“…indicate precisely what you mean to say” the Wakefield Doctrine do we have our 20 15 Questions…can we start scoring with the new Readers? can we? can we??

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)


Well, it certainly has been a productive week here at the Wakefield Doctrine blog. What with our PWAT* questions nearly complete and some interesting insights on ‘kitchen performance’ (Considerer?…we all totally knew that you would do that before really starting to cook…)  and ‘animal husbandry’ (Christine, too bad you’re not old enough to have enjoyed the old TV Series ‘Green Acres’ you would like it) …we have a lot to go over as we head into the long weekend. Michelle and Denise are hard at work on additional questions and Cyndi is trying to find a way to get the Doctrine into her Lesson Plan this Semester (“…lets see, math class? roger…history?…roger…civics?…roger!  oh wait!  recess?  …scott!!!!  and nap time, clark“). Hey Stephanie!!  we loved your answers to the first set of questions, we would like to hear from you on scenario… you too Dyanne and Chris  come on!  how you gonna earn one of our fabulous, nearly free Wakefield Doctrine docTees? huh? how?  We invite you all to send us any suggestions for scenaria  with or without Answers. The object of the PWAT is, through the use of familiar, everyday  situations, to elicit the Readers instinctive response (to these situations). Following each of these ‘scenaria’  will be three responses. Readers will be asked to choose the ‘Answer’ that most feels right. There are no right or wrong answers and the (suggested) response may not be quite how one would respond, but it is about which Answer resonates most for the Reader. So lets get right into the latest collection.

(If you’re looking for Finish the Sentence Friday, the ‘Ladies inRead’ are taking the Labor Day Weekend off (of course)… but be sure to go by and see Janine and Kate and Stephanie and Kristi... theys always up to something!)

1)  You’re in class one Friday afternoon in October. You are in the middle of the quarterly exam and you are glad you were prepared for the test. You look over and notice that  your best friend is looking at another persons exam answers, you immediately look away but then you notice your Teacher is about to catch your friend cheating. You immediately:

     a) stand up and ask to be excused to go to the bathroom;
     b) start laughing in a very loud voice or
     c) do nothing, you need an ‘A’ on this test or you won’t get in to Medical School


2) You’re out on a double date with your best friend. While sitting at the table,waiting for the band to come on stage, you notice that, when they don’t think anyone is looking, your friend’s date is flirting with your date. Will you:

     a) take your friend aside and tell them what you suspect and offer your support;
     b) take your friend’s date aside and tell them that if they keep it up you will kick their ass or
     c) feel embarrassed for your friend and don’t do anything, except when you over-compensate you end up looking like you’re flirting with your friends date…


3) (from Friend of the Doctrine,  Christine): ( True story).    Scenario: Sitting in a “restaurant” (Step above fast food. Order at counter, but some workers roaming the place asking if you want refills or more breadsticks.) alone, you notice some thug-looking teenagers taking turns stealing tips off of tables. What do you do?

     a) stand up and tell them to put all the stolen money back;
     b) tell the counter person that, while you might not be 100% certain, you are pretty sure there are people in the restaurant stealing tips or
     c) call 911 on your cell phone (speed dial) and return to enjoying your meal


4)  (from DownSpring Considerer... here is one of 4 that she was kind enough to send us and is “… heavily edited” ): You’re at home waiting for a telephone call. Your favourite relative, who you haven’t seen in years, is coming to visit and promised to call as soon as they got into town, for final directions to your house. The phone rings, so rather than let it go to the answering machine, you pick it up and say, “hi’. The telemarketer seems delighted to hear an actual person’s voice and immediately launches into their pitch, “Hi! Am I speaking to the member of the household who makes the decisions about how happy your family will be?”

     a) Listen politely to the spiel until you have a moment to interject, at which time you explain that you don’t want to buy into their service and try to negotiate the conversation to a swift end.
     b) Leave the phone off the hook, and walk away, coming back five minutes later to hang up if they’ve stopped talking by then…remember that you are waiting for a call, get angry and, without picking it up, shout at the phone   (“Can’t you see I’m waiting for someone?”).
     c) Start swearing at them, notice that the telemarketer is still on the line and seems to be getting upset…stay on line asking personal questions about their family, savouring the outrage you sense when you suggest they engage in an anatomically impossible sex act…hang up, laughing


