TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘tv tropes, cover songs and photos of dogs’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

(“uh oh…someone’s phone camera got switched to artsy”)*
*or worse…thinking, ‘what photo would be really difficult to describe in 25 40 words or less
Landscape orientation.
A line of blue with ambitions of pure white light, angles downward against a background of black. Our conceit is to call the black the background to the light, our bias against (and fear of) the dark never far away.


1) Funny about the passage of time… I ‘was there’ when this song first came out. It was on Simon & Garfunkel’s monster (gentle monster) of an album, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’. I didn’t pay it much attention, as I was just entering my ‘I know, if only I… then life will makes sense’ phase (aka High School-College). That ellipsis? In this case, its: ‘learn to play guitar and get in a band’. As with many things, with time my appreciation of music broaden. By the ’80s I’d come to like the song, then with onset of my writing jones, the lyrics become the basis of my enjoyment. This morning, as I drove to the office listening to one of my college stations, I heard the Dobro intro. I recognized the song immediately, of course, and then the amazing vice of Alison Krauss… and, I was all, damn! what a good cover, I gots to put it on the TToT

2) I was originally thinking about the Beverly Hillbillies, because humor, like music appreciation, changes with time.

3) Una and Phyllis

4) Bella and Phyllis

5) Ola and Phyllis
















6) Josie …at Number 6? well, sure, ’cause who makes it to Number 3, never mind Number 6 in a List of Ten Things of Thankful without knowing where they are, who the person responsible for the hard work in keeping a bloghop like this live and online is and what the Rules are?  …. oh, yeah, this is the Wakefield Doctrine…. those Readers are likely to get this far without a proper introduction.

7) Open Item: Anyone interested in getting theys feet wet on this grat blog but don’t have 10 Items ready, send me your Grat Item as a Comment and I’ll put it here.

8) Sunday Supplement Watch this space tomorrow! (not now, stop watching? you can’t look until then… now cut it out. Sure, go down to Item 9….)

“How can there be straight lines with the Earth being round?”

9) Feast of Saint Roger (aka Thanksgiving)

10) 1.3 (in the Book of Secret Rules, aka the Secret Book of Rules)


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Finish the Sentence Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Sometime in February/March of 2013, I worked up the nerve to participate in my first bloghop, Finish the Sentence Friday. Hosted at that time by Janine, Kate, Stephanie and Dawn, joining in marked a transition in my online life. Up until then, starting June 9th 2009, (come on, everyone remembers their first blog post…right?), I devoted my time in the ‘sphere to writing posts about the Wakefield Doctrine. For whatever reason, I worked up the nerve to go over to their blog (yeah, the high school metaphor’s been with me from, like, the minute I turned the computer back on.*) and I wrote my first Finish the Sentence Friday post.

Since that time, I’ve met some very remarkable people and have become friends with many of them. And that’s where the temptation to indulge in metaphor begins. Meeting new and interesting people, not something I’m naturally inclined to do.

“But it wasn’t a dream — it was a place.

         And you — and you — and you — and you were

         there.” (Dorothy Gale)

Kristi was gracious enough to invite me to co-host the Finish the Sentence Friday bloghop this week. In part, because I’d returned to joining in on Fridays and, one Friday, a few weeks ago, I threw out a sentence fragment in a comment and Kristi replied, ‘Hey, I like that! That might make a good sentence fragment.‘ So, here we are.

(Can’t say enough about Kristi other than, if I knew about her and wasn’t already a friend, I’d be too intimidated to introduce myself. But that’s getting ahead of the sentence fragment. Suffice it to say, Kristi Campbell is one of the most able women I know. I consider myself fortunate in being allowed to hang out here. So join Kristi and me at the best of all bloghops…. the Finish the Sentence Friday.

“A study released by the Department of HHS reports that most people consider their online relationships comparable to their social experiences in high school… this is true because….”

...For some of us, the virtual world is not simply a place drawn in phosphorescence and LEDs, binary yes(s) mating with stubborn no(s), a place of mathematical precision and statistical approximations of feelings and intuition. For some of us, its a reality of metaphor and stories. The world online is a place where the social contract has been stood on its head.

