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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

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Lets finish our little discussion about clarks, scotts and rogers from yesterday.

…and Doug was a roger. The most important quality of the newest crew member was not if he knew what he was doing (he did not), it didn’t matter if he had ever been offshore (he had not), it did not even concern Doug if the new guy would freeze up when things got semi-extreme (weather and seas, and such) …nope! None of that was a first order factor. What mattered was that he met this guy in the context of his dominant ‘Right Way to Live’, i.e. his religion. In other words, our Scott was invited and therefore allowed to put us all at risk simply because he was part of (Doug’s) Herd.

A Doctrine Note: rogers are those who live in the world of the Herd Member. This world is one that is quantifiable, and has ‘Right Ways’ (the implied ‘Wrong Ways’ are not necessary to specify, simply because they are an inherent characteristic of anyone not of the Herd… not so much an immediate disqualification, not even as a test for a candidate for membership in the Herd, more an a priori quality of the people a roger may encounter in the course of everyday life.  As a result, this means that rogers relate themselves to the world around them through emotion ( clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel), and emotion, being essentially non-rational* is shared among others of the same worldview.  As long as Doug perceived Scott as a member of the Herd, he was willing to overlook his glaring deficiencies.  ’Herd’, in the context of the Doctrine need not be a literal herd, nor does it need to be a reality-contiguous assemblage of people. Lets say you’re in Namibia, (as Friend of the Doctrine Jennifer Steck expects to be soon be), and she walks off the plane and is feeling like the quintessential Outsider… she can either identify with the members of the group she is traveling with, or …or!  she can look at her clothes** and feel that she is a part of the Herd (of those who understand) the Wakefield Doctrine.  Jennifer can then walk confidently among the throngs, searching for the clarks and the scotts and the rogers of the Dark Continent! (Damn!  what an opportunity for a historic meeting!!***    ”Miz Chisnal, I presume!”


Friends of Privileges Fight the Alphabetic Fight

Lizzi  very damn interesting piece about the nature of this made up universe we are all agreeing actually exists  go there and read all about it!! O

Jen-ay  the Fictionary…!  wait!  wait that’s yesterday’s  here is today, which makes much more sense!  (lol)

Dyanne  (who reports that she has been stuck in the tech-mud of the internet, at least in regards to her Comments at our little Challenge feature. At her behest, we rummaged through the spam folder and there she was… truth be told, the spammers begged me to ‘Approve’ her Comments as she was quite stern with all of them about wasting everyone’s time and was about to tell them all the Tale of the Littlest Blogger (and how, at the end, she sleweth all the rude spammers and lived happily everafter, the end)… today she helps us understand and appreciate the flatware of the Future!

and…. zoe!  she tells us the Answer.  Plain or Gravy-producing Cereal??


* while it is tempting, we are not saying irrational…  simply non-rational as in, not subject to or constrained by the requirements of logic and explainability-ness

** the plan, so far entails a clandestine meeting between Jennifer and our Gal in London, at Heathrow, and a docTee drop! (yes! exactly!! I would, but do not need to make this up!!)

*** my geography may be a bit sketchy, but I know that Friend of the Doctrine, Melanie hails from South Africa and Jennifer is headed to Namibia, which is in Africa… how hard can it be?  (“…You’re from South Africa?  omg!!!  My sister lives in Windhoek!! Do you know….”)


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write a Post around a photo?!? the Wakefield Doctrine (yeah and that’s the most normal thing about this Post) Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:03:46 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

("...hail mary, full of grace...)

(“…hail mary, full of grace…)

I have a photo. I have a Feature*. Now I need a Post.  Lets break this down to make it more manageable, define our Problem: write 734 words on a topic of interest and do so in a manner that will engage, entertain, educate and elicit (a response) from you, the Reader.

you want an example of a scott in a single phrase?!  ’hey, Doug I don’t what I’m doing but I’m willing to give it a try’  (this is a true and actual event: I was on a trip offshore and though the boat was fairly large  there were only three of us on board, Doug (the captain, myself and this guy… lets call him Scott.**  In any event, Scott had never fished before but had met Doug at the Kingdom Hall that Doug attended. So the weather got bad and one night around 1 am Doug decided that it was time to ‘put the birds in the water’.  ( Note: on larger modern fishing boats there are (often) two large outriggers, which are moveable booms that are hinged to allow them to be lowered to either side… (wait a minute… here’s a photo)

see those triangular shape things hanging from the end of the outriggers?  birds

see those triangular shape things hanging from the end of the outriggers? birds

where the hell was I?  … so, we’re bouncing up and down with waves washing over the deck and Doug yelled to Scott to ‘man the winch’ and his response was, ‘ok, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll give it try’

