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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


You know that today is Friday (Day of the Week motto: “what? don’t like my work? well then tell me to go home for the rest of the week, why doncha? yeah, I thought so…“). Consider Friday the zen-iest Day of the Work Week, no pressure because there is an end, not only to the Day, but the whole (Work) Week. Kinda gets you thinking, in a reflectionary way,…well, it does if you’re a clark ( or a post-coital scott….or a pre-prandial roger )

In any event, this has been a good and enjoyable week here at the Wakefield Doctrine. Good Questions, Comments and Discussions. I especially enjoyed the give and take on the Comment Threads… I found myself feeling like I did during the early years of writing this blog, seeing questions (that reminded me of how cool this here Doctrine can be) and writing answers (that let Readers know how fun the application of the principles of this personality theory can be). In fact, let me single out Val and Lisa for bringing up the 2 part question of ‘suppose a scott poses as a scott or a roger poses as a…’  (and) ‘all this is happening at the water cooler at work, with real people I know’. What was the most fun was being able to respond with, (my Reply, edited for the sake of length and a moment to reflect… the Wakefield Doctrine is, in fact, ‘an Open Book Exam’), the following:

water coolers and break rooms (aka a-modern-day Oasis’s in the desert….the-digital-watering holes in the jungle clearing…the-polar-bear-free ice floe in the polar oceans) are among the best of places to observe clarks, scotts and rogers. The reason they are there, (or at least one of the reasons they are), depends entirely on their predominant  worldview…

now, the ‘real’ people you work with and know quite well? Go ahead and stick their heads on the bodies of predators and Herd Members and Outsiders….you know, like leopards and lions, antelope and wildebeests, wombats and (I don’t know, some other odd marsupial)…. that is how we apply the Wakefield Doctrine when we’re in a practical mood!  lol… and the result is the Doctrine at it’s most useful and fun and totally self-regulating…

You might be asking, ‘what? use my imagination and picture people I know as animals as we all stand around the water cooler?!?! Is that what you’re suggesting??! What the hell kind of insightful and useful personalty-type system are you selling here?‘  Allow me one more ‘lol’… that is exactly what we are suggesting. But, wait! hear us out!!
One of the questions posed was ‘what if a scott posed as a roger or a roger posed as a clark or…’ a valid question. It is a good question, if for no other reason than the ‘answer’ provides an illustration of how self-correcting our little personality theory can be, meaning, without having to spend years studying this Doctrine, you can gain insights that are accurate and correct, even when there might be confusion as to a person’s dominant worldview! Now, lets get back to the water cooler at work, and our friends hanging out there.

Sure, among our friends and co-workers, we know some who are aggressive and (others) who prefer to follow the crowd etc… You also know what a lion/leopard/predator is like, how they behave in the wild. (The co-worker who you have pegged as a scott… how do they seem to be carrying it off? (you know, the ‘imagine them as animals at the water cooler, their faces/animal bodies’ exercise) I’ll wager that if they are not a scott… then, as you observe them as ‘the predator at the oasis’… you won’t be able to miss that it (this image) just doesn’t quite fit.  They don’t seem too…convincing (as king of the beasts). So, maybe you just need to put their face on a different animal, I don’t know… how about a howler monkey?

If you attempt this exercise, I will guarantee one thing: a) as of one of three types of animals, each person will totally nail the role, appear natural  and 2) you should try not to laugh too much, as you engage in our little experiment. I guarantee they will not be amused. Wait! I take that back!  (If they catch you doing this), the scotts will laugh along with you, the clarks will be impressed and, depending on your predominant world, might hope to become better friends and the rogers?… well, that will depend on your worldview entirely…. but that’s a whole Post in itself!

Thank you for the fun and insight, y’all



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Twensday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…it was a clark and stormy night‘ day, day! and, kinda boring towards the end too!’ Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:34:28 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The last Comment/Reply to yesterday’s day-before-yesterday’s Post serves perfectly to start us off today,

“I’d totally be calling “shotgun.” ” ( Dyanne ‘Backsies‘  …scott )

“We knew that… (well, this is the Wakefield Doctrine!)”  ( clark…. clark )

now, before you think, ‘well he knows her’… (or) ‘she hasn’t really said anything other than where she would sit’… (or) ‘but your answer it doesn’t really tell us anything that we didn’t know!’

Fair enough.