In our lives (in the real world), when we interact with others: visiting relative’s homes, running into our children’s teachers at the convenience store or meeting friends at the mall, our personal lives are subject to immediate validation. Your car sits in the parking lot, your children wear the clothes you pick out (or not,depending on age) and your life is a page in an increasingly public record.

In the virtual world, however, we are, in a very real sense, a story we tell those we meet. When we interact in the various locales such as Twitter or Facebook or on bloghops such as this one, we tell our story. The virtual world, at least the parts that I frequent, is very much a world of words and writing, stories and imagination, risk and rewards.

It’s a secret rule of life that the rate of meeting new people and making friends is inversely proportional to age. In the real world. there are only so many people who can fit into the: work places, schools, daycare, health clubs, churches, neighborhoods, supermarkets, doctor’s waiting rooms, therapists offices, barracks, bunkhouses, cells, wards and three-bedroom-colonials-on-a-quarter-acre-with-a-really-great-HOA. When limited opportunity butts heads with escalating demands on our personal time, is it any wonder that 80% of our real world friends are those we met back when we were still in school?

Then there is the virtual world. Available anywhere and anytime. And with more people (on the other side of the screen) than you could fly over in a plane on a four-hour flight.

And,(to try to establish the basis for my post….finally), just as it was in high school; when we arrive in the world-online, a social environment is waiting for us to negotiate, navigate and accommodate. There are people already here. They’ve been here long enough to establish their own little corners of the ‘sphere. Some of the people on the ‘net we meet because they on in our path. I mean, you have to get into line in order to get lunch, right? And, if you’re in line to get lunch, eventually you have to come out of the serving area and face a room (small or huge) of people eating lunch. Already seated. At their own tables. With their friends.

(lol  ok, so my own experiences with high school are not exactly 100% positive.) But I made it through those years. And now, a lifetime later, I find myself in a social environment that, with only a little imagination, looks a lot like high school. The difference is not that ‘I am older and mature and know better.’ That would be the easy and not-overly productive way out. The difference is that I choose to see the metaphor because it allows me to see myself in a slightly different perspective than might someone, (a roger, for example, who might say, ‘Dude! it’s the internet. You’re an adult. Stop with the make-believe, the trying to relive the past‘) who does not see the common points between past experiences and present reality. And the Wakefield Doctrine is about nothing, if it’s not about taking advantage of varying perspectives on the world in the service of becoming a better person.

Anyway… the value, (for me), of indulging in the conceptual metaphor of ‘the blogosphere as high school’ is that it allows me to make different choices and, by doing so, come to accept that ‘experience does not define the entire person’. My personal history, the social one inferred in this post, is not the summation of my potential. It is a description of choices I’ve made. The unfortunate thing about life is that, for some of us, when we look at the choices we’ve made (some consciously, others under duress, still others under the influence of others), we feel that they define us.

This time around, I’m finding it a little easier to be uncomfortable around others. I’m more willing to take risks, despite how foolish a part of me says I am. And, as a result, I have a bunch of friends that I might not otherwise had and, from that, I become a better person.

Thanks Kristi!


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday bloghop post. Come on! Join in…. you’ll be glad ya did. Get on over to Finding Ninee and tell ’em the Doctrine sent ya.



* I remember writing my first post in large part because of what happened when I completed the process. So, I wrote and I edited and did all the things that we all do, Then came the moment… to hit ‘Publish’. I went through a number of clarklike changes and finally hit the button. I then reached down, turned off the computer, got up and went down to the garage, got in my car and drove away from my house.  Eventually I returned and turned on the computer and the rest has simple.

** Outsider (clarks), Predator (scotts) or Herd Member (roger)


SSS -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

This is the Six Sentence Story bloghop. Hosted by zoe each and every Thursday, the object is to write a story that is six, (and only six), sentences in length. The stories are based (inspired by, centered on, using, referring to and/or thinking-in-the-back-of-your-mind-‘sure!-this-is-related-to-that-word’) on the prompt word she provides each and every week.