5) You’re in a Supermarket checkout aisle; there is one person ahead of you and two behind you in line. It’s late on a weekday afternoon, people are all getting their mid-week grocery shopping done. While you are focused on the magazine rack opposite the checkout counter ( One newspaper is stating, ‘Obama and Rhianna are siblings born on the Planet Osiris’),  another shopper ‘cuts in line’ in front of you.  You:

     a) Look to see if anyone else in line noticed. Try to figure out why someone would be so rude and whether you should confront them or maybe tell the person behind you that the line will be delayed and aren’t people rude these days…
     b) Tap the offending shopper on the shoulder, tell them (nicely) that there are people in line and ask them, do they understand the normal protocol of lines? You say this with a smile and a genuine sense of wanting to help the person understand how they should behave in a checkout line.
     c) Establish eye contact and smile and shake your head in a ‘no, don’t do that’ gesture. (if the person is an attractive member of the opposite gender, make them stand immediately ahead of you in line).


6) (courtesy of DownSpring Michelle) You’re out for dinner with your spouse and another couple. The restaurant is new and very popular, so popular that there is normally  a 3 month wait for reservations. But you have a client who has connections and you were able to get in with very little delay, much to the impressed delight of your spouse and your friends. The dinner is all that you hoped it would be, outstanding cuisine and everything perfect and then as the server is pouring your coffee at desert they are jostled by a passing customer and spill coffee in your lap. You:

     a) scream loudly (if female)…shout loudly (if not) look around the table and the nearby tables and decide whether to play it for laughs or simply the fun of making the server cry (if female) get mad and storm off (if not)
     b) apologize to the server while trying to determine who might be to blame. Failing that, consider the possibility that either the server simply made a mistake or has a flawed personality
     c) feel embarrassed…feel like people are staring…apologize to the nearest person  …hate yourself for ruining the server’s evening (Optional)


7) You’re alone in your car, driving home late at night and you notice an SUV in the woods by the side of the road, it’s emergency flashers are on, steam is billowing from under the hood, clearly it has run off the road. You immediately:

     a) Pull over, get out of your car (hopefully remembering to put it in ‘Park’) and run towards the car shouting “Hey! Is everyone alright in there”
     b) Slow down and watch your rearview mirror until you see someone else pulling over, then speed up so that you can get to where the cell phone reception is strongest so that you can call for back-up
     c) Look to see if you recognize the vehicle, when you see that it has out-of-state plates, look at your watch then pull over and get out of your car, but stay where you are parked so that you can wave down the passing cars, ignore the screams for help and try to decide if the Good Samaritan laws apply to engineers


8) (Considerer for the next three…come on people, help the girl out!) You are at the Wildlife Park (a local family attraction), you notice a small boy kicking up a fuss, he appears lost and is clearly getting increasingly distressed, all at once he begins screaming for his Dad and looking around frantically. Do you:

     a) Watch him from a distance, pleased as other people step in to try to help the little chap.
     b) Walk up to him, put your hand on his shoulder, look him in the eye and reassure him that you’ll help him find his father, simultaneously scoping the area for a member of staff to tell that there’s a lost child.
     c) Join in with the crowd of other people saying nice (but largely ineffective) things as he zig-zags past you all.


9) You’re out on a second date when he/she starts talking in depth about a highly technical game they like to play. You don’t understand a word of what they’re saying. You…

     a) Listen attentively and tell them you’re glad they have something in their life that they’re so passionate about, and which brings them such pleasure. You either try to genuinely follow what they’re saying, or at least look like you do.
     b) Tell them outright that it’s not something you understand, in such a way that (you hope) doesn’t lead to a more in-depth explanation from them.
     c) Listen carefully for an opportunity to re-route the conversation onto topics about which you’re more knowledgeable. If they’re being particularly boring, re-route the topic of conversation into an area where you can show off your own technical expertise, and use lots of long words to prove the point.


10) You’ve been there for 3 hours, there were two rows of waiting patients when you arrived, that was reduced to half the number (of waiting patients) but now you (still sitting there) detect a noticeable increase in the number of people coming into the waiting room. You:

     a) sigh… and say
     b) scream… and shout
     c) pout…and whine


Alright!  5 or 10 more and we be done!


