TToTListicle Friday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “…well, because the only effective treatment for aging is novelty.”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

‘Ascending and Descending, 1960, by MC Escher’,
I will not even try.
Wait a minute! Sure I will! This is the refrigerator wall of my efforts to develop skill with the writing thing. So here goes.
Escher’s drawing is of a rooftop staircase of what seems a castle or otherwise a building with medieval features. The tiles on the two roofs that show appear to be of clay, the type we associate with Spanish architecture. This is re-inforced by the clothing of the figures in the drawing; they are wearing what might best be described as cowls. But we need to come back to the figures, we have to deal with what they appear to be doing.
In the drawing our perceptive is from above and the right corner (the picture is essentially square). The figures are walking on a staircase that is built around a central, square opening. Perhaps it is a courtyard, but we cannot see down into it, only the far wall of the interior space shows and it has windows and so we assume an interior courtyard.
The staircase is in four equal length sections, ninety degree angles at each turn (sorta) but one corner, the upper right in the drawing, has an open tower affair. The staircase passes through and under this structure.


Not much time! A lot to do! Two, (not one, two…count them…two!) bloghops to combine into one!

This week we attempt  to combine the TToT with (the re-formatted) Finish the Sentence Friday. ‘Thank you, Josie Two-Shoes;  ‘mercie, Kristi and Kenya.’

Surely all Readers are saying, ‘Hey! Doctrine! This particular juxtaposition of bloghops, she is a lead pipe cinch, N’est-ce pas?’

No, it is not the aforementioned striking crania with el plomo tubing. I broke one of my personal secret rules and went and looked at what them cats at the FTSF be submitting for posts. ayiiee! not just text and photos (we do that!) but full-on illustrations, multiple fonts, cartoons and insightful entries.  But …but! on the plus side, they are using the same alphanumeric system and they put their ‘3s’ after they ‘2s’ just like everone else.

So, on with the Post: A list of my favorite things for which I’m grateful.

(Apology to Kristi and them, I had high hopes for a dual column post, TToT on one side FTSF on the other. Then I could (in this dream post) run parallel lists, side-by-each and it would be (this) juxtaposition that would surely inspire me to reach the heights of blogamadhi* Alas it was not to be as I could not figure out how to work the photos in and the photos are one of my favorite things.)

oh, yeah…. once you’ve read through this and provided you haven’t sworn off reading blogs, click on the ‘Listicle’ link and join the fun over there and, of course, at the bottom of the page is the link to the TToT. Speaking of which…


1) the Wakefield Doctrine.

2) the blogosphere (…. so, the weather here has totally taken a turn for the vastly improved!)  photo? sure!)

“Una on a non-snow covered lawn”
(Landscape orientation)
A photo of Una sitting in the backyard near the garden, she is facing away from the camera, standing on guard against any threat from the woods.
Two-thirds of the scene is week-old pea soup-green lawn. In the center of this we see the ‘n’ and ‘a’ of ‘Una’ in frozen-dirt brown contrasted with the frozen green of the surrounding grass.
The top third of the scene are the woods that surround the yard. Like green sails frozen by a sudden wind, the branches of the pine trees seem caught in motion, bending from right to left. Throughout the background are the telephone pole trunks of the trees and just a few patches of non-dark let us know there is a sky above and houses beyond the trees.

3) lifeforms (human) / lifeforms (canine) See above….

4) music as an emotional touch-point Currently listening to Pink Floyd (will attach at bottom)

5) treehouse(s)

‘The treehouse and the bridge.’

6) (a) Book of Secret Rules (which could alternatively be identified as a: Secret Book of Rules)

7) Graviteers and Sixers

8) Sunday Supplement is a chance to see how the day feels (or offers to feel or, more to the point for some us, how we might relate ourselves to the world around us on this here Sunday here.) Of course all the Posts since that day in June of ‘aught nine have been efforts to explore that very question. That being said and seeing how I mentioned ‘music’ and ‘philosopher’s stones’ in the same post, lets just ask Mr. Clinton! (George, not Bill,  lol)

9) Sunday Supplement well, the weather has been fair, but cold. Did someone say, ‘Too cold for dogs?” Ha!

10) Secret Rule 1.3


[reference 1] I almost always go to my favorite Latin phrase, ‘sine qua non’. This is very much a literal truth. I started this here blog here in order to promote the ‘theory of personality’ of the Wakefield Doctrine. It was both reason and motivation. (You know those old photos of elderly couples surrounded by children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and how, if you look very carefully at the faces of the people you see: ‘We’re still together’  and ‘I love my parents so much’ and ‘They seem to be so happy, I can sit still for one photo’ and finally, ‘Who are these old people, family I guess I can sit for one more photo and text while I wait’…Like that.)

[reference 2] the place (for me) where potential can become (virtually) actual. This is not as tail-eating as it might seem on first blush. Here in the virtual world, which in no way is confused with the ‘real’ world (except that its comprised of real people doing real things in their own locations), I’ve found the context in which I’ve been able to develop several interests that I had not previously been aware of having, the best example is writing. (ya know?))

