Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Every week, at this point in the week, we sit down and start a post. The post will ultimately be our Six Sentence Story, however at this stage (with words like this, in spirit, if not form) we’re out to see if we can’t get something going. With the prompt word of the week.

(zoe is the host and the bloghop is Six Sentence Story. The aim, the theme, the ambition of those of us on ‘the other side of the monitor’ is write a story consisting of six (and only six) sentences.)

(A year or so ago I did a series of ‘girl-on-the-run’ ‘Sixes’. If I can find the links, I’ll stick ’em here. For now: the girl is Starr Diamond, she is being chased by a man with a german accent and her life is totally in danger.  …oh yeah, she’s from a very wealthy family from Back East and her sister, Victoria, has hired a detective to find her. (but this is not about that).)



“Allemande left!”

Stumbling, blonde hair sweeping forward to create a decidedly out-of-place burqa, the girl’s martial arts training had her left shoulder dip, the better to roll out of the coming impact with the sawdust covered floor; her excitement was enhanced by the fact that she had no memory to account for the saw-toothed fiddle music blaring over the crowd of cowboy hat wearing heads.

Starr’s attention was focused on the rapidly approaching floor, every bit the luckless passenger sliding towards the rail of a capsizing luxury liner; she was surprised when the fall was interrupted as she jack-knifed like a gymnast around an outstretched arm.

“Gotcha,” using the cigarette and whisky marinated baritone to position herself, Starr slid her arm around the man’s waist, upwards along an impressively broad shoulders; all the while stepping slightly behind the him, her right hip setting as the fulcrum for her planned throw.

“The next call is ‘Swing your partner’ not ‘Fling your partner'”, laughing, he stepped slightly to the side, brought his left arm low and swept Starr off her feet only to set her down, standing to his side.

“Promenade home.” the caller’s final command left more questions than answers as the college-coed-turned-fugitive put her right hand on the man’s left forearm, feeling the muscles beneath the pearl-buttoned cuff of the intricately embroidered shirt; the decision that maybe this high-desert Arizona town might be the best place to lay low all but made.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Words and dreams, the bounds to earth maintained.’
Una has my back as I wrestle with them words and such…
(landscape orientation)
A bunch of natural brown things, blonde-brown oak floors in the middle left. Caramel-brown desk (with a plain, white sheet of paper) in the upper middle left and to it’s left a row of drawers in a brown that seems to want be darker than it is.
The right half of the photo has a truncated upper half of an exclamation point. That is the back of the chair I’m sitting in. (I’m that pale checker board shape, my shoulders distinguishable by their practiced slope).
To my left, Una sits upright regarding the camera. She is a tall, black triangle with two smaller triangles at the top and the hint of red tongue. Her front paws are beige, the rug underneath her is a beige, light brown.

This writing thing is an odd affair. As with so many endeavors available to us as humans, putting thoughts in words and those words ‘on paper’, can be a very different experience from one person to another. The thing of it is, writing isn’t simply merely a skill. Driving a car, hitting a tennis ball, mowing the lawn, those are ‘merely’ a skill. As with most skills, writing requires a commitment of considerable amounts of time. However, if the goal of this practice is more than being able to write a better email at work or a coherent set of instructions for household chores, it demands an emotional investment. The returns (on this investment) are manifold; not always what one might hope, nearly always more than one expects.

Una and the blogosphere are Grat Items: 1&2

The song I stumbled across (below)… odd. It’s one that initially is intriguing but, with repeated listens, becomes quite enjoyable. I will claim two grat items, as permitted in SR 893.2[para H]* (i.e. finding the song and being willing to take the chance with such selection.) Grat Items 2.5 and 3

4) Grateful for the Wakefield Doctrine in its way of (aiding, assisting, pushing) and otherwise tricking me along the path of self-improvement. The danger referred to (above) is the danger of finding something, in this case, the song, appealing and assuming others will agree (not like approval has ever been much of a prerequisite for Doctrine post, lol.) For whatever reason, I’ve the feeling that this choice labels me as overly sentimental in my taste in music this week. Not the first time thats happened, but for whatever reason, the self-consciousness is a touch higher. ah well, with growth comes change and change is, be definition, the unfamiliar. Not like this is a public place that I be trying out things, right? lol.

5) Phyllis. The evening before Valentine’s Day, Phyllis says, “Tomorrows Valentine’s Day. Do we do anything for that anymore?” To which I replied, “I don’t think so.” I followed that with, “If you bought a card for Una, I’d sign it.” We both laughed and one of said, “And a new bone…she’d enjoy that.”**

6) That darn Doctrine! Referenced a couple of times above. It’s fun and its helpful for anyone working on self-improving themselves.

