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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Ten Things of Thankful

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… oh yeah! damn! the TToT List! wait …wait!

The first photo (no, this is serious, I’d really like to know what kind of plant this is….any of you hortiologists out there can ID this thing?):



…I’d really appreciate it. Hey! #1 0T!

2) Clearly I was exhibiting some innate and underdeveloped gift of prestidigitization when I (sub)titled this Post last night, so I will also include a (Semi)closeup of the mystery plant later in Item 6 of this Post.

3) Una and the Rose Bush*



4) Our Founderette, Lizzi (not only for this bloghop, but for speaking a foreign language that her people have persisted in referring to as ‘English’) ex.

“The 7 GuardVirgins are responsible for guarding the Book of Secret Rules (or Secret Book of Rules) and if you can’t think of a Thankful, you are at liberty to dance for the 7 and if they give you the book, you can use a rule to justify your lack of actual thankful.

Rule 1.3 is an old favourite – that having got to item ten on the list is its own thing of thankfulness. :D”

…last time I checked there was no ‘u’ in favorite!   (now that I think of it, have then they, a different spellcheck demon over in Metric-ville?)

5) …but we still love her, so, everyone? lets don’t tell her she has misspelled the word ‘favorite’, in her Reply to Samara in the Comment thread at Considerings, it’ll be our little secret.

6) speaking  of little secrets, here’s another photo of the mystery plant…actually it’s the junior version of the plant in the lead photo…sorta reminds me of that episode of Star Trek, look on this!





7) so there, above, close-up of flower with a Bumble Bee

8) Seeing the increasing numbers of people new to this, the-bloghop-that-Lizzi-built, I’ll contribute my own opinion re: the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)… it’s the best thing ever to happen to a bloghop. The simple reason is, whenever there is a theme, inevitably there develop limitations (self- and group-imposed) that, while not inherently bad, have the effect of encouraging the ‘what is expected effect’. And while I personally admire the more… sensible and well-written Posts that are seen here every week, it’s good to know that I’m still encouraged to participate. Having said that, the TToT remain a bloghop focused on the sharing (and appreciation) of the positive things in our (group, individual and collective) lives. …the cool thing is the very clear feeling in all the Posts that appear here each week…whether it’s a photo Post, or a clearly delineated list or a wildly meandering stream-of-consciousness thing… we’re all here by choice. This is probably an unnecessarily long-way around to say that what we have here is community.

9)  I’m grateful for having work that involves driving around and having properties that are located on totally cool names, such as:


10) 1.3 (metric v. 3.1)



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-the Wakefield Doctrine- “…a six Sentence Doctrine Post” Fri, 03 Jul 2015 15:21:56 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


wikipedia: William Blake, The Temptation and Fall of Eve, 1808 (illustration of Milton’s Paradise Lost) one word: ‘holy shit!’



Man’s Fall from Grace is an excellent metaphor for the goal of those studying the Wakefield Doctrine, ‘to see the world as the other person is experiencing it‘, is the goal (and) benefit of the application of the perspective inherent in the Wakefield Doctrine. When able to acquire this understanding, we then are in a position to know more about another person than they know about themselves. While the emphasis would appear to be on acquiring knowledge, it is incumbent upon us to remember the Story of Adam and Eve.  While Eve may have been a well-meaning clark and Adam a favored-son roger, they were tempted by a scott, as a result, there appears an un-resolvable conflict in the rational, the emotional and the impulsive, in competition. That we all have within, the potential of all three worldviews, forces the student of the Wakefield Doctrine to strive to develop these three, very different worldviews into a relationship of harmony, drawing the strength of each of these three ways that one can, ‘relate oneself to the world around them’.  As with the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, failure to reconcile these three exacts a very heavy price.



