‘Six Sentence Incident’ -the Wakefield Doctrine- ‘a train wreck of seven six sentences, it was a horrifying sight to see ‘

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


It’s that zoe-time of the week. Time to take a (single) word prompt and create a story of Six (and only Six) Sentences. As Readers of the Wakefield Doctrine are abundantly aware, that we spend time writing this introduction is essential to the process of creating a Six Sentence Story. Why that should be is beyond me. In the past, I’ve liken this part of the process to warming-up and stretching, as might a runner before a race, I don’t think that that’s a very true analogy, because they (the person in the analogy-to-be) are merely (and) gradually practicing the motions that are the (upcoming) activity. If that’s the case, then a Six Sentence story would be about writing Six Sentence Stories. But they are not! Well, most of the time, they’re not. We could liken this pre-writing ritual to romance ( please apply the appropriate form of romance, that is appropriate from your own life perspective (or, worldview, as we would have it at the Doctrine) and to your persona here in the ‘sphere. Romance (more appropriately, ‘romancing’) is probably the better analogy in that all of what I’m doing (or believe I’m doing) is meant not only to aid my efforts to create a story (of Six Sentences) but convince.entice/woo you, the Reader into being receptive to whatever it is that I will come up with this week. Which, for those of us given to endless speculation, begs the question, ‘is the function of romance to convince the other person that their pursuer is of good intent or is it merely a way to provide a justification for the reactions of the wooed as they decided to accept or reject.

But that’s not important now, what is important is that I provide you the Reader with a Story made up of only Six Sentences, with the word ‘left’ in it (or part of it or related to it).


“..and that concludes the portion of the class devoted to the investigation and de-bunking of the myth of Doppelgänger and other so-called ‘spiritworld fauna’, for the remainder of the Semester we’ll focus on how the established laws of physics are under attack by the irrational and heretic theory of Messrs. Heisenberg and Schrödinger,” the Professor turned off the hooded light on his lectern and walked from the podium to chat with his favored front-row students.

Sam noticed, throughout the previous 3 weeks of lectures, that the would-be girl of his dreams,  Samantha Rathe,  seemed both fascinated and disturbed by the course material covered in Advanced Metaphysics, but today showed signs of relaxing, surely this was the time to make his move.

” I sure am glad that Module’s over, aren’t you,” Sam said as she stood up, a 21st Century schoolgirl, laptop computer clutched protectively to her chest.

“Yeah, I guess,” Samantha looked over his shoulder and then to his right, all while giving the impression of a person who is expecting someone or something to appear to provide help. The lab director’s words kept echoing in Samantha’s head, ‘your clones will all be there, whether you can see them or not, don’t worry, you will never be alone, you will always have someone to rely on other than the singles who still do not understand your kind.

Sam smiled, this one was exceptionally clueless, these clones don’t think we know about how they use their interchangeable identicalness to put one over on us normal humans

(hey next week I’m totally going to try a Murder Me Funny story that Dyanne so excels at… )



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  1. phyllis says:

    Am I really Frist

  2. ivywalker says:

    Damn… I dont know clark…i think you may be hypercritical again… Its definitely making me think…im really interested …i keep wanting more than six sentences… This totally pulled me in… Where do you get these ideas? Its a cool concept!!!

  3. Nice one.

  4. Intriguing is the perfect word for this story. I find myself asking what this is all about, wanting to make sense of it. I would gladly read more to find out what is involved in these interactions. You’ve caught me in the web!

  5. dyannedillon says:

    Well. THAT was creepy!

  6. oldegg says:

    Here is me thinking in my obtuse way that Sam is attracted, not unnaturally to a clone of himself who just happens to be a girl…or a mirror image of himself. Yes, once again you tease your readers to want much, much more.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      There is a movie that did not see much (if any commercial) success that, in my estimation (from the perspective of the Wakefield Doctrine, of course) that you will be one of the too small percentage of viewers (potential and actual) who will come away from it saying…. ‘holy smoke! that…that… that was amazing.’
      the movie ‘Predestination’ (starring Ethan Hawk). go rent it (or stream it or however it is that people are watching movies today)…. in fact, I will guarantee it!
      see the movie and if you do not find yourself reacting as above described, I will send you an official Wakefield Doctrine docTee….

      hey! if anyone out there has seen the movie, don’t say anything!

      • oldegg says:

        Yes, I have seen ‘Predestination’ on TV and yes, I did enjoy it. Scientific fantasy is always a great impetus into thinking laterally for writers and planners generally to stretch the bounds of possibility in both fact and fiction.

        • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

          cool (the movie) was taken from a story by one of the giants of ‘the Golden Age’ of science fiction, Robert Heinlein. And though certainly more than six sentences, the perfect ‘self-containment’ that Heinlein is capable of in his writing, is so a goal in my own efforts.
          won’t spoil it for any Readers who haven’t seen it… I will repeat my recommendation, if anyone enjoys a good time travel story (and especially one focused on the paradox element) this is the movie to see!