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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


You know those ‘warnings’ that I thrown into Posts, almost as an aside, ‘hey! …thought you might want to know’? The most frequent is  ‘…once you get to the point of knowing the Wakefield Doctrine well enough to recognize,  the clarks, scotts and rogers in your life, you will not be able to not recognize them’? Let me add a new warning:

‘at the point that you understand the Wakefield Doctrine well enough to correctly infer your own predominate worldview, you will realize that being aware, (of your predominate worldview),  diminishes some of the un-self-conscious spontaneity and fun, the simple joy and certain solace, the confidence and effectiveness that you once possessed, in how you related yourself to the world (and the people) around you.’

Take heart! The advantage of knowing the Wakefield Doctrine and being able to employ its perspective as an additional tool for life, far outweighs the disadvantage represented in the Comment from scottian FOTD, Christine,  ”I need to think like a clark. Do you know how hard it is for me to think like a clark? Ugh.”
Ugh indeed! This, a scott seeing the world as a clark would experience it, is the most difficult thing in the world, (for a scott). It is as difficult a task as it is for a clark to feel like a roger  or a roger to act like a scott. But, for as difficult as it is, it is possible and the resulting perspective will allow you to know ‘the other person’ better than you have any right to know them. 

As we know (or we should know), while everyone is born with the capacity to experience the world as any of the three types and, although, everyone grows up and develops ‘their personality type’ in just one worldview (aka predominate worldview), we retain the potential to experience the world as do ‘the other two’. But! it is not a math thing, there is no requirement that anyone have a significant secondary or tertiary aspect. I can simply be a clark. I can be all roger. I might be a scott.  The thing of it is, if you’re of one worldview, in other words, a predominate with no secondary or tertiary aspects, there is little likelihood you’d still be reading (and understanding) (and enjoying) this here Doctrine here. You, my Readers,  have that quality, a certain combination of curiosity and self-confidence that makes a thing like the Wakefield Doctrine: attractive (in a quirky way), interesting (in a way that some of your friends surely would not agree with), and useful (in ways that you are only beginning to suspect will be difficult).

None of you who are still reading this, are simply a clark or scott or roger, with no secondary or tertiary aspects.
Hey! want to hear something that will make the clarks say, ‘no! don’t! you’ve made such progress’! and get the scotts to laugh and look around  and cause some of the rogers to get mad?

‘every Reader of this blog has a significant secondary clarklike aspect, provided that they are not already a predominate worldview clark’

So enough with the Warning(s)!!!!!  lets do something useful.

Here in blockquotes is a common life-situation of a type that the Doctrine was meant to be helpful with:

“Habits being hard to break… (a)  a mid-teen “clark” to change some … bad habits.”

“He honestly thinks the choices he is making are the best ones at the time, even though they are completely counter to solving the actual problem. They solve the immediate one… but not the long-term one”

So…. lets imagine what it’s like to be a young clark…. (to be continued,  in yesterday’s Comment thread)


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29th Post the Wakefield Doctrine ‘tick tock….tick tock…..tick’ Mon, 29 Sep 2014 12:30:35 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

...wire money?....please?!

Fairly anticlimactic ending to the Wakefield Doctrine’s Great 30-Posts-in-30 Days 30 Day Challenge. One more day.

….you know, as a young clarklike child, I used to deal with approaching bad things ( trips to the dentist, asking a girl out the first time, trying for a job that I believed I should really want), grammatically. No, I’m serious! I would think about what was coming in a day or a two weeks or at the end of high school and try to figure it out.  …and when that didn’t change anything ( ha ha… a bit of Doctrine humour) I would finally think, “well, no matter what, there will come a time when this thing will have had happened.”   (To the scotts out there reading this, ‘yes we do put a tremendous amount of energy and effort into things that we should not be putting our energy into‘.)  But!  …it helped.  That game of words helped me get through the difficult time. It was, in fact, the best possible strategy that I could come up with, given the reality that I faced.

This bears repeating. In fact, my Reply to Christine’s Comment in yesterday’s Post, was a variation of this very concept, i.e. when we attempt to help a person who is living in a different predominate worldview, the best/first thing we can do is appreciate the world as they are experiencing it.  (note! not:  understand what they are going through, not figure out where they went wrong, not evenknow how they feel…. appreciate1)  The reason being that, as a clark, I don’t make my decisions, (and form my opinions and develop my strategies), just because I feel like acting the odd one, I do it because that is the nature/character of the reality I am living in. (no, that is not a giant, universal excuse for doing …whatever),  worldviews are not separate realities2, we all live in ‘the world’ and we all have essentially the same situations and choices and demands and requirement (yes, you do hear Tesla warming up in the distance).  But our personal realities are still there, so close that only we can see them.

as to the end of the 30 Day Challenge?

