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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Part 2:

I was talking to Denise (Girlie on the Edge) last night, she mentioned hearing a roger at her office express incredulity when another person (in the group that was out walking around the office complex parking lot during their lunch breaks ….the rogers dressed to the height of parking-lot-walking-fashion, the scotts ignoring the passing cars slowing down and the clark in the lead, for once one their lives), mentioned that her daughter was going to go a concert the next weekend, by herself… and that naturally lead to a discussion of ‘being alone’.
At first it seemed a very abstract and convoluted subject, i.e. how the Doctrine deals with the state of being alone.  Denise pointed out that ‘being alone’ can be a condition or it can be an emotion (rather adroit perception). We struggled with that…. condition/emotion and the three worldviews, but then we remembered ‘the everything Rule’ and it all fell into place! The ‘everything Rule’ tells us that ‘everyone does everything, at one time or another’. So we didn’t need to worry about who was ‘better at being alone’, rather all we had to do was understand how being alone manifested in each of the three worldviews (that of the Outsider/clarks, the world of the Predator/scotts or the life of the Herd Member/rogers).

On being alone:

  1. clarks start out alone (Outsider? everyone and everything is ‘out there’?) so they have the resources not to be freaked out by being alone, they are naturally alone, but…. they do not ‘enjoy’ being alone as ‘the other two’ do …they are spending their time trying to not be alone (to be a ‘real person’). Best insight that only a clark will appreciate? Listen to the song vid below,
  2. scotts are, by nature loners,… but they are (also) natural pack members, so ‘being alone’ is, at times, a strategy, but in the world of human scotts…when was the last time you saw one alone? everyone wants to go to the game/the prom/club with the scott!   there is one time when a scott will seek being alone, if they are very, very dis-(something…sick, injured, messed up), then  if you can’t find your scott, you should check the corner of the garage, under the porch, behind the pile of laundry.
  3. rogers are the natural ‘never alone’… they are connected, a part of the Herd, they will affect to want to be alone, but that’s because the Herd is within… for a roger to say, ‘excuse me, but I’d really rather be alone for the moment’? what they are really saying is, ‘tell the Herd that something is wrong in the world and hurry the hell up about it!’

so, that was our brief conversation last night.


Part 1

The latest strategy in my on-going effort to write the Wakefield Doctrine book is to:

  1. use excerpts from Posts that I’ve written over the last 5 years as a way to form a narrative connecting the ‘other two parts’,
  2. grab the bulk information from my previous ‘book-writing-effort’ (60,000+ words written in exquisitely fluent Gibberish) and… (this is the part that I believe is totally necessary and, at the same time, the scariest most intimidating  part)…
  3. tell the story of how this,  weird/inspired/funny/encouraging/somehow-posessed-0f-a-kind -of-wisdom, personality theory view of life and the world and the people that form our lives has shaped, bent, twisted, enhanced and, eventually changing my thinking over the course of a lifetime.

(For the benefit of newer Readers), these three views, (giving structure and shape to the book), reflect the most basic, simple and true description of the Wakefield Doctrine:

clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel

so I’ll let my clarklike aspect dive into the information angle of the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers… and my scottian aspect can grab the Reader’s attention with funny stories, outrageous antics, innuendo and clever seduction (with words, of course) and the third aspect, my rogerian experience… damn!  that is going to totally be the ‘no-frickin-way-am-I-going-to-be-able-to-do-this’ part of this thing. We all know that our herdlike friends are the natural storytellers and, the Doctrine tells us that we all possess the potential of ‘the other two’ worldviews, then I guess I’m just gonna have to find my inner roger. (ewww! lol) but… what the hell, right?

So, every now and then, don’t be surprised I hit you up to read something that I’m trying out at the book. It seems that here, writing these Posts, is where I am most comfortable and willing to leave the self-sabotaging complexity of my clarklike dominant worldview and the distracting scottian ‘come on! don’t beat yourself up with that book thing!!! lets do something fun!’

not that this is going to be sit in the Macy’s Department Store window display  ”writer as mannequin (or mannequin as writer)” performance art, but I’m glad a have a place that I can bounce imaginary ideas off of imaginary personages*… my, how 21st Century of me!

…anyway, thanks for the listen.


* no… I said ‘imaginary personages, I did not say, ‘imaginary friends’


vidchat tonight   be there or be square …. hey! Joy!  hey Lisa! yo  Dyanne  that’s 7:30 in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone…. check ‘the Facebook’ but will send you an invite anyway   our Ms. L  (might be there) and zoe and Michelle and Denise (a bit late)


Click here to view the embedded video.



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‘…of storms and bad weather’ the Wakefield Doctrine ‘let me tell you a story about the world’ Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:14:19 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


“…so! are you ready for the big storm?”

