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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


…so I said to (another) clark yesterday, “Did you ask so-and-so out, to that thing that you two were talking about?” and this clark said, “yeah, well no, but I think it will work out, I’m pretty sure that we’ll both be there and we can hangout”.

…and that old familiar feeling began to give a certain volume to my thoughts as I said, “what the hell are you talking about?! I was there, it was pretty much set right from the start.”  The response: “well, I was thinking about it and I just need to figure out this one thing….
I will save my subsequent rant for another time. Instead I will add to the Wakefield Doctrine ‘Warning Label’

Wakefield Doctrine Warning Label

  • if you learn the characteristics of the three worldviews well enough to spot (the) clarks, scotts and rogers in your life, you may find that you cannot stop seeing the clarks, scotts and rogers in your world
  • if you are a clark and you learn about the worldview of the Outsider, you may find yourself becoming frustrated with other clarks in your life, when they are being extremely (and self-destructively/defeatingly) clarklike and in the middle of your impassioned (and detailed) and totally correct rant (meant to help them overcome this), you will realize that you, yourself, are still subject to these same…. conditions of the reality of the Outsider
  • …however, with this realization you will find hope, not only for the person you know you can help, but for yourself…somehow, (you’re not really sure how, but you know it’s got to be true)
  • if you are a scott and you learn about the Wakefield Doctrine enough to find yourself thinking, ‘hey! thats one of those clarks, I knew there was something I liked about him/her‘, the next thing you will think is:  ”what the fuck?!  I let them get away!!”  (but you will laugh it off and go find yourself some rogers, they’re easy)
  • if you’re a roger and you learn enough about the Wakefield Doctrine you may find yourself not enjoying the good-natured ribbing you and everyone at your table in the cafeteria are giving that new girl in the sales department (after she’s left and returned to her desk) and even though it’s a fact that she is strange with that hair and those boots and how she seems to talk to herself… it starts to bother you about how all your friends are laughing at her, but you decide that you’re be extra nice the next time…which makes you feel good about yourself…so good that you decide you really should stop by her desk and tell her about your decision to help her

Hey!!  I need to write a Post about the Wakefield Doctrine! (lol, yeah I know)  Anyway…if you were an Editor and I had a book on your desk (this book has everything about the Doctrine that you know and everything as it is contained in the pages of the blog) what 2 suggestions would you make?

Daily A’s and Z’ss  Challenge

Lizzi:  she gots some good stuff going on over at Consideringseses 

zoe:   very interesting (and informative) Post  I really like the kind of information that she’s providing in these Posts… the stuff you never thought to look up, but it will totally amaze the friends the next time you’re all hanging out playing… ‘how long can this roger go on about how intelligent they want every to believe they are‘ …. lol  (yes, this appears to be Filter-less Wednesday!)  Read This Thing!!

Jean  no!  no!  wait!! this line alone is worth the trip,  ”She looks to be around 80 feet tall and she’s only two years old! I wonder how tall she will be when she is TEN?

Dyanne  oh Dy….annnne!!  wakey wakey!!!  (while we allow the time zone to adjust, here is our scott-of-the-Prairie’s post from yesterday:  SSSS

* to be fair and, god forbid we should run the risk of disappointing anyone, following is an actual Desert Island joke:

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead were stuck on an island for many, many years until one day they found a magic lamp.

They rubbed it hard and out popped a genie. He said that he could only give three wishes so since there were three girls, each would get one wish.

The redhead went first. “I hate it here. It is too hot and boring. I want to go home!” “Okay,” replied the genie.

And off she went.

Then the brunette went. “I miss my family, my friends and relatives. I want to go home, too!!”

And off she went.

The blonde started crying and said, “I wish my friends were back here!”


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send your Comments and Complaints to the Wakefield Doctrine (“it’s only Tuesday… we’re just getting warmed-up”) Tue, 22 Apr 2014 11:26:57 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


you have zoe to thank for this visual….

you have zoe to thank for this visual….

I am very liked this site. Its an insightful subject. It help me really much to solve some troubles. Its prospect are so fantastic and functioning type so fast.*  

Hey speaking of clarks, I ran into the clark at my gas station yesterday and he said, (without my asking), ‘I went to that website you mentioned.’ And I was all, ‘well, what did you think?‘ and he said, ‘it’s interesting but the site is kinda hard to figure where everything is‘ and I then said,  ”yeah, my writing is not all that good“.

