TToT -the Wakefield Doctrine- “so, now it’s fun to worry about the difference between i.e. and e.g.?! my god! what’s happening to me?!?!”

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

"thank god! it was just another tree falling!"

“thank god! it was just another tree falling!”

1) When did writing Posts (completely) replace the ‘television’ as my preferred diversion? Sure, there is scant viewing worth the effort on the limited cable subscription that we have here, but as I write this, “How It’s Made’ and ‘Family Guy’ are both on and they’re reasonably worthwhile shows. What’s not reasonably worthwhile, is ‘Naked Dating’.  This is one of those situations that find me wishing I had paid attention in English class and, as a result, might today be a better writer, as there is so much about this show, the concept, the execution, the audience that is inferred by the simple fact that there is a show called, ‘Naked Dating’, that I would enjoy discussing…. but alas, I don’t know where to begin, e.g….. no! i.e.  (lol)

2) Una… who surely exemplifies (an) ideal. At least she does, for those of us living in the world of clarks, i.e. the Outsider.

3) I am grateful for easy access to grammar lessons, courtesy of ‘the google’, as inferred by today’s Post’s subtitle.

4) the ‘Hurry-up and Weight Gravity Challenge‘ gang! ( kristi and christine, lisa and joy, val and alex)  they are an amazing group of people.

5) thanks to zoe (and step-creator Josie) for the Six Sentence Story blog… I’m enjoying the challenge these last couple of weeks. (yes, I am surprised at that!)

6) Phyllis (who, now that Una has her own Item), surely has warranted a separate Item.  …. ok! all set!!  (hey, here’s a photo of Una from her walk last night!)  The treehouse is pretty much complete… just a couple of little touch-ups. I’ll post some ‘Finished Tree House’ photos in next week’s TToT.


(wish I could claim credit, but the cool, ‘blurred-motion background effect’ was totally accidental.)

7) Lizzi and the co-hostinae for the continuing life of this bloghop. Granted there are weeks when I’m all, ‘man! there’s no way I can come up with anything for the List, never mind anything half-interesting and/or grateful-like‘… fortunately for me, those who participate, new and not-new alike, seem possessed of an endless supply of tolerance for the ….oddly written, gratitude list(s).

8) Gotta mention the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules). What with the membership showing a high percentage of new participants each week, (this influx of new writers, is, in my opinion, not only the key to a bloghop staying fresh and relevant, it also serves as an effective barometer of the ‘tone’ of the bloghop.) The sense of welcome and camaraderie is surely healthy and vibrant when we see new people join-in each week.

9) … but since the title has the word ‘Secret’ in it, I’ll take the extra step and say to new TToTeers…. the Secret Book of Rules (SBoR/BoSR) is there for you to use… provided you can find it. It’s a very comprehensive Book, …provided you can figure it out. And, sure, use it anytime!! …provided you’re will to take the chance.  (lol… all I’ll say is, ‘if you’re the worrying type and wish to do things correctly and properly, you might want to check with kristi (or Michelle)  and then, if you’re still determined to take a chance….zoe (for expert insight into a certain group of Virgins).   Of course, if you’re not the worrying type…. then head over and see Dyanne.)

10)  1.3  y’all   1.3!!



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  1. valj2750 says:


  2. valj2750 says:

    And number one thankful that there are many more interesting blogs to read than TV shows to watch is so fortunate for those of us who(m)??? do not wish to peek into the lives of reality show mavens like The Housewives of Orange County or of other such locations. Or the oh, so very interesting lives of the Kar-trash-ian children. Nope, I’ll stick with blog reading, unless of course, someone asks me to star in a reality show entitled, “Around the Blogosphere with Val”.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      … now that you mention it, surely there must be a reality series about bloggers….. nah, if they did it right, the whole thing would collapse in on itself, reality-blackhole-wise or, more likely it would be about people who have a blog and spend their time being insecurely resentful and scheming at each other… wait a minute, that’s most of Facebook, right?


      still a good idea… remind me to tell you about the screenplay idea I had (before I realized how difficult screenplays are to write… I was all, ‘hey! it’s only 120 pages and most of that is white space and things like ‘EXTERIOR MORNING”) lol

  3. LOL!! This is funny, since I always flout the TTOT list of ten and throw poems into the mix! Ah yes, part of me belongs to the world of the outsider. And the SOBR!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      hey! Michelle

      yeah totally love the “rules”… ( I was mentioning to Denise yesterday how, even though the Secret Book of Rules (aka the Book of Secret Rules) may seem to be a easy way to deal with problems in Posts, without exception, when you read the Posts where people choose to invoke it, the amount of work necessary is way more than just writing a 10 Item list.