[reference 3] perennial list item: dogs in general, Una in particular. (Observant and/or rogerian Readers might, at this point say, “err… you also mention humans. A list that itemizes is good, a list that expands on the qualities and characteristics of each item is better. So, while you have expanded on the canine constituent, what’s the deal with a human ranking co-number three on this list?”)

[reference 4] Music is a thing I like, as gravity is a quality of the earth that I appreciate. Speaking for myself, music is surely the closest I will get to possessing a ‘philosopher’s stone’. Anyone can work hard, we all have an innate capacity to endure hardship, especially in service of a greater good; yet while it is the iron that provides strength, it is gold that shines.

[reference 5] My wife Phyllis (see reference 3) is a person of that rare combination of a childlike imagination (surely the best kind) and practicality. She knew that a treehouse would be an asset to the family unit. And so we have a treehouse.

[reference 6] Now this is what makes the blogsphere the wonderland/asylum that it (imo) is… I would tell you what the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is, but the title is about as useful as titles get. What it does, that’s the part that makes it awfully fun. Ask anyone at the TToT.

[reference 7] I participate in a daily, (except for Sunday), bloghop called the Gravity Challenge. We all send in a photo of the readout of our scales (whatever portion thereof we chose) and enhance our individual efforts by our participation. Six Sentence Story is zoe’s weekly bloghop.. muy benefito.

[reference 8]  (sorry… today’s still Saturday) OK! Listicles and Listiclae you can come back now, it’s Sunday! Still references between the two lists, however. You’ll find the music above and the rationale here: The idea that ‘the day’** has the last word on our emotional state is one that is enthusiastically debated here at the Wakefield Doctrine. The reason is that the underlying determinant of ‘how our day is going’ is found in the answer to ‘how do we relate ourselves to the world around us’. The key here is ‘ourselves’ not simple ‘relate to the world around us. (More to follow in reference 9).

[reference 9]  (nope, still Saturday…stop by tomorrow)

[reference 10] The first of the Secret Rules found in the BoSR/SBoR and it would apply to a Listicle as much as it does to the TToT. The Rule says, {in part}: the completion of a list [o]f Ten Items (or more, provided terminus item is anticipated and thus identified) is, in and of itself an Item and (op.cit) may serve in said list. [‘Principle of Anticipation as Justification’]




* not a ‘real’ word

** the circumstances, not public and private, objective and subjective solid and illusionary that comprise our description of everything (that appears to be) outside our heads. ya know?


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. phyllis says:

    I liked it, sort of like Alice in Wonderland.

  2. I’m curious about #7. I’m going to click over and see what’s it’s about. You’re leaving a cliffhanger for what happens on Sunday. Hmmm. Thanks for linking up!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Ah yes, the Gravity Challenge. You are more than welcome to join us. The ‘Rules’ couldn’t be simpler: send in a photo of the readout of your scale every/any day (except Sunday)…we post the post to the Facebook along with it being it’s own blog. There is one rule referred to Kristi’s Rule* and that is: the photo can be whatever portion of the readout that you chose. The challenge is about change, not total amounts.

      *Kristi Brockett in this case

  3. OMG you have a treehouse because Phyllis said it’d be good? I love that! Also, is the Una in the grass because you stomped Una in the snow? And it’s brown there now? Interesting. And “real people sitting behind computers” – that used to be hard to believe in before-time, yes? For me it did. Music is so much. I’ve been re-introducing Tucker to music I grew up with. We’re on Pink Floyd now. So far, he can name Bohemian Rhapsody in like five notes, One (Metallica) right away (it’s the war sounds right away) and knows that the drummer is Lars and where the double-bass kicks in. Kid got a keyboard for Christmas. I have high hopes… About Pink Floyd he said he liked all the cool sound effects that made the music better. Yes, child. Yes. :D

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Yes. She likes to use it as a getaway that does not require an automobile. Actually that’s cultivated (as opposed to ‘stomped’ lol)… the brown dirt is Una’s garden…. in the off season, of course.
      My favorite thing about the virtual world that makes it pretty much it’s own real world is that some of us can saw to others (of us)… “and remember the time that….”
      sounds like a real world to me.

  4. messymimi says:

    Graviteers sounds like a great group. Your list made me smile, as it always does.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      yes…Graviteers refers to those of us who are participating in the Gravity Challenge ( Kristi Brockett, Val, Joy, May and others from time to time)… stop by anytime!

  5. MindOverMeta says:

    Ah, Pink Floyd; music that I like to listen to whilst reflecting on things. Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are my two favourite albums. It’s a shame they no longer tour, however, I’ve seen Aussie Pink Floyd who are an amazing substitute and they played the whole WYWH album.

    #5 I wish I could find the balance of practicality and childlike imagination. I’m afraid I tend to be far more at the practical end!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      It’s funny about Floyd. I didn’t listen to them as much the first time around (yeah… it is possible for someone to be that old…lol) But, as most of us clarks discover, music can be a key to a remarkable amount of emotional memory*
      I for one have way less of the practical than our people tend to possess.

