Six Sentence Story -the Wakefield Doctrine-

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


This is where we write stories of no more and no less than six sentences in length. The topic or subject or theme to use, reference, relate, or ‘have something to do with’, being the week’s prompt word. At least in the writer’s mind, lol.

This week, zoe has chosen ‘SPIRIT’ as the prompt word.


“…two-thirds of the angels obeyed God. The one-third that refused, and chose to follow the rebellious Lucifer, were cast into hell. Some of these demons are allowed to take their hell with them and roam the earth.”

Intended as an ecumenical nod to the ubiquitous trappings of Halloween, the visiting priest, in his ambition to sneak some catechism into the last period assembly at St. Dominique’s, imparted a certain credence, at least in the minds of a few overly imaginative children, to the notion that God allowed demons to roam the earth.

“…and the coroner’s report actually said: ‘the boy’s body was un-harmed, but his spirit was dead’. Scientists are still studying the corpse,” Billy, his voice as deep as pre-pubescent vocal cords would permit, stepped down between the accordion’d doors behind Peggy LeMay and Nancy Richardson; the sole remaining passenger watched the three sixth graders briefly glow red as the bus driver tapped his brakes and continued up the country road.

“Not funny, Billy!” Charles Lafferty yelled, hoping his tone of voice would make everything funny instead of creepy; he knew on a very primitive level that things being funny was sometimes critically important. The old school bus’ brakes squealed suddenly and the ten-year-old regretted blithely assuring his parents that he was quite capable of getting his own dinner and even joked that he would leave the porch light on for them, grossly under-estimating how dark a rainy Thursday afternoon could be.

Charles walked up the long driveway, eyes desperately avoiding anything other than the ground immediately under his next step, and fought the urge to look up, knowing that the dark house with it’s empty windows was staring patiently, as he approached.


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  1. Seasonally appropriate and appropriately spooky 😀
    Good 6!

  2. UP says:

    Oh dear. Good Jin

  3. Definitely appropriate for the season. And it is a dark and damp Thursday afternoon here for certain.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      few things scarier at that age than the approach to an empty house that you have not choice but to enter. doesn’t matter if it’s home sweet home, an empty house is a potential (horrifying) jack in the box of fears and hopes.

  4. messymimi says:

    Very scary for him, poor thing, and i’ve been in that position with the older ones trying to scare me and having to work to keep it from showing.

  5. Not only seasonally creepy, but well told and a fair account of ye olde bus ride.

    You might have fun with the Flash Rodeo at Carrot Ranch all this month, in particular the Little Laugh event. Check it out :


    No entry fees, cash prize, and fun.

  6. Boo! Haha, that made you jump!