Wednesday Warmup, Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- (when cleverness flags, alliterate!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


uh oh! 10:05 pm Wednesday. Nothin  Well, not exactly nothing. I have a prompt word, ‘fire’. And I have zoe’s instructions to us all, write a story of six sentences and involve the prompt word.

Funny,  well, no, I guess, not so funny. (ed note: I’m here again, only it’s 6:41 am and all I have is a cup of coffee, an idea and a totally disturbing lack of confidence in my abilities. I’m tempted to tell you the idea here first, before the story. But that would break the Code of the Six. and it would be so clarklike to try and hedge against failure. But, as zoe must be saying to Joule, at this very moment, “He’s right, ya know. The Code’s the Code. What say we go out back and make sure them damn Jué yuan haven’t snuck back into the woods,  when we get back, he’ll surely have managed to write what he must write. Why, no, Joule I have no idea why there’s a photo of the fabulous Paris Hilton on this post! Well, yeah, maybe, but the prompt word is fire, not Troy. lol… you wanna be the one to tell him?”)

Is he awake?

I fear your son joins so many other young people, his wandering the forbidden places may have resulted in becoming another causality of the UFO phenomena, though I admit I’m surprised, he’s always been so even-headed, never one for such outlandish ideas.

She hovered near the bed where her only son rested, her worry preventing her from staying still and, moving about the room, her long hair streaming behind her, snapped like a whip with each sudden change of direction.

They say there are more and more like this; mostly young people and always in the same areas, the barren deserted areas they’ve taken to calling ‘the land at the edge of the world’.

Mom… you’re here, it was so amazing, it was like light but you could feel it and there were strange people and they wore strange things on their bodies and when they saw us hiding behind the rocks they waved as if welcoming us.

Her husband swam from their home and headed to council chambers, it being his son who witnessed the Unidentified Fiery Object, he no longer doubted the tales and, at the risk of ridicule, would force the Mer Nation to listen, to be warned, that not only did fire exist, but it was wielded by aliens.


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘yeah, well, there was a time when these stories actually made sense!’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



Were I to hold forth on the rules and requirements of this, zoe’s  Six Sentence Story, would I risk being accused of writing an introduction, ‘by the book’?

To escape the accusation of over-research and (a) contrived premise, could I suggest that, in the course of this introduction, I am practicing a rhetorical device, much as I did in last week’s Six? Not without risk, I might add, as to attempt both would surely test the good temper of you, the Reader. So, then, to the story! It’s generally accepted that Shakespeare, in having Juliet say to Romeo, ‘You kiss by the book’, was, in fact, making a reference to the secret handshakes employed by members of the Rosicrucian Order, of which William was a member of very high standing. I would tell more, enough to convince you beyond doubt of his involvement, were it not for the fact that I have only Six Sentences to tell this week’s story, the minimum number of sentences that might comprise a story legitimately employing a Narrator (reliable or otherwise).



Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


And so, I’m sitting here in the snowy dark, waiting for my brain to accept the inevitability of the day’s Monday-nature and the thought came into my mind, ‘well, why don’t you write a Post?’

Why not, indeed!

(I’m totally betting on the ‘more produces more‘ theory of creativity (in general) and writing (in particular) starting today. And, if you follow this idea through, you’ll have both the proof of the validity of that view, and evidence of the mutability of reality.)

Why yes, that is the kind of stuff that goes through my head on a Monday morning. Hell, it’s the kind of thought that goes through my head all the damn time! We all understand the Wakefield Doctrine well enough to recognize me as a clark, right? Even those of you Readers, who are not clarks, you’ll have a sufficiently significant secondary clarklike aspect to see what I’m saying. And, since we’re now into a discussion proper of the use of the Wakefield Doctrine, how about a quick, down and dirty, guide to identifying the clarks, scotts and rogers that are, even as you read this, busy getting ready for the day that waits out there for you.

