TToFreeze -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘The sun blazing in futile effort to warm the earth, the sky a distant blue’ (landscape orientation) Along the bottom third of the photo is a road on the left and a snow-covered farm field on the right. The field is marked by a wire fence. The wire is invisible in the photo, the posts are not. They are stuck into the earth, forming a row running from the bottom to the middle, disappearing into the horizon as fences are so well disposed to do.



An almost wordless Post. (…for the moment).

(a day or so ago):


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(c. 2013)

This has been a Ten1 Things of Thankful Nearly-Complete post. Thanks to Josie Two-Shoes for keeping this thing going and to L. Lewis for the starting this thing back, like more than three years ago.



1) Phyllis, the Wakefield Doctrine, the Book of Secret Rules (the Secret Book of Rules), the Graviteers, modern technology, Una and SR 1.3…. naturally


Story; Six Sentences (in length) -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

This is zoe’s bloghop ‘Six Sentence Story‘.

She invites all to participate and write words and stuff.

You know, words in a sequence that result in (a) Reader picturing, imagining and/or feeling something (ideally related to the sequence of words).

Come on! Whatcha got to lose?


By the secret rules that govern the land of the near-awake, the sound assumed a place, a role, if you would, in the man’s dream; it was a dream that, up until this point, that had been thoroughly un-remarkable.

However, not content to be a mere ‘walk-on character’ (in an admittedly) mediocre play, the sound grew in volume; a shout becoming a roar, the roar, finding no resistance above, dove into the earth and there, became huge.

Unfortunately for our dreamer, a sound that grows in volume, in the absence of understanding it’s cause (and therefore, it’s location), signifies the approach of a threat.

The rest of the man’s dream became irrelevant, now a story with a much simpler a plot: to escape.

Just before the sound had grown so large (and threatening) as to tear itself free from its placenta of non-knowability, it’s origin was established… on the street that ran past the man’s house.

Winter started, with both a roar and a whimper.



January 1, 2018 -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Una and Phyllis sitting on the bridge at the pond on a single-digit temperature afternoon.’
(landscape orientation)
Three quarters of the photo is of winter-bare trees, background woods and a snow-covered bridge identifiable as such by the repeating divisions of the top surface, as the snow is so light and dry as to allow the gaps between each plank to show dark. Una and Phyllis are in the lower right quarter of the photo. Una is the triangular shaped fur-covered lifeform who appears to be smiling, if for no other reason than she has the quality of living in the moment. Phyllis is the blue, black and grey shape to Una’s left. Phyllis is smiling as she is practicing the way of life that permits such a response, despite the conditions of the external world at the moment.
I am behind the camera assuring both that ‘that’s a great shot! it’s a wrap’.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a perspective; inherent in all perspective is a new way of understanding.

the Wakefield Doctrine is a tool; (one definition) of a tool is, ‘an artifact created to enhance and multiply the intended effect of an effort’.

the Wakefield Doctrine is fun; fun has been defined as ‘the byproduct of relating ourselves to the world around us in a manner that meets the external demands of the world while leaving the opportunity to be creative‘.

Thanks and a big shout-out to Friend of the Doctrine, Cynthia for her ‘first of the year clarity statement’ Which simply means that, as a clark, she has captured the spirit shared by all clarks.

Two and an eighth clarks….*
Cynthia and Una and John.
Una is sitting in her chair at the head of the table. Cynthia is standing to Una’s right. John is on the left side of the table, mostly ‘out of frame’.
No one is looking at the camera.
of course

As per the above definition, the work in the Summer of the years past illustrates that one (circumstance’s) effort (and labor (and expenditure of energy)) is fun when those involved contribute (creativity includes assembly) to producing a thing of utility and value.

And so, in the time that unfolds into the next culturally arbitrary division of time aka the ‘New’ Year, we here at the Doctrine will take up our friends challenge to have an effect on the world by finding ways to become a more and better self.

(Clearly that admonition is hypo-grammatical both literally and figuratively.)

The third ‘definition’ of the Wakefield Doctrine above mentioned fun. It is. Fun. For example, from one of the earlier posts in the blog, a discussion of jobs.

All jobs, employment, occupations, avocations, professions, missions, crusades, escapades and ways that we chose to earn money fall into one of three categories:

Scientist, Salesman and Machine Operator.

