TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

An Illustration done by Gustav Doré for John Milton’s Paradise Lost. (that part is simple)(lol) The bottom two thirds of the drawing has angels falling into darkness. The center-most and therefore easiest to see angel has a sword in his right hand and his left hand to his head. He is falling backwards his wings spread, not helping any. The top third of the drawing shows an angel with a sword, backlit by a bright light, his wings are spread, his sword pointed downward. Clearly this angel is forcing all the others downwards, out of the light, into the darkness. nice guy



The weekend is the time of the Grats. Grats, as in, the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop (aka the TToT). Originally created by Lizzi Lewis, (the totally under-celebrated, great-grandniece of no lesser personage than CS Lewis*), as an exercise in the practice of gratitudaphila** Lizzi, much like Lara Croft, (except maybe, without so much gunplay, but certainly willing and able to take on villains), is off on adventures. We are fortunate that Josie has taken up the reins and is now the host and curatoress of this weekly exercise. The effort, in time and energy (and spirit) necessary to make a place like the TToT available, is not to be underestimated.

Ten things would be nice. As many things (of thankful) as you might. The guiding principle (imho) is that, bound by good intent, we all benefit from reading and sharing experiences, both from the week past and from the distant past. Plus, since the precise format is left to each and everyone one of us, it can be fun.

1) The internet. Totally earns first place in my appreciation this week. The adventure of looking up the photo at the top of the post. (For a clark, the internet is, like, the biggest used bookstore in the world…)

2) work (which I really need to stop with the writing and start). But I’m grateful for the flexibility of the business I’ve chosen.***

3) Garden. This week I started the aeration process. The soil in our area, (or at least our backyard), tends to clay, sand and gravel, so I’ll need to dig up the first 6 or 8 inches and mix in some loam and such (photo provided):


The letters, ‘U’, ‘n’ and ‘a’ showing as soil-brown against the surrounding green lawn. There are holes in the bare soil (that form the body of the letters) where someone apparently stuck a tool to make holes to allow the soil to be loosened.

4) the second half of the week has been rainy. Here is a photo of Phyllis’s treehouse


a distant view of a tree house at the end of a clearing in a pine forest. the foreground has white pines on the left and right and the center of the photo is a clearing with low shrubs just beginning to get new growth. the treehouse has walls of light-brown planks, a black-shingled roof and, in the front, stairs (4 steps up) to the open doorway.

5) and, of course, Una


Una sitting on her couch. the couch is brown leather which is reflecting the light from the window that it’s set in front of. this is where Una spends her time when one or both of us are home. on the back of the sofa is a beige quilt, the top of the back of the couch is washed out from the light. Una is surprisingly visible. She is laying, upright across the seat, her light-brown front legs are hanging over the edge of the couch, she is looking sorta at the camera, her mouth slightly open in the dog-smile they all do. her ears are upright triangles and her tail and back legs show from the lighting from the window

6) the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)  that business in Item 1? that clarks really like the availability of information (true and nonsense varieties), well, that’s sort of like saying, ‘fish like water’ or ‘scotts like loud, shiny objects that try to run away’…  It is fundamental to an appreciation of the worldview (aka personal reality) of a clark to realize that the endless curiosity exhibited by clarks is both an example of, and a manifestation of, their/our primary motivator, i.e. the need to acquire information, to learn things, to apprehend the new and unique. All is in the service of learning how to be real people. (I’ll leave it to the clarks among the participants of this ‘hop, to expand on that last). Best Illustration of a scott and a clark in a familiar real life situation (with commentary from glenn, a friend of the Doctrine and a scott with a significant secondary clarklike aspect): ‘One day glenn and his father were at the mall in Wakefield**** and as they approached the car, they saw a flyer under the windshield wiper. (As glenn tells it), “Well, naturally I was going to crumple it up and throw it on the ground, but my dad, who’s a clark, was standing there reading it!!!!”

7) The Rhode Island Romance Writers, my writers group meets on the first Saturday of the month. Today being that Saturday, I will be leaving. I’ll try to bring back something useful and/or interesting for Items 8 and 9



10) SR 1.3 (‘Voted the Best Secret Rule’ 3 Years running)

* well, define ‘true’ according to at least one online dictionary as:  ‘7:  logically necessary‘ (online dictionary motto: ” online and a dictionary, how can this be anything but true?!”

