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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Woke up this morning feeling a bit…pre-aggravated.  Looked around, nothing to write about. Sat in front of this here computer here and… still nothing. The thought then occurred to me that this situation is not all that uncommon (well, alright, not uncommon among clarks) and there is something that the Wakefield Doctrine has that would be helpful (to me).

…still nothing.

Now, I’m starting to get pissed off. (yeah, I know….progress!)  Finally I went searching the blog archives for old Posts and stumbled upon the one below. As I watched the amazing video clip/illustration of the personality types, I realized what I should have remembered as soon as I woke up: ‘I am responsible for how I feel’.
“Hey!!! but…but!”,   astute Readers are trying to yell at their computer screens, unfortunately before they’ve finished swallowing that last sip of coffee, leaving caffeine-based punctuation on what they’re reading,   ” but!!! you’re a clark!!  you’re not of the world of feelings! you are a fish behind the wheel of a large automobile“!!
When it comes to emotions and feelings and such, I am indeed, ‘a fish behind the wheel of a large automobile’, fortunately for me, I have the Wakefield Doctrine to remind me that, though I live in the world of the Outsider, all seemingly intellectual and not all feely and such, I do have, within, the potential to experience the world as do ‘the other two’.

I began to feel a little…. not better, more  ’ok, there’s something that I can do about this‘…. which, as we all know, is my scottian aspect asserting itself. Our friend Christine is, at this moment, muttering at her computer, “damn straight, yo” , (or words to that effect.)
Of course, we all know that part of the conflict within clarks, when feeling ‘pre-aggravated’ is a result of the resistance of their scottian aspect to the notion of simply letting the world roll over us.

Hey, this has been good for me, but time to get to work. I am leaving y’all with a re-post from way long ago… it’s about scotts.  You all know a scott. (If you’re a clark, then it’s your actual best friend, if you’re a roger, then it’s your current favorite best friend… and if you’re a scott, it’s your clarklike best friend, though you won’t think that at first*)

(from November 10 2011)

The Wakefield Doctrine  has a thing about looking at people, you know, how they act and stuff?  …we guarantee that if you got the smarts to understand this, (and not everyone does),  then you will know more about that other person than they know about themselves.  Pretty frickin cool, no?  But if you’re looking for one of those,  “Six Ways to get any Boy to Like you” or  “Satisfy the Woman in your dreams!! “  or “ How to get your Boss off your back!”  self-improvement things  then stop reading. Right now.
This Wakefield Doctrine thing is so not that kind of personality theory.  (Not saying that you won’t be able to ‘satisfy the Woman in your Dreams’ or ‘get your Boyfriend a Job’), just that what we have here takes a little more….  flexible intelligence. So.  Read already!

No, the Wakefield Doctrine is not like those other self-development books….the Wakefield Doctrine is fun and it is useful and it is fun…

Today we are going to talk about scotts!  (Want to get a quick overview of the Doctrine?  go here and read….be sure to come back!)

scotts, scotts scotts!  where to start?   … hell, it’s Thursday, lets take the easy way out just to get the ball rolling, so to speak.1

Some bullets points relating to the nature and character of the scottian personality type:

  • scotts are totally emotional but in a way so very different from rogers,  mercurial is the right word for the emotional characteristic of scotts
  • scott   in a band?  the ‘front man’ every time  (don’t believe me? go look at the photo of the progenitors, click here  those three mugs were in a band together (yeah, I know!) and can you tell me who the front man was?…hell  you know which one is the Progenitor scott without anyone telling you, don’t you?)
  • at a party scotts will  introduce themselves (… everyone)
  • when confronted with a threat or other fear-generating situation, a scott will choose to attack rather than flee
  • scottian females can be ridiculously sexy or quick witted, …hardly ever both.  (ed note: 2014  ’ha ha’)
  • (female) scotts can be spotted because they have prominent throat tendons (go ahead….ask us why)

Seeing how the scottian population is, of late, growing here at the Doctrine, lets cater to the their totally famous short attention-spans  and use a video that shows us a scott doing what they do best!  Watch and learn, binyons!

Click here to view the embedded video.

How scottian was David Caruso’s character? how clarklike was DeNiro’s character?  and the cop that backed down to the scott?, not toorogerian !  Hell! he was the only one in the scene to have a hat on his damn head!
So lets review:

clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.    scotts are often wrong, but never uncertain.  scotts make good leaders, (at least when decisive action is required…when long-term objectives take precedence over short-term victory…not so much).     scotts are ‘the life of the party’… scotts are the best of joke tellers and are natural mimics.  scotts will feed on rogers and enjoy the challenge of clarks… scotts will give you the shirt off his back/ the use of her boyfriend but will not tolerate being ignored… they are un-selfish and short-sighted… ingenious and stupid…  emotional and shallow… sexy and predatory… endearing and dangerous…  get the picture?