The Wakefield Doctrine is not ‘the Answer’, it is a tool,  a viewpoint, a perspective. The Wakefield Doctrine does not tell you what to do, it tells you that there is more to the world than you might be aware of. The Wakefield Doctrine will not change the nature of the problems that you face today, but it might let you see a another way to see the world today. However, the Wakefield Doctrine does help you (if you are so inclined) to see the world as your husband or your Teacher, your 16 year old child or Shift Manager, your physician or that girl you really like, are experiencing it. ….and you know, that’s not such a bad thing.

…and it’s fun.

Click here to view the embedded video.


1) as in the second definition listed in most dictionaries:  ”…To be fully aware of or sensitive to; realize:  (

2) thanks, Carlos!





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28 TToT and thee…. the Wakefield Doctrine (the real question is, what happens after September?) Sun, 28 Sep 2014 13:21:44 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

with this for a start, how can we go wrong?

with this for a start, how can we go wrong?

1) I’m grateful that:  a) the world has so many little things that can cause excitement and amusement  and 2) it’s so easy to spot the clark in public, (the photo of the 2 pennies?) I was the one in line at the Dunkin Donuts yesterday, looking at my change as I waited for my coffee and saying ‘what the hell! when did they change this?!!?’  and laughing (at the thought of how I must appear to the customers and the people behind the counter)

2) I am grateful to the Wakefield Doctrine and the company I keep here, in the ‘sphere.  …and not just for the clarks (who help me modify my own worldview), but also to the scotts and rogers for their assent and encouragement.

3) Freely admitting to a certain… ceremonial indulgence in what can only be called superstitious thinking. I will not, however, speak too directly about the approaching end of the Great Wakefield Doctrine 30 Day Challenge, other than to say, ‘what next for everyone’s favorite personality types blog? Any thoughts or suggestion will be appreciated.’

4) Speaking of hypo-peer pressure*, I went over to Achieving Clarity’s post a few minutes ago, and she did that ‘things that made me the person I am‘ exercise. What a lot of fun it was to read… Though not exclusively the domain of a clark, there is something about, (being permitted), to get a glimpse into another’s life that is quite enriching.  (Remember growing up and the first friend that wasn’t a relative? And how, when you went to his/her house for the very first time and showed you her/his toys and stuff, it was like, ‘wow, look at all these…. (different/more than/odd-but-way-interesting) things!’  That’s sort of the kick I got out of reading her Post. A look at some cool/interesting things, without the need to understand, but still allowed the fun to imagine what it means.  ya know?)

5) I normally go for one of the gratitude standbys, on the 2nd Post (for the TToT), in this case, my work. It is true that I’m grateful for having the work that I do, even though it is often a lot of work to get myself to give myself a break long enough to appreciate what I have….  (and if that last does not require a re-read, allow me to say, ‘hello, clark‘  )  I am aware of my own tendency to make things difficult on myself, and, for that awareness, I am grateful.

6) Hey! speaking of work and the Wakefield Doctrine…. Wednesday after leaving the office, I stopped at a small convenience store to buy some ginger ale. ( We don’t drink soda at home, however,  ginger ale is essential to recovering from a cold). As I was getting in my car, a broker from another real estate company drove up, so we chatted a bit. (yeah, I know!  this is something to be grateful for? ) well, the thing of it is, she’s a scott of the first order and even as we talked shop, I  couldn’t help smiling (inwardly) as I noted her scottian characteristics (i.e. eyes… intensity, short declarative sentences).

7) we were talking last night, (on the Saturday Night Call-in), about how well versed so many Readers of this blog are in the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine and how adept at identifying the three personality types many Readers are these days.  As often happens, the conversation focused on rogers, how they can more difficult to spot (purely on the basis of physical appearance) and it brought to mind one of the more remarkable video clips that I’ve found that illustrates the personality types.  Below is an interaction between a scott and a roger. I know I don’t have to tell anyone who is which. I do want to add to your enjoyment of this vid by saying, ‘we all know that rogers are ‘of the Herd’… this is the defining characteristic of their worldview. But this ‘Herd thing’ is, of course, a metaphor‘.
Being a metaphor allows us to gain a greater insight, from the perspective of the Doctrine. Watch how the rogerian character seems to be referring/relating/referencing something around him (not actually there), clearly he is relating to the Herd. Remember what we said last week about how rogers like to leave the TV on, even though they’re not actually watching it?  that is referencing the Herd.

