almira. For those of you following along, this last chapter had some pretty significant life events for our characters. (I won’t spoil the fun and surprise, if anyone is just starting.) One interesting challenge to my current skill level, is how to join the two timelines. One (story line) is pretty much Circe, Kansas in the Summer of 1939. The other… well, since this is the story of Almira Gulch née Ristani, we start in 1911 and, with our last chapter have moved into 1912.  hmmm (you might be thinking, ‘hey clark… theys nearly 30 years separatin’ your story line… whatcha gonna do?) What I’m gonna do, indeed. Don’t really know. Hope the answer comes to me soon. Stay tuned though! This weekend Chapter 23 is due out!  We left Miss Gale and Miss Thornberg headed to St Mary’s Hospital and we’ll be joining Sterling and Almira (and even, briefly, Frederick Prendergast) in the aftermath of the beginning so the ‘Bread and Roses Strike’ (btw this was a real event in history, kinda interesting)… but we will learn much more about our young couple and what transpired in the years between 1912 and 1939 for our young heroine.

8) the Wakefield Doctrine… resolving to work my way back to writing more frequently on the topic of everyone’s favorite personality theory.

9) so I was talking to someone about clarks and scotts and rogers today, and though it’s well-established that clarks really enjoy the vague allure of non-specific personal history, I mentioned one of my favorite odd memories from childhood. I was 5 or 6 at the time, I was giving a card to a family member (not sure who or what occasion… I’m thinking Christmas and probably parents). In any event, I recall that I signed the card: Clark Farley  (which is funny, sure, but I distinctly recall that at the time, I took note of the fact that signing my full name on a card to an immediate family member wasn’t quite…. something. I did it anyway. I was, (and still am), very much a clark. I mentioned to this remembered observation to my friend, (she’s a scott with a secondary clarklike aspect), as she naturally she laughed. I then said to her, I said, “Damn! I could’ve written the Wakefield Doctrine on the basis of that one event, had I only had the insight that I had to wait a near lifetime to experience.”

10) The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) states that ‘the completion of a list of ten items of gratitude does in fact constitute an item in and of itself and may be used as an Item of that selfsame list, conventionally and by common practice, Item 10′ op.cit. SR 1.3 [sub. 32.2]

*   what’s not to love about blogging specifically and writing in general? I just realized the answer to my seemingly rhetorical question in Item #2! it’s Labor Day weekend on this side of the planet! btw, this jamais vu is surely behind my experience of ‘discovering’ connections between characters (and incidents) in ‘Blogdominion’ and now, increasingly in ‘Almira’… hell, if I knew writing was this much fun, I would’ve paid more attention in high school!

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