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“what do you mean, it’s Thursday, not Friday” -the Wakefield Doctrine- the fun of being a clark Thu, 02 Jul 2015 11:50:25 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It’s Muddy Waters, of course…. will post something by him at the bottom of the Post for your listing pleasure

… no! come back!  we’re done, (for the moment), with the deep and word-tangly reflections and exploration of advanced Wakefield Doctrine!  After all, 1/3 of the description of the Wakefield Doctrine has always been: fun. And, while I may argue that yesterday’s Post was fun… it was also semi-gigantic and it’s Summer Time which is much less conducive to musings on ‘the gigantic’.

hey…. today’s title? Totally serious. I was so completely chrono-dislocated that, even after spending, like, 15 minutes visiting Posts of friends, (like Kristi and z, and Val and them), searching for the prompt for ‘Finish the Sentence Friday’… I still remained in Friday.  But enough about my bout of hypo-calendarism… lets talk about the Wakefield Doctrine!

(funny thing about this blog), given that there’s only one topic/theme/subject and given that I’ve spent countless posts describing the three personality types (how to recognize them, what to do with them, how to avoid getting eaten by them), to this day I still would rather read a new description of clarks, scotts and rogers than re-read an old one. That’s certainly not very efficient! In any event, here we are again.  Hey! I know (or remember or recall), why don’t you tell someone today about the Wakefield Doctrine…. no, wait, I wrote about that once before… hold on, let me try to remember… ok, got it!  Before you go out and tell another person, one who has never encountered the Wakefield Doctrine, be sure to read the following:

  • clarks: you’re the most likely, (of the three), to want to tell someone else and you are the most likely, (of the three), to have it, (telling someone else about the Doctrine), bite you on the ass
  • scotts: you’re the least equipped (intellectually and temperamentally) to tell someone else and you’re the one (of the three) most likely to have a willing and receptive audience
  • rogers: you could fully intend to follow this directive to tell someone else and you’re the one (of the three) who will forget…forget to tell someone, forget that you even read this post, but you’ll still know that there was something about other people and you in today’s post

So, since I have an extra day this week, I’d best get out there and do something about it. (I love this Wakefield Doctrine. I mean, sure, I write the posts and I’m a clark, but I don’t think about how being a clark shapes and forms the message, until, that is, I stop and reflect on what I’ve written, (happens way less frequently than you’d think… very funny, zoe… you’re right. lol), but I just re-read this paragraph and the 1st 19 words of this paragraph… pretty much tells you all you need to know about what it’s like to be a clark, to live in the worldview of the Outsider… ya  know?

Hey!! Speaking of scotts  and Mysteries (yeah, as if)… someone find Christine and tell her that, at some point, she’ll need to reveal the ‘Secret of the Missing scott’. We have two entries:

Ah, but without the van (because it was waiting to be towed) did she just simply walk to the place to flag down the tow truck? Why not take her phone and vid chat via that?”
~Lisa (the Meaning of Me)


“…she walked down to the end of the long long drive, and she was ON HER PHONE – SHE WAS ON HER PHONE GIVING DIRECTIONS which is why she couldn’t vidchat on it.”
~Lizzi (Considerings)

…still time to submit your answer


the promised music vid:

Click here to view the embedded video.


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clarks and the danger of ‘uniqueness’ -the Wakefield Doctrine- a brief interlude Wed, 01 Jul 2015 14:03:06 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It’s understood that a significant portion of the effort behind (understanding, developing and applying) the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine is specifically intended to help clarks.

Which is not to say that clarks need the Wakefield Doctrine more than scotts or rogers. Wait a minute, we do say that. Which is not to say that clarks are the only one, (of the three), to see in the Doctrine the possibility of direct benefits, impacting their daily lives. Wait… we do say that. Which is not to say that the Wakefield Doctrine offers insights and perspectives that our scottian and rogerian friends cannot, and, in fact, do not benefit as a result of coming here and reading and commenting and such. Wait! we do say that? Well, I guess that leaves us where we have always been:

the Wakefield Doctrine is a unique and useful and very much (a) fun way to look at the behavior of people. the Doctrine is a perspective that offers us (an additional) opportunity to better understand the people in our lives. employing this tool, we all can gain an insight into the world, ‘as the other person is experiencing it’, and, because of this increased understanding, we need never again say, “how could they go and do such a thing? I really thought I knew them better than that!

