Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Wednesday Warm-up.

Zoe, she hosts a bloghop called ‘Six Sentence Story‘. A new prompt word is provided each and every week. Everyone is invited (yes, that means you) to write a little story using, in some manner or another, the week’s prompt word. By ‘little’ she means six sentences in total (and absolute) length.

You really should try it. It’s fun and satisfying (when you finally count the ‘periods’ seven or eight times) and hit publish. Come on down.

This week the word is ‘MINE’.

In the seat next to mine, the old man’s eyes seemed to sparkle for an instant, then dim as his eyelids moved downwards, like sunset on a sideways planet. Across the aisle, a young couple smiled at each other, sharing a look that was both lifeline and desperately frantic waving for help as they settled back into the cheap-furniture fabric of their seats, now firmly locked in their upright position. The landing gear began reaching towards the Earth, giving rise to an oddly guttural sound that inspired unease in all but infants, zen masters and the terminally ill; what was arguably the oldest of man’s spiritual ceremonies began in earnest.

Airliners, for all of their solid-state, high-tech operating systems, do not always make the transformation from magical flying ship to everyday, rolling-over-tar vehicle smoothly; sometimes they bounce, rubber feet squealing in fear.

As surely as the lightning spoke of death and power to the Neolithic congregation, huddled under the protection of low, tree branches, the contest between man’s ingenuity and Nature was both a challenge and a prayer; the first by the near limitless ego of the species, the second by the solitary person trying to believe in life everlasting.

“Thank you, watch your step,” the priestess offered the ritual blessing for a continued life following the pneumatic benediction as the metal retracted and a brightly lit tunnel opened up on yet another world.



Re-Print Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

 Why a Re-Print post?
Are you sure you want to know?
You ever hear the expression, “As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.”? Fine sentiment. Impeccable provenance. A lead pipe cinch for ‘most likely to end up spelled out in colorful thread in a needlepoint’ or ‘ironically overlayed on a poster-sized photo of a mushroom cloud and/or a very cute kitten.’
The thing of it is, what does this saying imply about the time between ‘the beginning’ and ‘the end’.
Same as it ever was? (T. Heads).
The Doctrine reminds us that while it’s easy to believe that ‘nothing remains the same’, that is more intended for our surroundings than ourselves. And…and! since the key to the value of the Wakefield Doctrine lies in our coming to understand ‘how we relate ourselves to the world around us’, we ignore the difference (or lack thereof) in how we related ourselves to the world in the past at our extreme peril.
That being said, below is a three year old Post.

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

the part of the boat where the name 'Roann' is? that's the fo'c's'le (sleep and eat there…work everywhere else)

the part of the boat where the name ‘Roann’ is? that’s the fo’c’s’le (sleep and eat there…work everywhere else)

So here’s the thing, I need to write a Post before I get pulled into my work-world. (I’m also trying to learn to become a better writer… so let me think out loud here, ok?) You, the Reader, have a couple of Questions at this point:

  1. Why does he need to write a Post
  2. What does he mean by ‘(being)pulled into his ‘world-world’
  3. What does he mean by ‘work-world’ and
  4. I don’t think with parentheses… what they hell is going on here?

Fine. Here are the Answers:

1) I need to write a Post for two reasons: a) I’m trying to write ‘the Wakefield Doctrine book’ and, for reasons beyond the scope of this Post, I need to practice my ‘voice’ in writing (has something to do with how I’m trying to come across to the Reader of the book, more conversational than informational… interesting instead of pedantic. Not that I’m ever in danger of being pedantic. 2) I find that I only have a certain ‘amount of words’ to write in a given day and c) I’m always afraid that if I don’t write frequently enough, I’ll forget how to

2) I mean that there is a schedule to create, tasks and appointments that are part of my workday and, for me, I need to ‘get into character’, (Jules Winnfield in that wonderful movie, ‘Pulp Fiction’), in order to have any hope whatsoever of being effective today. The moment I start to plan my day, I’m halfway into that world

3) I believe I just told you.

