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Welcome to the Wakefield Doctrine ( the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers ).

The Post Title? Probably should be embarrassed to admit it, but it is kind of a joke title. If you want to know the joke, you need to Comment.  Write in at the bottom of this here Post here and  ask,  we will be happy to let you in on the, in-15-minutes-this-will-seem-way-unfunny, joke. ( Smart money is on the clarklike Readers to be the ones to figure it out on their own.)

Speaking of no one willing to write a simple frickin Comment, what does this blog have to do to get you Readers to write us some input? Go back through the old Posts and you will see plenty of Contest Posts that offered hats (for Comment-writing-Reader’s damn heads) and you will see many Posts that directly come out and say, “Hey Readers, write us some Comments, yo”. But, to date, all we have are the same Progenitors and DownSprings writing in, however, don’t get the wrong impression, we do appreciate theys writing. And just so no one gets nervous, Comments or not, we will still produce Posts about the Wakefield Doctrine.

And as to the ‘why’? There are two schools of thought about this “problem”: 
    the tone of these Posts (and the whole Wakefield Doctrine blog) is too, secret club/private joke/intimidating for the average Reader. While our first inclination would be to say, “What, are you stupid or something?”  No less a Reader than Friend of Doctrine, Mel (blog writer emeritus at ‘the Spatula), voiced such  sentiment in an email last year. So we would not discount this as a possibility.
   the second (school of thought) ties into this first, ‘secret club’ view in a way that we are more than  happy to expound upon; this opinion holds that nere the fact that Readers (may) be hesitant to write Comments is proof the Wakefield Doctrine is everything that we all know it to be, i.e. the perfect theory of personality!

A bold statement? Yes, yes it is. But true, nonetheless.

The reason that the lack of Comments is validation of the efficacy of the Wakefield Doctrine as a personality theory and (how it should be Voted Number One among all such theories that offer to lend insight into the psyche of your relative/friend/neighbor), is simply that most of these Posts are written by a clarklike personality type.  If you read the Page on clarks, it will all make perfect sense! If a clark writes a blog it will:

  • be totally creative, from an originality point of view
  • it will be quirky but funny
  • it will be disjointed and difficult to follow at times
  • it will be oddly funny and strangely endearing
  • it will be a thing to be valued by the Readers simply by virtue of being one of the few who “get it”
  • it will sound like an inside joke even though it is not
  • it will be presented without demands on the Reader, without the slightest sense of excluding anyone

That the Wakefield Doctrine predicts this should not be so surprising. And the fact that the ‘objection’ to the insider tone of the blog would come from the rogerian Readers is simply further proof of our assertion that this is the best of all Personality Theories! If you read the Page on rogers, you will see that it predicts the reaction of the rogerian Reader with equal veracity!

Damn, is this a useful thing, or what?


clarkscottroger About clarkscottroger
Well, what exactly do you want to know? Whether I am a clark or a scott or roger? If you have to ask, then you need to keep reading the Posts for two reasons: a)to get a clear enough understanding to be able to make the determination of which type I am and 2) to realize that by definition I am all three.* *which is true for you as well, all three...but mostly one


  1. Glenn Miller says:

    Here’s a comment: Hope you like it.

  2. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    * :;. .: .. ::!*


  3. Fabri says:

    My personality couldn’t be more anti-Scott. I really dislike those types, attention-whores, always craving for acceptance.. Like when they get drunk and do stupid shit on purpose, just to be the ones everyone talks about. I love ignoring them, the worst you can do to someone like this is embarrassing them in front of their friends or girls, but I never do it, even when I have the opportunity. Let’s say im always clarking in my own head to really care about that kind of behavior, but it’s hard not to notice it, that’s all. I’m kinda timid and I try to act with discretion at all times, but it’s hard being 6’3 tall in a country where the average male is 5’3. People look at me and I have the impression they want me to be a Scott, ladiesman, friendly urbanite when in reality I think I was born in the wrong era. I wish I had grown up in the 70’s, natural lifestyle. Now I’m stuck in a city with 10 million people around me that I’m sure 99% doesn’t and will never have a clue about what I really am or want. Sorry if this post is disconnected, just venting here while working.

  4. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    …don’t underestimate the 10 million (in your city), cause according to the Doctrine Accounting and Acutuarial Department, (motto: “hey, we’re busy here! How come you are always botherin us, we have tables to create and statistics to make up!!”) of your city; 9,900,000* of the people breakdown as follows:
    clarks: 1,287,000 (13%) (after all someone has to wash the dishes and create new art)
    scotts: 2,277,000 (23%) ( this number subject to rapid changes both up and down, due to unexpected changes in gravity preventing them from driving their cars over the tops of the cars in front of them on the highway, also (scottian) rapid reproduction rates and(for example: the teller at the local bank is training a new person and so that line is getting really long and therefore the wait in line is over 5 minutes and how else should a scott spend all that time?))
    rogers: 6,534,000 (66%) ( hey there are endless praries out there with no one standing in line…things to do and places to re-create… plus the latest rage among rogers is re-creating the War of the Peloponessus and god knows that a lot of healots to get out in period costume…specif era-appropriate Greek)

    So, you are not alone….wait a minute! you are claiming a clarklike personality, so you are….alone…forever…(until you die)…and then maybe a little while after that…long enough for all signs that you ever existed to wash away…

    Write again, there may be a nearly free Wakefield Doctrine hat (for your damn head) somewhere around here.

  5. AKH says:

    Welcome to the Doctrine Fabri!

    Well I must say you seem to have a handle on clarks and my kind** lol. I think that the kicker was that last sentence about people never having a clue about you. The thing is this: clarks are the outsiders. The unknowns. More on that on the CLARK page (which I’m sure you’ve already visited).