Clues to a person’s predominant worldview (aka personality type):

  • yep! the clarks in this readership just perked up on that last statement. if you’ve read this far and have not stopped and said, (to yourself or anyone else), ‘what?! this is kinda weird’ then, chances are you’re a clark. (because: clarks live in the personal reality of the Outsider. the world (and all the people) are, in fact, ‘out there’
  • you, the ones out there smiling and laughing (this second expression of fun, only if you’re in the company of other people), you sense something fun and enjoyable, even if the previous bullet point makes you shake your head a little (‘how can the world be out there?? I’m right here!!’), good bet that you’re a scott. (because: scotts live in the seriously fun world of the Predator, which simply means, the present, which, by effect and definition does not allow multiple-locality. meaning…. “Hey, this my life! here and now. no time to waste inside your head, but if you insist on dreaming and such, it’ll leave all the more to me to chase down and enjoy. Hey!”
  • everyone else…. rogers. don’t feel bad (yeah, as if!)  account for the majority of the population, some estimates place the percentage as high as 66% so, you’re a roger. (because: rogers (the Herd Members) live in a world that is both quantifiable and definable. which is not to say, ‘easily understandable’…. because the ‘definition’ of the world resides within (and only within) each individual rogerian person

ok… getting light outside the window. a slight dusting of snow, but the calendar will make it warmer outside than the thermometer says.

New Serial is out and about! ‘Almira‘  For my last Serial, ‘Blogdominion’ I used a website called jukepop to post the successive Chapters. It’s designed to allow a Reader to follow along in sequence. Unfortunately, their little site seems to not be allowing me to start the new story. So I’ve published it on a wordpress blog. It will read awkwardly, because, after there are more than a few Chapters, you’ll, like, have to scroll down to where you last left off and read, back towards the latest one. Or something like that.

Seeing how I might be catching some new(er) Readers, below is the backstory/set up for this story (thanks for the ‘prompt’ to write the story which lead to the serial goes out to zoe and her Six Sentence Story.) Feel free to leave a Comment.

Dorothy Gale cried, feeling nothing but anger towards Miss Gulch. Certainly, and Dorothy would be the first to admit, no one should live in fear of being attacked by dogs (or lions, or even monkeys). The thing was, Miss Gulch struck first, hitting Toto with a rake, so, naturally, the Law of Jungle (or Oz, or even home) exerted itself.

But life on the prairie had rules, people respected the social contract, and Miss Gulch was, in economic, educational and all measure of social standing, as far above the Gale family, as they were above their three itinerant workers. Dorothy might as well oppose the lack of benefits and job security that Hunk, Zeke and Hickory faced in their daily lives, being disadvantaged in effective job market skills (or education, or even in the courage to stand up for their rights).

It was part of what her new teacher, (her former teacher was killed in the storm that also destroyed the school building, although most of her classmates were also killed, by happy chance, Dorothy was absent from class that day), who was also the principle would say to the handful of surviving families on the last day of school in the newly dedicated Almira Gulch High School.”


…there is always more to the story


Six Sics Sicks Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


….late. So late that it’s Thursday morning! shit! I’m looking at what I wrote yesterday, as my ‘starter words’, you know, so I wouldn’t have to stare at a blank screen? The blank screen is more engaging than my three sentences. Have I said, ‘shit!’ yet? Hey, I hadn’t realized how they’ve relaxed the rules on using that word on TV, until I saw something on ‘late night TV’* in any event, they seem ok with saying that word out loud. Which, as my friends already know, saddens me. Words have power. The source of the power (of words) varies, sometimes it’s their literal content, sometimes it’s their historical ties and, in the case of our ‘swear words’ the power is, at least in part, based in being forbidden. No longer forbidden, no longer powerful, ya know? But this is Six Sentence Story Thursday, so I better stop with my wooing** and start with my storyfying, or zoe’s gonna be banging on the door (metaphorically, of course)…. “hey!! ya been in there an hour!!  come on! the day’s out here waitin!!”