Now, our scottian friends will be maintaining (loudly to themselves or (at) random passerbys) “HEY!! what the hell is wrong with that!?!?  At least he’s not thinking or dreaming!! He’s ready to do something!”  (And, our scottian friends are not incorrect). But the point (if there is one) is to demonstrate through contrast the three worldviews.  clarks live in the world of the Outsider and our initial behavioral  paradigm is to think. this seen in that fact that most clarks will identify with being rational (even though we often don’t make sense), most of us will have a store of knowledge (even though practicality is totally irrelevant to our acquisition of information) that is constantly replenished because our curiosity is insatiable ( knowing things is to clarks as sex is to scotts).  A scott, living in the reality of the Predator, acts  because in their world if you don’t act, you will be acted upon. scotts are impulsive and energetic (and most people view that as a positive quality because most people are not overly big on keeping track of causes and effects),  action/living/moving/ is the ’personality type’ of the person who relates themselves to the world around them, when that world is the reality of the Predator.

(we need to take a short break to earn some money…will be back)


Friends and alphabets:

Lizzi:  damn!   read dis thing

zoe  hey zoe… I am not finished writing this Post (yeah, put that in your metaphysical pipe and smoke it!) but I will try to answer your Commentquestion or, if not remind me and I will do my best) z says:

Jean  (god! I’m really getting scairt about the letters ‘S’ and ‘V’  for today a little warmup on the Letta N

* the Feature is the blockquote section above….Friends of the Doctrine do the Alphabet (sounds like a 70′s adult film title, but that’s what it is)

** not his real name, but definitely his predominant worldview, I can’t remember his name, which is odd, seeing how he was a scott.


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Un-Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday the Wakefield Doctrine Tue, 15 Apr 2014 11:36:55 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


This is the last of the Tuesdays in which Tapes will be Mixed and (shared).

Although I was unable to participate here, around the start of this year,  Jen Kehl’s  ’Twisted MixTape Tuesday’ has been a favorite of mine, from the very first (Tuesday).  A group of bloggers (ranging from professionally accomplished to the odd and funny), the central focus being: different music and themes (of music) and genre (of music) and era and decade (of music), Tuesdays were always kinda special. And not just because I got to ‘play music’ that I loved, (have any of us ever outgrown the… “wait! wait!!  this part…coming right up listen  listen!“), but because of the people who I got to ‘hang out with’. (A bit of a confession, since the start of this bloghop, I have been in awe of the participants, the other bloggers.  Not simply because they  were all so very knowledgeable, but their writing skills were so…so  good (lol) I read the posts to enjoy opinions and insights into music and I read to develop my own blog writing.  Awfully good with the words and such, these people  and I got to participate!)

As often happens when people join in a common passion, a certain sense of belonging developed. The names on the blogs became real people, at least as real as anything is in this admittedly strange place, but real nonetheless. This really is where I am grateful to Jen (and Kristi) for what they created with the TMTT.  The fact of the capacity of music to establish an emotional linkage (between real life events and a song) in the listener is well-established. Jen’s creativity in coming up with themes each week, allowed me to get more personal with my lists of songs, this ‘hop became much, much more than ‘I’ll listen to yours if you listen to mine’.  The music that was neurally-welded into my mind during: a relationship crashing and burning, a happy time, the time of loss of a loved one and all of the myriad and common events of life that shape us into who we are… that was what I felt able to share in the Tuesday Post(s).  And, while I may not know the particulars of the event(s) associated with a particular song that Linda or Lance  or Troy or ‘White Rooms and all the others might be offering on a given Tuesday, I know of their ‘story’. Because that is what blogging really is, people telling other people a story,  about their lives, of their reality.  (Around the Doctrine, we have a saying, an expression, ‘to come to know how a person relates themselves to the world around them‘… the stories that blogs are, is a way to come to know how a person relates themselves to the world around them.) And so, I was privileged to come to know a very diverse group of people. This is the real benefit of participation in Jen Kehl’s Twisted MixTape Tuesday bloghop.

…so now, the photo at the top of this Post should make some sense! People that otherwise might never cross paths spend time together and somehow a relationship is created that encourages us to share a little bit of ourselves with others who know and love music.

Thanks  Jen ( and Kristi)

I have never been that good with the linking songs to themes, so I will assert my right to share the songs that I just plain love.  I always come back to these songs: the first really loud music, the first of the funk, the timeless and the restless, the music posted here today has always moved me. I can’t think of a more personal  goodbye to the TMTT.

…hey!  ya gotta listen to this song!!

Led Zeppelin

Click here to view the embedded video.

Warren Zevon

Click here to view the embedded video.

Grand Funk Parliament

Click here to view the embedded video.


Click here to view the embedded video.

Humble Pie

Click here to view the embedded video.

(the man with the guitar)

Click here to view the embedded video.


Click here to view the embedded video.



