the Wakefield Doctrine’s Saturday Night Drive, look! did you hear something?

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

Saturday Night Drive Re-Cap!  (but first, about that last Road Trip…)

Rules Governing Wakefield Doctrine Road Trips

  • you must be going somewhere for another reason, business conference, pre-set sales calls, a visit to your sick aunt Earlene
  • the target destination must be recognizable to most, if not all Readers
  • (most important Rule) you must return before midnight of the day that you would have gotten back anyway
  • there is no minimum time that must be spent in target destination, however long it takes to get a photo and declare ownership by Right of Hat

This last trip I was in Ft Worth Texas (for a Conference) and went home (southern New England) by way of Key West, Florida.  Itinerary: Dallas->Houston->Tampa->Key West  (rental car) -> Ft Lauderdale-> home by 10:00 pm (2 hours to spare!)

Last Night’s Saturday Night Drive was more fun than most…a nearly full-complement of DownSprings! Only one missing was progenitor roger. (…if there are any Readers out there of the rogerian persuasion, write us a Comment, we want you to Call-in next Saturday!! (Mel…. you know you want to). Just let us know of your begrudging interest and, as clarks, we will try way, way too hard to get you on the air.

Last Night’s Topics for Discussion:

  • Jenny’s Conundrum,
  • tomahawks,
  • Summer in Big-Square-States and
  • input from all on the latest chapter of the someday-this-will-be-a-book manuscript. Specifically: Strategies for Workplace Conflicts  very good input from DS#1 and Molly and Ms AKH and glenn. Ms AKH provided the critical scottian ‘contrast’ to the suggested resolutions of the three Scenaria that we are using as a context in the Book.
  • …oh yeah!  we also did a video  that may or may not follow…stay tuned!

On the topic of Jenny’s Conundrum, Molly started to expand on her Comment (at the Post). Mostly focusing on the value of determining the nature of the questions (if any) being put forth by Jenny’s group of clarks, Molly’s suggestion appears to be along the lines of consider the nature of the question and infer the personality type,  (better just go to yesterday’s Post and read it yourself0.  Molly’s Comment was very ‘on the mark’ in that the initial phase of understanding the personality type of person is always to look for ways to infer how that person is relating to the world at large. Do they seem to see the world as ‘outside, apart from (themselves)’ or do they seem on the alert for threats or signs of weakness (in others) or do they seem assured that everything (or most everything) is as it should be? (a clark or a scott or a roger)

…to be cont’d


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Downspring#1 says:

    How fun! Next conference and/or symposium, I will surely allot sufficient time to incorporate a Wakefield Doctrine Road Trip aspect. What a challenge to turn potentially dull travel plans into exciting, fun and educational plans.

  2. Steve Crabtree says:

    Well, duh. Thanks for the number, I am headed to the tattoo parlor Monday to have it inscribed in a safe place on my body. Sounds like I missed all the fun. But, I tried, was prepared, like showing up on the front lines without a weapon.

    Glad to see someone used conundrum. So, since I missed out on the conversation, I watched Beavis and Butthead to see if I could identify their CSR personality. I think I did. I also tried to see which one I was, having misplaced the 218-339-0422 access code 512103 in an email. I did find some spare change in the couch, and some interesting things under the rug (no, not Trumps). I have posted THE pic on my FB page of myself with the CSR cap on. I have gone back to basics in understanding the THREE personality traits, and I must say, everyone fits ONE, even if some others creep in like clothing on you. Naked? You are a Clark Roger or Scott. The small nuances don’t change that. Just reactions to environmental changes, however, you remain one or the other. I long considered the 80/20 or 60/40 percentages, but have tossed that since, say a Roger, will return back to being a Roger once Katrina blows past.

    I regards to country music being the new ‘rock’, refer to ‘crossover’ in music. The old Alabama song “there’s gotta be a fiddle in the band” might hold true to get into the country genre, but the Marshall stacks and those shredding guitar solos and solid (what I consider hard rock) drumming, well that separates from old George Jones (your Grandpa’s country) to a younger, wider audience, delivering more of a powerful sound, but add steel guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and you can make Whitesnake ‘country’. It’s all just a ploy to KEEP the younger audience’s attention. Remember, TRUE COUNTRY is in the past – Montgomery Gentry and others are the result of the NEW country sound. In contrast, the genre ‘AMERICANA’ is a TEXAS holding, most songwriters from TX claim this genre, the Austin sound, etc, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett and many others lay claim to this genre. So, you will go (maybe if you get free tix) to a Brad Paisley show and hear ROCK COUNTRY, as compared to a Willie Nelson who’s band is so old that you will be lucky to hear anything close to a rock tune. Good awareness, true comment, yes those are Marshall amps and smoking guitars. Go see Dwight Yoakum, his guitarist Pete Anderson (former, they split) was awesome, terrific in fact.

    Gonna watch a video of Friday Episode 13. Hope it’s as good as a Sons of Anarchy Episode. Next week, have number, will travel via transmission. Don’t you just love technology? We will soon know each other’s DNA strand by number and be able to down them by exploiting their genetic flaws. Think about that.


  3. Steve Crabtree says:

    I just watched the DSPhyllis episode. I didn’t gather much info, the HERD problem, is a problem with me. I want to be part of a herd, just not the avg member of a HERD. I want to LEAD the herd in the right direction, the one I think is correct. As far as Scottian threat? I quickly recognize such attempts to control and stop it dead in it’s tracks. In other words, put them in, or outside, the herd. It’s their decision or mine, depending on their intentions. If they want to usurp me? Wrong move. They will find a Roger who will be a WALL of defense, unless, of course, they adhere to MY logic. I have this issue with, once believing I am correct, of listening to any other herd garbage, to put it as nicely as possible. The video was most entertaining, as I watched the driving in circles rather interesting – I do that to kill time. I would suspect DSPHYLLIS to be a conformist, middle-aged Roger, not a stirrer, or a rockish, cocky BS’er such as myself. I wished I would have heard more about how she handled Scottian pushiness or how she felt the need to fit in with the herd. Herd. You either lead the herd, or you are a follower of the herd. Jerry Jones is a Roger who leads a herd. So, if you desire to lead a herd, at the same time possessing the ability to ‘fit in’ with the herd, are you a chameleon in disguise? Or, a superior Roger? Just want to clarify. I choose to lead, hate to follow. That being said, I’m no bully, no, but I do have my own direction and will NOT deviate from what I believe. Scotts, it seems to me, are threatened by the disarmament capabilities of Rogers, that’s just my take. Any thoughts?

  4. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Actually Phyllis is responsible ( I believe) for describing the rogerian drive to ‘lead from behind’… in which a roger will control a scott (with the scott being aware of it, of course)

    (A minor point) come up to today’s Post… most of the others are looking there and will not be aware of your making a Comment… (god knows, we can’t deprive them of that)