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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Unless I’m mistaken, today is Sunday. And, if I am not, (mistaken), then I am needing to write a (second) TToT Post for the weekend.  You would think that, after doing this twice a weekend for the last 6+ months, I would have no problem starting the list this morning, what with the Postus interruptus of yesterday. But, some things never change, and I find it necessary to ‘word-doodle’, (writing without any direction or intent or idea of the outcome), until I come up with something that says, ‘hey! clark!! lets try…” and then I’m off and running.    ” …. so bear with me….  hey, what about that big game today?   no…  not really a fan of football…  well, I supposed, but won’t those commercials be on like, for the rest of the year?… kinda like in the old days… the joke ‘cover story’  was,  ‘this magazine with the women and their large breast on the cover and little animals on their heads?…well, I bought this Playboy for the articles…they’re really something….  alrigh…at 183 words… better get started”

(I would like to say, before I get started on today’s Grat List, that I have not had a chance to read any of the TToT Posts from yesterday and, given that it is a matter of pride that I manage to get to 97.3% of the Posts that appear before midnight and write something, however inane… I will get to yours…let me know if you don’t  ‘see me at your Post’….by, say 1:00 pm EST)

1) I am, to the best of my capacity, feeling grateful for the dryness of the winter so far… it is a matter of record that I hate the cold and the dark of the winter season, having said that, there is one thing worse than daytime temperatures not getting out of the teens   …and that is: days where the daytime temperature is in the teens and there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground.

2) (Closely related) on the gratitudinous continuum,  is my appreciation of having reliable shelter, as in dry and warm and electricity filled walls. I would hate to be homeless in the winter. But then again, I would hate to (have) been living in, like, anytime in human history before, say 1833…I mean, what the hell, most of the day would be spent gathering fuel to keep warm or food to eat.  And being from the Y CrHome side of the fence, I wouldn’t have the luxury of sitting by the fire mending socks or darning or whatever the colonial family unit would be doing during the day, while I was out  moving rocks from the middle of the field to the edge of the field and fighting off bears and such…

3) “I have nothing to add”   that phrase?  yeah, if you have a roger in your life, you have heard that expression (or an equivalent), and it’s usually not a fun conversation. The situation: you, (a clark), are making an effort to share something in your day with a roger. You offer some of your day’s trials and tribulations and after you have poured your heart out, you look at the other person (the roger) and their silence looms…growing larger and larger… (you initially assumed that this ‘non-reaction’ was simply a indication of the intensity of their attention) goes on…and on  Finally you stop and look at them, forcing them to acknowledge you and they say,  “yeah, I heard you. I have nothing to add”

4) oh, yeah… I am grateful to the Wakefield Doctrine for making Item #3 a positive experience rather than a painful and negative experience.

5) Bob Newhart

6) At this point in today’s Grat List, the tension for some Readers is diminishing… (no, I don’t mean Christine… why do you think I would say that about her?  or Dyanne… or even Jny) but I will express gratitude, as I often do in these lists, for the understanding on the part of the other Participants for my somewhat less than conventional grat lists

7) I am grateful to some of the other TToT participants who wrote in last weekend’s ‘hop  about their relative lack of success in writing their weekend Lists as they happened each day of the preceding week.  Good to know that I’m not alone.

8) I am grateful for the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) for adding an element of creative license that I’ve not seen in other gratitude themed blog hops…  (and I know that none of those others have frickin GuardVirgins! Seven of them…just in case the challenge of discovering a Rule that permitted what you needed was not enough!)

9) I will express my customary gratitude for/to Lizzi and the co-hostinae  for maintaining this…. place. (not just a forum, more than simply another bloghop…it is what M. Rogers set out to create, the sense of community and, as we know, every community has a….

10)  Why yes, I will explain the Bob Newhart reference.  I was at the office yesterday and a couple of people were talking about movies…someone suggested ….’Captain Phillips’  and I was all,  ‘I am so not a big fan for Tom Hanks’ and another person chimed in with… ‘for someone who started out in drag on a TV series, he hasn’t done badly’  …and then I said, ‘yeah! I remember that! along with Peter Scolari…which of them was Tony Curtis and which was the Jack Lemmon character?’* and that made me think of “..this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl‘… (characters in the TV series ‘Bob Newhart’)  I should mention that there were two people in the office (during this conversation) who were  less than 43 years old and so I asked, ‘…have you ever heard any of  Bob Newhart’s standup bits?’  and they were like, ‘he did standup?’  … and I was all, ‘hell yeah!’  And so, for Item #10 (as supporting documentation) of  Item # 5 and as supported by Secret Rule 5.3 (‘the conversion rate of photos to written text’) I offer the following:

* the movie ‘Some Like it Hot’



Ten Things of Thankful


 Your hosts


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Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. zoe says:


  2. zoe says:

    I gotta say that first is a bit more satisfying on a sunday when you didn’t do a Saturday one… Hey I just watched some like it hot on vid while sitting around this week… love that movie although I cant see how you got from tom in drag to the darryls… but I do love some Bob standup! He was by far one of the best at it…

    quite the traditional little list ya got here today…

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      actually a (fairly) direct connection: tom hanks was in the sitcom ‘Bosom Buddies’ with Peter Scolari, who was in ‘Bob Newhart’ which had Larry, Darryl and his other brother Darryl

      • zoe says:

        Totally forgot Scolari was in that show.

        • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

          yeah so he (Scolari) would have been the Tony Curtis character? and Hanks the Jack Lemmom?

          • zoe says:

            other way around. Tony Curtis played the Wild man like Tom Hanks did in the series right? Jack Lemmon was Mr sensible all the time.

            remember the original Bob Newhart show? God I love Mr Carland I can’t remember the little guy he used to pick on all the time ….little bald guy do you remember his name in the show?

            • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

              good get… been a long time since I saw the movie, but being a clark, I retain enough information to get me to make connections…

  3. Denise says:

    Yes, Bob. Cool thankful fo sure….but I’ve got to hone in on your #3.

    Holy shit yes. Oh my gosh, what the hell is up with rogers! I have been living with a roger close to 19 yrs. What you describe, the silence is a most infuriating “characteric” of our rogerian brethern. The funny thing is, if I, as a clark, act the same way towards my roger, he actually will accuse me of not listening. LOL I tell him that’s what he does to me! And having to have the last word, will “humorously” tell me “that’s different”.

  4. Kristi says:

    I’m more than 43 years old, but I don’t know that I had ever heard Bob Newhart’s stand-up bits, either. Thanks for sharing; that was funny!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      yeah, not only funny, but ‘technically’… the idea of (someone wrote) being his own straight man… to be able imply the ‘set up’ well enough for it to work…very cool

  5. Would the dog’s name be Cloudy, by any chance? A cool one, Clark.

  6. Oh, wow, Clark – I LOVE Bob Newhart. I loved the show with Larry Darryl and Darryl, but I also loved his Bob Newhart show. I was probably really too young to get it back when it ran, but in reruns? That man is hysterical. And yes, genius to be able to pull off being his own straight man. And I actually did somehow follow your trek from Hanks in drag to Newhart.
    And yes, I’m pretty sure the Book of Secret Rules/Secret Book of Rules gets great mileage. As do the Guard Virgins.

  7. Lizzi R says:

    Did you get Got by a roger?

    We missed you at VidChat. Hope you come back next week and take the reins again.

    The set-up in the clip was really cool. I think I possibly missed some of the nuance for not being American and not knowing the…(I assume) Gettysburg address, but I like it – I like how he did it.

    Glad your temperatures are not so bad. Summer soon.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      (no, it was one of those ‘ground-opening up’ things that we clarks unfortunately know all too well)

      the Newhart bit was totally dated (1960!) and I can’t see some of the ‘Madison Avenue’ advertising references being totally not there (for anyone, age dependent) but that ‘implied conversation’ totally knocks me out…in fact it is one few things that I have in the back of my mind when writing a Post (“…now if I can imply this…”)

  8. jny_jeanpretty says:

    BOB!!! he is the most wonderful wonderful wonderful comedian!!! Ah, thanks!!!


  9. christine says:

    I looked at that photo for a long time, thinking, “I know those guys, but how?” HOW COULD i HAVE FORGOTTEN???? I loved Newhart.
    I am 42, and not only have I heard his stand-up, many of my kids have, too. We like to listen to a stand-up channel on Sirius/XM, and he is on there pretty frequently.
    Nice, mostly normal list, Clark. ;)

  10. manalgb says:

    Loved Bob Newhart! My favorite was “I’m Darryl, this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl”..they don’t make them like that anymore. Thanks for the reminder:)

  11. Yvonne says:

    Well, I’m impressed that you manage 2 posts each weekend! I only do one and it didn’t get out till late on Sunday this weekend.
    Of all your list, your number 3 was my favourite – largely because I cannot count the number of times we’ve had that scenario in our house. Usually it’s me doing the talking and my husband being silent, but it could be a daughter in his place instead. Sometimes I feel irritated, sometimes I think I’ve bored them and feel guilty, but now I will take your suggestion and feel grateful for “I’ve nothing to add,” instead! Somehow it’s also comforting to know that this isn’t just something wives get from husbands. Thank you.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      (A lot) of the value of the Wakefield Doctrine is appreciated by clarks when dealing with rogers (or scotts) and the the scenario in the Post is very definitely in that category, in fact, we would say about this classic roger/clark interaction: ‘hey clarks, don’t feel bad or get mad, it’s them it’s not you!’

  12. Hellz yes to number four. The Doctrine allows us to chuckle at their Rogerness rather than going to jail for assault. So that’s awesome although all of you guys doing two posts each weekend when I can barely eek out one is not so whatever.
    Also did you ever play the drinking game Bob? You watch the Bob Newhart show and every time somebody says “Bob” you drink. People said “Bob” A LOT in that show. Seriously.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      damn! how did I miss that game?! hey, I did miss the Saturday Post this weekend… enjoyed the car Post (that you wrote) and yes, I do sound funny with the affability dial on 11… (today’s reaction to today’s Post is most likely responsible)