Click here to view the embedded video.

8)  While I not a fan of this time of year, I will admit to not totally hating it when the temperatures get into the 70s and the sky is clear.

9) Despite my natural and understandable impatience with the rate of growth of the new grass in the front yard, it is fun to see the change and  watch it take form (as a real lawn) each day… sorta like the special effects they used to use to introduce to a flashback scene in an old TV show?  wavy…wavier….waviest…. less wavy… least wavy….

10)  the BoSR… without fail, I find a way to reference it each and time I  complete a TToT Post, even when I don’t ‘need’ an item!


Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

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* well, not precisely a ‘real’ word… it is used to describe the state of feeling good about someone that you suspect would be a member of the peer group that you might aspire to, but do not have the nerve (or the rogerian emotional confidence) to openly acknowledge the compliment


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27th (of 30) the Wakefield Doctrine (it’s the weekend, so this is also a TToT Post) Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13:26:57 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)



1) grateful for ‘the google’. Just last night, zoe and I were on the early bird vidchat* and the topic of conversation was, (at one point), the variety of pitfalls encountered when attempting to self-improve oneself. I mentioned that sometimes the effort to change/improve can devolve into a repetitious and exhausting rehashing of old traits, beliefs and habits. The thought of ‘a struggle with oneself’ triggered a reference in my head, something relating to Greek Mythology. Barely a vague image, this memory trace was to something in one of the Greek myths (that I enjoyed as a pre-adolescent) that felt perfect as an illustration of the point I was trying to make. All I could remember of it was that it had something to do with the 7 Labors of  Hercules. So I goggled: ‘the guy that Hercules held up in the air in order to kill’   cha…ching!  Now, that 10 second search of the google may not have the romance of spending hours in a semi-dark library, climbing ladders to reach the books on the top shelf or trying to keep my eyes off the décolletage of the primly-dressed, but totally hot, Miss Carruthters (in-charge of the Private Collections Room), but it was pretty cool.

2) did I mention that I have a cold this weekend? I’ll take a chance with the Seven Guard Virgins and claim that as two separate items on today’s Grat List. (no, for this, Item #2, I’m grateful to Cyndi for introducing us to that daunting septet. While she was kind enough to point out that the Seven are charged with enforcing the terms of the implied contract, inherent in participation in ‘the bloghop that Lizzi built‘, our Mrs. Calhoun neglected to tell us much more about them. Other than, ‘ya don’t want to get on their bad side‘). Fortunately, zoe has stepped up and taken on the responsibility of interceding for us in matters of uncertainty in the use and application of said, BoSR. (Sort of like Judi Dench as M.)

3) I am hypo-grateful for the cold that I have, in that it is distracting. clarks, as ‘sick people’ probably have the greater capacity, (of the three), to continue with a normal routine. This is mostly due to the open-endedness of our definition of the word ‘normal’. But still, it’s not that much fun, interesting, but not really fun.

4) I am grateful for my  head cold in that, as a clark, we find some of the symptoms to be interesting. You know, that odd sense that the room you just walked into is, in fact, a stage set? You know everything is real, but you would swear that you saw someone push one of the walls into place, just a split second before you could turn and look directly at it. Reality, never the giant-Rock-of-Gibralter symbol of permanence and stability that is is for scotts and rogers, becomes just a little bit more…. obviously fake, when clarks have a fever.