Hey, speaking of clarks, Lizzi did her ‘S’ Post (as part of her participation in the A to Z Challenge) and went with ‘Stream of Consciousness’ as a Theme… (jeez)

Have I said it recently, that, of the three personality types, clarks are the only ones likely to come up with something like the Wakefield Doctrine, which is kinda cool, but clarks are also the only one of the three who needs to come up with something like the Wakefield Doctrine?**

In case anyone gets to thinking that this is all, ‘nobody knows the trouble I seen‘ here today, the answer is ‘No’ (unless you’re a clark, then the answer is ‘not no’, but then, I didn’t really need to say that, did I’)

don Juan*** speaks of the danger of routines, in the sense that our capacity to grow is a function of our success in adapting. In a weird sort of way, rogers represent the strength of stability and scotts demonstrate the power of action and moving forward and clarks,  us ‘gee-clark-you-sometimes-start-to-make-so-much-sense-and-then-you’re-off-somewhere-I-just-can’t-follow-it’s-almost-as-if-you-are-doing-it-deliberately’  we clarks have the creativity that allows for genuine change and improvement, not just re-arrange the parts ‘improvement’. Once again, I believe I see the necessity to develop the attributes of all three worldviews in some sort of dynamic balance in order to fully exploit the potential of this here personality theory here.

(lol  yes, I will have to go out into the world and function in the normal, ‘real’ world today.  hell, no one ever said that the worldview of a clark was comfortable! But what the hell, right? I saw Lizzi in one place in her clarkcycle yesterday and another clark at a different in his cycle. Some clarks at this very moment are in the I-can-do-this-reallife-thing! phase  and other clarks are at the very bottom of the ‘here-you-are-again-back-at-the-bottom-alone-how-can-you-doubt-it?’ part of our worldviews. The point? I can identify with other clarks. They survive the bad and they earn the good. So can I.)

Friends in the Ether… the continuing  ’A- who- Z? Challenge

zoe:  I’m not even gonna try to describe today’s Post  other than (in a good and loving way), what tha fuck??  (2 things: a) who has the skills and and the manuel dexterity; 2) the first thing that came to mind was my youth, when I would often hide in a book when my own brain or the real world was too much and the visual was: I get into the safety of bed to dive into a book and I open the book and like the iconic scene in Alien  the flowers spring out….  lol  hey, it is cool but you have to go to her blog and see it for yourself…. Reader?  do me a favor, after you read zoe’s post write a Comment and include either: I love this idea or I feel like Harry Dean Stanton!

jen-ay:  (no, no one here thought that you may have actually eaten that sandwich that day…. lol)

Dyanne:  (hey! Dyanne!!  hurry!! we’re one letter ahead again!!)

Lizzi:  what can I say? If you think this post is best responded to with a:  ”Hey! you should cheer up, your life ain’t so bad! If you want to hear how tough it can be, let me tell you about what I went through”  then you’re  a roger   if your reaction is one of puzzlement that is over-ridden by protectiveness (looking around daring anyone to take advantage) you are a scott.
Pretty simple, isn’t it?



*(not a real Comment. I found this in the Spam folder when I was looking for Dyanne, who was, like, writing Comments and such, but never having them get through… it was the strangest thing.)

** I said, something like the Wakefield Doctrine… rogers

** Carlos Castaneda’s character


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M Day the Wakefield Doctrine (insert philophobic saying here) Mon, 21 Apr 2014 11:14:59 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Brief Monday morning Post (to be annotated in the afternoon, during a planned break from appears to be a rather busy day).

the Wakefield Doctrine is a way to see the world as the other person is experiencing it. The goal of this exercise is to know better how the other person (or ourselves) ‘relates themselves to the world around them’. If we succeed in recognizing the worldview of the other person, we will know more about them than they know about themselves*.

Friends of the Doctrine_A-to-Z Challenge_First Day of the Workweek

Lizzi:  Are is for Review (or Revue)

zoe: oddly enough she has Reveal as the are

Jean:  bringing it all home, our Jean’s Fictionary entry



*unless, of course, they are followers of the Wakefield Doctrine! In which case they will make us in the first three minutes of our trying to understand them… ya know?


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TT-oh-T the Wakefield Doctrine ‘so a man comes on and tells me, how white my shirts can be’ Sat, 19 Apr 2014 14:48:33 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It is TT Saturdee, the sun is shining (which is good), the temperature are in the life-supporting 40s and there is a full day of work waiting for me, like gym class when it rains and the horrible ‘bad-worse’ possibility races towards you:  dodge ball or square dancing. Talk about lose-lose.