4) So, I need to get something down ‘on paper’ in order to satisfy my need to do whatever-the-hell-it-is-that-I-think-I’m-doing-by-writing-this-blog, today. Not as cool as waking up carnal or waking up and running 5 miles or waking up and meditating on a bamboo mat or waking up in the fo’c’s’le of an old Eastern rig (you actually wake up because it become quieter…. the engines are slowed down because you’ve arrived at the spot where you will ‘set in’ , i.e.putting the net out, which involves physical work in one of the most … bracing of environments. It’s not just that you’re waking up outdoors! Hell, cowboys and campers do that! It’s not even that you’re in a hostile situation….soldiers and hookers experience that… it’s that the place you are, the ‘middle of the ocean’* is a place that you have no, natural business being. You are, through your technology, floating in an alien world, a ghost/demon in the quiet dark world of the fishes that swim below. Totally at the mercy of the elements, (wind and temperature, sky and water). Waking up and going up on deck ( the fo’c’s’le of an Eastern rig is in the bow, the foremost part of the boat and is below decks, so you need to climb a ladder to get outdoors). Working on deck means ignoring where you are and never for a moment forgetting where you are, very ….special way to wake up to a workweek.

Today’s Post title? Sometimes, all it takes is a wonderful song lyric to jumpstart a Post, ya know?


* for the most part, at least in the context of the Atlantic Ocean fisheries, you’re not really in the ‘middle of the ocean’… you’re on the left edge, the Continental shelf, to be somewhat technical…. the depth that you fish in is relatively shallow, maybe, 600 feet versus 6,000 (the shelf drops off very sharply…well, yeah just like a shelf…google it)


TToT –the Wakefield Doctrine– (part/version 1.1) Final Version with captions and ever thang

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

I was about to start the post with a ‘mix ‘n match’ theme, stopped and thought, ‘nah …too celevery’. Then I thought some more (yeah, I know, how likely is that)… and then I was all why the heck not? Life itself is mix ‘n match… I’ll go as far as to say, the major developments and forward motion of most of life, maturing, enjoying, discovering what we didn’t know and forgetting some things that we do is, effectively, a multiple choice test.  (Sometimes, no matter how much we wish otherwise, the correct answer is ‘None of the Above’ (here’s a bold statement, when we’re in our teens to 30s most of us experience a certain amount of anguish due to this fact of life.)

1)  Josie

2) Una

3) Phyllis

4)  Kerry

5)  zoe

6) Pop-Up Books

7) the Wakefield Doctrine

8) suburban farming

9) Secret Rules (of the Book of Secret Rules aka Secret Book of Rules)

10) SR 1.3

11) Steely Dan

(extra credit) ‘Home and Heart’ (votes at jukepop requested)




B) (i)

C) (ii)




D) (iii)

A Shipping Envelope that tells the Tale of the Sender’
A manila mailing envelope takes up all but a vertical left hand border. The border is composed of pink and white horizontal rows. It has the effect of looking like what I picture when someone says, ‘gingham’.
The envelop itself is manila (which is kinda of yellow that didn’t want to get out of bed) and it has a texture. Not so much a texture as a shape. There are regular variations showing in the surface which is due to the bubblewrap that lines the interior as protection. (Bubblewrap itself is the original talking book, of course, being ‘flatly round with it’s heart in every bump’) Someone (and by ‘someone’ we mean the sender (and by ‘sender’ we mean zoe)) has drawn a pirate ship on the outside of the envelop. In the left center, the flatten, stretched triangle of the hull has two vertical lines representing masts. At the very top of the rearmost mast is a little rectangle with one ragged, jagged edge. The battle torn flag of a privateer. Below the flags are two nearly-squares where there are the mainsails (pronounced mn’sill). The top sail has the traditional skull and cross-bones, aka a Jolly Roger drawn on it and the bottom has the traditional dog bone, (of Joules St. Jonathan, legendary canine privateer). Leaving no doubt to the identity of captain and crew, at the back (or stern or the somewhat appropriately named, ‘poop deck’*) is a dog with a sword raised and the word balloon ‘Argh’ (Hopefully your reader app has the capacity to replicate the traditional pirate sound, ‘Argh’ or ‘ARR!’ It is less throat clearing and more a self-conscious discovery of ones true character with an overtone of celebration, despite the reception by those around you.
Yes, I will stop now.
In and among the jagged, horizontal lines of the ocean upon which our pirate ship floats are both ‘catfish’ and ‘dog shark’ which are, of course, real things. lol
It is the essence of redundancy to mention that this envelop is the work of zoe. (Few of us have the combination of creativity, skills and the spontaneity that she has.)<br /> *no! serially, that is the proper name!