5) (are you sure?  did I skip some subtle math-trick that everyone else knows between Item number 3 and 4?  I’d swear that I’ve been typing like, 3 or 4 hours already! It can’t be only #5!!) Thank god for the Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules)

6) Since we’re seeing an increasing number of new people here, at the TToT, of late, this might be a good time talk about the Book. I was about to describe the BoSR as being sort of like… you know when you take a Mulitple Choice Test? (not a regular classroom one, more the SAT, GRE or even the MAT… the one that despite (or because of) the fact that it happens only once, the pressure to do well is all the greater?) …and how there are always a bunch of questions that you know you know, but you can’t think of the correct answer so you leave them blank? But time is running out. (Here’s an interesting insight into Testing, courtesy of the Wakefield Doctrine: clarks finish the test before anyone, but don’t want to be the first to hand in their test books, so for a clark, ‘time is running out’ at, say, 2 hours and 5 minutes into a 3 hour-allotted-time Test; rogers (whose handwriting/pencilmarks get increasingly erratic and sloppy as the time runs out, as if the more graphite they lay on the Answer Sheet, the better the odds their Answer will be judged Correct) …for rogers, time is running out from the First Minute right to the 179th minute. If you’re in the Testing Room and hear the sound of breaking pencil lead, you will know who the roger in the room is… the girl who looks panic-stricken but then smiles as she remembers that she brought 4 Number 2 lead pencils;    the scotts?  lol…. (you may think to yourself: this is a national Test, it is a measure of qualification to enter higher education, the Proctors are skilled and trained  professionals)… how, in the name of god, is that scott flirting with that Proctor in the middle of the Test!?!  and, and!! the Proctor is smiling?  scotts? the time is never ‘running out’.) The BoSR is for when ‘time is running out’.

7) oh shit! I meant to explain the Book of Secret Rules for the New participants (I hate that cutsey, sells-a-million-more-books-than-I-ever-will,  ”(fill-in-the-blank)….for Dummies). We will not ever have a BoSR for Dummies. If anything, the SBoR is the antithesis of every ‘…for Dummies’, ‘Cliff Notes’ or “Learn-to-Seduce-Anyone-in-30-Minutes’ book out there! I am totally grateful that there is a Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) that is available to anyone with the imagination, seriousness (about the underlying intent of this bloghop) and nerve to pick it up and use it.

8) I did go for a walk with Una last evening. Here:

Click here to view the embedded video.

9) I would be grateful to anyone out there who might find me a citation in the BoSR that would allow me an alternative to SBoR 1.3 (aka 3.1) in order to finish today’s post and get out to work.

10) Landscaping update!  the grass is beginning to grow in, unfortunately it’s growing like the beard on a 13 year old blond boy…. (look! 5 hairs next to each other!)



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* older bloggers can come and chat and still be off in time to watch Matlock at 9:00 or they stay around when the youngsters ‘dial-up’  people like that Joy girl  (hubba hubba! there’s a scottian life form!)


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26th the Wakefield Doctrine lets do a week’s end wrap up Fri, 26 Sep 2014 15:56:29 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Holy Smokes! the Post-a-Day Challenge is down to the final week! Well, not your traditional 7 Days Week… but still! How time flies when you’re engaged in something being done before an audience/spectators.

“I think I finally understand now.  I am a thinking feeling actor.  Thank you for the lesson.” Pattie

“…your post-a-day this month has given me opportunity to understand this WD much better.”  Lisa

“Shake it down now!”

“Of course now I’m thinkin’ I wish I knew then what I know now, Doctrinistically speaking. How life would have been different!” Comment to yesterday’s Post

I *was* a 12 year old girl last friday. Yelled it down the netball court and everything (when questioned on my energy levels “how old ARE you?”)

“…oh wait… you are THE clark … right?”

ok! lets have a little fun! (“…no, seriously! “..I’m fun, I can do silly things!”)

Give us your opinion of the predominant worldview of the people who wrote the Comments above. I’ll give you a little start…. we would appear to have all three predominant worldviews represented… (but if that is incorrect* then somebody’s got a pretty strong secondary aspect! lol)

So tell us what you think…or feel or need to do about it.


* yes, it is possible for me to be wrong….when identifying a person’s worldview (predominant and secondary/tertiary). Not overly likely, of course…lol  but, in all seriousness ask anyone who has been on a Friday Night vidchat or a Saturday Night Drive…. challenges and proofs, evidence and indications are all part of the process that goes into the process and that’s how we learn the Doctrine  (ex: “…she is such a scott“  “she is not!!”, “now, I believe you may have overlooked a couple of suggestive reactions to a situation.” “Your ass is on fire! No frickin way she’s a scott…clearly that girl is a scott!”)