…friendly and caring, inviting and (somehow) enthusiastic words floated across the office yesterday morning. It was our newest rogerian agent, on the phone to a client. I was at my desk, in the corner (windows on 2 sides, but the corner nevertheless), and this simple phrase totally commanded my attention. ‘That is so rogerian!’ was my first thought. Following thoughts were:

  • god! what a loud voice
  • his voice is not conveying alarm or fear, there is an un-mistakable  promise of excitement or maybe, even better…. shared excitement
  • … coming from a scott, it would have been heard more like,   ‘hey, have you been working out?’ (scottian female) or, ‘what’s that perfume you’re wearing?’ (male scott)

So what does the Doctrine tell us about this little snippet of a part of a telephone conversation? Two things:

  1. as a clark I’m hearing only the words (but, because I’m fluent in the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine, I could not help but to be drawn to the tone of the words being spoken by the roger)
  2. to a roger there is something going on that, as a clark, I would not understand, although, as a clark, I might be enticed/charmed/convinced by the message that I was over hearing
  3. I need to remember that even though we (me, the rogerian agent, the putative listener on his phone) live in a common world, the everyday world of weather reports and telephones and approaching rainstorms, the Doctrine charges us to remember that our experience of these events, (how they ‘manifest’ to us as clarks and scotts and rogers), can be as different as cats and dogs, ghosts and bridges

From this 7 second, overheard half-a-phonecall, we can infer: rogers ‘enjoy’ preparing for challenges, the more ‘common’ the experience, i.e. a hurricane or a blizzard or an upcoming exam or a national holiday,  the more enjoyment there is to be had; the ‘enthusiasm’ in the voice of our roger, (in today’s example), conveys both a challenge, an invitation and an attempt at seduction… “hey, that rain is really coming down,  …come here often?”

So we have an insight into the worldview of the Herd, an artifact* to add to our collection:  the virtue of preparing and preparedness.

As we know, in the personal reality of the roger, there is a Right way and there are a bunch of other ways. For the most part, rogers seek to learn/discover/find/practice the Right way, if for no other reason than, that (the Right way) exists in the same form for everyone, therefore it represents the highest form (of an act or action).
rogers, if they do nothing else, strive for perfection. The virtue in preparation is found in the element of ‘common practice’…. the over-crowded supermarket the day before the Blizzard of the Century… I’ve always wondered why there is such an element of ….celebration in the air.  It’s because the grocery store is full of rogers engaging in practice of preparation… buying bread and milk is only the outward activity,  the source of the energy and excitement is that the Herd is engaged in a common effort.

(Hey!  new Readers? I often warn people about, how once you get to the point where you can see the clarks, scotts and rogers in your life, you will be unable to not see the clarks, scotts and rogers in your life. Lets add another level to this advisory. Today’s Post is an example of how much there is going on around us that is so interesting… become fluent in the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine and you’ll never have to watch reality TV again!)


* an ‘artifact’ is a word or phrase that provides an insight into a worldview, these are rare and incredibly valuable. Examples:  ’referential authority’  and  ’the security of expectations’ ( thanks, Kristi)










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couldn’t just do a ‘re-print’, could you? the Wakefield Doctrine pastiche Tuesday (yeah, I like the look of the word, hope I’m using it correctly!) Tue, 21 Oct 2014 11:52:39 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(damn!  I looked the word up and my intended use is….close, but not really. shit.)

Anyway, I’ve got some clips from previous Posts lined up, better not waste ‘em.

From Octovia 7 2010 (yeah, over 14 years ago!)

… clarks, scotts and rogers were at an athletic event and were waving pennants and cheering their team, what would it look like?

clarks: (2 possibilities):  a) a bunch of rogers with $5.00 bills sticking out of their pockets would wave a “Go! clarks” pennant 3 times, look around, start talking to their fellow rogers and forget they have anything in their hands and “go clarks” end up under the bleachers…to be found later by a clark, who would gather them up quickly so that no one would see them and get embarrassed; B) among the rogerian banners and pennants being waved from the full bleachers, in the upper left corner there is one pennant that says “go clarks….

scotts: they don’t need pennants, or if there is someone near with artistic skills, the scotts will have them (probably a clark) write words on their faces and chests in body paint. Mostly, “Kill”, and “Go Team! (KILL)” but for the most part the scottian element at the game will be happy shouting, “KILL (other team name here)” or “Get in the Hole”!!! or ” eee haaa” or similar ‘inchoate-high-volume-noise-meant-to-designate-a-perceived-freedom-to-act-in-any-manner-that-occurs-to-the-scott-in-question’ ( … aiiyee, Miguel! esta palabra, ‘incipiente’ ¿Qué quiere decir?… ).  Guess it is kinda hard to put into words, but then again, they are scotts

rogers: you know that  ‘wave’ thing that stadium goers do? Stand up and sit down in sequence?…rogers!   And the thing where the crowd holds up black or white cards that, when seen from afar (there is a hint right there) the whole half of the stadium appears to be spelling out the Pythagorean theory complete with proof and citations …rogers!   Hell, for that matter, every marching band in the western world… you know, the ones who insist on doing an arrangement of “I Feel Good” (James Brown) complete with choreography and solos by the horn sections and everyone, including the overweight tuba-playing guys, doing the splits at the end?…rogers!  Real simple concept here, if it is complicated to the point that you lose track of the original reason for doing the thing and requires a level of coordination that would make a school of albacore blush in shame, then you are talking about rogers