But we already knew that, didn’t we? Lets, then, broaden our understanding of this here Doctrine here, shall we? We all know that the personal reality experienced by clarks is referred to as, the world of the Outsider. As a person who grew up and developed (their) personality in the worldview of the Outsider, clarks are creative and introspective, funny and hardworking. Because they live in the personal reality of the Outsider, clarks are subject to a seemingly endless cycle between (near-unrealistic) hope and soul-crushing despair (survival being an indication of an inner strength that, were it not expended on surviving what would seem an un-justified and un-necessary level of self-criticism-doubt-fear, would be, like, totally impressive). Thats simply the nature and character of the world as experienced by clarks. scotts and rogers have no picnic-of-a-life either. But today is about clarks.

So what is it about clarks that makes today’s post interesting? Well, to appreciate that, we first must understand the double bind that lies at the core of every clark, and that is: a) clarks maintain that the only path available to them is the intellect, the ‘knowing/learning’ of things and 2) they, (the clark), are Outside(r)[s] and c) there must be a reason for their being different.  (I sense that those Readers who are not clarks and/or those Readers whose secondary clarklike aspect is developed only to the degree necessary to find this theory interesting, but not developed enough to imagine the world of the Outsider (at least be able to imagine it without being forced into a reflex sympathy response), are beginning to drift off, so lets get to the point.)
The problem with being an Outsider (who is) trying to understand their way, ‘back to being a real person’, is that, ‘an Outsider’ is, by definition, unique. As in…. only one of a kind. If I am the only one of a kind, then how can I gain a perspective/understanding of the world that is anything more than what I already possess? If I’m ‘the only one of my kind’, then how can anyone tell me anything that genuinely applies to me? And, besides, if I spend my life looking for ‘the Answer’, then how can I know more than I (already) know?

see what I mean?

gots to cut this short. work calls. if there are any clarks (or, hell, scotts or rogers) who want to know what I believe the answer to this conundrum is, the answer is: identification  I’ll have to follow-up, later in the day to this tease-ending. tempus fugits, yo, tempus totally fugits




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‘the Case of the Missing scott’, a Summer Mysteries Series -the Wakefield Doctrine- Part II Sun, 28 Jun 2015 23:57:54 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(I've called you all here on a matter of grave concern…

“Why yes, we do seem to have characters… why do you ask? and, no, I don’t think I look anything at all like that guy with no neck in Rocky Horror Picture Show!”


So what kind of Mystery is this, if we don’t have characters with cool-sounding names and shady-yet-very-interesting back stories. I will admit to somewhat spotty memory of childhood board games, but being a clark, incomplete knowledge of a subject makes me want to try it more than it makes me feel the need to learn all the facts first…. plus, I’ve run into the movie version at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks and watched at least 33 minutes of it ( clark here, remember?)

Wadsworth:  Christine

Mrs. White:  Ivy/zoe

Mrs. Peacock: Lizzi

Miss Scarlett: Dyanne

Professor Pum: Denise

Col Mustard: Lisa

Mr. Green:  ?

(have I left anyone (characters, or ‘real’ people?) yeah… I remember something about weapons and such… I’m trying to keep up with my own Post here, people!)

The Mystery of the Missing Scott  is still the same: what happened to Christine that she couldn’t attend the 1st Annual TToT Live!?

Just so you don’t think I’m sitting here enjoying the visuals of the (assigned characters) I will be researching the Clues… which means I’ll be reading Posts over at ‘the Coop’  will bring back and link to the pertinent Posts.