From Lizzi at Considerings: ( who is tangled up in the alphabet… but has participated and benefitted from this here bloghop here )

It is the magic of this place that, soon after hitting ‘publish’,  I managed to contact Lizzi, (an Ocean and 5 hours away) and she asked me to pass along her feelings about this ‘place’ that Jen put so much of herself into, that we all could be better for the experience

“(Just that)  exploring my feelings and creativity with music via TMTT has been a hugely important, useful and wonderful experience. Telling parts of my life through song in this way has been profoundly revealing and has made a huge difference. It has challenged me and stretched me and put me in touch with parts of my spirit I needed to reach, and I’m hugely and endlessly grateful for having been part of it


Click here to view the embedded video.


Yes, our friends are still toiling away at the Alphabet of Tears (Challenge)

zoe:  continuing with her most excellent clarklike theme of knowing stuff!

Jean:  ok,  our friend is striking out into the Middle Lands of the Alphabet  with the Letter ‘M’

Lizzi:  today, while meeting the letteristic requirements of ‘the Challenge’  provides another chapter in her Shadows and Stardust book-to-be



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simple principles the Wakefield Doctrine (it’s not difficult to learn, it’s fun to use and it can be so very helpful) Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:50:47 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Lets get the week of A2Z started:

Lizzi:   the Letter is L  the topic is  Letters

zoe:  our Mistress of Information,  Monday is L-Day

Jean:  short, sweet   and always fun   (the hell with Esperanto… this is the vocabulary of the future.)

Saturday, as I was paying for the day’s gasoline, I saw that there was a clark and a roger behind the counter.  (The clark) said, “what philosophical advice do you have for us today?1” I paused briefly then said, ‘there is a personality theory that accounts for everyone in the world in 3 personality types, go online to ‘the Wakefield Doctrine dot com.’ He repeatasked the url2, so I did, ‘www dot Wakefield Doctrine dot com’. And left the store.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool in the form of a perspective. It is a way of looking at the behavior of the people in our lives that will allow us an understanding, (of that person), that we would not have otherwise. With the Wakefield Doctrine, you will know more about the other person than they know about themselves and, with the proper use of the Doctrine, you need never again find yourself thinking, “I really thought I knew them better than that, why on earth would they go and say a thing like that?”

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool in the form of perspective. It is a way of looking at ourselves that will allow us the, (possibility), of seeing our selfs differently than we have learned to believe (we are). With the Wakefield Doctrine we are in the position to understand how ‘we relate ourselves to the world around us’. With the Wakefield Doctrine, if you are willing to suspend a lifetime of certainty, you can recognize that your strengths are your own and your weaknesses are habit, both as simple to change (or enhance) and as nearly as impossible to alter, (having spent a lifetime practicing them.)

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool that is fun and useful, silly and profound and totally yours to use as you are inclined. The girl that seems to be looking at you in class is less of a ‘oh-man-if-I-only-had-the-nerve’, the boss who, as much as you work and worry and try to do your job like everyone else, always manages to get you off-balance, that mechanic in the garage where you take your car, you know he’s not too bright but somehow you end up leaving the place with the impression that he and the other 2 people working there are laughing at you, the Teacher who you know is very highly qualified, yet she doesn’t seem to be able to not take sides with your child and after all! ‘he-is-your-child-you-are-certainly-the-person-most-qualified-to-know-what-he-is-capable-of’ and the Physician who insists on talking to you like you were a child, it’s your disease, why don’t they see that it is not about statistical averages and bell-shaped curves!

the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them.


1) anytime I’ve been in the store and the clark was the only working, I would do a throw-away clark thing, something weird in terms of observation, focused mostly on the un-reliability of reality and such, but the main effect was in my open enjoyment of being weird (in contrast to my public appearance, serious older businessman thing, ya know?). My kick was watching for the look of recognition as the other clark heard thoughts that they tend to keep to themselves (the private thoughts that we all have that we have learned to keep to ourselves, except when around friends). (and even then…)

2) when you repeat what the person said, just adding the interrogative lilt   “…just adding the interrogative lilt?”


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TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (of aetuzees, impulse Contests and, of course, the weather!*) (*aka getting to 1st base, sociability-wise speaking) Sat, 12 Apr 2014 12:42:07 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Two groups of people to be grateful for today. The Friends of the Doctrine who are participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge, ’cause we’ve been following their progress each day here at this blog, and Lizzi! (come on! you know any reasonable person will be tempted to count her as more than one.)