So, there you have it! In time for the football season, you now know how to identify clarks, scotts and rogers at the (high school/college) football games.  (… yes? Britney? you have a question?  the female clarks, scotts and rogers?  Why of course they are there!! The Wakefield Doctrine is, after all, gender neutral!  Let’s take the easy ones first…. {very funny Jimmy, besides the scottian girls…} the cheerleaders.  Not counting the male cheerleaders, who are rogers to a “man”. The girl cheerleaders will have the rogerian females on the ground-level of those formation things. Can’t afford to have anyone lose their focus and wander off, the rest are little scottian girls being thrown into the air by clarklike females (with the extra sparkle-things on their showlaces and their hair a little weird).


(From the Year of Our Lord MMXII, the month of Octopi):

So a quick review of primary characteristics of clarks and scotts and rogers.

clarks: quiet, tend to mumble and are on the “brainy” side (not geeks who tend to be rogers) but clarks are the ones who are living in their own heads.  If you want to know about anything that normal people don’t have the time to learn about, clarks are the people you will go to… there is one in your life, close but you just haven’t noticed them.  clarklike females will dress from the “androgyny fashion collection” mix and mix, especially shoes… the clarklike males will be grey(with a splash of beige)  and have virtually no eye contact when speaking to you, which if they do, will consist of strings of incomplete sentences.

scotts: never stop moving, never stop talking, never fuckin stop…sports fans to a person…your scott is the one who introduces themselves whether they are entering a situation where they are the stranger or there is a stranger entering the setting where the scott  already is…when you move to a new place, the neighbor who comes to “welcome you to the neighborhood” that’s your scott…always helpful as long as “completing the task” is not the priority…scottian females…always attractive/seductive/commanding/demanding depending on the context, scottian males…always in charge…the person best described as “not always right but never uncertain…”

rogers: the most social and accommodating person you know, the roger is, in fact, most likely your family doctor, your family lawyer, your family accountant, emphasis on family…the person who knows the family history and insists that you come to the family reunion that’s your roger, the one who knows how many forks should be on which side of the plate…there’s your rogerian female…want to have a long conversation?…talk to a roger, they make it so easy to talk about yourself…the rogerian male will be well dressed and if you want to know if ascots and large briarwood pipes are still worn and/or smoked you will find the roger when you see either of them and if you want to imagine settling down and raising a family with a beautifully decorated home and be a member in all the right clubs and organisations…then a rogerian female will be near by.

Thats all we have time for today.

Remember to be ready next week to Vote for your Faaavorite Guard Virgin


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‘Jesus just left Chicago, and he’s bound for New Orleans’ the Wakefield Doctrine it’s the start of another workweek Mon, 20 Oct 2014 11:29:20 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

the part of the boat where the name 'Roann' is? that's the fo'c's'le  (sleep and eat there…work everywhere else)

the part of the boat where the name ‘Roann’ is? that’s the fo’c's’le (sleep and eat there…work everywhere else)

So here’s the thing, I need to write a Post before I get pulled into my work-world. (I’m also trying to learn to become a better writer… so let me think out loud here, ok?) You, the Reader, have a couple of Questions at this point:

  1. Why does he need to write a Post
  2. What does he mean by ‘(being)pulled into his ‘world-world’
  3. What does he mean by ‘work-world’ and
  4. I don’t think with parentheses… what they hell is going on here?

Fine. Here are the Answers:

1) I need to write a Post for two reasons: a) I’m trying to write ‘the Wakefield Doctrine book’ and, for reasons beyond the scope of this Post, I need to practice my ‘voice’ in writing (has something to do with how I’m trying to come across to the Reader of the book, more conversational than informational… interesting instead of pedantic. Not that I’m ever in danger of being pedantic. 2) I find that I only have a certain ‘amount of words’ to write in a given day and c) I’m always afraid that if I don’t write frequently enough, I’ll forget how to

2) I mean that there is a schedule to create, tasks and appointments that are part of my workday and, for me, I need to ‘get into character’, (Jules Winnfield in that wonderful movie, ‘Pulp Fiction’), in order to have any hope whatsoever of being effective today. The moment I start to plan my day, I’m halfway into that world

3) I believe I just told you.

