secret hiding place experiment # 1 08/24/15


(first I will say ‘thank you’… for being the clark that you are in the situation you are in, real life Doctrine learning and application…I do feel fortunate to know you)

and therein is our best starting hint: you’re clark and, and you are in a position to need to bring out additional leadership quality. those italics? …exactly! (it’s so easy talking to clarks, at least about the beginning of a solution to a clarklike problem…heh heh) you are needing additional quality development, not! (I repeat), not needing to find or otherwise acquire the quality itself. Your problem is surely real. You are farther along your path than you ever been before, which is great. However, in my opinion, it’s critical that you remember that you got to where you are because of the qualities you have… not because you got dropped into a place/situation, out of context.
it (your question) is a totally valid one and goes to the heart of the contradiction presented by the nature of the 3 worldviews that the Doctrine is based on, i.e. you’re a clark and you know things but you need personal qualities that are not necessarily grounded in the intellect (ha ha only joking, scotts!) so how can you access your scottian aspect when you’re a clark?

and thats where perspective and faith* comes in… perspective via what you’re doing and I’m doing, stepping back to see where you were, what happened and where you are now…. helpful. not the entire answer, but very helpful we all lose a certain perspective on our own efforts when were busy doing them!
unless I turn this (discussion) into a post, I better keep it brief: trust your passion. where you are is because of what you are… you have this (secret) notion of creating a family from among those who might benefit from your help and efforts… you will eventually attract people who might have more developed skills in certain areas (yeah, scotts and rogers)… and that’s where the real transformative part comes: you’ll need to accept them into your family …. ‘your’ family (not join with them to create something, you already have done that!) they will be willing to give you something… that can help your efforts and that’s where it gets tricky for us clarks…. letting others help us to achieve what we feel strongly about)
…more to follow

*faith: with all respect to those who see the religious element/place of faith in their respective lives, I’ll make use of the concept as being the deliberate investment of our selves in a belief/proposal which requires commitment without the support of ‘proof of efficacy’…


keeping the post so un-cluttered! the Wakefield Doctrine video insert

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

here is the video that you are so incredibly intrigued by the alluring reference, back there at the TToT Post July 19 2014


2s Day Video Supplement (to) the Wakefield Doctrine 07/15/2014

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clark, scotts and rogers)

when you have the time:



Finish the Sentence Friday the Wakefield Doctrine “…if you can possibly manage the time, please play both sides at one meeting.”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


We have some other friends, Stephanie and Janine and Kate and, of course, Kristi. They are, the Ladies of the Write, aka the Women (who) Finish the Sentence Friday. This being, of course, the first bloghop that we participated in and still a favorite.  Each week a sentence fragment, every week some amazing ‘takes’ on a provocative idea. This week?  Well, I hope my skills are up to my imagination.

This week, the sentence to be finished is:

“If I could go back in time… ”

“… but, I did!”


Speaking of Friends…and Challenges and …the alphabet… (ok, no one was speaking of the alphabet). Lets check in with our A to Zeewriters!

Jen-ay   Friday…. my god it’s Friday already! here, the letter is  J

zoe   our Mistress of Informinationing  what can we tell you,  ‘a rabbi, an Irishman and a dog walk into a bar, the blonde says….’

Lizzi   yeah,  her    ‘here she comes, walkin down the street, gets the funniest looks from, everyone she meets’**

the Wakefield Doctrine  presents:

the Fabulous Bloggers Friday Night vidchat with your hosts

Lizzi and Michelle!

Vidchat update:  Hey! Hey!   we’ve found a more convenient and easier way to do the inviting for the Friday Night Vidchat.  There’ll be a url in a number of different places tonight (e.g. on the FB and here and on Lizzi’s blog ‘Considerings’)… click the link and you’ll be at our door.  How easy is that? We’ll also be doing the traditional form of invitationing (our Ms Rogers so gets into the fun of finding unsuspecting bloggers and getting them to stop by..)

Speaking of stopping by… now that everyone knows about google+ hangouts  there are a lot of different events and hangouts to go to… which is totally good. Never a dull moment in the 21st Century, eh?  Just want to mention, there are a couple of different formats for vidchats… one is simply a live connection, the other is live and recorded.

Lizzi and Michelle’s vidchats are not and have never been recorded.*

It’s just what we did when we started doing these last Fall…a live hangout, talk to friends, meet people, stop by for a minute and come back later… you know, like that dorm room on a Thursday or Friday night, where everyone passes through on the way to the weekend. Just wanted you to know.


*there is  another type of hangout that allows the person running to record it and save it to their youtube account…for re-use later. We never record. If you’re not sure when you get to whatever hangout you are at, your best bet is to simply ask your host,  “hey  roger!  are you recording this for some kind of mean joke later or what?”  (being rogers, if the answer is ‘yes’ they’ll still deny it but get all offended that you’re accusing them unfairly of something  lol)

** theme song to very old show


(BONUS Post-ette included today!!) the Wakefield Doctrine “1st Annual Black Friday Video Chat…Tonight! at 7*”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Hey!  Tomorrow  Friday   Tonight as in later in the same day as you are reading this here correction in….from  (unless, of course, you forget and don’t read this Post until tomorrow, the forget about it) ….November 29th  ( 29-Nov-13 to our International Friends) at  7:00 pm*  First Annual Black Friday Video and X-rated Movie Festival!!