I.  People

  1. these here friends mentioned above, for providing a sounding-board and a ‘listening gallery’* as I practice to learn to write, the better for me to be able to tell people about this really cool personality thing
  2. Una, though not, in the strictest sense, a ‘person’, but, if General Mills and Walmart are considered ‘a person’ (in a certain legal sense), then I’ll not hesitate to refer to our chodsky pes as a person
  3. the imaginary friends that inhabit my memory, both real and probably-didn’t-exist, (at-least-not-like-General Mills)

II. Places

  1. where I live, photo on the ‘cover’  is from this writin’ place and provides my mind with, like one those pastel-swirly cloth backdrop things that photographers use?
  2. the Ocean,  for the obvious reasons (not the least of which is: providing me with an occupation, (at one time in my life), that produced some adventures that resulted in blog stories (at another time in my life)
  3. the inside of my head.

III. Things

  1. oddness
  2. certain things that are beyond question (much like the character of the worldview of rogers and scotts… for the former, it is that the world is a quantifiable place and that if everyone would work hard and understand that there is a Right Way to live and do things and relax and create traditions, then everything will be alright and, the latter, where life is to be lived….now!  not in the past and certainly not imagined in some future time….there is too much to do to waste time thinking and imagining or resenting and carrying grudges… hurry!
  3. the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules), the Contest of FRIST Comment, Christine’s insanely fun, stream-of-experience, ‘you-are-there’ vacation photography, the Seven GuardVirgins, (one of whom I’m pretty sure is beginning to show signs of weakening), Lizzi and Michelle presents, Friday Night vidchats! and the up-coming Turn Off Facebook for One Day….Day   04.14.14  join us (we won’t know until afterwards, of course, unless we meet at another social environment)

IV. the Wakefield Doctrine

  1. well, duh!  sine qua non, binyon!

Ok… quick re-cap of A-who-me?-to-Z

Lizzi:  nothing less than some kind of poetry…. and yet, how good is she?  I read and believe I get it!  damn!

zoe:   very cool Post today… like one of those surprises in the box of cereal  (from one of the more premium brands not one with those little plastic toys that are supposed to be put together without glue and never match up and are totally way smaller than the photo illustration on the upper left front corner of the box that was the reason you cajoled your mother into buying and if only she wouldn’t stand around and watch you with your much sought after toy, which you (now) realize really sucks and you’re embarrassed but you got to pretend or she might laugh, or worse, be disappointed in your disappointment  (is this thing on??!)  here read this

Jen-ay:   you want to know why/how much fun  scotts are??  go here and read all her a-z Posts

Dyanne:  (note…. our friend, the Missouri Miss, tends to run a little behind, postistically-speaking, here she is with a Post on Jesse James (the dead one, not the one who got to sleep with Sandra Bullock**)

(I’ll be back later in the day, this being a work day and such)

* probably not a ‘real’ word, but should be

** yeah, couldn’t help the visuals from ‘Speed’

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts


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Finish the Sentence Friday the Wakefield Doctrine “…if you can possibly manage the time, please play both sides at one meeting.” Fri, 11 Apr 2014 12:19:56 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


We have some other friends, Stephanie and Janine and Kate and, of course, Kristi. They are, the Ladies of the Write, aka the Women (who) Finish the Sentence Friday. This being, of course, the first bloghop that we participated in and still a favorite.  Each week a sentence fragment, every week some amazing ‘takes’ on a provocative idea. This week?  Well, I hope my skills are up to my imagination.

This week, the sentence to be finished is:

“If I could go back in time… ”

“… but, I did!”


Speaking of Friends…and Challenges and …the alphabet… (ok, no one was speaking of the alphabet). Lets check in with our A to Zeewriters!

Jen-ay   Friday…. my god it’s Friday already! here, the letter is  J

zoe   our Mistress of Informinationing  what can we tell you,  ’a rabbi, an Irishman and a dog walk into a bar, the blonde says….’

Lizzi   yeah,  her    ’here she comes, walkin down the street, gets the funniest looks from, everyone she meets’**

the Wakefield Doctrine  presents:

the Fabulous Bloggers Friday Night vidchat with your hosts

Lizzi and Michelle!

Vidchat update:  Hey! Hey!   we’ve found a more convenient and easier way to do the inviting for the Friday Night Vidchat.  There’ll be a url in a number of different places tonight (e.g. on the FB and here and on Lizzi’s blog ‘Considerings’)… click the link and you’ll be at our door.  How easy is that? We’ll also be doing the traditional form of invitationing (our Ms Rogers so gets into the fun of finding unsuspecting bloggers and getting them to stop by..)

Speaking of stopping by… now that everyone knows about google+ hangouts  there are a lot of different events and hangouts to go to… which is totally good. Never a dull moment in the 21st Century, eh?  Just want to mention, there are a couple of different formats for vidchats… one is simply a live connection, the other is live and recorded.

Lizzi and Michelle’s vidchats are not and have never been recorded.*

It’s just what we did when we started doing these last Fall…a live hangout, talk to friends, meet people, stop by for a minute and come back later… you know, like that dorm room on a Thursday or Friday night, where everyone passes through on the way to the weekend. Just wanted you to know.