Yesterday’s Post was concerned with, ‘what the Doctrine is’, today we will address the question of ‘what the Doctrine does’

What does the Wakefield Doctrine do? Is that what you want to know? well, is it?!  For starters it won’t: make your husband stop being so picky, (or) give you the power so you can simply change your child, (the one who has so much potential, but all he wants to do is read those books), to stop him  being so hard on himself when playing with the other kids (or) your friend, who you love dearly, but every time you go somewhere public, there’s a scene (not such an outrageous scene, at least not anymore, back when you were all young…wellll! it seemed that the minute you’d walk into the bar…she would somehow do something that made you three the center of attention and what you had hoped would be a nice evening with your two best friends would end up with you:  frantically waving down a cab/ telling her new friend’s buddy that you really aren’t interested and/or hitting someone on the head with a bottle)

so… you want to know what the Wakefield Doctrine can do?  Ok, rather than go into a long list of what it can’t do (which I seem to have already made a good start at), I’ll tell you the two most valuable things that things that using the Wakefield Doctrine skillfully, can allow you to do:

  1. you can know the other person better than they know themselves, with insights into the reasons for their behavior, knowledge that you have no right to know
  2. you can ‘see the world as the other person is experiencing it’
  3. (for a certain percentage of you out there), you can begin to build a ‘place to stand’  a place (within) that might just be above the emotional water line… a place that is not periodically washed away by the horrible price of being …what you believe you are

There! is that enough for you?

(Follow up on newest Doctrine blogroll member, Val’s scenario in Coments:

  • which of those three young ladies will be assigned photographer duties,
  • which will be ‘the self’ in most of the evening selfless and…. here’s a really tough one!  of the three…
  • which of the three will ‘mis-remember’ how the evening went…at least when telling ‘the Evening’s Tale’ back at the office the next day?*


* no, sorry Lizzi and zoe are prohibited from answering the bonus Question… lets let the newer Readers have some of the fun of answering the questions (especially, the fun of that dawning realization and you start to answer one way and then it occurs to you…. ‘wait! she’s just like….”)


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-the Wakefield Doctrine- “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a personality theory” Mon, 26 Jan 2015 12:38:20 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

…we did mention that the Doctrine is anecdotal, right? above? …anecdotal football, if ever I saw one

…we did mention that the Doctrine is anecdotal, right? above? …anecdotal football, if ever I saw one

(Today’s Post’s subtitle is, of course, (the) paraphrased tagline of a famous speech by football coach, Vince Lombardi.  Given that we’re at the height of football season (Height of Football Season motto: “Open enrollment for the Herd!! you’re all rogers…. provided you’re willing to paint your face and tolerate near-criminal activity in the name of cheering for the home team!!!!” ).

Over the course of the weekend there were enough Reader remarks, comments, asides and vague innuendae about the understandability of the Wakefield Doctrine, that I thought, ‘What the hell, lets see if I can’t give a ‘This is the Wakefield Doctrine speech’.

Rather than go back and mine one of the 1268 Posts that, when all is said and done, are each an attempt to explain the Wakefield Doctrine in a manner that allows a New Reader to read, understand, apply and enjoy this here personality theory here, I thought… hey! it’s Sunday evening. Lets write a ‘new’ explanation of the Wakefield Doctrine!

the Wakefield Doctrine is a way of looking at the people in our lives, that can, when properly applied, lead to understanding them in ‘additional ways’. By ‘additional ways’, we mean… ‘what am I doing that is an integral aspect in how they are acting?

(…. “Ladies and Gentleman this is ‘an inflated leather spindle torus’”  sorry, lol… I was trying to write ‘the speech’, but thought about the ‘setup’…post game speech… locker room… various states of dress…demographics of the current readership…. me standing on a bench (in that locker room)….lol)  wait! wait!  let me try again.

The Comments that got me on this theme (the basics of the Wakefield Doctrine, not the locker room) were:

  • “I’m still learning this clark roger secret rule thing… yes one day I will…”  (Kimberly at ‘…something something’ ) 
  • ” And remember, I am embracing my Clark-like self this week.” (Val of ‘Virtual Vineyard’)
  • “…thankful for your WD info and thankful to be understanding it more and better” (Lisa over at Meaning of Me’) 

Let me try to be more reality tv show about this explanation. Kimberly (who, of the three, is the one I would bet would ‘call shotgun!’ first,  is in the front seat and Val and Lisa are in the back  and we’re driving through Wakefield on a Saturday night.**)

After driving past the Guild and heading into Wakefield proper, I look in the rear view mirror and begin:

the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective. It’s a way to see the world, it’s a way to understand the behavior of the people in our lives. It’s not an Answer, it’s a Question. And…. (hey!! Val!! please!!! no leaning out the window and shouting at the people in the CVS parking lot!!! come on! they’re on serious, old person/sick person business!!  thank you. )  the Question is:  ’how does my spouse/the girl at the 7/11,  / the Teacher who is shaping my 7 year old’s life/ the people I read about in the news… how do they appear to be ‘relating themselves to the world around them’?’  The Wakefield Doctrine proposes that we all live in a personal reality (aka worldview) that is characterized as (one) of the following:

  1. live as ‘the Outsider’ (clarks) always apart from, different, trying to understand what it is they don’t understand, trapped by the belief that it is about knowledge
  2. the world of the Predator (scotts) seemingly confident (always looking for threats and opportunity), active and impulsive  running into doors as often as gallantly opening them, protective and paranoid
  3. the life of the Herd Member (rogers)  self-assured, as the world of the roger is one that is quantifiable/(and limited), knowable/(and ignorable) ordered and simple… searching only for ‘the Right Way’/ missing the enjoyment of the un-expected and strange

What the Wakefield Doctrine refers to as ‘personality types’ is simply the skill set we develop in order to successfully cope with the reality that we find ourselves growing up in and living our lives in … (‘no Kimberly… we can’t stop for donuts…. we have to drive to Galilee next…. yes,  Lisa  I will try to walk on the water… very funny’). So what we are saying with the Doctrine is this: understand the three worldviews, infer how the other person is relating themselves to the world around them and they will do the rest.  No, I’m serious! Ask anyone! Once you start to see the clarks, scotts and rogers in your life, they will ‘act the part’ to a degree that is sometimes a little scary. But fun..  The goal of all of this is: to try to see the world as the other person is experiencing it.

It takes imagination. It takes the kind of curious mind that not only is capable of, but enjoys imagining that a person is a Predator (figuratively) or creative perfectionist or… or even the person who is ever the Outsider, but always manages to be a part of…secretly, of course!

…ok everyone out! we’re back.


** which, by the way, is not a symbol, metaphor, allusion or made up place… there is a Wakefield, Rhode Island and I do drive through it on virtually every Saturday Night***

*** doing the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call-in….


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TToT(pre-Saturdee) -the Wakefield Doctrine- (the weekend, already?) Sat, 24 Jan 2015 09:50:38 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

1) Today started very early. I am, apparently,  a ‘morning person’. Given a choice of getting up extra early or staying up extra late, I’ll pick the former every time. So, today,while not particularly unusual in (my) getting-up-time, saw me out on the road extra early… as the photos indicate, about sunrise.

20150123_071440_resized …20150123_071437_resized20150123_071433_resized…I was driving –>  on my way in to my office. Good to have technology to be able to grab the photos as I drove.

2) (I’m really determined to write a normal, orderly TToT Post this week. Not that anyone is suggesting or otherwise attempting to compel me to do so, it’s just that for me it’s difficult and therefore accomplishing it would be a good thing. I am grateful to Christine and Dyanne and the other co-hostinae who are skilled grat list writers, for their encouragement and, in their own contributions here each week, demonstrate of ‘how to write a grat list… here and now style’!*

3) Phyllis had a birthday recently and, as a present, I thought….’hey! real people send flowers to loved ones at their place of work as a surprise‘. The pleasure of such gestures is, by all appearances, enhanced by the public-ness of the gift receiving process. I suspect that this is a X Chrome thing, as it seems to be all about… the ‘awwws’  Of course, I am a clark, which would have become totally obvious had you the opportunity to observe, as I went online to the FDA online florist site (FDA online florist site motto: ‘ You’re at home in your bathroom with a cup of coffee… you can afford to be extra romantic!‘). But, flowers are not really something I understand (other than their ‘aww’ producing qualities), so I thought, ‘a plant for Phyllis’s office would be nice… bonsai plants are pretty cool and slow-motion zen an shit… get her something Mr Miyagi would approve of!‘ and so I did and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

4) I am grateful for the new plant I have on my desk at home:

20150123_185651_resized… if it weren’t for the fact that only girls and rogers name things like cars, and plants and such, I’d call it ‘george’ (or ’ジョージ’)… but being neither, I guess I’ll just take a photo and maybe come back to it from time to time on these weekend posts. It’s not that Phyllis did not enjoy my gift, it’s just that she’s not a plant person… so we’ll see.

5) (I’m actually still within the last 7 day period with my post here!) Allow me to go a little generic, and say I’m very grateful for the non-snow infested winter season that we’ve been experiencing here in southern New England. Granted it’s been cold, but, (the lack of snow), is worth at least 10 degrees of outdoor temperature.  and…and! it’s like still light at 5:30!!

6) I spend a significant amount of time in my car everyday. The lack of snow has made this much more enjoyable. I’m more inclined to try and take photos as I drive:

20150120_103641_resized is it just me, or does this cloud formation seem a little odd. (That special kind of ‘everyday unusual’… like walking into kitchen and seeing a clean plate on the top of the stove, obviously the result of a major distraction…. nevertheless it can be a bit …un-nerving, teetering between funny and creepy… these clouds? They could go either way.)

7) As always, I’ll cite the Wakefield Doctrine as one of the most significant aspects of my life. No, seriously… were it not for this fun and unique and helpful theory of personality, I would not be here, writing this Post! 