1) that’s a joke for the scotts reading this


* meaning…if your back is to the wall and you’re going to have to go up against overwhelming odds, your clarklike friend is your best bet… most of the time, passive and half asleep, get them riled up and they be crazy


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‘of rogers and rivers’ -the Wakefield Doctrine- (a little of this… and a little of that) Wed, 17 Dec 2014 12:17:16 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The subtitle of today’s Post is in reference to a conversation I had with Phyllis last night. We were discussing changes in (her) rogerian expression.1  We ended up focusing mostly on the nature of ‘rogerian expressions’ and how they manifest at various stages of life. The conclusion we reached: the early part of life (for a roger) is centered on a well-defined and all-consuming ‘expression’ but as the demands of life change and maturing causes an inevitable diminution of the energy available to (this) expression, what happens is, at first glance, rather counter-intuitive! What immediately came to mind is a river.  At first a broad, almost non-directional movement of water, with time (and erosion), a path is defined, (almost by consensus between the water and the earth), and eventual there is a channel. The more the water flows, the more defined the channel, the more defined the channel the more focused (and faster moving) the water, which causes the channel to develop more rapidly.  A ‘rogerian expression’ is beginning to appear to be following this lifecylce in reverse. The ‘rogerian expression’ of a young roger demands all energy, jealously guarding (the power to express ‘the Right Way’2). The emphasis is decidedly on the literal manifesting of the idea (that forms the heart of the expression). With time, however, it seems that, while the energy still seeks expression, it becomes permissible to do things that, while related to the core idea, varies from the literal. This ‘liberalization’ of the expression of the ‘rogerian expression’ appears to encourage a less strict definition.  The narrow, raging river becomes a broad slow tributary, eventually becomes a largely un-defined body of water.

(Yes, this is a example of an evening’s conversation in a Doctrine household!)

OK!  that was insightful…. for fun, how about a reprint?


…I’ll bet you thought that ‘Winter Wonderland’ (music by Felix Bernard, and lyrics by Richard Smith) was just some old 1940′s, ‘your parents and girls like this song’  kind of Christmas Carole, now didn’t you?

Yesterday morning  one morning, a couple of years ago, I heard the call of the Wakefield Doctrine  (‘…time to write another post‘).
At just about this time, (that early December morning),  the weather forecast mentioned something about snow later in the day, which, from what I could see out the window at my desk was totally believable.
All of a sudden I heard the phrase ‘sleigh bells ring, can’t you (something something) them’  in my head.  Accompanied by just a light hint of the music,  damn catchy music.

To ‘the Google’  and I had the whole story. The actual title of the song, the complete  lyrics, even a link to an mp3.  I listened to an audio clip of the song and that starts the ‘mind-worm’, and I’m totally stuck with the song playing in my head.  I immediately realized that my only hope of not having a Christmas Carole playing in my head all day long, is to write a Post about it and put it out on the internet.
So I scanned the lyrics for any reference to ‘the sleigh bells’ ( the song fragment melody that was still cycling in my head) and the line “Later on we’ll conspire” jumps out at me from my computer monitor!

(… a pause, a sip of my coffee, looking over the brim of my cup,  I read all of the lyrics. …. What have we here?)

This classic Holiday song, ‘Winter Wonderland’ very much has my attention.

The lyrics! It is the lyrics that have me, reading and I begin to smile  (I am starting to like this Richard Smith guy. Get weird much, Richard?  thank you! my friend, you’ve just handed me today’s Post!)

Here are the lyrics to this delightful Christmas song:

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland. (“ok, nothing strange, it is, in fact, some  fairly attractive imagery, …sort of what we all remember about the song.”)

Gone away is the bluebird,
Here to stay is a new bird
He sings a love song,
As we go along,
Walking in a winter wonderland. (“…still safe, expanding the imagery, including local fauna maybe in order to stress seasonal climate changes, …safe …safe.”)

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown (“…?!!?”)

He’ll say: Are you married? (“Who exactly are you asking and who the hell is ‘Parson Brown’?”)
We’ll say: No man,

But you can do the job
When you’re in town.(“…wtf !? The ground is beginning to feel decidedly spongy.”)

Later on, we’ll conspire,
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we’ve made, (“Yes! The plans! tell about the Plans…tell us about the Plans George…”)
Walking in a winter wonderland.

In the meadow we can build a snowman,
And pretend that he’s a circus clown (“No, there is absolutely nothing funny/charming/cute about a circus clown made of snow, standing alone, not moving...yet”)
We’ll have lots of fun with mister snowman,
Until the other kids knock him down. (Other kids? How old is this person, I mean, he’s talking about marriage for god’s sake!”)

When it snows, ain’t it thrilling,
Though your nose gets a chilling
We’ll frolic and play, the Eskimo way, (Yeah! sure,  eat still warm animal flesh, kiss with our noses and give birth on an ice floe. Merry Christmas, you weird, carole-singing, 27 going on 13 year old)
Walking in a winter wonderland.

In any event. Have a good Wednesday wherever you are, I’m including a music video, so you can have the song stuck in your head.

(I have to go now, there’s a circus clown (with coal for eyes!!) and a carrot for a nose, on my front lawn and I think he’s upset.)

Click here to view the embedded video.