(This week I’m praying that the word relates to High School and/or the blogosphere, ’cause I’m scheduled to co-host the FTSF with Kristi Campbell the next day….)

So, lets go look and see what we have…


(…marble…. marble?!! oh man.)


“Cardinal de Bilhères I am sorry, but Signore Buonarroti is away,” Giuseppe Torrigiano smiled to himself as he allowed the Cardinal to push past him into the studio.

“Your master accepted my commission to create the finest funeral monument the Eternal City has ever seen, the Madonna and her Son, fashioned from Carrara marble, its place in the Chapel of Santa Pertronilla has been prepared; what do I need him for, he has completed his work, no?”

“Well, yes and we, Michelangelo’s assistants, have adopted the name, ‘the Pieta and the Child at Play’, but that is what I need to explain; your original letter was written in French and, well, the Italian word for marble is very, very similar in spelling, especially the plural form.”

The old priest and the young artisan stepped into the studio just at the moment the noonday sun created the perfect illumination, a shaft of light spreading downwards from the clerestory windows to bathe the sculpture. The Virgin Mary, smiling with a beatific sadness, her graceful robes flowing to the ground looks down upon her Child before her. The young Jesus stares with divine joy at colorful orbs scattered before Him; crouching forward, hands rendered in such exquisite detail one can easily see the Child’s thumb cocked against a fore finger as he prepares to propel one clear glass orb careening into the of array cats eyes, swirlys and other colorful marbles.



(because this is one of those strange Sixes, the following link: Pietà )




TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘there, all set for the weekend.’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Una’s garden ready for Winter’s white quilt.’

The Ten Things of Thankful (TToT) bloghop was created by L Lewis way back in 1997. Given the fact the blogosphere had not been discovered, (or at least as well mapped as it is now), there was little participation. Her idea was a sound one and so, it survived until the (virtual) world caught up. Fast forward to sometime in the early 21st C and the Founderess realized that the time(s) were right. As is the case with many trailblazers, pioneers, experimenters, outsiders and explorers, L. tried it out on herself first. A one (wo)man blgohop. Word got out and soon people started gathering around.

hey! Here’s the line up in 2013: *

* I had 27 TToT post comments circa 2013. Except for a few people who switched from blogger to wordpress (I’m looking at you, zoe) and one or two who got to all the old Yearbooks with a pair of scissors… (totally looking at you, Considerer). But the rest? All of the links lead back to the original TToT post at their respective blogs. I looked (and I followed the links on a couple) and thought, ‘Man! This is good for at least 3 Grat Items.’ But then I got this ‘err, clark? Just a smidge on the wrong-side of edgy… maybe a little stalky, don’t ya think?’ and I had to agree. So if you want to find the wardrobe to 2013, ya gotta discover it for yourself.

Today the TToT is made available each week courtesy of the hard work and positive vibes of Josie Two Shoes. It may seem a simple thing, but given the attention and, more than anything, the energy that it takes to get this herd of hyper-literate cats heading in one direction? Way more than most of us are able to muster. Thanks, J!

On with the Grats!

1)  The secret history of our-own-selfs inherent in the above-referenced blog posts. Available to all of us who have the necessary curiosity, spare time and rainy day.

2) The natural reticence of clarks. One of the qualities of clarks that makes it so difficult for us to participate in a free and open society/culture is our reluctance to reveal information about other people. That person you, (and everyone else), knows who’s a good listener? …yep, a clark. While we’re way too free with the information we squirrel away every waking moment, we are loath to pass along what we consider to be personal information, which tends to be everything except that which everyone already knows. Problem comes from society/culture being grounded, in part, in the exchange of valued information. On the positive end of that spectrum: an open and caring environment with people sharing their lives freely; on the negative end: gossip.

3) Seems to be a Wakefield Doctrine sorta TToT. So let’s make Number 3: the Wakefield Doctrine.

4) We got a new furnace this week.


5) Kerry. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to meet her here in the ‘sphere. And I’m grateful for the thing I’ve been doing with photos. The ‘description’ thing? That’s been a challenge, a benefit and a way to practice the writing thing, a direct result of knowing Kerry. Actually.

