Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Early start. It’s Tuesday evening. The prompt word is ‘SMOKE’. The rules say, story of any style as long as it only requires Six (6) Sentences to tell. zoe is our host and this is the Six Sentence Story!

(from a WIP, ‘Home and Heart’ a Sister Margaret Ryan novel)


Alone in the front pew stood four women; three wore the habits of their Order, individual identity concentrated in a white-framed oval of flesh; the fourth bore the mark of age and loss, unassailable credentials for her place among the devout.

Sister Bernadine, Mother Superior of St. Dominique’s, stood at the aisle, her massive frame, softened by her black habit robes seemed a quiet protection, until one reached her eyes which, never-resting, removed all temptation to dismiss her as an overweight, middle-aged black woman; her right hand rested, immovable, on the pew rail, a stanchion should it be needed by the young woman to her right.

Standing between Sister Bernadine and her mother, Sister Margaret Ryan, novitiate at St. Dominique’s, stood as straight as any young willow tree, the shapelessness of her veil and habit hiding the swaying of her body as winds of rage and grief tore at her, only her eyes, blazing above tear-softened cheeks gave hint to the battle within. To Margaret Ryan’s right, her mother stood like the statue in some medieval religious festival, allowing others to move her from place to place, trusting that she was of use and value to the ceremony, standing as still as eighty-year-old bones permitted.

At the other end of the front pew was Sister Cletus who, if time is the measure of all, was now a ruler worn smooth of markers and measures, the form itself, still straight and true offering aid un-adorned of complication or apology.

Margaret Ryan watched as the Archbishop of Philadelphia stood between the casket holding Father Mathew Ryan, (brother and priest) and the altar, held the silver thurible over his head and let it swing; the pungent smoke rose, rivulets into tendrils, ever upwards, like a fairy tale creature, its wings and it’s magic torn by the morning sun fighting to escape the grip of the cold and rational earth.





TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘the (steam) Iron of the Gods’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

We have an interesting item/challenge embedded in this week’s TToT!

First things first, a wave of gratuity* to Josie Two Shoes for having the place all lit up and warm and inviting on this February weekend.

New Readers? Hey! You’ve come to an interesting place. This is one of the best of all bloghops. Founded by a certain, Miss L Lewis. Miss Lewis lived a quiet life as a part-time charwoman at the ancestral estate of the Clan Lewis. Our founderess served the clan faithfully, asking nothing but a some winter coal for the iron stove that heated the garret (in the south tower), meals and a ‘damn proper internet connection’. And so she lived, until one day she decided that, despite the cursory nods of appreciation from the upstairs folk she would cultivate her capacity to experience and express gratitude. Which she began to do. In the way of both the naturally-wise and (the) ‘eventually-after-getting-kicked-to-the-ground-countless-times’ wise people do, she started a blog. And that blog became her record, a diary if you would, of her efforts. Soon, however, word spread through the ‘sphere, about this english chick who wrote these weird and fascinating and inspiring posts on gratitude. And so, here we are today, another installment of the Ten Things of Thankful.

Speaking of weird…

We all know that the Wakefield Doctrine has a certain affinity for the ‘path less travelled’, yes? I have a list this week. It includes the fundamentals. Una and the Doctrine, the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules), the free Grat Posting space (Number 8) for anyone who would like a push off the high board (of writing a grat post).

One of the frequent grat items for me is ‘writing’. The opportunity to hangout with those what write real good, provides me with a constructive challenge to improve my craft.

In any event, that is the challenge I am most grateful for this week. And, just to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ (as my mother used to say), I will attempt to write a grat item that will make understandable to the random Reader, the following: Phyllis, ironing (my) shirts, an iron she acquired from her mother (who passed away a number of years ago) and my gift to her of a new iron.

1)  Lets start with the new iron. Below is a youtube video. Our story totally begins with the music in the video and extends to the unabridged version which I have not been able to link directly, but if you have the interest and the time (a discrete link here), once at amazon look to the lower left and you’ll see a video line and that takes you to the full length video).