BONUS new material!***

Speaking of contributions from Downsprings,  had an interesting and challenging discussion with Phyllis the other morning regarding rogers. For some distantly related reason Phyllis said that ‘rogers are mean’. Out of the context in which this sentence was made, this statement, ‘rogers are mean’ demanded consideration. For if a statement is true about one form, what does it tell us about the other two forms? So from that Phyllis’ single statement we jumped to the following:

rogers are mean, scotts are cruel and clarks are heartless

So, lets consider these statements.
We start with the premise, i.e. when one (of us) chooses to be unkind to another, what is the characteristic of the behavior relative to our type. (Or may I could just say, why are clarks heartless and scotts cruel and rogersmean, instead of say, clarks are cruel and rogers are heartless etc)  ( Update:  The current preferred way of expressing this:  how do each of the three ‘manifest’ the state of ‘to negatively affect another’ This is a result of the understanding that ‘everyone does everything at one time or another’. )

‘Rogers are mean’ because when they want to negatively affect someone, they do it within the context of the herd. They will gossip and talk among each other about the target (of this negativity). They will never go up to the target(person) and say ‘you are a slut’. Instead they will say to each other, ’isn’t she such a slut’? It will be the group opinion that will constitute the negative effect. In other words, if an outsider comes on the scene and and needs information reagrding this person, the herd will make a point of offering an opinion. ( as in:  “hey, clark! because I’m your friend and no one will say this, I think I owe it to tell you that everyone thinks you’re a slut. Not that I agree with them, but I am your friend” )  Updated 11.29.13
(Now class, why is that so rogerian?)
(God, I so love to lecture)

The answer is, of course, because the effort to affect a non-herd member is always done among and within the herd. No single member (of the herd) could or would approach the ’target person’ directly and certainly would not say anything to their face.

All right, then how about scotts? Why cruel instead of heartless or mean?
Because it is the nature of predators, to act alone. Granted scotts will gather in packs when the occasion rises, but for the most part they hunt alone. And when a scott is being ‘negative’ it is expressed in a manner that can only be called cruelty. Part of this is the result of the fact that scotts will act directly but impersonally. They enjoy the efforts of the prey to resist, hey that squirming and trying to get away is the damn relish. But its nothing personal, the scott is hungry and the prey is food. So in the case of scotts, this cruelty is the ‘way of nature’ cruelty.

Clarks? Heartless? No! Say it ain’t so!! If any Reader needs it explained, then you need to read the content in these Pages a bit more.

So leave a Comment let everyone know if you are intending to join us tomorrow… you may regret your rash decision, but hey, that’s what the Wakefield Doctrine blog is for!!

(I’ll be back in the course of the day today, will have more details and and insights and outrageous assertions as, I trust you have all come to expect from everyone’s new favorite Doctrine, the Wakefield Doctrine continues it’s coverage of this first of ‘the Big Three Holidays)

(back) So what do you have to look forward to from the Wakefield Doctrine this Joyous Winter Season?   more scott and more roger!  you do recall that the Doctrine holds that we all have (the potential) inherent in all three worldviews, don’t you?  and you remember what we said about using the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool for self-development, right?  (i.e. ‘simple as can be, harder than anything you have ever tried to do’…that) Well that’s what we are going to be spending your valuable blog-reading time over the next 6 weeks or so. Plan accordingly.


(back)  I know that I write every year about parades… (rogerian essential) but my god!! where the hell is Child Protection services?  those poor children… 3 hours walking the streets of New York City , in 30 degree windy temperature all for 5 seconds ‘in frame’ in front of Macy’s so the folks back in Indiana can say ‘look!! it’s Tracy!!! what the hell’s the matter with her face?’
On a personal note: the over-hormoned 23 year old inside of me died a little late this morning as I sat in stunned disbelief as Joan Jett stood, singing, on a frickin float…. not a cigarette or ‘record machine’ in sight…waving at the crowds with a blank look on her still very attractive face…

(back) (…again!)  that ‘cover photo? the one with the Delegates from Slovenia?  that goes back to the early days of this blog. we had a thing about Slovenians!!  (a good thing, nothing bad…just a fun kinda affectation.) will tell you more in a little bit


* For the time-zone impaired:

  • Jak!! yo!!! that means  6:00 pm  Twin City time
  • Stephanie?  I believe you will have to stay up kind of late… this being like 2:00 am (!) in your time…. well, there’s always the Sunday Video Brunch (which is 3:30 pm local  i.e. your local )
  • Molly?  yeah… I know we’ll need to co-odrdinate on the google circle thing, but these Video chats are kinda fun… for you  it would be 5:00 pm  stop in while fixing dinner…if your phone can handle google hangouts
  • Michelle?  wakey wakey!!   8:00 yo
  • Lizzi?  it’s a Friday night! you get to stay up late ( sorry if we appear to be assuming that you would have nothing more…. exotic…exciting?  better to do on a Friday night!  12 Midnight!
  • Melanie  a late night rendavouz with what I trust is the oddest group of people you know
  • Christine… you know that we totally would love to have you join us…but it will be either 6 or 7 pm your time, so I suspect that you’ll be in the middle of dishes and homework and such… but if you do get a chance…on your phone  come hangout with us!
  • Kristi   oh Kristi!  come out and plaaay
  • Richard oh Richard….  lol  you know it would be fun

**  ‘cept for Zoe… she has a very rare, ‘Join in late Card’  a privilege enjoyed by few, so step carefully when you join the brunch!  lol


*** well, ‘new’ in the sense that if you were born anytime after, say… I don’t know  2011?? then this is totally new and original!! hey, it’s a great insight from a DownSpring so ya better appreciate it …you know how hard it is to get a roger to say anything that amounts to more than ‘I told you so…’??!  I didn’t think so…. so read and comment, already.