Saturday!!  New Question!!  From our Friend Janine:

11) It is breakfast time and your oldest child is having their first meltdown of the day over not wanting to finish their breakfast. What do you do?

a) God help me, it is only 9 am and she is already crying over something and walk away.
b) Try to reason with her and make a deal that if she eats 2 more spoonfuls, we will go to the park.
c) Whine and cry that you don’t like breakfast either.

* lol, no!  seriously!  it stands for Predominant Worldview Assessment Test… honest!  no,  Dyanne you should be ashamed of yourself for that






clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Considerer says:

    Dyanne’s named it the PWAT test? That’s EPIC XD Well done that gal :D

  2. I did absolutely not feel scottian today.. Was I really a Scott last time I responded?? I’ll try again!!

    1. a (first spontaneous reaction without reading the responses: fake a coughing fit)
    2. a (didn’t really feel like any of the answers applied. I think I’d tell my friend, and then fun-flirt with my friend for an hour or so, before ending the date and have fun with my friend for the rest of the night)
    3. mood-related a (if I feel brave and confident) or b, even though I’d tell the person that they ARE stealing the money, not “maybe”
    4. d: politely interrupt the person on the other side of the line (since it’s a person who’s just doing their job) and tell them that I am not interested and have absolutely no time since I am waiting for an important call. If person is obnoxious and doesn’t get it, I’d tell them that I’ll hang up now, and do exactly that.
    5. Late afternoon, so I guess I’m on my way back home, and just pick up a few things after getting off the bus. If the person has only a few things, I’d let it go, if not, definitely tell them EXCUSE ME!!!!!
    6. Again, squeak in surprise / pain, acknowledge that “$h!t happens” (having been a waitress myself), maybe cry a little if the dress is ruined beyond cleaning, and continue with the night after getting cleaned up a little.
    7. Seeing that the car is clearly in trouble, either stop immediately (if traffic and road permits and ask if they need help, or find a safe place to stop and call emergency roadside assistance with information on the location on the SUV and maybe try to head back to see if they need help (depending on the urgency of my business that got me out there)
    8. definitely b. I have kids myself and would want someone to help them out when they’re in trouble. And it’s scary for a little kid to be lost!
    9. somewhat between a and c
    10. If I’m really sick, I suffer in various degrees (and noise levels). If I’m not that sick, I enjoy the time-out to read my book.

    Still Scott?? I don’t know, but I don’t feel Scottian at all! What does make me a Scott??

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      Just got in see your reply, know there is a significant time zone disparity, so I want to respond to the Comment right away, albeit in a more general sense.

      (One of the cool things) about the Doctrine is: you can’t get it wrong and you can’t break it. This is because what the Doctrine offers is not a ‘thing’, like a personality type/label (“Congratulations Mrs. Unexpectedly! We have looked at your application and we have determined that you are a ‘ENTB Axis5 intro-Extrovert’. Here is your sixty page manual. Be sure to memorize the instructions, take not to get into any stressful/emotional situations until you have broken in your brand new Personality Type. Good Luck and if you have any questions call the number on the back of the box!“)

      The Wakefield Doctrine is perspective. And that perspective is predicated on the idea that everyone goes through their lives with a personal reality (to a certain extent) and it is the nature and character of the these personal realities that we talk about and use and play with and all. Fortunately, the Wakefield Doctrine says, ‘everyone has one predominant worldview, i.e. their personal reality but retain the potential of the ‘other two worldviews’. It is not uncommon to feel that we are all three at different times. That is totally normal. What you will see, if you continue to read and learn about this thing, is that one (of the three) has a ‘clearer focus’…resonates, just that you come back to it.

      So give it time, you are doing an outstanding job thus far…and your Comments are way helpful to our efforts to focus and tune this test. I’ll be back in a bit, just wanted to thank you for input and your linking us to your website!

      • Thanks a lot for this helpful input! Generally, I guess I feel like a Roger a lot, like the onlooker to the play that’s life in this world, with some clarkian tendencies; for whatever reasons I was just totally confused that from my responses, my worldview seems to be scottian ;-) Anyways, I’ll definitely will look closer into the details of the doctrine; it’s definitely interesting and I’m awaiting the remaining part of the “test” (I think I start to see why you hesitated so long to do a test; as the doctrine is more about how do I see the world instead of the usual how does the world see me).

        • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


          “…the doctrine is more about how do I see the world instead of the usual how does the world see me).”

          with a minor adjustment you will have the core principles down. We say (about the Doctrine) that it is about “how a person relates themselves to the world around them” (the implied distinction to ‘how one relates to the world’). We say it this way, and tying into your statement about how you see the world… the ‘world’ while certainly the common reality that we all experience (spaghetti and meatballs, skiing the Alp, Columbus sailing in 1492, the Buddha and the bodhi tree, Newton and the apple tree, Washington and the cherry tree…all that stuff) is the world but from within you (and me and them over there) there is a personal reality. The Doctrine maintains that there are 3 of these: the reality of the Outsider and the reality of the Predator and the reality of the Herd Member and (the Doctrine maintains) if you grow up in one of these personal realities aka worldviews, then you will develop a certain relationship and a certain set of coping strategies. The more difficult point is that for a scott the world is one of predator and prey… if you are a clark, you don’t act like an Outsider, you are an Outsider.

          We often say to people, observe the other person and try to infer the reality they are experiencing…

          (hey, we are having our weekly Video Brunch this Sunday, you are totally invited to join us and ask questions or just listen whatever)

  3. Hey! Stephanie has a great post up. Look. Up there. Her link!
    I went there, left a comment but don’t know if it “got lost”….I’ll answer Stephanie here but in short form:)

    Stephanie – trust your gut!. I also put in a vote for you being a strong roger with a secondary clarklike aspect:)
    (in case my comment did get lost it is in fact easy to sometimes mistake strong rogers for scotts!)

  4. Jen says:

    Wait, what?! I just read all of these questions and there is no key??!!! NO KEY!! I have things to do and people to see (son, dog) I don’t have time to read these questions just for fun!
    Nice job though.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      Who the hell said there was no key??! there is so !

      actually, Jen this is a prototype… meant to try and pick up some (free) scenaria … of course, as you point out, the key will be in the choice (among) the three answers.

      Seeing as I know some people at this here blog here, if you would like to submit some answers, I will totally be happy to personally grade your paper! (yeah, I know… but I’m like that!).

      (another component to this Post is to compare the efficacy of the targeting of the Answers… i.e. how frequently does say, a clarklike female with strong secondary scottian aspect (and tertiary rogerian) pick the ‘clark answers’?

  5. Saturday Morning on Labor Day Weekend and you have me taking a test!! And here is my added question, It is breakfast time and your oldest child is having their first meltdown of the day over not wanting to finish their breakfast. What do you do? a. God help me, it is only 9 am and she is already crying over something and walk away. b. Try to reason with her and make a deal that if she eats 2 more spoonfuls, we will go to the park. c. Whine and cry that you don’t like breakfast either. Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself and trust me Saturday morning is shaping up real lovely here now, too lol!! Have a great weekend and Happy Labor Day :)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      lol.. thank you! Will add it to our Test see how well our focus group does! I like it (the question) cause it addresses a situation that a lot of people will have to contend with… cool

      …to be continued

  6. Cyndi says:

    1. c – why should I do anything? It’s her problem. hahaha
    2. c – that actually happened to me.
    3. b – I must be a coward.
    4. c – I once pretended that aliens were taking me hostage.
    5. a or c – it depends on my mood. It really pisses me off when people do that, but it’s worse, sometimes to make a scene.
    6. b – I’m always sorry. I just am. lol
    7. a – if I saw the accident happen. b – if not. See, people do mean tricks to lure pretty women into their traps.
    8. b – unattended children will be given sugar sticks
    9. a – that really happened. I pretended to like WWF (now WWE) wrestling. Oh my god, I was so relieved when I found out he was pretending, too (in front of his friends).
    10. c – I whine more than I care to admit.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      I was over at Stephanie’s talking about clarks and such and realized how I jump around when I read Comments and try to Reply….

      8!! lol

      (now I better go back and read the entire list in it’s….entirety lol)

      (btw we will be looking to see, if when we tally the scores of a number of people* the ‘straying’ of answers might be indicating the person’s secondary aspect)

      will be back!

      * like I’m keeping up with things now! lol