8) You know Christine did something at ‘the coop’ this week that might serve a grat item prompt, if I may borrow (and mutate her idea)… i.e. to tell a story from the early days of my life in the ‘sphere. It ties into Item # 7, the role of the Wakefield Doctrine in my (online) life.   So anyway… a couple of years ago (stop me if you’ve already heard me tell this story!) I was doing a FTSF** and I came across this small blog, ‘Considerings‘. I liked it immediately… very intense, personal and rather well written  and clearly there was a clark on the other side of the computer screen. So I started ‘hanging around’, reading each week on Fridays and then other days and, finally, I started commenting. (This act of commenting is a testament  to the Doctrine, in that many of the Posts were dealing with difficult situations, (in the life of the author) and, although I didn’t know the author (our Ms. Rogers, of course), I did know that she was a clark and therefore I felt comfortable enough to respond as I would to a person I already knew. Because, in a sense I did.
Anyway….!!   so, I was writing comments at Considerings for, probably a month or two when, totally out of the blue, I get a Comment at the Doctrine from a woman living in the Midwest. It was an interesting Comment,  ‘I found your post interesting…. I’ve seen you at my friend Lizzi’s blog and I wanted to introduce myself’.  I sat back in my chair and smiled, as I immediately realized that a) the comment writer was a scott and 2) she was checking me out. her purpose was simply to make sure I wasn’t some kind of un-desirable, stalker kind of person, and so, I smiled. I smiled because of the value of the Wakefield Doctrine in understanding people (including total strangers), and I smiled because that is what a scott does when they have a clarklike friend… Christine did not need to ask Lizzi if she needed help, Christine did what a scottian friend would do.  Naturally we got along splendidly right from the start.
I am grateful for the Wakefield Doctrine.

9) Hey! Always grateful for the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)… it represents the kind of attitude that makes this bloghop the excellent thing that it is… ‘rules without force’ the manifestation of the sense participating in this community, according to ‘where we are, on a given weekend’  Very cool

10) Lets close with the photo I took as I headed back to the office to finish my day today:

20150123_160859_resized…I was driving <—- and the sun was beginning to start to set.


Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

* both Christine and Dyanne are scotts and that’s where they live, in the present, immediate and real world… ( as they might say, ‘hey! grab for the brass ring… you only have so much time here!!’)

** ‘Finish The Sentence Friday’ my first bloghop… and still a favorite, though I have not participated in a while, Kristi was one of the hostettes…


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re-print phriday -the Wakefield Doctrine- hey! it’s Friday! (Friday motto: everything that that fricken Monday …isn’t!) Fri, 23 Jan 2015 10:44:28 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Early day today… want to put some content up, thought that, other than ivy (tbfkaz)* who arguably is the Margaret Meade of the Wakefield Doctrine sub-culture-to-be, most people have not read the following Post. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 5 years or so, and when I came across the Post that is today’s content,  as I read it yesterday, (admittedly with a little ‘oh-shit-!-a-Post-from-the-first-year!’, I was relieved to find that it’s a surprisingly fun and minimally embarrassing example of early Doctrine Post. (To put it in a historical context, today’s reprint-Post was written at a time when the only comments on a Post came from a person I knew in real life.) My driving ambition was to present the principles and convey the simple fun of our little personality theory.  (Seeing how old most Readers these days are not… the woman on the lower left is Diane Keaton, from her Annie Hall days (she was nothing less than the Patron Saintessa of all clarklike female women… ), I often use clips from that particular movie because she is such a clark.

Enjoy yourselfs.

Wakefield Doctrine Field Guide

October 27, 2010 By  2 Comments
( …”so if we establish the outward more obvious characteristics”… )Oh, hello!  Did not see you come on line…be right with you  ( …but the “fun factor” got to find a way to present the damn fun of this thing… ) just one more aside and we can get today’s Post started ( …good frickin job there, you just telegraphed your last remaining hook… goddamn it… ) Let me just try and put this little journal down. There.Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)!. This week we are starting to present the whole Doctrine in a simple, logical and easy to understand manner.  ( …sure keep up with the asides…is there nothing you won’t resort to in order to get through one of these Posts?…they know what you are doing, they ‘get’ it, dude…this is so over done…)  Yesterday we started with a clark, as subject of discussion. But let’s keep with the topic a little longer… ( … ’cause clarks are sooo interesting. ) clarks are the creative ones and as such…( …Hola Miguel, ¿qué pasa con el director Clark? No se ve tan bien, y creo que él está hablando a sí mismo … vamos que el hallazgo señorita Sullivan y Britney… )  ( …man! are you so totally shameless!   roll out the ‘Spanish exchange students’,  just to keep this Post limping alone?)I believe I was suggesting that we continue to look at the personality of clarks. Hell, since this Post insists on slouching towards ( …Yeates, I can’t frickin believe that you are so desperate to get done that you will pad this thing with a literary allusion that a sophomore high school student would be too embarrassed to use… but hey, who am I to criticize… ) Well, let’s get the words on the page, put in some pictures and get the hell out. ( …the way this thing is going you are likely to pander to the scotts and put some frickin childishly exuberant music just to draw a reaction. )

