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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(does anyone else see the ‘Tim Burton-ish’ flower-man trying to sneak up on Una, or is it just me?)

Item Number 1: Una and non-snow covered ground

Metm Number 2: Comment from Vanessa… it was, (of a), content and, (a), timing that I am really appreciable for*  (The Comment: “I will be sure to keep this reference guide handy to assist with translating future posts. I think I might be a clark – and I’m not fond of many of those saying although “drill down” had it’s place until it became popular management buzz speak.”)  I felt the feeling that has (always) served as a reminder of the reason for writing this here blog here.

Item Number 3: The TToT co-hostinae and them… I continue to feel grateful for being included in that very exceptional group of bloggerini

Item Rebmun 4: I will cite, (as we all do, from time to time), the current technology that makes all this not only possible, but enjoyable (through the relative ease of use of the computers and internets and such.

Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules): Where to start? The Book is growing weekly by virtue of the contributions of clever (and desperate) bloggers who, like a modern day Indiana Jane(s), sees the idol, knows there is a trap, senses time running out and…cites Chapter, Section and (at times) verse. one of the reason that this is the best of all blohops.

SGV: (Seven Guard Virgins) the Enforcer(s) and Temptrae charged with adjudicating challenges and solicitations from writers since…well, since this blog hop started! (New Readers? zoe/ivy is the Mistress of Dance and Hope, and Intermediary par exemplar

7: soo you didn’t get what I was referring to in the photo caption at the top of this Post?

see?!! see?!! "Una!! Look out behind you!!"

see?!! see?!! “Una!! Look out behind you!!”


8) grateful for not being so caught up in work that I’m not able to find the time to spend getting this photo ‘to work’.

9) yeah, more photos from the road won’t be a bad thing  ( oh yeah,  thank you to Kristi for the Drexel photo that’s on this post…on the landing page at the Doctrine, coming here by the link means you wouldn’t see it. excellent dog.)

10) 1.3 baby 1.3!

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

* yes, yes that is a rogerian expression (-ette)


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Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘lets begin again at the beginning….one more time’ Fri, 22 May 2015 12:06:59 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It is understood that this blog is intended to present, explain, convince and otherwise allow those who might stumble across it, (on their way to someplace else in the blogosphere), and that, among (this group), there is a certain percentage who not only might benefit from the use and application of the Wakefield Doctrine, but possess the requisite  personal qualities (or qualities of personality, one might say), to stop, read, understand, apply and enjoy… this here personality theory, here.

(…for our scottian Readers): HEY!! lots of laughs and fun and interesting stuff here. Come on!! What’cha got to lose?!

(…yeah, no! I know)(on the outside chance that Mr…er  Bono* happens across today’s post and wonders what about his image did this writer find so fascinating as to cause  us to use it, surely it was the sincere and sensitive expression on his face as he patiently waits for the ‘other two’ people to stop chattering so that he might further help them to find the correct way to proceed):  What a lot of the new Readers have said and, are spreading the word is about how effective and useful the insights into the lives of the people that surround them, this Wakefield Doctrine has proven to be, even more than what they originally felt it offered.

You know, in the early days of this blog, I was convinced that what I needed to do was develop my writing skills to the point that I could write in the scottian and rogerian language(s). By doing so, I believed, I would reach all Readers. We all know that that was not a correct assumption. What is clear now is that the Readers will get from (this blog) everything that has a value to them personally. (Which is, in the passive, indirect language of clarks, to say, if they ‘get it’ and enjoy it, they’ll stay. If they don’t, they won’t). So, like Ellen, in the photo above… she chooses to believe that there is something in what Mr Bono is, no doubt, going on at interminable length about, worth listening to, and,  knows that it would be impolite to tell him to just stop talking…. (if that were not enough to aim a ‘pretending-to-be-interested-and-listening-face’ at the guy, she would not be 100% certain that Portia is hearing the same thing, the same way that she is, and would not want to deprive her partner of any (possible) enjoyment.)

ya know?

P.S.  ‘writer’s block’. the subject of so many un-published posts. I’ve mentioned my own theory about this horrible affliction, haven’t I?  It isn’t that we don’t have ideas and such about what to write, it’s simply a matter of our own internal critic, (and we all have one of those!), somehow getting too prominent a place in our heads. Just thought I would share that.