1)  New Readers? the term ‘rogerian expression’ has two applications here at the Doctrine:  a) it refers to the characteristic malapropisms of rogers.  You can read examples of them here  2) the primary expression of ‘the Right Way’  in the life of a roger. Often, (though not always), it can be an occupation or expression, sometimes it is a hobby or avocation and even, a vocation

2)  the central feature (and therefore characteristic of the worldview) in the personal reality of a roger is the belief in a quantifiable universe and the existence of abstract Right. (for a roger) there is a ‘Right Way’ and a myriad of ‘not Right Ways’, the path in life for rogers is to identify with the Right Way and strive to be an example of (life lived accordingly). This does not (necessarily) cause the roger to be overbearingly judgmental but the bottom line is that they will strive to be an example… of Something.


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Qucik response Monday! -the Wakefield Doctrine- (‘yeah, I do start every day with the Wakefield Doctrine on my mind’) Mon, 15 Dec 2014 14:19:41 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Drexel (who, fortunate human, Kristi, is part of pack with)


Two purposes for today’s brief Post:

  1. to follow-up on an Item in  Saturday’s Post that elicited several very good Comments
  2. to see if writing a Post, (with a certain deliberate intent) can serve as a way to focus my outlook on the current day
  3. because it’s fun and if I’m ever going to learn to do this writing thing as good as them folks I read, I guess I better practice, right?

The Item:

as a clark, I find that when I’m walking to the mailbox in the rain without a coat or in December without shoes, it helps me realize how important it is to appreciate what is. That I am not in a hospital bed, or in a wheel chair or in the house because I am not able to leave…. I find that I ‘enjoy’ the harsh feelings of the 30 degree morning in part when I can know that it is a very real possibility that someday I will be in a place where I look back on (these days) and wish to anything that I might again have the opportunity to do something as silly as walk to the mailbox without shoes or a coat in December.

The Comment:

Knowing cold does make one appreciate warm more. Maybe I need to walk to the mailbox in bare feet so I can appreciate the heat of the sidewalk in summer time?  (Kristi)

It is an interesting way to remain grateful for what you do have and an interesting way to create memories to look back on. That walking in the cold to the mailbox. Maybe a little masochistic .  (Fangboner)

It may seem odd for me to say that I agree with the first and (feel) the need to explain as to the second Comment.

This exercise (the walking, not the writing) is about leverage. In the world(view) of a clark there is a form of disconnect between the rational and the emotional. Not an absence of emotions and not a control of the rational. Both are quite there, simply not integrated….  wait, that’s getting too  er  clarklike.
Try this:  clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.  yeah! that’s better.
The world that I woke up to this morning is a world in which the rational is the medium of expression for me. While for, say Kristi, the world is, among other things, a world in which emotions are the medium (and, possibly the message). Fine. Both equal, not being compared as which is better, they just are that way.

You know that thing about how there is one predominant worldview and we still have ‘the other two’ within? This is what the barefoot thing is really about. I know that I ‘live in my head’. I know that while that is the way it is, it is not necessarily the best way to live. So, while I might know this, I ask myself how do I alter it?  no, learning more about how to live is not the answer!  I’m already learning the shit out of things.  Anyone? Dyanne?  ’Stop thinking and just live!!!’  yes, that is one answer.   Kristi  in her Comment actually gives us the answer, in her choice of words.  no, not the ‘knowing’ part. the ‘appreciating’ part. the emotional aspect of the experience.

(For a clark) to do what we’re talking about, requires emotional leverage. To find a way to generate feelings(emotions) in concert with knowing something.
I get that I should appreciate the day I have today. I understand that I should not act like I’m immortal today*. I know that the littlest thing I do and say and encounter and share today, may very well be a thing of priceless value to me someday. I know that there will come a time, when I’m on my deathbed and I (may) have a moment to reflect on my life. A life spent inside my head is not a bad thing, but it is not as good as a life spent thinking and acting and feeling.

ya know?

Thanks to Kristi and Fangboner and the others what Commented at the Doctrine this weekend.


* a reference to something that Castanada had his character don Juan Mateus say about living in the present and making decisions not as if I would get a chance to do it again, rather to act as if it were my only chance to act.  At least that’s how I read it.


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TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (“You know, sometimes all you can do is start typing…“) Sat, 13 Dec 2014 11:13:34 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


1)  grateful for being able to (continue) my morning walks to the mail box. We always walk up to the mailbox in the morning before we Phyllis and I leave for work and Una takes up her daytime position on the couch in the lower level family room.

2) I am grateful for the fun of having a dog in the family. Not an un-common characteristic in dogs, Una has a different ‘returning home’ greeting for each of us.  On most weekdays, I’m able to get home to give Una her lunch. The fun part, (for me, and maybe her), is that I start talking before I open the door to the lower level, usually something topical like,  ”…oh man! look at the time!! a certain dog must be famished… (step into the Family Room) oh! I didn’t see you on the couch!!”  (I laugh and Una, I assume, gets a kick out of it).