    It’s refreshing to get a comment from someone who really seems to have a sense of who they are. You know, that intellectual capability shit that is characteristic of (you) clarks. Good for you!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    see? That was painless coming from a scott**, no?

  6. Downspring#1 says:

    Interesting. As I read Fabri’s comment I was momentarily “hearing” a roger – especially the use of “attention-whores” (good one, Fabri!) as it seems in general that rogers are not always keen on scotts. Don’t know if it is a subconscious awareness of being food or what, but the rogers I know have more clarks and other rogers in their lives(than scotts).
    Some key words in Fabri’s self description would indicate “clark“. Words such as “timid”, the term “act with discretion at all times”, “disconnected” – and of course apologizing for appearing “disconnected”. If I may , “always clarking in my own head” is damn unique!
    Hope you will vent again Fabri. Would like to hone my conversational Wakefield Doctrine chops a bit. You know what they say – you can learn another language quicker when conversing with (the) natives. (yes, yes I know I left the door open….)
    One more thing. You have tapped into something when you speak of embarrassing a scott in front of others being the worst thing. Realize that if you ever do this thing then you have become the dominant in the situation. More often than not you will gain an unspoken “respect” from the scott in question. Don’t know how extensively you have read the Wakefield Doctrine and the various discussions herein but one of the things that may surprise you is that clarks have an affinity with scotts.
    ‘sall I got tonight.

    P.S. Fabri, in what country do you live?

  7. Fabri says:

    Wow It’s nice to have my post read and analyzed by you!! Not very common on the Internet where most of the things you write or comment get swallowed by the masses. I guess It’s hard to say anything relevant these days where everyone thinks their opinion is important and really matters, the truth is very few people have a few interesting points of view and everyone else is in between. And I think you guys/girls have.
    Maybe I AM alone in this world (uhhhh), I have a few close friends I know that I can trust, and I am very cynic about the rest of the people I know. When I go out at night to a club or bar, and start drinking or do some mind-altering substance (not a fan of the hard ones), instead of opening up and being more sociable (scotting) I do the opposite and shut myself in my own mind. Then I realize everyone is here (in the club or in the world) just to promote themselves, sell this image where they are cool and happy and don’t care. When I see this I’m like “am I the only one that realizes this shit is going on??”, or “should I play along and pretend everything’s fine?”. Don’t get the wrong impression, I do enjoy going out, living my life, studying/working, getting to know people, and soon I’ll start travelling the world up and down to really get to know it.
    Writing this last paragraph made me think of something in the clarks page:
    “If I know everything I can understand why I feel different. If I understand why I feel different, I can change and then not feel different. Then I can be like other people”.
    Knowledge IS Power, but unfortunately for me Ignorance IS Bliss too. The more we know and understand about people in the world we live in, the more we realize all the wrong things about human nature. To me an answer would be trying to enjoy your day to day life, every moment, but it’s damn hard.
    As you said, by definition I am all three, mostly clark but I can see some rogerian characteristic as well, I am friendly and nice to people I know or meet. I am very attached to my family and these traditions (despite having a lot of differences, but that’s natural), probably because my family is from Italy and the Famiglia over there is a cultural thing. On the other hand I don’t accept people as well as a roger would, even though I try to understand the motivations of them all. And I definitely DON’T feel like I belong in a herd like 6,534,000 in my town.
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to be less acid, sarcastic and cynic about the way I view the world, frankly I don’t know if I want to, probably not hehe. With that being said thank you for your attention, and TGIF!!
    PS: I’m from Brazil, currently living in São Paulo, but wasn’t born here. (Ohh how I miss my hometown!)

  8. clarkscottroger clarkscottroger says:

    Dude…one more Comment and you be eligible for DownSpring status…

    We are still in the formative stages for the Doctrine blog, i.e. how to present it best so that people can get, not only the useful information, but (even more important) also get the fun of knowing about clarks and scotts and rogers.

    As a clark you will be the one (of the three) to be able to get a practical value of this thing, but don’t let the “information part” of the Doctrine crowd out the other 2 parts…
    You are totally correct to remember that we all have all three aspects, but that we live in the world of one. Some people, like yourself and the DownSprings and Progenitors have, not only high proportions of the non-dominant aspects but have (blah…blah…blah)
    ( sorry, I have been accused of going on, ‘talking past the close as Alex (a well-known scott) would say’…)

    Glad to hear from you, stay tuned, join the fun…

    We have a special thing going here…the Progenitors and DownSprings are fairly diverse bunch of people who know what scotts are and (therefore) can hang out and have fun with them and not hardly get bitten, and we all have an understanding of the rogerian type that enables us to sit back with a roger and listen to tales of a world that we probably will never see…and all of us, scotts and rogers and (even!) clarks we all have a really cool sense of belonging, …here at the Doctrine you will find a really gifted bunch of fairly strange people, who as members of this here blog here…
    you should have fun…

  9. Downspring#1 says:

    Breath of fresh air. Not that it ever gets stuffy at the Doctrine:) but hearing someone new describe their clarklike qualities is rather refreshing. I can relate to everything Fabri is saying. When I was much younger, I was extremely cynical. At some point I realized that I diverted too much of my energy to cynicism. Energy and emotional content is tantamount to a clark in the sense that we need to “externalize” it more – make it work for us.
    Yes, knowledge is power but for a clark one can never truly be ignorant. It is but a shortlived bliss.
    For clarks, the Doctrine is about self evolution. Being the best person, having the best time and certainly making the most of each day. Easy statement to make, more difficult to live. But what else am I doing today…..
    btw, it’d be great to have you call in to the Saturday Night Drivetime Show Fabri. Ciao!


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