…well, yeah! you’re right!  we should augment this with some vid clips of the characters!  (hold on…let me see what I can find)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Note: no people (virtual or otherwise) died in the course of ‘The Case of the Missing scott’  however, there are clues and there is an Answer… discover it and there’s a genuine Wakefield Doctrine docTee waiting for you!



In our new series, ‘Summer Mysteries in the Blogosphere’ we begin with the Riddle of the Chickens, the Case of the Missing Scott’  presented without prompting and totally with prescience, by Friend of the Doctrine, Christine.

…of course there’s a Prize!! What kind of Solve the Mystery Post would this be if we didn’t have a Prize?!   The Prize is a (actually one of the last remaining from the last batch) Wakefield Doctrine docTee!  Solve the Mystery, Win the Prize!

the Clues:

“I’m gonna go all Clark on you and give you clues in other people’s posts”. First clue: we have a new cat.
(found atUncharted

“I’m being you today. Clue #2 to answer the question “why wasn’t Christine at the TToT live event?”: we have a couple of dogs who are very territorial.
(At the Wakefield Doctrine)

“Clue #3 as to why I missed the TToT live event”: Bryan and I did not learn our lesson the last time.
(At My virtual Vineyard)

“I am being Clark this week. Clue #4 as to why I wasn’t at the live TToT thing on Saturday: For some reason, our house doesn’t show up on some GPS maps, which really isn’t helpful when a tow truck is trying to find our house.
(At Considerings)

“I hate that I missed seeing you all at the TToT live event. I shall put the 5th and final clue as to why I didn’t participate here. (I’m being Clark today, leaving clues throughout other people’s posts.)”: When I called the service station to alert him, the guy recognized me and said, “What is it with you and animals and that van??”
(Girlie on the Edge)

So there we have the Clues assembled! What does it mean? Why did our intrepid scottian friend not attend the TToT Live!!

Ten Things of Thankful
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TToT Live! -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘…in video veritas’ Sat, 27 Jun 2015 11:45:52 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


1) Technology… obviously

2) insufferable over-estimation of effectiveness of humor to an extent as to make a 11 year old say, ‘well, yeah, clark maybe that’s a bit much’

3) secret ego* that will proceed with the ‘script stage directions’ theme to today’s Post …a least enough to get through most of this list

4)  FADE IN:

EXT. co-host’s house in southern New England – Morning
writing the week’s TToT Post  finishing non-blogging
related work prior to vidchat


INT. home office/ banquet table desk/computer


5) ok, I’m grateful that I was willing to try for the screenplay version of the upcoming TToT Live  but, too much work, not enough time. (that btw, describes a characteristic event in the life of a clark. (In the course of trying to pull off Item 4, I went out and found a few sites that discussed/talked about/tried-to-sell books on screenplay writing. And, naturally, I found it pretty darn cool. Not just the very specific format/language of a screenplay, but the way that it (screenplay writing) seemed to make it quite simple to describe a scene… made me think that maybe I should try that…screenplay writing.  I know!  but, for you scotts and rogers out there, that is a quick insight into the world of a clark

6) one more:

UNA (O.S.)
‘ruff! ruff!! bark!!! Bark!!!

7) I will say that this bloghop has never ceased to amaze me. Not just that it’s still running, not just that it still has the fun… the ‘what-the-hell-lets-try-that‘… it’s that there are still new people participating each week. Especially of late, the percentage of new bloggers is pretty impressive. (I say impressive in the sense that, and this has nothing to do with an Y Chrome inherent competitiveness …really!  But, that for a bloghop to grow and attract new Readers and Writers requires that those participating not only maintain their enthusiasm, but that they enjoy welcoming new participants.  Hell, on the internets, anyone can gather a group and establish a club mentality. To establish a community and have that community be attractive to passersby, that is the special thing that our Miss Rogers and her co-hostinae have pulled off. v cool).

