TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


‘Boats imitating geese, lying on the water in a row’ The bottom half of this photo of boats at rest in a salt pond, is green like an old worn-out pool table. The grass is full green and there are parallel lines that appear white, as the blades are uniformly bent by the weight of a mower, changes how much of their greenness we can see. The left half of the green area is worn down to dirt, from cars parking, coming and going over the grass that is clearly not designed to stand up to such wear and tear. Not completely dirt-brown, the worn area shows faded green every where except the areas that most frequently is driven on. At the top of the green is a sharp line and then the water begins. The line is very sharp because instead of there being a gradual transition down into the water from the level of the grass, someone built a wall. That way, the dry land goes right to the water. There are ducks (or geese, I refuse to make the effort to learn the difference)…. petulant birds that have more strength than they should, but appear, for all the world, to be too lazy to take advantage of their (relative) physical superiority. They compensate for their lack of evolutionary ambitions by exhibiting a remarkably surly attitude. Anyway, the ducks (or geese), are standing along the wall that overlooks the water. The title of the photo comes from the similarity of appearance in the boats that lie in the water, tied to poles, in rows all facing in the same direction… very much like the geese (or ducks) except without the attitude. If anything, the boats project a dog-like hopefulness and patience. You know they want you to come down, cast off the lines and go out on the ocean, but if you don’t, even if they see you looking at them and still don’t do anything, they’re still content and happy…. as opposed to those fricken ducks.

This is…the Ten Things of Thankful.

The TToT is a bloghop with, (the sharing), of, (experiences), of gratitude as it’s theme, raison d’être (far be it from me to not use a less used word or phrase, thats why god invented the internet…isn’t it?). Each week, our host, Josie Two Shoes makes available her website along with a linking tool, so that those of such mind, not only might make available their reflections upon, insights into and general thoughts on how this mysterious thing, this emotion, ‘gratitude’ permeates the world. Provided, of course,  you are able to perceive it. (And no, I did not just have a brief visual that included Marie Curie and several apocryphal stories (from college days) about how her coffin is lead- lined, but, under certain conditions, at night, one can detect a greenish glow around here gravesite. I’ve included the link to her wikipedia entry for the clarks out there. (Hey! according to the entry, Marie coined the word, ‘radioactive’. Hard to be cooler than that! I know that fact is certainly important to ‘The Firm‘.))

So, lets begin.

1)  the Internet.

2) technology in general. I don’t go out on much a limb if I say there is no area or aspect of our experience of the world that we do not feel the effects of technology; from baby monitors to CCTV cameras staring at intersections, keyboards and computers, (there’s an old joke/advertisement from back in the day, when magazines were the manifestation of the social media… admittedly uni-directional and passive, but you might sit in a barbershop on a Saturday morning amid the aroma of morning sweat and Brylcreem and pick up a magazine and share (or, rather have a common experience), with countless others in the luridly optimistic articles of Popular Mechanics or Hunting Life or (here courtesy of Item 1:)


3) (Hey is it just me* or does that advertisement remind you of ‘the Facebook’? You know, that constant emotion-numbing drumbeat of the imaginary underdog, the linchpin of the new mythos of the secret/imaginary power of the individual?…. lol  no, really, I mean the posts that always end with “when she started to sing/his comeback floored/the judges’ reactions….”  It, (the underlying pitch), here in the ad is the same as it is today, except then it was a one-way, passive media.

4) *lol… zoe not a whisper about, experiential-lensing of megalomaniacal curiosity**

5) ** not a ‘real’ word… this, btw, is a genuine Item of Thankful. The atmosphere that Josie and the others nurture, here each weekend, totally freedom hall. Which is a good thing for those of us less…. organized in our thinking, coherent in our writing and sensitive to the shades of emotion. Thanks!

6) Shout out to the Graviteers!  Every day, (except on Sundays), we send in photos of our scale readouts and, through the magic of technology, lend (and take) support from each others’ experiences as we all alter the degree of attraction to the center of the earth that our bodies possess.

7) ‘Home and Heart‘ Chapter 13 (and probably Chapter 14) will be out early this week. [Teaser: Sister Margaret is (somewhat reluctantly) on a mission to do something about her mother’s home being foreclosed on… her reluctance in no small part due to the fact that she must draw upon skills acquired in the part of her life that preceded finding peace and happiness in the company of the Sisters at St. Dominique’s. Sister Ryan is surprised to learn of an ally in her effort. Arlen and Drusilla arrive in Miami and meet with the owner of the Bernebau Company… they learn that, to no surprise, many of the rumours*** about Cyrus St Loreto are un-founded, tales to frighten junior executives. They, Drusilla and Arlen do, however, confront the less common observation, that ‘truth is sometimes better disguised as lies.’] Join us at jukepop and don’t forget to vote!