E) (iv)

‘Gift from z and Joules’
The book is taller than wide, text bookishly-shaped. It is resting on the yellow mailing envelop. Both lie on our dining room table. You can tell it’s the dining room table because: a) there’s a battle of colored and patterned cloth covering the surface. To either side of the book is a field of pink squares in horizontal rows (the afore-mentioned gingham* and 2) there appears to be a steak knife in the upper right corner of the photo. (We’re guessing steak knife because it’s a dark wood oblong with a contour to it’s right edge and equally spaced on the vertical axis are two lightly colored circles. These circles are reflective (as the dark wood surely is not) and so would seem to be metal rivets in the traditional design of a knife with a wood handle. It this is not enough evidence, to the left of the book and to the upper right (of the book) are squares of material different from the overall background. These two are colorful patterns as well, but more …<em>self-possessed</em>, no ambition to claim territory beyond their edges. Clearly we got ourselves a couple of cloth placemats.
The Book! Very colorful. A green background (not a bright, shiny green, more of a solid, bluish green.) The left edge of the book, the ‘spine’ of the book, is purple from top to bottom. At the top of the cover, in yellow, flowing script, in a deliberate two rows: ‘The Wonderful’ (and continuing directly beneath the ‘The’) ‘Wizard’…and beneath that is the ‘Of’. The expected word, ‘OZ’ in both much larger and has the characters of the story sitting on and among the two letters. Dorothy sits on the lower, internal curve of the ‘O’ wearing her famous blue tablecloth dress, holding a basket. The Scarecrow is above and to Dorothy’s right. The ‘Z’ overlaps and extends to the right of the ‘O; and he is sitting on the top arm of the ‘Z’. His right leg extend along the top, his left leg bent at the knee and hanging down and for reasons not in any way that I can divine, he has his hat in his hand. His expression is the ‘bemused’ look most often associated with clarks. (I mean, seriously! OK, he’s a clark and is looking for a brain and shy and all, but he is totally in the dominant (graphically and socially) position. Ain’t no ignoring this guy. (The Doctrine tells us about clarks: they do not enjoy being the focus of attention, yet they will not tolerate being ignored). The Tin Man is standing to the lower right. His right foot is on the lower arm of the ‘Z’ and he has both arms at his hips ‘akimbo’. His face reflects the nearly insufferable sell-satisfaction of a roger. Finally the Cowardly Lion. He is in the left foreground and is the largest of the four figures (Toto is there but he is sitting in front of the Lion, much, much smaller in size). The Cowardly Lion is sitting up, as lions (and dogs) do, on his haunches, forelegs straight, forming the leaning triangle of the predator class of four legged animals. The artist almost did a good job of drawing a sense of fear and self-doubt in the face of the lion.
At the bottom left, under where the lion stands: ‘A Commemorative Pop-Up’**

*I should ask Pat, she is remarkably knowledgeable of such materials
** as opposed to an ‘Accusative Pop-Up’, I suppose…. “Professor Luther! Your Ninety-five Theses are surely going bring the Vatican down on our heads, but the way the Basilica rises from the page! And there! Who would not recognize Pope Leo X standing in front of St Peters.”