Man, listen to the music

(Who thought of the movie ‘Thor’)

2) For those who did not have the chance to view the extended video, it shows two steam irons at the top of two ironing boards, (both tilted at a 35 degree angle), poised to race. The video shows the race twice, providing irrefutable evidence of: a) the superiority of the New! Sunbeam AERO Ceramic Iron and 2) the power of (their) iron to make anything possible.

3) Phyllis reads more book about religion and history and the like than I ever will; she immediately identified that statement: ‘Anything is Possible’ as being totally biblical in origin. We were both in awe.

4) About that ironing of my shirts. It is my predilection to seek metaphor and simile for that part of my experience of reality that I am unable to express. This is consistent with my being a clark (with a significant secondary scottian aspect). Phyllis is a roger (with a significant secondary clarklike aspect). It will come as a surprise to no one that her choice of metaphors (and similes) are far and away less abstruse.

Phyllis’ ways of understanding the practice of a good life are of a more direct character, in keeping with her predominant rogerian worldview. Far more conventional. (lol… no, wait! my heart goes out to rogers!) Just kidding. And ‘vamping’**

The prospect of one person correctly and accurately describing another person’s subjective reference points is, I think we can all agree, nearly totally un-realistic. Fortunately I have the Wakefield Doctrine. Anyway. Hey! lets try to find an explanation of the meaning of ironing to Phyllis by asking a question: What about the old iron? Is that a clue? Yeah, sorta. But the thing that helps with that insight requires one to understand that, for Phyllis, the possessions of cherished people are imbued with certain quality that enhances her (Phyllis’) memory, love and remembrance of the person. What I believe is happening is that when an item valued and used for good, in the plain and ordinary living of life, of a departed loved one comes into one’s possession, it’s continued use allows them to enhance their own appreciation of the good and positive things available in life. To those willing to work for it. That said, I do not assert that this is true about Phyllis, but it, (my understanding), is true about me. And that concludes this episode of ‘Oh yeah?! You think that Doctrine of yours is all that!? Lemme see you…

5) the Wakefield Doctrine (the previous 4 items)

6) Una  well, duh!

‘Una demonstrates how to properly let a person know that you’re glad they’re home.’

7) shhh… still hiding from Item 4 (lol)

8) [Reserved for someone who has not yet posted a TToT entry, but would enjoy seeing what it feels like to have an Item up for all to read.]

9) Sunday Supplement! (check back tomorrow)  Hey! Thanks go out to Val for her comment which lead to the following Sunday Supplement photo!

A ’round’ television from the 1970s’ It is mostly orange, except for the front which is black.
Since tvs were not round (then or now) what the manufacturer did was create a round plastic shape (the size of a basketball) and where the picture tube is tinted, transparent plastic. Think ‘space suit helmet’. If you look closely, you can just make out the lighter gray rectangle of the actual picture tube….. who said ‘Yeah, sure. Like to see it actually be a tv’
Hold on….

That, in the background of the photo of Phyllis (ironing a shirt) is a television. I bought it from Sil’s Loans for my dorm room in 1971 (or so).

Did I mention that Phyllis is a roger? I got as far as the aluminum foil when she said, ‘Remember, they discontinued TV signals through the airways, you’ll need a special box to get an actual picture.’ rats!

The ’round’ tv returning to life, like a square Jupiter, it shows bands of energy and interference.
I’m surely not the only one to think, “Wouldn’t it be cool, if not only did I get a station but there’d be a show on from back then… like ‘Ironside’ or ‘The Flip Wilson Show’ lol


10) Secret Rule 1.3

*  “Absolutely! Who said that? You’re absolutely correct, that was a rogerian expression.” Well, the best I could come up with, me being a clark and all. Therein lies a hint of the power of the Wakefield Doctrine. It cannot turn us into a clark or a scott or a roger (when they are not our predominant worldview), it does however, offer a very useful and valuable perspective. It allows us a glimpse into the other reality(s) and an opportunity to practice the strategies and skills appropriate to living in those personal realities.1


1) reminder: the Wakefield Doctrine is a not a list of characteristics that determine a category that forces you to conform to the average of all those who score similarly. The Doctrine’s three personality types are a label for the style of interacting with the world, as an Outsider, a Predator or a Herd Member. We all act as we do because, from before we can remember, we’ve been interacting with the world and doing our best to figure out what behavior, traits, quirks and styles are most effective for our continued existance.