4) So, I need to get something down ‘on paper’ in order to satisfy my need to do whatever-the-hell-it-is-that-I-think-I’m-doing-by-writing-this-blog, today. Not as cool as waking up carnal or waking up and running 5 miles or waking up and meditating on a bamboo mat or waking up in the fo’c's’le of an old Eastern rig (you actually wake up because it become quieter…. the engines are slowed down because you’ve arrived at the spot where you will ‘set in’ , i.e.putting the net out, which involves physical work in one of the most … bracing of environments. It’s not just that you’re waking up outdoors! Hell, cowboys and campers do that! It’s not even that you’re in a hostile situation….soldiers and hookers experience that… it’s that the place you are, the ‘middle of the ocean’* is a place that you have no, natural business being. You are, through your technology, floating in an alien world, a ghost/demon in the quiet dark world of the fishes that swim below. Totally at the mercy of the elements, (wind and temperature, sky and water). Waking up and going up on deck ( the fo’c's’le of an Eastern rig is in the bow, the foremost part of the boat and is below decks, so you need to climb a ladder to get outdoors). Working on deck means ignoring where you are and never for a moment forgetting where you are, very ….special way to wake up to a workweek.

Today’s Post title? Sometimes, all it takes is a wonderful song lyric to jumpstart a Post, ya know?

Click here to view the embedded video.

* for the most part, at least in the context of the Atlantic Ocean fisheries, you’re not really in the ‘middle of the ocean’… you’re on the left edge, the Continental shelf, to be somewhat technical…. the depth that you fish in is relatively shallow, maybe, 600 feet versus 6,000 (the shelf drops off very sharply…well, yeah just like a shelf…google it)


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TToVidee the Wakefield Doctrine (“show them, don’t tell them”) Sat, 18 Oct 2014 13:15:27 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(like this, except instead of a Viking it was a small frog and instead of a book with a lot cool stuff, it was the front grill of a Mini)

(like this, except instead of a Viking it was a small frog and instead of a boat with a lot cool stuff, it was the front grill of a Mini)

Saturday morning. Lets set the timer!


(…!?! 8:29)

1) Phyllis is grateful that I am here because,  (and the reason for the gap in this morning’s timeline), there was a frog in her grill…. good thing I’m from Y Chromia!  god! I’d really be grateful if we could have a laugh track for our days… (you’ll know what I mean in the next grat item),  anyway, I had to go outside and remove the frogae corpus delectus from the grill of her Mini… where apparently the deceased frog’s family decided to send the body onwards   sort of an amphibian Valhalla ceremony

3) That reminds me of a classic bit from the Beverly Hillbillies (an admittedly acquired taste, no, really, I thought the show was stupid when I was  12 years old… any way, here’s a youtube clip)

Click here to view the embedded video.

6) Cyndi…cyndi! Buenos y’all

Click here to view the embedded video.

4) from FOTD Katia (I apparently have a subscription to her youtube channel, which is cool, but this sample jumped out at me):

Click here to view the embedded video.

2) I am glad I got a chance to have a vidchat last night with zoe and Denise… much discussion over a wide range of topics

5) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)… we all agreed, (in last night’s vidchat), that one of the things that makes this bloghop so exceptional is that we have a BoSRs/SBoRs  Sure, there are other gratitude blogs and blog hops, but none of them provide a resource to, (and a responsibility on), it’s participants the way that the TToT does, what with Secret Rules and all…

7) speaking of exceptional and vidchats…. last night we got to talk about, you know who and we sort of stumbled on a bit of a mystery/controversy  (mystroversy)…. are they the same or have they changed through the ages… sure, we know there are only Seven of the them (because Cyndi told us so)… but  it now appears to be common knowledge that at one time there were 3 female Guard Virgins (aka real Virgins) and 4 male Guard Virgins (aka  yeah, right)… but there was trouble with that ratio and now we have 4 and 3 (new-ratio-of-female-Guard-Virgins-to-male-Guard-virgins motto: “hey! don’t be like that! you’re not the only GV in the world ya know“)  so we have 2 questions:  are they same throughout the ages or do the individual manifestations change over time

8) how many am I up to now? I’ll be glad when I get this list done!

9) I am totally grateful that yesterday is over. However I have to add a hypo-grateful item here:  the work does not stop with the Friday… still  better than being on a fishing boat spending all my waking hours picking up dead fish

10)  Big thanks to Cyndi and Katia for lending their presence to this here list here… tell me they’re not clarks with significant secondary scottian aspects! I dare ya I double dare ya


Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group


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re-print/re-write Friday! the Wakefield Doctrine (and by that I mean: the Wakefield Doctrine) Fri, 17 Oct 2014 09:50:26 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


jeez! I better get typing! Not (just) that it’s getting late, but the damn ‘real’ world is impinging on my naturally fecund, refreshingly oddball, creativity.  No! don’t laugh! I’m serial!

