“… as the house-lights dim and quiet descends upon the audience, our Test Subject takes a deep breath”. the Wakefield Doctrine Part Th th Three

Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine (the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers)

A truly interesting and exciting week coming up, not only for the Progenitors and DownSprings,  but for the Wakefield Doctrine it’s own damn-self! We’ve organized our thoughts, devised a strategy for the Convention and we all set.

Here is the Strategy:

  • Devise a Plan ( “…can I go out and play now? puleeze!! I did my homework!” )
…and the Plan is divided into 2 Steps:
  1. Is the situation dominated by a clarklike, scottian or rogerian worldview ( “…’dominated’ you used the word ‘dominated’…by a clark??  yeah, right!” )
  2. Adopt the appropriate aspect*
  • Example: waiting in an airport terminal: take on the clarklike worldview as clarks are the superior travelers (“...the White zone is for Loading and Un-Loading only…”)
  • Example: entering a large function room for a  ‘meet and greet’: adapt the scottian perspective, cause there’s at least one dominant predator in the room and a whole bunch of prey (“… and do not, we repeat, do not use the podium at the from of the room like a fire hydrant, metaphorically or not! ” )
  • Example: break time between seminars: when in a large room with a lot of people socializing,  go rogerian keep telling yourself, they are all people you nearly remember!


That is the Basic Plan

We will open the floor to: Comments, input, criticism, suggestion, illusions, dillusion and/or allusion… lets do this thing!
Call and write and tell what you think, place your bets…

Oh yeah!! The Wakefield Doctrine has a Twitter account, so twitter us at  @wakefielddoc  we will check in constantly and will answer your Questions live from the floor of the Convention.



* ..oh yeah, you New Readers don’t know about aspects. Damn, how about you people read up on the Wakefield Doctrine before you get into these Posts… un-organized and confusing layout?  yeah, it might be a little ….challenging to read and understand… alright, you do the best you can and I promise we will make a major effort to organize this blog better!
(Quick definition: the three ‘personality types’ of the Wakefield Doctrine are, in fact, three characteristic worldviews. By worldview, we mean a personal reality that you encounter everyday when you wake up. This is nothing extreme or weird, just that the nature of the world can be characterized in one of three ways: the world as experienced by the outsider (clarks), the reality of the predator (scotts) and the life of the herd member (rogers). We are all born with the potential for any of the three, but pick one in early childhood. We say that our pre-dominant type is clark or scott or roger. We never lose the other two, however. So I am a clark with a secondary scottian and tertiary rogerian aspect.

Get it?

Illustrations/examples of what we mean by ‘aspects’ in the context of our little Experiment:

  1. clarklike worldview: watch, observe, note the characteristics of those in the immediate environment ..hell, note the effects of the design of the terminal you are sitting in
  2. scottian perspective: move! walk! find the most tempting target and ask them questions, look them in the eye (when asking) talk loudly and forcibly (lol) if in the mood, wave your arms when talking
  3. rogerian: feel like you nearly remember most of the people in the room, find the person you feel you probably met at the last convention, go to them and say, “weren’t you in Salt Lake City this March?”

clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    @any clarks out there (how about this):

    functionally speaking, a clark is a projection of a reflection (of our view of the world)….

    …trying to unify our over-self-criticality with our desire to be a part of (the world) in contrast to our (assumed) position as outsider.

    (done for now, ran out of parentheses)

  2. Downspring#1 says:

    RE: first comment. Agreed. A projection of the reflection. Only clarks will get it. lol

    Here’s the thing about tweeting. Is it really possible for a clark to tweet? Let’s be real. Can a clark really type only a handful of words? Can a clark tweet the ticker tape of information constanting playing in their giant brains?! LOL I take it back – a clark can tweet but god help us all.

    P.S. This is a result of an improper dosage of caffeine (did I spell that right and who says what I had was really what it was supposed to be!) Explanation can be found in today’s post over at my alter ego’s blog, GirlieOnTheEdge