8) speaking of New Writers here in Mayberry…. I’m getting in the mood for more Secret Rules, courtesy of the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)… (talk about a bloghop that has something that no one else does!)… but that’s for next week!

9) come on!  one more Screenplay reference?? pleeassse     ok.  oh, wait!  thanks to Val and Kristi and Alex (zoe and Christine) for the 2 Mile Run thing ( ‘2 Mile Run thing motto:  “god! I hate this running shit… what the hell, do great one day, the next awful and still hurts the same!  what is this marriage?!!”)

10) 1.3   (Metric: 3.1)


* the secret ego of clarks

Ten Things of Thankful
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Your hosts

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of stampeding cats, fireflies on the floor and a Live TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (that certainly should be enough for 1 Post) Fri, 26 Jun 2015 12:29:33 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Regrettably, I do not possess the skills with cellphone camera that makes the Facebook what it is…. all those totally cute and candid snapshots and video clips that are the result of whipping out the cell phone* capturing a transient, but fascinating life-moment,  to be shared with the hordes of stimuli-hungry people who populate the internets. Nevertheless, I had two incidents that I was fortunate enough to observe recently, and, while I’ll leave the import and life-enhancing insights, (inherent in these moments of frisson), to be judged by the Readers, permit me to relate them to you… in print… yeah, sort of like your grandparents, talking about how wonderful the ‘Days of Radio’ were and how much more satisfying it was to listen, instead going to see one of those new-fangled motion pictures.

  1. …so I’m driving through farmland in rural Connecticut yesterday afternoon, talking on the phone. Suddenly I see a bunch of cows…running away from the section of field nearest the roadway… must’ve been 23 or 24 of ’em, semi- galloping towards the far side of their pasture! In nearly the same instant (…in that open-to-the-wonders-of-life-instant, the ‘wtf!?’ moment), a cat ran across the road in the opposite direction. The cat was looking smugly satisfied, so naturally I thought, ‘damn! a cat playing with the rogers!’ The moment (less than 45 seconds, surely), concluded as I looked back at the pasture and saw the running cows re-join the herd, mixing in with barely a sign of the excitement that just galvanized their afternoon. Couldn’t help but laugh and say, ‘what a Doctrine!’
  2. I’m sitting in the bathroom, early early this morning, the door is open and I spot movement on the floor of the hallway. I do not like bugs and other more-than-4-legged-creatures and tensed, staring at the movement, pre-deciding if I need to take action. Then the back-half of this thing blinked a light. a firefly! walking, for god-knows-what-reason across the wood floor of my hallway. no, no insight into the Wakefield Doctrine this time… but I did smile when it occurred to me to incorpate this odd little moment into a post.

neither time did I have my cellphone available to preserve a record of these little adventures. so you get to picture them yourselfs

Speaking of picturing-them-yourselfs!  tomorrow is the First Annual TToT Live!  It will be on google hangouts starting at 10:30am EDT and ending 11:30 EDT  I need you to join us!  Not quite sure how you get there… lol  actually  watch the Facebook and I will be pasting the link to the hangout on the Facebook …at the TToT group and my own place.

…it’ll be interesting and fun and such

before I leave you, a word for any New Readers:

glad you happened by. most readers of blogs, coming across the Wakefield Doctrine, will scan it and find it interesting… in the ‘old bookstore/curio shoppe/ that table-over-in-the-cafeteria-where-no-one-you-hang-out-with-ever-sits, but-the-faces-of-(those who do)-seem-familiar-but-you-can’t-remember-a-name’, sort of way and move on. if you find yourself curious enough to think, ‘did I read that right? 3 personality types for everyone?!’ then you might be one of the people we’re looking for. don’t worry about understanding how this Doctrine thing works, just read and assume that you’re ‘getting it’   (we have a saying**  ‘when it comes to learning and apply the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine,  ‘you can’t break it and you can’t get it wrong’…so enjoy yourself!’)
cliffnotes: we all go through life within a personal reality that represents how a person relates themselves to the world around them: clarks (Outsiders) scotts (Predators) and rogers (Herd Members). These three ‘behavioral paradigms’ are meant as fun and entertaining and totally exaggerated illustrations of the behavior of people who developed their personality in the context of these worldviews:

  • clarks: …slouching, mumbling, non-eye contacting people with oddly compelling fashion choices and a sense of humor that you will think to yourself, ‘if everyone else knew how funny they are, they wouldn’t be so by themselves’ and they are kind… kind to a fault.
  • scotts: are lionesses sitting in trees, puppies holding onto the toy so single-mindedly that you can lift them off the floor and they’re always in a good mood except when they get mad and then it’s full-on fight to the death and then back to happy-to-be-alive, you think to yourself, ‘he/she is my best friend, the trouble and embarrassment is part of the price of friendship, it’s still worthwhile and they are sexy… sexy to a fault.
  • rogers: god they display the characteristics of the personal reality that they live in more than both clarks and scotts combined. relentless in being friendly and aggressive to a fault when being kind to others, living in a world that is quantifiable and comprised of ‘Right Ways’ to do everything, it can’t be easy to be a member of the Herd when everyone (in the Herd) is trying to be perfect, and you think, ‘they need to lighten up, not take things so personally and everything would be so much better’ and they are organized… organized to a fault





* you didn’t think I could let this classic line from Blazing Saddles, go un-posted did you?

Click here to view the embedded video.

** truth be known, we have a lot of sayings! lol


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(Part 2)useday -the Wakefield Doctrine- (“…let’s pretend to agree that today’s still Tuesday, ok?”) Wed, 24 Jun 2015 12:46:51 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…in our last Post we left two thoughts started, but not completed:

  1. a renewed appreciation for the skills that allow something that has so much potential for being confusing to be made simple enough to allow for the ‘parts to connect’
  2. that the key to reducing stress and anxiety for clarks is to re-frame ‘the questions of the world’
  3. and cognitively dissonant jokes are a lot of fun!  (hey! this is the damn age of instant communication, right? wanna see something funny?  yeah, no! wait… I’ll do a  self-video I do this every chance I get, out there in the ‘real’ world!)
  4. video joke:  

    Click here to view the embedded video.

…while we wait for the cameras to warm up, you want to know an interesting way to tell if you’re talking to a clark? (btw this only works if you’re a clark too!) ‘bumping into each other, conversationally’. You know, you’re like, talking with this other person and you’re always both stopping and starting statements at the same instant.

Bullet Point #1: the three worldviews, i.e. the personal reality that you are living in at this moment, (more critically, the character of the world that you, as a very small and young human found yourself having to develop coping skills and strategies to stay alive and flourish in… it is the ‘style’ of coping that characterizes the three personality types):