P.P.S. … er, nope, thought I had some clever final punchline. I guess I was wrong.1

1) no, wait! All this talk about Readers, (new and otherwise), lets be sure everyone has a ‘take-away’2

the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) is a perspective on life and human behavior. Predicated on the notion that we, all of us, experience life from one of three characteristic viewpoints:

  1. as clarks. We grow up and develop as Outsiders, we develop strategies and coping mechanisms that allow us to remain in the background as we try to discover the information that we lack, the knowledge that everyone else seems to share in common
  2. scotts… the life of the Predator. everyday is the only day that (really) matters. Life is meant to be lived, and the one rule is: stay alert! the day is filled with opportunity and threats, while one is preferable to the other, neither is Bad or Worthless… mercurial in temperament (to hold grudges requires too much introspection), decisions are made on the fly… natural leaders (for better or worse)
  3. Member of the Herd. that phrase says it all! to ‘be a part of’ assures that the world is (potentially) knowable, always quantifiable and you never are alone. The only responsibility a roger would admit to is that they must work harder than anyone to learn, (and then), be an example of ‘the Right Way’ to live

That, for today, is the simplest description of the Wakefield Doctrine. The only thing (it) asks of us, in return for the fun and such, is that we try to ‘see the world as the other person is experiencing it‘.  (they’re out there!  you’ll see the scotts first, followed by the rogers… then the clarks.) (no! really!)


2) someone out there, not a clark, please tell me that you don’t find these modern sayings all kinds of annoying… ‘take away‘ ‘reach out to‘…. ‘drill down‘…. all those half-good, middle-management facilitating expressions… there! see? I said ‘facilitating’! sorry guys


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- (as a personality theory), it’s not only fun, but it helps one develop oneself* Wed, 20 May 2015 11:00:24 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

You know, this Wakefield Doctrine really can be fun, provided you’re the kind of person who has: an active imagination, self-confidence (mostly relating to matters intellectual) and find playing with curious and different ideas and satisfying.

However, (the Wakefield Doctrine), when it come to the useful part, (i.e. ‘the Wakefield Doctrine is a unique, useful and fun way to better understand the people in our lives‘) can be a difficult taskmaster. If you, (and by you, I’m pretty much talking to predominant clarks, and/or scotts and rogers with amped-up secondary clarklike aspects*), have the outlook on life that insists that self-improvement is the best investment of your lifetime, (assume that I mean a wide variety of the manifestations of this all too under-accentuated aspect of human nature… i.e. the need for betterment, in all the ‘-lly’s’ (physically, spiritually, mentally) you might come up with. Of course, I recognize that, if you have been to this  blog more than twice, I’m, ‘preaching to the elect’.

The cool thing about our little personality theory is that, when you start to see the world (and the people) around you in terms of clarks, scotts and rogers, well it’s pretty much a case of,  ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. Because, once you get to this point, the perspective pretty much starts working on it’s own. You’ll see people acting a certain way that causes you to think, ‘what a roger!‘ or, ‘she is such a scott and then you’ll realize that the behavior that triggered this understanding is nowhere to be found in these pages! Congratulations, you’ve reached the next level! You’re understanding ‘how the person is relating themselves to the world around them’! Now you’re ready to concentrate on ‘seeing the world as the other person is experiencing it.’  And this step is what separates the Wakefield Doctrine from most of the other, more normal approaches to self-development. When you set out to ‘see the world as the other person is experiencing it‘, you are leaving behind the limiting conceits, such as, ‘well, maybe it’s their lack of education’ or ‘clearly she is being stubborn, I told exactly what to do to avoid that heartbreak’ or ‘god! that new manager, he really has it in for me’ and being open to the idea that we, all of us, experience the world in one of three characteristic ways:

  1. as the Outsider (clark) the world is a separate thing/place/people, we are fine except for that one thing, we know that there is something that everyone (except for us) knows about life and, if we’re careful and don’t get in the spotlight, we’re surely able to discover, learn it and then be able to become real people…
  2. the Predator (scott) woke up this morning to a bursting-with-life, brimming-with-opportunity world where we need to be on the alert, ready for anything, living right now and when things get frustrating we will attack (it) or run away (from it) but we.will.not.stop moving/living/loving/protecting/eating… until it’s necessary to sleep and then there’s tomorrow!!
  3. Members of the Herd (rogers) are not in a hurry, but often impatient. We know that everything is connected, except those parts/people/activities that seem to be apart and when we are confronted with them (these parts/people/activities) we do our best to understand how they connect to what we know is the Right Way (and the connections are there…pretty much all the time, it’s just a matter of taking the time, making the person investment in appreciating what it has in common with…. well, everything

Time for work.

