(From the lesser roger)

Like “Profiles in Courage”, this may be a good place to describe famous people. Much like The roger did on the Rogers page.

Profile: Ms. Jane S. (High School Physics teacher) Scottian

(As profiled by a roger)

Of all the teachers in my school, Jane S. made the biggest impression. As a freshman, her class was before lunch. She had us all stand at attention when she walked into the room. She was a compact 5 foot 2 inch woman, but had a booming voice. Her eyes were a piercing green and she could get “angrier” than any other teacher. I would bring an extra change of clothing for those days that my clothes got wet from sweat.

I got an A in both of her classes. I suspected that everyone got an A. (We were too afraid to get anything less than an A.)

One day she came into the classroom with a Styrofoam cup in her hand. “what is this made of?” she asked. We guessed for about 10 minutes. She just got angrier and angrier  “WHAT IS THIS MADE OF?” Maybe I’m a chemist today to better answer that question. FYI Styrofoam is made up of the compound styrene.