*there is  another type of hangout that allows the person running to record it and save it to their youtube account…for re-use later. We never record. If you’re not sure when you get to whatever hangout you are at, your best bet is to simply ask your host,  ”hey  roger!  are you recording this for some kind of mean joke later or what?”  (being rogers, if the answer is ‘yes’ they’ll still deny it but get all offended that you’re accusing them unfairly of something  lol)

** theme song to very old show


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Thursday the Wakefield Doctrine (what’s not to like about Thursday, it’s the ‘early Spring’ of the weekdays!) Thu, 10 Apr 2014 11:55:01 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Almost through another week! Our creative combatants are still knocking ‘em dead on the ‘Och detta är med’  Challenge.  We will be with them to the zed! Remember to go to their Posts and leave a Comment.

Today we will have a slight reprise of a previously published Post. The reprise comes as a result of fitting it to today’s Context, thereby making it more readable. Speaking of more readable, one question:

  1. should there be a video Post tomorrow? (and if so are there any volunteers for an interview Post?) (you know who I’d totally love to have call in to the Doctrine phone number and spend a little time with us?  yeah,  Christine!   hey!  Christine!!  14 minutes on the phone…what possibly could go wrong in that period of time?  ask zoe, she said she had fun!  aww come on…)  …call in while you’re driving the 90 minute drive to run down to the corner 7-11  or the maybe while watching a soccer game or… or, maybe as you stalk one of the four (or two) legged residents of  ’Auberge de jeunesse de Christine épicerie-temps-à-être’  we could do a Mutual of Omaha thing!!  (You get to be Jim Fowler’s daughter, Jane….and I can be…. Marlin, for the Episode we call:  ’Stalking the wiley porcinus Indianus’)   What?  alright, I’ll stop now…  but it would have been fun!
  2. what do your think about these Posts of late?  (not the following our Friends in the a2z, but rather this never-ending ‘of the moment’ approach to presenting the Wakefield Doctrine. Stay with the stream of consciousness or (should I) attempt to impose some order on what I do in the course of the week.
  3. (this is not a question, but the number thing didn’t want to work), I think of what I do here (since I am a clark) as being the same effort as it always has been: present the Wakefield Doctrine in such manner that anyone reading this blog can understand, apply and enjoy (the benefits) of the Wakefield Doctrine. The question is: is this still the most efficacious approach?

Anyway. Ain’t changing today. Will change if enough of you people believe I should. Sorta.     (let me know)

(Lets tune in to our Friends and see how they doin  on the word-wrangling….  )

Lizzi:  kid does it all…. god! I’m getting sick of these young, talented and skilled lifeforms!   today it’s  Interviews  (how it should be done!) 

Jean:  (what’s the deal with these frickin Friends of the Doctrine?!? they are creative and skilled writers…ain’t that enough?!! nooo !  they have to have artistic skills  here  read her thing today 

zoe  at least of them is doing a Post that makes me feel better…. or at least warmer  (you know, it’s not just that zoe and them are smart… hell! I’m smart, you’re smart, anyone who lasts more than 13 seconds at the Wakefield Doctrine is smart… it’s that she has the ….thing to come up with very cool, entertaining ways to teach us shit… tres coolio



(and today’s Fun Flashback!)

You know the guy/ you’ve totally seen the girl in the group. Always is the first to come up with the beer, always the first to climb up on the roof of the car…not the most handsome, but manages to get the girls attention/ not the hottest but the crowd gathers. Going back in time: John Belushi/Tatum O’Neal, John Candy/Boy George, Katy Perry, Seth Rogan, Lindsey Lohan, Pink…  you know the names. and there is someone in your own group of friends that always gets compared to these celebrities, for better or for worse, they are the ‘go-to’ guy/girl for irresponsible, nonsensical  fun.

Thats our Thursday!  The Day of the Week that resonates with each of the three personality types, holding a promise that only an Outsider…a Predator…a Herd Member can feel excited about!

Thursday is:

  • the day before the final exam… hey rogers! your moment in the Sun is a mere 24 away!
  • the day before the day before the Weekend…but you scotts all know that, on a cellular level
  • its a day of pausing, with hints of the expectations that will manifest in demands that are impossible to bear…don’t you feel alive! clarks?
  • the caesura of most normal lives, the progression of the Weekdays slowed, even halted for a brief moment
  • for the workers on third shift, it actually is Friday for them, to enjoy as the one benefit for working while the world sleeps
  • hamburger fricassee as one of the most favored of High School Cafeteria Hot Lunches , yo
  • Party Night for dorm dwellers, especially for those oddities, the live-in-the-dorm-during-the-week-and-go-home-on-weekends
  • the night a clark is more likely to get lucky (as opposed to Friday and Saturday) or ( Monday and Tuesday)… yah, (Wednesday)

Remember Readers! This Wakefield Doctrine? It’s a tool and it’s a toy, you can learn to use it pretty quick and you can get to have fun with a friend using the Doctrine, ( find your scottian friend and introduce them to it.*) As a tool, there is a whole bunch of stuff you can do with this thing of ours, but that’s for another Post.

