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There has been an increasingly vocal call for the creation of  a ‘test’ or ‘assessment’ that will allow Readers to quickly and easily determine  their pre-dominant worldviews. You know, like a personality test. For the record, I understand the desire for such a test. However, (also) for the record, I do not understand the need for such a test. Having said that, and given that I am running out of time this morning, I will just say,  “more on the subject later today’.

Following are 4 draft questions.  Thanks go out to Considerer and Michelle and Cyndi and Christine and Kristi and Denise for their feedback, input, support and causal weekend wear habits. You will notice that one Question does not have any ‘Answers’… this is also Lizzi’s contribution of a Question (scenario) time to get involved! Jak, yo  lets hear from you on these. Remember the point of providing multiple choice Answers is that we are writing the answers knowing which of the three will pick them.. and no, Kristi, I am not concerned.. how many people are going to read this Post today, never mind remember it when I add to it this November!  lol

I invite your feedback, questions and Comments.


the Supermarket line

You’re in a Supermarket checkout aisle; there is one person ahead of you and two behind you in line. It’s late on a weekday afternoon, people are all getting their mid-week grocery shopping done. While you are focused on the magazine rack opposite the checkout counter ( One newspaper is stating, ‘Obama and Rhianna are siblings born on the Planet Osiris’),  another shopper ‘cuts in line’ in front of you.  You:

  1. Look to see if anyone else in line noticed. Try to figure out why someone would be so rude and whether you should confront them or maybe tell the person behind you that the line will be delayed and aren’t people rude these days…
  2. Tap the offending shopper on the shoulder, tell them (nicely) that there are people in line and ask them, do they understand the normal protocol of lines? You say this with a smile and a genuine sense of wanting to help the person understand how they should behave in a checkout line.
  3. Establish eye contact and smile and shake your head in a ‘no, don’t do that’ gesture. (if the person is an attractive member of the opposite gender, make them stand immediately ahead of you in line).

In a fine restaurant

You’re out for dinner with your spouse and another couple. The restaurant is new and very popular, so popular that there is normally  a 3 month wait for reservations. But you have a client who has connections and you were able to get in with very little delay, much to the impressed delight of your spouse and your friends. The dinner is all that you hoped it would be, outstanding cuisine and everything perfect and then as the server is pouring your coffee at desert they are jostled by a passing customer and spill coffee in your lap. You:

  1. scream loudly (if female)…shout loudly (if not) look around the table and the nearby tables and decide whether to play it for laughs or simply the fun of making the server cry (if female) get mad and storm off (if not)
  2. apologize to the server while trying to determine who might be to blame. Failing that, consider the possibility that either the server simply made a mistake or has a flawed personality
  3. feel embarrassed…feel like people are staring…apologize to the nearest person  …hate yourself for ruining the server’s evening (Optional)

Sitting in the waiting room of the urgent care center.

You’ve been there for 3 hours, there were two rows of waiting patients when you arrived, that was reduced to half the number (of waiting patients) but now you (still sitting there) detect a noticeable increase in the number of people coming into the waiting room. You:

  1. (your suggest Answer here.)
  2. (and here)
  3. (hey, come on! does ‘Free highly collectible Tshirts mean anything to you people?!? one, more…the easy one too! give us the scottian Answer)

A traffic accident off the side of the road.

You’re alone in your car, driving home late at night and you notice an SUV in the woods by the side of the road, it’s emergency flashers are on, steam is billowing from under the hood, clearly it has run off the road. You immediately:

  1. Pull over, get out of your car (hopefully remembering to put it in ‘Park’) and run towards the car shouting “Hey! Is everyone alright in there”
  2. Slow down and watch your rearview mirror until you see someone else pulling over, then speed up so that you can get to where the cell phone reception is strongest so that you can call for back-up
  3. Look to see if you recognize the vehicle, when you see that it has out-of-state plates, look at your watch then pull over and get out of your car, but stay where you are parked so that you can wave down the passing cars, ignore the screams for help and try to decide if the Good Samaritan laws apply to engineers



clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Oh Ho! I’m not telling!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      lol No! I would like your impressions of the scenaria and the ‘Answers’ (you probably recognise your restaurant scenria hope I did it justice!)

  2. Yay, a personality test ;-) Looking at the questionnaire, I feel like a twisted personality ;-)

    Supermarket line scenario: depending on my general mood, how much items the people in front of me have, how much items I have, how far I might (or might not) have gotten away from the actual line, and my time schedule, reaction of simply shrugging it off and get back in line behind the line skipper, breath heavily and look for people around me that have maybe witnessed the insult and just feel like a total victime of the universe, or totally confront the offender and get back into MY space of the line.

    Fine restaurant scenario: Depending on what I wear and the temperature of the coffee, I might screetch or yelp for a second, then probably have an expression like a doused poodle and eventually start laughing, asking for s couple of napkins to clean myelf up. I might cry a little, depending on what I wear, but since I have worked as a waitress myself, I would not beat on the poor waiter, stuff happens.

    Hospital waiting room: depending on how miserable I feel and again how much time I have to spend at the waiting room, I would not notice because I’m reading a book or magazine or get scared that it will take even longer now for me to get life-saving treatment (yes, I can be a total baby at times) ;-)

    Traffic accidents: As long as they are not people covered in blood laying around, I’d pull over and call the emergency number to get help. If they are obviously people hurt, I’d get out and help; a first aid course is mandatory to get your license here in Germany.