3) that morning walk in Grat Item #1? just in case anyone is thinking, ‘Well! that’s a relief! A walk with the family to the mailbox in the morning, how normal can that clark guy get!’  I am grateful that I have been able do this exactly as I did in the summer, no shoes or coat. (This is a clark thing. It should have little or no appeal to a scott because scotts, by worldview definition, tend to live pretty much all in the here and now . rogersthey would tend to see my little morning exercise as either a) a funny quirk or 2) an annoying affectation.)
Having said that, as a clark, I find that when I’m walking to the mailbox in the rain without a coat or in December without shoes, it helps me realize how important it is to appreciate what is. That I am not in a hospital bed, or in a wheel chair or in the house because I am not able to leave…. I find that I ‘enjoy’ the harsh feelings of the 30 degree morning in part when I can know that it is a very real possibility that someday I will be in a place where I look back on (these days) and wish to anything that I might again have the opportunity to do something as silly as walk to the mailbox without shoes or a coat in December.

4) Phyllis obviously,  because she doesn’t refuse to go out to the mailbox because of that guy that’s insisting on making a simple family activity into some kind of ‘inside-your-head-metaphysical-adventure’

5) …grateful to the blogosphere for the opportunity to get to know Cynthia (tbfka Cyndi)…She writes the blog Pictimilitude which, among a whole bunch of things, was the sponsor for the short-lived ‘Wakefield Doctrine 30 Minute Hour’ on blogtalk radio!  In any event, she is a pretty amazing person and she is graduating from Graduate School today!     “Así se hace !!! Cyndacito!!

6) Vidchat… despite my best effort to the contrary, a Friday Night vidchat is fun and enlightening… last night with zoe and Lizzi   (hey!! Joy   sent FB invite  but the vidchat app was acting up  though, I heard that Kristi was also planning on stopping by, but I got elderly around 9:00 pm and had to go fall down in the room with softened floors. perhaps next Friday!)

7)  I’ve been listening to this one song for the better part of the week, so I might as well invoke SBoR 87.3.1 [sec. 3]  and post it as Grat Item #8.  (an example of a cover being superior to the original)


Click here to view the embedded video.

9)  The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)…. (motto: ‘well, don’t feel embarrassed, spend the time and take the chance finding a Rule that allows you to do what you want/need to/feel-you-must and go ahead and cite it!‘ )  The SBoR’s has been referred to as the ‘...rather nice tool that those odd folks who participate in the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop apparently have, it clearly makes a fairly common bloghop theme, i.e. gratitude lists, such a delightful exercise.

10) 1.3   y’all

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

* what, no Footnotes?


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Thursday Quick Post -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…you’re deliberately mis-understanding me!” Thu, 11 Dec 2014 11:40:21 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

The topic today is: communication between the worldviews.

Scenario: a clark goes to his Manager (who is a roger) for help. the clark has looked at the problem from every conceivable angle, but nothing he can think offers a credible solution to the problem. the clark is reluctant to ask for help because…well, because he’s a clark. (he should have this one! he’s been doing this work a lot longer than the roger and besides…he should be able to do this one!). the clark decides, “screw it. this is about providing service to the client. I can’t let pride get in the way, I’ll let the Manager have a shot, maybe there is something I’ve over-looked” and off he goes to talk to the roger about the problem. the clark goes to the Manager’s office and says, “hey, I need your help on something, is there a time we can sit down for a minute?”* So the clark describes the situation, the problem that is proving to be so intractable. The roger asks questions, even though the clark is presenting the information as a synopsis. (It becomes clear from the clark’s responses to the roger’s questions, that he, (the clark), has covered all the bases, taken all reasonable approaches to solving the problem. Eventually, the roger runs out of questions, one sentence sooner that the clark runs out of information (about the problem).)
the clark completes his presentation and the roger says, “I’ll be glad to help, let me give it some thought and I’ll get back to you later today.”

Later that day, the roger comes into the clark’s office and says, “I’ve spent time with the problem you’re having and think I can help.” the clark responds, “thats great! what have you got?”  and the roger hands him a typed list and says, “Here’s a list of things that I think, if you go through and do each item, the problem will be solved.”

the clark gets angry and the roger feels disappointed (therefore, angry).

The above is an example of how communication, despite the good intentions of both participants, can result in un-necessarily negative responses.

What happened:

  • the clark ’made the sacrifice’, in the interest of his client, and asked for help (this comes at a very high price, a clark expects to know how to do the job he believes he knows how to do)
  • the roger has welcomed someone into his herd (this is metaphorical, of course. if you still are shaking your head and wondering what the hell this is all about…the photo was so enticing…. you might want to ask a question or two or maybe go to the ‘About’ page)
  • the clark shares all that he knows about the problem and, by doing so, exposes himself to being identified as being insufficiently informed
  • the roger, excited about the prospect of a new Herd Member (the bigger the herd, the more valuable he is), commits to giving it his all, which, for a roger, is best offered in the the form of a List
  • the clark, seeing a List being offered as the solution to his problem, becomes ‘angry’ (which is to say, ‘pissed-off, but-to-all-the-world-seems-for-some-reason-to-be-getting-very-formal-and-polite’)
  • the roger seeing the clark in front of him go from being enthusiastic and talkative (at the first meeting) to becoming visibly-and-painfully polite, begins to wonder if he didn’t mis-judge this person’s request for help
  • both leave the second meeting un-happy.

