TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- (un-numbered, photo-centric and all over the place… but, still Ten Things)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Better look to the bottom of the post for this image to make any sense, at all.

1897 Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


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‘A playground of giant Lindy pens, blue plastic bottle caps and bubblegum-pink slide’
A pastel schoolyard. Swings and rings, climbing castles and a table and benches under a dark blue canopy.
The sand is the color of a beach that’s just a little too far from the water. The wall of trees and bushes look like a green castle wall.


‘A ancient barge stranded on land’.
Perhaps following a storm, or maybe due to the captain’s inattention, the sea has retreated, a once far-roaming ship rests, land-bound on a tired foundation.
It now tries to find purpose and value as a building.’

‘A view of a horizon so distant it bends under its length, sinking down to the far side of the world’


‘A glass shield guards the entrance to a church. The altar at the far end is lit from behind, the internal space, with curved-ribs showing above, looks like a boat turned upside down. When the faithful gather, this vast hull, fashioned to carry them above the depthless water, now prevents direct access to heaven.’

Weddings and Receptions and the Doctrine, oh my.

Next to airport terminal, there surely is no more  enjoyable a place to observe people, (through our favorite perspective, the Wakefield Doctrine), than a wedding reception. Phyllis and I were at Table 10 which was on the outer edges of the main concentration of tables in the banquet hall. It was perfect. We could see the whole room from where we sat, without having to turn in our chairs.


Speaking of weddings and churches and such. While not inclined towards organized religions, my people* are adept at appreciating both ceremony and demonstrations of faith. So I’ll take advantage of the apparent theme of this week’s post to provide a lead-in for my favorite gospel singer, Fred Hammond.

*  you know, clarks**

** lol no, you’re correct.That footnote was not intended for clarks… rather for scotts and rogers.  Were there any scotts at our table? I’ll say. Actually it was rather interesting. We had one scott at the beginning. He talked and charmed and entertained and had a good time, (how could he do otherwise, as scotts are self-narrating). Then, lo and behold, the couple that came to complete our table? A scott and a clark. (male scott, female clark). The two scotts conferred and dealt (privately) with the matter of hunting rights and worked it out in typical scottian fashion, i.e. they took turns. (no! really! read your Doctrine!) They both roamed the room, the majority of their time spent apart. The dominant scott got to spend the greater time at our table. The clark that accompanied the scott was delightful. She was an example of why sometimes, including yesterday, I will turn to a close confidant, Phyllis, in this case, and ask, in total sincerity: “You’d tell me, if this Wakefield Doctrine, clarks, scotts and rogers thing was simply a projected figment of my imagination, wouldn’t you? Do you see the way she’s pressing her lips, rather than smiling, putting her hand in front of her face too often, laughing but turning away…. that’s not just me, right?”

10) Secret Rule 1.3 which states, in part, ‘the completion of items (be they photos or videos, music or poetry) that feels like at least Ten Items and are totally things you are grateful for, can, in and of itself, be counted as an Item. Tradition holds that this item be the final, deca-ulitmate1 Item in a given list. And… also if Una is mentioned.2



Come on! Join us… a bunch ‘a people we haven’t seen in a while are there!

1) not a ‘real’ word

2) or whatever life form of your preference


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

The blog is Six Sentence Story. The host is zoe. The prompt word is ‘FLUID’


The darkness is not the worst thing.

When I try to remember how I came to be here it’s like trying to tie frozen laces with fingers numb from the cold and you have to use the muscles in your arm to move your fingers; I know there was a time when I was not here, then pain, followed by being moved and finally, falling.

But the lack of knowing is not the worst thing.

I can feel something above me pressing down without touching, it started, before I knew I had a memory, with a dull booming sound, then it stopped.

But the silence is not the worst thing.

It’s not cold and it’s not warm, my skin and the air are in harmony, I feel the rising fluid only because one (countless) hair is gently pushed against the next, a shapeless folding close in a relentless caress, I can’t tell if it is blood or water; knowing that one might be of unlimited supply and the other is definitely not, that is the worst thing.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘A wooden dock and a salt pond’
(The reluctant darkness of inner Earth, freed for a day’s holiday, wrestles with the sun) A newer dock extends from shore out into clear, sky-relfecting water. You can tell it’s new(er) because the planks running horizontally up the dock are varying shades of green. The dock ‘recedes’ into the center of the photo and is bracketed by four square pilings, each topped with white ‘deca-something’ shaped caps. (They come to a point, the four sides of the post/pilings easily seen in the photo).
The salt pond fills the lower-center of the photo. Across the center a distant edge of land runs from left to right and divides the sea from the sky. This day there is less difference between the two than usual. The sky is filled with soft-mountains, in shades of white-almost-clear at the top of the scene down to dark as night, the weight of the clouds turning them into ‘almost earth’ at the bottom.

Before we begin, acknowledgments and shoutouts. First among acknowledgements would be Josie Two-Shoes, our host and safe-harbor provider. The blog invites all to share those elements, aspects, parts and sections of daily life that inspires and/or causes us to feel grateful. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Well, no, not necessarily. There are those among us who, while certainly recognizing the valuable and positive effects of such an exercise, might be inclined to think, ‘oh, man. suppose I can’t think of enough things or…or, maybe they really aren’t grateful things. And it’s up there for everyone to see.’ Not to worry. Two words: Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules). It is not a ‘part’ of the theme, it’s more a consensus among participants that, while every group activity has some level of rules, or direction or guidelines, the spirit of this exercise is the only critical element. The spirit of good intent. The BoSR/SBoR allows that anything goes provided the person claiming it’s imprimatur lets us know how much they enjoy it.