Ahem! as we have said before, the clarklike females are fairly easy to identify. Outlandishly dressed, creative with the make-up (with special attention to the face/eyes) and, to a woman,  something fairly strange on their feet. If you are trying to identify which of the three types a person is and you are thinking, possible clark, then concentrate on their eyes.  (The eyes) of the female clarks are quite distinctive, mostly in an un-mistakeable ’not-of-this-world’ intensity. Often (and unfairly) characterized as either the ‘ditsy broad’ or  ‘snooty/aloof/what-does-she-think-she-is-too-good-for-us?’, the clarklike female projects this image simply because they are distracted. A state common to all clarks, there is simply so much going on inside their heads that they barely have time to keep track of what is going on in front of their noses. If you find yourself  talking to a clark, watch their eyes. If you pay attention, you will see as (mentally) they go from topic to idea to implication to ramification (back to the conversation taking place) to how to conclude the interaction to implication…etc

In the spirit of turning this trainwreck into a valid Post about identifying clarks, let’s cut and paste some of the characteristics (found on the clarks page) and get some music and get out… after all there is a real world out there and it is totally full of clarks, scotts and rogers. And there is nothing more fun than going out there and seeing the Wakefield Doctrine “demonstrate itself”.
New Readers? It might seem difficult to figure who is which today, but take our word for it, this Doctrinething is a lot of fun.


Just to get you started, here are some photos of known clarks  

or  or maybe       …ok, we’re sure you get the idea, now get out there and find ‘em!

(DS#1 says we should stick with the ‘topic’ of female clarks) because they are out there in the everyday world and you can spot them with only a little practice. And who are we to disagree with the DownSprings? (the DownSprings are the life of this Doctrine, whatever they want they will always get), so let’s try to come up with a “Field Guide”:

Wakefield Doctrine Field Guide

(male):   picture that Tasmanian devil on the cartoons……or Joe Pesci in all of his movies
roger(male):  they’re frickin everywhere, watercooler? check…Fireman? check…look for the easy-going comfortable smile, inviting conversation…
scott(female): Ginger on Gilligan’s Island, the green chick on Star Trek (the 60′s version)
clark(female): read the damn Post! you can find the clarklike females
clark(male):  the office geek except without the marketable technical skills, probably under-employed, very funny, usually interesting, (in small doses), cannot do enough for any person who merely recognises their existence, never mind actually be nice to them
roger(female): tough call under the best of circumstances, examples Kathy Bates, most wholesomely attractive women (with an agenda), think Carrie Nation in SUV…

There you  have it, the Wakefield Doctrine  Field Guide (to spotting) clarks, scotts and rogers..



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Wednesday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘Lady Godiva, her scottian husband and….a clark’ Wed, 21 Jan 2015 12:06:26 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Seeing how, of late,  we’ve been all studious and learning the use of the Wakefield Doctrine to self-improve our own selfs, lets kick back and have a mid-week break! You all deserve it*.

Lady Godiva took pity on the people of Coventry, who were suffering grievously under her husband’s oppressive taxation. Lady Godiva appealed again and again to her husband, who obstinately refused to remit the tolls. At last, weary of her entreaties, he said he would grant her request if she would strip naked and ride on a horse through the streets of the town. Lady Godiva took him at his word and, after issuing a proclamation that all persons should stay indoors and shut their windows, she rode through the town, clothed only in her long hair. Just one person in the town, a tailor ever afterwards known as Peeping Tom, disobeyed her proclamation in one of the most famous instances of voyeurism. In the story, Tom bores a hole in his shutters so that he might see Godiva pass, and is struck blind. In the end, Godiva’s husband keeps his word and abolishes the onerous taxes.

Most of you will not need me to tell you whats going on with this most…. civic of fairy tales (cautionary tale?… fable? morality play?… whatever). I will, however, address the New Reader.

New Reader? The fun (and real value) to be found in the Wakefield Doctrine lies not in being able to immediately identify Lady Godvia as a roger, her, kind-of-a-jerk, husband as a scott and …and poor Tom as a clark. It does not. The real fun (and value to ourselves, as people trying to better understand the people in our lives), lies in accepting that we have the qualities of all three of the characters in this story. ( One would represent our predominant worldview, and ‘the other two’ as our secondary and tertiary aspects, which, of course, our potential to be better (or worse) people.)