But this is a grat list Post, so a list of things that I am/feel/should-be/try-to-encourage-the-feelings of gratitude in my life is what I am damned and determined to write, this morning.

1) Vidchats.  Every Friday night since, like forever it seems, we have been doing video chats. They are always worth the time I spend there.

2)….  ok, it’s here… I know it’s in my head*  wait! no yeah  lets come back to Number two

3) Now, I know I’m in trouble… I just Numbered out 1-10 what is almost always a sign of being ‘on the ropes’  gratitudistically-speaking that is  (my honest self-acceptance is surely something any reasonable person would feel grateful for!

4) the freedom to end a sentence on a preposition. I will, in fact, claim this as an Item because I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes (in ‘non-typing time’ which, as we all know, is the variable equivalent of time reading  to time writing, in my case 1 minute of reading time equals 8 minutes of NTT (non-typing-time)

5) I need to list my ‘work’ as it is something that I am grateful for even when the stress levels get to the point that make standing on the deck of a boat in the middle of the ocean, picking up dead fish seem like a much, much better way to earn a living.

6) My vfriends  (who I may need to list individually in order to complete this list any time before the 4th of July) they are good thing.

7) time and necessity require that I invoke the dreaded, all-conversation-in-the-room- suddlenly-stops Rule 9.3 (of the Book of Secret Rules**) and present what I have written so far as TToT #44.5 (of course, 90.3 does require that the ‘second’ ‘half’ be completed within 24 hours or a visit from (one of) the SevenGuard Virgins  (and it’s no likely to be ‘Sleepy’ or ‘Happy’) can be expected.

8) ” …Indoor plumbing……”

9) “….a car in which to do vlogs and annoy vfriends with your lit seatbelt light”

10)  and friends like Christine to provide the ‘note from home’  to get me through todays Post!


Friends-A2Z-here’s what they up to:

Lizzi  this

Dyanne:  where the hell are my car keys…

zoe: that

Jean  …that’s right!  2 clarks and 2 scotts! damn, hadn’t thought about that

* like a clark spends an inordinate amount of time anywhere else!

** Secret Book of Rules

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts


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Fairly Good Friday the Wakefield Doctrine …random thoughts and observations and such Fri, 18 Apr 2014 12:41:35 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(…ha, ha)

(…ha, ha)

Hey! just as a Treat for our Readers… lets just go with a bullet-point Post today!  (yeah, that way you don’t have to read anything that is not:

  • funny
  • clever
  • insightful
  • did we say ‘funny’
  • yeah,  ’ha’  ’ha’

Apparently I forgot that there was no FTSF this week. (Holy shot! Did you hear what I said?  The manner in which this simple admission of forgetfulness has been expressed? If you can identify with it, (as in, ‘well, of course, how else would you say it?) then you are certainly a clark. Of course, if you cannot or have an immediate objection to it, then you might must be one of the other two, in which case, you would be more likely to identify, if we phrased in one of the following two ways: a)  ”damn! totally forgot the FTSF, hey you wanna do something?”   2) “what? no I didn’t!  you were supposed to remind me! how could you let this happen?”

Apparently it is Easter this weekend. Being in the business I am and being a clark, I am not overly aware of holidays, secular or religious. However, being a clark, I am willing to offer a perspective on holidays (religious or secular), which I do in a reprint/re-phrase/mash-up/block-quoted Section at the bottom here.


Friends of the Doctrine who are still doing Battle with the Alphabet

zoe:  it’s about her dog, how could you not like it?  a Skip by any other name….

Jean:  today, from her excellent Fictionary a thing about stars and sisters and (though she did not intent, an oblique reference to Castanda…)

Dyanne: out of the Plains, riding a fiery…. sorry!  wrong fictional metaphor   our scott in the Midwest has a fairly depressing cautionary-ette tail (ha ha) (well, you have to read the post to get it)

Lizzi:  last, but hardly least  our own Sammantha Johnson…  (the first covert operative of the Wakefield Doctrine) lets give it up for  Lizzi


Tonight is Friday. That means it’s vidchat night at the Jetsons!!    as in…

the Wakefield Doctrine presents

Lizzi and Michelle’s Awesome bloggers Vidchat!

on google+ hangouts

the link to the party will appear just before the start time of 7:30  right here:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Hey! what’s the deal with the double-neck Strat?!  New Readers asking this question are advised to address their inquires to the Progenitor roger  (while not necessarily an ‘expert’, he is a roger, therefore will speak with such conviction (and supported by voluminous footnotes that are focused on real people in the real world having real emotional experiences with the issue) and authority,  that you will surely feel that your question has been aptly and amply answered!