Because in the world of the Outsider, information is everything and, (for a clark) to admit to an insufficiency of information is to be vulnerable/open to the world. In the world of the Outsider, a List manifests is a checklist, it is a standard of comparison. A challenge. A negative when given to another… ‘hey, in case you missed something, here is an itemization of what you should have known to do.’
Because in the world of a Herd Member, a request for help is a request to be invited into the world (of that roger). In the world of a Herd Member, a List manifests as a ….a  celebration and invitation, an itemization of the thing that is being shared!

(…to be cont’d)



* (from ‘the Wakefield Doctrine On the Job’ “… when you have a rogerian superior and you need to talk to them or ask them a question, (even a simple, short-answer question), always try to avoid asking the question ‘out of the blue’ and especially avoid asking the question when there are more people in the room than you and the roger. Always ask if they (the roger) have some time for a question, making it obvious that you are not requiring answer ‘right here, right now’



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Palimpsest Wednesday! -the Wakefield Doctrine- (yes, clark found a word that he liked, so of course he uses it non-appropriately!) Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:02:14 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(why, yes! you do see a clark and a scott and a roger)

(why, yes! you do see a clark and a scott and a roger)

Hey, I have one of those ‘related Posts’ widgets and though there are times when it suggests Posts on the basis of being in English*, today I spotted one that I had forgotten I had written!** So, naturally I went and read it… well, yes, I skimmed it, but only to decide if I really liked it and then I went back and read it word for word… ok, most of it.
Funny about synchronicity (or just hanging out with a small group of people with similar interests,  that’s kinda synchronistic, right?) (As old Carl Jung was reputed to say, “Synchronizität? wie ’ Bout, die Aufmerksamkeit auf was herum vor sich geht, und genug mit der Metaphysik bereitsstarten!“***

(from July 31 2011)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Two topics today: clarks and scotts

clarks: outsiders, mis-fits, creative, intellectual, rational, aloof, tireless workers, clarks are capable of imagining and creating anything and bringing it to others to experience

scotts: action-oriented, vivacious, instinct-driven, impulsive, natural leaders, full of energy and life, scotts will cause others to believe that actions can speak words

Today’s Post: The tale of The Rabbit in the Newspaper Box ( a story of a scott stepping into the world of a clark).

One un-seasonably mild March day, DownSpring glenn and I were driving along RI Route 1 in search of a golf course. Most of the better golf courses in the area were not fooled by the warm-spell and remained Closed for the Winter ( “See You Next Spring!”…spelled out in movable black letters below the Welcome Sign).  We were determined to find an open course, so we drove from the middle of Rhode Island to it’s southern end, searching for an open golf course.  By late morning we had still not found what we were looking for, not even a driving range was open.
Finally, admitting defeat we headed home, which required us to head up Route 1 North. The highway in this part of Rhode Island runs along the coastline. Far enough away from the water  to be a ‘real highway’ (not one of those scenic roads that force you to stop at every intersection with a Antique Shoppe, Seafood Restaurant  and Seven Eleven), yet close enough so that you could see the ocean as you drove up the highway. Route 1 in this part of the state was a ‘divided highway’; two lanes North with a grassy median divider of about 20′ and two lanes South. The median had turn-arounds every half mile or so, allowing a person to change their mind and head in the opposite direction, without wasting a lot of time.

As we drove north, we passed one of those coin-operated newspaper boxes, chained to a telephone pole. The box was bright yellow, about 4′ by 3′ with a Plexiglas window making up the top half, in order to display the Current Edition (of the Providence Journal). This design is intended  to catch the Summer Tourists in a hurry to get to the Cape, “Honey! There’s a newspaper stand, pull over and I’ll buy us a copy“).
The weather (as I said) was un-seasonably mild, light fluffy clouds and it was about 11:30 on a Saturday morning. We were driving at 55mph as we passed the newspaper box. (As I drove), from the corner of my eye, I saw a black and white rabbit sitting inside the newspaper box (where the newspapers were supposed to be). I am a clark, so while interesting, I did not feel an urgent need to point out to glenn this odd sighting. However,  a mili-second after we passed, I got the feeling that there was something wrong with my passenger, glenn. ( The fun of hanging out with a scott, is that there is always a ‘give n take’ of conversation, ideas, observations…you can feel the energy radiating from these people, and (being a clark), I am always aware of their mental/emotional state of mind.)
As we passed I felt a quiet coming from the passenger side of the car. (Sort of a ‘mental gasp’). So I said, ‘hey glenn, did I see a rabbit in that newspaper box we just passed?’ “What the fuck!?” was glenn’s response.
There was a turn-around in the median about 200 yards up the road from us. I sped up and in about 2 minutes I had the car headed in the opposite direction. For some reason, neither of us looked over at the newspaper box as we drove back down the highway in order to get beyond where we saw the rabbit. Another median turn-around and we were driving north again and the newspaper box (with or without a rabbit) was about 100 yards ahead. There was quiet in the car.  I did not feel the need to drive any slower than I did the first time we drove past the box.
Again!  As we drove past the Providence Journal newspaper box, in a curious silence, we both looked to our right and once again, a black and white rabbit!  Sitting in the box where the newpapers were supposed to be!