(While the more experienced Readers giggle in the back of the class and compose their smart-assed, but nevertheless perceptive interpretations of this Tale, lets review the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine):

  • clarks are the ‘personality type’ that results from growing up as ‘the Outsider’. Through no fault of their own (though, they will go through life suspecting that there was something that was their fault…but that’s a whole ‘nother Post), clarks seek to learn how to live the best life possible, they place their stock in understanding the world, and believe that what they think is missing (in their lives) is knowable and rational. They are very creative, funny and (they) see the rules of social order as just another interesting thing about all the real people around them
  • scotts are identified by the coping strategies that have allowed wolves, lions, dogs and other predators to thrive through history.  scotts are impulsive and decisive, mercurial and sentimental, for them the world is very simple: wake up… eat, protect the pack, be alert to threats and opportunity in the day, reproduce (of course! metaphorically as well as literal! knucklehead!) and sleep. scotts are the first pick for captain …of the other team (lol…. no, think about it a little….) (if you’re reading this you were in the other team… not the first team)  they are great best friends and scary adversaries
  • rogers are the people who grow up and develop their coping skills knowing that they are ‘a part of’, they belong. rogers live (and thrive) in a world that is quantifiable, understandable, predictable ( in an unpredictable way) and above all has Rules…. rogers live searching for the Right Way (to do things) and will go all out to help others engaged in this task… the Yearbook Committee?  pretty much all rogers (with one clark or so to do the stupid work)


You now know what is necessary in order to understand why we are identifying our three main characters as we are….lets open the Post for Comments.

(New Readers?  the real fun lies in what is really required to successfully  identify another’s worldview, i.e. you need to see the world as the other person is experiencing it.  So…. Lady Godiva’s husband?  so he says, ‘sure, I’ll lower taxes if you ride naked through the streets of town’…. bet that guy had a supply of banana peels, seltzer bottles and whoopee cushions around the palace and, that naked part?  And Godiva?  issue a proclamation (aka a Law)… that she would ride naked (implying that she would be exposed to all) but then say…. ‘you can’t look’  god! how many times in high school did we have to deal with that kind of behavior!  … Tom?  clarkclarkclark  oh man, dude! you don’t have to make things so difficult for yourself… she doesn’t care!)


* did we mention how the Doctrine is predicated on reality being personal?  that last sentence is the perfect example of what we mean by personal reality.


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mondae -the Wakefield Doctrine- (to continue with our lesson… ‘what good does it do to know this stuff?’) Mon, 19 Jan 2015 12:10:30 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Friend of the Doctrine 'Mel' with a hat in 'Michigan' (from our series: 'Didn't I see the Doctrine in…')

Friend of the Doctrine Mel, with a hat in ‘Michigan’
(from our series: ‘Didn’t I see the Doctrine in…’)

(Towards the end of last week’s Posts, we began to look at a ‘problem’ reported by our friend, Cynthia:

Outsider. This could be my motto for life. I’m surrounded by rogers and um…ya know…have figured out that the office environment…well…let’s just hope the rogers don’t gang up on me and kick my ass.

this ‘problem’ serves us well, both as an illustration of the Doctrine as a tool of understanding and as a tool for self-helping ourselfs. By this I mean, (that) when we feel uncomfortable in a social context, the source (of the feeling) is ‘without’. We are charged by the Doctrine* to never forget that the responsibility (for the feeling) is ‘within’.

… the answer to the question posed in our subtitle?

( Here’s a funny thing. In answer to my rhetorical question,  I started to write: ‘it depends on a person’s predominant worldview..’  Which, of course, would have been a followed by an explanation of how, of the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine, clarks are the only ones who need the insight that is available.  But then, I stopped. And I thought to myself, I thought, “Wait a minute!! You’re about to be wrong!! The benefits of the use of the Wakefield Doctrine, as a perspective on the behavior of those around us, is not limited, constrained, defined or otherwise affected by a person’s worldview! It’s the same for scotts and rogers as it is for clarks.)

the Wakefield Doctrine is one more way to perceive the world we live in. It is not the Answer. It is not (even) an Answer. It is way that allows a person to come closer to seeing the world as the other person is experiencing it.

If you are inclined to feel apart from the world, wonder if there is something that everyone knows that you do not, then the you might be living in the personal reality of the Outsider (clarks);
If you are impulsive and emotional (without taking people….personally) and yet are surprised (but not overly concerned) when people get exasperated with your suggestions to ‘do something/anything’, then you might be living in the personal reality of the Predator (scotts) and
If you are living and, the odd thing is that you’re curious about this Doctrine thing, in a world that, while challenging is and can be quite satisfying, even with the seeming reluctance (and, at times it seems, stubbornness ) of those around you to do it the Right Way, then you may very well be in the worldview of the Herd Member (rogers)…

all three of these perspectives are the ways that people relate themselves to the world around them. Consider that, ‘the other person’, today is dealing with the same situation (as you are), however, they are experiencing it from one of these three perspectives. But remember, although knowing this does not change them, knowing this might change you.



* the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them


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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- what an odd, little Post! (Part 1) … Part 2 (yes, even odder…but not littler) Sat, 17 Jan 2015 18:53:25 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…there’s a ton of birds in this photo…. you might need to hold your computer up to the light to see them.