    How bad of a lost case am I, Clark???

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      Thank you for the first response to the first iteration of the (forth-coming) Personality Test (Doctrine-style)! (I will check and see what I have left in stock for Wakefield Doctrine docTees you totally have earned one.)

      Before I say anything about the test answers and such, I will say for the record, we have a secret* law here in the Doctrine, to the effect that no one tell another person what their predominant worldview is, having said that, we do talk about people and their worldview and we(I) will offer my opinion if someone needs help and assistance in discovering it. But the main thing is that, for the Wakefield Doctrine to be useful and fun, it is best for the person to discover their predominant worldviews.

      …so scott, lol**

      * or not so secret
      ** so much for that rule… but hey! rules are for rogers!

  3. Loved the questions with the answers by the way, even though, obviously, it was hard to find myself in the scenarios offered, especially since I’m obviously a moody person at times ;-)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      to continue my reply…

      instead of the word moody, how does mecurial fit as a descriptor? (I don’t suggest this for everyone, but go to the ‘About’ page and down towards the bottom is a story I tell about the beginnings of the Wakefield Doctrine… it centers on the solution that the Progenitor scott came up with for a problem that was so characteristic of his worldview that..well the rest became history).

      also remember this is art with science…it (personal reality) is about how things feel to you, your ‘gut’ reactions…the cool thing is that even if you pick the ‘wrong’ worldview the first time, as you learn more about the Doctrine and talk to people about it, your actual worldview will assert itself. Thats why we say, ‘you can’t get it wrong and you can’t break it!’

  4. cyndi says:

    1. 1.
    2. 3.
    3. 1.
    4. 2.
    not sure if those truly are clark answers, but I’m going on personal experience :)

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      interesting… (not counting the one about the urgent care waiting room*) your answers seem to be running the same as Stephanie’s… percentage at about 2/3s ‘correct’ …which means that a little more than 2 out of 3 of the Answers are ‘drawing’ a response from the appropriate worldview…or something like that!

      Thank you, as always we will wait for some more ‘responses’

      *those answers were kind of ‘please replace these with your own idea of a clarklike, scottian and rogerian response

  5. I love tests….NOT. Except for these, at the Doctrine =D
    If the questions are good, relateable (no, I cannot spell today!), they’ll generate responses with true reflection.
    I find them helpful and interesting. Post some more? I’ll try and think of some and send them in!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      By all means… any scenaria that is interesting and dynamic send ’em in! Don’t need to worry about the Answers or even if the scenario is appropriate for the personality type…because…. (all together now) ‘everyone does everything at one time or another’.

  6. Oh this is fun!! Especially as I can see how it related to our chat on Sunday :)
    Ok…here are my answers:

    1) 1
    2) 3
    3) I have no problem asking reception what the hold up is or when it will be my turn. Esp. at the doctor who is ALWAYS late!
    4) 1 <- At least I hope I'd do this. Never happened to me before.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      thank you (your answers) are tracking as did the other clarks! (we will talk about Number 4…this is an interesting scenario for clarks in that with a subtle shading of the ‘setup’ and entirely different Answer becomes valid!)

      Hey rogers! hey scotts!

      (actually I believe Christine has registered her responses in email form…. hey Christine!!! mr overly-private here can I copy paste your email for a Comment or would you do that and send us in your ‘Answers’ for the scottian contingent, of course.)

  7. Ok here are my answers. I think I already gave you my answer to the supermarket one over facebook but since this is for The Public, I will do it again :)

    1. 2
    2. 2, I think. Probably depends on how much wine I’d had and whether I was comfortable overall with my companions and the server.
    3. Would go up to the desk and say that I’d been there for three hours and ask when I might be getting in to see a doctor (unless I was bleeding profusely in which case I’d cause a scene and get PISSED).
    4. This one is hard. I think #2 but I’d feel really guilty about not getting out to help and maybe would drive back to the scene to be sure that somebody was helping. Also if I actually saw the accident happen, I would know it wasn’t a trick (like a psycho who wants to put me in a pit and make me put lotion on my skin) and probably help.
    I’ll try to think of some more questions too!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      (It puts the test on the screen…) lol I know I am getting ahead of us in the process and I seriously do not want to distract everyone, but your answers are helpful (as) an insight into secondary (and tertiary) aspects as revealed in a seeming straying from the ‘common answers’ given your predominant worldview, i.e. clarklike female. I think I am seeing that in the answers in the case of the other clarks… the variation tends to reflect either the outright strength of the secondary (as implied in your answers) or in the case of the tertiary (waiting for Michelle’s answers which will be very interesting!). And, of course, our Ms. Considerer…when she gets back from the Isle of Wight!

      Thanks again… maybe see you round TTOT-ville (no it’s pronounced TOT villa…. TOT! lol)

      • I think, for a Clark-like female, that I also have a really aggressive bitchy self righteous side. Made more dominant with wine, and an audience (Scott???). I also have a major need to educate/ make the world more beautiful and meaningful (is that the asshole Roger coming out?). I think this test is going to kick ass.