the Wakefield Doctrine: a unique, useful and fun approach to personality types…(it will allow you to successfully predict the behavior of other people)

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

…a mighty bold claim indeed! The Wakefield Doctrine can, in fact, predict the way that any given person will respond to common, everyday, life situations. With an understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine, what is puzzling (and aggravating!) about the behavior of the people in our everyday lives becomes totally clear, (maybe still aggravating…but clear!)
While the Wakefield Doctrine is a very useful, insightful and revealing approach to a subject that is always on our minds, it is not such a serious, difficult-to-learn Personality Theory. Rather ‘the Doctrine’ is a fun way to know more about your friends and family members and neighbors than you ever thought possible. Here in this blog, there are pages listed that will explain each of the three personality types, but it is/are the Posts where the fun is meant to be found. All of these Posts are, in a sense, a long conversation about the Wakefield Doctrine, where it came from, what it says about personality types and human behavior…how to have fun with it.

The Wakefield Doctrine maintains that we all live in one of three characteristic realities: the world of the outsider (clark), the world of the predator (scott) or the world of the herd member (roger).
We have descriptions of the common behavior exhibited by the three personality types. The goal, however,  is not to just match the behavior to the person and then stop. Rather we look for characteristic behavior, then infer (from that) the nature of the personal reality that the person is living in and then we know way all about that particular person. If we have correctly inferred the worldview of the person (as being the world of a clark or a scott or a roger) we can predict how that person will react to any situation!  Pretty cool, huh?

Enough of the knowledge, lets get to some of the fun!

(With apologies in advance to Jeff Foxworthy)

If you immediately stop surfing the channels because you come upon a show that uses only black and white documentary photos and film…you might be a roger

If you love Christmas lawn decorations and cannot imagine having too many lights… you might be a scott

If you find a pamphlet stuck under the windshield wiper of your car and you take the time to read it… you might be a clark.

Asked a question and you start your answer with “in the beginning…”  you might be a clark.

Someone gets your name wrong and you answer to it without correcting them… you might be a clark.

As a child building model cars, you made sure that the extra parts were put back in the box along with the re-folded instructions for future safekeeping…you might be a roger.

You think that Slacker was the greatest movie made in the 90s…you might be a clark

You think that Borat was one of the funniest movies of the year…you might be a scott

You think that the 107 episode,  Directors cut, 15 DVD un-abashed edition of the compilation (with Writers notes (including what he had for breakfast) and voice-over reading of the credits by someone who knew someone who was a re-enactor who actually got hurt at an event) of all Ken Burns films, PBS episodes and commercials that last longer than most readings of the Iliad is the greatest film of all time…you might be a roger

If you have any inclination to wear hats for a fashion statement, or  any clothing designed specifically for riding a bicycle (branded or un-branded)…you might be a roger.

You are at a golf tournament and feel that it is expected of the members of the gallery to yell anything (including, but not limited to “get in the hole”)…you might be a scott.

If you are contemplating a project of any sort; building a deck for your house, writing a term paper or planting a garden:

…you look forward to making the list of things you need to buy/gather/acquire first more than anything else…you might be a clark

…you must know what your friends on the ‘do it yourself’  shows have done, that is what you want…you might be a roger


That will be quite enough for today. In conversations with the Progenitor roger and scott, I have maintained that the best new rock music is coming from the country guys… I wonder if Ronnie James knows that Jason seems to have appropriated a certain hand gesture…lol


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Steve Crabtree says:

    In the beginning (JK) God (if there is one, or could be addressed as Supreme Being, let’s leave it at that, so all or none will be offended), where was I?

    Oy vey! Oh yeah, at the start (better) suddenly we have SEVEN count ’em, SEVEN days in a week, with one that is hard to spell correctly Wednesday, the young daughter of Gomez and Tish Addams.

    My question is thus: Why is Wednesday called HUMP DAY? I would imagine that there is probably LESS HUMPING on this day than any other during the week. Is a camel involved? Road work (watch that HUMP in the road) refering to old women with hump backs? Whales? Why HUMP day? I wait, but not long, I have important Roger things to do – for your answer. And PLEEZ! NO diatribes about Jews and the Torah and all that crap – gimme a scientific answer, not a Culture Club reason, or ‘middle of the week’ because I think the week begins on MONDAY, so why HUMP DAY for Wednesday? I’m sure this will keep the non Rogers busy for a while. I have my own answer, but it’s mine. All mine. Remember this too – The Beatles said there were “Eight Days” in a week. bloody hell! Please hurry with your reasonable answer. I’ve things to belittle. Yeah, I know you can’t belittle things, but when you call humans ‘things’, you can – how bout that movie, “The THING from Another Planet” no no, not Al Gore. Awaiting your, hee hee, answer. *that was a hint.