Here’s how it works, I get up in the morning (as early as possible…say 5:30 am), get some coffee and sit my ass down in front of this here computer here. I look at ‘the overnights’  any  traffic (or best of all) late night Comments. Then my morning metaphysics ritual. Solitaire.  Yes, you read that correctly… the card game of solitaire is an exercise for both the mind and the spirit. (Sorry, don’t have time to explain.) (and besides, you know how clarks are like….I don’t know, what’s the polite word for that …precocious girl who is totally outgoing with her affections … all you have have to do is ask and she’s …there. (hell… you don’t fricken even have to ask most of the time…. all you have to do is not ignore her or not make fun and you have a totally loyal and generous friend) and, yeah  that was a double entendre joke/reference. But I’m talking about the darkest part of the worldview of a clark that also happens to be the greatest source of diversion and amusement for rogers and distraction and easy-excitment for scotts.

….anyway, here’s what just happened. I’d planned on doing a re-write of the Post below. The Post is from 2010, and I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if I tried to re-write it. Sort of an homage to my-own-damn-self.  But then I faltered and instead of writing, I went to my work email (and other online places). And there was a bunch of stuff. Things I have to do today, problems to be solved, opportunities to be opportunitized.  (yeah, I get it, welcome to the world that we all deal with). But when I came back here and looked at the rough draft of this post… what’s the classy, mature and clever way of saying: …my powerful intentions to create a Post that would cause all the Readers to be caught up in the excitement just sort of wilted. (I say wilted, not to be funny. Well, a little bit to be funny. But more to convey the sense that I could feel my confidence evaporate. Not disappear, but evaporate. slowly enough that I could feel bad about it.)

(of course, clarks out there will recognize what has happened. (by visiting the work sites) the world has dragged me out of my head. And it felt like I was in the 5th grade schoolyard and the other kids were forming a circle around me. But, there is a difference now, today. There is the Wakefield Doctrine. This is not, in and of itself, sufficient to not feel as I do. It is sufficient for me to know that it is my worldview that is eliciting these feelings and that I do have more resources than I have ever had.)

Enough. Got to get to work.

Leaving the old post below.

(Octovia 18 2010)

So you want to know how to tell which of the three types of personality you actually are? …well, telling you sort of depends on what type of personality you are…

(To borrow from a 12 Step saying, ‘only you can decide whether you are a clarkscott or roger’.  Now that I hear that, let me just add: ‘ This statement is true only if you are a clark.’)

The basis of the Wakefield Doctrine is that the characteristics that comprise all the three personality types are inherent in each and everyone of us;  male/female, black/white , chinese/jewish, old/young. Everyone one of us. So, if you think you are a clark and scott and a roger, then you are absolutely correct.

All of the characteristics of clarks, scotts and rogers will seem appropriate for you at one time or another. More telling, they will seem familiar. If you read this blog you will understand this, but you want to know immediately, for certain, right now, ‘Which am I’?

Fine, you want to know which you are? A clark, or a scott or a roger? Do ya?

Look around you. Who do you love?  Of the people you work with, who do you feel is your friend? One of them (the exciting one, the one you enjoy getting to laugh) that’s your scott, the other ones are all rogers. (There will only be one scott). The person you now remember that you forgot is a clark.

Like you.

All right, you parents out there. Your spouse is reliable to a fault. At the same time they can be difficult and they seem to take a lot of the day to day ‘trials and tribulations’ very personally. He/She is a roger. You are a clark. Your first born is a scott.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

(Bonus hints!  If you can’t imagine wanting to, let alone actually watching the same movie more than once, you are a scott. If you think that civil war re-enacting would be an interesting and fun hobby, you are so rogerian. If you can seriously entertain the notion that you might be better off being someone/anyone else, hello clark.)


Hey… I edited this thing instead of re-writing it.  (lol  yeah…. “I want to hold your arm! yeah, yeah, yeah’  you wouldn’t’ blame the Beatles, so why the look?)





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Wednesday the Wakefield Doctrine (something, something, ellipsis, something (and) italics) Wed, 15 Oct 2014 11:26:36 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

the Wakefield Doctrine

We heard from one of our scottian friends, Dyanne, yesterday in the Comments. She wrote,  ”When I read those three descriptions, for the first time, I really see how I am a Scott. Whadya know?”

Whadya know, indeed! There’s a reason that clarks have a great affection for scotts and (why) scotts like hanging out with clarks (at least they do, once the clarks, like, lighten up and be themselves more and stop mumbling and putting themselves down so often, it’s like you want to shake them and shout, ‘hey clark! enough already! you’re a person like everyone else, stop telling people why they should not want to hang out with you’)

(Given that your Author and Narrator is a clark (with a strong secondary scottian aspect and a weak tertiary rogerian aspect), lets analyze and dramatize Dyanne’s Comment!