      *probably not a ‘real’ word…

  6. Music has always played a big part in my life. It helps a bad mood, amplifies a good mood, or just helps me to sulk when sulking it what is needed.
    (Love the treehouse)

  7. It is indeed the gold….
    Interesting post today. No! I did not say it sucked lol Don’t be such a clark :D
    It’s all good. (no, not using the phrase as state of being. literal. all ttots and listicle things. good)
    Write on you crazy diamond.

  8. Mardra says:

    For starters, “This is the refrigerator wall of my efforts” I love this as we all (webwriters and bloggrs) are in that boat. Next – What’s not to love about a list with music, gravity, adn secrets – Hallo! Keep on.

  9. Julie Clarke says:

    An interesting read :)

  10. Dana says:

    I love that you have a treehouse! I always wanted one as a kid, but instead I played in the house being built next door to ours. I resented the people who moved in, because they took my house.

  11. Your dog looks a bit like mine, except mine is white where yours is brown and doesn’t have nearly that much energy!

  12. Lizzi says:

    Dude, was that 3.1 co-opted?! NICE!

    Swapsies –

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      ‘Merican Dexi-dewy numerological system has ‘the first of all Secret Rules’ listed as SR 1.3 on this side of the pond, SR 3.1 over there, in ‘the land of the extra ‘u’s! (lol) It is surely the most practical of all the rules and in it’s rationale the best description of the BoSR/SB0R and why we’re blessed to have it.

  13. herheadache says:

    I love that photo of the stairs and the courtyard. And treehouse, again. Also, who doesn’t love a woods in winter? All sounds like places to travel to, even treehouse, as I often come across lists of top treehouse destinations around the world, as I read a lot of travel blogs and websites and lists and articles.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      I did a video that you would like but didn’t put it up ’cause it was weird. We’ve had flooding rains recent and the pond over-flowed into surrounding marshlands. This happens every year. This year is was cold enough for all the overflow to freeze. Thing is, the water recedes pretty much within a day or two and it left behind these sheets of thin ice. So I was out there Sunday and there was a constantly series of ice-cracking noises, some very tiny others sounding like a tree falling over. very cool

  14. Pat B says:

    Una must be ecstatic that the snow is gone. What a bundle of energy!
    I love your comment about the treehouse being a getaway that doesn’t require an automobile. :-)
    I considered combining the TToT and the FTSF, but decided not to since there is another day to get the TToT done. As it is, I barely missed the deadline for linking up to the FTSF and just added it on the Facebook page.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Tougher than I thought, this combination Post! But fun. Una has amazing energy and loves to run, no matter how cold. The only weather conditions she doesn’t like is rain. Surprisingly (for a dog) she does not like the water.

  15. Sageleaf says:

    Treehouses, supplements, and references. These things make me grateful right this second. :) I love your treehouse! I love the video of Una and you saying, “careful, careful” to her, and I love the references to music and dogs and all the things. :) I hope you’ve had a great weekend and Monday and getting to enjoy the day. And remind me to talk about interacting with an office full of rogers, and one scott, when you’re the only clark. It is probably the best Doctrine case study you could dream up! Well…maybe not really, but in the scenario of “my head” it is. :D

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Well, you know… it’s instinctive… for clarks (as opposed to scotts who would have grabbed a hoop or a yardstick to see if Una would be willing to jump over it from on the bench…lol)

      You’re right! It’s almost axiomatic that an office (any workplace that is bureaucratic in organization) is going to be a rogerian environment…the trick is selective visibility. Other that scotts, the only way to move a herd is to make them believe they can see greener pastures somewhere else other than where they are (figuratively or literally). ‘Trick them into believing they see it on their own…and they will go.’

  16. I am so glad to get back here for some deep thinking brain exercise! I often pause to ask myself “what did he just say?” :-) And I could write paragraphs of response to every note! Your photo descriptions are masterpieces of writing in themselves.

    The Una garden looks lonely in it’s barren form. Will it be home for more veggies come Spring? I loved her video at the end, clearly enjoying the exercise in brisk weather. We should all share the enthusiasm for life that dogs display.

    I agree with your sentiments about Phyllis and what makes her special too. Papa Bear retains his childlike sense of playfulness that keeps us young and adds humor to the harder parts of life. Being grown up doesn’t and shouldn’t mean we lose our sense of magic and especially hope! The treehouse is a perfect example of the best of childhood carried forward. Papa Bear loves yours and wants one, but alas we have no trees other than a tiny one big enough for bird houses!

    I really enjoyed your listicles items too, a bit more glimpse into the inner workings of Clark. I’ll be back on a regular basis from now on, a temporary lack of presence was necessary to reorient my own relationship to the world. :-) Thank you for continuing to show up here and support TToT each week, it means a lot to me!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      yeah, Una has such a simple way of expressing energy, run so fast that you can do a banked turn, without a banked track!
      Phyllis does have that way and her enjoyment of things like the treehouse is a helpful reminder for me to not get too caught up in the affairs of the mind… lol

      They are revamping the FTSF, it will be interesting, have always enjoyed the bloghop there.

  17. Kristi says:

    There is an Escher exhibit at BYU right now that I haven’t seen yet–thanks for the reminder that I need to get over there!

  18. 15andmeowing says:

    Very nice list of your favorite things/thankfuls.

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