** the definition is not nearly as amusing as I’d thought but here is the link




Sangfroid(al) Sentence Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

If you aren’t in a hurry and have read the line above the photo, you’ve all the warning you are going to be afforded. That’s not meant to be aggressive or adversarial or sound like I’m being a dick. It’s just that sometimes very often, in order for me to participate in a bloghop, particularly one in which the contributors are real people and possessed of considerable skills, well, I just have to give myself the slip.

Trust me, it’s better this way.

Where was I?

Finish The Sentence Friday. Kristi and Kenya and them are all over the Listicle thing. (jeez… I hope I have that right) I better cut ‘n paste the instructions and such.

Hi all! We’re on with the Listicle week of FTSF with “10 things that are better than anything except being in love.” The linkup will open up at 10pm tomorrow, Feb. 8 (eastern). Interpret as you see fit and join us! The party stays open through late Sunday evening so there’s plenty of time.
Write your listicle, and head over to Kenya‘s site at or mine at Hope to see you there

1) ‘List formats’ because, if you don’t have any content to start off, they’re real simple to outline. In fact, simply writing out the numbers (with parenthesizes and not letting the auto-format editor force you into meaningless indents), goes a long way to start the process.

2) Getting the first line written in a post. Ernest Hemingway, (not to be confused with Doug Henning) is believed to have said, ‘The first draft of anything is shit‘. That’s got to make you wonder what the first draft of that advice looked like.

3) To get way serious for a minute, if pressed for time, I could, in fact, list a number of things in my life that are ‘better than anything except being in love‘. The problem is that I participate in a weekend bloghop called the ‘Ten Things of Thankful’. It is a grat ‘hop and in it we list the things in our lives that elicit a feeling of gratitude. The problem with that is, I’m a clark. It’s not that clarks don’t have emotions, (or are not emotional), it’s just that we’re kinda the Ikea of the three personality types. You know, cleverly designed with a great finished look, some assembly required. We (clarks) have as large a capacity for emotion as scotts and rogers, we just don’t always read instructions real good and, like a RTA bed, if you’re in a hurry to use it, you don’t always end up with what you see in the picture on the box. Though you can sleep in it (or on it).

4) Hey! you know what I like? A bloghop that I curate called ‘the Gravity Challenge’‘. (It is such a clarklike bloghop! lol) It’s a weight gain/loss ‘hop. It serves an accountability function (that can be helpful in one’s efforts to self-improve-oneself). Simplicity itself. We send on photos of the readout on our scale every morning except Sunday. The cool thing is Kristi’s Rule. (Kristi Brierley is one of the charter members and when I suggested the idea of simply taking a photo, she added the element that makes the ‘hop effective… the photo can be all or part of the readout, either side of the decimal.) The point being, the participation is about change, not a set goal or number. It’s fun.

5) I will resist the temptation to list my other bloghops… wait, there’s only one other, zoe’s Six Sentence Story. It’s a fun exercise and perfect for my efforts at remedial composition. (God, if only I paid attention in high school English instead of trying to learn the lead riff to ‘Sunshine of My Love’… hell, by now I’d be…)

6) The halfway point in any List-format bloghop is totally one of my favorite things. (Perhaps a far distant second to being in love… my definition of which, given the demographic ’round here, I’m totally loathe to reveal. It’s not just being a clark. It’s being from Y Chromia. A mystical land where all good efforts are rewarded with loud noises and un-conditional admiration.)