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#25 the Wakefield Doctrine (you know you understand this stuff, but part of you really doesn’t like it when you get like that ) Thu, 25 Sep 2014 12:36:31 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and and rogers)


a clark and a roger interacting:

  • the bad aspects (just saying) are the rogers fault and the clark’s responsibility
  • clarks are drawn to rogers for the very obvious reason that if anything is the opposite of ‘the Outsider’  it’s the ‘Herd Member’ (see? the label Herd Member is not all bad)
  • …of course, that’s the obvious and fairly superficial ‘reason’  the real reason is that rogers feel (as clarks think and scotts act)… rogers are ‘of emotion’ just as clarks are ‘of the rational’ and scotts are ‘of action and activity’

[our more astute Readers will be muttering to themselves, "we get where you're going with this… the complimentary and the complementary, and like that, tell us more! Before you end this Post.  Yeah we're interested in the way that the individual worldviews…those personal realities that this Doctrine depends so totally on, exactly how they connect to each other."]

a roger and a scott interacting:

  • any bad aspects (there must be some) are (the) scotts enjoyment (and they totally don’t mind admitting it) and the rogers pleasure (and they’ll be loathe to admit it, even to themselves)
  • scotts are natural predators (hey! it”s a behavioral metaphor, get out those imaginations that you often forget you have, that, when reminded that you have (usually by a clark) you’re pretty darn good at it) and the rogers are natural prey (nah… not even gonna try).  just ask yourself: when you have an interaction that leaves you exhausted and yet eager for more, is that person a scott or a clark?  ’could be any of the three’ is the default rogerian response, we all already know that so don’t bother) (lol)
  • I don’t know!  like in nature… ya know?

a scott and a clark interacting:

  • any bad aspect (sure, but it’s one of those ‘the bad is still good things’) is a result of the nature of clarks and the way a clark relates themselves to the world around them.  for the scott, the bad would be the other person getting tired, injured or used up (for the clark it gets more interesting)
  • if a scott is a lion (or a wolf or a tiger or a shrew (no! really!  look it up!)  then a clark is an armadillo (or a porcupine or a whale (yeah, I’m gonna keep the whale in the list, a bit of a left-turn, metaphorically-speaking but still good)  and the basis for this comparison has to do with the clark’s tendency to not pay attention to the world, while at the same time having near limitless potential and never learning how to be reasonable when in adversarial mode.
  • the flaw in (a) relationship between a clark and a scott: scotts are always establishing ranking (ever changing dominant/submissive standing among the members of the pack), clarks are mostly passive… the problem with a clark’s passivity is  that ‘mostly‘ thing….lol



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30 Day Challenge Post #24 the Wakefield Doctrine (today’s Post? I totally have no idea what this is about) Wed, 24 Sep 2014 13:32:31 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Anyone who has written a blog for more than, say, 18 months, accepts the fact that there is a rhythm to the ‘reads’ that a blog experiences. Nothing surprising in that. Patterns of activity and rhythm in our energy levels, exert their influence throughout our day, each and every minute is devoted and assigned to something.  When to leave for work, what time we need to meet the kids getting off the school bus, the afternoon ‘coffee break’, patterns and rhythms all.

But that is not what today’s Post is about. I do not know, at this point (Word count:109) what, if anything, today’s Post is about. However two thoughts, like school children anxious to impress the Teacher in the first week of classes (yes, they would be rogers) rattle around in my head:

  1. “hey, just write something… you can bury it with a new Post tomorrow” In the early days of this blog, I often overcame writers stoppage with the simple thought. ‘get something really outrageous down and then write your way out of it’
  2. (something that zoe said in a Comment this recent Monday), ”…there is a constant push /pull to do the blog /quit the blog… despite my investment in it at any given time… WTF is that about?
  3. the photo today?  Simply an example of an-unsung genius of marketing… (photo of today’s dose of  ’hey-old-man-don’t-worry-eat-all-of-these-and-you’ve-earned-the-right-to-beleieve-that-science-can-do-what-your-body-seems-to-hellbent-on-forgetting-how-important-certain-functions-are’ Vitamin Supplement. I am totally serious. I’ve looked it up. If you wanted to, you could easily put 10 times more supplements, nutritional additives and South American Ardor Plant extract into a single tablet no larger a One-a-Day vitamin. But that would not let me imagine that this product is different! No! What GNC has done is put 6 different capsules in a see-through plasticine packet…can you see in the photo?  all different sizes and colors… some small, but there’s that black capsule and the clear yellow one?  oh yeah! can’t wait til next Saturday Night!  I will say, in the characteristic manner of the Wakefield Doctrine, you can learn (nearly) everything you need to know about people (in general) and men (in particular) if you can appreciate what makes this such an effective approach to marking a vitamin.)

