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Wednesday warm-up. Kinda dragging a bit, so lets pep things up with some bullet points… everyone likes bullet points, they’re like those chocolate sprinkle things that show up on ice cream sometimes, totally superfluous, but, well, they’re just fun.

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“I remember now, He said, ‘There are two trees in the Garden, one you must stay away from and the other one,’ and then seemed to lose interest in my questions, which, not to seem unkind, makes your Friend kind of rude,” the Woman’s hair, seemingly with a mind of its own, began to writhe and twist over her breasts and across her torso, in an unconscious effort to make certain she had his un-divided attention.

“Yeah but I’ve the distinct impression that if we disobey Him, or make the wrong choice, we’re in big trouble,” the Man looked distracted. He was supposed to name everything in the Garden and was very proud of himself to think to look at the roundish-shaped things that hung from the branches, he called them fruit, but now realized he’d forgotten which went with which tree.

Her flowing waves of hair withdrew from most of her body and oriented on her face and back; frowning, she tried to see the long tresses behind her, seemed about to say something, shook her head and said with a certainty that surprised both of them, “One is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the other is the Tree of Life; since you’ve only named two of the round things that hang from the branches, how hard can it be to remember which goes with which?”

He put one fruit from each tree in the woman’s hands and, staring off into space to avoid the distraction of the woman’s hair said, ‘The one in your left hand is shiny, red and hard, kinda like that thing you were talking to this morning and that other one is soft and fuzzy…. I say we go with the soft and… hey!”

The woman smiled, dropped the peach to Garden floor and offered him the apple.


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  1. UP says:

    Different take! Good six.

  2. Deborah Lee says:

    Ha! So that’s how it happened. Although I prefer a peach to an apple, myself…

  3. Moon says:

    That’s an amazing twist . 🙂🙂 A lovely six,Clark.

  4. Excellent, excellent! So perhaps then this first woman was every bit as beguiling as has been attributed to her. The man clearly should have stuck with his first instinct, choose the soft one! I totally enjoyed this variation on the story, great writing, Clark!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      yeah, imagine how different (believe it or not, I don’t believe I knew or was aware of (a) version of the story that had two trees… Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil) thanks, J

  5. mimi says:

    Ah, a well written “the way it might have happened” story! Many years ago, i read where someone insisted that, since apples do not grow in the Middle East, it had to have been an apricot.

  6. oldegg says:

    That is a hard story to follow, however I can better understand the dilemma that Adam was put in.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      well, the guy like totally had his hands full, with the naming thing, if nothing else!

  7. luckyjc007 says:

    A very interesting take on this prompt. Poor Adam, a victim of circumstance!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      exactly! the poor guy was just kinda minding his own business… so why did the snake take so long to show up, in the first place?

  8. Pat B says:

    And in the beginning, there were choices! Apples and peaches, who would have thought! A very creative version of a very old story for your six.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      thank you Pat…. the fun of the Six is to turn things sideways and upside down sometimes

  9. Love it. Always interesting to wonder “what if” and play out a different scenario.

  10. That’s not exactly how I remember it, but t was a peach of a tale, as told by you. In this version, Adam has some responsibility too, if only because he is a bit of a doofus.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      well there is that, however, Mr. Snakey Temptation seems to have to bear some responsibility…. I mean, the story does have the teensiest hint of entrapment… lol

  11. valj2750 says:

    I love it. The description of her tresses – I see them morphing into snakes – symbols of the devil. Very vivid.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      Well, given that she didn’t have a mother* or sisters as role models, Eve seems pretty confident in her behavior.

      *Gaia notwithstanding.