  1. Scientist is (for our purposes) the one who wants, no, make that needs to discover the unknown and upon discovery wants to share it with others. clarks, it has been noted elsewhere are the creative one of the three, creative in the purest sense of the word.
  2. Salesman is the one who wants to change others, to get them to conform to his/her will.  A scott will get others to do things just because if she is the one directing others then no one is directing her.
  3. Machine Operator is a person who believes that the only tasks worth doing is the one with a defined set of variables, anything from engineer to accountant to musician.  Rogers tend to be the most excellent of musicians from a technical standpoint. (If you had a band comprised of a clark, a scott and a roger, the scott would be the ‘front man/woman’, the roger would play lead and the clark would play rhythm (but also be the main songwriter).

So get out there and look around.  What do you like to do for work or for fun? I guarantee that whatever it is, it will fit into one of these three jobs and more than likely it will correspond to whatever it is you are (clark or scott or roger).



Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

This is (our contribution) to (zoe’s) bloghop, the Six Sentence Story.

Each Thursday a new prompt word. Each week a story, six (and only six) sentences in total length. (Thank god for semicolons!)


The hands resting on the open lesson planner were worn and wrinkled, with the exception of the nails and cuticles that were so perfect as to force the image of a young girl grasping an ancient tree trunk, fingers lying, protected, between the ridges and grooves of ancient bark.

Whispered exclamations and quiet laughter grew in volume in the corridor and, like broken houses ripped from the once-dry earth by flood waters, exclamations of ‘No way!‘ and ‘Did you hear about Zacharia?!‘ punctuated the sounds of a school’s worth of children returning from Christmas vacation.

Sister Cletus had learned, more years ago than her pupil’s parents had years, that the first students entering the classroom were never a reason to be on her guard, rather like a tsunami, it was the wave that followed the first hint of flooding that she needed to watch; her smile was an inner celebration with the generations of children who were the reason she enjoyed the privilege of teaching the sixth grade at St. Dominique’s school.

The source of the commotion was, to the nun’s surprise, Zacharia Renaude, who had earned, at a price beyond any adult’s understanding, a reputation for being quiet and deferential; she resisted the impulse to smile in secret recognition of the boy’s true nature, a frown was the gavel of her trade and symbol of authority as she prepared to bring order to the class.

Zacharia was looking down at his classmates in the back of the room as they began to file upwards along the four aisles of desks, like mercury in a row of thermometers, only in reverse order to their temperament and personalities; standing now, Sister Cletus could see the six inches of empty space between the floor and the boy’s feet.

He looked up with an expression both sheepish and proud, eyebrows rising in an appeal for approval; the very old nun smiled and said, “Mr. Renuade, if you don’t cease your shenanigans, I will have no choice but to suspend you immediately!”



TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (lets get this shindig started! yo ho ho… It’s Christmas arrr!)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Is it just me or does Christmas Day falling on a Monday feel odd, somehow?

Right now, though, it’s the weekend and that’s never an awkward time.1 And, now that we’ve grown and matured and learned whatever life lessons we encountered, we can set on back and enjoy a weekend of writing about gratitude, Gratitude, to go out on a limb and ‘pronounce’…is the emotional manifestation of our acceptance that life itself is already complete, that we but have to open ourselves to it. Of course, ‘opening oneself (to life)’ is inherently risky. The problem being that accepting life does not, generally speaking, permit us to specify which parts, elements, features, people, places and things we want and which we do not want to acknowledge. Taking the good with the not-so-good appears to be the rule.

Enough of the metaphysics. It’s Christmas. (lol…. for my more agnostic friends)

Josie Two-Shoes is the hostinae of our weekly get together and she has, in the last year, done yeoman’s work in making this ‘place’ available and welcoming to all who would participate. (Which is only as the Founderette, L.L.2 would have it.)


1)  Total Number with a bullet  The end of Winter. This week the shortest day of the year lay on our icy doorsteps, clung to our shoes and slowed the day until the very end. And that early setting of the sun marked the beginning of Summer. Because, if Winter is about anything, it’s about the retreat of life, hiding from the cold. The days become longer now, each and every day. Maybe just a few minutes a day, but I’ll take it.