8) Una and Phyllis of course!  9)  Garden Update!  (photo to follow this afternoon, hopefully the rain will stop long enough to get us some photation.)

combined in a video (sorta)

10) SR 1.3


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***  spelling for Founderess Lizzi


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- OK! Weekend update: I (semi)odd thing and two new Chapters of ‘Home and Heart’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

a color drawing of an Archaic Indian site men and women around an open fire (3000 BC North America)


This is the TToT. One of the ‘T’s stands for … things. As such, and on no less an authority than Merriam Webster, in part: ‘…an object or entity not precisely designated or capable of being designated; use this thing.’ (Couldn’t have said it better myself). The beauty part, (as a friend used to malaprop), of the TToT is that we are free to look to any and all areas of life for the items that make up our list (of Ten Things).

Josie does, in fact, provide, in the course of her stewardship of this bloghop, an atmosphere that while maintaining a certain…. order, encourages creativity in what may be considered a list of Ten Things of Thankful. (We suspect that, on some Saturdays, when this blog submits its weekly contribution, she has a moment in which she thinks, “Ok, Josie, Deep breaths. Better yet, step outside for a minute. Look around. Nice normal people doing nice normal things. …now, back to the Wakefield Doctrine.”*)

So for this week, I am grateful for:

1)  Music and lyrics. Having a major ‘learn to write good’ jones, I’m more aware of lyrics than I’ve ever been. And so, in the random way of songs on youtube this morning I came across this:

2) Phyllis and Una: one (of these two) bought fencing, the other made it clear that, if we are to have a garden this year, a fence will be helpful.


A photo taken from above (a bedroom window), the left half of the letter ‘U’ shows in the brown of raw earth, against the green of the surrounding lawn. The right half of the letter ‘U’ shows thin outlines of where it will be cut.


3) Kristi over at ‘Thankful Me’ (one of the original Graviteers and who, in fact, contributed ‘Kristi’s Rule’ which makes all the difference.) In any event, I noticed last week (yeah, probably has been there all along) that she has captions on her photos. They are well written descriptions of the photo itself. That is the kind of person she is, to provide something thoughtful as that (for those, for lack of a phone or otherwise able to clearly see the photo) with absolutely no fanfare. v. cool

4) Speaking of the Gravity Challenge. We’re all gearing up for the Summer. If you have a desire to alter the degree of attraction to the earth that you presently possess, stop by and join up. It’s fun and helpful.

5) The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules). I like to mention the Book in every TToT post just so that, on the occasion I have need of some legal cover for a more aggressively odd Item.  That way, like, no one can say, “What do you mean Secret Book of Rules?!?! What Secret Book  of Rules!?! I have never heard of such a thing!!!” Stare decisis, binyons, stare decisis.

6) This weekend will see the release of Chapters 4 and 5 of ‘Home and Heart‘ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel) As a matter of fact, if I can get them up on jukepop I’ll post the links here.  Live on jukepop:  Chapter 4  and  Chapter 5

7) (this space reserved for something interesting)  for now a music video from a lifetime ago

8) (this space reserved for something odd**)

A letter 'U' cut into a green lawn. Looks about 6 feet each legs, the exposed earth is dark, slightly damp looking soil. There is a shed in the background.

9) the Wakefield Doctrine (‘sure, its called a theory, but it’s totally true!’)

10) Secret Rule 1.3


* I’m kidding, of course, as Forrest Gump didn’t quite say, ‘Normal is as normal does.’

** it’s that kind of off-the-cuff statement that makes experienced TToTeers think, ‘uh oh‘  and invariably prompts zoe to call out, “Joules! To the keyboard!” “ARR!!”



Tuesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…of secondary/tertiary aspects, Cynthia and ‘Home and Heart: Chapter 2’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Today’s post: a question inferred by a comment over the weekend, Cynthia and Chapter 2 of ‘Home and Heart’ Lets get the week started!! (Tuesday? are  you sure?  … well then, I guess we better hurry up.)

