three personality types that are gender, culture and (pretty much) all sorts of neutral: the Wakefield Doctrine (‘we all do everything at one time or another’)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

You know, the goal of almost every blog writer I know is to attract more and more Readers and develop as large a following as possible. In this regard, the Wakefield Doctrine is certainly no exception.
But the Wakefield Doctrine is different. Allow me to explain:

The Wakefield Doctrine, as a ‘theory of personality’, a unique perspective on human behavior, if you will, has been around since the early 1980s. Known to only a small group of friends, the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, was the textbook example of ‘word-of-mouth’. Because of the small number of people who came into contact with the idea, anyone showing (an) interest was afforded the benefit of a ‘direct education’.
Then the decision to create the Wakefield Doctrine blog and very interesting changes occur. First and foremost, the requirements to present the principles of the Doctrine in a written form, suitable for the blogosphere became apparent. The second, in a sense, a much, much more significant change, was that understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine (both in theory and application) began to increase, driven by the interest of people encountering this thing for the first time on the Doctrine blog site.

The point being, with a certain type of Reader, I am able to gain a perspective on how effectively the Doctrine is being presented.

Melanie writes, “I continue to enjoy reading your posts. Especially since you always have such good things to say about Clarks!”

Cyndi asks, “Still, though, if there’s an underlying psychological thing going on, for me, it makes it harder to discern your personality type and thereby understand your behavior. What’s your take?”

Michelle opines,  “I think we’re on the same track here…”

Janine, “…and I never truly thought of myself as a Clark, but I did teach before having my girls. Very interesting and left me with a bit of food for thought.”

Stephanie, “That was actually fascinating, and it made me want to read your blog more..”

Amy, “…accepting that their world view would be anything other than exactly like mine! I have to think about this some more

Molly, “In this instance, it is also interesting to try and decipher the difference between personality and training

This is the (new) Challenge that begins with writing to strangers and evolves into talking to friends. This is the (new) opportunity to expand our understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine and, by so doing, increase it’s value as a way to understand the behavior of the people in our lives.

What started this Post was, in a sense, a combination of Melanie’s and Cyndi’s Comments, which comes across to me as a question of exceptions and a question of proportionality (of the three personality types).

(My best response) might be:  this Wakefield Doctrine is about human behavior as a result of (our) relationship to the world, the world that we find ourselves in every day that we are alive. Note that I did not say: “…as men we might, as a woman sees it, in most cases except severe neuroses, even for the older person, when I was just a child, specifically intended for, the really good personality type, for the educated only,Wakefield en la Doctrina increíble, if for more than 4 hours, consult a doctor immediately, for those about to rock, don’t indulge in that Doctrine, you haven’t had your supper, turn off the light it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow...”

When I started this blog, I used to find a way to include in my overview of the Wakefield Doctrine the following statement:
‘the Wakefield Doctrine is gender and culture neutral’.
This is still the case. The insights inherent to this theory applies to the human experience first, then (the) individual condition. This is not to say that something like gender has an insignificant impact, but, (this impact) is manifesting within the worldview of the individual.
We often say, ‘we all do everything at one time or another‘, this is meant to remind us, that the Wakefield Doctrine is, first and foremost, about how the person relates themselves to the world.

Whether we are talking about a stripper in a birthday cake, a Judge presiding over a civil trial, a Physician about to talk to a Patient and changes their world forever, a Policeman saving an Old Lady from drug-addicted mugger or an Artist hoping to be noticed or criminal hoping to not be noticed, our task is to understand the character of their reality, their worldview.

Everything else follows from that.


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Clark, I have no doubt that this is going to be huge and catch on with others. How could it not, it really explains so much about the way all people think and act, as well as life itself!!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:


      …well, there is that! The challenge is for me to learn to write good and fast as possible lol

  2. Cyndi says:

    Cool. Awesome stuff here. And…you’ve got me wondering. Is there some sort of quiz people can take that would help them discern their predominant world view and secondary and tertiary aspects? Just wondering – I was trying to explain the Doctrine to my family the other night and they were all like, “how do I identify myself” – and because of my reading, I was able to tell them, but I had difficulties with a couple people, as you know from yesterday’s comment. :)
    In any case, I love how this is helping me relate to people. Just yesterday, I found myself annoying a fellow teacher – inadvertently, of course – and then I was like, oh man, she’s gotta be a roger. It still didn’t take away the sting of knowing she was cross with me, but understanding it all makes it a little easier to move forward from that.

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      “…It still didn’t take away the sting of knowing she was cross with me, but understanding it all makes it a little easier to move forward from that.”

      That is a perfect example of what we mean when we say, ‘this Doctrine thing is for me, not for them’ to take the sting, defuse the energy, allows you to know that your options and choices are totally open. (Especially with rogers) clarks have a tendency to take on way more negative energy than we are technically required to (lo). There is that little, ‘maybe they are right, maybe I deserve…’
      this helps us see our own path a bit more clearly.

      ..on that test? long running project will follow up