So bring on our blushing, slightly inebriated, but surprisingly eager to get down Day of the Week… Thursday!!

*How can we know this? 2 reasons: 1) if you are ‘getting it’ on first try, directly from reading about it, then chances are you are a clark. And if you areclark with the ‘flexibility of intelligence’ to figure this out, then your friends are probably fairly bright, so you can coach your scottian friend (preferably without an audience, scotts sometimes dial-down the IQ when in front of a crowd)  and  b) ’cause this is the fricken Wakefield Doctrine, of course we know this stuff!

will be back.




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Wednesday the Wakefield Doctrine (‘a lot to read, but you have a video clip as a reward if you read everything first’) Wed, 09 Apr 2014 12:45:50 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


You know that we’re following the progress and efforts of the Friends of the Doctrine who are participating in the A to Z Challenge thing, they be writing a Post a Day, conforming to a unifying theme.. each Post different… blah, blah…blah  (god, do clarks have nothing more satisfying in their lives than their vain, doomed-to-disatisfaction drive to explain things to anyone in earshot? what the hell kind of personal reality am I trapped in?? damn! if it wasn’t for my secondary scottian aspect, I might be more happy with my constant going on about what and why and all the activity that the real people around me are engaging in, as they actually live life as opposed to my thinking about how I might understand the best way to enjoy this gift of living.)

lol… I’m sorry, did I type that out loud?  It’s ok I can make those jokes, I’m a clark….  following is today’s update.  They are very good Posts  go, read, Comment (tell ‘em the Doctrine sent ya) then go to the block quote section and get your Daily Doctrine insight.  Do all of that and you will have earned the comic relief in the video…. (no! scott, read first, laugh later.)

zoe is up first. her  AthruZeee  is  on How to deal with the Healthcare Challenges of the Modern Day

Lizzi is here, next.   holy shit!  what an effort our Considererer makes today!  Heart-2-Heart 

Jen-ay!!!  come on down!!   (after my own heart), Words that may not necessarily be found in a real dictionary…but should  H this, binyons

Dyanne  she is in Missouri (state: “why would you need hills? don’t you like it flat? …no, Dorothy doesn’t live here“) so her Post arrive later in the ‘day’  Holy Shit!  with 8 whole minutes to spare!! here is our Missouri Miz  with her Post

Michelle: she is on the other side of the world ( yeah, cool, huh?)  we will post her Post when it arrives



 Each of the three personality types that comprise the Wakefield Doctrine represent a worldview, a ‘reality’, if you will; each a perspective that is unique and (one) that has great strengths and terrible weaknesses.
(Readers! Remember that the Doctrine maintains that all people are possessed of the qualities/the potentials of each of these three ‘types’ and while we  become predominately one of the three, the other two aspects are always within us, waiting to be called upon by the dominant personality, usually at times of extreme duress.)
We call this…the…. Mystery of the Wakefield Doctrine and the Proof of the 3 Personalities

What is the mystery of the rogerian personality type that prevented RCoyne’s blog from taking off?

What should have the roger done, in order to be successful with the Seccesscessionisticalationist Rag?

Why are we picking on the roger so much?

Lets start with what we do know, about rogers:

  • they believe that Life has rules and that if followed everything will be as it should be
  • rogers believe that reality is essentially quantifiable, that 2 + 2 equals 4 is true now and will always be true, even after the human race is extinct
  • the world is Perfect to a roger, (of course, we use the word in the sense that implies completeness and order, as opposed to virtuous or good)
  • rogers experience the world in general and people in particular with an organizational bias predicated on the herd mentality, ‘like gathers with like and excludes that which is not like’ (or some such nonsense)
  • for a roger, the ‘backstory’ is more attractive than the narrative, (an example from the progenitor roger: early in the days of this blog, one particular Post drew an exceptional number of Comments, we asked  roger what he thought about it and he indicated that he didn’t bother reading the Post, he only read  the Comments)
  • rogers are responsible for civilization, for the development of civilized society, for all social development and refinements beginning with cavemen and moving forward to the Present
  • in expressing their perception of the world as a place of rules, rogers become: Doctors and Lawyers, Accountants and Engineers, Surveyors and Writers of Popular Fiction, Missionary Families and Dynastic Families, Pioneers (geographically), High Priests and Politicians, Homemakers and Trendsetters, Judges and Executioners

The rogerian component of the Proof of the 3 Personalities?  rogers are the only ones who can  ’ manage and maintain‘  the scottian element of the population. Without rogers, we would all be living under bushes, darting out to drink from nearby streams at dawn and duck, shoulders hunched in anticipation of the attack from the nearby  Umbrella Thorn Acacia tree.  Damn!  The thing about scotts, they are all drive, instinct, appetite. Someone, ( I think it was Claire ), was recently musing about the three-ness of the Wakefield Doctrine and that got me to thinking about Freud (have not got a clue) and his Id, Ego and Super Ego. Who out there does not see that our scottian element is so the Id. And while it is essential to life,  appetite and impulsivity, left un-checked would be kinda short-term.