1) To be able to type up this here List here by voice dictation

2) To be able go out into the world today and work and find items (for the rest of this list)

3) To be able to record via the technology available the following items:

(your weekly rustic)

(your weekly rustic)

4) To  be willing to accept that  this weekend bloghop is just that, a weekend bloghop. Nothing that I’ve read in the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) says that a post need to be complete in order to join in, (it just needs to be complete before the end of the weekend).

5) To be willing

6) To be willing

7) To be ready to

8) To be ready   (totally recommend the movie, ‘Predestination’… it’s got Ethan Hawk in it (and I suspect he’s a clark with a secondary roger)…anyway, it’s based a short story by one of the giants of science fiction, Robert Heinlein  (Robert is, hands down, the total, time travel story master… I won’t try to cite an example, cause either it would a) give away the fun or 2) not make any damn sense, seeing how I am not the ‘describe the time travel Master’s story’ ….master.  ya know?

9) To be ready

10)… I would say this: from time to time we see a person write, ‘I just can’t see that I have anything to include on list of 10 Items’. My response is always (in my head, or typed as a reply): one of the reasons this TToT is the cool thing that it is, is that it is the involvement of the person that earns, creates and/or garners the benefits. (yes, I really do think like that… you know those ’thought ballons’  in comic strips? they’d be way, way to big to fit in one of those little panels….  anyway… I suspect that you will be reading a somewhat incomplete (no, not inchoate lol) TToT Post this week.

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

courtesy…(we hope!) of Bill Watterson

courtesy…(we hope!) of Bill Watterson

And, yes, it would have been simpler to a) filled in the missing Items from yesterday’s Post, thereby making good on my promise to come back and complete the Post or 2) just write a whole new Post for today, seeing how only one is necessary for participation in the TToT. (well, apparently that is not overly true, since I am nesting this Post into the Item in yesterday’s Post). Be that as it may, If I may….

10) I’m trying this ‘graphic experiment’ within Item 10 of the original Post for the very good reason that the thing I am most grateful for is the sense of community that has been created here at the TToT Weekend bloghop ( TToT Weekend bloghop motto: ‘what? sure! really? why not!!’ )

9) I will always be grateful to my co-hostinae for being included in their tiny army.   ( the ‘TToT tiny army’ motto:  ‘teach a person to eat and they’ll ask for desert, teach them to write a blog and you’ll never hear the end of it.’)

8) I can’t say that I quite understand the numbering logic this week, except it has something to do with: that movie I saw, time travel stories in general, MC Escher ( MC Escher Poster motto: ‘helping clarklike college students get semi-lucky since 1969‘)

7) Since I ‘still’ have to experiment with font size in this Post, I had better move down one more level…

5) I am grateful that this block quote within a block quote actually seems to work!  Maybe there’s hope for developing my rogerian aspect, as this effort required I focus my attention on learning and following an established procedure…very, exactly as it must be done. Not that clarks have any trouble with following directions….  ha   ha

4) sure…why not try a graphic!


3) of course I had to try for one more level… even if it becomes un-readable …what part of ‘he’s from Y Chromia (Y Chromian co-host motto: ‘if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing! … no wait!!    ’more is more!!’….  one more!! no don’t go!! ‘one more, this is the last time I promise’)  lol

2)  sorry lost track….

1) Back!  well, sorta

There! that wasn’t difficult!


I don’t believe I’ve missed a weekend Post yet and,  maybe it’s a Y Chrome thing or not but the consequences of breaking a streak are not something that I take lightly.

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

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fff -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘here’s an Answer! …is this really an answer, or another trick to teach the Doctrine?’ Fri, 16 Jan 2015 12:18:31 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Outsider. This could be my motto for life. I’m surrounded by rogers and um…ya know…have figured out that the office environment…well…let’s just hope the rogers don’t gang up on me and kick my ass.

Thanks go out to our friend, Cynthia, for the ‘Friday Post Prompt’ (Friday Post Prompt motto: ‘thank god!! a coherent thought to base a Post on!!!”)

Is there any, more common reason, (for a clark) to like the Wakefield Doctrine, than it being a resource in figuring out how to deal with the rogers in their lives?  No. Well, maybe. No, yeah, but that business about how we can rest our brain even for a minute…. that qualifies, right?  (I remember being in a conversation one evening  with a group of people. We were having a good time with the Great Questions of Life.  There came a moment when the question of ‘communication between people’ rose to topic-level and, when there was one of those pauses in the give-and-take, (when the rogers are preparing their rebuttals and the scotts are calculating their chances of getting lucky after the intellectual  activities ceased), I made the following statement:  ”I’ve always wondered what it is that real people do, with all that time in-between sentences.”  Had there been a person to throw a handle full of pins, everyone would have come up with the same number, …someone whispered, very loudly, ‘oh man!! what is it with this guy!!’ His tone was not negative, it definitely had a certain quality of ‘wonderment’… this was followed by good-natured laughter.

