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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

“Bella. She could fly when the mood struck her.”
She was Phyllis’ dog (as Ola was mine).
As much as dogs are referred to as being God’s gift to humanity, Phyllis (as Bella’s alpha) stood by her with a selfless dedication that such gifts deserve but don’t often receive.
(Landscape orientation)
The background of the photo is familar and out-of-focus, to no ill-effect. Halfway up is the green with brown (of pine needles) lawn. The top half is of the woods that surround the lawn. Fuzzy small pine trees punctuated (from right to left) with the dark vertical bands of tree trunks of the taller trees. A humble spectrum of colors suggestive of the red shift that indicates an object receding at great speed.
Speaking of speed.
Bella is captured (by the camera) mid-leap, mid-air as she catches an orange frisbee.
I believe (correctly or not) that I once read that Picasso was (in one phase or another) attempting to depict motion by presenting a series of ‘flattened’ images.
Bella appears, at first glance, to be a two dimensional image. However the focus is quite sharp on her, especially in her midsection. Only then do we realize that what we thought was merely an out of focus background is motion, a trick if the eye often experienced In that secretly paradoxical way when watching an object move against a static background.
Bella was quite the dog.


“…since brevity is the soul of wit,
And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes,” (Shakespeare’s ‘Omelet’ Act 2 Scene 2)

Best take the Bard’s advice and get this done.


1) Phyllis

2) Una

3) the Wakefield Doctrine

4) *(lol) The fun of the internet and the ease of accessibility it affords us to all sorts of things, including but not limited to a music video of a famous aria, complete with (translated) libretto.

5) bloghops:

Finish The Sentence Friday  with Kristi and Kenya and a bunch of very talented writers killing the Photo Friday

Six Sentence Story Zoe  speaking of ‘the soul of wit’ these guys rock the micro-flash fiction

the Ten Things of Thankful Josie and them

6) our host Josie Two Shoes

7) **Available Guest Grat Item.**
(If there is anyone reading this post who likes the idea of posting items of gratitude but, for one reason or another is not able to put together an entire post, send it in as a Comment and I’ll copy-paste it here.)

8) Sunday Supplement

Guarding the home and waiting for summer. Una watches the woods sleep.
(Landscape orientation)
Alternate title: ‘Of triangles and parallelograms’
The top half of the photo is of our backyard, which is separated from the pine woods (‘fill-in’ green along the top edges of the photo). The separator of sickly-green lawn from lush, left-alone pine trees is a rail fence. Two parallel rails connected by round posts.
At the bottom of the photo is the corner of the deck off the back of the house. In front of this corner sitting on the grass, with her back to the camera, is Una.
She the the only solid color in the photo. Solid (but shiny) black. Her ears form a v, almost like the notch on an arrow that the string sits in, prior to being launched at a target.
Kinda apt, no?

9) Sunday Supplicant (ask nice, now)

10) Secret Rule 1.3 (op.cit.; “…[t]he completion, either approaching or realized of a list of Ten Things constitutes a legitimate item (for said list) and may, achronistically, be appended , placed in or other{wise} be included on said list, (Loc. cit. TToT, 01-27-2018)



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Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Excellent photo of flying Bella :D Amazing isn’t it what canines are capable of doing! Makes me smile. Good post.

    Hey! Count me in for #7! Throw this up as a grat and hypo grat por favor. Went for a trim and highlight today. Hair a little shorter. I like it. Everything came out extra nice (ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ about) My hair was perfect and gorgeous and I was most happy. And then I opened the door and left the salon. I never heard the weather people talk about gale force (insert expletive beginning with “F” here) wind. All hairs lifted simultaneously. All day as I got in and out of my car running errands. Whoosh! But!! I am thankful to have a full head of hair :D, To be out in the sunny, albeit windy as hell day. It’s all….good.

    When I read “supplicant” I automatically hear “replicant”. Movies (not music) in my head today :)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      I would have but, now you’ve gone and published an excellent post to which I will repair, posthaste and comment upon.

  2. Sageleaf says:

    Aww, sweet Bella! I love that name! And I think you have a proclivity for those Spanish-sounding “A” names: Bella, Una, Ola….hehe. You probably know their meanings but I can’t help myself: Beauty, The One, Wave…I love that!
    In any case, glad for the Doctrine that has really helped immensely in me figuring out other humans…and, for now, I got the office stuff nice and smooth. Until a roger comes up and says, “HI!” lol.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      It was Phyllis who found the names Bella and Una. I claim Ola as it was a nickname I, by chance, heard someone whose real name was Leona.

      worse than saying ‘Hi’… look up and whisper to the herd member to their right.

