Monday -the Wakefield Doctrine- “if you’ll just open the book to Chapter 1, we will begin.”

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'Home and Heart' a Sister Margaret Ryan novel

‘Home and Heart’ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel)

Hey! Chapter 1 of ‘Heart and Home’ (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel) is out this morning! So, to keep things as simple as possible*, the link will take you to Jukepop which is a site geared towards serial stories. While I hear from some that getting in the first time can be a bit….clunky, the site does offer a certain manageability once the Chapters start to accrue. And it allows comments and reviews and…. votes. You can vote for the story at the end of each chapter because… we never, ever leave high school. (My clark is showing here, as the reality of the world is that people are attracted to what other people like and those stories that have a lot of votes make people curious and they read it and… etc. Go! Skippers!!**) If you have trouble getting into the site let me know and I’ll send you the link to the wordpress site I have setup for the story.

I trust you’ll enjoy.


this just in!  the site, jukepop, seems to need to review and approve the new story so here’s the link to the wordpress site:

‘Home and Heart’  (a Sister Margaret Ryan novel)


* again, zoe, with the ‘coals to Newcastle  lol

** the name of the high school sports teams in my high school, so many years ago. I did not participate in… wait a minute! I did, in fact participate in high school sports! damn, just remembered it was Track and Field in the spring of my Senior year! I’ll totally have to write a post, but first Chapter 1


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  1. Yay! Another Sr. Margaret Ryan book. I’m excited :)

    Really? Track and Field? I would have figured basketball. No. Really.
    The 1 semester thing sounds right for a clark. I was on the field hockey team for about…1 semester lol

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      just long enough to buy those really cool track shoes with the spikes in ’em

  2. Sageleaf says:

    Congrats on the new story! Track and field. lol.
    Will check out that link. :)