6) …gotta give props to Kristi on this. She was my inspiration to do something more with photos on my TToT posts. (Some people are good and make sure you know it. A much, much smaller number of people are good and don’t expend any energy in self-promotion. They do good things for people because that’s who they are.) I’m not certain when she started writing descriptions as captions to her photos, but once I noticed, I thought, ‘Hey! What an excellent thing to do. I bet I can do that!‘   lol, well, kinda. Kristi’s descriptions are direct, sufficient and simple to the point of being elegant. My own, well, it’s understood (because the Doctrine tells us), my people are more inclined to…. follow the path less travelled? yeah! I like that.

7) The Graviteers. Val and Joy, Kristi and May

8) Una

‘Looking for the path to Summer’
(courtesy of Robert Heinlein from the title of his most excellent time travel story, ‘Door into Summer’)

9) Phyllis

10) Secret Rule 1.3 (From the Book of Secret Rules, aka the Secret Book of Rules and states, in part: “[t]he completion of a list of Ten Items is, in and of itself, a legitimate Grat Item and, may, provided it conforms to all reasonable, conventional and standard practices in placement (on said List) be cited as an Item. The anticipation (and therefore manifestation) of the completion considered, from an achronicological perspective1, to have already occurred, despite, and, this constitutes warning to the Reader of the risk of infinite regression, the fact that it (the completion) cannot be said to exist until it is numbered, which can only follow the realization of the fact of completion.op.cit. ibid

Click here to join the expectant crowds gathering at Dutch Elm St.*

* totally lifted that last part from FireSign Theatre

1) Yes, it is understood that, given the non-rational nature of emotion, the world of the Herd Members (rogers) is, essentially, achronicological… so, the next time you’re have a ….’discussion’ with a roger and for some reason tempers are about to flare (like that‘that is to say, with a slightly more positive correlation as the sun rising in the morning, as opposed to the evening. ever happens with rogers) and they (the roger) suddenly get a distant look in their eyes, ask them, “What?” And even though they are not likely to answer truthfully, know that they (the roger) just flashed on some wrong done to them (real or imagined) when they were freshman in high school (or seniors in college, or just back from their honeymoon, or yesterday while standing in line at the Dunkin Donuts). And that moment is as real as whatever it is you two are arguing about.

(you’re welcome)

Who wants to hear some Biz Markie…ok, maybe some Falco?

Ok, if you insist, we’ll take a vote.


Still time to Vote!!


Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Wednesday day today!

Say the word with us…. buh….. bay….. ached… Baked!

Very good. zoe smiles and Joules grins crookedly, a twinkle in his eye. (If only life allowed thought balloons, his would most certainly be full of ‘AArrrs’ and camaraderie).

So, we good? Single word: BAKED Six sentences read in a row, a Story.

what are you waiting for, come on down! It’s fun, it’s exciteful.

(The music? from a previous draft of the Six, but after I wrote the current Six Sentence Story, I thought, ‘sure! that’s appropriate if I look back on the story, as opposed to it being representative of the contemporaneous experience.)


With the natural flamboyance often exhibited by third year college students blessed with a 3.5 grade point average and a Miller Analogy score of 460, the newest resident of Suite K announced, ‘I bring Hash oil’.

The boy standing with his back against the inside of the door watched as the pilot’s-mask-turned-smoking-apparatus made the rounds; hearing the phrase, ‘made the rounds’ in his head sparked a grin as crooked as an earthworm on a summer sidewalk. Almost immediately came the admonition, “remember your resolution, no more getting baked during Finals.’

Without being conscious of the transition between ‘there’ and ‘on my face’, he felt the grey elastic straps grasp the sides of his head, peered through the lenses of the mask and took a deep breath.

In the middle of the common room of Suite K, silence wrapped his head like a wet towel, he wondered how long it had been since he left the party and headed towards his own room. He saw through the still open door of his room, Room 115, the Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall, he looked back towards the room he’d just left and decided he had covered half the distance, which left approximately five more miles to go; with a smile of tenuous satisfaction, he continued his journey.