2) Una

3) Phyllis I will credit with having an marked open-mindedness to the more….clarklike elements around the house. Especially this time of year. Christmas involves presents, both large and small, and, as we all know, presentation is a high value feature in the world of the Herd Members. And so, I make an attempt to join in. Phyllis keeps the wrapping paper and such in a closet and each year, I grab a bunch and attempt to wrap her presents in manner I hope she finds entertaining. I may have succeeded this year. Following is a group photo (of presents) and a close up of the apparent winner of the worst wrapping award (“Two years running! Thank you, thank you very much…”)

Nominee for ‘Worst Wrapped Christmas, 2017’

(Landscape Orientation)
The box containing the present is of a rectangular shape and is the center of the photo, sitting on a shelf, long side down.
The box is red and has the design of a belt and buckle on it’s top. The buckle is of a design associated with Santa Claus (broad black leather, the buckle is large, square and silver.)
The belt and buckle design is ‘across’ the thin side of the box, which it to say running up and down across the top.
The ‘wrapping’ consists of three pieces of silver reflective wrapping paper that has red and white spiral figures (against the silver background). These spiral figures shout ‘Christmas’ (with just a whisper of ‘Umbrella Corporation’ lol)
One of the three strips (of an un-even rectangle shape) is taped horizontally across the bottom of the top of the box. There is a second, almost wedge-shaped piece of the same wrapping paper, running on an upward diagonal. it extends to the upper right corner of the gift box.
The third element of this gift wrapping is more disturbing. In the upper left quarter of the top of the present, it is not laying flat as the other two, badly taped pieces of wrapping are.
This third thing is taped at one end but rises off the plane of the top and, with several folds, loops back down to touch the top of the box.
oh my

4) Very enjoyable call-in last night with Cynthia and Denise  Q: How many layers of reality is required by a clark to ‘take a selfie’? A: photo below:


5) The writing thing. Mostly the part where I get to discover characters and, with patience and a willingness to suspend disbelief3, watch the characters become kinda real. Example? Sure, real quick (and weird). So I was sitting around, not able to think of anything to write and I thought, ‘Sister Catherine, she’s about 45 years old and born in Ohio. I wonder where?‘ As luck would have it, as I googled Ohio, up pops Miami Children’s Home .. Next thing you know, I’m thinking, ‘She was raised in the orphanage.’ Ok. that’s not so weird, lots of fictional characters are raised in orphanages. Then, for god knows what reason, I googled ‘the 1960s in Ohio’ and discovered that the Beatle’s last US tour had a stop in Toledo in 1966. Naturally I thought, suppose, somehow, Sister Catherine’s mother snuck out of the house and went to the concert, met someone and got invited to the after concert party and, as they say in the Victorian novels, ‘ended up in a family way’. So, I’m thinking, ‘that’s pretty reasonable.’ And I clicked on this link  and, I was ‘damn! how cool is this writing thing?

6) Reserved for Free Thankful Posting*

7)* (that’s where, if there’s anyone out there reading and not feeling up to writing a whole post, but has an Item of Thankful they believe everyone would enjoy hearing about, they need only send it on in (as a comment) and it goes right to Number 6!)**

8)** (we prefer the term, ‘Creative Item of Gratitude re-alignment and tre-classification… as opposed to, say, “Hey! that Doctrine guy just took one Item and turned it into three on his list! That’s not fair. Isn’t anyone gonna call him on it?!” Everyone else kinda stand around not saying anything; time, silence and positive energy combine in a most pleasing way (like a BLT) and, finally someone, zoe, perhaps or maybe Kerry turns and says, with a smile, “You’re welcome to talk to him. He won’t mind. We’ve all learned that a little tolerance goes a long way. Zoe here, once a very, very long time ago, tried to talk to him. The result was, shall we say, interesting. But, by all means go ahead, we won’t stop you! But…but before you go, you might want to look at the item at Number Nine? It’s quite an…. fascinating view on blogs and blogging.”)

9) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)

10) SR 1.3

yeah, it’s like, a present… click this thing

1)  unless you’re a clark, that is, in which case, it’s surely the best of times, the worst of times

2) yeah, there is a certain Victorian, Dickensian vibe to the initials

3) yes, I do realize that phrase is originally referring to the Reader, rather than the writer, but the fun is when you apply it to yourself as you learn about your characters.