In honor of the Easter holiday, we offer,  a ‘reprint Post’ that has footnotes and corrections and abridgments.

 We say with complete authority that the Wakefield Doctrine never challenges or otherwise criticizes  (an) individual’s religious beliefs, unless it forms the basis of a really good Post. But since you raised the question, lets look at what the Wakefield Doctrine  tells us about religion and it’s appeal to each of the three personality types.

When it comes to religion and the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine, the answer boils down to two words:  rogers!  It is not just that rogers are the personality type that is drawn to religion, they are the one who invented it!  The link between the rogerian personality type and religion is so strong as to form the foundation of the description of the rogerian worldview.

As we do know, that it is integral to the rogerian worldview  there be organised religion. This is true simply because rogers have the need not only to establish rules and order for everyone, but to have these rules posess a degree of moral imperative that can only derive from a deity or deities

(The rogerian nature of organised religion is so clear and well-established, we will not spend any further time in today’s Post examining it. The  link (‘we do know’) will take you to a Post that goes into more depth on the subject; if you have questions about rogers and religion, write us a Comment and you will be answered.) (Ed. “we have come to be more….er,  ecumenical about religions and our rogerian brethren. Simply put, rogers are religious, clarks are spiritual and scotts… well, that’s kind of a long story… lol) (no!  not a bad thing, it’s just that for scotts religion and spirituality are more about the features of the environment and therefore can be good or bad. We also need to address the life of the pack, when trying to understand scotts and religion. (the Doctrine is gender neutral!) …we usually will see religion (as encountered as a feature of their environment) being perceived as positive more often with scottian females than scottian males. and the reason you are all surely jumping ahead of us… her pack!  Exactly! scottian females are ridiculously/ferociously protective of her pack* and this protectiveness extends well beyond the simple ‘against outside threats’… it includes what she perceives as learning to be a good….lifeform.  (Yeah, you’re right!  we have stumbled upon a topic of scope that really needs to have a Post devoted to expressing the idea, remind us in the week upcoming to write a Post: scotts and their own packs)

If rogers have the baseline lock on organised religion, where does that leave our other two personality types? The genius of the Wakefield Doctrine, is found in the fact that the answer…lies in the perception of the world that clarks and scotts. If you consider the nature of the world that the clark or the scott is perceiving, you will apprehend the value and role that a major life feature such as religion holds for them.

, they’re easy! clarks believe in the unbelievable. Unfortunately this capacity prevents them from ever having complete faith in anything. In regards to religious dogma, clarks will give convincing lip service, particularly the clarklike females (who have a slight edge over their male counterparts in terms of protective coloration);  a clarklike female, especially those with a family unit will conform to the local norms for religious activities. But the odds are, even these devoutly religious clarkmoms will be filling their downsprings heads with all sorts of apostolic nonsense at random points in their upbringing. If backed into a corner, most clarks will confess to a definite spiritual tropism, but you better have a thesaurus and a comfortable chair nearby! If you read the page on clarks, one of the primary characteristics of this type is the love of knowledge…useful knowledge…useless knowledge, knowledge for good and knowledge to anger people, does not matter to your typical clark.   So as to organised religion, lets put the clarks in the woman’s auxiliary section.

 now,  they totally relate to religion, even organised religion! scotts relate to the ‘product’/ the result/ the ‘output’, if you will, of organised religion. (Ed note: this section is written more to the male scott, though not inappropriate, as the Doctrine is gender neutral, it might leave a new Reader with the impression that all scotts will view religion simply as an opportunity, as opposed to a skill, which in the case of the female scott, it can be… I’ll leave the bullet-points in place, but check back for a Post on the scottian female and her pack.)
There was a ‘restaurant’  called The Automat, it was sort of cool for us suburban kids in the early 60′s to hear about a restaurant that was totally mechanised. (This was all pre-fast food as we know it today). The Automat’s ‘hook’, was to offer a variety of choices of foods to customers with no intermediary such a waiter or waitress, everything there was available and purely the choice of the hungry customers.
….Throughout history, organised religions have basically served as Automat for scotts.

  • hey scott! bored and want to stir up some excitement?….we got your Crusades, right here!!
  • hey scott, stuck in a agrarian culture, nothing to do…why not pitch a tent and have a ‘ole down-home’ revial meetin
  • oh, scott! you are soo stuck in a modern civilized society…had you given any thought to perhaps joining the priesthood?