scraping up the dead leaves, (in a spot for his head to rest), he lies on the ground.

finding a place, near, (not too near, but within the sound of the river), she lies on the ground

he thinks, ‘the earth spins and yet gravity attracts us to the center of the earth, such a powerful force (F = G*((m sub 1*m sub 2)/r^2))’

she feels, ‘the earth is moving and the sun divides day from night, there is a cycle in nature and nature is a cycle”

standing up, he knows, ‘I can harness this power’

lying still, she knows, ‘I am part of this power’




*lol yeah, 10 pm… how sad is that?

**the ‘warm-up section, you know how I seem to believe that I have to…never mind, here’s my Six


Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘Some good-for-you, possibly-good-for-the-other-person things you can do with this here Doctrine here

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

CSR copy

Only requirement to benefit from the application of the Wakefield Doctrine: be willing and able to allow that, Reality is, to a small but totally certain extent, personal.

So what are the things that you can use the Wakefield Doctrine for, in the course of your day today?

  • (better) Understand the people in your life.
  • ( better) Understand yourself
  • (have a lot better chance of success to) Change the things about yourself that you’ve wanted to change, but have never managed to quite achieve.
  • (pretty much, totally) Prevent other people from changing things about yourself that they want to change, but you suspect is not in your best interest.
  • (in the way of your people) Have fun.
  • (promise not to tell them, at least until you get more grounded in this here personality theory, but you will so) Know more about the people you encounter in the course of the day than you have any business knowing, maybe even, more than they know about themselves.  cool, eh?

oh, yeah… there is, of course, a certain degree of reading and learning and, most of all, practice required to be a position to realize the above benefits. I will, however, guarantee them, (the benefits stated in easy-to-read-point-points* above). Remember that all the descriptions and examples of the three worldviews are simply clues and imagery to aid you in answering the essential Question the Wakefield Doctrine would have us ask:

how does that person relate themselves to the world around them’

…as does a(n):

  1. Outsider (clark) i.e. (for you), the world and all the people are ‘out there’,  you know that only knowing will allow you to know that you are known to those you know as being a ‘real person’  (that being said, if you’re a clark, you’re totally fricken creative (not just reassemble the same old parts into a new-looking thing, but (the) bring into the world something that has never existed kind of creative), and you’re a great listener (clinically and certifiably tolerant… to the point of self-destructively so) and you’re funny (but only when you think (or don’t care if) anyone is listening) and you thinking in parentheseses
  2. Predator (scott) alive and not given to introspection, at least not the type of introspection that your clarklike friend does (and you do have a clarklike friend, because… well because you can’t figure them out!! most of the time they, (your clarklike friend), acts like prey (you know, rogers) and that’s ok, if not a little, well, boring, but every now and then, maybe during one of those times that you play a little too rough (hey, you got to have your fun too, we know! we know!) anyway, every now and then they rear up and knock you … ass-over-teacup** and you’re like,  ‘Alright!!  lol”  ...that friend. In the meantime, you live your life and it unfolds… ’cause, even though you can’t be bothered wasting time thinking about it, you know that today is everything….
  3. Herd Member (roger) today is not just the only day (as it is for scotts), nor is it the day before the real day, (as it is for clarks), today, well today is perfect. Your only concern is to be able to live up to it. There are a million ways your day can go today and some are good and some not so good, but there is only one correct way. You know that the world and reality, (the things you know, the places you’ve been, well, everything but the people that you encounter), are knowable and quantifiable, given the effort on your part. It’s not that success is the only thing that matters today, what is important to you is that you not ‘fail improperly’ today.

that’s enough for today. come back tomorrow, or better yet, ask us questions in the comments.


*Friend of the Doctrine, Christine informs us that the term ‘bullet points’ is frowned upon in today’s phobic-philic culture

**What an archaically amusing expression!