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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Friend of the Doctrine, zoe/ivy has this bloghop called Six Sentence Story. The idea is to take a prompt word (different every week) and write a story…involving that word, using only (not more and not less) six sentences. Many people are naturally creative and others are quite skilled and they participate (as you can see in the form of the other blog icons) for the fun and enjoyment and camaraderie and such. I will admit to being one who enjoys the camaraderie of the activity and do not hesitate to say, I look for the opportunity to improve my skills by sharing my efforts with the others of similar intent. Regular readers know that I’m basically jogging in place… or stretching or limbering up or…. pick your favorite simile. The prompt word this week, at the Six Sentence Story is ‘refuse’.  And we’re doing something a little different this week, (lets see if you spot it.)

The Sacrifice*


“That’s simply not going to be enough, you may say the word, but words do not change reality because, as a successful man such as yourself, you surely realize that the world does not care what you say or even what you think, what’s real is what you have before you.”

The memory came back, un-invited but forcibly, like the junior high school bully, looking for chance to pick a fight, that she loved him made the guilt he felt for the deception, not exactly better, but somehow noble.”

“I refuse to accept that,”

“Refuse all you want, what’s done is done and cling as you might to what is only denial and not refutation, nothing will change what is no longer a maybe.”

“But you both love me….”


*thanks to DVD



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  1. ivywalker says:

    I will say it again…”DAMN this six sentence rule!” Keep going!!! I suppose this is where the real talent lies in leaving the reader wanting…but damn!!!

    • ivywalker says:

      Oh hey… Long time gone from this spot but…FRRRRRRRIST!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      …if I have (properly) accomplished what (occurred) to me to try, story-istically speaking, then we’ll see it in the others

      • jny_jeanpretty says:

        I woke up early and have already taken out the refuse. Something tells me I should try to do this!
        PS: Clark, on Tuesday I saw that Van Gogh painting you have posted repeatedly in a TV show I was watching.
        What are the odds? :) jeh

        • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

          I’d love to have you do a Six Sentence Story… (I find writing them horribly challenging and aggravating and… and wouldn’t miss it for the world. lol)

  2. Kristi says:

    Somehow, it seems that you and Dyanne were working on the same story this week.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      ahh! the connection is apparent! (thing is, Dyanne doesn’t know that I took the scene and… what do they call it in car design? ‘re-imagined in the spirit of’)

      Don’t tell her!!


  3. oldegg says:

    This conversation could be applied to many situations whether in the home or at work and they revolve about the blindness and stubbornness of the protagonists. Curiously the word “frist” is almost unknown and unused by Australians and appears to be able to be used almost in a personal way with a wink of understanding.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      well said and that second, a very astute observation the term (and use of) FRIST (or frist) is an invention of and for the blogosphere. A friendly claim to the honor (and accomplishment) of being the first person to a (new) Post to comment.
      Created a few years ago (etymology: in haste to complete the first comment and, to state the fact of first comment, I inadvertently misspelled the word ‘first’ in my claim of ‘First Comment!’ (and was, of course, unable to edit/correct the error)…and so the use of the term FRIST

  4. Your version of this tale is quite plausible. More than one spouse who has strayed finds themselves in the conflicting position of being loved by two and sometimes of loving both of them. “Oh what a tangled web we weave….”