Lets move on.  What zoe said. (which is either: why do we do the blog thing that we all do, none of us (well, most of us) professional-get-paid-impressive-salaries-to-write people. So why put in the not-inconsiderable effort to produce Post after Post? And…and more interesting, why our ambivalence towards the idea of simply quitting?  My opinion is that blogging is what every 12 year old girl dreams of: changing the world with well expressed thoughts and conflicts resolved with good intentions and everyone can live happily ever after…. (no, send your angry comments to:  zoe rewritten  it was her Comment!)

Speaking of angry, unsolicited opinions, why have I never….ever….ever seen our kitchen in a TV commercial? We have a nice little house, 2bds /2bath, galley style kitchen…call it 800 sf total living area… even though I mute the commercials, I can still see them and what they show, when selling breakfast and laundry products, (in the world of TV commercials, breakfast is the only meal eaten at home… lunch and dinner is out with friends in restaurants and nightclubs and other places that rogers enjoy.  Anyway,  the fricken kitchens are huge!  (now, for the record, I’m, a real estate broker in a market where homes range in value from 100K to 10MM, so I know from houses. If the ‘normal’ kitchens in TV commercials are used as a standard, the average house would be in the 500-800K price range.

speaking of real estate… gots to get out to work.


apropos of nothing (at least in this Post):


Click here to view the embedded video.


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23rd of 30 the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) Tue, 23 Sep 2014 11:52:54 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Surely today must be a rambling and or otherwise pointless Post, non? (as opposed to a Pointillist Post?) Maybe. Maybe not.


I made reference this Sunday past (I love that ‘construction’…. ‘this (whatever time reference) past’  anyone out there know what it’s called? (no, roger…. I don’t believe it’s called ‘cutsey archaic writing style’ I’m pretty sure there’s no such a thing. But thanks for suggesting it.) Hey! speaking of rogers…. a person alone in an empty house: rogers are most likely to have the TV on, not because they are watching it…they might be doing the dishes, paying bills (and yes, rogers ‘love’ paying bills, it’s so orderly and responsible), even vacuuming  the house…the TV will be on (if no TV then the radio….preferably talk radio). clarks? they’ll leave the TV off, but they will talk to themselves… out loud.  scotts…. are you kidding? stay home in an empty house? hell…there’s stuff to do!  people to meet! cars to chase!
(this, btw, is a good illustration of the variety of uses to the Wakefield Doctrine. ok, so rogers like to have the TV on when alone… it’s not just to keep themselves company, it is to ‘be in the Herd’, be a part of the world(Herd). They may not be consciously  listening directly to the TV (or the radio…even the talk radio shows), but they are aware of it and it is describing the world, on some level/to some extent and that’s what rogers are about, being in the world of the known, the tradition, the….continuity of people.)

Issue 2. (I might not complete this, I seem to be a on a bit of a roll, what with describing how to infer the worldview of a person and, more importantly, how to expand the metaphor (of the Wakefield Doctrine) in order to enhance your insight into the lives of the people around you. Yeah… sorry, Lizzi!  postponing the ‘Boy in the Orange Sweater’ story. Thanks for the suggestion, I did find the story among. What I would like to do, time permitting, is tell the story again and then reprint the story as I wrote it the first time. I’d be interested if there are any difference in the re-telling that may serve as indicators of any effect of the Doctrine on me.

Instead of that, for today’s 23rd Post, hows about some quick tips on determining the predominate worldview of a person?