‘…for the first time, I really see how I am a scott’

a) Note that Dyanne did not say: “When I read those three descriptions, for the first time,  I think/know/realize how I am, apparently, of the worldview of that corresponds to that of those clarks of yours ”

2) Dyanne so did not say: “When I read those three descriptions, for the first time,  although I like the descriptions, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to apply to me, as I seem to be all three at one time or another.”

the Wakefield Doctrine maintains that:   clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel.

this being Wednesday, that most easy-going Day of the Workweek (Wednesday’s motto: “hey, how bad can it be…it’s still only Wednesday!“), lets keep this short.

Funny, as I was searching for an image for today’s post, (among the zillion or so that I’ve already used at least once), I noticed strata of images that would be associated with scotts and the scottian worldview, at various points in time over the last 5 years. Seeing how I’ve been focused on the rogerian worldview ( Worldview motto: “I always get in the last word. No, I do. Now you’re being difficult. Not trying to, just that I thought. Sure, you always say that…but….“) of late, I think it’s time to shift our focus to our energetic little friends… but tomorrow, time to work on the book.

Hey!!  any questions for or about the scottian worldview?  You know that scotts are:

  • focused on the here and now
  • great problem solvers (not necessarily the best people to come up with a stable, longterm, best outcome solution, but they will solve the problem…hey! you want to hear about the moment that the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine came into existence?)..ok ok  a couple of more first
  • energetic and enthusiastic ( scottian energy level motto: “I’m awake! Are you awake? Come on! lets do something, sure it’s the middle of the work day/the middle of the night/the middle of dinner…so what?“)
  • mercurial in temperament  quick to get angry(frustrated is actually the interior experience), quick to forget (ain’t no time to waste worrying  come on! lets do something)
  • alert  (simple fact: with a surprisingly little amount of study of the characteristics of the three worldviews (Outsiders/clarks, Predators/scotts and Herd Members/rogers) you will be able to spot the scott from nothing more than a damn photo… their gaze is that distinctive  (scottian gaze motto: “sure, go ahead tell yourself that I’m asleep in this Acacia tree and my cubs playing in the grass will be easy pickings, if that’s what you want to tell yourself…knock yourself out.“)
  • clever and impatient
  • good friends and scary enemies… natural cops (scottian cops motto: “you’re telling me that I can chase people, drive fast while making as much noise as I can, occasionally I get to shoot a gun and when I capture people I get to tie them up…and you’ll pay me money to do this?!!“)

Enough for today.  If you have a question for our scottian friends ( Dyanne,  Christine or Joy) ask away! If you are confused as to you whether you’re a scott or not… don’t worry about nothin   it will fall into place


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the Wakefield Doctrine (you can’t spell Monday without the O in ‘oh-my-god’ or the N in ‘not another Monday!’) Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:14:29 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Today’s Post is largely, but not entirely, a re-print Post. The reason (that I’m telling myself) is that I’m on a Quest to discover a simple (and repeatable) process by which I can use my time/apply myself more efficiently in my workday. I am deeming this a worthwhile effort for two very important reasons:

  1. I do have a real world job; more of a business actually, real estate … it is, of course, a business in that I’m an independent contractor, (as in ‘make money, get paid…don’t make money. don’t get paid’)  but as Hyman Roth  (in Godfather I) so eloquently put it,  ’And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen;’
  2. I need to efficiently allocate the supply of written words available to me today, as I’m back on the trail of getting the Doctrine into a book-like form
  3. …as all clarks know, most scotts recognize instinctively (but, by definition, would not express in words) and rogers would not accept (as being redundant beyond ability to distinguish from their personal gestalt): my emotional state is what will determine how well I do today. It is not: the list I write (on yellow-lined pads), the schedule I create (in my Lesson Planner book) or even the schedule I create in my telephone (or tablet or computer)… not sure what I mean?  write us a Comment!

(From October of last year):



You knew this wasn’t going to be a simple, conventional, easy to ‘get’ approach to understanding the behavior of the people in our lives, didn’t you?

To recapitulate briefly:

the Wakefield Doctrine maintains that we live our lives in one of three worldviews (personal realities). That what others refer to as personality types are, in actuality, reflections of our efforts to contend with the world as we relate ourselves to it. Further, the Doctrine would allow that,  if we correctly infer which (of these three worldviews) the other person is experiencing, we will know more about them than they know about themselves. The Wakefield Doctrine is intended to be used as a tool to aid us in these efforts, meant as a perspective (on) the lives and behavior of the people around us that, correctly employed will lead to a greater understanding of why people do the things that they do.  Unlike most other personality systems and ‘theories’, the Wakefield Doctrine offers nothing that you can directly impart to another person. Your use of the Doctrine can only lead to a better understanding of the other person, the Wakefield Doctrine  will not serve you in any efforts to:  convince another person to act differently, treat you better, stop that annoying habit, know you for what you really are, quit smoking, have more frequent sex, show the world the side that you know is there, get ‘A’s, eat less, lose weight, get a better job and, finally start helping around the house. The Wakefield Doctrine is for you, not them.