OK…  damn! I so need to go back and re-write a lot of the Posts… not for content or anything, but just for directness and readability. oh well, I read once that the Beatles thought that they should go back and redo ‘Revolver’ but everyone screamed and, besides, the acid started to kick in and so they forgot about it.**


* not that the other two are not also very strong in this regard, clarklike mothers especially!  but there is a characteristic difference ‘tween scottian and clarklike and rogerian motherthings… the scottian mother will be wary from the beginning and therefore less likely to find herself surprised and then her response is simple: fight or flight  fight being, of course, no holds barred…. the clarklike mother will often be caught by surprise, especially if ‘the attack’ appears to be directed at her, but if the children are involved there will be a ‘no cost too great response’ up to and including her own well-being. (there is a distinction: a scott will be willing to suffer injury or death in the process of defense/attack but  the clarklike mother will consider guaranteed self-destruction as simply one of the options… it’s a distinct of style as opposed to substance).

** yes, yes you read that right… I did compare the Wakefield Doctrine blog to the Beatles



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‘Phoned-in Posts’ the Wakefield Doctrine (“…why have a Thursday, if you don’t have any hope for the weekend?”) Thu, 17 Apr 2014 10:59:47 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Click here to view the embedded video.

Lets finish our little discussion about clarks, scotts and rogers from yesterday.

…and Doug was a roger. The most important quality of the newest crew member was not if he knew what he was doing (he did not), it didn’t matter if he had ever been offshore (he had not), it did not even concern Doug if the new guy would freeze up when things got semi-extreme (weather and seas, and such) …nope! None of that was a first order factor. What mattered was that he met this guy in the context of his dominant ‘Right Way to Live’, i.e. his religion. In other words, our Scott was invited and therefore allowed to put us all at risk simply because he was part of (Doug’s) Herd.

A Doctrine Note: rogers are those who live in the world of the Herd Member. This world is one that is quantifiable, and has ‘Right Ways’ (the implied ‘Wrong Ways’ are not necessary to specify, simply because they are an inherent characteristic of anyone not of the Herd… not so much an immediate disqualification, not even as a test for a candidate for membership in the Herd, more an a priori quality of the people a roger may encounter in the course of everyday life.  As a result, this means that rogers relate themselves to the world around them through emotion ( clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel), and emotion, being essentially non-rational* is shared among others of the same worldview.  As long as Doug perceived Scott as a member of the Herd, he was willing to overlook his glaring deficiencies.  ’Herd’, in the context of the Doctrine need not be a literal herd, nor does it need to be a reality-contiguous assemblage of people. Lets say you’re in Namibia, (as Friend of the Doctrine Jennifer Steck expects to be soon be), and she walks off the plane and is feeling like the quintessential Outsider… she can either identify with the members of the group she is traveling with, or …or!  she can look at her clothes** and feel that she is a part of the Herd (of those who understand) the Wakefield Doctrine.  Jennifer can then walk confidently among the throngs, searching for the clarks and the scotts and the rogers of the Dark Continent! (Damn!  what an opportunity for a historic meeting!!***    ”Miz Chisnal, I presume!”


Friends of Privileges Fight the Alphabetic Fight

Lizzi  very damn interesting piece about the nature of this made up universe we are all agreeing actually exists  go there and read all about it!! O

Jen-ay  the Fictionary…!  wait!  wait that’s yesterday’s  here is today, which makes much more sense!  (lol)

Dyanne  (who reports that she has been stuck in the tech-mud of the internet, at least in regards to her Comments at our little Challenge feature. At her behest, we rummaged through the spam folder and there she was… truth be told, the spammers begged me to ‘Approve’ her Comments as she was quite stern with all of them about wasting everyone’s time and was about to tell them all the Tale of the Littlest Blogger (and how, at the end, she sleweth all the rude spammers and lived happily everafter, the end)… today she helps us understand and appreciate the flatware of the Future!

and…. zoe!  she tells us the Answer.  Plain or Gravy-producing Cereal??


* while it is tempting, we are not saying irrational…  simply non-rational as in, not subject to or constrained by the requirements of logic and explainability-ness

** the plan, so far entails a clandestine meeting between Jennifer and our Gal in London, at Heathrow, and a docTee drop! (yes! exactly!! I would, but do not need to make this up!!)

*** my geography may be a bit sketchy, but I know that Friend of the Doctrine, Melanie hails from South Africa and Jennifer is headed to Namibia, which is in Africa… how hard can it be?  (“…You’re from South Africa?  omg!!!  My sister lives in Windhoek!! Do you know….”)