  • the reality of the Outsider  aka clarks.  a clark is simply (yeah, right) a person who developed a set of social skills, (did I already use the ‘yeah right!’?), that are best suited to living in a world where you are the Outsider. you know that you’re different from everyone (… everyone), and your primary drive is to learn whatever it was that you missed, because when you look around, everyone around you seem ‘to belong’ and you’re pretty sure it was something they were taught that you weren’t. You still have to make your way through life and while you know you have something special, (the things inside your head), you are totally certain that you need to keep it to yourself… just in case, …’cause you realize there’s a possibility that you’ve been cast out/into this world, for a reason
  • the life of the Predator aka scotts  your basic human! a Shelby cobra:  powerful, agile, no radio (so of course you should sing loud!), handles really well (hey, you look like you need a hug), funny (pull my finger!),  at times uncomfortable (he doesn’t want to understand!! but you, you’re different, you’re smarter than him). But the truth is, the person who grows up in the personal reality of the Predator acts first and reflects when he/she has a spare moment which is…. hardly ever!! Mercurial in temperament, loyal without being slavish, the scottian personal coping strategies reflect a world where life is to be lived, is too short for spending time inside one’s head reflecting and regretting… it is a strategy prone to errors in judgement for the consequences of impulsive action, you know, a natural leader!  (hot, too!  it’s that directness, the animal magnetism thing)
  • the world of the Herd Member aka rogers  ‘a certainty wrapped in tradition coated with confidence‘  rogers are like scotts in that there was no question as to the meaning of life and what they (as individuals) should be, rogers belong.   hey! you want to know something about rogers that they don’t know about themselves? When rogers write posts and blogs and such? while they appreciate comments and reactions, (to what they write), they don’t really care if they get one comment or 2 thousand.  why?  because rogers ‘are of the Herd’, this means that, in their reality, there is always a Herd (of like-minded/similar-in-a-way-beyond-the-need-to-understand other people…and things) and the Herd will read their post. rogers know this on a level beyond conscious knowing…. sort of like when you walk down a flight of stairs, you don’t need to think about whether ‘down is that way’…. it’s simply down.  so the mere act of writing ‘in public’ includes the reading of this writing (by the Herd). hence their inconceivable lack of concern for feedback!

gotta run!  (yeah, still haven’t got to the matter of ‘re-framing the questions of the World’  later!  I promise!)


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Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…re-framing the Questions from the world. A suggestion for clarks” Tue, 23 Jun 2015 01:20:51 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



…so the last couple of weekends, I’ve had the opportunity to talk about the Wakefield Doctrine to a person hearing about for the first time. My efforts to present the principles of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers directly and ‘in person’ produced some interesting and beneficial insights:

  1. I’m still impressed how the Wakefield Doctrine continues to be one of the coolest things I’ve encountered in my life
  2. I realize that I need to work on my presentation skills! Even as I was trying to explain the Doctrine, it became clear that I wasn’t nearly as organized and orderly in my explanation as I would have liked, unlike writing a Post, talking to a person does not allow editing, lol. Paradoxically, that’s exactly what I need at this point in time, feeling as uninspired and excited about writing Posts as I’ve been for the last few weeks. Not an unfamiliar state of mind/heart, in fact,  it’s a very recognizable part the cycles I’ve been through since I started writing this blog, i.e. excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity to find new (and amusing/interesting) ways to share the Wakefield Doctrine with Readers. This is (eventually) followed by becoming more complacent and a tendency to coast along in my comfort zone,  then a harsh period of ‘there’s nothing new to say/the Readers are getting bored’ and finally, bringing the cycle full…. er circle, I (to date) remember that it’s not about me, it’s about the Wakefield Doctrine and then I’m all  ‘wait a damn minute! Lets start all over again from the beginning!’
  3. getting back to basics is never a poor strategy or bad advice

But that’s not what the subtitle is about. The subtitle is about knowing what we don’t know. This, Readers will recognize, is a particularly frustrating life-situation for clarks, due to the aspect of the worldview of the Outsider, which is largely predicated on the ‘fact’ of the superior value of Information (and his very sexy sister, Knowledge), in over-coming the obstacles encountered in our everyday struggle to find a way to a normal happy life as a Real Person.

(to be cont’d)

P.S. the 2 Mile Run program is definitely impacting my writing routine, which normally is first thing in the morning, but for at least the month of June, the first thing in the morning is when I do my 2 Mile Run. This time spent, in combination with increased demands of work, is leaving me little time at the start of the day to write a Doctrine post. But, seeing how I’m writing this Monday evening, lets see what happens tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll add Part 2 to this post or wait and write Part 2 as a standalone post.


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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (yeah, no! I think there’s a kitchen sink down there somewhere!) Sat, 20 Jun 2015 11:31:04 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

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1) I am ever grateful for belonging to, participating in, co-hostifying a bloghop that has such confidence in the integrity of its ‘theme’, i.e. the listing, describing and sharing events and occasions, people, animals and multiplayer sports that participants feel a sense of gratitude for, that the “Rules”,  at least when not secret or dance enhanced, are easy to break and, most importantly, flexible. This flexibility is totally contingent on having the proper attitude/intent/heart.