7) FREE GRAT ITEM (Space Available INQUIRE in COMMENTS Section)

From Friend of the Doctrine, Cynthia:

“I would like to propose that I’m grateful for Saturday nite call-ins. It’s the greatest Q & A “radio” show evah! Haha. And I’m grateful for the upcoming spring weather. The crocus are peeking out, our tulip leaves are poking out of the ground by several inches! It’s almost here, friends! Haha.”

8) Josie Two Shoes. Not only working hard so that the light is always on here, but now, preparing the html that allows us to have the icons of all participants at the bottom of our posts. Fun to see, easy to use. Now you can click on the others and comment while playing whatever music vid I am inspired to inflict on visitors.

9) Sunday Supplement

10) SR 1.3

(the song clips off at the end, if you hit the > again, it will continue to completion)


*  Secret Rule 893.2[para H]*  which states, in part: “…[w]hen the Title says Ten Things of Thankful, but the math works better if a single item might count as two or in alia manu (‘on the other hand’) you need two items to compress into one, then the requirements stated, (in) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) carry the day (‘die portray’); one is permitted to do that, provided the writer concludes with a sincere and convincing argumentum ad populum. that and a picture of like, books and stuff…

** A word about buying Una a card (and a bone) for Valentine’s Day. She’s a dog. Of course she doesn’t know about Valentine’s Day. I’ll go so far as to say, she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day. It has zero significance. She is our dog and Phyllis and me laughing at the thought of buying a card for a dog does matter to her. Very much. The three of us are a pack. We don’t always share the same tastes in things. We always enjoy the company of each other.



Vanishing Sentence Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

sshh I’m considering writing this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday post. Its Stream of Consciousness week and you know how tricky that can be!

lol…what a difference an un-inspired night’s sleep can make! That, and stumbling upon the perfect photo.1

See what I mean?! I take Kristi and Kenya’s weekly invite quite seriously. (Since I’m pre-living an imaginary childolescence anyway, I do remember that friends are valuable and should be afforded one’s full attention.) Lets do our thing with the cut n paste machine and get this party started.

We’re on with FTSF this week with a 5-minute stream of consciousness and the prompt, “When it comes to this body…”

The linkup will be open tonight (Feb. 15, 2016) at 10pm eastern and remain open through late Sunday night.

Write your 5-minute post, slap in a photo (or not) and join us at either:


So hope to see you there! xoxo

So the only thing I have to ask myself is, do we go with 5-minutes at 10:19 pm or 5-minutes at 7:18 am2

“When it comes to this body…”

 ”                                                            …Gotta go with the morning SOC.”

You know how when there was an exam in school or a presentation at work or a parent-teacher conference that evening sometimes you’d stay up right to the last-minute pre-worrying? That’s kinda what my night writing tends to be… there’s something about writing, (for me), that does not co-exist well with the ‘real’ world. Sure, I can write in the evening, after a day in my real person disguise. But my mind is…not just tired, it’s burdened from a day spent standing up straight, maintaining eye contact, proving my worth and value to those around me. Ain’t no place for the clark what likes to write about Doctrines and perspectives and a world-that-should-be. (Of course, I assume that the writer I am, when away from the world of mature adults, is the preferred ‘voice’. Fortunately for me, the Wakefield Doctrine has helped me learn to accept that my decision is mine to make and whatever I decide is valid.)

Hey! five minutes are way up…. incoherency trumps rules and standards in writing prompts as much as it does in the rest of life.

Thanks for coming by!


1) and, and! as many of us here, in the ‘sphere, know all too well, the ‘perfect picture’ is not so much the one we succeeded in taking as part of an effort to provide photographic documentation in support of a thesis, theme, idea or mood. It’s the photo that jumps out of the pile and yells in your face, “Hey! You wanna express the coexistence of strong and decrepit? Did ya hope to for a portrayal of the multiple layers and levels of being a human? Hows about that business of reflection versus conscious self-appreciation?? Huh? Do ya?  Don’t go no further! This photo has it all!!” So you pick a photo that you haven’t looked at since you took it, too many years ago to remember and it whispers to you, “Sure, they’ll get it. How could they not? Give your readers some credit. …I’ll just sit on this page and not say a thing. good luck.  …err seeing how it’s on a post… maybe a hint about the car rear view mirror? and the decaying concrete? no, you’re fine the way it is…just sayin…Mr. Artsy. What? no, I didn’t say anything! Go on, hit ‘Publish’.