If you learn and apply the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine to your own life, then you will be in a position to not just improve your life and circumstances. You will be able to improve yourself. As a person. A person who must interact and deal with people who: you work for, who work for you, those you love and those you would love, those you hate and those you would rather not be distracted by, family, friends, the man in the car at the gas pump ahead of you and the girl who delivers the mail. They are all a part of your world today and that is what the Wakefield Doctrine is intended to be used on. And….and! the best thing about using the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool in your efforts to self-improve yourself is: you do not have to do anything that you are not capable of all along.

So, first step:  read up on the worldview of the Outsider (clarks) and the Predator (scotts) and the Herd Members (rogers), now what? Now, the fun. Observe the people in your life. Fact of the matter, if you are still reading, it is a pretty safe bet that you get a kick out of ‘people watching’. Pay special attention to interactions between people. Find one person in your daily life and start with them. You have three personality types to choose from… go ahead and throw out the one you know they are not!… ok! now keeping the characteristics of the 2 remaining worldviews in mind, which seems to be more consistent with the behavior of the person. Don’t worry about getting the answer fast…they are not going to change their worldview. The more you observe them, the simpler the choice will be, no… the more inevitable the choice will be! This is the fun part. Put yourself in their head…go ahead, they won’t know!

  1. does the person seem distant…un-emotional when they should be emotional, emotional when they should not be, do they seem to shy away from attention, do they mumble when you know they are quite capable of speaking clearly, does their fashion sense seem a bit… conflicted?  boots and mini-shirts…too much jewelry, is their posture really poor, are they funny in a quiet surprising way?
  2. no way! they are quick and seem to be everywhere but they won’t know what you are doing, relax…do they seem to probe and challenge constantly? are they funny and aggravating and do they always seem to push it just a little too far? when you imagine ‘being them’ do you feel envious and then excited but at the same time, glad that you are not them?
  3. always have an answer…not in the form of new information, in the form of ‘the last word’, very comfortable to talk to, seem to always be listening, attentive without any curiosity, do they seem to be looking for the right way to act when regarding others or the wrong way to act when others are the center of attention, they nurture without warmth, are seductive without excitement

That should be enough for Part 2.

Ok  now out into the world with ye … gwan! get out there and find the clarks and spot the scotts and relate to them rogers…. check back here tomorrow morning.


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TToT the Wakefield Doctrine ” …la dottrina di Wakefield… sulla strada a Venezia” Sat, 11 Oct 2014 11:52:48 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

San Giorgio Maggiore-2


1) thanks to Liz for bringing the Wakefield Doctrine to the City of Venice. Our intrepid Doctrineer, is standing before the Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore.   …very cool.

2) The Wakefield Doctrine’s Rite of Hat1

3) I am glad that I’m in a profession that involves interacting with a remarkably diverse group of people, from colleagues to clients …very interesting bunch a people.

4) Less grateful, am I, for the constant struggle to manage my time effectively.  Not the most fun to find that, the list of things that I sent out to accomplish, less and less complete at the end of a day. (Far worse are the days where I look at a List and suspect that the items on it are not really the important things in living a good life.)

5) My wife Phyllis Commented on a Post this week (perhaps it’s just me, but once the novelty of having a blog wore off, Phyllis developed a fairly strong habit of not reading my Posts. Not that she disapproves or anything, but it, (this blog), is not a major feature in her daily life.)

6) I’m sure glad there’s such a thing as the internet and blogs and such, ’cause I have been able to practice and to self-teach myself to write effectively …and well. I’d be less than truthful if I said that I ever received a grade higher than a ‘C’ in classes through the years: English, English Composition, Grammar, Creative Writing 101, Essays and Life, Gerunds and You (a Primer), Sentences, Diagrams and Parsing, (the Seductive Art). Despite that, here I am writing Posts. As fearless and ambitious as a Fourth Grade boy in puppy-love with his teacher, I keep writing and (somehow trusting) that I’ll get better and better until the day that I win her heart with the Best Essay Ever.

7) Did you know that there normally are 4 Guard Virgins who represent the female species and 3 who are male? There are stories that, during one period in the history of the BoSR (aka Secret Book of Rules), (in pre-internet days), there were 4 Guard Virgins (Strong and Virile) and  3 of the Fair Sex. (These stories are only whispered about, as the conflict that inevitably results from this particular numerical advantage, did not…. end well.) Thought you might want to know, I find these stories both fascinating and, dangerously reflectionary of the individual who has the balls (metaphorical and otherwise) to tell them.

8) The Wakefield Doctrine, of course.