  2. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    …we knew you would say that!

    lol Case Closed!!

    Hey whatever the hell happened to Defense Lawyer’s TV shows?
    When I was growing up, the most popular lawyer show (well, maybe the only lawyer show) was Perry Mason. And Perry always defended the attractive but wrongly accused Clients from that awful, awful….awful (antagonist) Hamilton Burger (‘the DA’/Prosecutor) And for you young folks, he (Burger) had a ‘Win ratio’ that only the Washington Generals could compete with).
    The thing was Perry Mason was the Hero! (Maybe that’s why they named the show after him).

    He saved the people from being wrongly convicted.
    …with help, of course, from Della ( “…DeLLAA Dellllellllla!!!!”) Street (how cool a name that? with her Lois Lane hairdo she was totally the helpmeet for our guy Perry).

  3. Orson Welles last comment was “Rosebud”

    Marlon Brando’s last comment was ” Eskimo Pie!” (not, “Stick your finger in my ass”) I like him when he wasn’t all fat and sad. He became a recluse, except he could be spotted at the local Dairy Queen on several occasions (actually several times a day). He owned a real Streetcar, not named Desire, but Dessert. Funny how genetics will finally get you in the end. Then his son shoots someone, then his old movies were watched to remind us of his coolness “The Wild One”, great. Then, we get “Last Tango in Paris Hilton”. Nice script! Feed me grapes as you (see above).

    However, I’m no critic, no sir, not me. I wouldn’t begin to know where to start, even tho Roger Ebert called me to sit in, but I said “no thanks, I don’t like your thumbs up and your condescending remarks if the film is not artsy-fartsy enough for you. I’m no critic, but I am critical. I guess that would mean critical ANALysis (pun intended for Marlon). Rosebutt. Pervy Mason knew all about that, which is fine with me, but don’t pretend you don’t like hamBURGER helper, Raymond BURR, it bet he was a burr, like Aaron BUUHHHH. I’m jolly roger today. Why do you think the Monkees named that song “Last Train to CLARKSville?” makes sense to me. maybe even some Scotts, too.

  4. Just watched a documentary on, oh hell, it doesn’t matter. It was good AND in black and white. It was about crop dusting planes, very interesting, not corny at all. arg!

    • clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

      if the film was by Ken Burns (“…Real Pesticide Labels read by actual people who once drove down a highway that was bordered by an field that someone said had crops that were probably dusted once at least!!” “Burns does it again!! The voices of people who might already be dead strikes chords of realism’ NY Times)

      and was wearing a baseball cap while you watched it would have been the nearly-perfect rogerian storm.

  5. Downspring#1 says:

    How SO the difference between a clark on roger “spar” and that which might take place between a clark and scott.
    Huh. All we need now is a scott. BUT WAIT! Do we really? I mean, why? To show us via a “compare and contrast” model how things go with these people?
    I’d like to thank the crabman for dropping by, leaving me a mental mind reminder. I need to re-focus on my rogers. They be special folk and damn if you can’t take your eyes off them!

  6. Ah, Downspring, thank you (I think) for the nicety toward the Roger folk. Yes, we are special (if only in our own little minds), tho to be so stupid, Beavis and Butthead sure had large heads!

    Mental reminders are good, especially if you are like me and don’t carry a day-planner. I have an Ipad, but Angry Birds has a grip on me. It’s hell, been to a specialist, and they offered me Prozac. I just wanted to know some tips on how to get past level 15! I chopped up the Prozac and feed them to the birds, they chirp, but poop on my house without a care in the world!

    Life is so complex. As is Angry Birds. Should be more simple, like Rogers.

    Will Roger Maris? yes, he did.


    If you want to let off steam, I found the PERFECT game for you.

    Absolutely wonderful and you feel so much better afterward. Start with level ONE, otherwise, you might get out the real thing!

    Thank me later, when you lose your job.


  8. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Hey Steve, I have been having a long running discussion with the Progenitor roger re: the best new rock music (pop level rock, that is) is coming from the ‘country music’ guys.
    Today’s music video is perfect example.

    …there is a banjo! but listen to the lead guitar! (can you say, ‘Marshall’ … I knew you could!) lol

  9. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Alright… Mr Steve I think that as long as long as you are comfortable with this here Doctrine here, then time to step up to the lab bench and get a good look at the inside of that frog that we are sacrificing for your education!

    Now where the hell is that A/V geek!! Hey scott! go find them clarks…. good boy! get ’em

    fine here is an example of the interaction between a scott and a roger (and sorry, Jack is the scott, which leaves James as the….)

    And no, Jack is not the only aggressive guy in that movie… may be hard to see, but ol James he has, in fact, done a number on our scottian buddy Jack!