2) We went with the five minutes at 7:18 am. Despite what Footnote 1 seemed to insinuate, I do have a respect for the reader. So, surely there is a reader out there peering over the half-moon horizon of their morning coffee, thinking, “Wait a minute. You made a choice. How could you have made a choice if your didnt’ write at night. If you wrote at night doesn’t that count towards your five minutes?
you go me on that. and I did write last night… and I let it sleep that magical sleep of the ‘written-but-un-published-post’…. what the hell with the childhood fairy tales that we were secretly indoctrinated with, i.e. did the post somehow get better while I slept? What the hell kind of thinking is that?!! And speaking of ‘what the hell?!?!’ I thought what I’d written was excellent when I stopped last night. who snuck into my house/computer and turned my sincerely insightful post into this, …this whatever it is!?!?  Thanks, Brothers Grimm, Thanks a bunch, Mr Walt the Intolerant, (and no, I don’t almost believe thats Abe Lincoln! I can see the fricken cables running out of his foot)…thanks a lot for messing with my mind.

Here’s an excerpt of last night’s post. Submitted to validate my choice of a 7:18 am Post:

“it’s tricky. How is it I can say, ‘this body of mine, it’s old and breaking down all the time’ all impersonal pronoun and such. If I said, “My body, he’s really got some miles on it. I better go easy on him.” it sounds weird. So maybe I can talk about how the body is the ‘us’ that most of us never quite accept. It’s a form of me that is more than necessary and less than ideal but is the source of all that’s good and bad, pleasurable and painful. Surely that’s the same among bloggers and bloggerinae?


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Early start. It’s Tuesday evening. The prompt word is ‘SMOKE’. The rules say, story of any style as long as it only requires Six (6) Sentences to tell. zoe is our host and this is the Six Sentence Story!

(from a WIP, ‘Home and Heart’ a Sister Margaret Ryan novel)


Alone in the front pew stood four women; three wore the habits of their Order, individual identity concentrated in a white-framed oval of flesh; the fourth bore the mark of age and loss, unassailable credentials for her place among the devout.

Sister Bernadine, Mother Superior of St. Dominique’s, stood at the aisle, her massive frame, softened by her black habit robes seemed a quiet protection, until one reached her eyes which, never-resting, removed all temptation to dismiss her as an overweight, middle-aged black woman; her right hand rested, immovable, on the pew rail, a stanchion should it be needed by the young woman to her right.

Standing between Sister Bernadine and her mother, Sister Margaret Ryan, novitiate at St. Dominique’s, stood as straight as any young willow tree, the shapelessness of her veil and habit hiding the swaying of her body as winds of rage and grief tore at her, only her eyes, blazing above tear-softened cheeks gave hint to the battle within. To Margaret Ryan’s right, her mother stood like the statue in some medieval religious festival, allowing others to move her from place to place, trusting that she was of use and value to the ceremony, standing as still as eighty-year-old bones permitted.

At the other end of the front pew was Sister Cletus who, if time is the measure of all, was now a ruler worn smooth of markers and measures, the form itself, still straight and true offering aid un-adorned of complication or apology.

Margaret Ryan watched as the Archbishop of Philadelphia stood between the casket holding Father Mathew Ryan, (brother and priest) and the altar, held the silver thurible over his head and let it swing; the pungent smoke rose, rivulets into tendrils, ever upwards, like a fairy tale creature, its wings and it’s magic torn by the morning sun fighting to escape the grip of the cold and rational earth.





TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘the (steam) Iron of the Gods’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

We have an interesting item/challenge embedded in this week’s TToT!

First things first, a wave of gratuity* to Josie Two Shoes for having the place all lit up and warm and inviting on this February weekend.

New Readers? Hey! You’ve come to an interesting place. This is one of the best of all bloghops. Founded by a certain, Miss L Lewis. Miss Lewis lived a quiet life as a part-time charwoman at the ancestral estate of the Clan Lewis. Our founderess served the clan faithfully, asking nothing but a some winter coal for the iron stove that heated the garret (in the south tower), meals and a ‘damn proper internet connection’. And so she lived, until one day she decided that, despite the cursory nods of appreciation from the upstairs folk she would cultivate her capacity to experience and express gratitude. Which she began to do. In the way of both the naturally-wise and (the) ‘eventually-after-getting-kicked-to-the-ground-countless-times’ wise people do, she started a blog. And that blog became her record, a diary if you would, of her efforts. Soon, however, word spread through the ‘sphere, about this english chick who wrote these weird and fascinating and inspiring posts on gratitude. And so, here we are today, another installment of the Ten Things of Thankful.

Speaking of weird…

We all know that the Wakefield Doctrine has a certain affinity for the ‘path less travelled’, yes? I have a list this week. It includes the fundamentals. Una and the Doctrine, the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules), the free Grat Posting space (Number 8) for anyone who would like a push off the high board (of writing a grat post).

One of the frequent grat items for me is ‘writing’. The opportunity to hangout with those what write real good, provides me with a constructive challenge to improve my craft.

In any event, that is the challenge I am most grateful for this week. And, just to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ (as my mother used to say), I will attempt to write a grat item that will make understandable to the random Reader, the following: Phyllis, ironing (my) shirts, an iron she acquired from her mother (who passed away a number of years ago) and my gift to her of a new iron.