The primary photo was taken ‘at work’ today. Tell me that that doesn’t get me at least 3 Grats

  1. I have the opportunity to go to the shore, beach, and other water-related places in the course of doing my job
  2. Clients of long-standing, by definition, people I enjoy spending the time with
  3. Variety in the character and nature of the requirements and demands of the business I’ve chosen, (a line from Godfather I*)

Una and Phyllis

  1. Phyllis for providing the concrete in which I can anchor my more ethereal nature, like not using a wobbly table when attempting to build a really tall house of cards
  2. Una for being a role model for how to get the most from life and
  3. (deal) with the stresses that are a by-product of Item 3

Writing (‘Home and Heart’ and ‘Almira’) because of the things I come across in the process… take this story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well (please!) I found my way to that story as part of the exploring process to discovering where Sister Cletus was born (in central Croatia, around 1936). This part of learning to write surely warrants two mentions

  1. seeing paintings and photos that signify the reality of tales and stories that form the warp and woof of human history and culture. the sense of beauty (or horror) it might evoke in one person is not as critical as the fact that it becomes part of what people hold true down through the ages. The factual or imaginary elements have little or no significance, at least to one who believes in the power of perspective. That a (talented) person went to the trouble to paint the painting and it has survived and been enjoyed (for reasons esthetic and religious) says that it’s real.
  2. learning about things that are/were/could-again-be as awful as singularly expressed in the second photo, which (to my dismay), was a real thing.

‘Christus und die Samariterin am Brunnen’
Maria Anna Angelika Kauffmann RA (30 October 1741 – 5 November 1807)



Sisak children’s concentration camp was a concentration camp during World War II, set up by the Croatian Ustaše government for Serbian, Jewish and Romani children. The camp was located in Sisak, Croatia.


9) whoa, getting a little heavy here, for a gratitude blog hop. But I will leave my items in place. While there can be no denying the horror of the potential heights to which man’s inhumanity to man can soar, it exists, side by side with the good.

10) SR 1.3


*  Godfather I scene with Hyman Roth and Michael Corleone

(man, talk about the weird paths one encounters when writing stuff. As has been my practice of late, I’m going to include a music vid. The basis of its inclusion is the same as it’s always been, whatever is stuck in my head at the moment. the only effective way to get it to stop is to pass it along. ….you’re welcome)


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Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Six Sentences (in which a) Story (is crafted, using a prompt word which pops) UP (once a week).

zoe (and Joules sit and watch the mailbox, which is virtual in reality, however, in this little exercise it’s a big green mailbox with a red flag in the shape of a robin; when the postman, Silas Varnum, closes the front of the box, he pulls on a white cotton string that rings a small silver bell. It’s Joules’ second favorite sound).


“No, sorry, ain’t nobody by that name here.”

The man stood in the tiny yard, leaf spattered grass shaped like a staple, connected the low white fence to the front of the porch of the small house.

“You might want to try up by where the winter church use ‘ta be; stay on Hiawatha Ave ’til it turns back into Circuit Ave, across from the ball field at Veira Park.”

One hand at the top of his rake echoed unconscious dreams of muskets and cannon; his white dress shirt buttoned to the top, the smooth, slightly darker color of worn collar points and cuffs added decorative piping to the uniform of a member of the army of the retired poor.

The young couple looked at each other and, each within themselves, sought to picture the future in Oak Bluffs. He heard society’s tutor-commander silently insisting that he succeed and make something of himself, the better to provide for his family. She felt the briefest of kicks within and like the briefest flaring of a distant star, burned with a fierce certainty that their home was just up the road.


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Una and the Rose
(center-left foreground) A single red (and some other low-end of the spectrum colours) set like a precious stone in a circle of un-bloomed flowers.
(center-center) Una waits on all four legs and regards the camera with an alert expression, i.e. tail straight back parallel to the green grass and ears erect, triangles capturing all sound.

Each week Josie Two-Shoes hosts the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop, inviting everyone to share a list of people, places and things that have caused them to experience a feeling of gratitude. (It can be something as immediate as the still-hot cup on coffee to the right of your keyboard, or as time-worn as feeling of ‘rightness’ standing before the never-still ocean or even the spontaneous smile that appears when a dog wags their tail at you. She, (Josie, not the dog), provides an environment that encourages the comfortable exchange of these experiences, no matter what the background, temperament, mood or state-of-mind of the participant.

And that is where the TToT stands apart, in the way it encourages creativity of expression. As with any (other) art, and I will maintain that a bloghop like the TToT is very much an exercise in creative writing, some writers employ a style that speaks to the purity of simplicity, for example, those of Kristi or Pat. Then, there are those who have that gift of seeing the ordinary and taking it in an unexpected direction. Mimi does this with her thematic TToTs… (the first time I read one of them, I was like, ‘what??! lol… what a cool idea.‘) Others are conversational and reading their TToT posts is like being invited over to their house and just hangin out and getting all up on things, ordinary and extraordinary. Our host Josie and Kerry do this with a natural ease that cannot but bring a smile.

And then, there are the rest of us, (lol… I know! zoe is sitting back smiling, ‘hey Joules… get the popcorn! stat!)  I thought to myself, this morning, I thought, ‘ok what would be a little different…’)

P V Q S P S A A T J G E M M X 
H F I V E R T E N G U G I B U 
Y D Y R I N N O R U X N N M J 
L D L M T R T A R B E E D B X 
L G L E E U V E W Y T L F L C 
I A N T I I A O N E L L U X R 
S V N I T F R L C C L A L I D 
O I H Y V K E H W N E H N S R 
O C E A N I N K D O I C E N M 
Q P Z V D O R V A J R O S E H 
K P C H L Z Q D C W J L S D J 
E S U O H E E R T T O T D R O 
I K G G E D O C T R I N E A S 
D Y A I H T N Y C R S O B G I 
C X C V X H X O F W V E T J E 



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