  • look at them (be careful now… some are very alert, might be best to observe from some ‘cover’)
  • scotts: easiest of the three! two words: ‘alert’  scotts you can see on first glance, they’re paying attention, look at the face first, specifically the eyes. there is a look to scotts that are unmistakable. posture is good, very physical, tendency  to move quickly and decisively (even with crutches)
  • clarks: look for bad posture and a distant gaze, listen for low volume-difficult-to-understand-but-distinct-enough-to-think-you-should-listen speech, dress is on the….eclectic side  (guy clarks pretty much will wear what amounts, in a fashion-sense as a tent, unless they decide to go totally contrarian (a clark contrarian?? no way!), in which case they’ll be the high school student in the 3 piece suit and wingtip shoes… the female clarks  look to the face and head, followed by everything else… take a note pad (where the scottian person reveals their relationship to the world around them in the alertness in their gaze, clarks will be trying to hide, amidst so much fashion-dissonnace that they should able to make a quick getaway (if they feel they are being overly scrutinized.) clarklike female…prefers the couture of the House of Androgyny
  • rogers:  they are of the Herd, they are the excel-by-conformity crowd… dress well, not distinctively. If it’s popular, they will wear it. (hey! want to hear a ‘true’ example of the rogerian worldview? woman I knew, whenever there was reason to have a formal sort of dinner, she would find the latest ‘Home Lovel’y magazine, go to the dinner and recipes section and totally reproduce the dinner that is illustrated…right down to the centerpiece… but that’s not the rogerian part! beautiful table, full of what appears to be delicious (if not somewhat exotic) food …and no salt and no pepper and no butter on the table…. (‘why on earth would you need those? if properly prepared, it’s guaranteed to be good… they said’)
    with each of the ‘other two’ worldviews we suggested you could identify on the basis of appearance?  …ever see the TV commercial for Angie’s List? ….lol  yeah
  • Observe the person in real life, preferably in a situation where they are interacting with other people
  • ok? now, Step 1: throw out the ‘no-fricken-way-they’re-a’ and that leaves you with two worldviews. Step 2: decide between the two. (With some of the difficult calls to make, such as between a ‘strong roger‘ and a ‘tired scott‘ you may need to continue observing them interacting with the world. don’t be afraid to go up and talk to them…well, sometimes, be afraid.)
  • the point of this? Simple. You are trying to infer how that person ‘relates themselves to the world around them’. Know this and you will not only be able to predict their actions and reactions, you will know more about them than they know about themselves




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Post 22 the Wakefield Doctrine (‘so…tell us again about how each of the three types live in a different world’) Mon, 22 Sep 2014 12:18:17 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Finally! this 30 day challenge has become difficult! Prior to this morning, I haven’t had to sit and stare at the blank computer screen, any longer than would be normal,  until this morning.

Wait!  (ticker tape noise in the background)…. this just in!!

["Your list clearly has many a story behind it.. stories which I hope to hear one day. And then there is the lingering thought of what titles, names and experiences would populate my own list. I love this! Love it as only a Clark trying to pass as a real person could love it!"]

“Your list clearly has many a story behind it… there is the lingering thought of what titles, names and experiences would populate my own list. …as only a Clark trying to pass as a real person could love it!”

…comment on yesterday’s Post from writer of Achieving Clarity

Above are two versions of the quote (of a Comment), that forms the basis of today’s Post. Both are included that I verify my status as a clark (predominant) with a secondary scottian and weak tertiary rogerian aspect.

Sorry. I’ll try to be more direct, more scottian, if you will.
Reading ‘Achieving’s’ Comment on yesterday’s TToT Post made me feel good. What makes (the Comment) the basis for a Post is not what she wrote, rather it is in how I related myself to it.
I read the Comment. I thought, ‘I should use that Comment to start a Post’… I read the Comment again and I thought, ‘yeah, but I gots to edit out some of it or I’ll sound like I’m being….’

cha-ching!  That, that part about, how, I imagined, Readers would respond, were I to simply cut and paste the entire Comment (into a Post).  That’s what today’s Post is all about.  My primary concern about using the Comment was:  what would Readers think of me if I put in the entire Comment? This little/subjective/totally-in-my-head assessment of a future event in which un-specified people would react in a certain way?  that is an example of me ‘relating myself to the world around me.’

(You know what I like the most about you Readers? It’s that no matter how different you are from me, you have that quality. Curiosity and self-confidence when you come across an odd idea… an idea that would make 80% of the general population immediately ‘turn the page’ while muttering something about “…frickin wasting my time.”
you Readers, on the other hand,  will either laugh or smile or raise an eyebrow and  think to yourself,  “ok… I got a little free time. show me something weird/fun/interesting.”  ( Now, some of you will say out loud, “hey!! come here look at what they’re is trying to get away with today! what a riot this Doctrine it… I love this guy!”)

So. Today we have a real world example of the core principle of the Wakefield Doctrine. The reason we make such a big deal out of learning to recognize the characteristics of the three worldviews (clarks/Outsiders and scotts/Predators and rogers/Herd Members)  is it puts us in a position to appreciate ‘how the other person is relating themselves to the world around them’. The Doctrine is not about ‘knowing about the other person’… hell! any personality types systems will let you do that! The Wakefield Doctrine is about ‘appreciating the world as the other person is experiencing it’.