1)  Lets start with the new iron. Below is a youtube video. Our story totally begins with the music in the video and extends to the unabridged version which I have not been able to link directly, but if you have the interest and the time (a discrete link here), once at amazon look to the lower left and you’ll see a video line and that takes you to the full length video).

Man, listen to the music

(Who thought of the movie ‘Thor’)

2) For those who did not have the chance to view the extended video, it shows two steam irons at the top of two ironing boards, (both tilted at a 35 degree angle), poised to race. The video shows the race twice, providing irrefutable evidence of: a) the superiority of the New! Sunbeam AERO Ceramic Iron and 2) the power of (their) iron to make anything possible.

3) Phyllis reads more book about religion and history and the like than I ever will; she immediately identified that statement: ‘Anything is Possible’ as being totally biblical in origin. We were both in awe.

4) About that ironing of my shirts. It is my predilection to seek metaphor and simile for that part of my experience of reality that I am unable to express. This is consistent with my being a clark (with a significant secondary scottian aspect). Phyllis is a roger (with a significant secondary clarklike aspect). It will come as a surprise to no one that her choice of metaphors (and similes) are far and away less abstruse.

Phyllis’ ways of understanding the practice of a good life are of a more direct character, in keeping with her predominant rogerian worldview. Far more conventional. (lol… no, wait! my heart goes out to rogers!) Just kidding. And ‘vamping’**

The prospect of one person correctly and accurately describing another person’s subjective reference points is, I think we can all agree, nearly totally un-realistic. Fortunately I have the Wakefield Doctrine. Anyway. Hey! lets try to find an explanation of the meaning of ironing to Phyllis by asking a question: What about the old iron? Is that a clue? Yeah, sorta. But the thing that helps with that insight requires one to understand that, for Phyllis, the possessions of cherished people are imbued with certain quality that enhances her (Phyllis’) memory, love and remembrance of the person. What I believe is happening is that when an item valued and used for good, in the plain and ordinary living of life, of a departed loved one comes into one’s possession, it’s continued use allows them to enhance their own appreciation of the good and positive things available in life. To those willing to work for it. That said, I do not assert that this is true about Phyllis, but it, (my understanding), is true about me. And that concludes this episode of ‘Oh yeah?! You think that Doctrine of yours is all that!? Lemme see you…

5) the Wakefield Doctrine (the previous 4 items)

6) Una  well, duh!

‘Una demonstrates how to properly let a person know that you’re glad they’re home.’

7) shhh… still hiding from Item 4 (lol)

8) [Reserved for someone who has not yet posted a TToT entry, but would enjoy seeing what it feels like to have an Item up for all to read.]

9) Sunday Supplement! (check back tomorrow)  Hey! Thanks go out to Val for her comment which lead to the following Sunday Supplement photo!

A ’round’ television from the 1970s’ It is mostly orange, except for the front which is black.
Since tvs were not round (then or now) what the manufacturer did was create a round plastic shape (the size of a basketball) and where the picture tube is tinted, transparent plastic. Think ‘space suit helmet’. If you look closely, you can just make out the lighter gray rectangle of the actual picture tube….. who said ‘Yeah, sure. Like to see it actually be a tv’
Hold on….

That, in the background of the photo of Phyllis (ironing a shirt) is a television. I bought it from Sil’s Loans for my dorm room in 1971 (or so).

Did I mention that Phyllis is a roger? I got as far as the aluminum foil when she said, ‘Remember, they discontinued TV signals through the airways, you’ll need a special box to get an actual picture.’ rats!

The ’round’ tv returning to life, like a square Jupiter, it shows bands of energy and interference.
I’m surely not the only one to think, “Wouldn’t it be cool, if not only did I get a station but there’d be a show on from back then… like ‘Ironside’ or ‘The Flip Wilson Show’ lol


10) Secret Rule 1.3

*  “Absolutely! Who said that? You’re absolutely correct, that was a rogerian expression.” Well, the best I could come up with, me being a clark and all. Therein lies a hint of the power of the Wakefield Doctrine. It cannot turn us into a clark or a scott or a roger (when they are not our predominant worldview), it does however, offer a very useful and valuable perspective. It allows us a glimpse into the other reality(s) and an opportunity to practice the strategies and skills appropriate to living in those personal realities.1


1) reminder: the Wakefield Doctrine is a not a list of characteristics that determine a category that forces you to conform to the average of all those who score similarly. The Doctrine’s three personality types are a label for the style of interacting with the world, as an Outsider, a Predator or a Herd Member. We all act as we do because, from before we can remember, we’ve been interacting with the world and doing our best to figure out what behavior, traits, quirks and styles are most effective for our continued existance.

** the definition is not nearly as amusing as I’d thought but here is the link