I identify with Cynthia. We are fortunate to have rogers who are of such a mind as to be willing and able to share with us their perspective, (thinking of Kristi and Michelle and Phyllis and even, accidentally Sarah), however, the solution to ‘Cynthia’s Problem’ is not in learning what the rogers want. The solution to the problem is for Cynthia to know what she wants.  You know how we have this saying for the New Readers, ‘the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them‘?   There is an extensionary thought* to be derived from this,  ’It’s about us, not them.’
A clark lives in a reality where things should make sense, that there should be an understandable reason for everything. Where we clarks often get into trouble is when we project this (quality of understandable-ness) and believe that the ‘correct answer’ will be possible only with the participation of the real people in our world.   (Now, stay with me….)

We don’t believe us.

(That’s not fair. I should say: as clarks we don’t believe that what we understand is sufficient, unless it’s supported, corroborated, validated, confirmed and otherwise approved of, by the people around us.  You Advanced Readers are now looking around and waving your hands. “I know!!! I know”….  lets let the New Readers have a moment to figure out what is it about clarks that cause them to get trapped , despite the clear fact that they are thinking everything through in an organized and rational manner.)

I’ll be back a little later in the day.**


* an attempt at a rogerian expression1

** yeah, right

1) not to be confused with a person’s ‘rogerian expression


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www -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of scotts and clarks and the the fear of discovery’ Wed, 14 Jan 2015 11:43:26 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Fun Post today. Will try to keep it simple, while, (for) one half (of the themes) that’s pretty likely, the second half… no way.  Unless… To my constant, yet grateful chagrin, I find myself underestimating my Readers.

Following are two short clips from TV shows. One stars a clark and the other a scott. (Sometimes New Readers say, ‘but clark, they’re playing a character, why would you think that you’re seeing their personality type?’ to which I respond,  the Wakefield Doctrine maintains that what you might observe of an actor or actress, politician or clergy, teacher or self-help guru in any context will be an accurate reflection of their personality type because, one of the few tasks that the Doctrine charges us with is, to ‘observe the other person and infer how they are relating themselves to the world around them‘*.

So watch our two ‘reality’ TV show stars. (and… yes, I will make a predict the reaction of some of our readers, but I’ll put it down at the bottom of the Post ** , so as not to spoil the fun)


Click here to view the embedded video.


Click here to view the embedded video.


damn! I need to limit my word count for mid-week Posts, we’re at 507 words,  and I really don’t think I can properly address the second half of the today’s  Post theme.  Hey, what the hell! it’s Wednesday and, rumour has it, the average Reader understands the Wakefield Doctrine way better than I appreciate so lets try this:

clarks, are Outsiders…we all know that. But what we might not appreciate is that (most) clarks don’t realize that everyone around them know that they’re Outsiders. The biggest problem with clarks begins with the notion that we have to keep people from ‘knowing too much about us’. As a result, many clarks will spend way too, too much time, ‘trying to pass’  …as a real person.  And the reason underlying that… that’s the core issue. Most clarks, on one level or another, suspect that we are Outsiders because there is something bad/wrong/off/not-acceptable-to-real-people about us. And the real, this-time-I-mean-it-real problem underlying that is that we leave it …un-determined. Maybe we are ‘wrong’, not qualified as people to be included in the pack or in the Herd… but we’d rather keep hiding, (in very plain sight), rather than deal with this core issue. Unfortunately or not, for many of us clarks, the decision is made (way, way early in the game) that it’s better to not know for certain, because, for a clark, un-certainty allows for possibility. Certainty locks the door.

That’s all the time we have today!

* we have fun with words and language around here, but this phrase is one of the few examples of where the exact wording is essential to what we are trying to convey. We are not saying ‘…how a person is relating to the world around’… that has an entirely different connotation.  The ‘extra’ word ‘themselves’    ’how they relate themselves‘ tells us that, if we are open-minded and imaginative, we can ‘see’ the context from which the behavior is springing… i.e. the person’s worldview


** scotts, like Christine and Dyanne will laugh, look around (either literally or figuratively) try to find someone to punch on the shoulder while saying, “am not!”… and yet, if we were an invisible 3rd party watching this reaction interaction, we would be paying very close attention to the eyes of the scott… they would reflect a very close paying of attention… the better to see if the other person is taking the fun in the right way…. ya know?   clarks, on the other hand, (people like Lizzi or Cynthia, Denise or zoe,) their first response will be to smile…. and immediately pay even more attention to the person in the vid… ‘holding their breath’ until they assure themselves that the character is aware of the possible reactions of the viewers and does not care (about the reaction), in other words…’are people in ‘the audience’ laughing with her or at her   rogers… not so sure about how they might respond…. Kristi?  Michelle?  any help?



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