Thank to Dyanne for a Comment that is sure to end up a Post. (Lets phrase it as a riddle: ‘why is a shy scott like a writing desk?’)

(and) thanks to Kristi for the Winnie the Pooh reference… it’s clearly a ‘raising-small-humans-centric’ cultural reference…. but, damn! there’s a bunch of different examples of the three worldviews there, in 100 Acre Wood!  In fact!  (see? this is why it’s not all that difficult to write posts ‘on the same subject’ countless times), maybe, among the characters, (of 100 Acre Wood), we might find illustrations and examples of the effect and influence of secondary aspects (on) the predominant worldview!!  Tying in with what Dyanne said!!  cool!


* btw  our condolences, granted, a little bit of the Outsider worldview makes a scott curious and less likely to eat things when aggravated and a touch of the blue monkey** can result in a roger who actually sees and hears strangers speaking… but it’s not overly predominant-worldview enhancing to have a secondary clarklike aspect.

** blue monkey.. there was this famous sociology/psychology*** experiment back in the 50s or 60s where they took one monkey out of a troupe of monkey and painted him blue and (then) returned him to his friends and family… needless to say, things did not go so well. those sociologists (and psychologists) back in the day could be a bunch of right bastards, empathy with experimental subjects-speaking, that is

*** what?  well, maybe not that famous



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-the Wakefield Doctrine- Tuesday (the easiest day of the Work Week) Tue, 19 May 2015 11:07:31 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(yeah…that little bastard in the left rear did, in fact, throw something at our hero, who is trying to take the proffered advice to 'just ignore them and they'll get bored and move on…')*

(yeah…that little bastard in the left rear did, in fact, throw something at our hero, who is trying to take the proffered advice to ‘just ignore them and they’ll get bored and move on…’)*

(If you are a clark*)…have you ever had a day when, just before the mid-point of the (weekday) morning, you come to the realization that you are, for all intents and purposes, invisible? Nothing cool, no walking into the Girls Locker Room or standing behind the Teacher at the front of the room, not even getting right next to that clot of rogers in the break room, close enough to be able to hear who said what, no none of that…just invisible, as in (socially) insubstantial, inter-personalistically transparent. A faint voice with no determinable origin.
(If you are a clark*)… while sometimes this state is fun, have you ever had the realization that, as little things go wrong in your day, (they are little things, if only for the fact that you accept that they happen to ‘everyone’), as you attempt to correct (these mistakes), mollify (their irritation), ameliorate (the bad feelings and reactions that begin to drift in, like an early morning fog), that (not only are you invisible and (semi)-insubstantial), it is this state-of-being, that is creating the conditions in your day and (despite your efforts to find this all amusing and interesting and so clarklike), the negativity shows no signs of letting up?
(If you are a clark*)… there is a feeling within, a sense of contributing and creating your own dis: -location/-satisfaction/-ease/-approval, that seems to grow with each half-hearted and doomed-from-the-start effort to get the day back on the right track. It is very akin to the saying, ‘they just can’t seem to get out of their own way’… only with the added element of your knowing that it is you who can’t seem to stop mumbling and stumbling because you are not picking up your feet when you walk.
(If you are a clark*)…there is an element of emotion underlying all of this. It is truly difficult to get your head around/put in words. And yet, there is a sense of ownership and with that comes a certain defiance that you realize, if it were not trapped within, held in check by your outsider-nature, you would be raising some 6 kinds of hell. but, you don’t. You endure, waiting for the more limiting (and damaging) parts of this feeling-state to pass, resolved to make it different next time.
(If you are a scott*) … thank you, but the appearance of disability and discomfort, while real, is nowhere near as you might imagine. Having no ‘fight-flight’ instinct, we tend to endure and bounce back…without accepting the rewards of surviving the battle.
(If you are a roger*)… no, nothing like that. Unless heir to a secondary clarklike aspect, there is not a chance in the world of your identifying with this, although the perspective that prevents your identification is of limitless value to us. thanks

You, the Reader, are in possession of the potential to experience the world in all three ways: the Outsider way, the Predator style and manner of the Herd Member. However, you are in only one of these three, (your predominate worldview), and it is the nature and character of your predominate worldview that is what stands between you and identifying with the other two.