7) I should return to the issue of clarks and emotion.  Maybe not. clarks reading this know what I mean. scotts and rogers will also know, provided they have significant secondary clarklike aspects. (the Doctrine maintains that while we are the personality type that reflects one personal reality (that of the Outsider, the Predator or the Herd Member), we have the potential of secondary and tertiary aspects. As an example, I’m a clark which means I should not be hitting ‘Publish’ on this post. I have a secondary scottian aspect, and so I have known to, in certain circumstances, run up and get in people’s faces and shout, ‘Hey!’)

8) I suspect any number of people here will have listed ‘family’ (and individual family components) by now in their respective lists. And that is as it should be. I, for one, read Dana’s posts and think… ‘See, clark? A post can be organized and logical and coherent and still convey genuine heartfelt emotion.’ Or the great ‘look at the photos and I will tell you a tale that launches from there’ of Tamara, or the personal journal directness of Kenya (where you feel the elements of her life that she shares). Janine, well, Janine is probably the longest-standing commenter here at the Doctrine (don’t hold that against her).   No, don’t even get me started on Kristi Campbell... When I first snuck in the FTSF, she not only didn’t rat me out, she made me feel like I could relax. (Unfortunately she also wrote blogposts that, as I read, inspired visuals of my computer (trailing the keyboard) flying out my windows and crashing into a million pieces on the deck. But I somehow didn’t.)

9) For me, however, (with my clarklike appreciation for the ‘real’ world) when it comes to family, (Phyllis and Una), I go to the things, the features in the world that they have formed and created and even, remodeled. This photo is not simply of a woman, a dog and a treehouse. It is a representation of the part of my reality that is pretty damn amazing.

10) Speaking of pretty amazing. Here is a photo of Ola. She was the best thing that ever happen to me.


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

This week the prompt is PITCH.

The challenge, of course, is noun or verb?

zoe is the host and this is (the) Six Sentence Story. One word to start, six sentence limit to the finished story.



A steady howling and an insistent clanking noise, one striving to hide its power in constancy, the other reduced to a muted-metallic shout conspired to pull the man from the deepest part of sleep, that secret moment after the last dream, but before the first tugs of a dry throat or insistent nudges from a full bladder.

The trawler moved through the storm, the building seas turning it into a stationary car on a fluid roller coaster, sudden dips and hairpin turns of tracks that moved on their own instead of waiting to be passed over and left behind.

The young man lay, one leg bent perpendicular to the other, foot and knee wedged against the up-curving hull on one side and the raised side of the bunk on the other in the time-perfected posture that allowed rest without constant vigilance. The low ceiling of the crew quarters spared an observer the view of six crewmen, each posed in perfect replica of ‘the hung man’ found on Tarot cards, worn quilts and rumpled underwear serving as motley clothing of sleeping jesters.

“Time to set in,” the first mate announced, pulling on the twine to the bare bulb hung between the ceiling beams of the fo’c’sle, lighting the bunks that curved up and forward to the bow, like store shelves over-flowing with un-tidy dry goods. The waking men rolled from their berths, unconsciously synchronized to the pitch, yaw and roll of the vessel, curses and invective filled the air, harsh morning prayers of desperate bravado, a working man’s substitute for virtue offered to the gods that waited in the vastness surrounding the boat. 