I laughed and sped up. glenn shouted something. We reached the next median turn-around and went back the same route. The third time: rabbit was gone, newspapers were where they were supposed to be. ( Should note that the traffic was rather light, we did not drive out-of-sight of the location of the newspaper box in the course of doing our turn-arounds. There was no time for someone to stop, get the rabbit out of the box and drive off, before we got back from our turn).

It was an interesting drive home. To glenn’s credit, he did not do what most scotts (or rogers, for that matter) would have done, i.e. ”nah, must of been a reflection” or “no, ain’t no rabbits in a newspaper box, thats crazy“. We both did what clarks instinctively know to do in a situation like this, be quiet and let the memory settle into the mind and …laugh.

The story above is true. The names are not changed to protect the innocent (hey, we’re talking about a scott and a clark, there ain’t no innocents there!)

The point of today’s little story, if there is to be one, is that we all share the capacity to experience the world as each other would.
To put it in terms that a roger and a scott can understand: no matter which of the three personality types we are, we never lose the capacity to see and experience the world as the remaining two types. All of us are merely predominately a clark or a scott or a roger.  That’s why, when you first read about the Wakefield Doctrine, most people say, “hey this is a great system!  But I must be a fluke, ’cause even though I know I must be a roger there are time when I am a scott!”  This is as it must be, you are also a clark or a scott.  But your world is one of a roger (in this example).
The reason it is important to understand this is, that while you may be able to identify the other two personality types within yourself, the world you are living in is that of (your) predominant type.

That is the point of the Tale of the Rabbit in the Newspaper Box.
The experience was for glenn. Even though glenn has a very high degree of flexible intelligence (the ability to imagine other realities), he is still a scott and in the world of a scott, rabbits do not sit in newspaper boxes. It shows that when you are at wit’s end, and you know that you have tried everything you can imagine,  all you have to do is stop trying.
glenn stopped trying to make sense of the situation (as a scott must) and simply enjoyed the very strange occurrence (as a clark does).


* which, given the early efforts to capture the attention of Readers, was not always a safe bet, here at the Wakefield Doctrine

** still not earthshaking, as I have a disturbing tendency to forget what I wrote last week… on the plus side, I get the fun of reading as ‘a Reader’  (the advantage is that I avoid the Ed Sullivan effect when I find a Post where ambition grossly exceeded ability, plus when I hit a ‘good one’… I sneak in a moment of feeling good about myself…(don’t tell anyone!)*****

*** “synchronicity? how ’bout you start paying attention to what’s going on around and enough with the metaphysics already!”  

**** my secret is safe here, no body reads footnotes!


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clarks -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…and the world out there.” Tue, 09 Dec 2014 11:54:59 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


you know the weirdest thing about clarks? It’s not the funny little half-smile you see on their faces when they’re in the group you’re addressing, (and you know, for certain, that you have not said anything funny), it’s not the odd way that the female contingency  (mostly the women,  but not exclusively), choose to dress…  like a Fire Engine, bristling with emergency rescue equipment….painted a soft blue, it’s not even the way that clarks will be so quiet, even…no! especially when things all around are getting crazy…crazier …craziest, they seem to be apart, almost as if the (current) desperate situation that has the rogers fretting and the scotts shouting, causes them to grow… more, more of whatever it is they are…

…no, the weirdest thing about clarks is their morning time. (This is not necessarily literal. It is, necessarily, the time between demands and performance. The offstage moment, as the house lights go down). That is the strangest part of ‘the experience of the world from the personal-reality-perspective of clarks (the Outsiders).
It (seems) to be a time of choice, it is (often) a time of desperate hope, it is (always) a time of incredible … distance.
This distance is not as common and simple as physical distance (although, have you ever been in a crowd of people, say an elevator, where your attention is dominated by, say the floor you are intending to travel to, and then you notice that there is a person standing very-next-to-you? you wonder briefly how you could have not noticed them), and (this distance) is not an emotional gulf between people (although, there are times when you are prepared to accept that the person you care so much about  just is not invested in the relationship, and then you see an act of selflessness that takes your breath away), no, the distance is none of these.

the distance (for a clark) is the amazing and awful, frustrating and inspiring distance between the clark and themselves. They think (and think about thinking), they act (and appreciate/regret it as it occurs), they feel and wonder if it’s real.


(jeez  good thing it’s dark and pouring rain outside!)


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Post #1 of the Work Week -the Wakefield Doctrine- (well, because that’s where our personality is under the harshest light) Mon, 08 Dec 2014 12:07:13 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the Workplace and the Wakefield Doctrine

Rule 1: Know your predominant worldview

Rule 2: Accept your predominant worldview

Rule 3: Know the predominant worldview (aka personality type) of the people around you

Rule 4: Remember! ‘the Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them’

Rule 5: don’t forget: ‘when the going gets tough, the cause of it is coming from within’

Rule 6: Don’t get aggravated or annoyed, belligerent or beatific, avoid becoming caustic or (overly) conciliatory and, for god’s sake, don’t let yourself believe that you would feel any different, if only ‘they wouldn’t be like that‘!!!  No, I’m totally serious! The simple, unavoidable conclusion, when you take all that this here ‘personality theory’ here holds true and apply it to the life you lead, in the world around you, is that, when it comes to feelings and moods (and their illegitimate children, ‘attitude’), you are responsible for how you feel today. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, you’re responsible for how you feel! So, instead of letting your stomach twist itself into all sorts of interesting shapes, write a Comment here and let those of-a-like-worldview get aggravated for you!