** not a ‘real’ word…yet

*** lol Hyman Roth to Michael Corleone in Godfather II

**** yeah, that Wakefield! (there really is one)




Six Hundred Character Word Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-…

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


the scene from my office window: 4 lane highway running right to left in the foreground, framed by my window. across the road a triangular building and to the right of that, a strip mall. top half is blue sky with grey and white clouds

This is Wednesday and that, up there, the title? Totally a Wednesday title. The thing is, I like to get started on writing my Six Sentence Story on Wednesday, even knowing that, the chances are, whatever I write here will not end up be my official entry. It’s just helpful (to me) to have words on the page before the deadline. Like walking through the door to a party or meeting that’s mostly strangers. You see someone you know, and, even if you can’t stand ’em, you’re like, ‘thank god, someone who I can pretend I’m talking to.’

(“Yes, you, down in front. You have a question?  Why don’t I just start on the Six Sentence Story and finish it before Thursday morning? Good question. Sometimes I do. But not that often, as my writing time seems to be the morning, as opposed to the afternoon or evening.”)

I have the word. The prompt word. It’s the kernel, it’s the essence of inspiration, the nascent glimmer of a beautiful scene, up ahead in the near, far distance. Our host zoe, trusting her sense of the sublime, scouring the dictionaries from seven continents to find the perfect word to start us on an incredible writing adventure. And the word? Well, the…

“The word is….. chicken.”

“Am not!”

“I think ya are.”

“Well, you just wait.”

“I am waiting.”

“Hold on, gimme a minute…ok watch this.”

(“Please stay on the line, what is the nature of your emergency.”)



Toosday -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘of new chapters and old reprints.’

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


a gazebo at the end of a wood-plank walkway, chainlink fences on either side. two outdoor benches are on the left and one on the right, about halfway to the end. the bushes along the walk and the sky suggest a seaside location. (that would be a correct suggestion)

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of ‘Home and Heart‘ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel) is out, available and can be read at jukepop. com

Thought I’d do a reprint post.

Hey, do you know that despite the fact that the Wakefield Doctrine does not base its inferences and predictions on the results of a ‘What’s your favorite color’, ‘If you could be any microorganism which would you be’ or even, “Someone has you cornered in a dark alley and, on the top of the garbage can next to you are three items: a hand mixer, a bent-corner copy of ‘Candide’ and…. what would you need to combine with the other two so that you could leave the alley as unscathed as you might desire?’

You know, those kinds of personality quizzes. The type of questionnaire that once was found in the back of magazines that never had an offer of subscription, lately is found on whatever secret pages in ‘the Facebook’ that give rise to postings that include the statements, “And then what happened will leave you shocked…” “And their comeback left them in…. (try shock)” or “I got (fill in the blank), that nearly always prompts one person to say to another, “Come here! You have to take this test, they so have your number!”  (At the Doctrine we call these personality assessments, ‘club-shaped mirrors’.

(July 18, 2013)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


I was ‘talking’1 to Considerer last night.

me:  “Considerings (the blog) has been real busy…you’re getting good reviews”

Lizzie: “It has been indeed!  At some point I’m hoping to reach a tipping point and snag a few more members/followers/groupies…  I have been pleasantly surprised, because I am trying to take your advice and learn rogerian (see my new tab when you get a chance)”

me:  “damn, I hate to see you spending all your time re-inventing the axle! You have the Doctrine down to the point that you should be out there pushing the boundaries of (our) understanding.”

So I told our newest DownSpring, write me a question (about the Wakefield Doctrine) and I might use it as a launching point in an effort to present where the hot topics and current challenges are in our efforts to learn, use and have fun with the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers.

(here’s Lizzie’s Question):

How you came up with such a thorough Doctrine. And whether or not all the Doctrine views are ‘but only through the eyes of a clark‘, in which case,what might the other views think (or would they?)”

My Answer: ‘No’

The Wakefield Doctrine is predicated on the idea of personal reality. Simply put, the totality of your experience of the world around you is more than the aggravation2 of objective facts, (who, what, where, why and when). Reality involves interpretation of the external ‘objective’ world. Nothing earth-shaking there. The Doctrine is concerned with, ‘how we relate ourselves to the world around us’. No one should have a problem with that as a starting point. The Wakefield Doctrine holds that there are three characteristic worldviews (those personal realities we spoke of just now). Since the Wakefield Doctrine purports to be a personality theory, we have three personality types. The difference between us and the mainstream personality systems that immediately appears, is that the Wakefield Doctrine is not particularly concerned with the individual (as a source of information to determine personality types) per se. Rather, the primary goal of a person employing our Doctrine is to infer which of the three worldviews are being experienced. If we correctly infer that a person is living in, (and has grown up and developed in), the personal reality that we call, ‘that of the Outsider’ then we have what we call a clark. (and so with the respective worldviews of the Predator and the Herd).