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write a Post around a photo?!? the Wakefield Doctrine (yeah and that’s the most normal thing about this Post) Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:03:46 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

("...hail mary, full of grace...)

(“…hail mary, full of grace…)

I have a photo. I have a Feature*. Now I need a Post.  Lets break this down to make it more manageable, define our Problem: write 734 words on a topic of interest and do so in a manner that will engage, entertain, educate and elicit (a response) from you, the Reader.

you want an example of a scott in a single phrase?!  ’hey, Doug I don’t what I’m doing but I’m willing to give it a try’  (this is a true and actual event: I was on a trip offshore and though the boat was fairly large  there were only three of us on board, Doug (the captain, myself and this guy… lets call him Scott.**  In any event, Scott had never fished before but had met Doug at the Kingdom Hall that Doug attended. So the weather got bad and one night around 1 am Doug decided that it was time to ‘put the birds in the water’.  ( Note: on larger modern fishing boats there are (often) two large outriggers, which are moveable booms that are hinged to allow them to be lowered to either side… (wait a minute… here’s a photo)

see those triangular shape things hanging from the end of the outriggers?  birds

see those triangular shape things hanging from the end of the outriggers? birds

where the hell was I?  … so, we’re bouncing up and down with waves washing over the deck and Doug yelled to Scott to ‘man the winch’ and his response was, ‘ok, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll give it try’

Now, our scottian friends will be maintaining (loudly to themselves or (at) random passerbys) “HEY!! what the hell is wrong with that!?!?  At least he’s not thinking or dreaming!! He’s ready to do something!”  (And, our scottian friends are not incorrect). But the point (if there is one) is to demonstrate through contrast the three worldviews.  clarks live in the world of the Outsider and our initial behavioral  paradigm is to think. this seen in that fact that most clarks will identify with being rational (even though we often don’t make sense), most of us will have a store of knowledge (even though practicality is totally irrelevant to our acquisition of information) that is constantly replenished because our curiosity is insatiable ( knowing things is to clarks as sex is to scotts).  A scott, living in the reality of the Predator, acts  because in their world if you don’t act, you will be acted upon. scotts are impulsive and energetic (and most people view that as a positive quality because most people are not overly big on keeping track of causes and effects),  action/living/moving/ is the ’personality type’ of the person who relates themselves to the world around them, when that world is the reality of the Predator.

(we need to take a short break to earn some money…will be back)


Friends and alphabets:

Lizzi:  damn!   read dis thing

zoe  hey zoe… I am not finished writing this Post (yeah, put that in your metaphysical pipe and smoke it!) but I will try to answer your Commentquestion or, if not remind me and I will do my best) z says:

Jean  (god! I’m really getting scairt about the letters ‘S’ and ‘V’  for today a little warmup on the Letta N

* the Feature is the blockquote section above….Friends of the Doctrine do the Alphabet (sounds like a 70′s adult film title, but that’s what it is)

** not his real name, but definitely his predominant worldview, I can’t remember his name, which is odd, seeing how he was a scott.


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Un-Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday the Wakefield Doctrine Tue, 15 Apr 2014 11:36:55 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


This is the last of the Tuesdays in which Tapes will be Mixed and (shared).

Although I was unable to participate here, around the start of this year,  Jen Kehl’s  ’Twisted MixTape Tuesday’ has been a favorite of mine, from the very first (Tuesday).  A group of bloggers (ranging from professionally accomplished to the odd and funny), the central focus being: different music and themes (of music) and genre (of music) and era and decade (of music), Tuesdays were always kinda special. And not just because I got to ‘play music’ that I loved, (have any of us ever outgrown the… “wait! wait!!  this part…coming right up listen  listen!“), but because of the people who I got to ‘hang out with’. (A bit of a confession, since the start of this bloghop, I have been in awe of the participants, the other bloggers.  Not simply because they  were all so very knowledgeable, but their writing skills were so…so  good (lol) I read the posts to enjoy opinions and insights into music and I read to develop my own blog writing.  Awfully good with the words and such, these people  and I got to participate!)