  4. Carin says:

    You’re writing here is just fine, and always longer than my occasional TToT posts. :)

  5. MaryHill says:

    I know how you feel. My posting has become more important than watching TV. Thank goodness for my DVR provided via Charter. I love Fallen Skies and other TNT shows and watch em when I can. I love this linkup too. Some weeks I don’t get a post done; others I do great. This week I am working backwards and commenting first as I able. Thanks for hosting. I hope I can get my post up later today or before the deadline LOL …

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      yeah… there are a couple of shows left, but for the most part we’re relying on Netflix more and more…shows like ‘The Finder’ and ‘Eureka’

      luckily the deadline is way into the future

  6. Kristi says:

    About the only time I’ve watched TV recently has been when I’m running on the treadmill–and I’m certainly not watching “Naked Dating”!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      I tend to vacillate between cringing (Ed Sullivan effect) and getting mad at how much the culture has changed (without even checking with me!!) when that commercial comes on..

  7. Can you imagine if we could just get as much enjoyment in life as that dog going for a ride? What a joyous picture. I certainly have my own trashy TV watching, but realize how that can take too much of your time and can keep you from your goals. Time to put it on a schedule. I do however have to say I love the show “The Profit” about a guy that buys businesses (or a portion of them) and makes them successful. Just shows you what can be done with the right attitude.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      exactly! Una shows me that proper way to live.

      I have been completely left behind by the culture when it comes to TV entertainment… not missing anything

  8. amycake76 says:

    I have to look up ie and eg every single time. Whereas I can remember what I wore to events when I was five, I cannot keep information like that straight in my head. Also the difference between crocodiles and alligators.

  9. ivywalker says:

    (for expert insight into a certain group of Virgins) That makes me sound a bit off color! LOL…. Im good with it! love the una photo! Wanna see the tree house. That went up quickly!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      we had our carpenter guy do the really technical parts and Phyllis enjoyed the rest, including all the siding and such.

      Una is photogenic, no?

  10. It is awesome you are reading more blogs than watching TV! And, um do I need to get a copy of this rule book? Yes, I am a worrier!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      well, the coolest thing about the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) is that we all have one and are entitled to use it, provided we can pull it off… have a look, if you see a SR that catches your fancy, cite it! we’re all interested in what we can find and learn

      As an example, you’ll often see, (in fact, I use it most every week), SR 1.3 cited as the 10 Item on a person’s list. This was the first ‘discovered’ SR and it was cited first in response to a new participant struggling to complete their first (or maybe their 7th) TToT… SR 1.3 says (in part) the fact of completing a List of 10 Things of Thankful can be used as an Item in that selfsame List, which is why you will (almost) always see it as Item 10.

  11. dyannedillon says:

    I read blogs rather than watch tv, especially since I have NO cable or satellite; 5 channels and rabbit ears don’t make for very enticing tv. The lake house has cable, however, so I have been exposed *ahem* to the wonders of Naked and Afraid.

    • dyannedillon says:

      And your Six Sentence Stories have been fantastic!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      …I have not actually watched (either) show, maturing and/or growing old is not all that it’s cracked up *ahem*… to be, the 13 year old clark is still inside my head screaming, “what are you nuts!! naked.women.TV.” lol

    • christine says:

      I have seen naked and afraid, only because Bryan sometimes watches it. Seriously. I don’t get it at all.

      • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

        Haven’t seen it. Don’t get the…whatever it is that makes a show enjoyable. Now, ‘How It’s Made’ now there’s a show that’s easy to enjoy.

  12. christine says:

    Glad to see Phyllis gets her own thankful this week, even if you did throw Una in it, too. You’re getting there. By ttot 200, you will have this list of 10 down pat. You won’t even need to do any dances! Unless you want to, of course. :)

    I shall “see” you in the morning with my hurry up and weight. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be ugly, seeing as how I ate a boatload of junk throughout the week.

  13. Vanessa D. says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished tree house! I’ve been watching this new trend in “she-caves” happening and scheming to build a nice shed (someday) and then subvert it for my own purposes. Why should the lawn mower get it’s own space eh?

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      man!! she-caves??!!! (I’m of an age) total Raquel Welch visual… (then, updated to Barbara Bach)… followed by….


  14. herheadache says:

    I used to watch another show, Dating in the Dark, which I think was better, but I do that anytime I date.
    For me, dating is always in the dark.
    I too would much rather read blogs these days than watch TV.
    I love Google for grammar rules and everything else.