* a person who grows up in the personal reality referred to as that of the Outsider, forever seeing the world around them as being, ‘…out there’. (hell, I just gave myself away with that ‘seeing the world around them’, didn’t I? lol)
* a person who grows up and develops their social skills and coping strategies in a context where the world is one of predator and prey, the here and now is pretty much all that matters, the day involves waking and eating providing for the pack and surviving
* those who find themselves in a connected world at a very early age. not ‘connected’ in the sense of ‘joined’, ‘connected’ in the sense of a part of larger group, governed by abstract Rules and Values that give purpose to the associations that their everyday world is comprised of.

* yeah, you’re totally correct…that was and will always be bad advice… however,  how our little clark (in the photo) best deals with the person has everything to do with whether or not they (the throwing boy) is a roger or a scott  (yeah, right…. who said that?!? who said, ‘well, he might be a clark, you never know‘  For the record we do (always) know and no, that would not be a clark. you, (the person making this statement), is obviously a roger.

(quick basics: clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.  the clark lives as if  scotts live what is and rogers live as it should be (but is not necessarily the case).



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TToh!100!! -the Wakefield Doctrine- Sat, 16 May 2015 13:55:03 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…and welcome to the Inaugural Edition of the ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ blog hop.

The idea-child (to organize a blog hop with ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ as the central theme), of ‘the Considerer’. Her idea of a Saturday blog hop offers to demonstrate an aspect of the internet that is truly remarkable. To have a community created by the thoughts and ideas (shared by) people from all over the planet… coming into existence for a day…spreading outwards through the blogosphere, passed along, modified enhanced then to fading from view…only to return again, different yet the same. How cool is that?

and…and!! there are 9 co-hosts! (the afore-mentioned Considerer), and

A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall
A Woman’s Place
Bringing the Sunshine
Finding Ninee
Shoved to Them
Steps into Parenthood
the Wakefield Doctrine
Each week…

That’s about it for me, for this Post. While familiar of with use and value of compiling a gratitude list, creating a list is an interestingly arduous task! Not that I am ungrateful, ( non-grateful?? anti-grateful?? hypo-grateful??? lol), for the things in my life, I have not engaged in a formal exercise before this…I will, without a doubt, be sharing my thoughts and impressions as the weeks progress.
And I am also a big advocate of bloghops… especially for those of us who spend a lot of time writing a blog. The hop (like this one right here) is an opportunity to ‘get out… meet new people, read blogs that you might not otherwise come into contact with… so add your blog to the place below that says sign up here… it’ll be fun.

List of 10 things about/within/comprising my life today 06/08/2013 that I feel grateful for:

coming to know interesting people such as Considerer, simply because there is no way I would have met her, were it not for her blog
having the time available to write this post
seeing examples of Posts as written by the other co-hosts
having a family (wife and dog*)
having known the perfect dog…Ola
living in a climate that is only bi-annually of intolerable climate (lol)
the 3 or 4 years spent on fishing boats
the friends that I have
the enemies that I do not have (at least not in large numbers)
the invitation from Considerer to co-host this here bloghop here
Now the hard part! There’s supposed to appear some code for a button and an invitation to join us… all I need to do is get it right…. hold on….

Number 1:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Number 2-9

    •  the Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules)…
    • 9 co-hostinae,
    • Work that allows/requires driving through fairly interesting geographies and explore old, odd and (sometimes) semi-dangerous houses
    • Phyllis and home….
    • living near enough the ocean to go there whenever the mood strikes me/requires/tempts
    • Seven Guard Virgins (yeah, all of the them…even if there is a certain favorite)
    • SBoR/BoSR Rule 1.3
    • …. hey!  you want to hear about Christine when I first met Lizzi?  (yeah, that story again!)  In any event… I was Commenting at Considerings the odd way that I do when I recognize a clark and immediately write like I’ve known the person my whole life (which, if you understand the Wakefield Doctrine, you’ll realize that I sorta did)….anyway, not long after I started hanging out at considerings, I received the following Comment, like, totally out of left field from some kind of farming site! the name did not ring a bell, but I recognized a scottian friend being protective, instantly:

      Submitted on 2013/05/24 at 11:41 pm

      I have been seeing your comments on Considerer’s posts, and was a bit curious as to what the clark/roger/scotts you mention means. Now that I’m here, I thought I had it figured out. I think. I do believe I’m a scott. But then I read this post, and got confused all over again. I’ll keep trying. :)

      ( lol…. I liked her immediately, of course)



Number 10: Lizzi for this here bloghop here. Yes, there are 9 co-hostinae (and a number of hostinae emerita …as can be seen in the first TToT post above), however, as my Latin friends (¿Alguien por favor decirle a Clark que si bien estamos de América Latina, no hablamos América … Aye Carumba! mi amigo !!)  would say,  ‘sine qua non, binyons‘.

Sure, now it’s easy enough to participate in a grat bloghop like this now, however, allow me to share my memory of  reading ‘considerings’  when it first showed up in the ‘sphere. I first met Lizzi at the FTSF bloghop, she wrote….er  interesting FTSF posts and, naturally, I liked her. I saw a fellow clark, of course. It seems like, maybe a few weeks after I started reading considerings,  Lizzi started doing a gratitude exercise (can’t recall at who’s suggestion). A series of daily Posts, listing the things for which she was grateful. Ha! Lizzi didn’t make up the idea for the TToT herself!!

What she did do herself that is fairly mind-boggling, is, she stuck with it. By herself.
(For newer Readers: hard as it might be to believe, but at the time I’m referencing, ‘considerings’ got maybe 2…3 comments per Post.)
And, as some of us who were there may recall, things were not going that well in her life at that time, yet Lizzi stuck with her commitment. That’s why this bloghop is as successful as it is. The internet is chock full ‘o people who will write 1000 words telling you what you should in order to improve your life. Our host/founderette, as the old saying goes, ‘walks the walk’.

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘what to do this weekend? 2 words: ‘Ten Things of Thankful bloghop’ Fri, 15 May 2015 12:29:38 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

lol….no!! nothing like that!! (the gender ratio is completely the opposite!)

lol….no!! nothing like that!! (the gender ratio is completely the opposite!)

Two things:

A) thank you to Lisa and Val for the correct identificationing of our Ms. Mitchell (yesterday’s Post) as a clark. they both correctly inferred that Joni relates herself to the world around her as would an Outsider (clark).  The second video was terribly helpful, but I would submit that a photograph would have you thinking, ‘ok gonna go with clark until I get something that offsets that look to her eyes.

2) you need to join us at the TToT 100th BlogPost Extravaganza tomorrow… for 2 reasons*

    1. it (the TToT) is simply the best of the bloghops
    2. you’ll get mad readship by linking to the ‘hop  plus there’ll be Prizes!
    3. my 9co-hostinae will all be there!
      1. Christine
      2. Sarah
      3. Kristi(K2)
      4. Michelle
      5. Lisa
      6. Kristi
      7. Dyanne
      8. Ivy (tbfka zoe)
      9. the one, the only, the progenitoress of this bloghop….Lizzi

Need more convincing? Think that gratitude bloghops are for girls (no, I don’t think that 90% is overly suggestive of the demographic of the hosts and therefore a leading indicator of the makeup, genderistically-speaking of the readerhood of this blog! hell no! Y Chromia is well represented here!  we got Rich and Jak and… Twin Father and … and a bunch of guys!  they’re just a little shy, is all.)

Anyway…. get on over to the TToT tomorrow link ya damnselfs up to the best bloghop in the whole fricken ‘sphere.  Anyone ask for an ID or credentials, tell ’em the Doctrine sent ya.



* why, yes, there seems to be a slightly anaphoric cast to this post**

** please forgive me for that, way contrived, totally unnecessarily obscure reference… I’m usually not prone to the posturing, thesaurusistically-speaking, that is**

*** must be the pressure of the lead up to the TToh!100th! celebration…


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- “…and we’ll talk in present tenses”* Thu, 14 May 2015 12:06:01 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(*from ‘Chelsea Morning’, Joni Mitchell)

surely, of the workdays of the week, Thursday mornings are, somehow and in some way, the most tolerate of flashbacks (musical and otherwise).

