what are you looking here for? this is a scott talking, studying ahead ain’t gonna help

Hey everybody! AKH-ette is back in the house!   


As you (should) know by now, we at the Wakefield Doctrine have been making a concerted effort to get the word on the street. You know, about how much fun and useful the Wakefield Doctrine can be when applied to our everyday lives. About how with a basic understanding of the characteristics of each group (clarks, scotts and rogers), anyone can understand everyone else!  You will know how those around you will act in virtually any situation. And you will understand what has never made sense to you about the people you work with, live with and/or are friends with. You will have the answer to the question, Why on earth would you do that/say that/feel that way?   

So let’s see who’s done their homework. Raise your hand if you think you know who you are. Anybody? (come on clark, come on out from behind the door.) We do not judge or criticize here at the Doctrine (be nice scott). Ok, maybe a little teasing from time to time (we’ll be gentle with our new readers/contributors). But it’s all in fun. Or it might just piss you off  enough to leave a frickin’ comment (come on scott, not again. Our new readers are not looking for a pissing contest). Maybe defend one of your own (roger). If you’re still confused and feel that you identify with all three types, you are on the right track. It is the predominance of qualities that make us one or the other…the overall ‘style’ that makes one a clark or a scott or a roger.   

So hop on over to the Wakefield Doctrine and discover which of the three (clark, scott or roger) both you and those around you are. Remember that eureka moment I was talking about last time we got together? Well here’s one from me: when all of a sudden you find yourself saying “….no wonder why he’s always so loud and has to be the center of attention… he’s a frickin’ scott!!!”   

Now run little ones and find your own. And don’t forget to share them.    

  “…you’re damn right I said that!!” 





you can't pronounce 'scott' without the (silent) HEY!

Alright people…. listen up…

Today it’s time to give writing paper “CY” a big welcome.

She has been disciplining herself to the ways of the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) and has discerned that she is a self-proclaimed clark. Way to go CY! Can’t wait to hear from you.

I’m sure that at this stage of the game she has already figured out “who” some of you are.

Wouldn’t you like to know? Then you know where to head.

Also have to give props to my man, Doug Borden for directing me to places where, in one instance, we have a reader/writer of the Top 5 Websites with Fun and Insightful Psychological Tests (makeuseof.com) who has created a link to the Wakefield Doctrine. Yes folks, it’s real! And the word is spreading. So jump on the bus. We promise it will be a great ride.

Oh, and by the way, once you think you’ve figured out “who” you are, you can purchase a one-of-a-kind hat (for your damn head) for only $19.51. Hell, it’s a steal. And with Christmas right around the corner it makes a great stocking stuffer. So start reading the damn posts already.    

“…you’re damn right I said that!!”


MS. AKH? you have the floor

“I’m thinking maybe we need to come up with some more “buzzwords” that are included when a person is directed to the Wakefield Doctrine website.

It (the blog) already contains  the Wakefield Doctrine, personality, clarkscottroger. Not that those aren’t good, but they are very specific to the site and make it harder for us to appear in more popular searches related to “behavior”,” theory”,” personality” But they should be words that appear frequently. For example, if you’re directed to the Wakefield Doctrine web site, it’s because of the words that describe it, i.e.

Theory, 3 personality types, 3 human behaviors.

Both the search words and the words in the description (“welcome to…..” ) need to appear in each.”

“Maybe if we added something to “the Wakefield Doctrinetheory of clarks…. ” For example, theory of 3 distinctive personalities and their behavior.

“Personality”, “personality type” and “behavior” are popular searches.

So if , in addition to, “Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of ….)”, we add something like “a fun place to understand the theory of 3 personality types and their behavior.”   Maybe experiment by adding those words to the description/introduction on the website. It can always be changed.”

“The words in bold would be what directs a person unknowingly to our website, among others, without looking specifically for it under “the Wakefield Doctrine.. They would be using search terms like “personality type”, “human behavior”, “personality”, “theory”

I don’t know. Just thinking.”

“…you’re damn right I said that”…



Ms. AKH? You have something you want to say?

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the Good…the Bad…Decide Right Now!!*****Animal Shows*****

OK second installment of essay writers online this oh-so, so-so popular Feature in which we examine ’em, the most reliable of cultural markers….cable TV shows.  

This week: Animal Shows  

Our cialis cheap Contestants are:  







Whale Wars                    rogers…a ship full of rogers going up against a muderous ship full tadalafil no prescription of……not so jolly……rogers………..aarrrh  

Dog Whisperer  Cesart Millan. Interesting thing here is not that Cesar is a scott, the interesting thing is that when he goes to a family’s home to do whatever he do to the dog, the wife is virtually always a clark!
I suspect I know the reason, but it is more fun to just watch and you will see clear examples of the realtionship dynamic between a scottian male and a clarklike female.  (Husband is almost always a roger, big surprise there, lol)  

Dogs 101 simple plot…dogs 3 different breeds per episode, it is the humans we are after, of course. No real star here, just some ‘experts’ who are there to do Commentary on each of the breeds being profiled.

Interesting note, when it comes to breeders/handlers: male = scott, female = roger. Hardly a scottian or a clarklike female to be found among them.  


Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Hey Marlin!

I been watchin you….an I know you been watchin me….  

Animal Shows…which ones are the animals?…