2) Well, I do watch some TV. But we have basic cable, so, for the most part, there isn’t a lot to watch… not counting, ‘How It’s Made’, ‘Castle’, ‘Parks and Recreation’.  That being said, when I do watch I have the remote ready to mute any and all commercials. There is a commercial that I’ll watch, ‘Hannah and Her Horse’. (For anyone reading this who is of a certain age, the phrase ‘I buy it for the articles’ may ring a bell.) But….but!  I will laugh and turn up the sound whenever this commercial comes on. (I was in the office yesterday, talking to an associate and I mentioned Hannah and was rewarded with a blank look and a, “I don’t know what you’re talking about“. So, I opened her office door and said to the room at large, ‘hey! any of you guys familiar with that commercial, ‘Hannah and her Horse‘  the reaction was, as expected, ‘yeah! great commercial!’ What is kind of funny though,  is that no one could remember what the commercial was selling.  Go figure. Seeing how I don’t know how the vid will ‘display’, I’ll post it at the bottom of the page.

3)  You know what day today is?* Saturday, but not TToT Live Saturday. TToT Live Saturday is only one week away!

4) Una and the Cows (see lead photo/video) (yes… this week, it would seem that we’re throwing out the rule book when it comes to where to place the video links!)

5)  How about an ambi-grateful Item for this week’s list? The 2 Mile Run?  love it! wouldn’t do without it… love the group  and hate it, it’s boring and repetitive (every morning, ‘cept Sundays!) and the Elapsed Time thing!! ayiiee up, down…. down a little,  ..way the hell back up again… if it weren’t for Kristi and Alex and Val, who, I know for a fact, are experiencing the same thing…well, maybe a few less mutters of ‘fricken running!!’  lol  but, the fact is, while most of you know what I mean about being ambi-grateful for the 2 Mile Run, my fellow  2 Milers know how I feel. (there’s that business of identification again!  such an amazing concept, no?)

6) shout out to the concept of the Wakefield Doctrine blog. By this I mean, the drive to write a blog on the principles, applications and appreciation of our little personality theory. I mention this because since the very first post I’ve gone through phases where I can’t write enough posts and, other times it’s like having dental work… admittedly necessary but certainly not enjoyable, even when the chair side assistant is totally hot. So lately I’ve been trying to find my ‘next take’ on the Doctrine. There’s an advantage to experience in this case, I’m not panicking and thinking ‘omg! I’m out of stuff to write…I’ll never write another post that people will want to read! when the hell is this thing gonna take off!! come on clark!! think of something!!’   well, maybe a little. But the simple fact of the matter is that I still enjoy writing and being read. (What’s genuinely discouraging and puzzling is my …capacity. no, wait, don’t laugh!  but the thing is, if I write a 2 Mile Run post first thing, (right after ‘running’ my 2 Miles)…. even though these posts are short and all… maybe 100 words… I some who then don’t feel like writing for the Doctrine.   (no, it’s not funny, zoe…. you and Dyanne can stop giggling).  My solution is: depending on when I wrote my last Doctrine post, I’ll hold off on writing the 2 Mile Run post until later in the day and simple focus on the Wakefield Doctrine. It is totally still enjoyable to hit publish at the start of the day. Then, no matter how bad my day my go, I can read the Comments and see the reactions of Readers. Worth the effort.

7) Hey!  Lets do a Poll!  We haven’t done one of those in a while!  And since the TToLive is only a week away, lets focus on the very basic Question:

8) I will be attending the TTohLive! next week if:

9) I will not be attending the TTohLive! next week because:

yeah, right!  like anyone who is able to, would miss out on this event!  el.oh.el.

10) SR 1.3 (UK SR: 3.1)




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