As often happens when people join in a common passion, a certain sense of belonging developed. The names on the blogs became real people, at least as real as anything is in this admittedly strange place, but real nonetheless. This really is where I am grateful to Jen (and Kristi) for what they created with the TMTT.  The fact of the capacity of music to establish an emotional linkage (between real life events and a song) in the listener is well-established. Jen’s creativity in coming up with themes each week, allowed me to get more personal with my lists of songs, this ‘hop became much, much more than ‘I’ll listen to yours if you listen to mine’.  The music that was neurally-welded into my mind during: a relationship crashing and burning, a happy time, the time of loss of a loved one and all of the myriad and common events of life that shape us into who we are… that was what I felt able to share in the Tuesday Post(s).  And, while I may not know the particulars of the event(s) associated with a particular song that Linda or Lance  or Troy or ‘White Rooms and all the others might be offering on a given Tuesday, I know of their ‘story’. Because that is what blogging really is, people telling other people a story,  about their lives, of their reality.  (Around the Doctrine, we have a saying, an expression, ‘to come to know how a person relates themselves to the world around them‘… the stories that blogs are, is a way to come to know how a person relates themselves to the world around them.) And so, I was privileged to come to know a very diverse group of people. This is the real benefit of participation in Jen Kehl’s Twisted MixTape Tuesday bloghop.

…so now, the photo at the top of this Post should make some sense! People that otherwise might never cross paths spend time together and somehow a relationship is created that encourages us to share a little bit of ourselves with others who know and love music.

Thanks  Jen ( and Kristi)

I have never been that good with the linking songs to themes, so I will assert my right to share the songs that I just plain love.  I always come back to these songs: the first really loud music, the first of the funk, the timeless and the restless, the music posted here today has always moved me. I can’t think of a more personal  goodbye to the TMTT.

…hey!  ya gotta listen to this song!!

Led Zeppelin

Click here to view the embedded video.

Warren Zevon

Click here to view the embedded video.

Grand Funk Parliament

Click here to view the embedded video.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Humble Pie

Click here to view the embedded video.

(the man with the guitar)

Click here to view the embedded video.


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From Lizzi at Considerings: ( who is tangled up in the alphabet… but has participated and benefitted from this here bloghop here )

It is the magic of this place that, soon after hitting ‘publish’,  I managed to contact Lizzi, (an Ocean and 5 hours away) and she asked me to pass along her feelings about this ‘place’ that Jen put so much of herself into, that we all could be better for the experience

“(Just that)  exploring my feelings and creativity with music via TMTT has been a hugely important, useful and wonderful experience. Telling parts of my life through song in this way has been profoundly revealing and has made a huge difference. It has challenged me and stretched me and put me in touch with parts of my spirit I needed to reach, and I’m hugely and endlessly grateful for having been part of it


Click here to view the embedded video.


Yes, our friends are still toiling away at the Alphabet of Tears (Challenge)

zoe:  continuing with her most excellent clarklike theme of knowing stuff!

Jean:  ok,  our friend is striking out into the Middle Lands of the Alphabet  with the Letter ‘M’

Lizzi:  today, while meeting the letteristic requirements of ‘the Challenge’  provides another chapter in her Shadows and Stardust book-to-be



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simple principles the Wakefield Doctrine (it’s not difficult to learn, it’s fun to use and it can be so very helpful) Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:50:47 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Lets get the week of A2Z started:

Lizzi:   the Letter is L  the topic is  Letters

zoe:  our Mistress of Information,  Monday is L-Day

Jean:  short, sweet   and always fun   (the hell with Esperanto… this is the vocabulary of the future.)

Saturday, as I was paying for the day’s gasoline, I saw that there was a clark and a roger behind the counter.  (The clark) said, “what philosophical advice do you have for us today?1” I paused briefly then said, ‘there is a personality theory that accounts for everyone in the world in 3 personality types, go online to ‘the Wakefield Doctrine dot com.’ He repeatasked the url2, so I did, ‘www dot Wakefield Doctrine dot com’. And left the store.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool in the form of a perspective. It is a way of looking at the behavior of the people in our lives that will allow us an understanding, (of that person), that we would not have otherwise. With the Wakefield Doctrine, you will know more about the other person than they know about themselves and, with the proper use of the Doctrine, you need never again find yourself thinking, “I really thought I knew them better than that, why on earth would they go and say a thing like that?”

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool in the form of perspective. It is a way of looking at ourselves that will allow us the, (possibility), of seeing our selfs differently than we have learned to believe (we are). With the Wakefield Doctrine we are in the position to understand how ‘we relate ourselves to the world around us’. With the Wakefield Doctrine, if you are willing to suspend a lifetime of certainty, you can recognize that your strengths are your own and your weaknesses are habit, both as simple to change (or enhance) and as nearly as impossible to alter, (having spent a lifetime practicing them.)