Of course, you’re right. Of the three, you would think that it would be the rogers who would be most prone to getting transported back in time by those amazingly comprehensive memories, elicited by chancing on a song that was a part of the time past. But no, if you were to find yourself a roger right this moment* and said, “hey, listen to this song! remember? back in college… dormitory… smell of sandalwood incense?….magic markers …bath towels drying on the back of the door?” there is a good chance that their response would be along the lines of, “yeah, sure. You hated that song back then…we used to make fun of the kids who listened to that music. remember?”

It would seem to be clarks who are more likely to embrace…no, make that: deliberately encourage and enhance the effect of a music-memory, with it’s astonishingly powerful emotional affect. Odd. Or is it? rogers may appear to live in the past. …on closer examination, rogers definitely hold ‘tradition’ as a transcendent value, a reference for finding their own way to live life ‘the Right Way’. But, they don’t believe in it, at least not in as personal terms as would a clark.
What !?!
Wait. That can’t be right! It does strike me as decidedly odd that we seem to be arguing that clarks are more personal than rogers!  But, fortunately, the Wakefield Doctrine can deal with such seeming paradoxeses  I’m talking about ‘the Everything Rule’. To use this rule, we need only ask, “How does a song-keyed memory flashback manifest in the worldview of Herd Members? How does it manifest in the reality of the Outsider?”

for a clark, the full-sense memory that is risen by, as today, my stumbling across today’s song, is a connection to a place…a reality that is real.  Well, as real as anything else in the day of an average clark.

for a roger, the full-sense memory is validation  it (manifests) as a reminder, a proof that the past is only a segment of the stream of events (in the life of the roger in question, and therefore all rogers), that represent the essential rightness of life

…ok off to work


Click here to view the embedded video.

* better not, rogers are not known for their relaxed embrace of challenging conversations at early morning hours


jeez… if anyone out there is saying, ‘this Joni Mitchell, is she a clark?’  lol…try this:     (no, really, the thing here is her introduction to the song. Remember what we say about determining worldview, ‘how does the person seem to be relating themselves to the world around them’…)

Click here to view the embedded video.


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘Tristan and Isolde’ (now for something really fun) Tue, 12 May 2015 10:54:18 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Couldn’t leave the classical literature thing alone. You know, certain stories or tales, fables or legends have endured and continue to show up in cultures down through the ages, clearly they’re reflecting some aspect of the human condition. But that’s not important now!* What is important is how much fun, (and scary perceptive), is our Wakefield Doctrine.  (New Reader Advisory: the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective on human nature and, as such, is not ‘the answer’, rather it’s an alternative view of the actions, behaviors, motivations and intent of people. …you know, lets just say, this Doctrine?  ‘as much art as science’, and let it go at that. There’s already too much “well, if you’d only accept my research findings and statistics, you would have no choice but believe me.” in the world today. Check it out.)

…so, anyway, this morning? I’m looking for some enduring tale or fable and I come across ‘Tristan and Isolde’ (or as wikipedia started my thread with ‘Tristan and Iseult‘) and immediately after, the Camelot version (i.e. Guinevere and Lancelot and King Arthur). And now I’m stuck with the topic! I mean, we all ‘know’ the story, but I’m after the worldview of our three main characters. Let me admit that, at first, I was thinking, ‘ok, she’s a clark married to the older guy (Arthur) and swept off her feets by this Lancelot. Simple clark*roger*scott triad, right?  maybe

You want to see a fun way to use the Doctrine? look at the images below:

Tristan-and-Isolde-2 Tristan-und-Isolde_Postcard5 marianne-stokes-tristan-und-isolde-1361909098_b-2 images lovepotion

(that last painting, titled ‘Love Potion’…. I think you know where I’m going with this)…. hey! she’s no innocent clarklike girl!!!  that’s a scottian female, if ever there was one!

I need to keep this short this morning. Anyone want to jump in and provide us with any additional evidence as to the predominant worldviews of our three characters, please, have at it. And, yes, I did make a leap to a conclusion of Guinevere’ personality type purely on the basis of images I found. Here’s my reasoning:

  • enduring tale, story of human weakness and foibles and such (and, sure, romance too… can’t ignore our college age readers)
  • characters remain essentially the same from the 12th Century
  • artists and painters and actors and directors interpret the characters and depict them…. from the 12th Century to present day
  • …she is totally a scottian woman

lol… ain’t this Doctrine fun?