F) (v)

Very black teardrop-shaped vegetable in a forest of stems.
The eggplant is held to the plant by green, pointed fingers clutching the top and narrowest end.

G) (vi)


H) all of the above

I) Some of the above

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i)  ‘Phyllis and Una sittin in a Tree’

ii) ‘A Tale of Two Dogs’

iii) ‘An Envelope, a Book, a World’

iv) ‘Plants and Jewels’

v) ‘A Dog, a Woman and a Bridge’




Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Lets get started.

zoe has a blog hop called the Six Sentence Story. The rules are simple: take the week’s prompt word and write a story about it/with it/against it. And make the story have only six periods. Six sentences, no more and no less.

This week’s prompt word is ‘SCRATCH’. The legend of Robert Johnson forms the basis for my Six this week. (Music vid included, being a total clark, how could I not?)



The night hung like a funeral shroud over the endless cotton fields; the dull crunch of store-bought shoe heels on the dusty gravel road called the child from the relative safety of his bed. A song that made him feel like crying in sadness and yelling in anger kept the boy at the open window of the tin-roofed shanty, like the frayed rope holding a dinghy against a rising tide.

Stopping in front of the house, the man, a lighter shadow against the midnight dark, set the long leather case on the road and said, “Get back in yo bed little man, ain’t nothin out this time of the night.”

The boy stared and thought about the rabbits out in the back huddled against the chicken wire fence and whispered, ‘There must be something, you out there, ain’t ya?”

The man’s eyes dimmed and seemed to shine and he said, fear and pride riding his words, “Ole Scratch and his hellhound been seen down to the crossroads ’round about midnight ever now and then. I aim to tell ’em I ain’t meant for them fields, I got me a guitar,” a defiant nod down to the case leaned against his leg, “and I aim to have the world know my name.”








TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Drawing Hands’ by MC Escher*
Being in what appears for all the world to be the writing mood equivalent to walking into the classroom after a night of not studying and waiting for the words “Pick up your pencils and begin…now” I thought it would be best to let the rogers at wikipedia describe the photo.
Drawing Hands is a lithograph by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher first printed in January 1948. It depicts a sheet of paper out of which, from wrists that remain flat on the page, two hands rise, facing each other and in the paradoxical act of drawing one another into existence. Although Escher used paradoxes in his works often, this is one of the most obvious examples.**”
*College Dormitory Decorator’s Guild motto: ‘god, if it weren’t for Escher we would have had to come up with more ‘Hang In there, baby’ cat posters and beautiful scenery photos with sweet, encouraging and totally truncated Fritz Perls quotes. whew!
** whats with the ‘tude!? was it me, or did that last line have a bit of a sneer in it! hey wikipedian! chill… lets see you come up with something as simple, yet original… keep ya sarcasm for reality TV ‘talent’ shows…


Being Saturday, the theme (of Doctrine posts), sheers off from whatever off-the-pavement-through-the-cedar-post-wire-fences-and-straight-damn-across-a-farmer’s-field-of-half-grown-corn trajectory that we enjoy during the week and settles into a more sensible, if not predictable path. The Road to TToT-ville.

Fun metaphor (or allegory, can never keep them straight), the projection of this bloghop into a real, imagined place does allow the intent of our host (and before her, the founder, creatoress, Lizzi O’Ryan*) to manifest in as real a fashion as a hammer dropped on the foot.

Josie Two Shoes provides the place and the atmosphere for all those inclined to submit a post composed of Ten Things of Thankful (or some approximation thereof**) It is a not inconsiderable task, but as is often the case, those who have within, the qualities they encourage, she makes it look easy. And that is a gift in and of itself. And it provides an environment that’s totally comfortable for those of us less able to express the subtler and, to many of us, loftier qualities of the human being.