Where the work of the Wakefield Doctrine currently lies, is in our efforts to develop a language that can be understood by an individual (from) the perspective of any of the three worldviews.4
The three worldviews are different. They are different in terms of how they require a successful ‘inhabitant’ to relate to them. This is a qualitatively, fundamentally, scrumptiously different difference (between the three worldviews). Lets go with the bullet points:

  • clarks live in a worldview (in which) the individual is an Outsider. if you are an Outsider, what is the first thing that occurs to you to do?  what quality/capability/capacity found in (a) human being is best suited to this task? And while you are engaged in this effort what would you fear and what would you hope for
  • scotts live in a worldview (in which) the individual is a Predator.  what is the first thing that occurs to you to do? (now to expand on the line of reasoning we followed with clarks), how you describe the world to another person is a function of how you relate yourself to the world (that) you find yourself in, (we call this ‘how the worldview manifests’), from the perspective of having the world of the Predator to relate yourself to and, given the range of human expression available how would you be inclined to express yourself to those around you?
  • rogers live in the world of the Herd, the nature of the world for the person who lives in this worldview is relatedness  what would it be like, to look around at the people and the places and the things and the activities and the past and the future in a context in which everything (and everyone) is connected in some way?

The challenge of creating a ‘common language’ lies in the fact that in languages there are sounds and there are concepts that are exclusively the domain of one’s context, environment …world and is not necessarily even possible in the other two worldviews. And it is surely these ‘exclusive/characteristic/native’ concepts, that are critical to understanding/acting in/feeling the true nature of the three personal realities. For better or worse, the Doctrine maintains that we are all heir to the three ways to experience the world, so our job is to learn, understand, identify with, feel and do something with each of these distinct, though somewhat in common worlds.

We talk about our initial efforts to understand/act/feel the three worldviews as acquiring fluency. Only reasonable, no? You have three cultures that have only the biology of their inhabitants in common and you want to create a language that allows productive interaction between the three…first thing you better do is become fluent in each native language. Then find common ground. Then…then! try and convince those stubborn bastards that not only is this a good idea, but they will be better off once they learn to save the lava-walking and the witch-burning for their once-a-year culture celebrations and stand acting like the evolved people that we want to hang out with (and we promise to stop mumbling and hoping to be forgiven).

Any questions? Outrageous acts? Overwhelming Feelings?

(oh yeah!! new Readers?  clarks thinkscotts act and rogers feel.  If you have the kind of mind that enjoys playing with ideas and you have the sharpness of intellect that you will see when you look at Cyndi (the brilliant young clarklike female currently known as Cynthia) and Considerer and the others  you might just get something out of this!)

1) actually I was typing…not one of the more effective ways for me to communicate

2) a rogerian expression3


TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


The new ‘garden’ in the form of three letters cut into the turf of the side lawn. In dirt brown against the green grass, ‘U’, ‘n’ & ‘a’ spells, Una, of course

It’s Saturday when I type (the beginning of) this post. It may very well be Sunday when you read it. This is, of course, the Ten Things of Thankful bloghop. Originated by Lizzi Lewis, (still not admitting that CS is her great-uncle), now curated by Josie Two Shoes, it is a ‘place’ in the virtual world where people of (similar) mind and good intent gather each week for an exercise (in the cultivation) of gratitude, (both the attitude, outlook and emotion). If you’re new to the TToT, allow me of say, this is a serious effort for many, however, rarely is the word ‘serious’ intended as ponderous and humorless, which is so not the case. Sure there are rules, but they’re Secret! (lol the best kind!) The Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) has more blank pages than full, the ideal ratio. (BoSR/SBoR’s motto: “…in a jam? not sure if you can use an event or situation, stuck for items to make the Ten, not feeling overly grateful? There’s a Secret Rule for that! and if you can’t find it, make it up! just try to stick some op. cits., paragraphs and such, and if you can, whats really cool are [t]hose really odd [p]arentheticals.“)


1) the photo above is this year’s garden, pre-plants. Will be vegetables such as tomatoes and possibly celery, (clearly a great deal of thought has gone into what it is to be grown in this here garden here. but then, the fun was in the digging.)