Let us end today’s Post with a little example that came up in a recent letter to Molly, in which we were discussing the difficulty encountered in distinguishing between a  (very) robust roger and a scott. Both are active, and charming and totally gregarious. But if we watch these two walk into a social gathering ( a party, a picnic, a business conference)  what we will see is:

the scott will make a noise (figurative or literal) immediately upon entering the space…this is meant as a first effort to flush-out any other scotts
the roger will stand in a prominant place at the entrance and wait for a sign of recognition from the various herds making up the crowd
the scott will go to the first person they can get to and start to tell a joke about the fact that they (the scott) are present
the roger will go immediately go to the first person they recognise (provided the person is another roger, if however, the first person they recognize is a clark, the roger will wait)
the scott will go from person to person and tell a joke or introduce themselves to each individual (if there are too many people, in which case the scott will treat each herd as a person)
the roger will either join a herd or gather clarks to start a herd….and wait for a scott.

Bottom line: the scott sees the social environment as a hunting ground, therefore everyone is either prey or predator. If the scott encounters other scotts then ranking must be established, either dominant or submissive, as long as they know where they stand.
The roger, on the other hand, sees the social environment as an expression of themselves. All that the roger encounters is either of the herd or not of the herd. Those that are ‘not of the herd’ are as important and valuable to the roger as the outsiders. Rogers cherish outsiders, they are the dross that accentuate the beauty of what the roger builds in his little herd.


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Tuesday the Wakefield Doctrine (‘…surely the most false-sense-of-confidence engendering Day of the Week’) Tue, 08 Apr 2014 11:40:25 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool, it’s an insight on everyday behavior, a strategy for self-improvement and, if ‘people watching’ is your idea of fun, the Doctrine will add a spectrum that will take it to a whole ‘nother level.

As  a tool, the Wakefield Doctrine offers a perspective on the world around you. When confronting one of life’s many challenges, it provides you with one more possible solution to the problems of the day. Now, to be sure, when we say, ‘problems of the day’, we’re not (necessarily) talking about World Hunger, Global Warming or why National Geographic has a show about arm wrestling.  No, we’re talking about the problems that we all encounter, everyday. These are (the) little logistical problems such as:

  • getting the kids off to school
  • managing daycare providers
  • finding the time to write a serial blog
  • dealing with the supervisor at work who is, according to the Company HR Manual, ‘an asshole’
  • trying to listen in class when the teacher keeps forgetting that there are other people in the room.

These are the kinds of problems that the Wakefield Doctrine can help you with today.

The Wakefield Doctrine has 3 personality type categories: clarksscotts and rogers. You are mostly one (of these 3) but you still have the other 2 in background.…and when we say personality types? We mean is, “What kind of world do you walk out to every morning”?  Because the Doctrine is not about your likes and dislikes, favorite colors or foods, interests, hobbies, avocation or inspiration. It is about the nature/character of your personal reality (aka worldview).

Yes, you read that right. Reality. Each of the three types of personality in the Wakefield Doctrine experience a different reality. Nothing weird or earth-shakingly different. No crystals or herbs or inner vibrations required either. Just this:

  • clarks exist (in the world) as the Outsider. They are normal in every other respect, it’s just that they know that they don’t belong, they are not like other people.  clarks are the quiet, creative, funny (except you have to really pay attention or you’ll miss their jokes), self-deprecating, hardworking people that are there all around you all this time;
  • scotts are so in your life (and you will get this description only if you are not a scott) they are the natural leaders, natural salespeople, natural entertainers… you getting the theme here with this personality type? natural. scotts are the people who live life by the moment without restraint, consideration, forethought, it’s a wonder they live as long as they do
  • rogers (you know who you are, and right now you are denying it) rogers are the everyday, friendly, easy to talk to people that populate every workplace and classroom and corner bar. rogers will be the person you turn to when you have a secret and rogers will be the one you turn to when you want to learn the latest gossip, they are the engineers, the lawyers, the doctors and heart and soul of every PTA and Neighborhood Watch program in the world.