The rest of this Post was to have been footnotes to the 6 Rules. They would have been fun and funny, insightful and aggravating.  However,  I’ve changed my mind and instead will instead  try to keep it simple and under 500 words, all in the interest of my getting to my own workplace on time.  The thing of it is, the personality type most likely to see that the Doctrine as applying to their world, is also the personality type (aka worldview) that will have the most difficulty ‘getting it to work’. At the same time, the ‘other two’ personality types will have less of a sense that any of this is necessary, paradoxically they will find the insights relatively easy to apply!  go figure, huh?

Well, since you put it that way… we have. and, big surprise, the personality type to see the Doctrine as useful and difficult is/are those Outsiders (clarks). But, while it takes them a little longer, the benefit will be all the greater/more significant! Just so you scotts and rogers don’t go away empty handed, or feel that this Post favors clarks, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the most difficult part of using the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool for self-improving oneself is that the key lies in recognizing others of your own worldview, observing how they act and interact and accepting the fact that their actions (and interactions) are simply their best effort to deal with the world as they are experiencing it.  (I just lied. the real  ’most difficult part’ is to see another person of your worldview and realize that you are living and acting in the world pretty much as they are… for better or worse, ya know?)

Ok! less than 500 words!


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TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (it’s St Nicholas’ Day… what do you get for the person who gives all the gifts?!) Sat, 06 Dec 2014 02:06:20 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(I really liked this scene from Henry V, but Saint Crispins Day is no where near December)

(I really liked this scene from Henry V, but Saint Crispins Day is no where near December)

Don’t tell me that this is, like, what the 3rd of 4th Christmas that we’ve been doing the Ten Things of Thankful? I am terrible at remembering the passage of time, (though I’m genuinely gifted at anticipating the passage of time), but it seems like only last Summer that Lizzi started this bloghop. (Though she did not start it in December), the theme of gratitude for the simple things seems to resonate even more as we get towards the end of the calendar.

(…no, Christine! no need to be concerned! lol just the words that are coming out of my keyboard, everything here is fine.  …why no, Dyanne, I did not hire a ghostwriter….)(lol)

1) this, the wonderful Christmas Season with love abounding…. (yeah, I am screwing around now… but come on, for a minute there, as you read this… didn’t the hair on the back of your neck start to go up, just a little?)

2) I do appreciate the …er  open-mindedness here at the TToT,  one of the more inspired  things about this little weekly get together is the sense of fun, the willingness to laugh at nearly everything

3) oh! new Readers!!  (hey, I may have mentioned this before), but though I’ve gone at length about how this ‘hop is not only one of the best bloghops in the ‘sphere, but is also the best of all the ‘Gratitude blogs’… (yes, I am, in fact, prepared to back that statement up), I’ll bet there’s not another gratitude blog that allows a list to include items of ‘hypo-gratitude’. Well, we do because, sometimes there are weeks when things simply suck. There are times when the negative seems to outweigh the positive. Fact of life. The TToT recognizes this, and if you find yourself at the end of ‘the week from hell’ and think, ‘I better not even try to participate in the TToT, too much bad happened this week‘, allow us to say, ‘hell no! write the words, hypo-gratful or not‘.

4) It was a decent work week, the number of times I remembered to remember that ‘Stress is really Fear, dressed up like a really hot woman’ is increasing, which is an improvement.

5) Have I mentioned the Wakefield Doctrine yet?  Actually #4 made me remember how, in the early days of the Doctrine blog, insights were often expressed in totally inflammatory ways.. provocative for it’s own sake, for the fun of it. Gots to get back to that kind of thing in my Posts

6) My co-hostinae, for their patient support of my efforts to learn to write an orderly and coherent 10 Item List

7) Phyllis and Una, of course.   They are constants, not in a take-for-granted-way, but more in the ‘in-comparison-to-the-worldview-of-a-clark’ sense. clarks live in a reality that would not be tolerable to a scott or a roger. the reality of a clark is that there is nothing that can be counted on to always remain the same (no, really, sometimes, in the case of the example you’re thinking of, we simply don’t think about the possibility that that would change. ya know?)

8) hey, do enjoy the Friday Night Vidchats… tonight is a little slow  but on the plus side, I’m almost done with this Post and it’s not even Saturday

9) be sure to not forget that the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is there to be used!  …try it out, see if you can get away with it….nothing to worry about! (other than the Seven Guard Virgins)

10) done! damn I’ll have the whole morning (5:30 to 9:30am) to do nothing?

11)  thmb54824079dd336  Susan Z Surprise Question/Item 11!!   

you have to get up to go to the kitchen and get a drink of water, and let the dog/cat/iguana/goldfish out…

  • what is the time of night that you least hope to show on your alarm clock when you get out of bed?

  • is that clock, like right there next to your side of the bed? or is it elsewhere in the room

  • do you try to wake anyone up (or at least get confirmation that they are still alive) before you get up to go to the kitchen?


Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

* no, not just that Lizzi had a scottian friend who nearly dove through the monitor at me, when I first started writing Comments on Considerings, to make sure I wasn’t some kind of creep. Won’t mention any names, other than to say her name rhymes with ‘Kristine’  lol


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1 simple thing (and) 1 complixated thing -the Wakefield Doctrine- (yes, that was on purpose, after all, it is Frīġedæġ !!!) Fri, 05 Dec 2014 12:48:42 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of  clarks, scotts and rogers)

quick! spot the clark! (lol…I knew you could)

quick! spot the clark!
(lol…I knew you could)


the (return) of Lizzi and Michelle presents (in a slightly modified format) Friday Night Vidchat (an evening at George and Jane’s house) sponsored by the Wakefield Doctrine

…we started doing vidchats on Friday nights, seems like years ago, but with my sense of the passage of time*, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes up to me and says, ‘clark? these Vidchats? you’ve never done them…ever…you’re dreaming with your eyes open. again.’  oh well (jajaja)**

In any event, here’s how it works. Get yourself on google plus. Download the ‘hangout’ app. Send me a Comment to invite you to the vidchat (and be sure you’re a friend of the Wakefield Doctrine (or Lizzi or Michelle) on the Facebook ( the Wakefield Doctrine)  just in case the invite gets lost. Thats all there is to it!
What is a Friday Night Vidchat?  …just people hanging out in the 21st Century.  (these ‘people’ being older versions of: the cool kids who used to all sit at the same table in the cafeteria, the tough kids who used to stand around their cars in the parking lot, without coats on, even when it was, like 20 degrees, the funny kids who you could never remember their names or which class they were in with you, but they always sat in the back and said some funny shit, the odd kids who aced their PSATs and SATs, but got Cs mostly, your best friend in Middle School who you somehow lost track of once you got settled into High School,  the girl who wanted you to ask her to the prom, the guy who wanted to ask you to the prom, the kids who never thought that the prom could be anything more than a night of ‘the people you are not like’  …you know…them)

Start Time: 7:30 EST

hey!  Susan and Christine and Dyanne and  Kristi (K2)  and Val and Sandy and Kathy and Stephanie! and Lisa  and Joy (of course!) and everyone else….  Katia!

(ha ha! Kristi!  had you going there for a minute!! didn’t I?? ( damn! there must be something to that business of having a secondary scottian aspect!! this teasing is so not me****)


the complixated thing?  oh yeah. So I was thinking about how the Doctrine is best used and how, to use it properly, there always a certain degree of  ’are-you-frickin-kidding-me???! I don’t want to do that!! However, since I’m all into trying to learn to write, I said to myself, I said, ‘hey! clark. you don’t need to convince me, I already know this shit. Try explaining it to a total stranger. If they understand what you mean, you’re golden.’  so, here we go:

once we’re able to identify the predominant worldviews of people in our lives, we can begin to better understand ourselves. Example: if I see a clark acting a certain way, no matter how…not similar to my own life circumstance, I can say to myself, ‘what is it about the personal reality( worldview) that would cause a person to do that?‘ This is not always easy to do. In fact, a lot of the times it’s something that we don’t want to do! (‘oh man, I may be a clark, but what she just said is messed up!! no way I would be like that!”   sorry, clark… ‘yes way’. )

I live in the world as an Outsider. the way that I relate myself to the world around me is as an Outsider.  My circumstance, my address, my marital status, my occupation, my vices, my virtue, my ability in bed, my hates, my skills …that can all be as different as Oak Bluffs MA is to Oakridge TN,  but the bottom line is that I am living in the world*** as an Outsider. If you are relating yourself to the world around you as an Outsider, then the relationship is the same. Your decisions are going to be the same. different circumstance, same decision process. dig?  So look around. Start easy. Look for people sharing your worldview. Observe their actions and reactions. Understand how they are experiencing the world.

…more to follow.





* clarks, as a people, have a special relationship with time. it might be better to say, clarks sometimes exhibit a sense of time the way that rogers (can) have a talent for music…. i.e.  incredible execution, no creative ability. go up to a clark about to fall asleep and say,  ’hey!  the alarm is broken, wake up at 6:31′  and sure enough…. they will open their eyes at 6:31.  but,  but!  go up to a clark and ask them, ‘hey! how long have I been working at my current  profession?’  and the answer the clark will give you will, almost certainly, be wrong on an order of magnitude that will make you to say, ‘where the hell have you been that last 13 years?!’

** Thanks to Cyndithia….. for the Spanish lesson!!

*** don’t forget! parts of the Doctrine may appear strange and a little difficult ‘to get’, at first, but it’s fun strange and difficult ‘to get’. When we talk about ‘personal reality’, we are not implying anything metaphysical or strange, we just believe that. on one level, all reality is personal. We all walk and talk, fight and cheer, sleep and work in the ‘real’ world. Where the Wakefield Doctrine separates itself from the ‘normal’ personality theories is when we say, ‘observe the other person (or yourself) and infer how that person is relating themselves to the world around them: as (an) Outsider would or (a) Predator or as a Herd Member’.  When you can do that, you will be in a position to know more about that person than you have any right to know… lol (better not tell them, though)

**** yeah, right


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