  3. Bella in midair! I am always amazed at the grace and coordination of dogs and wish I had that! I love your list today, all the most important stuff, simple and plain, and good. Most of the people I’ve met have been via bloghops so they are not only fun but one of those mysterious means of red thread connection.

    I wish someone would take you up on that offer to post a grat item for them, it’s such a cool idea! And you mean if we just say pretty please with sugar on it, you will add one more for #9? Ok then, PLEASE list one more, something I don’t know about you, because I enjoy learning more about your life! :-)

    Thank you so much for your unfailing support of the TToT, and your FB post regarding it today, if you have any suggestions on ways to improve it, or increase participation, I’m all ears. I’d really like to see it grow too.

    • Kristi says:

      Josie, is there a way to get the code so anyone who wanted to could add the link to their own blog? While I appreciate having a dedicated blog for the hop, I wonder if having the ability to just link from multiple places would make it more likely for others to join/comment?

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      She loved to run and leap through the air. Not just frisbees, anything that could be thrown. We had a game in the snow where I’d do a sweeping kick to the right, throwing a clump of snow and Bella would leap for that, skid in the snow and head back to leap for the snow from my opposite kick. (We were both younger then… lol)

      You are totally welcome.
      Now, I don’t want to get us into a time loop, seeing how you wrote your comment at noon and I’m responding at 7pm. But in between, I saw Kristi ask about the idea of portable or multiple links. So that the participants in the TToT would see the icons of the other participants at the bottom of the post.
      Sounds like a good idea.

  4. Hey! Am I invisible?! I asked. Very first comment. Damn. Guess I am invisible lol

  5. MindOverMeta says:

    The internet can truly be a wonderful place. I do love how easily we can access music. I think I’d be lost with it (music, I mean!).

  6. Kristi says:

    What a cool photo of Bella! Isn’t it interesting how animals pick someone that is theirs? I am most definitely Drexel’s human–even though he likes everyone.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Don’t know about other species, but that pack alpha thing is quite distinctive in dogs. And it’s as simple as who feeds them or takes them for walks… at the very beginning of the relationship they decide who is alpha.
      It took having Bella for me to understand what it was to be a fellow pack member (All of our dogs learned without being taught to put the humans to sleep. Get into bed while we read, wait a certain length of time after the light was turned off and then go to where they normally slept. Well, when Bella used to do that spin around a couple of times before laying down (next to Phyllis) she’d almost deliberately manage to hit me with her back (as she laid down facing Phyllis). lol

      • Kristi says:

        Funny you should mention it is sometimes as simple as who feeds them. I was Drexel’s primary caregiver when he was a puppy, but often now John will feed him breakfast. If I am up when John is scooping Drexel’s food, Drexel is so torn. He’ll run over to greet me, then run towards the food, stop halfway there, then run back towards me. Food eventually wins, but he loves me almost as much as food. 😊

  7. May says:

    That top photo is amazing….a little venture into sports photography perhaps? I envy Una and her opportunity to watch the woods sleep. It sound like it would rejuvenate the soul quite nicely.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Una is totally my life role model (Bella was at one time, maybe when the photo was taken… not that I am that young anymore either)lol

  8. valj2750 says:

    Imagine my surprise at hearing the aria from The Barber of Seville. There must be opera in the air. (Alfalfa had nothing on this guy)

  9. herheadache says:

    Love your dog photo descriptions today, especially the way Una’s ears appear in the photo. Clever.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      I had to do something! She is so black-on-black-on-beige at least, especially in photos that I’m reduced to describing shapes more than colors and tones

  10. dyannedillon says:

    I was thankful for the internet this week, too, although I was particularly speaking of texting and facetiming. Ahh, that reminds me of our old Google chats. Those were the days!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      those were fun (the definitive proof of the virtual world and it’s people being as real as ‘real’ people)… “remember the time we were all on and…”
      lol we should do one sometime, seeing how no one’s going out into the stupid cold.

  11. Pat B says:

    I really enjoy your descriptions of Bella and Una. Giving an alternate title for the photo of Una is a great one too. “Una watches the woods sleep” sound like a title of a book. The woods often do appear to be sleeping, but there is so much more action there than meets the eye.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      As I yours (extra photo captionationing*) Very true about the woods…I often look at the woods, try to forget the century and imagine what it must have been like for the aboriginals and natives way, way back

      * not a ‘real’ word

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