9) I am hypo-grateful for the lack of time that Saturdays seem to allow for writing the weekend TToT Post. I have to leave now…will stop in, hopefully in the middle of the day with some photos of my journeys

10) SBoR 1.3  ( my damn!-why-didn’t-I-figure-that-out respects to Liz for seeing the palindromic nature of Everyone’s Favorite Secret Rule)

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts

Join the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook Group

1) the Wakefield Doctrine ‘Rite of Hat’  cited in a Post written in 2010 (read it here, and yes, that is Denise)


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‘Reflective Friday’ the Wakefield Doctrine ( lol, though not a genuine rogerian expression, I am enjoying my ‘Title Humour’) Fri, 10 Oct 2014 11:28:34 +0000

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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


(From October 2011)

There is an old saying,  ”the first 2 things you say about a person (or an idea),  are actually  the least important thing and it is, in fact,  the  3rd  thing that you say that  is at the heart of how you feel” (about an idea..or a person).

(From October 10 2009

…seeing how the age-vector demographic of this blog is shrinking faster than an octogenarian at a New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge, I should stick an image of the cover of National Lampoon that was my ‘prompt’ for this Post. In the interest of full disclosure, the image is the property of whatever multinational corporate entity that owns the rights, I would like to say, for the record,  that I bought this very magazine when it when originally published. Unfortunately, it’s long since lost in one of the moves from college dorm to graduate school apartment in 3rd floor walk-up to suburban apartment to our house here where Ola is buried and we’re trying to grow a front lawn.  So, anyway, the following image is from wikipedia and does not imply any claim to rights or ownership, etc.   OK, …the Post, as it appeared in this blog back in the first year of the Wakefield Doctrine.)

‘time for another Post already?!  oh man, no f*ckin way can I keep this up’


OK. I have it together now. No need to get excited. Just sit here, clear the mind, the content is in there. Just relax.

My compliments to any of you out there who have maintained an active blog for more than 3 months. Jesus, this coming up with Posts all the time is not as easy as it looks. And this from the perspective of  ’as long as there is a new Post once a week’  blogholder. But no one is holding a gun to my head… (‘hey theres an idea for a Post!)


Sorry, forget it. Sure, one of the 103,000,000 blog authors in the world today has already done the definitive, ‘Someone is holding a gun to my head’ treatment. Maybe there are some studies that I can cut and paste and fill up some of this white space and then I can call it a day and get back to my real life!

Alright, seriously now. I do mean my compliment to those of you who have the ability and talent, (acquired or learned), to write something new and different and sometimes, even interesting, Post after Post after Post/blog after blog after blog. Not bad. But since I am not ready to give up on this little blog of mine, I had better t t try to get it together and come up with a Post that will keep the crowdlette coming back for more.

Being that this is the Wakefield Doctrine (aka the theory of clarksscotts and rogers) I would do well to keep to the subject that I know best. (See? Right there! I don’t know much about grammar and good writing and all, but that last sentence had at least two tenses, and easily three pulperfects in it. Man, this is worse than the first time I recorded myself playing guitar along with Jimi Hendrix. Suffice it to say, if you were there you would not have had too much trouble telling us apart.)

This writing and grammar thing is really starting to annoy me. It is bad enough that I regret now that I did not take a typing class when I was in high school. (At my current age, in my high school years Typing Class was for people taking a Business curriculum, which meant you were going to be a secretary which meant you were a girl. That simple, end of cultural subtext). But with this damn blogging thing, I am being forced to confront the fact that I do not have mad writing skills.  I should have paid attention in my English classes. (Look, it was the 60s when I was in high school, how cool is that?) But the inescapable fact remains, that the skill set I would value the most this October morning is not how to play the opening riff of ‘Sunshine of Your Love’. Its funny about how people, at least in the current (american) culture, we seem to have an expectation to be able to do certain things well, just because we think we can do them at all. By this I mean singing and writing. Most of us know that we can sing our favorite song in the car, on the way to work, therefore, I think we all equate that with being a singer. Writing, the same. I can, with the help of spellcheck and a lot of proof reading, write a report at work, so how hard can it be to be a writer?

(I have resisted the impulse to hit Preview to see if I’m down far enough on this page to call it a day.) But anyway, you are here because you want to know all about the Wakefield Doctrine. Right?

The Wakefield Doctrine will cause you to see the world in a slightly different manner. Nothing earth-shaking, no flashes of light; ‘oh my god I understand now’ will not be on your lips. What will happen if you read most of this blog and the associated pages will be that you might find yourself saying, ‘that person is such a roger‘, or you might find yourself thinking, ‘here comes so-an-so what a scott he is’ or you could think, ‘shit, I’ll bet I’m one of those clarks the Doctrine is talking about.’

If this happens to you, I have succeeded. If it does not then I have failed. If you have a question about the Doctrine, leave a Comment or email or whatever the hell people do around here. I will get back to you as soon as I finish my Adult Education class, “You too Can Write Like The Prose’, that I am taking at my little local high school.

No, since you mention it, I did not, apparently,  know what a ‘contraction’ was…  lol


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