2) the next photo is also yard related. we had a large tree fall in the woods this winter* Unfortunately it fell across one of the path/trails that Phyllis and Una like to walk. And so, chainsaw in hand, I’ve been cutting up limbs in order to clear the area and return the path to walkability.

try this

a large, apparently (because we are told, not that we can see) double-trunked pine tree, lying in the grown in a woods of much smaller and thinner pine trees. most of the branches of the fallen tree have been cut and, towards the end the trunk is a pile of cut limbs, showing green of the pine needles against the mostly brown of the trunks and old needles carpeting the ground.

3) As should be clear by now, the dog and the human are kinda central to my world. Phyllis and Una always merit mention.

4) At the end of the afternoon of dragging tree limbs, sweating and such, I offer as Grat Item #4: “I’m grateful for not being confined to a hospital bed.” (Though kind of obvious, being the clark that I am, I’m better able to experience the emotion of gratitude when it’s couched in simple and somewhat un-sophisticated terms, i.e. I’ve been confined a hospital bed in my past. Physically working well past my comfort range and sweating and all is way, way better.)

5) the Gravity Challenge. It’s good to have something relatively uncomplicated to do every morning (except Sundays). And what it is I do to fulfill that need is post the readouts of all the Graviteers that (have) sent in their photos. It’s fun and encouraging (to each of us, in a very specific, but different way) and I’m inviting you to join us. Questions can be directed to any of the Graviteers: val, kristi, lisa, may, sarah or joy.

6) Working on Chapter 6 of ‘Home and Heart‘ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel). Come join in the adventure. I say, ‘adventure’ in that my approach is ‘seat-of-the-pants’ writing, applied to a serial format. As a result, I don’t know where the story is going, until we get there. Which adds a certain, shared excitement among those of us following the story.

7) The Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers) if for no other reason than, if I know the other person’s predominant worldview, I have sense of how they are experiencing the current situation. By being aware of the perspective of the other person, my range of responses not only increases, it likely includes the one that will produce the reaction I am after.

8) You know whose TToT post are really kinda excellent? Pat’s over at ‘A season and a Time‘  I write often about how I admire those who can write a TToT thats organized and direct and all. Pat does that, but she adds something extra, a sense of narrative; you totally get the feeling of being there. this is cool, as she most often writes of adventures and occurrences in the week prior. Very much glimpse into a life, which, if there is one thing that this virtual world provides better than any other medium, it’s the privilege of being invited, for a brief time, to share the world as another person has experienced it. Plus, she’s on the opposite coast. I totally identify with the Pacific Northwest, myself being on the Atlantic Ocean.

9) (left open for the chance Sunday Odd and/or Profound.)

10) Secret Rule 1.3


*  yes, it is my favorite joke that, by definition, I treat myself to, on the occasion when I’m within hearing distance when one of the tree falls to the ground. I always jump up and say, (to no one), “I heard that!”




Six Sentence -the Wakefield Doctrine- …Story

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


1856 painting, ‘The Death of Chatterton’ by Henry Wallis. (A young man lying on a bed thats set beneath a small window overlooking London. His right arm hangs off the bed, lifeless hand on the floor. He’s wearing, like purple pedal pushers. (Don’t ask me why)


Running a bit behind. Early Wednesday evening, for the ‘warm-up’. The occasion is, of course, zoe’s weekly Six Sentence Story bloghop. Every Thursday we go to uncharted, see the word, feel our stomach drop and, dutifully retire to our garrets. Unlike the unfortunate Mr. Chatterton in our lead photo, my window does not overlook mid-1800s London, but we do what we can.

So, don’t end up like young Mr Chatterton! Write a story of Six Sentence length and try to arrange for the appearance of this week’s prompt word, ‘Well’


You feel your eyes open; that you need the soft, up-wrinkling sensation of retracting eyelids to know they are open, makes the bottom of your stomach drop. Darkness takes on a quality of non-touching pressure on your face and you extend your arms away from your body; suddenly, like a spider skittering over the blankets as you read in bed, the thought forms, ‘provided you have a body’. The animal-instinct pushes blood to the extremities, but is immediately entangled by the feeling of liquefaction of leg muscles, and, from the very most bottommost lobe, your brain screams, ‘Become small, get low, freeze’. Your head moves from side to side, your body remains still, there is nothing that makes one side the opposite of ‘the other side’, when a hint of something that makes the blackness merely very dark, comes from ‘above’. A pale moon, at once off in the distance at an angle that confuses your feet, at the same time above you; it’s a lightness that is changing, but you can’t tell if it’s getting closer or, and you wish without words that you had quit while you were ahead, you’re moving away from it. A voice in your mind, both demon and savior parts the dark that smothers you, “Now be careful, the old farm wells are marked and boarded up, your father did the best he could, but you never know.”



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