The Doctrine is different from all the other mainstream personality (and self-improvement) systems out there because we insist that it is not just you, it is the world itself that accounts for your ‘personality type.

…speaking of personality types! It’s time to check in with our friends in A-tu-Z Land!

Friends of the Doctrine who are continuing with the Challenge, from some frickin bunch of bloggers who have managed to position themselves such that completing their ‘Challenge’ appears to convey something of special value for the participants. (What’s that, zoe??  ”resonate with their rogerian aspect”? yeah, I think it’s a little of that, very good! Anyone else?…. Lizzi?  ”allow clarks the opportunity to demonstrate their worthiness without the risk associated with simply standing up for themselves“?  I like that! spoken like a true clark…. anyone  else?   Yes, I’ll accept,  ”but it’s just fun to do it!”  thank you Jen-ay.

Lizzi:  for today she has  ’G- Guest Post’

zoe:  is in already with  that one thing that you will notice today, as if you had never seen the likes of it before”…. gggG”

Jean:  (from her most excellent ‘Fictionary’)…and the letter mostly likely to be associated with Thanksgiving!!   G

Dyanne:  no, I agree! I too cannot wait to see what she follows flatuence with…  HEY!! Dyanne is in the house!   funny G post

Michelle: there is a disadvantage to living one day in the future, I agree… (please identify yourselfs when speaking up)  very cool reality cross-over, (aka synchronicity)  G

ok get on to work with you, you know you can do it!


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…monday the Wakefield Doctrine (clever ‘subtitle’ here) Mon, 07 Apr 2014 15:39:52 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(from the most excellent movie):  "Work, work, work!"

(from the most excellent movie): “Work, work, work!”

What will everyone be wearing this Spring?

Take a look at what they have worn in the Past!

But enough frivolity!  Today is Monday (the unwelcome sexual overtures of the Workweek), a day that we endure, trying to re-establish the status and position that we believed we had achieved last Friday, but through long (and unpleasant) experience, we are on guard that our memory may be playing unpleasant tricks on us (again!) and so we enter (stage right) in the role of: salesman, accountant, entrepreneur, homemaker, Teacher, scientist, deep sea diver,  guidance counselor, homeschool teacher, mechanic, carpenter, scallop fisherman, artist and writer…. cautiously but (as) forcibly as possible.  So, seeing as this is the Wakefield Doctrine, what is the like attitude of the three personality types, on this fine Monday Morning?

  • clarks: don’t look too closely, but don’t hide, you really do have the skills, it’s just that sometimes (alright, a lot of the times), you are so concerned with doing things right that you are constantly double-checking your work and your processes, which is not good, but the worse thing you do? (are you really ready for this?) the worst thing you can do is believe that you need external validation and that your work, your efforts, the things that you do for your family are somehow legitimate only when someone else gives their stamp of approval…. stop that shit
  • scotts: hurry and hurry… you and Babe Ruth* you know that it’s important to get everything done carefully and correctly, but how the hell does the mess you leave behind (in the process of: doing a report, fixing the carburetor, teaching the kids the history of the United States, buying the groceries), have anything to do with the quality of your finished product?  how?  they never have a good answer, do they… something about reproducibility or consistent quality, yeah, right!  that’s from those who walk around and observe and do something maybe once and they have the nerve to tell you how to do your job!
  • rogers: you’re at home, all is right with the world, if only the workweek was 7 days long, you’d be happy (provided they let you get paid for your rogerian expression**, like that’s gonna happen!) but you know that no one appreciates how hard you work, not only are you expected to do your own work but they don’t understand that sometimes it is more important to bring to the attentions of your superiors how much improvement your ‘fellow’ workers could use, after all, it’s not like you work in a vacuum (though you know that would be tres cool, a spacesuit and those cool remote control thingies… work is the expression of the inept, you know that and all you need to do is get those people who sign your pay check to know it too!


Friends of the Doctrine  Z to A (but in reverse) Week 2!!!

Lizzi   as is only appropriate the first Post of the week in this imaginary place is:   a Fable

zoe:  the Truth about Angel is our friend zoe’s  information Post this Monday:  F is about those feathers (here Mary don’t fight so much)

Jean:  hey everyone!! it’s Mushroom Munday!!!  and jean brought enough for everyone!

Dyanne:  she tends to run a little late, be sure to check back in the afternoon  (you know, I was just thinking, ‘it’s worth the wait’… ) our Miz Dyanne’s contribution…no, I don’t want to diminish the….er  impact  just go here and read!

Michelle (sorry, we missed you last week)   still working on syncing this thing…hey  lets start with this one!


* you know, how he struck out more than anybody at the time, the basic scottian view of ya gotta swing or you ain’t never gonna hit it

** rogerian expression is a very interesting aspect of the rogerian worldview, it is seen when what the person does is their statement of standing (in the world)…. ask a roger!


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