* thank you, genius creators of one of the top 3 funniest movies of all time, ‘Airplane!’ 

Click here to view the embedded video.


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- “Who is it that can tell me who I am?” ― (William Shakespeare, King Lear) Mon, 11 May 2015 11:05:04 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


“[T]he bonds of outsiderness are stronger, in a way, because they’re not predicated on hierarchy or conformity, but a state of the soul,” Lizzi

“…We need to be useful to our own selves.”  Denise

Sometimes people say, ‘Clark, your blog is topical, it’s about the Wakefield Doctrine, only the Wakefield Doctrine. You’ve been writing posts for, like, 5 years. How the hell do you do it?’ I smile and say, ‘well, the Doctrine is about life, about how we relate ourselves to the world around us, so everything is a potential topic. It’s not just things, it’s events and occurrences and situations that we, all of us, encounter everyday.‘  Of course, there are Reader Comments, now that is a source of Post topics that’s invaluable. As people who have been reading this blog know, the first half (of the time we’ve been writing this thing), was spent presenting the idea of the Doctrine, it’s principles, how to use it and like that. There came a point, a couple of years ago, when I realized that, not only did Readers understand this thing, but they understood it way better than I realized!  Sufficiently to extrapolate its principles and, through their own experience, further the understanding we have of this Wakefield Doctrine. (Kinda funny about that, I was the last to know that Readers and Friends of the Doctrine were that far along in taking the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine and applying it in their own life. )

What does this have to do with today’s Post and my Three Daughters?*  Well, it’s about Readers Comments. They have become a really great source of Post topics. It’s no secret that there is much more to discover about the Wakefield Doctrine. We have the basic principles:

  • we all live, to a certain extent, in a personal reality (aka worldviews)
  • there are 3 characteristic worldviews that we all are heir to,  the world of the Outsider, the Predator or the Herd Member
  • what others call personality types, the Doctrine maintains that everyone grows and develops ways of interacting, strategies for coping with the world that are in the context of the world that they are, as growing children, experiencing. Outsiders (clarks) learn to hide, Predators (scotts) know that ‘fight or flight’ works best and the Herd Member (rogers) accept that conforming to the collective wisdom of the group is really the only best course of action.
  • while we all experience the world as one of these three worldviews, (our predominant worldview), we always have the potential of seeing the world as do ‘the other two’

…and we have the goal: to understanding how the other person is relating themselves to the world around them. Knowing this last, we are in a position to know more about the other person than they know about themselves. And…. and!  we will never have to find ourselves lamenting, “How could you do such a thing!! I really thought I knew you better than that!!”


what about the quotes?

Lizzi and Denise are referring to the most recent ‘development’ in the Wakefield Doctrine, i.e. the benefit (to clarks) of identifying with other clarks. It, (this ‘identifying with’), holds the potential to be remarkably beneficial (and) helpful thing that clarks can do to improve their very lives. Yeah, I know…. 

Click here to view the embedded video.

…sorry.  Hey, no one said this would be all seriousy and academic  and, you know rogerian…. at the risk of losing a tiny small handful of Readers (those who might have missed the statement of how the Doctrine is a fun…and useful tool to help better understand the people in our lives. oh well)

But the serious part of this topic today is that there is a thing that clarks can do with other clarks that will not only help, but will be useful to other clarks, all without invoking any requirements that might trigger the ‘run away!! they’re getting too close!! I’d love to help, but I don’t want to let you get too close (and run the risk of you learning too much) or be in your debt (and run the risk of disappointing you), reflex.
That a clark can identify with another clark is obvious. What might not be so obvious is that, by doing so, I benefit in ways that simply would not be possible with, say, a scott or a roger. And even though I benefit, I don’t have to worry about the relationship (created by this ‘identification’). I remain free to benefit or not, from seeing a person (another clark) and knowing that they experience the world as I do. I’m free to know that, if they weather a certain storm and survive, then I might.
It’s not that I need to learn shit from the other clark… hell, if learning was all it took, clarks would be….well, rogers and scotts!  lol.


What happens for me is that I see, say Lizzi, survive a bad time and maybe she did a little thing differently, then I know that when those conditions apply to me, (that dark place is available to all clarks), maybe it can be different. That’s all. And if I see a clark, say Cynthia, and see that she can take the totally un-ruly ambitions and interests and enthusiasm for life and channel them in a way that keeps one strength from neutralizing the other, then it becomes a possibility for me!