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool that is fun and useful, silly and profound and totally yours to use as you are inclined. The girl that seems to be looking at you in class is less of a ‘oh-man-if-I-only-had-the-nerve’, the boss who, as much as you work and worry and try to do your job like everyone else, always manages to get you off-balance, that mechanic in the garage where you take your car, you know he’s not too bright but somehow you end up leaving the place with the impression that he and the other 2 people working there are laughing at you, the Teacher who you know is very highly qualified, yet she doesn’t seem to be able to not take sides with your child and after all! ‘he-is-your-child-you-are-certainly-the-person-most-qualified-to-know-what-he-is-capable-of’ and the Physician who insists on talking to you like you were a child, it’s your disease, why don’t they see that it is not about statistical averages and bell-shaped curves!

the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them.


1) anytime I’ve been in the store and the clark was the only working, I would do a throw-away clark thing, something weird in terms of observation, focused mostly on the un-reliability of reality and such, but the main effect was in my open enjoyment of being weird (in contrast to my public appearance, serious older businessman thing, ya know?). My kick was watching for the look of recognition as the other clark heard thoughts that they tend to keep to themselves (the private thoughts that we all have that we have learned to keep to ourselves, except when around friends). (and even then…)

2) when you repeat what the person said, just adding the interrogative lilt   “…just adding the interrogative lilt?”


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TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (of aetuzees, impulse Contests and, of course, the weather!*) (*aka getting to 1st base, sociability-wise speaking) Sat, 12 Apr 2014 12:42:07 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Two groups of people to be grateful for today. The Friends of the Doctrine who are participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge, ’cause we’ve been following their progress each day here at this blog, and Lizzi! (come on! you know any reasonable person will be tempted to count her as more than one.)

I.  People

  1. these here friends mentioned above, for providing a sounding-board and a ‘listening gallery’* as I practice to learn to write, the better for me to be able to tell people about this really cool personality thing
  2. Una, though not, in the strictest sense, a ‘person’, but, if General Mills and Walmart are considered ‘a person’ (in a certain legal sense), then I’ll not hesitate to refer to our chodsky pes as a person
  3. the imaginary friends that inhabit my memory, both real and probably-didn’t-exist, (at-least-not-like-General Mills)

II. Places

  1. where I live, photo on the ‘cover’  is from this writin’ place and provides my mind with, like one those pastel-swirly cloth backdrop things that photographers use?
  2. the Ocean,  for the obvious reasons (not the least of which is: providing me with an occupation, (at one time in my life), that produced some adventures that resulted in blog stories (at another time in my life)
  3. the inside of my head.

III. Things

  1. oddness
  2. certain things that are beyond question (much like the character of the worldview of rogers and scotts… for the former, it is that the world is a quantifiable place and that if everyone would work hard and understand that there is a Right Way to live and do things and relax and create traditions, then everything will be alright and, the latter, where life is to be lived….now!  not in the past and certainly not imagined in some future time….there is too much to do to waste time thinking and imagining or resenting and carrying grudges… hurry!
  3. the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules), the Contest of FRIST Comment, Christine’s insanely fun, stream-of-experience, ‘you-are-there’ vacation photography, the Seven GuardVirgins, (one of whom I’m pretty sure is beginning to show signs of weakening), Lizzi and Michelle presents, Friday Night vidchats! and the up-coming Turn Off Facebook for One Day….Day   04.14.14  join us (we won’t know until afterwards, of course, unless we meet at another social environment)

IV. the Wakefield Doctrine

  1. well, duh!  sine qua non, binyon!

Ok… quick re-cap of A-who-me?-to-Z

Lizzi:  nothing less than some kind of poetry…. and yet, how good is she?  I read and believe I get it!  damn!

zoe:   very cool Post today… like one of those surprises in the box of cereal  (from one of the more premium brands not one with those little plastic toys that are supposed to be put together without glue and never match up and are totally way smaller than the photo illustration on the upper left front corner of the box that was the reason you cajoled your mother into buying and if only she wouldn’t stand around and watch you with your much sought after toy, which you (now) realize really sucks and you’re embarrassed but you got to pretend or she might laugh, or worse, be disappointed in your disappointment  (is this thing on??!)  here read this

Jen-ay:   you want to know why/how much fun  scotts are??  go here and read all her a-z Posts

Dyanne:  (note…. our friend, the Missouri Miss, tends to run a little behind, postistically-speaking, here she is with a Post on Jesse James (the dead one, not the one who got to sleep with Sandra Bullock**)

(I’ll be back later in the day, this being a work day and such)

* probably not a ‘real’ word, but should be

** yeah, couldn’t help the visuals from ‘Speed’

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts


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