What happened to me this morning is that I saw a Comment that complimented me, my writing, the Post, the effects of applying the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine and I instantly/instinctively/naturally thought about it’s effect on the Readers in ‘the world out there’ and created what I thought was the best strategy.

that is the Wakefield Doctrine. for me, a clark (Outsider worldview), the world and everything and everyone in it is ‘out there…apart-from-me’ and (as an Outsider), my primary concern is to not be too noticeable, to not standout too much (my secondary scottian aspect is what will make sure I’m not ignored…lol). And so, I thought of the best way to edit Achieving’s  Comment. That is an example of my clarklike strategy.  This, of course, applies equally to those of you who are scotts or rogers, consistent with the character of your personal reality.




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#21 #thewakefielddoctrine #3worldviews #clarksscottsrogers #itsforyounotthem! Sun, 21 Sep 2014 14:15:47 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Grateful for:

1) Books that connected within the child that I was at time in life that I read them:

  • Tom Swift Jr
  • Bullfinch’s Mythology
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • the Teachings of don Juan (a Yaqui Way of Knowledge)

5) Records that connected me to a world that I really thought was out there:

  • Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries
  • Herb Alpert ‘A Taste of Honey’*
  • Led Zeppelin  ’Led Zeppelin’
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience ‘Are you Experienced?’

10) People that connected with me…at a point in my life that,  I did not have a prayer in the world of appreciating the long-term effects of my interactions with them:

  • Nancy Jackson
  • Sister Mary Imelda
  • Miss Hiester
  • Coach Collins

3) Situations (that we all encounter) the effects and repercussions are still felt:

  • Swimming Lessons at age 10
  • Stuck in a car in a snowstorm on the Bourne Bridge
  • The boy in the orange sweater
  • Tufts Small Animal Hospital

2) this has been one of those TToTs that cause me to push back from the keyboard and say, ‘no frickin way!  don’t even think about hitting publish.’

4) lol…. (oh, yes I did!)

6) this Post today does, in fact, serve as an illustration of one of the principles  of the Wakefield Doctrine i.e. ‘manifesting’. We all have similar experiences as we live life; you buy gas at the 7/11, you study really hard for SATs, you get turned down by the girl of your dreams, you feel amazed at the person that your husband as learned to become, your child makes you wonder how you managed to be so fortunate….all the countless parts of a day-in-a-life. However, there are three personality types (in the Wakefield Doctrine) and there is no dividing up/off all these events and feelings, hopes and a-damn-good-job-for-a-guy-like-you, we all experience all of them. It’s how they ‘manifest’ for us, as individuals, that tells us the character of our worldview.

7) (New Readers?) 3 worldviews of the Doctrine:

  1. the world of the Outsider (clarks) in which the world is out there and we are here left to figure it all out, not really introverts as much as people who are trying to ‘pass as real people’…. funny thing about clarks, ‘we do not seek the spotlight, but we do not tolerate being ignored’
  2. the life of the Predator (scotts) the world is here, not next Tuesday and notbecause she said she never wanted to see me again, I can’t go on‘, scotts act quickly and decisively and often correctly, they are mercurial in temperament, yet totally social. At a party the scottian man or woman will ‘work the room’ (or if they want a rest) they will be entertaining the people gathered around them
  3. the reality of the Herd Member (rogers) the term Herd is sometimes read as being a mindless drone… nothing could be further from the truth…rogers are independent, action oriented, emotional….members of the Herd. rogers wake up every morning with a-certainty-that-does-not-allow-or-require-or-stimulate-a-question that there is a Right way to do things and that is their primary mission, to carry on whatever tradition of correct action shapes their individual lives. They are social the way that books in a library could be said to be social, i.e. there is a connection between and among them all, not necessarily one book on shelf A (2nd Floor Antiquities Collection) and Shelf E2 (Auto Mechanics for the Hobbyist)

8)  Man… you know how on some Posts you write and you write and you enjoy it and all…. (then) you stop and you think, ‘damn! gots to be 2000 words better stop here‘  I did and looked and said,  ”600 words here?!!”

9) If I wasn’t sincere in my efforts to write about things I am grateful for, I wouldn’t stop at Number 9….

10) 1.3 y’all …. (despite or maybe because of  the très weird Post and all…lol)



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