Tee Hee o T -the Wakefield Doctrine- “and a side of arrrts”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘A street sign taken to heart. Car and canine pause, the world waits.’
(Landscape Orientation)
A photo of Una ‘riding shotgun’ as we begin our walk.
Una is in close profile, the left side of her face illuminated from the sunlight coming through the car’s windshield that makes up the entire left half (from top to bottom) of the photo.
In the center top of the windshield (or, perhaps it would be better to say, ‘through the windshield ‘) there is a ‘Stop’ sign, every bit the municipal lollipop that you might imagine, were we all to end up in a good-natured Bosch painting (or perhaps an updated version of the animated movie, ‘Yellow Submarine’ (which, for the record, you couldn’t not love, at least not while claiming to still be young))
The Stop sign is all octagonal officialdom and the street that passes perpendicular to the street we are on is visible as a smooth, grey-blue patch against the winter browns of the hay in a field on the far side of the street. To the right of the ‘Stop’ sign there is a square stone column. Not quite a tower or battlement, it’s the kind of decorative structure that used to be popular at the entrance of residential developments. There would be a pair, one on each side of the street. Perhaps it gave the residents a feeling of security that, should the need arise, a tall gate might be closed, the two stone structures providing a secure anchor point. Or something. For all of the popularity of gates on a residential neighborhood, an actual gated community in this part of the country is more the exception than the rule. As well it should be, what can keep strangers out serves just as well to keep people in. A prison is that which separates some from the others. The relative numbers determine the virtue.
Yes, Una is sitting in the front passenger seat and we can see her face for a change. As luck would have it, we are driving into the setting sun. The light provides the opportunity to see her face. The light causes her to rest (and protect) her eyes. They are nearly completely closed.
One can be forgiven for venturing, ‘A dog, do they ever completely close their eyes?’ And, (as) one, I might say, “a lot less frequently than you might think.” Even lying on the couch (or the bed or the floor) dreaming of slow-running rabbits, the activity in the eyes of a dog is surprisingly consistent.

Humor is a funny thing. (Remember in college, the discovery of new music and art was like that second step into the waves at the beach, the one that just preceded throwing yourself in to the water, knowing that the fun had to do with coping and not doing? In that case, the waves were there already and the fun was, (hopefully), to do what makes swimming in the ocean fun. Finding new music was, at that time, much the same… “hey! you gotta listen to this band, this song..wait  wait  this part coming up.” And you look at your friend with hope, as they get to the part you found so amazing and they’d get a look on your face that, in the alchemy of the friendships of the young, was a look of gratitude and brother/sisterhood as they discovered that you share one more thing in life.)

…yeah like that.

Stephen Wright

Woody Allen

(Sunday morning… 10:58 am)  ‘Hey I was just watching this with Phyllis and saw something that I never noticed. Diane Keaton (and her character Annie Hall) are the epitome of clarklike females. I won’t go into a long discussion other than to say, “Watch the scene (1:09 turn up the volume) where her parents suggest that Dwayne drive them to the airport. Annie leaves the scene but you can still hear her talking…” This Doctrine is truly a wonderful thing.


Jim Gaffigan

One Two Three


Thanks especially to Val. In one of her recent posts did some excellent poetry which reminded me that poetry is not necessarily distantly inaccessible. Shout-out to Carin who can actually do a whole TToT in verse. (damn!)

this guy

Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in  rage

with no leaves to blow.

(Soseki (1275-1351)

and maybe a painting or two.

oh man! A(nother) chance to illegally reproduce one of my favorite paintings!

Nighthawks is a 1942 oil on canvas painting by Edward Hopper that portrays people in a downtown diner late at night. (Wikipedia)

We better stop and take a count!

lets see… five plus Una and Phyllis minus the Sunday Supplement minus the Free Grat Item and minus SR 1.3 Holy Smoke!

6) Phyllis

7) Una

8) Sunday Supplement (check back tomorrow)

9) ‘Your Grat Here’  (anyone in a position of really wanting to participate but are not able to do a whole TTOT post…. you can borrow one of ours! No, serially, send it in and we’ll go right ahead and post it. We’re the Wakefield Doctrine where you can never be 100% of a lot of things. ya know?)

10) Secret Rule 1.3

We’re done!

Wait…. gotta shout out to Josie Two Shoes  hey! Josie! thanks for puttin on the ‘hop this weekend.

So you know how I keep saying, ‘learn the basic characteristics of the three worldviews and then look at the people around you?’ And, of course, by ‘people around you’ I mean anywhere, including music videos. And by characteristics, I mean, ‘by their posture and attitude, actions and reactions, from which of the three realities (that of the Outsider, the Predator or the Herd Member) would they seem to be relating themselves to the world around them?’

I submit this video. Good song, great illustration of the three worldviews. In the three lead guitar players you will see a clark, a scott and a roger.

The roger and the scott might at first be a little tricky. The clark? lol


hey! this is the TToT