Enough with the charm. I’ll leave that to the rogers among us. (reminder: clarks think, scotts act and rogers feel)

On with this here post here!

1) Una. 52.4 pounds of Chodský pes  She is currently sitting on the bed in the room where I word-rassle

2) Phyllis (roger with significant clark-like secondary aspect and moderate scottian tertiary), bridge constructor and keeper of the hearth

3) The Graviteers

4) zoe and joules and the Six Sentence crew (now, I am, in fact, going to ask that you take hold of your visual cortex and totally imagine the writers that participate each week in zoe’s bloghop, in total gangster look. thug, to a man (and woman)…. no, I’m totally serious!)

5) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules). Somebody say, “Hey! There are always exceptions and allowances in any practice, exercise, or bloghop-with-a-theme-thats-innvariably-beneficial-to-all-participants. So what’s the big deal about this Secret Book (aka Secret Rules)?’ Two words: hypograt (from hypogratitudiness, n. hypograt. (a hypograt is an Item (included in a TToT post) that represents something that happened or a person encountered or pretty much anything you think of that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot feel grateful for (or to, or even, at). The BoSR/SBoR allows: ‘…when something simply sucks, but persists in the landscape as one writes a TToT post and no amount of spin or alternate perspective transforms the toad into a beautiful princess/prince, provided it insists on sitting there, like the moisture-ring on the dashboard of your car that nothing seems to remove, it may, with appropriate notation be considered an Item for that week’s TToT.

6) the Wakefield Doctrine, my online sine qua non.

7) the writing jones that I so whole-heartedly picked up and strapped to my back. ‘Home and Heart‘ (A Sister Margaret Ryan novel)

8) Sunday Supplement

(Tilted) Primary Colors Sunday
A rose, a dog, sunflowers
Landscape format: the left half is immediate and shows a rose bush (at the top of the left half) and three sunflowers (at the bottom of the left half) The right half of the photo is centered by Una who is sitting with her back to the camera. She is looking to her left enough that we see her snout pointing to the left. The line from the tip of her nose travels up towards the top of her head with slight indent, followed by a small, squared prominence that lets us see her eyes, even though we can’t see them in the black on black coloring.
Where was I?
Una is sitting, which in a dog is a remarkably ‘prepared’ stance. Her back legs are bent and her forelegs are straight. This posture is stable, allows her to relax while still maintaining optimal awareness of her surroundings and, because of the position, (of her legs), she would be in motion a second after detecting the need to move.
Una (and most dogs) are my total (and near-hopelessly out of reach) role models.
The grass is green, ripening into white.
The leaves of the rose bush are totally angular, like the stegosaurus of garden plants, all sideways and pointy. As if the thorns weren’t enough of a ‘you talkin to me?!’ the color is …well, rose colored. (Sort of red sitting alone at the bar after everyone else has paired up and left together).
Now the sunflowers… man! talk about yer scottian flowers…. stem (straight green tubes) middle thing a black cue ball shiny enough to show a little window-pane-shaped light spot where it’s reflecting the light from above) and the petals! Yellow. As in…
‘HEY! Hey!! over here I gotcha nectar right here!’

9) Garden photo (raining out …. hey, lets see if I can find a video to place mark for us here, with the theme of rain. I know just the one, if I can only find it… got it!  at the bottom of the page.)

10) Secret Rule (SR) 1.3


*not, ‘actually’, her real name. Thing is, as fans of SOC (I’m looking at you Kerry) will attest to, sometimes rhythm trumps sense (or correctness). Lizzi O’Ryan has a roll-off-the-tongue-quality, so, I guess we’re stuck with it. At least for the tenure of this post.

** the bottom line requirement for participation is ‘good intent’. Numbers are good, Ten is fine. Less than (or more than) is acceptable, provided the intent is good. Plus…. plus!  there is the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) see number 5 Tell me how anyone out there in the blogosphere has anything that comes anywhere in the general vicinity of being imaginarily close to the TToT.

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