Whats the deal with secondary and tertiary aspects and how can I tell:

We are, all of us, are born with the capacity to experience the world as characteristic of all three worldviews. As an Outsider (clark), a Predator (scott) or a Herd Member (roger). At a very early age we settle on/into one of these three. From that point forward we experience the world as does the clark, scott or roger; we learn to deal with/adapt to/contend with and master the people, places and things that make up our world. (A scott experiences the world as one of predator/prey and develops his/her hunting and fleeing skills, a roger experiences the world as one that is quantifiable, knowable and works on learning to express the rules of correct living and a clark hides and hopes to discover the information that will make her/him real and therefore acceptable to others.)

But…. but! what of ‘the other two’ worldviews? Good question! We never lose the ‘capacity’ to experience the world as we would if we had developed as the other two. Sometimes there is a strong affinity for a worldview that is not the predominant worldview. I’m a good example. I’m a clark (Outsider) but I am also here…writing (a lot) and even posting videos (yeah, videos of a clark, like that’s a natural occurrence) all in the name of this here Doctrine here, That’s evidence that I have a significant secondary scottian aspect. Some people have significant secondary aspects. Some people do not. Those that do not, all though they are 100% of their predominant worldview, still retain, as do we all, the potential to experience the world as do ‘the other two’.


Cynthia has this website. Intuitive and Spiritual. She is doing remarkable work with it, exploring the potential of reality (for herself) and making available whatever she might learn (for the rest of us). she is a clark (with a significant secondary scottian aspect and a decent tertiary rogerian aspect). In any event, Cynthia is doing one of those on-line things through ‘the Facebook’ today. So, I can’t find where I saw the time (that she would be online) I think it was 12-1 (or maybe 1-12… or Thursday… you’ll find her)  The Facebook link  and, to be on the safe side, this is link to her site Intuitive and Spiritual. (tell her, the Doctrine sent ya, she might still talk to you…lol)


Did someone say, ‘Hey! while jukepop is trying to get their act together, where can I go to read Chapter 2 of that new Sister Margaret Ryan story?  The answer is. right here:  Chapter 2  ‘Home and Heart’ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel)


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The prompt word is ‘Fault’ for this week’s Six Sentence Story.

New Readers? The Six Sentence Story bloghop is zoe’s weekly dare: ‘Hey! you know the word, ‘Fault’? Never mind what definition, the word, do you know it? Fine. You know how to make up a story? Well, me and my little dog dare you to write a story that involves that word and do it in six and only six sentences. What?!? Fault! Weren’t you listening?! (“Keep your eye on this one Joule.  Yeah, ‘ARR’ to you too.“).

It’s challenging and fun, you should join us this week. And you can write anything you’d like. For example, some people are writing serial stories, every Thursday a six sentence installment. Others write amazing set pieces, mood and humor all wrapped up in little six sentence bundles. This week, I’m going to pre-borrow from the next Chapter of ‘Home and Heart’ for a scene to form my Six around. (New Readers: If you’re like me and are constantly trying to improve ‘the skills’, taking a large scene and making it fit into Six Sentences is, like, totally good practice.)



Sister Catherine looked at the woman who sat in the empty classroom and said, “Thank you for coming in today, Roanne, I’m very concerned about your daughter, Patrice.”

Roanne Avila sat and felt her days as a pupil at St. Dominique’s whisper from the wood and metal of the desk, looked up, her cautious movements forgotten in the memories that grew in her mind, let the wave of an obviously new hairstyle fall to the side of her face; the nun tensed as she saw the smudge of reddish orange at the corner of her former pupil’s eye, an un-noticed stutter in the application of make-up.

Sister Catherine, (though very few would have the suicidal daring to ask, grew up in an orphanage with the unlikely name, ‘the Miami Children Center’, only in part unusual for being in Ohio), knew the palette of abuse, the colors of shame and secret pain, stepped around her desk and crouched next to the young woman, who tried to turn her head away.

“Roanne, look at me,” her tone, while not one of a person only hoping to be obeyed, held a barely noticeable tremor of concern, as she reached with thin, graceful fingers, a plain gold band her sole touch of color and held the younger woman’s chin, far more gently than the wire-rimmed glasses and bleached white wimple framing her face would ever suggest, and turned the woman’s head slightly.

“My husband Roger works so hard at the casino providing for me and the kids, he really is a good man, I shouldn’t complain so much, it’s my fault that he hit me,” the young woman’s voice held more emotions than a single sentence should be able to contain.

Sister Catherine’s touch became stronger yet more gentle, as if holding a child against a sudden onslaught of cold wind, and with eyes that blazed with the un-definable power of a childless mother, said in a whispered shout,  “You must never say that, you are entitled to live your life without being hurt by another just because they want someone else to feel as bad as they do.”