(end of Part 1)


* well, because odd and (semi)random references to classical literature and stuff is fun, if for no other reason than, with surprisingly little effort, you can see the Doctrine in everything. Take the three young women in the painting above…please (bar rump bump!). Who out there is not thinking, ‘ok… I see the roger, pretty sure I got the clark…that leaves the red head as the scott.  Hurrah!’




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TT C-1 -the Wakefield Doctrine- (can ‘Title-cleverness’ allow me grat item credits?) Sat, 09 May 2015 11:52:29 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Surely it will! Allow me to take at least 3 grat items credit. Today’s bloghop-specific title, of course! (okay okay! lets compromise. If any Reader comments, “oh I get it! how terribly clever“) I get the 3 Item credit. If I don’t get that comment, I’ll fill them in. Well, no, I thought I’d leave three items blank somewhere amongst the 10. This is ’10 Things of Thankful, right? It would hardly do to have a list of 7! Then it would be the 7 Things of Thankful, and that would never do. For one thing, it’s an odd number.* For another thing, it’s 10 Items and that’s the number that Lizzi came up with, back in her pre-swan blogger days.

1) I’ll make that grateful Item #1. That I hung out at the original FTSF and came across this odd little blog… considerings …written in blogger, no less! Needless to say, one Post and I recognized a clark, and proceeded to demonstrate that odd, faux-contextual confidence that clarks (at least those of us with significant secondary scottian aspects) have, which meant I simply started writing comments as if I knew her already. Which, of course, I did. Courtesy of our little personality theory. (You shoulda been there… there were like, 2 or three comments on any given Post! yeah, I know! who would of guessed what the future would hold. Well, actually a number of us. It’s no secret that the people around these parts were not short changed on the intuitive gene.)

2) seeing as how I’m pre-claiming the free three, lets start here

3) I can always put Una in one of the Items. And that’s not an easy one. At least in terms of what I judge to be the standards for this here bloghop here. (not that there are Standards… per se**)

4) I’m totally grateful for wikipedia and his sister Wiktionary ( “..yeah, she kinda brainy and stuck up sometimes, but when you get past that, she’s alright…no you can’t set her up with your cousin Pictionary!“)   Consider Item 3. sure we all know what ‘per se’ means, at least well enough to properly use it in a sentence. But 2 mouse clicks and you take a worn around-the-edges latin phrase and …..

From Latin per se (“by itself”), from per (“by, through”) and se (“itself, himself, herself, themselves”).

très cool, non?

5)  …(surely someone’s written the ‘oh! what a clever title. aren’t you the precocious one.’), sure, you’re right! I need to show more confidence!

6) speaking of self-confidence, I will thank my associate at the office who helped me realize that once I achieve a goal, I must act like I deserve it. This relates pretty much exclusively to clarks. (Hey! Thank you! Whoever out there yelled, ‘yeah but some of us rogers and scotts have strong secondary clarklike aspects!! We have those kinds of reactions too… get with the frickin Doctrine, ok?!?)

7) …along the lines of the previous Item, I want to thank whoever posted some kind of grid-thing on ‘the facebook’…. it had to do with writing shorter sentences. Or, at least, that’s how I read it. It even gave reasons, i.e. ‘falling into passive voice’ (me? passive??!  say it ain’t so!!), ‘trying to get too much into one sentence’ (sure, but isn’t that what parentheseses are for? and ‘quotes’ and bullet

  • points?  I mean, they’re there, so it must mean we’re supposed to use them and besides
  • this is a theme/topical as opposed to general/personal blog so I need to always incorporate the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine into nearly every Post… holy
  • shit! this is still the same sentence!! I’m grateful we have a BoSR?SBoR!!

8)  placeholder

9) I am always thankful for the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) and  …and Seven of the most attractive (aka hottest (at least as appropriate to gender) Guard Virgins who stand (or lounge seductively and/or coquettishly on these, like couches without arms, except at one end it’s slanted…. I’ll try and find a picture…anyway) on guard to encourage the encourageable or chastise the incorrigible,

10) grateful for the new participants and writers join this here bloghop here… hey, tell me that this is not the best bloghop in the ‘sphere!  See?  You can’t deny it!


* an old Steven Wright joke:

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number.”



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